ChangeLog   [plain text]


This is a quick overview of screen's life story. But it is not up
to date.  You'll find more details about the revision history in
patchlevel.h and newer changes are only documented there. 

31.7.93	-- 3.5.1

* writelock, number, paste with arg, at, zombie and wall commands added.

* Access Control Lists and more multi-user support added.

* select and setenv commands enhanced.

* socket.c: motorola bugfix.

* --srcdir support.

* recognize alpha and SUNOS3 correctly.

* doc/screen.texinfo: Documentation by Jason Merrill.

13.05.93 -- 3.3.3

* defautonuke, silence commands added.

* exec command added.

* hardcopydir, logdir commands added.

* Made a superb configure script.

* BROKEN_PIPE, SOCK_NOT_IN_FS added for braindamaged systems.

* multi display, multi user support.

* process command. CS, CE switch cursorkeycap in application mode.

* lockprg pow_detaches on SIGHUP

* ins_reg copy_reg commands.

* new screenrc syntax.

* split up screen.c and ansi.c

21.10.92 -- 3.2.9

* ChangeLog: replaces CHANGES and is in GNUish format.

* Makefile (CFLAGS, M_CFLAGS, LIBS, OPTIONS): moved user config here, 
	merged all Makefiles, GNUified

* socket.c (FindSocket): ignoring bad files in $SCREENDIR

* config/config.linux: ported.

* utmp.c, exec.c, loadav.c: split apart from screen.c/fileio.c

15.07.92 -- 3.2.8

* ansi.c (WriteString): automatic character set switching for 8bit support


* concept changes: Display structure, Multi attacher 



* screen.c (main): -m option, "_M_ake always new session", ignore $STY

* screen.c (main):  -Ssessionname 
* fileio.c (RcLine): ^A:sessionname give your session a nicer name.

* screen.c (main): supporting detached startup via screen -d -m -Ssockname

* fileio.c (stripdev): moved, could not compile

* overlay.h: "stackable overlay concept"

* search.c: vi-like / and ? search AND emacs-like ^S and ^R incremental search
	in scrollback

* mark.c: I meant BSDI not BSD

* concept change: struct display and struct newwin introduced.

* screen.c (main): -v option prints version.

* screen.c (MakeWindow): ^A:screen /dev/ttya opens a character device 
	instead of forking ShellProg with a pty pair.


Ultrix port

Irix 3.3 SGI port

shadow password suite supported

data loss on stdin overflow fixed

"refresh off" keyword added.


Screen is now under the GNU copyleft license. See file COPYING.

command line option -A. $LINES, $COLUMNS improved.

C-A : vbellwait <sec>

XENIX support (Ronald Khoo)

SYSV has uname() instead of gethostname().

hpux has setresuid.

ClearScreen now saves image to scrollback buffer.

mips has setenv.

numerous bugfixes.

3.1 finally released version.

3.0.99: last minute changes:

MIPS support (J{rvinen Markku)

SVR4 support (Marc Boucher)

secopen() secfopen() calls replace stat/access/open.
C-a : echo improved.
'register int'

Changes up to Screen 3.0 Patchlevel 7

Better terminfo support: Screen now checks if a termcap/info
entry which the name "screen.$TERM" does exist. Look in the
"VIRTUAL TERMINAL" section of the manual for more details.

Many security improvements.

ScrollRegion() bug fixed which caused slow scrolling if AL
or DL was used.

Pyramid and Ultrix support added. (Tim and Larry)
  /local/etc/screenrc checks for $SYSSCREENRC
  $HOME/.screenrc checks for $ISCREENRC and $SCREENRC
  /local/screens checks for $ISCREENDIR and $SCREENDIR
  .screenrc understands ${VAR} and $VAR .

screen 3.0 Patchlevel 6

  screen now only opens the windows you explicitly ask for. if you 
  specify none, you still get one window, of course.

screen 3.0. Patchlevel 5

Ansi prototyping by Christos.

copy mode: CTRL-U / CTRL-D exchanged. code cleanup.

changes to screen 3.0 patchlevel 4

markkeys "string"
  allows to rebind the keys used in copy/history mode.
  string is made up of pairs "<oldchar>=<newchar>" which are separated
  by a colon. Oldchar and newchar are either single ascii characters, 
  or the two character sequence ^x, where x is an ascii character, or
  a 3 digit octal value prepended with '\'. the string "\040=.:^M=q"
  rebinds '.' to set marks, and the return rey will abort copy mode.

set scrollback 100
  resizes the scrollback history buffer to 100 lines. a default of 50
  is installed. 

A Howard Chu like scrollback history is installed. Many vi-like keys
  are added to the copy mode. The '?' key reports on cursor position.

screen 3.0 Patchlevel 3

WriteString fixed, it did kill the display variable.

Yet another LP bugfix.

non vt100 semi-graphics character support.

waynes patch fixed

screen 3.0 Patchlevel 2

wayne patches cursor motion outside scrollregions.

  monitor on|off

changes in Screen 3.0 Patchlevel 1

screen -wipe

^A : set vbell_msg "Wuff Wuff"

Thousand enhancements: help resizible, copy'n'paste in main
  socket loop, and no more '\0' hackin'. :WS=\E8;%d;%dt:

screen can now resize windows under sunview.

^A : set crlf on|off
  effects markroutine join.

screen learned about sized windows under X

screen -ls (-d) -q
  quiet option. We count the number of detached (attached) sessions and set
  a return value of 10+n. The -q option inhibits all startup
  warnings/messages. i.e. screen -R -q may return with code 12 or higher
  or start a new/old session.

pow_detach_msg "text string"
  new command, allows messages, terminal reset, etc. on logout caused
  by pow_detach.

^A : learned a new keyword "set":
  commands like "login on" , "vbell off", ... affect the default for
  windows to be created. But commands like "set login off" affect
  the actual setting of this window. and not the default.
  such commands may be bound to keys. example: 
  bind 'O' set login off
  is valid in your .screenrc as well as typed at the ':' prompt.
  a bonus is ":set all" which is synonym to ":help".
  At the Colon prompt also KeyNames can be entered, alothough that makes
  not always sense.

^A x uses a builtin lockprg, if 
  a) we don't find our lockprg, or
  b) user supplies us with the environmet variable LOCKPRG set to "builtin"
  the builtin locks until your login password is typed. on systems using
  "shadow password files" you are prompted for a password.

markroutine can append joined.

screen removes the "controlling tty" from utmp while ptys are attached.

markroutine performs CR+NL when '\n' is pressed

screen may die quietly, when no TERMCAP entry for "screen" is
found, and screen is run under X-windows

_SEQUENT_ marks sequent386_ptx

screen runs now under SunOS4.1.1 (we need setsid()!).

bug in SetForeWindow fixed.

rare markroutine bug fixed.

we dont open every file the attacher tells us.

we have now our wonderful "Wuff, Wuff" visual_bell

we have now the interprocess-communication-buffer. secure version.

'^A =' removes the interprocess-communication-buffer.

markroutine as in 2.1

markroutine: 'a' toggles append mode,
             '>' like ' ', but immediately WriteFile(DUMP_EXCHANGE) then.
             'A' like ' ', but first switch to append mode.

.screenrc understands "screen 2:faui09 rlogin faui09 -l jnweiger"
                  and "password none"
                  and "vbell [on|off]"

'^A :' allows .screenrc commands "online".

screen now receives new $TERM from attacher, when it is reattached 

MakeClientSocket() fifo version does now test for access.

.screenrc learns "hardstatus {on|off}"

termcap's VB is used for vbell if available.

Attach() code rewritten:
	screen now lists socket directory, if it does not find a suitable socket
	screen -d [host.tty] detaches a running screen. 

screen -[ls|list]
	list all sockets that we find in our sockdir

when the socket has been removed, send a SIGCHLD to the poor SCREEN 
process and it will try to recover. then try a 'screen -r' again.
all the socket stuff lives now in an extra file.

Major changes in version 2.4:

*  Test version that presents the erlangen extensions from 2.0 in a 2.3

*  window resize support

*  screen locking C-a x

*  support for SYSV

*  password protection

*  copy & paste across screens

*  remote detach and power detach

Major changes in version 2.3:

*  Terminal emulation has been significantly enhanced and bugfixed.

*  We now fully update the last character on the screen for true auto-
   margin terminals, though there may be some delay before the character
   can be safely added to the screen.  If your terminal has character
   insert it will be used to shorten the delay.

*  Added the "termcap" .screenrc command to tweak your terminal's termcap
   entry AND to customize the termcap generated for the virtual terminals.
   See also the -L and -O command-line options, and the SCREENCAP environ-
   ment variable.

*  Fixed screen's character handling when detached or suspended to NOT block
   the child processes in their windows -- output continues to be processed
   in the background.

*  Added a.k.a.s (window-name aliases) that allow you to customize the
   window-information line, including being able to change the name on-
   the-fly to reflect what's currently running in the window (see the
   -k option, shellaka command, and ALSO KNOWN AS discussion in the doc).

*  Added the ability to log the output of a window to a file (see the
   "C-a H" (log) command).

*  Flow-control can now be set for each window and switched interactively
   (see the "flow" command, -f option, and FLOW CONTROL discussion).

*  Individual windows can be included or excluded from mention in the
   /etc/utmp file (see the "login" command and -l option).

*  Added an activity monitor, which allows you to have a window watched for
   the start of any output and alert you when it occurs (see the "C-a M"
   (monitor) command).

*  Enhanced the information in the window-information line to keep track of
   windows that have: logging turned on '(L)'; beeped in the background '!';
   became active while being monitored '@' (see the "C-a w" (windows) command).

*  Added an on-line help display that lists all the commands and their
   key bindings (see the "C-a ?" (help) command).

*  Extended handling of the beep message (and also the new activity message)
   to allow '~' to specify a literal beep (see the "beep" and "activity"
   .screenrc commands).

*  You can now set the default action on receipt of a hangup signal:  detach
   or terminate (see the "autodetach" .screenrc command).

*  Routing of characters to their virtual terminals has been enhanced to
   not drop characters nor (in rare circumstances) hang up screen.

*  The NFS compatibility has been enhanced.

Major changes in version 2.0a:

*  Screen allows you to `detach' the "screen" session from the physical
   terminal and resume it at a later point in time (possibly on a
   different terminal or in a different login session).

  To get an impression of this functionality do the following:

     - call "screen" and create a couple of windows
     - type Control-A Control-D (screen terminates; you are back
       in the shell)
     - call "screen -r" to resume the detached screen

*  Screen supports multiple character sets and the ISO 2022 control
   functions to designate and switch between character sets.
   This allows you, for instance, to make use of the VT100 graphics
   character set or national character sets.