MAINTAINERS   [plain text]

## List of current Samba Maintainers 

This file contains a list of developers responsible for 
portions of the Samba 3.0 code.  It also lists developers
responsible for 3rd party projects that work with Samba
(e.g. vfs modules).

Note that this list is for your benefit, but please do not
abuse it by constantly emailing a stream of help questions
to the maintainers.  Some are more open to direct 
communication than others and some struggle with enormous
amounts of email every day.

All bug reports for code that is maintained *within* the 
Samba subversion tree should be filed at

Feature/Function	Developer
----------------	---------

documentation 		John Terpstra <>

libmsrpc		Chris Nichols <>

libsmbclient		Derrell Lipman <>

pdb_*sql		Wilco Baan Hofman <>
			Florian Effenberger <>

printing		Gerald (Jerry) Carter <>

samba-vscan		Rainer Link <>

Please report any errors in this file to <>