hardlinks.test   [plain text]

#! /bin/sh

# Copyright (C) 2002 by Martin Pool <mbp@samba.org>

# This program is distributable under the terms of the GNU GPL (see

# Test rsync handling of hardlinks.  By default (in 2.5.1) rsync does
# not detect symlinks and they get split into different files.  If you
# specify -H, then hard links are detected and recreated as hardlinks
# on the other end.

. "$suitedir/rsync.fns"

# Build some hardlinks


# TODO: Need to test whether hardlinks are possible on this OS/filesystem

mkdir "$fromdir"
echo "This is the file" > "$name1"
ln "$name1" "$name2" || fail "Can't create hardlink"
ln "$name2" "$name3" || fail "Can't create hardlink"
cp "$name2" "$name4" || fail "Can't copy file"
cat $srcdir/*.c >"$fromdir/text"

checkit "$RSYNC -aHivv \"$fromdir/\" \"$todir/\"" "$fromdir" "$todir"

echo "extra extra" >>"$todir/name1"

checkit "$RSYNC -aHivv --no-whole-file \"$fromdir/\" \"$todir/\"" "$fromdir" "$todir"

# Add a new link in a new subdirectory to test that we don't try to link
# the files before the directory gets created.
mkdir "$fromdir/subdir"
ln "$name1" "$fromdir/subdir/new-file"
rm "$todir/text"

checkit "$RSYNC -aHivv \"$fromdir/\" \"$todir/\"" "$fromdir" "$todir"

# Do some duplicate copies using --link-dest and --copy-dest to test that
# we hard-link all locally-inherited items.
checkit "$RSYNC -aHivv --link-dest=\"$todir\" \"$fromdir/\" \"$chkdir/\"" "$todir" "$chkdir"

rm -rf "$chkdir"
checkit "$RSYNC -aHivv --copy-dest=\"$todir\" \"$fromdir/\" \"$chkdir/\"" "$fromdir" "$chkdir"

# Make sure there's nothing wrong with sending a single file with -H
# enabled (this has broken twice so far, so we need this test).
rm -rf "$todir"
$RSYNC -aHivv "$name1" "$todir/"
diff $diffopt "$name1" "$todir" || test_fail "solo copy of name1 failed"

# The script would have aborted on error, so getting here means we've won.
exit 0