executability.test   [plain text]

#! /bin/sh

# This program is distributable under the terms of the GNU GPL (see

# Test the --executability or -E option. -- Matt McCutchen

. $srcdir/testsuite/rsync.fns

# Put some files in the From directory
mkdir "$fromdir"
cat <<EOF >"$fromdir/1"
echo 'Program One!'
cat <<EOF >"$fromdir/2"
echo 'Program Two!'

chmod 1700 "$fromdir/1" || test_skipped "Can't chmod"
chmod 600 "$fromdir/2"

$RSYNC -rvv "$fromdir/" "$todir/"

check_perms "$todir/1" rwx------ 1
check_perms "$todir/2" rw------- 1

# Mix up the permissions a bit
chmod 600 "$fromdir/1"
chmod 601 "$fromdir/2"
chmod 604 "$todir/2"

$RSYNC -rvv "$fromdir/" "$todir/"

# No -E, so nothing should have changed
check_perms "$todir/1" rwx------ 2
check_perms "$todir/2" rw----r-- 2

$RSYNC -rvv --executability "$fromdir/" "$todir/"

# Now things should have happened!
check_perms "$todir/1" rw------- 3
check_perms "$todir/2" rwx---r-x 3

# Hooray
exit 0