CREDITS   [plain text]

RCS was designed and built by Walter F. Tichy of Purdue University.
RCS version 3 was released in 1983.

Adam Hammer, Thomas Narten, and Daniel Trinkle of Purdue supported RCS through
version 4.3, released in 1990.  Guy Harris of Sun contributed many porting
fixes.  Paul Eggert of System Development Corporation contributed bug fixes
and tuneups.  Jay Lepreau contributed 4.3BSD support.

Paul Eggert of Twin Sun wrote the changes for RCS versions 5.5 and 5.6 (1991).
Rich Braun of Kronos and Andy Glew of Intel contributed ideas for new options.
Bill Hahn of Stratus contributed ideas for setuid support.
Ideas for piece tables came from Joe Berkovitz of Stratus and Walter F. Tichy.
Matt Cross of Stratus contributed test case ideas.
Adam Hammer of Purdue QAed.

Paul Eggert wrote most of the changes for this version of RCS,
currently in beta test.  K. Richard Pixley of Cygnus Support
contributed several bug fixes.  Robert Lupton of Princeton
and Daniel Trinkle contributed ideas for $Name expansion.
Brendan Kehoe of Cygnus Support suggested rlog's -N option.
Paul D. Smith of Data General suggested improvements in option
and error processing.  Adam Hammer of Purdue QAed.

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