RunGrepTest   [plain text]

#! /bin/sh

# Run pcregrep tests. The assumption is that the PCRE tests check the library
# itself. What we are checking here is the file handling and options that are
# supported by pcregrep.

# Set the C locale, so that sort(1) behaves predictably.
export LC_ALL


echo " "
echo "Testing pcregrep"
$pcregrep -V

cf="diff -ub"

while [ $# -gt 0 ] ; do
  case $1 in
    valgrind) valgrind="valgrind -q --leak-check=no";;
    *) echo "Unknown argument $1"; exit 1;;

# If PCRE has been built in a directory other than the source directory, and
# this test is being run from "make check" as usual, then $(srcdir) will be
# set. If not, set it to the current directory. We then arrange to run the
# pcregrep command in the source directory so that the file names that appear
# in the output are always the same.

if [ -z "$srcdir" -o ! -d "$srcdir/testdata" ] ; then

# Check for the availability of UTF-8 support

./pcretest -C | ./pcregrep "No UTF-8 support" >/dev/null

echo "---------------------------- Test 1 ------------------------------" >testtry
(cd $srcdir; $valgrind $pcregrep PATTERN ./testdata/grepinput) >>testtry

echo "---------------------------- Test 2 ------------------------------" >>testtry
(cd $srcdir; $valgrind $pcregrep '^PATTERN' ./testdata/grepinput) >>testtry

echo "---------------------------- Test 3 ------------------------------" >>testtry
(cd $srcdir; $valgrind $pcregrep -in PATTERN ./testdata/grepinput) >>testtry

echo "---------------------------- Test 4 ------------------------------" >>testtry
(cd $srcdir; $valgrind $pcregrep -ic PATTERN ./testdata/grepinput) >>testtry

echo "---------------------------- Test 5 ------------------------------" >>testtry
(cd $srcdir; $valgrind $pcregrep -in PATTERN ./testdata/grepinput ./testdata/grepinputx) >>testtry

echo "---------------------------- Test 6 ------------------------------" >>testtry
(cd $srcdir; $valgrind $pcregrep -inh PATTERN ./testdata/grepinput ./testdata/grepinputx) >>testtry

echo "---------------------------- Test 7 ------------------------------" >>testtry
(cd $srcdir; $valgrind $pcregrep -il PATTERN ./testdata/grepinput ./testdata/grepinputx) >>testtry

echo "---------------------------- Test 8 ------------------------------" >>testtry
(cd $srcdir; $valgrind $pcregrep -l PATTERN ./testdata/grepinput ./testdata/grepinputx) >>testtry

echo "---------------------------- Test 9 ------------------------------" >>testtry
(cd $srcdir; $valgrind $pcregrep -q PATTERN ./testdata/grepinput ./testdata/grepinputx) >>testtry
echo "RC=$?" >>testtry

echo "---------------------------- Test 10 -----------------------------" >>testtry
(cd $srcdir; $valgrind $pcregrep -q NEVER-PATTERN ./testdata/grepinput ./testdata/grepinputx) >>testtry
echo "RC=$?" >>testtry

echo "---------------------------- Test 11 -----------------------------" >>testtry
(cd $srcdir; $valgrind $pcregrep -vn pattern ./testdata/grepinputx) >>testtry

echo "---------------------------- Test 12 -----------------------------" >>testtry
(cd $srcdir; $valgrind $pcregrep -ix pattern ./testdata/grepinputx) >>testtry

echo "---------------------------- Test 13 -----------------------------" >>testtry
(cd $srcdir; $valgrind $pcregrep -f./testdata/greplist ./testdata/grepinputx) >>testtry

echo "---------------------------- Test 14 -----------------------------" >>testtry
(cd $srcdir; $valgrind $pcregrep -w pat ./testdata/grepinput ./testdata/grepinputx) >>testtry

echo "---------------------------- Test 15 -----------------------------" >>testtry
(cd $srcdir; $valgrind $pcregrep 'abc^*' ./testdata/grepinput) 2>>testtry >>testtry

echo "---------------------------- Test 16 -----------------------------" >>testtry
(cd $srcdir; $valgrind $pcregrep abc ./testdata/grepinput ./testdata/nonexistfile) 2>>testtry >>testtry

echo "---------------------------- Test 17 -----------------------------" >>testtry
(cd $srcdir; $valgrind $pcregrep -M 'the\noutput' ./testdata/grepinput) >>testtry

echo "---------------------------- Test 18 -----------------------------" >>testtry
(cd $srcdir; $valgrind $pcregrep -Mn '(the\noutput|dog\.\n--)' ./testdata/grepinput) >>testtry

echo "---------------------------- Test 19 -----------------------------" >>testtry
(cd $srcdir; $valgrind $pcregrep -Mix 'Pattern' ./testdata/grepinputx) >>testtry

echo "---------------------------- Test 20 -----------------------------" >>testtry
(cd $srcdir; $valgrind $pcregrep -Mixn 'complete pair\nof lines' ./testdata/grepinputx) >>testtry

echo "---------------------------- Test 21 -----------------------------" >>testtry
(cd $srcdir; $valgrind $pcregrep -nA3 'four' ./testdata/grepinputx) >>testtry

echo "---------------------------- Test 22 -----------------------------" >>testtry
(cd $srcdir; $valgrind $pcregrep -nB3 'four' ./testdata/grepinputx) >>testtry

echo "---------------------------- Test 23 -----------------------------" >>testtry
(cd $srcdir; $valgrind $pcregrep -C3 'four' ./testdata/grepinputx) >>testtry

echo "---------------------------- Test 24 -----------------------------" >>testtry
(cd $srcdir; $valgrind $pcregrep -A9 'four' ./testdata/grepinputx) >>testtry

echo "---------------------------- Test 25 -----------------------------" >>testtry
(cd $srcdir; $valgrind $pcregrep -nB9 'four' ./testdata/grepinputx) >>testtry

echo "---------------------------- Test 26 -----------------------------" >>testtry
(cd $srcdir; $valgrind $pcregrep -A9 -B9 'four' ./testdata/grepinputx) >>testtry

echo "---------------------------- Test 27 -----------------------------" >>testtry
(cd $srcdir; $valgrind $pcregrep -A10 'four' ./testdata/grepinputx) >>testtry

echo "---------------------------- Test 28 -----------------------------" >>testtry
(cd $srcdir; $valgrind $pcregrep -nB10 'four' ./testdata/grepinputx) >>testtry

echo "---------------------------- Test 29 -----------------------------" >>testtry
(cd $srcdir; $valgrind $pcregrep -C12 -B10 'four' ./testdata/grepinputx) >>testtry

echo "---------------------------- Test 30 -----------------------------" >>testtry
(cd $srcdir; $valgrind $pcregrep -inB3 'pattern' ./testdata/grepinput ./testdata/grepinputx) >>testtry

echo "---------------------------- Test 31 -----------------------------" >>testtry
(cd $srcdir; $valgrind $pcregrep -inA3 'pattern' ./testdata/grepinput ./testdata/grepinputx) >>testtry

echo "---------------------------- Test 32 -----------------------------" >>testtry
(cd $srcdir; $valgrind $pcregrep -L 'fox' ./testdata/grepinput ./testdata/grepinputx) >>testtry

echo "---------------------------- Test 33 -----------------------------" >>testtry
(cd $srcdir; $valgrind $pcregrep 'fox' ./testdata/grepnonexist) >>testtry 2>&1
echo "RC=$?" >>testtry

echo "---------------------------- Test 34 -----------------------------" >>testtry
(cd $srcdir; $valgrind $pcregrep -s 'fox' ./testdata/grepnonexist) >>testtry 2>&1
echo "RC=$?" >>testtry

echo "---------------------------- Test 35 -----------------------------" >>testtry
(cd $srcdir; $valgrind $pcregrep -L -r --include=grepinputx --exclude_dir='^\.' 'fox' ./testdata) >>testtry
echo "RC=$?" >>testtry

echo "---------------------------- Test 36 -----------------------------" >>testtry
(cd $srcdir; $valgrind $pcregrep -L -r --include=grepinput --exclude 'grepinput$' --exclude_dir='^\.' 'fox' ./testdata | sort) >>testtry
echo "RC=$?" >>testtry

echo "---------------------------- Test 37 -----------------------------" >>testtry
(cd $srcdir; $valgrind $pcregrep  '^(a+)*\d' ./testdata/grepinput) >>testtry 2>teststderr
echo "RC=$?" >>testtry
echo "======== STDERR ========" >>testtry
cat teststderr >>testtry

echo "---------------------------- Test 38 ------------------------------" >>testtry
(cd $srcdir; $valgrind $pcregrep '>\x00<' ./testdata/grepinput) >>testtry

echo "---------------------------- Test 39 ------------------------------" >>testtry
(cd $srcdir; $valgrind $pcregrep -A1 'before the binary zero' ./testdata/grepinput) >>testtry

echo "---------------------------- Test 40 ------------------------------" >>testtry
(cd $srcdir; $valgrind $pcregrep -B1 'after the binary zero' ./testdata/grepinput) >>testtry

echo "---------------------------- Test 41 ------------------------------" >>testtry
(cd $srcdir; $valgrind $pcregrep -B1 -o '\w+ the binary zero' ./testdata/grepinput) >>testtry

echo "---------------------------- Test 41 ------------------------------" >>testtry
(cd $srcdir; $valgrind $pcregrep -B1 -onH '\w+ the binary zero' ./testdata/grepinput) >>testtry

echo "---------------------------- Test 42 ------------------------------" >>testtry
(cd $srcdir; $valgrind $pcregrep -on 'before|zero|after' ./testdata/grepinput) >>testtry

echo "---------------------------- Test 43 ------------------------------" >>testtry
(cd $srcdir; $valgrind $pcregrep -on -e before -e zero -e after ./testdata/grepinput) >>testtry

echo "---------------------------- Test 44 ------------------------------" >>testtry
(cd $srcdir; $valgrind $pcregrep -on -f ./testdata/greplist -e binary ./testdata/grepinput) >>testtry

echo "---------------------------- Test 45 ------------------------------" >>testtry
(cd $srcdir; $valgrind $pcregrep -e abc -e '(unclosed' ./testdata/grepinput) 2>>testtry >>testtry

echo "---------------------------- Test 46 ------------------------------" >>testtry
(cd $srcdir; $valgrind $pcregrep -Fx "AB.VE
elephant" ./testdata/grepinput) >>testtry

echo "---------------------------- Test 47 ------------------------------" >>testtry
(cd $srcdir; $valgrind $pcregrep -F "AB.VE
elephant" ./testdata/grepinput) >>testtry

echo "---------------------------- Test 48 ------------------------------" >>testtry
(cd $srcdir; $valgrind $pcregrep -F -e DATA -e "AB.VE
elephant" ./testdata/grepinput) >>testtry

echo "---------------------------- Test 49 ------------------------------" >>testtry
(cd $srcdir; $valgrind $pcregrep "^(abc|def|ghi|jkl)" ./testdata/grepinputx) >>testtry

echo "---------------------------- Test 50 ------------------------------" >>testtry
(cd $srcdir; $valgrind $pcregrep -Mv "brown\sfox" ./testdata/grepinputv) >>testtry

echo "---------------------------- Test 51 ------------------------------" >>testtry
(cd $srcdir; $valgrind $pcregrep --colour=always jumps ./testdata/grepinputv) >>testtry

echo "---------------------------- Test 52 ------------------------------" >>testtry
(cd $srcdir; $valgrind $pcregrep --file-offsets 'before|zero|after' ./testdata/grepinput) >>testtry

echo "---------------------------- Test 53 ------------------------------" >>testtry
(cd $srcdir; $valgrind $pcregrep --line-offsets 'before|zero|after' ./testdata/grepinput) >>testtry

echo "---------------------------- Test 54 -----------------------------" >>testtry
(cd $srcdir; $valgrind $pcregrep -f./testdata/greplist --color=always ./testdata/grepinputx) >>testtry

# Now compare the results.

$cf $srcdir/testdata/grepoutput testtry
if [ $? != 0 ] ; then exit 1; fi

# These tests require UTF-8 support

if [ $utf8 -ne 0 ] ; then
  echo "Testing pcregrep UTF-8 features"

  echo "---------------------------- Test U1 ------------------------------" >testtry
  (cd $srcdir; $valgrind $pcregrep -n -u --newline=any "^X" ./testdata/grepinput8) >>testtry

  echo "---------------------------- Test U2 ------------------------------" >>testtry
  (cd $srcdir; $valgrind $pcregrep -n -u -C 3 --newline=any "Match" ./testdata/grepinput8) >>testtry

  $cf $srcdir/testdata/grepoutput8 testtry
  if [ $? != 0 ] ; then exit 1; fi

  echo "Skipping pcregrep UTF-8 tests: no UTF-8 support in PCRE library"

# We go to some contortions to try to ensure that the tests for the various
# newline settings will work in environments where the normal newline sequence
# is not \n. Do not use exported files, whose line endings might be changed.
# Instead, create an input file using printf so that its contents are exactly
# what we want. Note the messy fudge to get printf to write a string that
# starts with a hyphen.

echo "Testing pcregrep newline settings"
printf "abc\rdef\r\nghi\njkl" >testNinput

printf "%c--------------------------- Test N1 ------------------------------\r\n" - >testtry
$valgrind $pcregrep -n -N CR "^(abc|def|ghi|jkl)" testNinput >>testtry

printf "%c--------------------------- Test N2 ------------------------------\r\n" - >>testtry
$valgrind $pcregrep -n --newline=crlf "^(abc|def|ghi|jkl)" testNinput >>testtry

printf "%c--------------------------- Test N3 ------------------------------\r\n" - >>testtry
pattern=`printf 'def\rjkl'`
$valgrind $pcregrep -n --newline=cr -F "$pattern" testNinput >>testtry

printf "%c--------------------------- Test N4 ------------------------------\r\n" - >>testtry
pattern=`printf 'xxx\r\njkl'`
$valgrind $pcregrep -n --newline=crlf -F "$pattern" testNinput >>testtry

printf "%c--------------------------- Test N5 ------------------------------\r\n" - >>testtry
$valgrind $pcregrep -n --newline=any "^(abc|def|ghi|jkl)" testNinput >>testtry

printf "%c--------------------------- Test N6 ------------------------------\r\n" - >>testtry
$valgrind $pcregrep -n --newline=anycrlf "^(abc|def|ghi|jkl)" testNinput >>testtry

$cf $srcdir/testdata/grepoutputN testtry
if [ $? != 0 ] ; then exit 1; fi

exit 0

# End