CHANGES   [plain text]

	diffstat 1.51

	correct suffix-check for ".xz" files as command-line parameters rather
	than as piped input (report by Moritz Barsnick).

	diffstat 1.50

	build/test fixes for MSYS (MinGW)

	improve configure check for get_unlocked function.

	use $TMPDIR for path of temporary file used in decompression.
	correct else-condition for detecting compression type (patch by Zach

	diffstat 1.49

	improve lzma support, add support for xz (patch by Eric Blake).
	add special case for no-newline message from some diff's (Ubuntu

	improve configure check for getopt header.

	add configure special case for HPUX 11 with _XOPEN_SOURCE definition.

	update config.guess, config.sub

	diffstat 1.48

	add decompression tests for lzma and pack file types.

	check for zcat and uncompress in preference to "compress -dc".

	modify to check the first few bytes of standard input, and use a
	corresponding decompression utility if the stream appears to be
	compressed.  This requires making a temporary copy of the data
	(Debian #491575).

	add -N option, to truncate filenames.

	use getc_unlocked() rather than fgetc_unlocked()

	modify to recognize Perforce-style diffs (patch by Ed Schouten).

	update configure macros to improve compiler warning checks, use
	$PATH_SEPARATOR rather than $PATH_SEP (for consistency with some
	autoconf versions),

	fix typo in configure --with-install-prefix option (report by
	Dagobert Michelsen).

	update config.guess, config.sub

	diffstat 1.47

	modify to work with patch ".rej" files, which do not have a header to
	tell which file is affected.

	fix typo in usage message (reports by Moritz Barsnick, John McNamara,
	Richard Quadling).

	diffstat 1.46

	add "-S", "-D" and "-m" options to provide a way to show the amount
	of difference relative to the total sizes of the files.

	add "-q" option (Debian #488248, patch by Greg Norris).

	diffstat 1.45

	add "-b" option (Debian #379380, patch by Greg Norris).

	diffstat 1.44

	add a check for default-diff output, e.g., "diff foo bar|diffstat",
	which has no "diff" command in the output for diffstat to guess that
	a diff is beginning.

	add a check after completing a chunk for unified diff to ensure that
	the next line either begins another chunk for the diff, or starts
	another diff, e.g., a context diff (report by Adrian Bunk).

	add configure options for leak-checking valgrind, etc.

	use install-sh rather than

	updated config.guess and config.sub


	diffstat 1.43

	fix to avoid modifying data which is being used by tsearch() for
	ordering the binary tree (report by Adrian Bunk).

	diffstat 1.42

	do not ignore pathnames in /tmp/, since some tools create usable
	pathnames for both old/new files there (Debian #376086).

	correct ifdef for fgetc_unlocked().

	updated configure macros CF_GCC_VERSION, CF_PATH_SYNTAX and

	add configure check for compress, gzip and bzip2 programs that may be
	used to decompress files.

	diffstat 1.41

	update usage message for options added in 1.40 (report by Eric Blake).

	diffstat 1.40

	add options -l, -r and -t.  add to -f option (patch, comments by
	Jean Delvare, Michael Burian).

	improve I/O on Linux using fgetc_locked().

	improve searching of long sorted lists using tsearch()

	improve configure-script checks for Intel compiler warnings.

	diffstat 1.39

	change order of merging and prefix-stripping so stripping all prefixes,
	e.g., with -p9, will be sorted as expected (patch by Jean Delvare).

	correct a reference to freed memory after merging found with valgrind.

	diffstat 1.38

	add makefile.wnt, etc., for win32 port.

	fix "make check" to work even when PATH or the build directory has
	spaces in it (patch by Eric Blake).

	add support for '--help' and '--version' command line arguments, for a
	consistent interface with GNU tools, and still compatible to POSIX
	requirements on utility options (patch by Eric Blake).


	modify and to allow "make check" to be run from
	a build directory which is not the same as the source directory, i.e.,
	when the configure --srcdir option is used (request by Eric Blake).

	modify distribution to include sample of regression tests, so a
	"make check" will work (request by Eric Blake).

	diffstat 1.37

	fix a different case for data beginning with "--" which was treated as
	a header line.

	diffstat 1.36

	Fix allocation problems.  Open files in binary mode for reading.
	Getopt returns -1, not necessarily EOF.  Add const where useful.  Use
	NO_IDENT where necessary.  malloc() comes from <stdlib.h> in standard
	systems (Patch by Eric Blake <>.)

	diffstat 1.35

	modify to work with configure --srcdir option (report by
	Eric Blake).

	minor fix for resync of unified diffs checks for range (line beginning
	with '@' without header lines (successive lines beginning with "---"
	and "+++") (Debian #264098).

	miscellaneous updates for configure script

	diffstat 1.34

	improve check for certain lines (not those that begin a chunk) that
	begin with '-', treating all except "---" as a delete (report by
	James Rowe <>).

	minor updates to configure script.

	diffstat 1.33

	modified to work around a case where the filename+date was incomplete,
	i.e., missing one of the components such as the day of the month.
	While diffstat does not use the date directly, it helps distinguish
	some lines from non-patches (report by Moritz Barsnick

	add "-h" option (request by Moritz Barsnick).

	fix a typo in usage message (report by Moritz Barsnick).

	add "-e" and "-o" options to simplify testing on OS/2 EMX.

	diffstat 1.32

	modified to handle patches generated by makepatch-2.00_09, which uses
	both "Index" and "diff" lines (report by D Roland Walker).  As a side
	effect, the additional merging eliminates occasional reports with
	zero differences.

	modified to avoid buffer overflows.

	fixes for Debian #155000 (did not handle a '-' in first content-column
	of a unified diff) and #170947 (option to turn the progress messages

	update configure script using aclocal.m4 macros

	update to improve use of autoconf (report/patch by Nix

	diffstat 1.31

	add -u, -k options to override diffstat's normal sorting (-u) and
	merging (-k) of identical filenames.  (-u requested by H Peter Anvin

	diffstat 1.30

	allow either '/' or '-' as delimiters in dates, to accommodate gendiff
	(report by Rik van Riel <>).  This corresponds to
	the time format used in diffutils 2.8 whose changelog states that this
	is ISO 8601 (though online references differ).

	diffstat 1.29

	add bzip2 (.bz2) suffix as suggested by Gregory T Norris
	<> in Debian bug report #82969).

	add check for diff from RCS archive where the "diff" lines do not
	reference a filename.

	diffstat 1.28

	Add -c option (to prefix output with '#' comment), eliminating a step
	in my script that combines diffstat output with a patch.  This is a
	workaround for OSF1's broken sed utility.

	Check for compressed file suffixes .Z and .gz, read uncompressed data
	via pipe (Debian wishlist item #53975 by

	Simplified makefile based on comments by M Sweger

	Adapted changes from Troy Engel <> as "-f" option.

	diffstat 1.27

	Debian diff's don't show dates on the lines where we expect to see

Patch 5 (16-Jan-1998)
	diffstat 1.26

	Change copyright terms.

 	Accommodate patches w/o tabs in header lines (e.g., from cut/paste).
	Still prefer the tabs because otherwise we cannot have spaces in

 	Strip suffixes such as ".orig", to avoid confusing output.

Patch 4 (16-Mar-1996)
	diffstat 1.24

	Corrected state-transition after "Binary".

	Added testing subdirectory

	Added -p option.

	Handle differences from /tmp (e.g., for X11R5 patches).

Patch 3 (06-May-1995)

	Repost whole program to comp.sources.misc (1.17)

	Mods to scaling: limit to 1:1 if only a few changes were made; added
	logic to accumulate error across +/-/!  calls.

	added logic to recognize 'rcsdiff -u' output.

Patch 2 (26-Dec-1994)

	Strip common pathname prefix (1.15)

Patch 1 (13-Nov-1994)

	Test for <string.h> vs <strings.h>

	Corrected error in 'match()' that didn't handle properly the case when
	an argument was a null string (i.e., blank lines in a unified diff).

	Added options '-n' and '-V'

	Added patchlev.h, CHANGES files.

	Added, for autoconf 2.1

Patch 0 (13-Jun-1994)

	Initial release of 'diffstat' (1.12).