AUTHORS   [plain text]

Rob Siemborski <> wrote and tested the conversion
to the SASLv2 API.

Ken Murchison <> worked on the OTP, NTLM, SRP and SQL
plugins, as well as helping to track down bugs as they appear.

Rob Earhart <> wrote the build/installation procedure,
wrote and tested some of the code, and provided general guidance and
coding advice.

Leif Johansson <> wrote the GSSAPI plugin, with
contributions from Sam Hartman <>.

Leandro Santi <> added Courier authdaemon support.

Alexey Melnikov <> wrote the first pass of the
DIGEST-MD5 plugin and continues to work on it.  He also wrote
a good deal of the current Windows support.

Rainer Schoepf <> contributed the LOGIN plugin,
based on Tim Martin's PLAIN plugin.

Simon Loader <> wrote the MySQL auxprop module.

Rolf Braun <> wrote the MacOS ports.

Howard Chu <> put a good deal of work into OS/390
portability, correct building of static libraries, and a slew
of misc. bugfixes.

Tim Martin <> wrote, debugged, and tested
most of the SASLv1 code.

Larry Greenfield <> complained. a lot.

Chris Newman <> wrote the initial version of the
SASL API, as well as the version 2 SASL API (documented in sasl.h,
saslutil.h, saslplug.h, and prop.h).

Ryan Troll <> started the Windows port,
and both Larry Greenfield and Alexey Melnikov have done more work on it.

getaddrinfo.c was written by Hajimu UMEMOTO <>
which is based on the IPv6 code written by KIKUCHI Takahiro

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