VERSION   [plain text]

# This is the VERSION file for Open MPI, describing the precise
# version of Open MPI in this distribution.  The various components of
# the version number below are combined to form a single version
# number string.

# major, minor, and release are generally combined in the form
# <major>.<minor>.<release>.  If release is zero, then it is omitted.


# greek is used for alpha or beta release tags.  If it is non-empty,
# it will be appended to the version number.  It does not have to be
# numeric.  Common examples include a1 (alpha release 1),
# b1 (beta release 1), sc2005 (Super Computing 2005 release).  The
# only requirement is that it must be entirely printable ASCII 
# characters and have no white space.


# If want_svn=1, then the SVN r number will be included in the overall
# Open MPI version number in some form.


# If svn_r=-1, then the SVN r number will be obtained dynamically at
# run time, either 1) via the "svnversion" command (if this is a
# Subversion checkout) in the form "r<svn_r>", or b) with the date (if
# this is not a Subversion checkout, and the svnversion command cannot
# be used) in the form of "svn<date>".  Alternatively, if svn_r is not
# -1, the value of svn_r will be directly appended to the version
# string.  This happens during "make dist", for example: if the
# distribution tarball is being made from an SVN checkout, the value
# of svn_r in this file is replaced with the output of "svnversion".