CHANGES   [plain text]

	Add work-arounds for kernel and library bugs under HP-UX.	
	HP has been notified and will repair these soon.

	Add support for DEC Alpha. Add %a pattern for printing addresses, which
	assumes they are passed in a void *.

2.0.3 30-Sep-1993
	When realloc is passed a zero address, it should work the same
	way as malloc(). Fix forward declaration of mprotect() in page.c to
	use void *, not caddr_t, for addresses. IRIX 5.0.1 complained about that.

2.0.4 29-May-1994
	Don't attempt to allow access to a zero-sized page when
	EF_ALLOW_MALLOC_0 is set. Attempt to un-map memory from
	Page_Delete(). If that doesn't work, fall back by protecting the
	page from all references. Un-mapping small segments of a mapping
	used to crash my SGI IRIX 5.0 system. I assume that nobody is running
	5.0 any longer.

2.0.5 20-January-1995
	Port to Linux.