ntpd.sb   [plain text]

;; ntpd - sandbox profile
;; Copyright (c) 2006-2007 Apple Inc.  All Rights reserved.
;; WARNING: The sandbox rules in this file currently constitute 
;; Apple System Private Interface and are subject to change at any time and
;; without notice. The contents of this file are also auto-generated and not
;; user editable; it may be overwritten at any time.
(version 1)

(debug deny)

(deny default)
(allow process*)
; These were commented out, I think that was a pre-WWDC bug that has been fixed
; and they can be brought back, and the above line removed:
;  (allow process-fork)
;  (allow process-exec (regex "^/usr/sbin/ntpd$"))
(deny signal)
(allow sysctl-read)
; This might be able to be tightened up (I think networ filters were
; broken pre-WWDC).  See named.sb for examples.
(allow network*)

;;; Allow NTP specific files
(allow file-read-data file-read-metadata
  (regex "^(/private)?/etc/ntp\\.(conf|keys)$"))

(allow file-read-data file-read-metadata file-write-data
  (regex "^(/private)?/var/db/ntp\\.drift(\\.TEMP)?$"))

(allow file-write* file-read-data file-read-metadata
  (regex "^(/private)?/var/run/ntpd\\.pid$"))

(allow time-set)
(import "bsd.sb")