STATUS   [plain text]

                                                        -*- text -*-

This document attempts to list RFC requirements and determine whether
neon meets them, or where they do not apply, etc.

 Yes: test written, succeeds
 No:  test written, but currently fails
 ???: no test written
 ---: feature not supported
 App: this is an application issue not a neon issue


3.1: MUST treat major/minor as separate digits			Yes
3.1: MUST ignore leading zeros					Yes
3.1: MUST only send HTTP/1.1 when appropriate			???

3.2.2: MUST use abs_path of "/" in Request-URI			App
3.2.3: comparisons of host names MUST be case-insensitive	Yes
       comparisons of scheme names MUST be ...			Yes
       comparison of empty abs_path equivalent to "/"		No/---

3.3.1: MUST accept three date formats				App/Yes [2]
       MUST only generate RFC1123-style dates			App

3.3.1: MUST use GMT for http-dates				???
       MUST assume GMT when parsing asctime dates		???

3.4.1: MUST respect charset label provided			Yes/App

3.5*: content codings						App

3.6: MUST requirements for multiple transfer-codings		--- [4]

3.6.1: parsing of chunked transfer coding			Yes
       MUST be able to handle "chunked" transfer-coding		Yes
       MUST ignore unknown chunk-extension extensions		Yes

3.7: parsing of Content-Type headers				Yes

3.7: MUST NOT have LWS between type/subtype in C-T hdr		App
     SHOULD only send parameters to "new HTTP apps" (>1.0?)     App

3.7.1: MUST represent HTTP message in canonical form		App
       MUST accept CRLF/CR/LF as line-breaks in text/* media	App
       MUST NOT use only CR or LF in HTTP control structures	???
       MUST specify charset if not ISO-8859-1			App

3.7.2: multipart types						---

3.8: SHOULD have short product token				Yes/App [5]
     SHOULD use product-version for version identifier		Yes/App
     only product-version differs between versions		Yes/App

3.9: Content Negotiation					---/App

3.10: Language Tags						---/App

3.11: Entity Tags						---/App

[2]: date parser is provided which handles all three formats, but no 
handling of the Date header is present within neon.

[3]: not sure if neon should be handling of this internally.

[4]: neon only supports using just chunked Transfer-Coding or none.

[5]: these reflect that applications may add their own product tokens
     alongside neon's.