rdlib.h   [plain text]

 * rdlib.h	Functions for manipulating libraries of RDOFF object files.

struct librarynode {
    char *name;
    FILE *fp;                   /* initialised to NULL - always check */
    int referenced;             /* & open if required. Close afterwards */
    struct librarynode *next;   /* if ! referenced. */

extern int rdl_error;

#define RDL_EOPEN     1
#define RDL_EINVALID  2
#define RDL_EVERSION  3

int rdl_verify(const char *filename);
int rdl_open(struct librarynode *lib, const char *filename);
int rdl_searchlib(struct librarynode *lib, const char *label, rdffile * f);
int rdl_openmodule(struct librarynode *lib, int module, rdffile * f);

void rdl_perror(const char *apname, const char *filename);