Makefile.scw   [plain text]

# Makefile for the Netwide Assembler under 32-bit Windows(tm)
# The Netwide Assembler is copyright (C) 1996 Simon Tatham and
# Julian Hall. All rights reserved. The software is
# redistributable under the licence given in the file "Licence"
# distributed in the NASM archive.
# This Makefile is designed to build NASM using the 32-bit WIN32 C
# compiler Symantec(tm) C++ 7.5, provided you have a MAKE-utility
# that's compatible to SMAKE.

CC = sc
CCFLAGS = -c -a1 -mn -Nc -w2 -w7 -o+time -5
# -5            optimize for pentium (tm)
# -c            compile only
# -o-all        no optimizations (to avoid problems in disasm.c)
# -o+time       optimize for speed
# -o+space      optimize for size
# -A1           byte alignment for structures
# -mn           compile for Win32 executable
# -mx           compile for DOS386 (DOSX) executable
# -Nc           create COMDAT records
# -w2           possible unattended assignment: off
# -w7           for loops with empty instruction-body

LINK = link
LINKFLAGS = /noi /exet:NT /su:console
# /noignorecase all symbols are case-sensitive
# /exet:NT      Exetype: NT (Win32)
# /exet:DOSX    Exetype: DOSX (DOS32)
# /su:console   Subsystem: Console (Console-App)

EXE = .exe
OBJ = obj

        $(CC) $(CCFLAGS) $*.c

# modules needed for different programs

NASMOBJS = nasm.$(OBJ) nasmlib.$(OBJ) float.$(OBJ) insnsa.$(OBJ) \
           assemble.$(OBJ) labels.$(OBJ) parser.$(OBJ) outform.$(OBJ) \
	   output/outbin.$(OBJ) output/outaout.$(OBJ) output/outcoff.$(OBJ) output/outelf.$(OBJ) \
	   output/outobj.$(OBJ) output/outas86.$(OBJ) output/outrdf.$(OBJ) output/outdbg.$(OBJ) \
	   output/outrdf2.$(OBJ) output/outieee.$(OBJ) \
	   preproc.$(OBJ) listing.$(OBJ) eval.$(OBJ)

NDISASMOBJS = ndisasm.$(OBJ) disasm.$(OBJ) sync.$(OBJ) nasmlib.$(OBJ) \

# programs to create

all : nasmw$(EXE) ndisasmw$(EXE)

# We have to have a horrible kludge here to get round the 128 character
# limit, as usual... we'll simply use LNK-files :)
nasmw$(EXE): $(NASMOBJS)
        $(LINK) $(LINKFLAGS) @<<

ndisasmw$(EXE): $(NDISASMOBJS)
        $(LINK) $(LINKFLAGS) @<<

clean :
	del *.obj
	del nasmw$(EXE)
	del ndisasmw$(EXE)

#-- Magic hints to --#
# @object-ending: ".$(OBJ)"
# @path-separator: "/"
#-- Everything below is generated by - do not edit --#
assemble.$(OBJ): assemble.c preproc.h insns.h regs.h version.h nasmlib.h \
 nasm.h regvals.c insnsi.h assemble.h
disasm.$(OBJ): disasm.c insns.h sync.h regdis.c regs.h regs.c version.h \
 nasm.h insnsn.c names.c insnsi.h disasm.h
eval.$(OBJ): eval.c labels.h eval.h regs.h version.h nasmlib.h nasm.h
float.$(OBJ): float.c regs.h version.h nasm.h
insnsa.$(OBJ): insnsa.c insns.h regs.h version.h nasm.h insnsi.h
insnsd.$(OBJ): insnsd.c insns.h regs.h version.h nasm.h insnsi.h
insnsn.$(OBJ): insnsn.c
labels.$(OBJ): labels.c regs.h version.h nasmlib.h nasm.h
listing.$(OBJ): listing.c regs.h version.h nasmlib.h nasm.h listing.h
macros.$(OBJ): macros.c
names.$(OBJ): names.c regs.c insnsn.c
nasm.$(OBJ): nasm.c labels.h preproc.h insns.h parser.h eval.h regs.h \
 outform.h version.h nasmlib.h nasm.h assemble.h insnsi.h listing.h
nasmlib.$(OBJ): nasmlib.c insns.h regs.h regs.c version.h nasmlib.h nasm.h \
 insnsn.c names.c insnsi.h
ndisasm.$(OBJ): ndisasm.c insns.h sync.h regs.h version.h nasmlib.h nasm.h \
 insnsi.h disasm.h
outform.$(OBJ): outform.c regs.h outform.h version.h nasm.h
output/outaout.$(OBJ): output/outaout.c regs.h outform.h version.h nasmlib.h \
output/outas86.$(OBJ): output/outas86.c regs.h outform.h version.h nasmlib.h \
output/outbin.$(OBJ): output/outbin.c labels.h eval.h regs.h outform.h \
 version.h nasmlib.h nasm.h
output/outcoff.$(OBJ): output/outcoff.c regs.h outform.h version.h nasmlib.h \
output/outdbg.$(OBJ): output/outdbg.c regs.h outform.h version.h nasmlib.h \
output/outelf.$(OBJ): output/outelf.c regs.h outform.h version.h nasmlib.h \
output/outieee.$(OBJ): output/outieee.c regs.h outform.h version.h nasmlib.h \
output/outobj.$(OBJ): output/outobj.c regs.h outform.h version.h nasmlib.h \
output/outrdf.$(OBJ): output/outrdf.c regs.h outform.h version.h nasmlib.h \
output/outrdf2.$(OBJ): output/outrdf2.c rdoff/rdoff.h regs.h outform.h \
 version.h nasmlib.h nasm.h
parser.$(OBJ): parser.c insns.h parser.h float.h regs.h regflags.c version.h \
 nasmlib.h nasm.h insnsi.h
preproc.$(OBJ): preproc.c macros.c regs.h version.h nasmlib.h nasm.h
regdis.$(OBJ): regdis.c
regflags.$(OBJ): regflags.c
regs.$(OBJ): regs.c
regvals.$(OBJ): regvals.c
sync.$(OBJ): sync.c sync.h