INSTALL   [plain text]

Installing nasm from source

Installing nasm is pretty straightforward on UN*X systems with Perl
and GNU tools installed.

If you checked out source from CVS you will need to run autoconf to
generate configure, otherwise you don't have to.

$ autoheader
$ autoconf

Then run configure to detect your platform settings and generate makefiles.

$ ./configure

You can get information about available configuration options by
running `./configure --help`.

If configure fails, please send bug report with detailed platform
information to <> and we will try to
help you asap!

If everything went okay, type

$ make

to build nasm, ndisasm and rdoff tools, or

$ make everything

to build the former plus the docs.

You can decrease the size of produces executables by stripping off
unnecessary information, to achieve this run

$ make strip

If you install to a system-wide location you might need to become

$ su <enter root password>


$ make install

optionally followed by 

$ make install_rdf

Or you can 

$ make install_everything

to install everything =)

Thats it, enjoy!

PS. Installation instructions for other platforms are underway.