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 * Holiday
 * $FreeBSD: src/usr.bin/calendar/calendars/,v 1.36 2007/09/07 03:23:06 edwin Exp $

#ifndef _calendar_holiday_
#define _calendar_holiday_

01/01	Beginning of the Year in Japan
01/01	Independence Day in Haiti and Sudan
01/01	Universal Fraternity Day in Mozambique
01/02	Ancestry Day in Haiti
01/02	St. Berchtold's Day in Switzerland
01/03	New Year's Holiday in Scotland
01/03	Revolution Day in Upper Volta
01/04	Independence Day in Burma
01/04	Martyrs Day in Zaire
01/06	Children's Day in Uruguay
01/06	Three Kings' Day in Puerto Rico
01/07	Christmas in Ethiopia
01/07	Pioneer's Day in Liberia
01/09	Day of the Martyrs in Panama
01/11	Armed Forces Day in Liberia
01/12	Zanzibar Revolution Day in Tanzania
01/13	National Liberation Day in Togo
01/15	Arbor Day in Jordan
01/16	Martyrs Day in Benin
01/18	Revolution Day in Tunisia
01/19	Confederate Heroes Day in Texas
01/19	Ethiopian Epiphany in Ethiopia
01/19	Nameday of Archbishop Makarios in Cyprus
01/20	Army Day in Mali
01/20	National Heroes Day in Guinea-Bissau
01/21	Our Lady of Altagracia in Dominican Republic
01/23	Feast of St. Ildefonsus
01/23	US National Handwriting Day
01/24	Economic Liberation Day in Togo
01/26	Republic Day in India
01/MonSecond	Adults Day in Japan
01/MonThird	Lee-Jackson Day in Virginia (3rd Monday)
01/MonThird	Robert E. Lee's Birthday in Alabama & Mississippi (3rd Monday)
01/MonThird	Martin Luther King Day in New York (3rd Monday)
02/01	Chinese New Year Holiday (3 days) in Taiwan
02/02	Candlemas
02/04	Independence Commemoration Day in Sri Lanka
02/05	Constitution Day in Mexico
02/06	New Zealand Day
02/07	Independence Day in Grenada
02/09	St. Maron's Day in Lebanon
02/10	Feast of St. Paul's Shipwreck, AD 60
02/11	National Foundation Day in Japan
02/12	Pyidaungsa Day in Burma
02/16	Makha Bucha Day in Thailand
02/18	Democracy Day in Nepal
02/18	Independence Day in The Gambia
02/23	Republic Day in Guyana
02/24	Gregorian Calendar Day
02/25	National Day in Kuwait
02/27	Independence Day in Dominican Republic
03/01	Samil Independence Movement Day in South Korea
03/01	St. David's Day - Patron Saint of Wales
03/02	Peasants Day in Burma
03/02	Texas Independence day
03/02	Victory of Adowa in Ethiopia
03/03	Throne Day in Morocco
03/03	Independence day (Treaty of San Stefano) in Bulgaria
03/04	Vermont Admission Day (admitted as 14th US state in 1791)
03/05	Independence Day in Equatorial Guinea
03/06	Lantern Day, Bejing
03/08	First Annual International Women's Day, 1909
03/08	International Women's Day in former USSR
03/08	Syrian National Day in Libyan Arab Republic
03/08	Women's Day in Guinea-Bissau, Taiwan and Yemen Democratic Republic
03/08	Youth Day in Zambia
03/09	Decoration Day in Liberia
03/09	Falgun Purnima Day in Nepal
03/10	Labor Day in South Korea
03/11	Johnny Appleseed Day; anniversary of the death of John Chapman
03/12	Commonwealth Day in Swaziland
03/12	Independence Day in Mauritius
03/12	Moshoeshoe's Birthday in Lesotho
03/12	Renovation Day in Gabon
03/13	National Day in Grenada
03/16	Black Press Day; first US Black newspaper founded in 1827
03/17	Evacuation Day in Suffolk County, Massachusetts
03/17	St. Patrick's Day - one of the Patron Saints of Ireland
03/19	St. Joseph's Day, observed in Colombia, Costa Rica, Holy See,
	Liechtenstein,	San Marino, Spain, Venezuela
03/19	Tree Planting Day in Lestho
03/20	Independence Day in Tunisia
03/20	Youth Day in Oklahoma
03/20*	Vernal Equinox in Japan
03/21	Afghan New Year in Afghanistan
03/21	Juarez' Birthday in Mexico
03/21*	Vernal Equinox in Japan
03/22	Abolition Day in Puerto Rico
03/23	Pakistan Day in Pakistan
03/25	Greek Independence Day in Cyprus
03/25	Lady Day (a.k.a. the Feast of the Annunciation)
03/25	Maryland Day in Maryland
03/25	National Holiday in Greece
03/26	Independence Day in Bangladesh
03/26	Prince Jonah Kuhio Kalanianaole Day in Hawaii
03/27	Armed Forces Day in Burma
03/29	Death of President Barthelemy Boganda in Central African Republic
03/29	Memorial Day in Madagascar
03/31	National Day in Malta
03/MonLast	Seward's Day in Alaska (last Monday)
04/01	Youth Day in Benin
04/02	Malvinas Day in Argentina
04/02	Pascua Florida Day in Florida
04/04	Ching Ming Festival in Hong Kong
04/04	Liberation Day in Hungary
04/04	National Day in Senegal
04/05	Arbor Day in South Korea
04/05	Tomb Sweeping Day in Taiwan
04/06	Chakri Memorial Day in Thailand
04/06	Victory Day in Ethiopia
04/08	Fast and Prayer Day in Liberia
04/09	Martyrs Day in Tunisia
04/11	National Heroes Day in Costa Rica
04/13	National Day in Chad
04/13	Songkron Day in Thailand
04/14	Day of the Americas in Honduras
04/15	Bengali New Year in Bangladesh
04/16	De Diego's Birthday celebrated in Puerto Rico
04/16	Holy Week (5 days) in Venezuela
04/16	Tourist Week (5 days) in Uruguay
04/17	Burmese New Year in Burma
04/18	Independence Day in Chile and Zimbabwe
04/19	Declaration of Independence in Venezuela
04/19	Republic Day in Sierra Leone
04/21	San Jacinto Day in Texas
04/21	Tiradentes in Brazil
04/22	Arbor Day in Nebraska & Delaware
04/22	Oklahoma Day in Oklahoma
04/23	St. George's Day - Patron Saint of England
04/24	Victory Day in Togo
04/25	Anniversary of the Revolution in Portugal
04/25	Anzac Day, observed in Australia, New Zealand, Tonga and Western Samoa
04/25	Liberation Day in Italy
04/25	National Flag Day in Swaziland
04/26	Confederate Memorial Day in Florida & Georgia
04/26	Union Day in Tanzania
04/27	Independence Day in Togo
04/29	Showa Day in Japan
04/30	Queen's Birthday in the Netherlands, the Netherlands Antilles
04/30	The Workers Day in Uruguay
04/MonLast	Arbor Day in Wyoming (last Monday)
04/MonLast	Confederate Memorial Day in Alabama & Mississippi (last Monday)
04/MonThird	Patriot's Day in Maine & Massachusetts (3rd Monday)
05/01	Labor Day in many places in the USA
05/01	May Day in many places
05/01	US Law Day (decl. by Eisenhower)
05/02	King's Birthday in Lesotho
05/03	Constitution Memorial Day in Japan
05/04	Greenery Day in Japan
05/04	Rhode Island Independence Day
05/05	Battle of Puebla in Mexico
05/05	Children's Day in Japan and South Korea
05/05	Coronation Day in Thailand
05/05	Liberation Day in the Netherlands
05/06	Bataan Day in Philippines
05/06*	Bank Holiday in UK
05/07	May Day in United Kingdom
05/08	Buddha's Birthday in South Korea
05/08	Elections for the National Assembly in Philippines
05/08	Truman Day in Missouri
05/09	VE day, end of Second World War, celebrated in many countries
05/10	Confederate Memorial Day in South Carolina
05/10	Mothers Day in Guatemala
05/11	Minnesota Day in Minnesota
05/14	Anniversary of the Founding of Guinean Democratic Party in Guinea
05/14	Buddhist Holiday (Waisak 2528) in Indonesia
05/14	Independence Day (2 days) in Paraguay
05/14	Unification Day in Liberia
05/15	Kamuzu Day in Malawi
05/15	Vesak Day, observed in Singapore and Malaysia
05/15	Visakha Bucha Day in Thailand
05/16	Discovery Day in Cayman Islands
05/17	Constitution Day in Nauru and Norway
05/18	Flag Day in Haiti
05/18	Prayer Day in Denmark
05/19	Youth and Sports Day in Turkey
05/20	Mecklenburg Independence Day in North Carolina
05/20	National Day in Cameroon
05/20	Victoria Day in Canada
05/22	National Heroes Day in Sri Lanka
05/23	Commonwealth Day in Jamaica and Belize
05/23	National Labor Day in Jamaica
05/24	Bermuda Day in Bermuda
05/24	Day of Slav Letters in Bulgaria
05/25	African Freedom Day in Zimbabwe
05/25	African Liberation Day in Chad, Mauritania and Zambia
05/25	Anniversary of the Revolution of 1810 in Argentina
05/25	Independence Day in Jordan
05/25	Memorial Day in New Mexico & Puerto Rico
05/25	Revolution in the Sudan in Libyan Arab Republic
05/27	Afghanistan attains sovereignty, 1921
05/27*	Bank Holiday in UK
05/28	Mothers Day in Central African Republic
05/31	Pya Martyrs Day in Togo
05/MonThird	Memorial Day in Michigan (3rd Monday)
06/01	Independence Days (3 days) in Western Samoa
06/01	Madaraka Day in Kenya
06/01	Victory Day in Tunisia
06/02	Corpus Christi in Paraguay
06/03	Confederate Memorial Day in Kentucky & Louisiana
06/03	Labor Day in Bahamas
06/03*	Bank Holiday in Rep. of Ireland
06/04	Emancipation Day in Tonga
06/04	Queen's Birthday in New Zealand
06/05	Constitution Day in Denmark
06/05	Liberation Day in Seychelles
06/06	His Majesty, Yang Di-Pertuan Agong's Birthday in Malaysia
06/06	Memorial Day in South Korea
06/09	Senior Citizen's Day in Oklahoma
06/10	Camoes Day in Portugal
06/11	King Kamehameha I Day in Hawaii
06/11	Queen's Birthday
06/12	Independence Day in Philippines
06/12	Peace with Bolivia in Paraguay
06/13	Corrective Movement in Yemen Arab Republic
06/14	Flag Day, USA
06/16	Bloomsday - Anniversary of Dublin events, 1904, in "Ulysses"
06/17	Bunker Hill Day in Suffolk County, Massachusetts
06/17	Independence Day in Iceland
06/18	Evacuation Day in Egypt
06/18	Queen's Birthday in Fiji
06/19	Artigas Birthday in Uruguay
06/19	Emancipation Day in Texas
06/19	Labor Day in Trinidad and Tobago
06/19	Revolution Day in Algeria
06/20	Flag Day in Argentina
06/20	West Virginia Day in West Virginia
06/22	Corrective Movement in Yemen Democratic Republic
06/22	Midsummer Eve in Finland, Sweden
06/22	National Sovereignty Day in Haiti
06/23	National Holiday in Luxembourg
06/24	Battle of Carabobob in Venezuela
06/24	Fisherman's Day in Madagascar, Mozambique and Somalia
06/24	Kings Day in Spain
06/24	Peasants Day in Peru
06/24	St. Jean-Baptiste Day in Quebec
06/28	Mothers Day in Central African Republic
06/29	Independence Day in Seychelles
06/30	Day of the Army in Guatemala
06/MonFirst	Jefferson Davis's Birthday in Alabama & Mississippi (1st Monday)
06/MonFirst	Jefferson Davis's Birthday in Florida, Georgia, & S. Carolina
07/01	Dominion Day in Canada
07/01	Freedom Day in Suriname
07/01	Independence Day in Burundi
07/01	National Day in Rwanda
07/01	Republic Day in Ghana
07/01	Union of the Somalia Republic in Somalia
07/02	National Day in Kiribati
07/04	Caribbean Day in Guyana
07/04	Constitution Day in Cayman Islands
07/04	Family Day in Lesotho
07/04	Heroes Day in Zambia
07/04	Kadooment Day in Barbados
07/04	Philippine-American Friendship Day in the Philippines
07/04	Warriors Day (2 days) in Yugoslavia
07/05	Day of Peace and Unity in Rwanda
07/05	Independence Day in Algeria and Venezuela
07/07	Anniversary of the P.U.N. in Equatorial Guinea
07/07	National Day in Malawi
07/07	Saba Saba Day in Tanzania
07/09	Independence Day in Argentina
07/10	Independence Day in Bahamas
07/11	National Holiday in the Mongolian People's Republic
07/12	Battle of Boyne celebrated in Northern Ireland
07/13	Buddhist Lent in Thailand
07/14	Anniversary of the Revolution in Iraq
07/14	French National Festival
07/14	National Holiday in Monaco
07/15	St. Swithin's Day
07/16	Presidents Day in Botswana
07/17	Constitution Day in South Korea
07/17	July Revolution in Iraq
07/17	Munoz Rivera's Birthday (celebrated in Puerto Rico)
07/17	Public Holiday in Botswana
07/18	Constitution Day in Uruguay
07/18	Liberation Day in Nicaragua
07/19	Martyrs Day in Burma
07/20	Independence Day in Colombia
07/21	National Holiday in Belgium
07/22	King's Birthday in Swaziland
07/22	National Day in Poland
07/23	Anniversary of the Revolution in Egypt
07/23	Egyptian National Day in Syrian Arab Republic
07/23	Remembrance Day in Papua New Guinea
07/24	Pioneer Day in Utah
07/24	Simon Bolivar's Day in Ecuador and Venezuela
07/25	Constitution Day in Puerto Rico
07/25	National Rebellion Day (3 days) in Cuba
07/25	Republic Day in Tunisia
07/25	St. James, Patron Saint in Spain
07/26	Independence Day in Liberia
07/26	National Day in Maldives
07/27	Barbosa's Birthday (celebrated in Puerto Rico)
07/28	Independence Days (2 days) in Peru
07/29	Olsok Eve in Norway to commemorate Norway's Viking King St. Olav
07/29	Rain Day in Waynesburg, PA
07/31	Revolution Day in Congo
07/MonThird	Day of Sea in Japan
08/01	Discovery Day in Trinidad and Tobago
08/01	Emancipation Day in Granada
08/01	Founding of Asuncion in Paraguay
08/01	Freedom Day in Guyana
08/01	National Day in Switzerland
08/01	National Holidays (5 days) in El Salvador
08/01	Parent's Day in Zaire
08/02	Our Lady of Los Angeles in Costa Rica
08/03	Independence Day in Jamaica and Niger
08/03	Massacre of the Pidjiguiti in Buinea-bissau
08/03	Memorial Day of Archbishop Makarios in Cyprus
08/04	Freedom Day in Guyana
08/05*	Bank Holiday in Scotland and Northern Ireland
08/06	Bank Holiday in British Columbia, Fiji, Iceland, Ireland, Ontario
08/06	Emancipation Day in Bahamas
08/06	Independence Day in Bolivia
08/07	Battle of Boyaca in Colombia
08/09	National Day in Singapore
08/10	Independence Day in Ecuador
08/11	Heroes Day (2 days) in Zimbabwe
08/11	Independence Day in Chad
08/11	King Hussein's Accession to the Throne in Jordan
08/12	Queen's Birthday in Thailand
08/13	Proclamation of Independence in Central African Republic
08/13	Women's Day in Tunisia
08/14	Independence Day in Pakistan
08/14	VJ Day, 1945
08/14	Waddi Dhahab in Morocco
08/15	Founding of Ascuncion in Paraguay
08/15	Independence Day in India
08/15	Liberation Day in South Korea
08/15	National Day in Congo
08/15	Santa Maria in Malta
08/16	Bennington Battle Day in Vermont
08/16	Independence Days (3 days) in Gabon
08/16	Restoration Day in Dominican Republic
08/17	Anniversary of the Death of General San Martin in Argentina
08/17	Independence Day in Indonesia
08/19	Independence Day in Afghanistan
08/20	Constitution Day in Hungary
08/24	National Flag Day in Liberia
08/25	Constitution Day in Paraguay
08/25	Independence Day in Uruguay
08/26	Susan B. Anthony Day in Massachusetts
08/26*	Bank Holiday in England and Wales
08/27	Liberation Day in Hong Kong
08/28	Heroes Day in Philippines
08/30	Huey P. Long Day in Louisiana
08/30	Victory Day in Turkey
08/31	Independence Day (Merdeka) in Malaysia
08/31	Independence Day in Trinidad and Tobago
08/31	Pashtoonian Day in Afghanistan
08/FriThird	Admission Day in Hawaii, 1984 (3rd Friday)
09/01	Army Day in Chile
09/03	Independence Day in Qatar
09/03	Memorial Day in Tunisia
09/06	Defense of Pakistan Day in Pakistan
09/06	Unification of Bulgaria
09/07	Independence Day in Brazil
09/09	Admission Day in California
09/09	National Day in North Korea
09/10	Korean Thanksgiving Day (Chusuk) in South Korea
09/10	Moon Festival in Taiwan
09/10	National Day in Belize
09/11	Anniversary of military coup in Chile
09/11	Ethiopian New Year in Ethiopia
09/11	National Holiday in Chile
09/12	Amilcar Cabral's Birthday in Guinea-Bissau
09/12	Defender's Day in Maryland
09/12	Revolution Day in Ethiopia
09/13	Barry Day commemorates the death of Commodore John Barry, USA
09/14	Battle of San Jacinto in Nicaragua
09/15	Foundation of Panama in Panama
09/16	Cherokee Strip Day in Oklahoma
09/16	Independence Days in Mexico and Papua New Guinea
09/17	National Heroes Day in Angola
09/18	Independence Day in Chile and Zimbabwe
09/19	Army Day in Chile
09/21	Independence Day in Belize
09/22	Independence Day in Mali
09/22	National Sovereignty Day in Haiti
09/22*	Autumnal Equinox in Japan
09/23	Grito de Lares in Puerto Rico
09/23*	Autumnal Equinox in Japan
09/24	Anniversary of the Third Republic in Ghana
09/24	Independence Day in Guinea-Bissau
09/24	National Day in Saudi Arabia
09/24	Our Lady of Mercedes in Dominican Republic
09/24	Republic Day in Trinidad and Tobago
09/25	Army Day in Mozambique
09/25	Referendum Day in Rwanda
09/26	National Day in Maldives
09/26	Revolution Anniversary Day in Yemen
09/27	Feast of Finding the True Cross in Ethiopia
09/28	Confucius' Day in Taiwan
09/29	Michaelmas
09/29	Battle of Boqueron in Paraguay
09/30	Botswana Day in Botswana
09/MonThird	Respect for the Aged Day in Japan
10/01	Armed Forces Day in South Korea
10/01	Independence Day in Nigeria
10/01	National Liberation Day (2 days) in China
10/01	Public Holiday in Botswana
10/02	Anniversary of Guinean Independence in Guinea
10/03	Chung Yeung Festival in Hong Kong
10/03	Francisco Morazan's Birthday in Honduras
10/03	German Reunification Day
10/03	National Foundation Day in South Korea
10/03	U.N. Day in Barbados
10/04	Independence Day in Lesotho
10/05	Anniversary of Proclamation of the Republic in Portugal
10/06	National Sports Day in Lesotho
10/07	National Heroes Day in Jamaica
10/08	Battle of Agamos in Peru
10/08	Constitution Day in former USSR
10/08	Thanksgiving Day in Canada
10/08*	Fiji Day
10/09	Independence Day in Uganda
10/09	Independence of Guayaquil in Ecuador
10/09	Korean Alphabet Day in South Korea
10/09	Leif Erikson Day commemorates the discovery of North America in AD 1000
10/09	Republic Day in Khmer Republic
10/10	National Day in Taiwan
10/10	Oklahoma Historical Day in Oklahoma
10/11	Day of the Revolution in Panama
10/12	Day of the Race in Argentina
10/12	Discovery Day in Bahamas
10/12	National Day in Equatorial Guinea and Spain
10/12	Our Lady Aparecida Day in Brazil
10/12	Pan American Day in Belize
10/14	National Day in Yemen Arab Republic
10/14	Young People's Day in Zaire
10/14*	Thanksgiving Day in Canada
10/15	Evacuation Day in Tunisia
10/16	National Boss Day, USA
10/17	Dessaline's Death Anniversary in Haiti
10/17	Heroes Day in Jamaica
10/17	Mother's Day in Malawi
10/20	Anniversary of the 1944 Revolution in Guatemala
10/20	Kenyatta Day in Kenya
10/21	Armed Forces Day in Honduras
10/21	Revolution Days (2 days) in Somalia
10/23	Chulalongkron's Day in Thailand
10/24	Independence Day in Zambia
10/24	United Nations Day
10/25	Taiwan Restoration Day in Taiwan
10/25	St. Crispin's day, patron saint of shoemakers
10/26	Agam Day in Nauru
10/26	Armed Forces Day in Benin and Rwanda
10/26	National Day in Austria
10/28	National Holiday in Greece
10/28	OHI Day in Cyprus
10/28*	Bank Holiday in Republic of Ireland
10/29	Republic Day in Turkey
10/31	All Hallows Eve ("Halloween")
10/31	Nevada Day in Nevada
10/MonFourth	Labour Day in New Zealand
10/MonSecond	Health Sports Day in Japan
11/01	All Saints Day
11/01	Samhain; Beginning of the Celtic year and most important holiday.
11/02	All Souls Day
11/02	Memorial Day in Ecuador
11/03	Culture Day in Japan
11/03	Independence from Columbia in Panama
11/03	Independence of Cuenca in Ecuador
11/03	Thanksgiving Day in Liberia
11/04	Flag Day in Panama
11/04	Will Rogers Day, USA
11/06	Green March Day in Morocco
11/07	October Revolution Day in Hungary
11/08	Her Majesty, the Queen's Birthday in Nepal
11/10	King's Birthday in Bhutan
11/11	Angola gains independence from Portugal, 1975
11/11	Independence Day in Angola
11/11	Independence of Cartagena in Colombia
11/11	Remembrance Day in Canada
11/11	Republic Day in Maldives
11/14	King Hussein's Birthday in Jordan
11/15	Dynasty Day in Belgium
11/15	Proclamation of the Republic in Brazil
11/15	Thatlouang Festival in Laos
11/16	Oklahoma Heritage Week in Oklahoma
11/17	Army Day in Zaire
11/17	Corrective Movement in Syrian Arab Republic
11/18	Battle of Viertieres in Haiti
11/18	Independence Day in Morocco
11/18	National Days (4 days) in Oman
11/19	Anniversary of the 1968 Coup by the Army in Mali
11/19	Discovery Day in Puerto Rico
11/19	Feast Day of S.A.S. Prince Rainier in Monaco
11/19	Garifuna Settlement in Belize
11/20	Revolution Day in Mexico
11/22	Anniversary of Portuguese Aggression in Guinea
11/22	Independence Day in Lebanon
11/23	Labor Thanksgiving Day in Japan
11/24	Anniversary of the New Regime in Zaire
11/25	Independence Day in Suriname
11/28	Independence Day in Albania and Mauritania
11/28	Independence from Spain in Panama
11/28	Proclamation of the Republic in Chad
11/29	Day of the Republic (2 days) in Yugoslavia
11/29	Goodwill Day in Liberia
11/29	Liberation Day in Albania
11/29	National Day in Burma
11/30	Independence Day in Barbados and Yemen Democratic Republic
11/30	National Day in Benin
11/30	National Heroes Day in Philippines
11/30	St. Andrew's Day - Patron Saint of Scotland
11/Wed+3	Day of Prayer and Repentance (Buss- und Bettag) in Federal Republic of Germany
12/01	Anniversary of the Restoration of Independence in Portugal
12/01	Union Day in Romania
12/01	Independence Day in Central African Republic
12/01	World AIDS Day
12/02	National Holiday in United Arab Emirates
12/03	National Holiday in Laos
12/05	King's Birthday in Thailand
12/06	Independence Day in Finland
12/07	Delaware Day in Delaware
12/07	Independence Day in Ivory Coast
12/07	Independence Day in Panama
12/08	Blessing of the Water in Uruguay
12/08	Mother's Day in Panama
12/08	Our Lady of the Cacupe in Paraguay
12/09	Independence Day in Tanzania
12/10	Foundation of Worker's Party in Angola
12/10	Human Rights Day
12/10	Thai Constitution Day in Thailand
12/10	Wyoming Day in Wyoming
12/11	Independence Day in Upper Volta
12/12	Independence Day in Kenya
12/13	Republic Day in Malta
12/15	Statue Day in the Netherlands Antilles
12/16	Constitution Day in Nepal
12/16	National Day in Bahrain
12/16	Victory Day in Bangladesh
12/17	National Day in Bhutan
12/18	Republic Day in Niger
12/23	Emperor's Birthday in Japan
12/23	Victory Day in Egypt
12/25	Birthday of Quaid-i-Azam in Pakistan
12/25	Children's Day in Congo
12/26	Boxing Day
12/26	Feast of Our Theotokos in Greece
12/26	St. Stephen's Day
12/26	Bank Holiday in Canada, Rep. of Ireland, and UK
12/27	Bank Holiday in Cayman Islands
12/27	Constitution Day in North Korea
12/27	Public Holiday in Lesotho, Zimbabwe
12/29	Civic Holidays (3 days) in Costa Rica
12/29	His Majesty, the King's Birthday in Nepal
12/30	Anniversary of the Democratic Republic of Madagascar in Madagascar
12/31	Bank Holiday in El Salvador, Honduras, Pakistan
12/31	Feed Yourself Day in Benin
12/31	Proclamation of the Republic in Congo

#endif /* !_calendar_holiday_ */