TODO   [plain text]

Improvements and reviews of internationalization/localization, 
Italian, Spanish, Czech and Russian manual and catalog review.

Review support under HP-UX, Irix, Solaris, AIX, OS-X and other *NIXes. 

Some patches long in the works (you know who you are) will be included in the next release cycle.

----> The localization and platform support are being addressed in the
upcoming minor releases. Comments and patches welcome.

----> UTF-8 support is in the works as well. Comments and patches welcome.

hman does not use LANG; review coherence of ENV use.

Fixes for Cygwin.

Are there security problems in the present setup?

MANPL gives page length - undocumented; may disappear again

[But likes it and says:
it allows one to do something like:

export LINES
export MANPAGER='less -i'
export MANPL='$(perl -e "print ($LINES - 1) / 6, \"i\";")'