todo   [plain text]

$NetBSD: todo,v 1.18 2008/09/29 00:37:08 lukem Exp $

provide examples ?

fix detection of largefile support:
	- solaris: lfcompile(5)

cygwin missing:

enable LOGIN_CAP (with autoconf portability)

consider updating: ls/* [s-u]*

provide replacement for pidfile

email address for feedback: ?

autoconf checks:
	- replace getopt() if optreset (BSD) or getoptreset() (irix)
	  is not available?
	- IF_NAMESIZE not available on darwin

enable utmp stuff (need to make it portable)

enable wtmp stuff (need to make it portable)

enable kerberos support once its fixed?

enable socks once functional autoconf tests are available.

add setenv(3) to replace putenv(3) cruft?