00LSOF-L   [plain text]

		    The Lsof Mailing List, lsof-l

Information on lsof is available via a GNU Mailman mailing list, named
lsof-l.  The server is located on the host rcac.purdue.edu.


You may subscribe to the lsof-l mailing list by sending e-mail to:


The body of your e-mail may be empty.  You will receive a confirmation
reply, explaining one further step you must take to complete your

The list manager uses the e-mail address and real name in the "From:"
line of your request to set those values in your subscription.  If you
want different values in your subscription, consult the Mailman help
information to learn how to specify them on your subscription request.
(See the next "Get Help" section on how to obtain Mailman help

Get Help

More information about the rcac.purdue.edu GNU Mailman server is
available by sending e-mail to lsof-l-request@rcac.purdue.edu with
"help" in the subject line.  The body of your e-mail may be empty.

The other information will be delivered by return e-mail.

You can also obtain information on the Mailman e-mail commands in
section 3.2 of the GNU Mailman documentation at:


The Web Interface

There is a web interface at:


You can use it to manage your lsof-l list entry.

Posting and Moderation

Once you have subscribed to lsof-l (and have an e-mail confirmation
that your subscription was accepted), you may post messages to the list
by sending e-mail directly to:


I moderate the lsof-l mailing list and try to keep its traffic low,
mainly limiting it to announcements of new revisions, patches and
security issues.  Postings don't appear until I've approved them.

Send Bug Reports to Me Via E-Mail

DON'T SEND BUG REPORTS TO lsof-l.  Send them directly to me via e-mail
at <abe@purdue.edu>.  Make sure lsof appears in the "Subject:" line and
make sure you first read the "Bug Reports" section of the 00README file
of the lsof distribution.


You can unsubscribe from lsof-l by sending e-mail to:


The body of your e-mail may be empty.  You will receive a confirmation
reply, explaining one further step you must take to complete the
removal of your subscription.


There is an archive; use the link:


The archive link is the first one on the web page.  You will need the
password you received or set when you subscribed, or later set via
lsof-l-request or the web interface.

Vic Abell <abe@purdue.edu>
May 8, 2008