javaop.def   [plain text]

/* Table of opcodes for byte codes defined by the Java(TM) virtual
   machine specification.	
   Copyright (C) 1998, 2003 Free Software Foundation, Inc.

This file is part of GCC.

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it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
the Free Software Foundation; either version 2, or (at your option)
any later version.

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but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
GNU General Public License for more details.

You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
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the Free Software Foundation, 51 Franklin Street, Fifth Floor,
Boston, MA 02110-1301, USA.

Java and all Java-based marks are trademarks or registered trademarks
of Sun Microsystems, Inc. in the United States and other countries.
The Free Software Foundation is independent of Sun Microsystems, Inc.

Written by Per Bothner <>, February 1996.

	OPNAME is the name of the opcode.
	OPCODE is the 1-byte opcode value.
	OPKIND is the kind of operation.
	OPERAND_TYPE is the type operands affected.
	OPERAND_VALUE tells where to get the value.  (Its meaning
	  depends on OPKIND.) */

/* Various macro used in OPERAND_VALUE:
IMMEDIATE_s1:  An immediate signed 1-byte value in the byte-code stream.
IMMEDIATE_s2:  An immediate signed 2-byte value in the byte-code stream.
IMMEDIATE_u1:  An immediate unsigned 1-byte value in the byte-code stream.
IMMEDIATE_u2:  An immediate unsigned 2-byte value in the byte-code stream.

CONST_INDEX_1:  An immediate unsigned 1-byte index into the constant pool.
CONST_INDEX_2:  An immediate unsigned 2-byte index into the constant pool.

/* More specifically, this is the meaning of the various OPKINDs:

BINOP:	binary operation
	OPERAND_TYPE is the argument type.

UNOP:	unary operation
	OPERAND_TYPE is the argument type.

INVOKE: invoke operations
	OPERAND_VALUE is 1 if interface, 0 otherwise.

OBJECT:	new, checkcast, instanceof

BRANCH: branch operations
	  or VAR_INDEX_2.

STACK:  Various stack operations.

PUSHC:  Push a constant onto the operand stack.
	OPERAND_VALUE maybe be the value to push,
	or IMMEDIATE_s1 or IMMEDIATE_s2 if the constant is immediate,
	or CONST_INDEX_1 or CONST_INDEX_2 for a constant pool index.

LOAD: Push a value from a local variable onto the operand stack.
	OPERAND_VALUE is the index of the local variable in the current
	Java frame.  It can be a literal, or IMMEDIATE_i2.

CONVERT: Convert top of stack value from one type to another.
	OPERAND_TYPE is the argument type.
	OPERAND_VALUE is the result type.

TEST: Compares an integer (popped from the stack) against zero.
	If the test (in OPERAND_VALUE) is true, goto a relative
	offset given by the next two bytes.

COND:  Compares two values (popped from the stack) againt each other.
	If the test (in OPERAND_VALUE) is true, goto a relative
	offset given by the next two bytes.



FIELD: Extracts from or stores into a field.
	OPERAND_TYPE is 1 for a static field, 0 for a regular field.
	OPERAND_VALUE is 1 for a put operation, 0 for a get operation.

	Random bunch of opcodes.


JAVAOP (nop,             0, STACK,   POP,    0)
JAVAOP (aconst_null,     1, PUSHC,   PTR,    0)
JAVAOP (iconst_m1,       2, PUSHC,   INT,    -1)
JAVAOP (iconst_0,        3, PUSHC,   INT,    0)
JAVAOP (iconst_1,        4, PUSHC,   INT,    1)
JAVAOP (iconst_2,        5, PUSHC,   INT,    2)
JAVAOP (iconst_3,        6, PUSHC,   INT,    3)
JAVAOP (iconst_4,        7, PUSHC,   INT,    4)
JAVAOP (iconst_5,        8, PUSHC,   INT,    5)
JAVAOP (lconst_0,        9, PUSHC,   LONG,   0)
JAVAOP (lconst_1,       10, PUSHC,   LONG,   1)
JAVAOP (fconst_0,       11, PUSHC,   FLOAT,  0)
JAVAOP (fconst_1,       12, PUSHC,   FLOAT,  1)
JAVAOP (fconst_2,       13, PUSHC,   FLOAT,  2)
JAVAOP (dconst_0,       14, PUSHC,   DOUBLE, 0)
JAVAOP (dconst_1,       15, PUSHC,   DOUBLE, 1)
JAVAOP (bipush,         16, PUSHC,   INT,    IMMEDIATE_s1)
JAVAOP (sipush,         17, PUSHC,   INT,    IMMEDIATE_s2)
JAVAOP (ldc,            18, PUSHC,   INT,    CONST_INDEX_1)
JAVAOP (ldc_w,          19, PUSHC,   INT,    CONST_INDEX_2)
JAVAOP (ldc2_w,         20, PUSHC,   LONG,   CONST_INDEX_2)
JAVAOP (iload,          21, LOAD,    INT,    IMMEDIATE_u1)
JAVAOP (lload,          22, LOAD,    LONG,   IMMEDIATE_u1)
JAVAOP (fload,          23, LOAD,    FLOAT,  IMMEDIATE_u1)
JAVAOP (dload,          24, LOAD,    DOUBLE, IMMEDIATE_u1)
JAVAOP (aload,          25, LOAD,    PTR,    IMMEDIATE_u1)
JAVAOP (iload_0,        26, LOAD,    INT,    0)
JAVAOP (iload_1,        27, LOAD,    INT,    1)
JAVAOP (iload_2,        28, LOAD,    INT,    2)
JAVAOP (iload_3,        29, LOAD,    INT,    3)
JAVAOP (lload_0,        30, LOAD,    LONG,   0)
JAVAOP (lload_1,        31, LOAD,    LONG,   1)
JAVAOP (lload_2,        32, LOAD,    LONG,   2)
JAVAOP (lload_3,        33, LOAD,    LONG,   3)
JAVAOP (fload_0,        34, LOAD,    FLOAT,  0)
JAVAOP (fload_1,        35, LOAD,    FLOAT,  1)
JAVAOP (fload_2,        36, LOAD,    FLOAT,  2)
JAVAOP (fload_3,        37, LOAD,    FLOAT,  3)
JAVAOP (dload_0,        38, LOAD,    DOUBLE, 0)
JAVAOP (dload_1,        39, LOAD,    DOUBLE, 1)
JAVAOP (dload_2,        40, LOAD,    DOUBLE, 2)
JAVAOP (dload_3,        41, LOAD,    DOUBLE, 3)
JAVAOP (aload_0,        42, LOAD,    PTR,    0)
JAVAOP (aload_1,        43, LOAD,    PTR,    1)
JAVAOP (aload_2,        44, LOAD,    PTR,    2)
JAVAOP (aload_3,        45, LOAD,    PTR,    3)
JAVAOP (iaload,         46, ARRAY,   INT,    LOAD)
JAVAOP (laload,         47, ARRAY,   LONG,   LOAD)
JAVAOP (faload,         48, ARRAY,   FLOAT,  LOAD)
JAVAOP (daload,         49, ARRAY,   DOUBLE, LOAD)
JAVAOP (aaload,         50, ARRAY,   PTR,    LOAD)
JAVAOP (baload,         51, ARRAY,   BYTE,   LOAD)
JAVAOP (caload,         52, ARRAY,   CHAR,   LOAD)
JAVAOP (saload,         53, ARRAY,   SHORT,  LOAD)
JAVAOP (istore,         54, STORE,   INT,    IMMEDIATE_u1)
JAVAOP (lstore,         55, STORE,   LONG,   IMMEDIATE_u1)
JAVAOP (fstore,         56, STORE,   FLOAT,  IMMEDIATE_u1)
JAVAOP (dstore,         57, STORE,   DOUBLE, IMMEDIATE_u1)
JAVAOP (astore,         58, STORE,   PTR,    IMMEDIATE_u1)
JAVAOP (istore_0,       59, STORE,   INT,    0)
JAVAOP (istore_1,       60, STORE,   INT,    1)
JAVAOP (istore_2,       61, STORE,   INT,    2)
JAVAOP (istore_3,       62, STORE,   INT,    3)
JAVAOP (lstore_0,       63, STORE,   LONG,   0)
JAVAOP (lstore_1,       64, STORE,   LONG,   1)
JAVAOP (lstore_2,       65, STORE,   LONG,   2)
JAVAOP (lstore_3,       66, STORE,   LONG,   3)
JAVAOP (fstore_0,       67, STORE,   FLOAT,  0)
JAVAOP (fstore_1,       68, STORE,   FLOAT,  1)
JAVAOP (fstore_2,       69, STORE,   FLOAT,  2)
JAVAOP (fstore_3,       70, STORE,   FLOAT,  3)
JAVAOP (dstore_0,       71, STORE,   DOUBLE, 0)
JAVAOP (dstore_1,       72, STORE,   DOUBLE, 1)
JAVAOP (dstore_2,       73, STORE,   DOUBLE, 2)
JAVAOP (dstore_3,       74, STORE,   DOUBLE, 3)
JAVAOP (astore_0,       75, STORE,   PTR,    0)
JAVAOP (astore_1,       76, STORE,   PTR,    1)
JAVAOP (astore_2,       77, STORE,   PTR,    2)
JAVAOP (astore_3,       78, STORE,   PTR,    3)
JAVAOP (iastore,        79, ARRAY,   INT,    STORE)
JAVAOP (lastore,        80, ARRAY,   LONG,   STORE)
JAVAOP (fastore,        81, ARRAY,   FLOAT,  STORE)
JAVAOP (dastore,        82, ARRAY,   DOUBLE, STORE)
JAVAOP (aastore,        83, ARRAY,   PTR,    STORE)
JAVAOP (bastore,        84, ARRAY,   BYTE,   STORE)
JAVAOP (castore,        85, ARRAY,   CHAR,   STORE)
JAVAOP (sastore,        86, ARRAY,   SHORT,  STORE)
JAVAOP (pop,            87, STACK,   POP,    1)
JAVAOP (pop2,           88, STACK,   POP,    2)
JAVAOP (dup,            89, STACK,   DUP,    1)
JAVAOP (dup_x1,         90, STACK,   DUPx1,  1)
JAVAOP (dup_x2,         91, STACK,   DUPx2,  1)
JAVAOP (dup2,           92, STACK,   DUP,    2)
JAVAOP (dup2_x1,        93, STACK,   DUPx1,  2)
JAVAOP (dup2_x2,        94, STACK,   DUPx2,  2)
JAVAOP (swap,           95, STACK,   SWAP,   0)
JAVAOP (iadd,           96, BINOP,   INT,    PLUS)
JAVAOP (ladd,           97, BINOP,   LONG,   PLUS)
JAVAOP (fadd,           98, BINOP,   FLOAT,  PLUS)
JAVAOP (dadd,           99, BINOP,   DOUBLE, PLUS)
JAVAOP (isub,          100, BINOP,   INT,    MINUS)
JAVAOP (lsub,          101, BINOP,   LONG,   MINUS)
JAVAOP (fsub,          102, BINOP,   FLOAT,  MINUS)
JAVAOP (dsub,          103, BINOP,   DOUBLE, MINUS)
JAVAOP (imul,          104, BINOP,   INT,    MULT)
JAVAOP (lmul,          105, BINOP,   LONG,   MULT)
JAVAOP (fmul,          106, BINOP,   FLOAT,  MULT)
JAVAOP (dmul,          107, BINOP,   DOUBLE, MULT)
JAVAOP (idiv,          108, BINOP,   INT,    TRUNC_DIV)
JAVAOP (ldiv,          109, BINOP,   LONG,   TRUNC_DIV)
JAVAOP (fdiv,          110, BINOP,   FLOAT,  RDIV)
JAVAOP (ddiv,          111, BINOP,   DOUBLE, RDIV)
JAVAOP (irem,          112, BINOP,   INT,    REM)
JAVAOP (lrem,          113, BINOP,   LONG,   REM)
JAVAOP (frem,          114, BINOP,   FLOAT,  REM)
JAVAOP (drem,          115, BINOP,   DOUBLE, REM)
JAVAOP (ineg,          116, UNOP,    INT,    NEG)
JAVAOP (lneg,          117, UNOP,    LONG,   NEG)
JAVAOP (fneg,          118, UNOP,    FLOAT,  NEG)
JAVAOP (dneg,          119, UNOP,    DOUBLE, NEG)
JAVAOP (ishl,          120, BINOP,   INT,    LSHIFT)
JAVAOP (lshl,          121, BINOP,   LONG,   LSHIFT)
JAVAOP (ishr,          122, BINOP,   INT,    RSHIFT)
JAVAOP (lshr,          123, BINOP,   LONG,   RSHIFT)
JAVAOP (iushr,         124, BINOP,   INT,    URSHIFT)
JAVAOP (lushr,         125, BINOP,   LONG,   URSHIFT)
JAVAOP (iand,          126, BINOP,   INT,    BIT_AND)
JAVAOP (land,          127, BINOP,   LONG,   BIT_AND)
JAVAOP (ior,           128, BINOP,   INT,    BIT_IOR)
JAVAOP (lor,           129, BINOP,   LONG,   BIT_IOR)
JAVAOP (ixor,          130, BINOP,   INT,    BIT_XOR)
JAVAOP (lxor,          131, BINOP,   LONG,   BIT_XOR)
JAVAOP (iinc,          132, SPECIAL, INT,    IINC)
JAVAOP (i2l,           133, CONVERT, INT,    LONG)
JAVAOP (i2f,           134, CONVERT, INT,    FLOAT)
JAVAOP (i2d,           135, CONVERT, INT,    DOUBLE)
JAVAOP (l2i,           136, CONVERT, LONG,   INT)
JAVAOP (l2f,           137, CONVERT, LONG,   FLOAT)
JAVAOP (l2d,           138, CONVERT, LONG,   DOUBLE)
JAVAOP (f2i,           139, CONVERT, FLOAT,  INT)
JAVAOP (f2l,           140, CONVERT, FLOAT,  LONG)
JAVAOP (f2d,           141, CONVERT, FLOAT,  DOUBLE)
JAVAOP (d2i,           142, CONVERT, DOUBLE, INT)
JAVAOP (d2l,           143, CONVERT, DOUBLE, LONG)
JAVAOP (d2f,           144, CONVERT, DOUBLE, FLOAT)
JAVAOP (i2b,	       145, CONVERT2, INT,    BYTE)
JAVAOP (i2c,           146, CONVERT2, INT,    CHAR)
JAVAOP (i2s,           147, CONVERT2, INT,    SHORT)
JAVAOP (lcmp,          148, BINOP,   LONG,   COMPARE)
JAVAOP (fcmpl,         149, BINOP,   FLOAT,  COMPARE_L)
JAVAOP (fcmpg,         150, BINOP,   FLOAT,  COMPARE_G)
JAVAOP (dcmpl,         151, BINOP,   DOUBLE, COMPARE_L)
JAVAOP (dcmpg,         152, BINOP,   DOUBLE, COMPARE_G)
JAVAOP (ifeq,          153, TEST,    INT,    EQ)
JAVAOP (ifne,          154, TEST,    INT,    NE)
JAVAOP (iflt,          155, TEST,    INT,    LT)
JAVAOP (ifge,          156, TEST,    INT,    GE)
JAVAOP (ifgt,          157, TEST,    INT,    GT)
JAVAOP (ifle,          158, TEST,    INT,    LE)
JAVAOP (if_icmpeq,     159, COND,    INT,    EQ)
JAVAOP (if_icmpne,     160, COND,    INT,    NE)
JAVAOP (if_icmplt,     161, COND,    INT,    LT)
JAVAOP (if_icmpge,     162, COND,    INT,    GE)
JAVAOP (if_icmpgt,     163, COND,    INT,    GT)
JAVAOP (if_icmple,     164, COND,    INT,    LE)
JAVAOP (if_acmpeq,     165, COND,    PTR,    EQ)
JAVAOP (if_acmpne,     166, COND,    PTR,    NE)
JAVAOP (goto,          167, BRANCH,  GOTO,   IMMEDIATE_s2)
JAVAOP (jsr,           168, JSR,     CALL,   IMMEDIATE_s2)
JAVAOP (ret,           169, RET,     RETURN, VAR_INDEX_1)
JAVAOP (tableswitch,   170, SWITCH,  INT,    TABLE)
JAVAOP (lookupswitch,  171, SWITCH,  INT,    LOOKUP)
JAVAOP (ireturn,       172, RETURN,  INT,    0)
JAVAOP (lreturn,       173, RETURN,  LONG,   0)
JAVAOP (freturn,       174, RETURN,  FLOAT,  0)
JAVAOP (dreturn,       175, RETURN,  DOUBLE, 0)
JAVAOP (areturn,       176, RETURN,  PTR,    0)
JAVAOP (return,        177, RETURN,  VOID,   0)
JAVAOP (getstatic,     178, FIELD,   1,      0)
JAVAOP (putstatic,     179, FIELD,   1,      1)
JAVAOP (getfield,      180, FIELD,   0,      0)
JAVAOP (putfield,      181, FIELD,   0,      1)
JAVAOP (invokevirtual, 182, INVOKE,  VIRTUAL,0)
JAVAOP (invokespecial, 183, INVOKE,  SPECIAL, 0)
JAVAOP (invokestatic,  184, INVOKE,  STATIC, 0)
JAVAOP (invokeinterface,185, INVOKE, INTERFACE, 1)
JAVAOP (new,           187, OBJECT,  PTR,    NEW)
JAVAOP (newarray,      188, ARRAY,   NUM,    NEW)
JAVAOP (anewarray,     189, ARRAY,   PTR,    NEW)
JAVAOP (arraylength,   190, ARRAY,   INT,    LENGTH)
JAVAOP (athrow,        191, SPECIAL, ANY,    THROW)
JAVAOP (checkcast,     192, OBJECT,  PTR,    CHECKCAST)
JAVAOP (instanceof,    193, OBJECT,  PTR,    INSTANCEOF)
JAVAOP (monitorenter,  194, SPECIAL, MONITOR, ENTER)
JAVAOP (monitorexit,   195, SPECIAL, MONITOR, EXIT)
JAVAOP (wide,          196, SPECIAL, ANY,    WIDE)
JAVAOP (multianewarray,197, ARRAY,   MULTI,  NEW)
JAVAOP (ifnull,        198, TEST,    PTR,    EQ)
JAVAOP (ifnonnull,     199, TEST,    PTR,    NE)
JAVAOP (goto_w,        200, BRANCH,  GOTO,   IMMEDIATE_s4)
JAVAOP (jsr_w,         201, JSR,     CALL,   IMMEDIATE_s4)
JAVAOP (breakpoint,    202, SPECIAL, ANY,    BREAK)
JAVAOP (ret_w,         209, RET,     RETURN, VAR_INDEX_2)
JAVAOP (impdep1,       254, IMPL,    ANY,    1)
JAVAOP (impdep2,       255, IMPL,    ANY,    2)