BitCast.ll   [plain text]

; RUN: llvm-as %s -o - | llvm-dis > %t1.ll
; RUN: llvm-as %t1.ll -o - | llvm-dis > %t2.ll
; RUN: diff %t1.ll %t2.ll

declare void @"foo"(i31 %i, i1280 %j, i1 %k, float %f)

; foo test basic arith operations
define void @"foo"(i31 %i, i1280 %j, i1 %k, float %f)
	%t1 = trunc i1280 %j to i31
        %t2 = trunc i31 %t1 to i1
        %t3 = zext i31 %i to i1280
        %t4 = sext i31 %i to i1280

        %t5 = fptoui float 0x400921FA00000000 to i31
        %t6 = uitofp i31 %t5 to double

        %t7 = fptosi double 0xC0934A456D5CFAAD to i28
        %t8 = sitofp i8 -1 to double
        %t9 = uitofp i8 255 to double
	ret void