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#ifndef _SECITEM_H_
#define _SECITEM_H_
 * secitem.h - public data structures and prototypes for handling
 *	       SECItems

#include <security_asn1/seccomon.h>
#include <security_asn1/plarenas.h>
#include "plhash.h"


** Allocate an item.  If "arena" is not NULL, then allocate from there,
** otherwise allocate from the heap.  If "item" is not NULL, allocate
** only the data for the item, not the item itself.  The item structure
** is allocated zero-filled; the data buffer is not zeroed.
** The resulting item is returned; NULL if any error occurs.
** XXX This probably should take a SECItemType, but since that is mostly
** unused and our improved APIs (aka Stan) are looming, I left it out.
extern SECItem *SECITEM_AllocItem(PRArenaPool *arena, SECItem *item,
				  unsigned int len);

** Reallocate the data for the specified "item".  If "arena" is not NULL,
** then reallocate from there, otherwise reallocate from the heap.
** In the case where oldlen is 0, the data is allocated (not reallocated).
** In any case, "item" is expected to be a valid SECItem pointer;
** SECFailure is returned if it is not.  If the allocation succeeds,
** SECSuccess is returned.
extern SECStatus SECITEM_ReallocItem(PRArenaPool *arena, SECItem *item,
				     unsigned int oldlen, unsigned int newlen);

** Compare two items returning the difference between them.
extern SECComparison SECITEM_CompareItem(const SECItem *a, const SECItem *b);

** Compare two items -- if they are the same, return true; otherwise false.
extern Boolean SECITEM_ItemsAreEqual(const SECItem *a, const SECItem *b);

** Copy "from" to "to"
extern SECStatus SECITEM_CopyItem(PRArenaPool *arena, SECItem *to, 
                                  const SECItem *from);

** Allocate an item and copy "from" into it.
extern SECItem *SECITEM_DupItem(const SECItem *from);

 ** Allocate an item and copy "from" into it.  The item itself and the 
 ** data it points to are both allocated from the arena.  If arena is
 ** NULL, this function is equivalent to SECITEM_DupItem.
extern SECItem *SECITEM_ArenaDupItem(PRArenaPool *arena, const SECItem *from);

** Free "zap". If freeit is PR_TRUE then "zap" itself is freed.
extern void SECITEM_FreeItem(SECItem *zap, Boolean freeit);

** Zero and then free "zap". If freeit is PR_TRUE then "zap" itself is freed.
extern void SECITEM_ZfreeItem(SECItem *zap, Boolean freeit);

PLHashNumber PR_CALLBACK SECITEM_Hash ( const void *key);

PRIntn PR_CALLBACK SECITEM_HashCompare ( const void *k1, const void *k2);


#endif /* _SECITEM_H_ */