version.c   [plain text]

 * Copyright (C) 1984-2007  Mark Nudelman
 * You may distribute under the terms of either the GNU General Public
 * License or the Less License, as specified in the README file.
 * For more information about less, or for information on how to 
 * contact the author, see the README file.

----------------------- CHANGE HISTORY --------------------------

       1/29/84	Allowed use on standard input
       2/1/84	Added E, N, P commands
       4/17/84	Added '=' command, 'stop' signal handling
       4/20/84	Added line folding
v2     4/27/84	Fixed '=' command to use BOTTOM_PLUS_ONE,
		instead of TOP, added 'p' & 'v' commands
v3     5/3/84	Added -m and -t options, '-' command
v4     5/3/84	Added LESS environment variable
v5     5/3/84	New comments, fixed '-' command slightly
v6     5/15/84	Added -Q, visual bell
v7     5/24/84	Fixed jump_back(n) bug: n should count real
		lines, not folded lines.  Also allow number on G command.
v8     5/30/84	Re-do -q and -Q commands
v9     9/25/84	Added "+<cmd>" argument
v10    10/10/84	Fixed bug in -b<n> argument processing
v11    10/18/84	Made error() ring bell if \n not entered.
v12    2/13/85	Reorganized signal handling and made portable to 4.2bsd.
v13    2/16/85	Reword error message for '-' command.
v14    2/22/85	Added -bf and -bp variants of -b.
v15    2/25/85	Miscellaneous changes.
v16    3/13/85	Added -u flag for backspace processing.
v17    4/13/85	Added j and k commands, changed -t default.
v18    4/20/85	Rewrote signal handling code.
v19    5/2/85	Got rid of "verbose" eq_message().
		Made search() scroll in some cases.
v20    5/21/85	Fixed screen.c ioctls for System V.
v21    5/23/85	Fixed some first_cmd bugs.
v22    5/24/85	Added support for no RECOMP nor REGCMP.
v23    5/25/85	Miscellanous changes and prettying up.
		Posted to USENET.
v24    6/3/85	Added ti,te terminal init & de-init.       
		(Thanks to Mike Kersenbrock)
v25    6/8/85	Added -U flag, standout mode underlining.
v26    6/9/85	Added -M flag.
		Use underline termcap (us) if it exists.
v27    6/15/85	Renamed some variables to make unique in
		6 chars.  Minor fix to -m.
v28    6/28/85	Fixed right margin bug.
v29    6/28/85	Incorporated M.Rose's changes to signal.c
v30    6/29/85	Fixed stupid bug in argument processing.
v31    7/15/85	Added -p flag, changed repaint algorithm.  
		Added kludge for magic cookie terminals.
v32    7/16/85	Added cat_file if output not a tty.
v33    7/23/85	Added -e flag and EDITOR.
v34    7/26/85	Added -s flag.
v35    7/27/85	Rewrote option handling; added option.c.
v36    7/29/85	Fixed -e flag to work if not last file.
v37    8/10/85	Added -x flag.
v38    8/19/85	Changed prompting; created prompt.c.
v39    8/24/85	(Not -p) does not initially clear screen.
v40    8/26/85	Added "skipping" indicator in forw().
		Posted to USENET.
v41    9/17/85	ONLY_RETURN, control char commands,
		faster search, other minor fixes.
v42    9/25/85	Added ++ command line syntax;
		ch_fsize for pipes.
v43    10/15/85	Added -h flag, changed prim.c algorithms.
v44    10/16/85	Made END print in all cases of eof;
		ignore SIGTTOU after receiv ing SIGTSTP.
v45    10/16/85	Never print backspaces unless -u.
v46    10/24/85	Backwards scroll in jump_loc.
v47    10/30/85	Fixed bug in edit(): *first_cmd==0
v48    11/16/85	Use TIOCSETN instead of TIOCSETP.
		Added marks (m and ' commands).
		Posted to USENET.
v49    1/9/86	Fixed bug: signal didn't clear mcc.
v50    1/15/86	Added ' (quote) to gomark.
v51    1/16/86	Added + cmd, fixed problem if first_cmd
		fails, made g cmd sort of "work" on pipes
		ev en if bof is no longer buffered.
v52    1/17/86	Made short files work better.
v53    1/20/86	Added -P option.
v54    1/20/86	Changed help to use HELPFILE.
v55    1/23/86	Messages work better if not tty output.
v56    1/24/86	Added -l option.
v57    1/31/86	Fixed -l to get confirmation before
		ov erwriting an existing file.
v58    8/28/86	Added filename globbing.
v59    9/15/86	Fixed some bugs with very long filenames.
v60    9/26/86	Incorporated changes from Leith (Casey)
		Leedom for boldface and -z option.
v61    9/26/86	Got rid of annoying repaints after ! cmd.
		Posted to USENET.
v62    12/23/86	Added is_directory(); change -z default to
		-1 instead of 24; cat-and-exit if -e and
		file is less than a screenful.
v63    1/8/87	Fixed bug in cat-and-exit if > 1 file.
v64    1/12/87	Changed puts/putstr, putc/putchr,
		getc/getchr to av oid name conflict with
		stdio functions.
v65    1/26/87	Allowed '-' command to change NUMBER
		v alued options (thanks to Gary Puckering)
v66    2/13/87	Fixed bug: prepaint should use force=1.
v67    2/24/87	Added !! and % expansion to ! command.
v68    2/25/87	Added SIGWINCH and TIOCGWINSZ support;
		changed is_directory to bad_file.
		(thanks to J. Robert Ward)
v69    2/25/87	Added SIGWIND and WIOCGETD (for Unix PC).
v70    3/13/87	Changed help cmd from 'h' to 'H'; better
		error msgs in bad_file, errno_message.
v71    5/11/87	Changed -p to -c, made triple -c/-C
		for clear-eol like more's -c.
v72    6/26/87	Added -E, -L, use $SHELL in lsystem().
		(thanks to Stev e Spearman)
v73    6/26/87	Allow Examine "#" for previous file.
		Posted to USENET 8/25/87.
v74    9/18/87	Fix conflict in EOF symbol with stdio.h,
		Make os.c more portable to BSD.
v75    9/23/87	Fix problems in get_term (thanks to 
		Paul Eggert); new backwards scrolling in
		jump_loc (thanks to Marion Hakanson).
v76    9/23/87	Added -i flag; allow single "!" to
		inv oke a shell (thanks to Franco Barber).
v77    9/24/87	Added -n flag and line number support.
v78    9/25/87	Fixed problem with prompts longer than
		the screen width.
v79    9/29/87	Added the _ command.
v80    10/6/87	Allow signal to break out of linenum scan.
v81    10/6/87	Allow -b to be changed from within less.
v82    10/7/87	Add cmd_decode to use a table for key
		binding (thanks to Dav id Nason).
v83    10/9/87	Allow .less file for user-defined keys.
v84    10/11/87	Fix -e/-E problems (thanks to Felix Lee).
v85    10/15/87	Search now keeps track of line numbers.
v86    10/20/87	Added -B option and autobuf; fixed
		"pipe error" bug.
v87    3/1/88	Fix bug re BSD signals while reading file.
v88    3/12/88	Use new format for -P option (thanks to
		der Mouse), allow "+-c" without message,
		fix bug re BSD hangup.
v89    3/18/88	Turn off line numbers if linenum scan
		is interrupted.
v90    3/30/88	Allow -P from within less.
v91    3/30/88	Added tags file support (new -t option)
		(thanks to Brian Campbell).
v92    4/4/88	Added -+option syntax.
v93    4/11/88	Add support for slow input (thanks to
		Joe Orost & apologies for taking almost
		3 years to get this in!)
v94    4/11/88	Redo reading/signal stuff.
v95    4/20/88	Repaint screen better after signal.
v96    4/21/88	Add /! and ?! commands.
v97    5/17/88	Allow -l/-L from within less.
		Eliminate some static arrays (use calloc).
		Posted to USENET.
v98    10/14/88	Fix incorrect calloc call; uninitialized
		var in exec_mca; core dump on unknown TERM.
		Make v cmd work if past last line of file.
		Fix some signal bugs.
v99    10/29/88	Allow space between -X and string,
		when X is a string-valued option.
v100   1/5/89	Fix globbing bug when $SHELL not set;
		allow spaces after -t command.
v101   1/6/89	Fix problem with long (truncated) lines
		in tags file (thanks to Neil Dixon).
v102   1/6/89	Fix bug with E# when no prev file;
		allow spaces after -l command.
v103   3/14/89	Add -N, -f and -? options.  Add z and w
		commands.  Add %L for prompt strings.
v104   3/16/89	Added EDITPROTO.
v105   3/20/89	Fix bug in find_linenum which cached
		incorrectly on long lines.
v106   3/31/89	Added -k option and multiple lesskey      
v107   4/27/89	Add 8-bit char support and -g option.
		Split option code into 3 files.
v108   5/5/89	Allocate position table dynamically       
		(thanks to Paul Eggert); change % command
		from "percent" to vi-style brace finder.
v109   5/10/89	Added ESC-% command, split prim.c.
v110   5/24/89	Fixed bug in + option; fixed repaint bug
		under Sun windows (thanks to Paul Eggert).
v111   5/25/89	Generalized # and % expansion; use 
		calloc for some error messages.
v112   5/30/89	Get rid of ESC-%, add {}()[] commands.
v113   5/31/89	Optimize lseeks (thanks to Paul Eggert).
v114   7/25/89	Added ESC-/ and ESC-/! commands.
v115   7/26/89	Added ESC-n command.
v116   7/31/89	Added find_pos to optimize g command.
v117   8/1/89	Change -f option to -r.
v118   8/2/89	Save positions for all previous files,
		not just the immediately previous one.
v119   8/7/89	Save marks across file boundaries.
		Add file handle stuff.
v120   8/11/89	Add :ta command.
v121   8/16/89	Add -f option.
v122   8/30/89	Fix performance with many buffers.
v123   8/31/89	Verbose prompts for string options.
		Posted beta to USENET.
v124   9/18/89	Reorganize search commands,
		N = rev, ESC-n = span, add ESC-N.
v125   9/18/89	Fix tab bug (thanks to Alex Liu).
		Fix EOF bug when both -w and -c.
v126   10/25/89	Add -j option.
v127   10/27/89	Fix problems with blank lines before BOF.
v128   10/27/89	Add %bj, etc. to prompt strings.
v129   11/3/89	Add -+,-- commands; add set-option and
		unset-option to lesskey.
v130   11/6/89	Generalize A_EXTRA to string, remove
		set-option, unset-option from lesskey.
v131   11/7/89	Changed name of EDITPROTO to LESSEDIT.
v132   11/8/89	Allow editing of command prefix.
v133   11/16/89	Add -y option (thanks to Jeff Sullivan).
v134   12/1/89	Glob filenames in the -l command.
v135   12/5/89	Combined {}()[] commands into one, and
		added ESC-^F and ESC-^B commands.
v136   1/20/90	Added -S, -R flags.  Added | command.
		Added warning for binary files. (thanks
		to Richard Brittain and J. Sullivan).
v137   1/21/90	Rewrote horrible pappend code.
		Added * notation for hi-bit chars.
v138   1/24/90	Fix magic cookie terminal handling.
		Get rid of "cleanup" loop in ch_get.
v139   1/27/90	Added MSDOS support.  (many thanks
		to Richard Brittain).
v140   2/7/90	Editing a new file adds it to the
		command line list.
v141   2/8/90	Add edit_list for editing >1 file.
v142   2/10/90	Add :x command.
v143   2/11/90	Add * and @ modifies to search cmds.
		Change ESC-/ cmd from /@* to / *.
v144   3/1/90	Messed around with ch_zero; 
		no real change.
v145   3/2/90	Added -R and -v/-V for MSDOS;
		renamed FILENAME to avoid conflict.
v146   3/5/90	Pull cmdbuf functions out of command.c
v147   3/7/90	Implement ?@; fix multi-file edit bugs.
v148   3/29/90	Fixed bug in :e<file> then :e#.
v149   4/3/90	Change error,ierror,query to use PARG.
v151   4/13/90	Remove -g option; clean up ispipe.
v152   4/14/90	lsystem() closes input file, for
		editors which require exclusive open.
v153   4/18/90	Fix bug if SHELL unset; 
		fix bug in overstrike control char.
v154   4/25/90	Output to fd 2 via buffer.
v155   4/30/90	Ignore -i if uppercase in pattern
		(thanks to Michael Rendell.)
v156   5/3/90	Remove scroll limits in forw() & back();
		causes problems with -c.
v157   5/4/90	Forward search starts at next real line
		(not screen line) after jump target.
v158   6/14/90	Added F command.
v159   7/29/90	Fix bug in exiting: output not flushed.
v160   7/29/90	Clear screen before initial output w/ -c.
v161   7/29/90	Add -T flag.
v162   8/14/90	Fix bug with +F on command line.
v163   8/21/90	Added LESSBINFMT variable.
v164   9/5/90	Added -p, LINES, COLUMNS and
		unset mark ' == BOF, for 1003.2 D5.
v165   9/6/90	At EOF with -c set, don't display empty
		screen when try to page forward.
v166   9/6/90	Fix G when final line in file wraps.
v167   9/11/90	Translate CR/LF -> LF for 1003.2.
v168   9/13/90	Return to curr file if "tag not found".
v169   12/12/90	G goes to EOF even if file has grown.
v170   1/17/91	Add optimization for BSD _setjmp;
		fix #include ioctl.h TERMIO problem.
		(thanks to Paul Eggert)
		Posted to USENET.
v171   3/6/91	Fix -? bug in get_filename.
v172   3/15/91	Fix G bug in empty file.
		Fix bug with ?\n and -i and uppercase
		pattern at EOF!
		(thanks to Paul Eggert)
v173   3/17/91	Change N cmd to not permanently change
		direction. (thanks to Brian Matthews)
v174   3/18/91	Fix bug with namelogfile not getting
		cleared when change files.
v175   3/18/91	Fix bug with ++cmd on command line.
		(thanks to Jim Meyering)
v176   4/2/91	Change | to not force current screen,
		include marked line, start/end from
		top of screen.  Improve search speed.
		(thanks to Don Mears)
v177   4/2/91	Add LESSHELP variable.
		Fix bug with F command with -e.
		Try /dev/tty for input before using fd 2.
		Patches posted to USENET  4/2/91.
v178   4/8/91	Fixed bug in globbing logfile name.
		(thanks to Jim Meyering)
v179   4/9/91	Allow negative -z for screen-relative.
v180   4/9/91	Clear to eos rather than eol if "db";
		don't use "sr" if "da".
		(thanks to Tor Lillqvist)
v181   4/18/91	Fixed bug with "negative" chars 80 - FF.
		(thanks to Benny Sander Hofmann)
v182   5/16/91	Fixed bug with attribute at EOL.
		(thanks to Brian Matthews)
v183   6/1/91	Rewrite linstall to do smart config.
v184   7/11/91	Process \b in searches based on -u
		rather than -i.
v185   7/11/91	-Pxxx sets short prompt; assume SIGWINCH
		after a SIGSTOP. (thanks to Ken Laprade)
v186   4/20/92	Port to MS-DOS (Microsoft C).
v187   4/23/92	Added -D option & TAB_COMPLETE_FILENAME.
v188   4/28/92	Added command line editing features.
v189   12/8/92	Fix mem overrun in anscreen.c:init; 
		fix edit_list to recover from bin file.
v190   2/13/93	Make TAB enter one filename at a time;
		create ^L with old TAB functionality.
v191   3/10/93	Defer creating "flash" page for MS-DOS.
v192   9/6/93	Add BACK-TAB.
v193   9/17/93	Simplify binary_file handling.
v194   1/4/94	Add rudiments of alt_filename handling.
v195   1/11/94	Port back to Unix; support keypad.
v196   6/7/94	Fix bug with bad filename; fix IFILE
		type problem. (thanks to David MacKenzie)
v197   6/7/94	Fix bug with .less tables inserted wrong.
v198   6/23/94	Use autoconf installation technology.
		(thanks to David MacKenzie)
v199   6/29/94	Fix MS-DOS build (thanks to Tim Wiegman).
v200   7/25/94	Clean up copyright, minor fixes.
	Posted to
v201   7/27/94	Check for no memcpy; add casts to calloc;
		look for regcmp in libgen.a.
		(thanks to Kaveh Ghazi).
v202   7/28/94	Fix bug in edit_next/edit_prev with 
		non-existant files.
v203   8/2/94	Fix a variety of configuration bugs on
		various systems. (thanks to Sakai
		Kiyotaka, Harald Koenig, Bjorn Brox,
		Teemu Rantanen, and Thorsten Lockert)
v204   8/3/94	Use strerror if available.
		(thanks to J.T. Conklin)
v205   8/5/94	Fix bug in finding "me" termcap entry.
		(thanks to Andreas Stolcke)
8/10/94 	v205+: Change BUFSIZ to LBUFSIZE to avoid name
		conflict with stdio.h.
		Posted to
v206   8/10/94	Use initial_scrpos for -t to avoid
		displaying first page before init().
		(thanks to Dominique Petitpierre)
v207   8/12/94	Fix bug if stdout is not tty.
v208   8/16/94	Fix bug in close_altfile if goto err1
		in edit_ifile. (Thanks to M.J. Hewitt)
v209   8/16/94	Change scroll to wscroll to avoid 
		conflict with library function.
v210   8/16/94	Fix bug with bold on 8 bit chars.
		(thanks to Vitor Duarte)
v211   8/16/94	Don't quit on EOI in jump_loc / forw.
v212   8/18/94	Use time_t if available.
v213   8/20/94	Allow ospeed to be defined in termcap.h.
v214   8/20/94	Added HILITE_SEARCH, -F, ESC-u cmd.
		(thanks to Paul Lew and Bob Byrnes)
v215   8/23/94	Fix -i toggle behavior.
v216   8/23/94	Process BS in all searches, not only -u.
v217   8/24/94	Added -X flag.
v218   8/24/94	Reimplement undo_search.
v219   8/24/94	Find tags marked with line number
		instead of pattern.
v220   8/24/94	Stay at same position after SIG_WINCH.
v221   8/24/94	Fix bug in file percentage in big file.
v222   8/25/94	Do better if can't reopen current file.
v223   8/27/94	Support setlocale.
		(thanks to Robert Joop)
v224   8/29/94	Revert v216: process BS in search
		only if -u.
v225   9/6/94	Rewrite undo_search again: toggle.
v226   9/15/94	Configuration fixes. 
		(thanks to David MacKenzie)
v227   9/19/94	Fixed strerror config problem.
		Posted to
v228   9/21/94	Fix bug in signals: repeated calls to
		get_editkeys overflowed st_edittable.
v229   9/21/94	Fix "Nothing to search" error if -a
v230   9/21/94	Don't print extra error msg in search
		after regerror().
v231   9/22/94	Fix hilite bug if search matches 0 chars.
		(thanks to John Polstra)
v232   9/23/94	Deal with weird systems that have 
		termios.h but not tcgetattr().
		Posted to
v233   9/26/94	Use get_term() instead of pos_init() in
		psignals to re-get lower_left termcap.
		(Thanks to John Malecki)
v234   9/26/94	Make MIDDLE closer to middle of screen.
v235   9/27/94	Use local strchr if system doesn't have.
v236   9/28/94	Don't use libucb; use libterm if 
		libtermcap & libcurses doesn't work.
		(Fix for Solaris; thanks to Frank Kaefer)
v237   9/30/94	Use system isupper() etc if provided.
		Posted to
v238   10/6/94	Make binary non-blinking if LESSBINFMT
		is set to a string without a *.
v239   10/7/94	Don't let delimit_word run back past
		beginning of cmdbuf.
v240   10/10/94	Don't write into termcap buffer.
		(Thanks to Benoit Speckel)
v241   10/13/94	New lesskey file format.
		Don't expand filenames in search command.
v242   10/14/94	Allow lesskey specification of "literal".
v243   10/14/94	Add #stop command to lesskey.
v244   10/16/94	Add -f flag to lesskey.
v245   10/25/94	Allow TAB_COMPLETE_FILENAME to be undefd.
v246   10/27/94	Move help file to /usr/local/share.
v247   10/27/94	Add -V option.
v248   11/5/94	Add -V option to lesskey.
v249   11/5/94	Remove -f flag from lesskey; default
		input file is ~/, not stdin.
v250   11/7/94	Lesskey input file "-" means stdin.
v251   11/9/94	Convert cfgetospeed result to ospeed.
		(Thanks to Andrew Chernov)
v252   11/16/94	Change default lesskey input file from to .lesskey.
		Posted to
v253   11/21/94	Fix bug when tags file has a backslash.
v254   12/6/94	Fix -k option.
v255   12/8/94	Add #define EXAMINE to disable :e etc.
v256   12/10/94	Change highlighting: only highlite search
		results (but now it is reliable).
v257   12/10/94	Add goto_line and repaint_highlight
		to optimize highlight repaints.
v258   12/12/94	Fixup in hilite_line if BS_SPECIAL.
v259   12/12/94	Convert to autoconf 2.0.
v260   12/13/94	Add SECURE define.
v261   12/14/94	Use system WERASE char as EC_W_BACKSPACE.
v262   12/16/94	Add -g/-G flag and screen_hilite.
v263   12/20/94	Reimplement/optimize -G flag behavior.
v264   12/23/94	Allow EXTRA string after line-edit cmd
		in lesskey file.
v265   12/24/94	Add LESSOPEN=|cmd syntax.
v266   12/26/94	Add -I flag.
v267   12/28/94	Formalize the four-byte header emitted
		by a LESSOPEN pipe.
v268   12/28/94	Get rid of four-byte header.
v269   1/2/95	Close alt file before open new one.
		Avoids multiple popen().
v270   1/3/95	Use VISUAL; use S_ISDIR/S_ISREG; fix
		config problem with Solaris POSIX regcomp.
v271   1/4/95	Don't quit on read error.
v272   1/5/95	Get rid of -L.
v273   1/6/95	Fix ch_ungetchar bug; don't call
		LESSOPEN on a pipe.
v274   1/6/95	Ported to OS/2 (thanks to Kai Uwe Rommel)
v275   1/18/95	Fix bug if toggle -G at EOF.
v276   1/30/95	Fix OS/2 version.
v277   1/31/95	Add "next" charset; don't display ^X 
		for X > 128.
v278   2/14/95	Change default for -G.
		Posted to
v279   2/22/95	Add GNU options --help, --version.
		Minor config fixes.
v280   2/24/95	Clean up calls to glob(); don't set #
		if we can't open the new file.
v281   2/24/95	Repeat search should turn on hilites.
v282   3/2/95	Minor fixes.
v283   3/2/95	Fix homefile; make OS2 look in $HOME.
v284   3/2/95	Error if "v" on LESSOPENed file;
		"%" figures out file size on pipe.
v285   3/7/95	Don't set # in lsystem; 
		lesskey try $HOME first.
v286   3/7/95	Reformat change history (too much free time?).
v287   3/8/95	Fix hilite bug if overstrike multiple chars.
v288   3/8/95	Allow lesskey to override get_editkey keys.
v289   3/9/95	Fix adj_hilite bug when line gets processed by
		hilite_line more than once.
v290   3/9/95	Make configure automatically.  Fix Sequent problem
		with incompatible sigsetmask().
		Posted to
v291   3/21/95	Add #env to lesskey.  Fix MS-DOS build.
		Posted to simtel.
v292   4/24/95	Add MS-DOS support for Borland C.
		Fix arrow keys in MS-DOS versions.
v293   4/28/95	Add auto-versioning stuff to make dist.
v294   5/12/95	Fix Borland build.
v295   1/20/96	Fix search on squished file; add /@@.
v296   1/23/96	Allow cmdbuf larger than screen width.
v297   1/24/96	Don't call termcap if tgetent fails; 
		add #defines for buffers.
v298   1/24/96	Change @@ to ^K.  
		Add alternate search modifiers ^N, ^F, ^E.
v299   1/25/96	Fix percent overflow in jump_percent (thanks to Brent Wiese);
		don't send "ti" after shell command till RETURN pressed.
v300   1/25/96	Change -U to print tabs as ^I.
v301   1/30/96	Make hilites work in cmd F output.
v302   1/31/96	Fix cmd F to notice window-change signals.
v303   1/31/96	Add ESC-SPACE command.
v304   2/1/96	Add ^R search modifier; add LESSSECURE.
v305   2/2/96	Workaround Linux /proc kernel bug; add LESSKEY.
v306   3/16/96	Minor fixes.
v307   3/25/96	Allow cmd line arg "--"; fix DOS & OS/2 defines.h.
v308   4/4/96	Port to OS-9 (thanks to Boisy Pitre); fix -d.
v309   4/9/96	Fix OS-9 version; fix tags bug with "$".
v310   4/10/96	Get rid of HELPFILE.
v311   4/22/96	Add Windows32 support; merge doscreen.c into screen.c.
v312   4/24/96	Don't quit after "cannot reopen" error.
v313   4/25/96	Added horizontal scrolling.
v314   4/26/96	Modified -e to quit on reaching end of a squished file.
v315   4/26/96	Fix "!;TAB" bug.
v316   5/2/96	Make "|a" when (a < curr screen) go to end of curr screen.
v317   5/14/96	Various fixes for the MS-DOS and OS/2 builds.
		Added ## and %% handling for filenames
v318   5/29/96	Port to OS-9 Microware compiler; minor fixes 
		(thanks to Martin Gregorie).
v319   7/8/96	Fix Windows port (thanks to Jeff Paquette).
v320   7/11/96	Final fixes for Windows port.
v321   7/18/96	Minor fixes.
		Posted to Web page.
v322   8/13/96	Fix bug in shell escape from help file; add support for 
		Microsoft Visual C under Windows; numerous small fixes.
v323   8/19/96	Fixes for Windows version (thanks to Simon Munton);
		fix for Linux library weirdness (thanks to Jim Diamond);
		port to DJGPP (thanks to Eli Zaretskii).
v324   8/21/96	Add support for spaces in filenames (thanks to Simon Munton).
v325   8/21/96	Add lessecho, for spaces in filenames under Unix.
v326   8/27/96	Fix DJGPP version.
v327   9/1/96	Reorganize lglob, make spaces in filenames work better in Unix.
v328   10/7/96	Append / to directory name in filename completion.
		Fix MS-DOS and OS-9 versions.
v329   10/11/96	Fix more MS-DOS bugs; add LESSSEPARATOR; add -" option.
v330   10/21/96	Minor fixes.
		Posted to Web page.
v331   4/22/97	Various Windows fixes (thanks to Gurusamy Sarathy).
v332   4/22/97	Enter filenames from cmd line into edit history.
		Posted to Web page.
v333    3/4/99	Changed -w to highlite new line after forward movement.
v334    3/9/99	Avoid overflowing prompt buffer; add %d and %D.
v335   3/20/99	Add EBCDIC support (thanks to Thomas Dorner).
              	Use HOMEDRIVE/HOMEPATH on Windows (thanks to Preston Bannister).
		Posted to Web page.
v336    4/8/99	Fix installation bugs.
v337    4/9/99	Fix another installation bug.
		Posted to Web page.
v338   4/13/99	Add support for long option names.
v339   4/18/99	Add \k, long option names to lesskey.  Add -^P.  Add :d.
v340   4/21/99	Add regexec2.  Fix Windows build.
		Posted to Web page.
v341    5/6/99  Add -F option; %c & ?c prompt escapes.
		(Thanks to Michele Maltoni)
v342   7/22/99  Add system-wide lesskey file; allow GPL or Less License.
v343   9/23/99	Support UTF-8 (Thanks to Robert Brady).
		Add %P and ?P in prompts.
v344  10/27/99	-w highlights target line of g and p commands.
v345  10/29/99	Make -R pass thru ESC but not other control chars.
		Posted to Web page.
v346   11/4/99  Fix bugs in long option processing; R cmd should clear hilites.
		Posted to Web page.
v347  12/13/99	Fixes for DJGPP version (thanks to Eli Zaretskii).
v348  12/28/99	Fix deleting file with marks (thanks to Dimitar Jekov).
		Fix color problem in DJGPP version (thanks to Eli Zaretskii).
v349   1/24/00	Fix minor DJGPP bugs; check environment vars for UTF-8;
		add --with-editor (thanks to Eli, Markus Kuhn, Thomas Schoepf).
v350   3/1/00	Fix clear-while-standout bug.
v351   3/5/00	Change -M and = prompts to show top & bottom line number.
		Posted to Web page.
v352   3/8/00	Fix scan_option NULL dereference.
v353   3/20/00	Fix SECURE compile bug, allow space after numeric option.
v354   3/23/00	Add support for PCRE; add --with-regex configure option.
v355   6/28/00	Add -# option (thanks to Andy Levinson).
v356   7/5/00	Add -J option.
v357   7/6/00	Support sigprocmask.
v358   7/8/00	Fix problems with #stop in lesskey file.
		Posted to Web page.
v359  9/10/00	Fixes for Win32 display problems (thanks to Maurizio Vairani).
v360  1/17/01	Move sysless to etc.
v361  12/4/01	Add IBM-1047 charset & EBCDIC fixes (thanks to Thomas Dorner).
		Fix 32 bit dependencies (thanks to Paul Eggert).
		Fix UTF-8 overstriking (thanks to Robert Brady).
v362  12/4/01	Make status column show search targets.
v363  12/6/01	Add --no-keypad option.
		Add variable width tabstops (thanks to Peter Samuelson).
v364 12/10/01	Better handling of very long lines in input;
		Fix horizontal shifting of colored text.
v365 12/11/01	Fix overstriking of tabs;
		Add support for global(1) and multiple tag matches
		(thanks to Shigio Yamaguchi and Tim Vanderhoek).
v366 12/11/01	Fixes for OS/2 (thanks to Kyosuke Tokoro).
v367 12/13/01	Allow -D and -x options to terminate without dollar sign;
		Right/left arrow when entering N are shift cmds, not line edit.
v368 12/18/01	Update lesskey commands.
v370 12/23/01	Fix tags error messages.
		Posted to Web page.
v371 12/26/01	Fix new_file bug; use popen in Windows version;
		fix some compiler warnings.
v372 12/29/01	Make -b be in units of 1K.
v373  1/14/02	Improve handling of filenames containing shell metachars.
v374   2/7/02	Fix memory leak; fix bug in -x argument parsing.
v375   4/7/02	Fix searching for SGR sequences; fix SECURE build;
		add SGR support to DJGPP version (thanks to Eli Zaretskii).
v376  6/10/02	Fix bug in overstriking mulitbyte UTF-8 characters
		(thanks to Jungshik Shin).
		Posted to Web page.
v377  9/10/02	Fix bug in Windows version when file contains CR;
		fix bug in search highlights with -R;
		make initial buffer limit really be 64K not unlimited.
v378  9/30/02	Misc bug fixes and compiler warning cleanup.
		Posted to Web page.
v379 11/23/02	Add -L option; fix bug with ctrl-K in lesskey files;
		improve UTF-8 overstriking and underscore overstriking;
		fix minor man page problems; change to autoconf 2.54.
v380 11/24/02	Make LINENUM same as POSITION.
v381 11/28/02	Make -N use 7 columns for line number if possible.
v382   2/3/04	Remove copyrighted code.
v383  2/16/04	Add history file; add -K option; improve UTF-8 handling;
		fix some signed char bugs (thanks to Christian Biere);
		fix some upper/lower case bugs (thanks to Bjoern Jacke);
		add erase2 char (thanks to David Lawrence);
		add windows charset (thanks to Dimitar Zhekov).
v384  2/20/04	Improvements in UTF-8 handling.
v385  2/23/04	Fix UTF-8 output bug.
v386  9/13/05	Improvements to UTF-8 shift & color (thanks to Charles Levert);
		protect against invalid LESSOPEN and LESSCLOSE values.
v387  9/14/05	Update Charles Levert's UTF-8 patch.
v388  9/14/05	Change history behavior; change most sprintf calls to snprintf.
v389  9/14/05	Fix copy & paste with long lines; improve performance of 
		expand_linebuf; fix crash in init_mlist; 
v390  9/15/05	Show search matches in status column even if -G is set.
v391  9/17/05	Fix bugs.
v392  10/14/05	Fix line wrapping bug.
v393  10/19/05	Allow multiple attributes per char; fix bold+underline bug
		(thanks again to Charles Levert).
v394  11/8/05	Fix prompt bug; fix compile problem in Windows build.
v395  1/12/07	Update Unicode tables (thanks to Charles Levert);
		don't chmod if LESSHISTFILE = /dev/null;
		make -f work for directories; support DESTDIR in Makefile;
		fix sigset_t detection in configure; 
		make "t" cmd traverse tags in correct order
v396  1/13/07	Add compatibility with POSIX more.
v397  3/21/07	Allow decimal point in number for % command;
		Allow decimal point in number for -j option;
		Allow n command to fetch last search pattern from history
		(thanks to arno).
v398  3/22/07	Don't rewrite history file if not necessary;
		fix bug when filenames contain "$".
v399  3/22/07	Don't move to bottom of screen at startup;
		don't output extraneous newlines.
v400  3/23/07	Allow search to find pattern after null byte (PCRE and no-regex)
		(thanks to Michael Constant).
v401  3/24/07	Minor documentation fixes.
v402  3/30/07	Fix autoconf bug when memcpy etc are inline;
		fix bug in terminating number following -j option.
v403  5/25/07	Fix Windows build.
v404  6/5/07	Fix display bug with F command and long lines.
v405  6/17/07	Fix display bug when using -w option.
v406  6/17/07	Fix secure build.
v407  8/16/07	Fix bugs; support CSI chars.
v408  10/1/07	Fix bug in -i with non-ASCII chars.
v409  10/12/07	Fix crash when viewing text with invalid UTF-8 sequences.
v411  11/6/07	Fix case-insensitive searching with non-ASCII text.
v412  11/6/07	Use symbolic SEEK constants.
v413  11/6/07	Fix search highlight bug with non-ASCII text.
v414  11/6/07	Fix display bug with no-wrap terminals.
v415  11/14/07	Add --follow-name option.
v416  11/22/07	Fix crash when searching text with invalid UTF-8 sequences.
v417  12/31/07	Don't support single-char CSI in UTF-8 mode;
		fix bug with -R and invalid CSI sequences;
		fix bug searching text with SGR sequences with -r;
		emulate SGR sequences in WIN32 build.
v418  12/31/07	Clean up.

char version[] = "418";