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----- Tagged ld64-95.9

2009-02-13     Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/6543423> Back out Linker changes for H2 hang
	* src/ld/Options.cpp: remove fPreventPageCrossingBranches
	* src/ld/MachOWriterExecutable.hpp: remove layout of __text so there are not page crossing branches
	* src/ld/MachOReaderRelocatable.hpp: parse but ignore ARM_THUMB_32BIT_BRANCH reloc

----- Tagged ld64-95.8.3

2009-03-31     Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/6719270> ld might set MH_WEAK_DEFINES when it should not
	* src/ld/MachOWriterExecutable.hpp: rescan fRegularDefAtomsThatOverrideADylibsWeakDef and only consider global ones

----- Tagged ld64-95.8.2

2009-03-18     Nick Kledzik    <>

	* src/ld/MachOReaderRelocatable.hpp: back out -force_cpusubtype_ALL changes

----- Tagged ld64-95.8.1

2009-03-17     Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/6578416> -dead_strip inhibits weak coalescing in no_dead_strip section	
	* src/ld/ld.cpp: in markDead() remove from fLiveRootAtoms
2009-03-17     Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/6671072> libgcc fails to build in with ld64-95.8
	* src/ld/MachOReaderRelocatable.hpp: interpret CPU_SUBTYPE_ARM_ALL as CPU_SUBTYPE_ARM_V4T
	* src/ld/Options.cpp: interept -force_cpusubtype_ALL as -arch armv4t

----- Tagged ld64-95.8

2009-02-09     Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/6569316> ld64-95.7 crashes building Foundation-678.39 in side build
	* src/ld/MachOReaderRelocatable.hpp: handle a zero length section with a label before __cstring section

----- Tagged ld64-95.7

2009-02-06     Nick Kledzik    <>

	* src/ld/ObjectFile.h: make fAddCompactUnwindEncoding false by default

2009-02-06     Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/6537210> ER: add linker option to zero fill empty DATA sections on disk
	* src/ld/Options.cpp: add support for -no_zero_fill_sections
	* src/ld/MachOReaderRelocatable.hpp: isZeroFill() is only true if fOptimizeZeroFill 
	* doc/man/man1/ld.1: document -no_zero_fill_sections
	* unit-tests/test-cases/no_zero_fill_sections: add test case

2009-02-05     Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/6497366> label getting resolved to the wrong address.
	* src/ld/MachOWriterExecutable.hpp: add findAtomAndOffsetForSection() and use it to disambiguate
	* unit-tests/test-cases/label-on-end-of-section: added test case

2009-01-27     Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/6517393> Warn -force_cpusubtype_ALL is not supported
	* src/ld/Options.cpp: warn if fForceSubtypeAll and fArchitecture is CPU_TYPE_ARM

----- Tagged ld64-95.6

2009-01-25     Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/6439020> Add support for section start/end labels
	* src/ld/ObjectFile.h: add kSectionStart and kSectionEnd
	* src/ld/MachOReaderRelocatable.hpp: create SectionBoundaryAtoms as needed
	* src/ld/ld.cpp: sort SectionBoundaryAtoms correctly
	* src/ld/MachOWriterExecutable.hpp: allow all relocations in preload images

----- Tagged ld64-95.5

2009-01-15     Nick Kledzik    <>

	* src/ld/MachOWriterExecutable.hpp: in hasPageCrossingBranches() ignore branches preceeded by a branch

----- Tagged ld64-95.4

2009-01-15     Nick Kledzik    <>

	* src/ld/Options.cpp: handle -kext and -r the same for fPreventPageCrossingBranches

----- Tagged ld64-95.3

2009-01-14     Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/6497574> linker should alter layout to prevent armv7 page crossing branches
	* src/ld/Options.cpp: set fPreventPageCrossingBranches
	* src/ld/MachOWriterExecutable.hpp: adjust layout of __text so there are not page crossing branches
	* src/ld/MachOReaderRelocatable.hpp: support new ARM_THUMB_32BIT_BRANCH reloce

----- Tagged ld64-95.2

2009-01-06     Nick Kledzik    <>

	<rdar://problem/6476760> strip -S fails with "new trie is larger than original"