StartupItemContext.8   [plain text]

.Dd July 7, 2002
.Dt StartupItemContext 8
.Os Darwin
.Nm StartupItemContext
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.Nd Execute a program in StartupItem context
.Op Ar program Op Ar arguments
utility launches the specified program in StartupItem bootstrap context.  Each Darwin
and Mac OS X login creates a unique bootstrap subset context to contain login specific
Mach port registrations with the bootstrap server.  All such registrations performed
within the context of that subset are only visible to other processes within that
context or subsequent subsets of it.  Therefore, a Mach port based service/daemon
launched within a login context will not be visible to other such contexts.
To override this, a root user can use the
utility to launch the program within the same bootstrap context as all other
StartupItems. All subsequent Mach port bootstrap registrations perfomed by the program
will be visible system-wide.
All bootstrap port lookups will also be resticted
to the StartupItem context. The services provided on a per-login basis (clipboard,
etc...) will not be available to the program.
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.Xr SystemStarter 8