psold.tmac   [plain text]

.\" psold.tmac
.\" In newer PostScript printers, text fonts contain all ISO Latin-1
.\" characters.  The font description files that comes with groff match
.\" these fonts.  The text fonts in older PostScript printers are missing
.\" some of these characters.  This file prevents those characters from
.\" being used.  This will allow the PostScript output to be printed on
.\" such old printers.
.nr _C \n(.C
.cp 0
.\" Define an accented character.
.de ps-achar
.\" Note that character definitions are always interpreted with
.\" compatibility mode off.
.char \\$1 \\$3\
.ie '\\$3'\(.i' .hcode \\$1i
.el .hcode \\$1\\$3
.ps-achar \['y] \(aa y
.ps-achar \['Y] \(aa Y
.char \[12] \v'-.7m\s[\\n(.s*6u/10u]+.7m'1\v'-.7m\s0+.7m'\
.char \[14] \v'-.7m\s[\\n(.s*6u/10u]+.7m'1\v'-.7m\s0+.7m'\
.char \[34] \v'-.7m\s[\\n(.s*6u/10u]+.7m'3\v'-.7m\s0+.7m'\
.char \[S1] \v'-.2m'\s-31\s+3\v'+.2m'
.char \[S2] \v'-.2m'\s-32\s+3\v'+.2m'
.char \[S3] \v'-.2m'\s-33\s+3\v'+.2m'
.char \[bb] |
.char \[de] \fS\(de
.char \[-D] \Z'\v'-.1m'-'D
.char \[TP] \
.char \[Sd] \Z'\v'-.3m'\h'.2m'-'\(pd
.char \[Tp] \zlp
.tr \[char166]\[bb]
.tr \[char176]\[de]
.tr \[char177]\[+-]
.tr \[char178]\[S2]
.tr \[char179]\[S3]
.tr \[char181]\[mc]
.tr \[char185]\[S1]
.tr \[char188]\[14]
.tr \[char189]\[12]
.tr \[char190]\[34]
.tr \[char208]\[-D]
.tr \[char215]\[mu]
.tr \[char221]\['Y]
.tr \[char222]\[TP]
.tr \[char240]\[Sd]
.tr \[char247]\[di]
.tr \[char253]\['y]
.tr \[char254]\[Tp]
.cp \n(_C