psatk.tmac   [plain text]

.\" psatk.tmac
.\" Implementation of the ATK PB and PE macros for use with groff and grops.
.\" Load this after atk.tmac.
.nr zT 0
.if '\*(.T'ps' .nr zT 1
.nr psatk-unit 1p
.de psatk-defs
ps: mdef 5
/PB {
	/saved save def
	currentpoint translate
	\n[psatk-unit] u -\n[psatk-unit] u scale
	userdict begin
	/showpage {} def
} bind def
/PE {
	saved restore
} bind def
/troffadjust {
	pop 0
} bind def
.de PB
.ne \\$1p
.nr zT \\n(zT>0
.de PE
.ds PB0
.\" The last line before the "'PE" is "\}" rather than ".\}".  This
.\" would cause a spurious space to be introduced before any picture
.\" that was the first thing on a line.  So we have to catch that and
.\" remove it.
.de PB1
.ev psatk
.di psatk-mac
\!ps: exec PB
.de PE0
\D'l \\$1p 0'\D'l 0 \\$2p'\D'l -\\$1p 0'\D'l 0 -\\$2p'\
.ds psatk-init \Y[psatk-defs]
.de PE1
.di null
.rm null
.rm psatk-mac
.if \\n(.P .ds psatk-init