ChangeLog.116   [plain text]

Version 1.16.1 released

2000-07-31  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	Preparing release 1.16.1.

	* REVISION: Revision number set to 1.
	* MORE.STUFF: Added info about port to DOS.
	* NEWS, win32-diffs: Updated.

	* src/include/nonposix.h: Remove first line -- this file is used
	in C also.

	* (dist): Delete Imakefile earlier to avoid a soft
	link to it.

2000-07-30  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* doc/texinfo.tex: Update to latest version.

2000-06-28  Paul Eggert  <>

	* (ENVSETUP): Don't assume POSIX make semantics for
	commands that fail.  Don't assume that "export a=b" is valid shell
	syntax.  This is needed for Solaris 2.5.1.

	* src/libs/libgroff/, src/utils/indxbib/ Fix
	comment about missing Solaris headers.

	* PROBLEMS: Add section about problems with Sun Make and VPATH.

2000-06-25  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* src/devics/grodvi/ Replace _setmode() (for MSC) with

	* src/include/posix.h: Use HAVE_UNISTD instead of _MSC_VER.

	* win32-diffs: Updated.
	* README.WIN32: Added CRs to make all Windows editors happy.

	* src/roff/troff/ Added WIFSIGNALED() macro (copied from

2000-06-23  Eli Zaretskii  <>

	* src/roff/grog/Makefile.sub (grog): Prepend `-e' to
	$(SH_SCRIPT_SED_CMD), for the case where its value is empty.

2000-06-17  Eli Zaretskii  <>

	* src/utils/tfmtodit/ #include nonposix.h.
	(tfm::load, gf::load): Open tfm and gf files in binary mode: these
	are binary files.
	(main): Support non-Posix systems with several different styles of
	slash characters in file names.

	* src/utils/pfbtops/pfbtops.c: #include nonposix.h.
	(main) [SET_BINARY]: Switch stdin into binary mode.

	* src/utils/indxbib/ #include nonposix.h.
	(main): Support file names with several possible slash-type
	characters, as given by DIR_SEPS[] in nonposix.h.
	(main) [__MSDOS__]: If renaming the temporary index file fails
	because it has more than one dot in its trunk, replace the dot
	with an underscore and try again.
	(do_file): Use FOPEN_RB instead of "r".  Skip every CR before a
	[__MSDOS__ || _MSC_VER]: Stop at the first ^Z character.

	* src/utils/hpftodit/ #include nonposix.h.
	(File::File): Open the input file in binary mode.  Strip CR
	characters from each CR-LF pair.
	(xbasename): Support file names with several possible slash-type
	characters, as given by DIR_SEPS[] in nonposix.h.

	* src/include/Makefile.sub (HDRS): Add nonposix.h.

	* src/roff/troff/ [HAVE_UNISTD_H]: Include <unistd.h>.
	[!_POSIX_VERSION]: Define for traditional Unix systems.
	(real_output_file::real_output_file): Remove the MSVC-specific
	call to popen, use instead POPEN_WT, appropriately defined on
	nonposix.h.  #include nonposix.h.
	(real_output_file::~real_output_file): Remove the MSVC-specific
	call to pclose, a suitable macro is now defined on nonposix.h.
	and WEXITSTATUS instead of assuming traditional Unix
	interpretation of the status returned by pclose.

	* src/roff/troff/ (pipe_source): Remove the MSVC-specific
	call to popen, use POPEN_RT instead (appropriately defined on
	nonposix.h).  #include nonposix.h.
	(ps_bbox_request): Open the PostScript file in binary mode.
	Close the file after processing it.
	(getpid) [_MSC_VER]: Remove; a suitable macro is now defined on

	* src/roff/groff/pipeline.c (run_pipeline) [__MSDOS__ || _WIN32]:
	A version of run_pipeline that doesn't use `fork'.
	(signal_catcher) [__MSDOS__ || _WIN32]: New function.
	(system_shell_name, system_shell_dash_c)
	(is_system_shell) [__MSDOS__ || _WIN32]: New functions, to hide
	the ugliness of testing DOS/Windows file names for equality, and
	support both stock shells and ports of Unix shells.

	* src/roff/groff/ #include nonposix.h.
	(BSHELL): Definition moved to nonposix.h.
	(main): Use PATH_SEP[0] instead of literal ':'.  Use BSHELL_DASH_C
	instead of a literal "-c".
	(xbasename): Support file names with several possible slash-type
	characters, as given by DIR_SEPS[] in nonposix.h.
	(possible_command::print): Use BSHELL_DASH_C and IS_BSHELL instead
	of literal strings.

	* src/preproc/soelim/ #include nonposix.h.
	(do_file): Use IS_ABSOLUTE instead of testing for a literal '/'.

	* src/preproc/pic/Makefile.sub (YTABH): Change to

	* src/preproc/pic/ Change to pic_tab.h.

	* src/preproc/eqn/Makefile.sub (YTABH): Rename to

	* src/preproc/eqn/ #include eqn_tab.h, not

	* src/libs/libgroff/ (DEFAULT_TMPDIR) [P_tmpdir]: If
	P_tmpdir is defined, use it instead of the literal "/tmp".
	(remove_tmp_files, add_tmp_file): New functions.
	(xtmpfile): Record temporary files and register an atexit function
	to delete them explicitly, instead of relying on the OS to do
	that, which doesn't work on non-Unix systems.

	* src/libs/libgroff/ #include nonposix.h.
	(search_path::search_path): Use PATH_SEP instead of a literal
	(search_path::command_line_dir): Ditto.
	(search_path::open_file): Use IS_ABSOLUTE, PATH_SEP and DIR_SEPS,
	to support non-Posix systems.

	* src/libs/libbib/ #include nonposix.h.
	(search_list::add_file): Open the file in binary mode.

	* src/libs/libbib/ #include nonposix.h.
	(file_buffer::load): Remove \r characters preceding \n from the
	loaded buffer.

	* src/libs/libbib/ #include nonposix.h.
	(make_index_search_item): Open index_filename in O_BINARY mode.
	(index_search_item_iterator::get_tag): Ditto.  Remove \r
	characters before \n characters.
	(index_search_item::check_files): Open files in binary mode.
	(index_search_item::munge_filename): Support DOS-style file names
	with backslashes and drive letters, use IS_ABSOLUTE.

	* src/devices/grops/ #include nonposix.h.
	(main) [SET_BINARY]: Switch stdout to binary mode.

	* src/devices/grolj4/ #include nonposix.h.
	(main) [SET_BINARY]: Switch stdout to binary mode.

	* src/devices/grolbp/ #include nonposix.h
	(fill_pattern) [SET_BINARY]: Switch stdout to binary mode.

	* src/devices/grodvi/ #include nonposix.h.
	[_MSC_VER]: Remove inclusion of Windows-specific headers (done by
	(main) [SET_BINARY]: Switch stdout to binary mode.
	[_MSC_VER]: Remove an explicit call to _setmode.

	* src/include/nonposix.h: New file.

	* (ENVSETUP): New variable, to set up case-sensitive
	operation when building with DJGPP.

	* Makefile.comm: mv[ch] to y_tab.[ch], to make it work on
	(.man.n): Replace `;' with `|', since FONTPATH, MACROPATH,
	etc. can include a semi-colon on DOS/Windows.
	(depend.temp): Use depend1.temp instead of depend.temp1, to
	prevent files from overerwiting each other on 8+3 filesystems.

	* (t): Change definition to work with DOS/Windows.

	doc/groff.texinfo: Apart of some typo corrections, I also changed
	some index entris, to make them more non-ambiguous, and also put
	@ignore around some parts that are not yet written, to allow the
	Info output be readable.

2000-06-10  Gael Queri  <>

	Replaced specific checks for function declarations with a generic
	routine taken from GNU bfd.

	* aclocal.m4 (GROFF_NEED_DECLARATION): New function.
	* Use it.
	* src/devices/grolbp/, src/include/lib.h,
	src/preproc/grn/, src/preproc/pic/pic.h,
	src/roff/groff/ Use it.
	*, configure: Updated.

2000-06-07  Paco Andrés Verdú  <>

	* src/devides/grolbp/lbp.h: Removed unused variables.

2000-05-31  Keith Thompson  <>

	* src/devices/grolbp/ (set_papersizes): Add declaration of

2000-05-31  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* aclocal.m4 (GROFF_SRAND): New function to test the return value
	of srand() -- at least SunOS 4.1.3 uses `int' instead of `void'.
	* Use it.
	* src/preproc/pic/pic.y, src/preproc/pic/ Use it.
	* configure, Updated.

	* Add test for strncasecmp().
	* src/include/lib.h: Use it.

2000-05-29  Andrej Borsenkow  <>

	* src/preproc/grn/Makefile.sub: Add MLIB.

2000-05-29  Nix  <>

	* Use @datadir@ and @mandir@ appropriately.

2000-05-29  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* src/roff/grog/Makefile.sub, src/roff/grog/ Add `@g@'.

	* PROBLEMS: Small update.

	* src/devices/grolbp/ Various small fixes.

2000-05-28  Keith Thompson  <>

	* src/roff/nroff/ Fix main loop syntax.

	* src/utils/indxbib/ Add declaration of mkstemp().

2000-05-25  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* man/ Removed unused macro.

2000-05-24  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* (dist): Remove src/xditview/Imakefile explicitly.
	This is needed e.g. if you do
	`make distclean; ./configure; make dist'.

Version 1.16 released

2000-05-23  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	Adding font CWI (constant width italic) to devdvi.

	* font/devdvi/CWI: New file.
	* font/devdvi/generate/Makefile: Add generating rule.
	* font/devdvi/, font/devdvi/Makefile.sub, win32-diffs,
	tmac/tmac.dvi: Use it.
	* NEWS: Announce it.

	* font/devlj4/*: Regenerated (only adding kernings for `cq' glyph).
	* font/devlj4/generate/Makefile: Cosmetic changes only.

	* man/ Removed most of the redundant description of
	special characters (which is in  Added font
	translation CB->CR for devdvi.  Other minor fixes.

	* tmac/tmac.dvi: Improved appearance of \(co (copyright) and \(rg
	(registered) symbols.

2000-05-22  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* doc/Makefile: Added rule for creating info files.

	* font/devdvi/*: Added kernings for `cq' glyph.  Updated to latest
	AMS font metrics.
	* font/devdvi/generate/Makefile: Fixed dependencies.

	* font/devps/*: Regenerated.  Heavy changes for Bookman and
	NewCentury Schoolbook!
	* font/devps/generate/afmname: Will now run with GNU awk.
	* font/devps/generate/textmap: Added forgotten `cq' glyph name.
	* font/devps/generate/Makefile: Cosmetic changes only.

2000-05-21  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* tmac/ Added a new command line option `-rSxx' (`xx' can be
	10, 11, or 12) to support output with 11pt and 12pt base font sizes.
	`.SS' now produces a heading with a smaller size than `.SH'.
	Completely formatted.
	* doc/groff.texinfo, tmac/, NEWS: Document it.

	* man/ Improved table appearance.  Use of `eo' request
	to reduce number of doubled backslashes in macro definitions.
	Replacing `\e' with `\(rs'.  Other minor fixes.

	* src/preproc/tbl/ Insert HTML table end tag before `lf'
	to have correct line number.

	* INSTALL: Small improvement.

2000-05-20  Bernd Warken  <>

	* man/, tmac/ Updates (with corrections by

2000-05-19  Bernd Warken  <>

	* man/ Complete update (with a lot of corrections by WL).

2000-05-18  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	Adding `cq' (PS name `quoteright') glyph name as an alias for "'".

	* font/*/*: Implement it.
	* man/, NEWS: Document it.

	* src/include/unix.h: Removed.  It isn't used.

	* doc/groff.texinfo: Slight improvements.

2000-05-17  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* README, win32-diffs: Small fixes and improvements.

2000-05-16  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* FDL: New file (the Free Documentation License version 1.1).

	* doc/groff.texinfo: Added many start-up values for gtroff.
	Some structural improvements of the source code.

2000-05-15  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* src/roff/troff/ Added small comment about troffrc-end.
	* src/roff/troff/ Added info about troffrc-end.

2000-05-14  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* (EXTRADIRS): Fix typos.
	(dist): Handle deletion of old .tar.gz file correctly.
	(DISTDIRS): Include all tty output devices.

	* doc/groff.texinfo: Adding more cross references; countless other

2000-05-13  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* MORE.STUFF: Added Robert Marks's utilities.

2000-05-12  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	Added win32 port contributed by Blake McBride

	* README.WIN32, win32-diffs: New files.
	* NEWS: Updated.

	* src/preproc/grn/ (HGSetBrush): Replace `%lf' with `%f'.
	(tmove, tmove2): Added parentheses to avoid compiler warnings.
	(change): Removed unused variables.

	* src/preproc/grn/ (main, conv): Removed unused variables.
	(savebounds): Changed return value from `int' to `void'.
	* src/preproc/grn/ Ditto.

	* src/devices/grolbp/ (lbp_printer::draw): Removed superfluous
	final backslash in comment to avoid compiler warning.

	* src/utils/pfbtops/pfbtops.c: Added `getopt.h'.

	* doc/groff.texinfo: More fixes.

2000-05-11  OKAZAKI Tetsurou  <>

	* tmac/tmac.doc: Documentation fix.

2000-05-11  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* doc/groff.texinfo: Reading the source code shows up a lot of
	omissions and incorrect data...  More conversion to @Deffn macros.

2000-05-10  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* src/roff/troff/ (number_value_to_ascii): Remove ASCII

	* src/roff/troff/request.h: Removing unused `no_break_flag'.

2000-05-09  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* man/, man/, tmac/ Minor

	* doc/groff.texinfo: Extended history section.  More conversion to
	@Deffn macros.  More .tr documentation.

2000-05-07  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* doc/groff.texinfo: Completed tab section.  Added info about

2000-05-06  Mike MacIsaac  <>

	* PROBLEMS: Describe configure script fix for OS/390 Unix.

2000-05-05  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* font/devdvi/ Change size 11pt to 10.95pt (as used in
	LaTeX 2e).
	* NEWS: Document it.

	* man/ Minor optical improvements.

2000-05-03  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	Adding `dq' (PS name `quotedbl') glyph name as an alias for `"'.

	* font/*/*: Implement it.
	* man/, NEWS: Document it.

2000-05-02  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* tmac/, man/, man/ Fixing @MANxEXT@
	* NEWS: Document the three new man pages.

	* aclocal.m4 (GROFF_CXX_CHECK): Removing obsolete AC_C_CROSS call.
	* configure: Updated.

	* font/devcp1047/R.proto: Fixing fatal bug (a missing `"' character).

2000-05-01  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	Added grap support to grog.

	* src/roff/grog/, src/roff/grog/ Implement it.
	* src/roff/grog/ Document it.

	* doc/groff.texinfo, NEWS: Add info about grap support.

	Add new man pages comptributed by Bernd Warken <>
	(with slight fixes by me).

	* tmac/ New file documenting tmac mechanism.
	* tmac/Makefile.sub: Add
	* man/ New file giving overview of roff system.
	* man/ A short reference of troff.
	* man/Makefile.sub: Add and

2000-04-30  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	Added grap support to groff.

	* src/roff/groff/ Implement it.
	* src/roff/groff/ Document it.

	* src/devices/grotty/ Add cp1047 device.
	* src/preproc/eqn/, src/preproc/eqn/, tmac/eqnrc:
	* src/roff/groff/ Ditto.
	* src/roff/nroff/, src/roff/nroff/ Ditto.
	* doc/groff.texinfo: Ditto.

	* tmac/troffrc: Fix mapping of latin-1 char 160 (non-breakable space)
	for cp1047.

2000-04-29  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* man/ Add `pc' glyph.
	* tmac/tmac.latin1: Replacing `md' glyph with `pc'.
	* tmac/tmac.tty: Add `pc' glyph.
	* tmac/tmac.tty-char: Use/add `pc' glyph.  Don't call tmac.latin1 if
	we use cp1047 output device.

	*, aclocal.m4: Don't build utf8 on EBCDIC hosts since
	there are still hardcoded latin1->unicode values in utf8's font
	definition files.
	* configure: Updated.
	* NEWS: Minor clarification.  Updated.

	* PROBLEMS: Formatted.  Added info about C++ fix pack for OS/390

2000-04-28  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	Adding EBCDIC code page 1047.

	* font/devcp1047/R.proto, font/devcp1047/Makefile.sub,
	font/devcp1047/DESC.proto: New files.

	* aclocal.m4 (GROFF_EBCDIC): Introduce TTYDEVDIRS which can be
	either ascii/latin1 or cp1047.
	* Use it.
	* configure: Updated.

	Replacing and/or adding `md' (mathdot) glyph with `pc'
	(periodcentered) in all text fonts.

	* font/*/*: Change it.

2000-04-27  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* aclocal.m4 (GROFF_OS390): Fixing compiler flags.

	* Add check for strings.h.
	* src/include/driver.h: Use HAVE_STRINGS_H.
	* src/devices/grolbp/ Remove string.h.

	* src/include/groff-getopt.h: New file.  It will be used instead of
	getopt.h (to be included in lib.h) to avoid endless problems with
	picky C++ compilers.
	* src/include/lib.h: Use groff-getopt.h.
	* src/include/Makefile.sub: Updated.

	* configure: Updated.
	* Updated.

	* NEWS: Mention EBCDIC support.

2000-04-26  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* TODO: Some additions.

2000-04-25  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* src/roff/troff/, doc/groff.texinfo: Fixing documentation
	of mso request.

2000-04-23  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* src/roff/troff/ Minor fixes.

2000-04-22  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* src/roff/troff/, doc/groff.texinfo, NEWS: Document the
	`.T' string register and the incompatible definition of the `.T'
	number register (compared to Unix troff).

	* man/ Add some missing characters.
	* font/devutf8/NOTES: Update.

2000-04-21  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* src/include/htmlindicate.h, src/include/lib.h,
	src/include/posix.h: Fix copyright.

	* src/include/Makefile.sub: Update.

2000-04-20  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* src/roff/troff/ (input_char_description): Removing
	superfluous space char.

	* tmac/tmac.X: Fix typo \(bq -> \(Bq.

	* doc/groff.texinfo: Document EBCDIC.

2000-04-19  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	Introducing `shc' as the glyph name for the soft hyphen character.

	* tmac/tmac.tty, tmac/tmac.latin1, tmac/tmac.html,
	font/devlatin1/R.proto: Use it.

	* NEWS: Updated.

2000-04-18  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* src/devices/grops/ (ps_printer::flush_sbuf): Removing
	dependency on ASCII order.

2000-04-16  Sandor BARANY  <>

	* src/libs/libgroff/illegal.c: Added EBCDIC table.
	* src/roff/troff/ Added adaptation to EBCDIC.

	* src/preproc/refer/, src/roff/troff/ Minor changes
	to increase portability.

2000-04-15  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* aclocal.m4: Added GROFF_EBCDIC and GROFF_OS390 tests.
	Redefined AC_OUTPUT_MAKE_DEFS to replace ASCII character `012' with
	the generic `\n' if under OS/390 Unix.


	* configure: Regenerated.

2000-04-14  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* doc/groff.texinfo: More conversions to @Deffn.

2000-04-12  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* tmac/tmac.psfig: Fix incorrect use of `&' operator by replacing it
	with `:'.

	* src/roff/nroff/ Add note about tmac.tty-char.

2000-04-10  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* doc/groff.texinfo: More conversions to @Deffn.

2000-04-08  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* src/libs/libgroff/{getopt.c,getopt1.c}, src/include/getopt.h:
	Updated to latest version (glibc 2.1.3).

2000-04-07  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* doc/Makefile (clean): Include more index files.
	Add rule texinfo->dvi.

2000-04-05  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* doc/groff.texinfo: Added new index `op' for operators.  More
	info on end of sentence characters.  More use of @Deffn.

2000-03-30  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* */*.man: Adding a note that a whitespace can be inserted between
	a command line option and its parameter -- we are using GNU getopt.

	* src/roff/groff/ Add example of `-m mandoc'.

2000-03-28  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	Correct anachronism of calling the man macro file with `-man'
	instead of `-m man' etc.

	* tmac/, tmac/tmac.mandoc, tmac/tmac.markup, tmac/tmac.mdoc,
	tmac/, tmac/ New files tmac.m<package> which simply
	load tmac.<package>.

	* tmac/Makefile.sub: Updated.  Take care of $(tmac_an_prefix) etc.

	* NEWS: Updated.

	* doc/groff.texinfo: Updated.

	* tmac/ Copyright added.

2000-03-27  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* doc/groff.texinfo: Introducing macros `Deffn' and `Defmac' to
	typeset the request resp. escape name with a tt font -- due to a
	bug in texinfo.tex it is necessary to use the `-e' switch with

	Improving info about usage of groff units.

	Other minor fixes.

2000-03-20  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* doc/groff.texinfo: Added section about man macro package
	(I've basically taken  Introducing new indices `ma'
	for macros/strings and `gl' for glyph names.  Other minor fixes.

	* tmac/ Fixed some typos.

2000-03-19  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* doc/groff.texinfo: Removed all occurrences of `you', `we', etc.
	Other minor fixes.

	* doc/texinfo.tex: New file.

2000-03-18  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* doc/groff.texinfo: Improved section on number registers.  Other
	minor updates.

2000-03-16  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* src/roff/groff/ Added info about grolbp.  Make nicer

	* src/devices/grolbp/, src/roff/nroff/,
	src/devices/grolj4/, src/devices/grops/,
	src/preproc/eqn/, src/utils/afmtodit/,
	src/utils/tfmtodit/ Make nicer synopsis.

	* src/preproc/grn/ Better synopsis; added copyright.

	* src/roff/grog/ Updated copyright date.

2000-03-14  Francisco Andrés Verdú  <>

	* Added test for strdup.

	* src/devices/grolbp/ Added a strdup() version in case none
	is available.

	Replaced dynamic allocation of arrays `[...]' with `new' operator.

	Other minor fixes.

2000-03-12  OKAZAKI Tetsurou  <>

	* Makefile.comm: Add $(INCLUDES) to $(ALL_CFLAGS).

2000-03-11  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* src/preproc/grn/ (DBGetType): Added return value to make
	compilers silent.
	* src/preproc/grn/ Add #ifdef for hypot().
	* src/include/lib.h: Remove some spaces.

2000-03-10  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* src/libs/libgroff/ (xtmptemplate, xtmpfile): Removing
	initializers from arguments (some compilers don't like this).

2000-03-09  Gaius Mulley  <>

	* src/libs/libgroff/ Added library file which is now
	used by pic and eqn to tell grohtml where the graphic regions start
	and end.
	* src/libs/libgroff/Makefile.sub: Use it.
	* src/preproc/eqn/, src/preproc/pic/ Altered to use
	graphic_start() and graphic_end() from

2000-03-09  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* tmac/tmac.safer: Will now work correctly in compatibility mode.
	* tmac/ More fixes.

2000-03-08  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* doc/Makefile: Added texput.log to the `clean' target.
	* doc/groff.texinfo: Added info about delimiters for escapes.

2000-03-08  Bernd Warken  <>

	* src/preproc/pic/ Add info on conversion of pic images to
	other graphic formats.

2000-03-07  OKAZAKI Tetsurou  <>

	*, Makefile.sub, src/preproc/eqn/Makefile.sub,
	src/roff/groff/Makefile.sub, src/roff/nroff/Makefile.sub,
	src/utils/afmtodit/Makefile.sub: Use $(INSTALL_SCRIPT) for script

2000-03-07  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* doc/groff.texinfo: Spelling fixes.

2000-03-06  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* tmac/ Completely revised to cover everything in

	* doc/groff.texinfo, src/roff/troff/ Document evc request.
	Other minor fixings.
	* src/roff/troff/ (environment_copy): Improve error message and
	fix itoa->i_to_a.
	* src/roff/troff/TODO: Updated.

	* doc/Makefile: Bug fixes -- this is still provisional, though...

	* tmac/eqnrc: Small fixes.

2000-03-05  Abramo Bagnara  <>

	Adding a request `evc' to copy environments.

	* src/roff/troff/ (environment::copy, environment_copy):
	Implement it.
	* src/roff/troff/env.h: Add prototype.

2000-03-05  Francisco Andrés Verdú  <>

	Adding strsep() -- Solaris 8 doesn't have it.

	* Test it.
	* src/devices/grolbp/ Add code.

2000-03-05  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* src/roff/troff/ (macro_diversion::output,
	top_level_diversion::output): Fixing an incompatibility with
	original troff: \x'0' updates the .a register also.  Thanks to
	<> for pointing this out.
	* doc/groff.texinfo: Document it.

	* Create Makefile.dep if necessary before calling the
	submake process to avoid warning about nonexistent file.

	* NEWS, PROJECTS: Updated.

2000-03-04  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* tmac/troffrc: Add tmac.lbp.

2000-03-03  Francisco Andrés Verdú  <>

	* tmac/tmac.lbp: New file.
	* src/devices/grolbp/ Add documentation of `lbpname'

2000-03-03  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* Fixing $(subdir).

	* README, NEWS: Small fixes.

	* test-groff: Adding path to grolbp.

	* The (new) file src/xditview/ will be
	also configured -- it is now possible to build gxditview in a
	directory different from $srcdir.

2000-03-02  Blake McBride  <>

	* src/libs/libgroff/ (open_file): Adapting to WinNT.

	* MORE.STUFF: Added website of bell labs and info about plot2dev.

2000-03-01  Colin Phipps  <>

	* src/utils/indxbib/ (main): Use mkstemp() for temporary

2000-02-29  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	Adding GNU getopt to the groff distribution.

	* src/include/getopt.h, src/libs/libgroff/{getopt.c,getopt1.c}:
	New files.
	* src/include/Makefile.sub, src/libs/libgroff/Makefile.sub: Update.
	* aclocal.a4: Remove GROFF_GETOPT function.
	*,, PROBLEMS: Update.
	* src/include/lib.h: Replace getopt tests with getopt.h.
	* src/devices/grolbp/ Remove inclusion of getopt.h.

	* doc/groff.texinfo: Further checking/updating.  Adding more index

	* man/ Fix nroff mode activation (for emacs).
	* man/ Add missing ligature.

2000-02-28  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* doc/groff.texinfo: Further checking/updating.  Adding more index

	* src/devices/grolbp/ Added a comment line at the
	beginning of the file (similar to shell scripts) which indicates
	that `tbl' should be used as a preprocessor.

2000-02-27  Blake McBride  <>

	Adapting groff to MS Visual C++ 6.0 compiler (tested with
	Windows NT 4.0).  Uses _MSC_VER define where necessary.

	* src/devices/grodvi/ Making stdout a binary stream.
	* src/devices/grolj4/ Making getopt variables `extern "C"'.
	* src/devices/grohtml/, src/devices/grops/,
	src/include/lib.h, src/libs/libgroff/,
	src/libs/libgroff/itoa.c, src/libs/libgroff/,
	src/preproc/refer/label.y, src/preproc/refer/,
	src/roff/groff/pipeline.c, src/roff/troff/,
	src/roff/troff/, src/roff/troff/,
	src/roff/troff/, src/roff/troff/,
	src/roff/troff/ Renaming itoa() to i_to_a() and iftoa() to
	if_to_a() to avoid name	clashes.
	* src/include/posix.h: Don't use unistd.h.
	* src/libs/libgroff/ Use `#ifndef...#else...#endif'
	clause for integrating non-Unix xtmpfile() code.
	* src/roff/troff/ Adding `public' keyword to macro_header
	structure; use "rt" for popen() in pipe_source(); add getpid()
	dummy function.
	* src/roff/troff/ Use special versions of popen() in
	real_output_file() and pclose() in ~real_output_file().

2000-02-27  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	Adding a new driver, grolbp, for Canon CAPSL printers (LBP-4 and
	LBP-8 series laser printers).  This code has been contributed by
	Francisco Andrés Verdú <>.

	* src/devices/grolbp/*: The grolbp output device.
	* font/devlpb/*: The font description files.
	* Add grolpb and devlbp subdirectories.

	* src/devices/grodvi/, src/devices/grolj4/,
	src/devices/grotty/,src/roff/troff/ Minor
	typographic fixes.

	* doc/groff.texinfo: Further checking/updating.  Adding more index

	* NEWS: Updated.

	* src/devices/grolbp/Makefile.sub: Adding $(srcdir).

	* man/ Adding info about obsolete DESC keywords.
	* src/devices/grolj4/ Documenting additional DESC

2000-02-26  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* src/preproc/grn/ Added info about the gremlin file format
	(contributed by Daniel Senderowicz <>).

2000-02-25  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* src/preproc/grn/ Allow values of `narrow' parameter and
	friends to be non-integer.

	* src/preproc/grn/ Document it.

	* doc/groff.texinfo: Further checking/updating.  Adding more index

2000-02-24  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* src/preproc/grn/ Introduce BASE_THICKNESS, defining
	line thicknesses to be integer multiples of this value.

	* src/preproc/grn/ Commenting out the -s option -- the
	corresponding code doesn't work (yet).

	* doc/groff.texinfo: Further checking/updating.  Adding more index

2000-02-23  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* src/preproc/grn/{,}: Using point units to
	specify line thickness instead of base units.  The new default
	values are now 0.15,pt 0.45pt, and 0.75pt for thin, middle, and
	thick lines respectively.

	Removed unused variable `prevval'.

	* src/preproc/grn/ Updated.

2000-02-22  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* src/preproc/grn/ Slight formatting.

	* src/roff/groff/ Formatting fix.
	* src/preproc/grn/ Ditto.

	* src/roff/grog/ Fixing two embarassing bugs.

	* doc/groff.texinfo: Further checking/updating.

2000-02-21  Werner LEMBERG  <>


	* test-groff: Added grn subdir to path.

	* doc/groff.texinfo: Some restructing and other small improvements.

	* src/roff/groff/ (help): Fixed info string.

2000-02-20  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* doc/ Fix description of .GS request.

	* src/roff/troff/ Fixing typo.

	Adding the `grn' preprocessor for gremlin graphic files.

	* src/preproc/grn/*: This is the Berkeley distribution written by
	David Slattengren and Barry Roitblat, adapted to groff by Daniel
	Senderowicz and Werner Lemberg.

	* doc/grnexampl.{me,g}: A sample for grn.

	* Added subdirectory entry for grn.

	* src/roff/groff/ Added support for grn.  It can be now
	called with the switch `-g'.

	* src/roff/groff/ Updated.

	* src/roff/grog/grog.{man,pl,sh}: Updated.

	* NEWS: Updated.

2000-02-11  Gaius Mulley  <>

	* src/include/lib.h: Added xtmptemplate and made xtmpfile
	parametrically polymorphic.

	* src/libs/libgroff/ Implemented xtmptemplate
	and the alterations to xtmpfile.
	xtmpfile can be requested to return the filename created
	and asked not to unlink the temp file.  The default behaviour
	if parameters are absent is exactly the same as before.

2000-02-11  Abramo Bagnara  <>

	A new request `length' is available which returns the length of a
	string in a number register:

	* src/roff/troff/ (length_macro): Implement it.
	* src/roff/troff/ (init_input_requests): Register it.

2000-02-11  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* doc/groff.texinfo, src/roff/troff/ Add documentation
	of the `substring' request.

	* src/roff/troff/, doc/groff.texinfo: Document `length'

	* src/roff/troff/TODO, NEWS: Updated.

2000-02-09  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* src/roff/groff/ Added an example.

2000-02-06  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	I've considerably modified the directory structure of the
	distribution to get a more vertical layout.  For example, the number
	of top level directories has been reduced from 42 to 6.

	As a consequence, many changes, especially to the makefiles, were

	* The makefile variables `top_builddir' and `top_srcdir' have been
	introduced.  Virtually all relative paths have been replaced with
	absolute ones using these two variables.

	* Dependencies (in the files `Makefile.dep') are no longer part of
	the distribution.  Instead, they are created during a `make install'
	in the build directory.

	* aclocal.m4 (GROFF_SRCDIR, GROFF_BUILDDIR): Two new functions to
	make `top_srcdir' and `top_builddir' absolute.

	Some other changes:

	* Man pages now depend on the files `VERSION' and `REVISION'.

	* The added shell script `mkinstalldirs' will replace `mkdir' in
	almost all cases.

	* VERSION: Version number increased to 1.16.

2000-02-04  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* grops/ (read_one_of): Fixed pointer incrementation.

	* Removed $(tmac_m) since it is no longer needed
	(after an update of the mm stuff).

	* troff/Makefile.sub ( Fix dependencies.

2000-02-03  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	The .psbb request will now also accept Mac PS images (i.e. using LF
	as the EOL character).

	* troff/ (ps_get_line): New function, taken from
	(with slight modifications).
	* troff/ (do_ps_file): Use it.

	* test-groff: Add grohtml and grolj4 output devices to PATH.

2000-01-30  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* NEWS, MORE.STUFF: Updated.

2000-01-30  Cary D. Renzema  <>

	Add the `srand' command to pic.

	* pic/, pic/pic.y: Implement it.
	* pic/ Document it.
	* pic/, pic/ Regenerated (with yacc).

2000-01-30  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	Add a new request `.psbb'.  This does exactly what the external
	program psbb did.  It scans a PostScript image file for a
	%%BoundingBox comment and extracts the bounding box values (in
	PostScript units) which	are then stored in the four new (read-only)
	number registers `llx', `lly', `urx', and `ury'.

	This will allow the usage of the .PSPIC macro without worrying
	about unsafe behaviour of groff, i.e., it will work without the
	`-U' switch of groff.

	* troff/ Implement it.
	* tmac/tmac.pspic: Use it.
	* troff/, grops/, NEWS: Document it.
	* psbb/*, Remove it since it is no longer needed.

	This is bloody C code simply adapted from psbb.c!  Any improvements

2000-01-29  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* man/ Minor clarifications.

	* NEWS: Updated.

2000-01-28  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* afmtodit/ Use new `--' comment delimiter.

2000-01-28  Gaius Mulley  <>

	* man/ Brought up to date regarding tcommand
	* libgroff/ Handle everything after `--' as a comment
	in the font files.
	* devps/*: Added comment delimiter inside devps font files.

2000-01-28  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* tmac/tmac.arkup, tmac/ Replace \fC...\fR with
	\fC...\fP (which now works as expected).

	* troff/ Fix typo.

2000-01-27  Gaius Mulley  <>

	Completed the pass_filenames implementation in troff.

	* libdriver/ Will read the new `F' tcommand.
	* troff/, troff/node.h: Will issue the new `F' tcommand.
	* troff/ Use it.

2000-01-26  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* troff/ (set_font): Fix the behaviour of \fP.  The previous
	font will now be updated even if an invalid font is selected.

2000-01-24  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* doc/ Updated for new tmac.arkup.

	* tmac/tmac.html: Disable line breaks after hyphen-like characters.

	* tmac/tmac.arkup: Cleanup.

	Added `\&' to .HTML macro to `leave vertical mode', so to say.

	Removed obsolete .LINK macro completely.

	The macros .URL, .FTP, and .MAILTO now accept a third argument which
	will be immediately appended to the second argument (to be used with
	punctuation, for example).

	Disabled .CDFTP macro temporarily for security reasons.

	* tmac/ Complete revision for latest changes in
	tmac.arkup -- note that it does not yet format correctly with
	grohtml :-(

2000-01-23  Bruno Haible  <>

	* nroff/ Accept -Tutf8 option and pass it through.
	* devutf8/R.proto: Add mappings for wp, lh, rh.
	* devutf8/NOTES: Updated.

2000-01-23  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* doc/groff.texinfo: Updated version/copyright info.

2000-01-21  Gaius Mulley  <>

	Added support for two new directives in device descriptions:
	`pass_filenames' (to pass the input file name to the output device)
	and `use_charnames_in_special' (to support e.g. accented characters
	in the `X' request).

	* include/font.h, troff/charinfo.h: Declare it.

	* libgroff/, libgroff/ Set it.

	* devhtml/DESC: Use it.

	* troff/ New function encoded_char.

	* troff/token.h: Add test for `specialness'.

2000-01-21  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* tmac/Makefile.sub: tmac.a4 and tmac.trace have been removed by
	mistake from the list of files to be installed.

2000-01-18  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* README: Added info how to apply patches.

2000-01-15  Jan Echternach  <>

	* troff/ (ligature_note::operator delete):  Fix g++ warning.

2000-01-15  Gaius Mulley  <>

	* troff/ Add support for troffrc-end.

	* tbl/ Altered to issue table-start and table-end special
	characters if using the html device.

	* devhtml/*: Modified font files to incorporate html encoding of

	* tmac/ New file documenting tmac.arkup.

	* tmac/troffrc-end: New file.  This is invoked after all user
	specified macros.  Currently used by the html device to	include
	tmac.html.  Thus no need for users to specify -mhtml anymore.

	* tmac/Makefile.sub (NORMALFILES): Add troffrc-end.
	(MAN7): Add

	* tmac/, tmac/tmac.html: Small html updates.

	* tmac/troffrc: tmac.arkup will now be called for the html device.

	* libgroff/, libgroff/font.h: Altered to include reading of
	extra device specific information about fonts.

	* doc/ New file.  It is an example how an HTML home page
	could look like with grohtml.

	* doc/Makefile: Add  Remove rule for pic.html.

2000-01-12  Bruno Haible  <>

	* devutf8/R.proto: Add mappings for ti, Fn, st, an.  Change mappings
	of Im, Re.

	* devutf8/NOTES: Updated.

2000-01-08  Bruno Haible  <>

	* eqn/, eqn/, eqn/, eqn/, eqn/,
	eqn/, grodvi/, grops/, grops/,
	libbib/, libbib/, libbib/,
	libdriver/, libgroff/, libgroff/,
	pic/, pic/, refer/label.y, refer/, tbl/,
	tbl/, tfmtodit/, troff/,
	troff/, troff/, troff/, troff/,
	troff/node.h, troff/ Avoid most "g++ -Wall -Wno-sign-compare"

	* troff/ (bracket_node::copy): Initialize last to NULL.

2000-01-12  Fabrizio Polacco  <>

	grolj4: Paper size will be searched case-insensitively.

	* include/lib.h: Add check for strcasecmp().
	* grolj4/ (lookup_paper_size): Use strcasecmp().
	* Check for strcasecmp().

2000-01-11  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* troff/Makefile.sub ( Fix incorrect path to

2000-01-10  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* Makefile.comm,, doc/Makefile: More fixes for the
	revision scheme.

	Add a new read-only register, `.Y', which contains the groff

	* troff/ (init_input_requests): Define it.
	* troff/Makefile.sub ( Define `revision' string.
	* doc/groff.texinfo, troff/ Document it.

	* libgroff/Makefile.sub ( Add definition of
	`Version_string[]', consisting of `<major>.<minor>.<revision>'
	* eqn/, grodvi/, grolj4/, grops/,
	grotty/, hpftodit/, indxbib/, pic/,
	refer/, soelim/, tbl/, tfmtodit/,
	troff/, pfbtops/pfbtops.c: Use it.

2000-01-10  Fabrizio Polacco  <>

	Add a revision scheme to the groff package.

	* REVISION: New file.
	* libgroff/Makefile.sub ( Use it to define
	* grops/ Use revision_string (converted to an unsigned
	integer) in constructor of resource_manager.

2000-01-10  Bruno Haible  <>

	* devutf8/Makefile.sub, devutf8/DESC.proto, devutf8/R.proto: New
	* (DEVDIRS): Add devutf8.
	* grotty/ Include device.h.
	(glyph): Change type of `code' to `unsigned int'.
	(tty_printer): New field is_utf8.  Constructor takes device argument.
	(tty_printer::tty_printer): If device if `utf8', set is_utf8.
	(tty_printer::add_char): Change type of first arg to `unsigned int'.
	(tty_printer::put_char): New function.
	(tty_printer::end_page): Use put_char() instead of ::putchar().
	(make_printer): Pass device to tty_printer constructor.
	* Determine default device by calling 'locale'.  As a
	fallback, look at all of $LC_ALL, $LC_CTYPE, $LANG, $LESSCHARSET.
	Recognize UTF-8 locales.
	* tmac/eqnrc: Recognize utf8 like latin1.
	* tmac/troffrc: Device utf8 needs tmac.tty.

2000-01-07  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* tmac/Makefile.sub: tmac.a4 and tmac.trace will now be installed.

2000-01-07  Paul Eggert  <>

	Add a new predefined writeable number register, `year',
	which contains the current year.

	* doc/groff.texinfo, PROBLEMS, troff/ Document it.
	* tmac/tmac.s: Use it.
	* troff/ (init_registers): Initialize it.

2000-01-06  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* PROBLEMS: Fixed typo.

2000-01-04  Paul Eggert  <>

	* PROBLEMS: Add Y2k advice for the yr number register.

2000-01-03  Paul Eggert  <>

	* doc/groff.texinfo: Fix Y2k bug in documentation of \n(yr.

2000-01-02  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* tmac/tmac.arkup: Slight modification of macros to provide better
	appearance for non-HTML formats.

2000-01-01  Charles Levert  <>

	* soelim/ (include_path_append): realloc(NULL, n)
	does not automatically translate to malloc(n) on all OSes
	(e.g., SunOS) so do it explicitly.  Also, check the returned

2000-01-01  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* tmac/tmac.arkup: Added .LINE macro.  Some formatting.

	* Added $(tmac_m) again since the Makefile in `mm'
	expects this variable

2000-01-01  Gaius Mulley  <>

	* doc/Makefile: Added instructions to create HTML and text
	versions of some files.

1999-12-31  Werner LEMBERG  <>

	* Updated INSTALL.gen.

	* tmac/tmac.arkup: Added fixes so that .FTP and .MAILTO works
	better resp. correctly with non-HTML devices.

Local Variables:
version-control: never
coding: latin-1