sanity.m4   [plain text]

# Check to make sure that the build environment is sane.

# serial 3

# ---------------
[AC_MSG_CHECKING([whether build environment is sane])
# Just in case
sleep 1
echo timestamp > conftest.file
# Do `set' in a subshell so we don't clobber the current shell's
# arguments.  Must try -L first in case configure is actually a
# symlink; some systems play weird games with the mod time of symlinks
# (eg FreeBSD returns the mod time of the symlink's containing
# directory).
if (
   set X `ls -Lt $srcdir/configure conftest.file 2> /dev/null`
   if test "$[*]" = "X"; then
      # -L didn't work.
      set X `ls -t $srcdir/configure conftest.file`
   rm -f conftest.file
   if test "$[*]" != "X $srcdir/configure conftest.file" \
      && test "$[*]" != "X conftest.file $srcdir/configure"; then

      # If neither matched, then we have a broken ls.  This can happen
      # if, for instance, CONFIG_SHELL is bash and it inherits a
      # broken ls alias from the environment.  This has actually
      # happened.  Such a system could not be considered "sane".
      AC_MSG_ERROR([ls -t appears to fail.  Make sure there is not a broken
alias in your environment])

   test "$[2]" = conftest.file
   # Ok.
   AC_MSG_ERROR([newly created file is older than distributed files!
Check your system clock])