flatten.c   [plain text]

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#pragma prototyped

#include <aghdr.h>

#ifdef DMALLOC
#include "dmalloc.h"

void agflatten_elist(Dict_t *d, Dtlink_t **lptr)
	(void) dtflatten(d);
	*lptr = dtextract(d);

void agflatten_edges(Agraph_t *g, Agnode_t *n)

void agflatten(Agraph_t *g, int flag)
	Agnode_t	*n;

	if (flag) {
		if (g->desc.flatlock == FALSE) {
			g->desc.flatlock = TRUE;
			for (n = agfstnode(g); n; n = agnxtnode(n))
	else {
		if (g->desc.flatlock) {
			g->desc.flatlock = FALSE;

void agnotflat(Agraph_t *g)
	if(g->desc.flatlock) agerror(AGERROR_FLAT,"");