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#pragma prototyped

#include	<aghdr.h>

#ifdef DMALLOC
#include "dmalloc.h"

/* The following functions take a graph and a template (node/edge/graph)
 * and return the object representing the template within the local graph.
static Agobj_t *subnode_search(Agraph_t *sub, Agobj_t *n)
	if (agraphof(n) == sub) return n;
	return (Agobj_t*)agsubnode(sub,(Agnode_t*)n,FALSE);

static Agobj_t *subedge_search(Agraph_t *sub, Agobj_t *e)
	if (agraphof(e) == sub) return e;
	return (Agobj_t*)agsubedge(sub,(Agedge_t*)e,FALSE);

static Agobj_t *subgraph_search(Agraph_t *sub, Agobj_t *g)
	return (Agobj_t*)sub;

/* recursively apply objfn within the hierarchy of a graph.
 * if obj is a node or edge, it and its images in every subg are visited.
 * if obj is a graph, then it and its subgs are visited.
static void rec_apply(Agraph_t *g, Agobj_t *obj, agobjfn_t fn, void *arg,
	agobjsearchfn_t objsearch, int preorder)
	Agraph_t	*sub;
	Agobj_t		*subobj;

	if (preorder) fn(obj,arg);
	for (sub = agfstsubg(g); sub; sub = agnxtsubg(sub)) {
		if ((subobj = objsearch(sub,obj)))
	if (NOT(preorder)) fn(obj,arg);

/* external entry point (this seems to be one of those ineffective
 * comments censured in books on programming style) */
int agapply(Agraph_t *g, Agobj_t* obj, agobjfn_t fn, void *arg, int preorder)
	Agobj_t	*subobj;

	agobjsearchfn_t objsearch;
	switch(AGTYPE(obj)) {
		case AGRAPH: objsearch = subgraph_search; break;
		case AGNODE: objsearch = subnode_search; break;
		case AGOUTEDGE: case AGINEDGE: objsearch = subedge_search; break;
		default: abort();
	if ((subobj = objsearch(g,obj))) {
		return SUCCESS;
	else return FAILURE;