NEWS   [plain text]

Notes on 1.7.7 

dot now uses the spline router library, and has code
that can convert arbitrary (non-monotonic) simply
connected box paths into spline constraint polygons,
but this code only runs when drawing self-edges because
only self-edges on record nodes are known to give rise
to non-monotonic spline box paths.


Notes on 1.7.6 "graphtool release"

Added gpr and other stream graph tools.

More minor reworking of cluster sizes and separations.


Notes on 1.7 "bugfix it!"

nmakefiles work again.

Better SVG generator.

Compound edges, courtesy Emden Gansner.

Moved webdot into its own package


Notes on 1.6 a.k.a. "autoconf it!"

Replaced old makefiles with GNU autoconf/automake/libtool generated Makefiles
Configure now tests for existing and (e.g. on RedHat-6.0)

(The nmakefiles are still around, but probably don't work at the moment.)

Merged dot and neato into a single executable which acts like dot if the 
graph is directed, or like neato if undirected.  Also tcldot, webdot, doted.

Added first cut at SVG generator (
that can be used with "gill" as a viewer (

Added first cut at FIG generator for xfig

Added dynamic graph code:  Tcldgr, Tcldgl, dge


Notes on 1.5 a.k.a. "opensourcify it!"

Updated source file comment headers; bug fixes in Lefty scripts.


Notes on 1.4 a.k.a. "the final beta":

New stuff includes bug fixes (what else), the untested imap driver,
the slightly tested drivers for VRML and VTX (Confluent Visual Thought),
cleaned up webdot demo.

Of particular note, we improved neato's layouts using new algorithms
to prevent node-node and node-edge overlaps.  This feature is enabled
by running neato -Gsplines=true -Goverlap=false

To use the GIF generator with Unix, you need to install TrueType fonts.
For copyright reasons, we don't bundle any fonts with graphviz.
You may have a licensed copy on a nearby PC in C:\Windows\Fonts,
or you can download them e.g. from
The built-in default for the TrueType font lookup path in dot currently is
so if it's convenient, you can install the .ttf files in one of these
directories. Otherwise, include the directory of your choice in the
environment variable DOTFONTPATH (you have to set this in your environment
or create a wrapper script for dot).
At a minimum you need to install files for:
courier.ttf helvetica.ttf times.ttf symbol.ttf
It's up to you if you'd like to substitute e.g. New Times Roman for times.ttf,
Arial for helvetica.ttf, etc.

If someone can find freely available fonts and could like to build them
in (somehow) that would be great.  Many of the "free" fonts on the
web seem to be copyrighted and forbid or at least restrict redistribution.

==  lefty  ==

It seems that if LEFTYPATH is not in the environment,
lefty will look for scripts in the first place in the PATH
that contains lefty, by trying ../lib/lefty/<file>.
So as long as things are put in <root>/bin and <root>/lib/lefty,
everything will work.

==  dotty  ==

dotty uses whatever your SHELL variable is set to to start a process.
If this causes problems, a simple fix would be to insert a line such as


in the dotty script before it starts lefty

==  tcldot  ==

The tcldot package is installed in <gviz_root>/lib/Tcldot. If this is not
in your system's tcl library directory, tcl may complain that it
can't find the package. However, you can tell tcl where to look by
setting and exporting TCLLIBPATH, e.g., using ksh/sh,

export TCLLIBPATH=<gviz_root>/lib


Notes on 1.3:

Special thanks are due to John Ellson for the great new GIF driver
(built with the Freetype renderer for TrueType files).
Other major improvements were made by Vladimir Alexiev.  John Mocenigo
has released a compatible graph viewer Grappa written in Java;
visit for further information.
Likewise, we will also have an add-on package of stream graph filters.


Wish List
	a few built-in TrueType fonts
	respectable cluster layouts