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<TITLE>Perfect Hash Function Generator - Table of Contents</TITLE>
<H1>User's Guide to <CODE>gperf</CODE> 3.0.3</H1>
<H2>The GNU Perfect Hash Function Generator</H2>
<H2>Edition 3.0.3, 31 March 2007</H2>
<ADDRESS>Douglas C. Schmidt</ADDRESS>
<LI><A NAME="TOC2" HREF="gperf_1.html#SEC2">Preamble</A>
<LI><A NAME="TOC3" HREF="gperf_1.html#SEC3">How to Apply These Terms to Your New Programs</A>
<LI><A NAME="TOC4" HREF="gperf_2.html#SEC4">Contributors to GNU <CODE>gperf</CODE> Utility</A>
<LI><A NAME="TOC5" HREF="gperf_3.html#SEC5">1  Introduction</A>
<LI><A NAME="TOC6" HREF="gperf_4.html#SEC6">2  Static search structures and GNU <CODE>gperf</CODE></A>
<LI><A NAME="TOC7" HREF="gperf_5.html#SEC7">3  High-Level Description of GNU <CODE>gperf</CODE></A>
<LI><A NAME="TOC8" HREF="gperf_5.html#SEC8">3.1  Input Format to <CODE>gperf</CODE></A>
<LI><A NAME="TOC9" HREF="gperf_5.html#SEC9">3.1.1  Declarations</A>
<LI><A NAME="TOC10" HREF="gperf_5.html#SEC10">  User-supplied <CODE>struct</CODE></A>
<LI><A NAME="TOC11" HREF="gperf_5.html#SEC11">  Gperf Declarations</A>
<LI><A NAME="TOC12" HREF="gperf_5.html#SEC12">  C Code Inclusion</A>
<LI><A NAME="TOC13" HREF="gperf_5.html#SEC13">3.1.2  Format for Keyword Entries</A>
<LI><A NAME="TOC14" HREF="gperf_5.html#SEC14">3.1.3  Including Additional C Functions</A>
<LI><A NAME="TOC15" HREF="gperf_5.html#SEC15">3.1.4  Where to place directives for GNU <CODE>indent</CODE>.</A>
<LI><A NAME="TOC16" HREF="gperf_5.html#SEC16">3.2  Output Format for Generated C Code with <CODE>gperf</CODE></A>
<LI><A NAME="TOC17" HREF="gperf_5.html#SEC17">3.3  Use of NUL bytes</A>
<LI><A NAME="TOC18" HREF="gperf_6.html#SEC18">4  Invoking <CODE>gperf</CODE></A>
<LI><A NAME="TOC19" HREF="gperf_6.html#SEC19">4.1  Specifying the Location of the Output File</A>
<LI><A NAME="TOC20" HREF="gperf_6.html#SEC20">4.2  Options that affect Interpretation of the Input File</A>
<LI><A NAME="TOC21" HREF="gperf_6.html#SEC21">4.3  Options to specify the Language for the Output Code</A>
<LI><A NAME="TOC22" HREF="gperf_6.html#SEC22">4.4  Options for fine tuning Details in the Output Code</A>
<LI><A NAME="TOC23" HREF="gperf_6.html#SEC23">4.5  Options for changing the Algorithms employed by <CODE>gperf</CODE></A>
<LI><A NAME="TOC24" HREF="gperf_6.html#SEC24">4.6  Informative Output</A>
<LI><A NAME="TOC25" HREF="gperf_7.html#SEC25">5  Known Bugs and Limitations with <CODE>gperf</CODE></A>
<LI><A NAME="TOC26" HREF="gperf_8.html#SEC26">6  Things Still Left to Do</A>
<LI><A NAME="TOC27" HREF="gperf_9.html#SEC27">7  Bibliography</A>
<LI><A NAME="TOC28" HREF="gperf_10.html#SEC28">Concept Index</A>
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