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Currently there is just one ChangeLog file for tar, but 
there used to be separate ChangeLog files for each subdirectory.
This file records what used to be in those separate files.

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----- ChangeLog -----

1997-04-25  François Pinard  <>

	* Release 1.12.

	* Check for the inline keyword.

1997-04-24  François Pinard  <>

	* (BABYL): Delete admin/RMAIL, renamed rmail/announce.

	* PORTS: New file.
	(EXTRA_DIST): Adjusted.

1997-04-23  François Pinard  <>

	* BI-PATCHES: Patches for Bison 1.25.
	* (EXTRA_DIST): Adjusted.

	takes care of this already.

1997-04-22  François Pinard  <>

	* Prerelease 1.11q.

	* Use gethostent instead of gethostbyname while
	checking for -lnsl.  It seems SINIX systems require this.
	Reported by Bruno Haible.

1997-04-19  François Pinard  <>

	* acinclude.m4: New fp_WITH_INCLUDED_MALLOC macro.
	* Use it instead of the HP/UX test for GNU malloc.
	Reported by Bruno Haible.

1997-04-17  François Pinard  <>

	* Prerelease 1.11p.

	* acinclude.m4 (cl_FUNC_GMALLOC): New macro, yet still unused, as
	it requires config.guess.  I have to think more about this.
	Reported by Bruno Haible.

1997-04-16  François Pinard  <>

	* AC-PATCHES: Patches for Autoconf 2.12.
	* AM-PATCHES: Patches for Automake 1.1n.
	* (EXTRA_DIST): Adjusted.

1997-04-15  François Pinard  <>

	* Ensure all cpp directives are left justified.
	Reported by Kaveh R. Ghazi.

1997-04-12  François Pinard  <>

	* Add fnmatch.o to LIBOBJS if AC_FUNC_FNMATCH
	says no working copy was found.  This is not done automatically.
	Reported by Bruno Haible, Bryant Fujimoto, John David Anglin,
	Kaveh R. Ghazi, Laurent Caillat-Vallet, Sakai Kiyotaka and
	Santiago Vila Doncel.

1997-04-11  François Pinard  <>

	* Much simplify the -lsocket and -lnsl tests.
	Reported by Larry Schwimmer.

1997-04-11  François Pinard  <>

	* Prerelease 1.11o.

	* Do not check for gettimeofday anymore.

	* Do not anymore blindly add -lnsl if gethostname
	is found, nor -lsocket if setsockopt is found.  Instead, for
	resolving setsockopt, try none, -lsocket, and -lsocket -lnsl,
	in that order.  For resoving gethostbyname, try none, than -lnsl.
	Reported by Ariel Faigon, Heiko Schlichting, Jean-Philippe
	Martin-Flatin, John J. Szetela, John R. Vanderpool, Kaveh
	R. Ghazi, Larry Schwimmer, Marcus Daniels, Mark Bynum and
	Russell Cattelan.

1997-04-10  François Pinard  <>

	* Define _GNU_SOURCE to get FNM_LEADIR_DIR, etc.
	* acconfig.h: Document _GNU_SOURCE.
	Reported by Andreas Jaeger, Becki Kain, Brendan Kehoe, David
	N. Brown, J. Dean Brock, James V. DI Toro III, Jeffrey Mark
	Siskind, Jürgen Reiss, Paul Eggert, Roland McGrath, Rolf
	Niepraschk, Roman Gollent, Thomas Bushnell n/BSG and Ulrich

1997-03-26  François Pinard  <>

	* (ALL_LINGUAS): Add it.

1997-03-20  François Pinard  <>

	* Require Autoconf 2.12.

1997-02-25  François Pinard  <>

	instead of AM_FUNC_FNMATCH. Do not take care anymore of stamp-h
	in AC_OUTPUT, leave it to Automake.
	* acinclude.m4: Replaced whole, from elsewhere.
	* (EXTRA_DIST): Leave README-alpha to Automake.

1997-02-12  François Pinard  <>

	* Delete README-alpha code, Automake handles it now.

1996-11-18  François Pinard  <>

	* Prerelease 1.11.14.

	* (BABYL): Add admin/RMAIL.

	* Check for sys/buf.h, as BSD/OS.
	Reported by Dan Reish.

1996-11-09  François Pinard  <>

	* Replace a missing basename.
	Reported by Bryant Fujimoto, Erick Branderhorst, Greg Black, John
	David Anglin, John J. Szetela, Kaveh R. Ghazi, Kurt Jaeger, Marcus
	Daniels, Santiago Vila Doncel and William Bader.

1996-11-08  François Pinard  <>

	* Prerelease 1.11.13.

	* Replace a missing dirname.

1996-10-07  François Pinard  <>

	* Clean out some macro calls made useless since
	AM_INIT_AUTOMAKE implies them.

1996-09-20  François Pinard  <>

	* Do not check anymore for regex.

1996-09-19  François Pinard  <>

	* Prerelease 1.11.12

	* Check echo for newline suppression.

1996-09-18  François Pinard  <>

	* Do not add open3.o to LIBOBJS anymore.

1996-09-05  François Pinard  <>

	* (ALL_LINGUAS): Add pl.

1996-09-04  François Pinard  <>

	* (AC_OUTPUT): Prepare tests/Makefile and tests/preset.
	* Use AM_ version of fp_ macros.

	* (SUBDIRS): Add tests/.

1996-07-18  François Pinard  <>

	* Prerelease 1.11.11.

	* Use AC_PREREQ(2.10).

1996-07-16  François Pinard  <>

	* (ALL_LINGUAS): Add nl.
	Reported by Erick Branderhorst.

1996-07-12  François Pinard  <>

	* Prerelease 1.11.10.

	* (ALL_LINGUAS): Add ko and sl.

1996-05-01  François Pinard  <>

	* Check for fsync, and linux/fd.h.
	Reported by Marty Leisner.

1996-04-17  François Pinard  <>

	* (EXTRA_DIST): New name for DIST_OTHERS.

	* (ALL_LINGUAS): Add no.

	* (BABYL): Consider rmail/* instead of rmail/*/*.

1996-02-28  François Pinard  <>

	* Avoid PROGRAMS, instead use RMT to substitute rmt.
	* (SUBDIRS): Use intl and po instead of @INTLSUB@ and

	* Check for poll.h and stropts.h.
	Check for nap, napms, poll, select and usleep.

1996-02-12  François Pinard  <>

	* Remove CONFIG_HEADER, not required by Automake 0.29.
	* Temporarily remove a \ in AC_OUTPUT for automake.

1996-02-03  François Pinard  <>

	* Check size of unsigned long (assume 32 bits if
	cross-compiling) and long long (assume not available).

1996-01-14  François Pinard  <>

	* (AUTOMAKE_OPTIONS): Select gnits and dist-shar.
	(dist-zoo): New goal, experimental for now.

1996-01-07  François Pinard  <>

	*  Force distribution of BACKLOG.
	Reported by Jonathan Thornburg.

	* Declare BABYL.  Force distribution of AUTHORS
	and rebox.el.  Add id, ID and dist-shar targets.  Add parts of
	previous as FIXME comments.

1995-12-30  François Pinard  <>

	* Ensure there is a link for libintl.h.
	Reported by Daniel S. Barclay, Göran Uddeborg, Jonathan Thornburg,
	Ken Raeburn and Minh Tran-Le.

1995-12-29  François Pinard  <>

	* Prerelease 1.11.9.

	* New file.

	* Decide if README-alpha should be distributed.
	From Ulrich Drepper.

1995-12-28  François Pinard  <>

	* (AC_OUTPUT): Call sed for po/

	* Distribute ABOUT-NLS rather than NLS, and do not
	distribute config.guess or config.sub anymore.

	* Test for lchown.

1995-12-19  François Pinard  <>

	* Prefer avoiding union wait, and use it only if
	using int fails.  This turns around the previous test, as directly
	checking for union wait is seemingly seeking for trouble.
	Reported by Alan Bawden, Chris Arthur, Coranth Gryphon,
	Jean-Philippe Martin-Flatin, Robert Bernstein and Tarang Kumar

	* Check for strerror, so lib/error.c will not try to
	define sys_errlist in the case strerror is already provided.
	Reported by Coranth Gryphon, Chris Arthur, David J. MacKenzie,
	Erich Stefan Boleyn, Greg Black, Jason R. Mastaler, Michael
	Innis Bushnell, Robert Bernstein, Santiago Vila Doncel, Skip
	Montanaro and Thomas Krebs.

	* Quote the selected shell.  I wonder why this
	error did not show up before!

	* Check <sys/tprintf.h> and <sys/device.h> for BSDi.
	Reported by Chris Arthur and Skip Montanaro.

1995-12-17  François Pinard  <>

	* Be more systematic at caching test results.
	Reported by Ulrich Drepper.

	* While checking for remote tape header files, only
	include <sgtty.h> if it was found to exist.

	* Prefer #if to #ifdef while checking for open3.

1995-11-30  François Pinard  <>

	* Check for net/errno.h and sys/inet.h, trying to
	get EOPNOTSUPP defined.

	* Check for sgtty.h.

1995-11-06  François Pinard  <>

	* acconfig.h: Document HAVE_STPCPY for the time being.  I do not
	understand yet why this is mandatory: it should be automatic
	from AC_CHECK_FUNCS(stpcpy) in aclocal.m4, through autoheader.

	* Use fp_FUNC_FNMATCH, to get around non-working
	versions on SCO Unix 3.2v4.2, and Solaris.
	Reported by Chad Hurwitz, Dennis Pixton, Per Foreby, Richard
	Westerik, Robert Weiner and Tom Tromey.

1995-10-27  François Pinard  <>

	* Add /usr/bin/rcmd as a possible remote shell, as
	this is the name used by SCO Unix 3.2.4.
	Reported by Bela Lubkin and Rodney Brown.

1995-07-23  François Pinard  <>

	* Adapt for GNU gettext 0.8.

1995-07-10  François Pinard  <>

	* (default): Define to all.

1995-06-18  François Pinard  <>

	* For mknod, also include <sys/types.h> prior to
	<sys/stat.h>, as Ultrix needs this.
	Reported by Bruce Jerrick, Bryant Fujimoto, Conrad Hughes, Erich
	Stefan Boleyn, Jason R. Mastaler, Joshua R. Poulson, Jurgen Botz,
	Serge Granik, Simon Wright, Ulrich Drepper and Vince Del Vecchio.

	* Replace execlp as needed (for Minix, mainly).

	* Force compilation of lib/open3.c if required.
	Clean out old NO_OPEN3 code.
1995-06-17  François Pinard  <>

	* Release 1.11.8.

	* (DISTFILES): Distribute config.guess and config.sub.
	Reported by Ulrich Drepper.

	* acconfig.h, aclocal.m4, Last minutes
	additions, and glimpses to the future gettext 0.6.1.
	Reported by Ulrich Drepper.

	* acconfig.h: Document HAVE_MKNOD.
	* Test for mknod only once <sys/stat.h> included.
	Reported by Alan Modra, Ray Dassen and Ulrich Drepper.

	* aclocal.m4: Test for re_rx_search instead of rx_compile, the
	latter not being exported unless RX_WANT_RX_DEFS is defined.
	Reported by Alan Modra.

1995-06-15  François Pinard  <>

	* (dist): Do not hide copying rule.

	* Adjustments to NLS, so .sed scripts may now all
	reside in intl/.

1995-06-13  François Pinard  <>

	* (pot): New goal, triggering po/tar.pot.

1995-06-07  François Pinard  <>

	* Substitute POTFILES by contents of po/POTFILES.

	* More adjustments for GNU gettext 0.6.
	* config.guess, config.sub:  New files, all taken from gettext 0.6.

1995-06-04  François Pinard  <>

	* (check): New goal.

1995-05-30  François Pinard  <>

	* (DISTFILES): Do not distribute SUPPORT, now
	integrated in the documentation.
	Reported by Karl Berry.

1995-05-28  François Pinard  <>

	* Check for isascii, not iascii.
	Reported by Alan Modra, Bruno Haible and Greg McGary.

1995-05-16  François Pinard  <>

	* Prerelease 1.11.7.

	* (DISTFILES): Distribute NLS.
	*, acconfig.h: Many adjustments for GNU gettext.

1995-05-09  François Pinard  <>

	* Clean glocale out.
	* (SUBDIRS): Add po.
	* (pofile): New goal.

1995-05-08  François Pinard  <>

	* Call ud_WITH_NLS, create intl/
	Compute size of unsigned short and unsigned int.

	* acconfig.h: Document ENABLE_NLS, HAVE_CATGETS and HAVE_GETTEXT.
	* Process intl subdirectory.

	* (LINGUAS): Add pt.
	* src/pt.po: New file, for Portuguese.
	Reported by Antonio Jose Coutinho.

1995-03-19  François Pinard  <>

	* acconfig.h: Add description for WITH_CATALOGS.

1995-02-22  François Pinard  <>

	*, Replace `date' by `echo timestamp'.

1995-02-19  François Pinard  <>

	* Support ID files.  Do not distribute TAGS.

1995-02-05  François Pinard  <>

	* (maintainer-clean): New name for realclean.

1995-01-02  François Pinard  <>

	* Check for <sys/ioccom.h>.
	Reported by Joseph E. Sacco.

1995-01-01  François Pinard  <>

	* (DISTFILES): Distribute SUPPORT, with *pre*-releases.

1994-12-18  François Pinard  <>

	* Check for isascii.
	Reported by Bruno Haible.

1994-12-11  François Pinard  <>

	* Use fp_WITH_REGEX.
	* acconfig.h: Document WITH_REGEX.

1994-12-10  François Pinard  <>

	* src/ New file, for German.
	Reported by Ulrich Drepper.

1994-12-03  François Pinard  <>

	* Prerelease 1.11.6.

	* Localize, adapting from how it is done in sharutils.

	* src/ New file, for French.

	*, {,*/}, acconfig.h:

1994-11-26  François Pinard  <>

	* Check for <libintl.h> and <locale.h>.

1994-11-02  François Pinard  <>

	* Check for const only after having found possible
	ANSIfying compiler flags, this is of no use to check it before.

1994-11-01  François Pinard  <>

	* {,*/} Clean up, following those of GNU m4.  I will
	not detail all the changes here.
	* Likewise.
	* acconfig.h: Document PRODUCT and VERSION.

1994-10-04  François Pinard  <>

	* Correct shell assignment for ac_cv_path_RSH.
	Reported by Kaveh R. Ghazi.

1994-09-14  François Pinard  <>

	* Cleanup...  Use subshells for all cd's.
	(MDEFINES): Do not use $(INSTALL...), because ./install-sh will
	not be relocated correctly.
	(DISTFILES): Distribute install-sh, not
	(tags): Make only in lib and src.
	(TAGS): Deleted.
	(distclean, realclean): Remove config.status.
	(distclean-local): Don't.
	(*-recursive): Combine, use sed to strip -recursive in subgoals.
	(Makefile): Have ./config.status create this Makefile only.
	(stamp-h): Have ./config.status create config.h only.  Do not
	create stamp-h here, it is now done from configure.
	( Use date instead of touch.
	* (AC_OUTPUT): Create stamp-h.

1994-09-09  François Pinard  <>

	* Use fp_ macros for accessing aclocal.m4.  Revert
	_OS_ macros to their previous names, to follow Autoconf.

1994-09-08  François Pinard  <>

	* Delete AC_OS_XENIX, now within AC_HEADER_DIRENT.

1994-09-01  François Pinard  <>

	* (PROGS): Warn if $DEFAULT_ARCHIVE was specified,
	while not being found on the current system.
	Reported by Robert Bernstein.

1994-08-31  François Pinard  <>

	* Distribute it.

	* (distclean-local): Delete config.log.

1994-08-27  François Pinard  <>

	* acconfig.h: Document HAVE_UNION_WAIT, no more in Autoconf.

1994-08-24  François Pinard  <>

	* Replace AC_SYS_REMOTE_TAPE by its definition,
	distillating it around.  It is going out of Autoconf.
	Do not backslash quotes anymore while defining unquoted, this is
	now corrected in Autoconf.

1994-08-23  François Pinard  <>

	* Do not define RTAPELIB nor HAVE_RTAPELIB.

1994-08-22  François Pinard  <>

	Little cleanup in installation:
	* Do not check for wait3, this function is not used.
	* Remove useless RSH substitutions.

	* Use `-g -O' instead of `-g' as CFLAGS default
	value, when GNU C is being used.  Delay testing for presets.
	Reported by Chris Arthur.

1994-08-21  François Pinard  <>

	* Prerelease 1.11.5.

	* (BACKLOG, dist, shar): Correct for when a different
	build directory.

	* Check for union wait.  Adapted from make 3.71.

	* Replace both mkdir and rmdir, not just mkdir,
	because NS32016 running SysVr2.2 has mkdir and lacks rmdir.
	Reported by Greg Black.

	* Do not try anymore to discover the archive device
	by looking around for various device names.  If the installer does
	not override it, nicely use `-' as a convenient default.
	Reported by Andreas Schwab and Kaveh R. Ghazi.

1994-08-20  François Pinard  <>

	* Correct a checking message.
	Reported by Bruno Haible.

1994-08-17  François Pinard  <>

	* Replace AC_PROG_RSH with its expansion.  Correct
	the no/true confusion in tests.  Do not substitute RSH anymore in
	src/Makefile, instead define REMOTE_SHELL in config.h.  Replace
	NO_REMOTE by HAVE_RTAPELIB, with inverted meaning.  Substitute
	RTAPELIB by $Urtapelib.o instead of rtapelib.o.
	* acconfig.h: Document HAVE_RTAPELIB and REMOTE_SHELL.
	Reported by Andreas Schwab.

	* Checking for remote shell, use the RSH environment
	variable if set.  This is done only when not already in the cache.
	Reported by Kaveh R. Ghazi.

	* Include <sys/types.h> when testing <utime.h>.
	Reported by Andreas Schwab.

	* Also create doc/Makefile.
	* Add doc in subdirs, set infodir, update MDEFINES.

1994-08-16  François Pinard  <>

	* Undo the `test -b' patch of 1994-08-05.  Ultrix
	4.2 test does not know about -b.  Grrr...
	Reported by Kaveh R. Ghazi.

	* Check for <sys/gentape.h>, HAVE_SYS_GENTAPE_H
	is tested in rmt.c.  Check for <sys/tape.h>, to avoid playing
	with M_UNIX anymore in rmt.c.
	Reported by Daniel R. Guilderson and Kaveh R. Ghazi.

	* Use proper function names in AC_CHECK_LIB's.
	Reported by Alexander Dupuy and Kurt Jaeger.

	* Use $LIBOBJS, not LIBOJBS, while adding to it.
	Reported by Demizu Noritoshi and Kaveh R. Ghazi.

1994-08-15  François Pinard  <>

	* Prerelease 1.11.4.

1994-08-14  François Pinard  <>

	* Decide MTIO_CHECK_FIELD by grepping <sys/mtio.h>.
	* acconfig.h: Document it.
	Reported by Ben A. Mesander.

	INSTALL_DATA, RSH, CFLAGS, LDFLAGS, LIBS, prefix, exec_prefix,
	binprefix, bindir and libexecdir.
	(MDEFINES): New, using the previous substitutions.
	(all, install, uninstall): Use it.
	Reported by Bruno Haible.

1994-08-13  François Pinard  <>

	* Check for <sys/wait.h>.

1994-08-11  François Pinard  <>

	* For <utime.h>, also ensure struct utimbuf is
	defined by the header file before defining HAVE_UTIME_H.  Some
	systems will not define the structure without _POSIX_SOURCE.
	* acconfig.h: Document HAVE_UTIME_H.
	Reported by James W. McKelvey and Robert E. Brown.

	* Instead of replacing strstr, check for it, so
	HAVE_STRSTR gets defined, then replace it explicitely if required.

1994-08-09  François Pinard  <>

	* Updated for Autoconf 2.0.

1994-08-08  François Pinard  <>

	* Replace memset, mkdir (and rmdir), rename, strstr,
	ftruncate, when not found.
	Reported by Kaveh R. Ghazi (for memset and strstr).
	Reported by Bruno Haible (for mkdir and rename).

1994-08-05  François Pinard  <>

	* Remove padding test.
	* acconfig.h: Remove PADDING_IN_TAR_HEADER.
	Reported by Bruno Haible.

	* While defining DEFAULT_ARCHIVE, check for a block
	device, instead of mere existence.  But is `test -b' portable?
	Test for /dev/fd0, instead of for /dev/fd.  Put rct tests last.
	Reported by Andreas Schwab.

	* Define uid_t and gid_t if necessary.
	Reported by Jonathan I. Kamens.

	* (distclean-local): Delete config.cache.
	Reported by Thomas Koenig.

	* Change malloc_dbg to dmalloc, mutatis mutandi.
	* acconfig.h: According changes.

	* Test for broken stat macros, and for mkfifo.

	* Check for ST_BLKSIZE and ST_BLOCKS.

1994-08-02  François Pinard  <>

	* Prerelease 1.11.3.

	* (dist, shar): Distribute the scripts directory.

1994-08-01  François Pinard  <>

	* Check for <memory.h>.

1994-07-30  François Pinard  <>

	* When --with-malloc-dbg, define WITH_MALLOC_DBG and
	add -lmalloc_dbg to LIBS.
	* acconfig.h: Document WITH_MALLOC_DBG.

	* Try deciding DEVICE_PREFIX and DENSITY_LETTER from
	the selected DEFAULT_ARCHIVE.
	* acconfig.h: Document DEVICE_PREFIX and DENSITY_LETTER.
	Reported by Danny R. Johnston.

1994-07-29  François Pinard  <>

	* aclocal.m4: Adapt AC_PROTOTYPES to caching.

	* Using configure as generated by a more recent Autoconf solves a
	problem of rename being rejected on HP-UX in ANSI mode, because of
	a conflicting prototype from <stdio.h>.  In this context, Autoconf
	now uses ctype.c instead for defining __stub macros.
	Reported by Alan Modra, Burkhard Plache, Edward Welbourne,
	Henrik Bakman, Jeffrey Goldberg, Jim Farrell, Kimmy Posey,
	Michael Maass, Mike Nolan, Richard Lloyd, Robert McGraw,
	Robert W. Kim, Stefan Skoglund, Tarang Kumar Patel, Tilman
	Schmidt, Tim Ramsey, Van Snyder and W. Phillip Moore.

1994-07-26  François Pinard  <>

	* Check for <fcntl.h>.  Do not define BSD42, do
	not look anymore if /vmunix, /sdmach or /../../mach exist.
	* acconfig.h: Remove BSD42.

1994-07-24  François Pinard  <>

	* Add gmalloc.o to LIBOBJS, instead of AC_SUBST'ing
	MALLOC.  Check for valloc only if gmalloc.o is not being selected.
	valloc was possibly defined both in "port.h" and GNU malloc.
	* acconfig.h: Add a description for HAVE_VALLOC.
	J.T. Conklin, Nelson H.F. Beebe and Tilman Schmidt.

1994-07-22  François Pinard  <>

	* Use provided fnmatch only as a replacement.

	* Check for <sys/io/trioctl.h>, needed for
	defining _IOW and _IOR on the Tektronix XD88.
	Reported by Kaveh R. Ghazi.

1994-07-20  François Pinard  <>

	* (BACKLOG): New goal, for summarizing the
	maintainance backlog.  Distribute file BACKLOG.

1994-07-08  François Pinard  <>

	* regex.c, regex.h: Use newer versions.  This solves a few
	problems reported by users.
	Reported by Chris Hopps and John David Anglin.

1994-07-06  François Pinard  <>

	* Check for <utime.h>.

1994-07-05  François Pinard  <>

	from the environment.  Check for /dev/tape first while trying to
	decide the default archive, because it is often symlinked right.
	* acconfig.h: Explain DEFAULT_ARCHIVE and DEFAULT_BLOCKING.

	* Use @SET_MAKE@.
	Reported by Jim Meyering.

	* Integrate the check, previously in testpad.c,
	about a needed padding field in the tar header struct.
	* acconfig.h: Explain PADDING_IN_TAR_HEADER.

1994-07-02  François Pinard  <>

	* Check for -linet, this library is required on
	a few systems for gettimeofday() or getservbyname().  Also, on ISC
	4.0, this avoids a broken version of rename().
	Reported by Dean Gaudet, Goeran Uddeborg, Mike Rogers and
	Peder Chr. Norgaard.

	* Ensure -lsocket is tested after -lnsl.  This is
	required in particular for SINIX-Z, an SVR4.0 system.
	Reported by Manfred Weichel and Mark Frost.

	* All tests reordered for clarity.

1994-07-01  François Pinard  <>

	* Use AC_TIME_WITH_SYS_TIME, test for <sys/time.h>.
	This should solve the problem of multiple inclusions of <time.h>.
	Also, also check for <sys/timeb.h>, for getdate.y tests this.
	Reported by Jim Meyering, John Rouillard, Karl Berry and Rick

1994-06-30  François Pinard  <>

	* AC_CONST was already added since 1.11.2, but no
	ChangeLog entry for it, so here is one, with list of reporters.
	* AIX 3.2 RS/6000 IBM's compiler was unable to compile regex.c,
	this might be solved already through improved Autoconf tests.

	Reported by Alexey Vovenko, Ben A. Mesander, Bryant
	Fujimoto, Christian. T. Dum, Christopher Vickery, Dan Bloch,
	David K. Drum, David Lemson, Demizu Noritoshi, Dimitris
	Fousekis, Ezra Peisach, Hugh Secker-Walker, Indra Singhal,
	J.T. Conklin, Jan Hoeglund, Janice Burton, Jeff Siegel,
	Jim Blandy, John L. Chmielewski, John Rouillard, Jonathan
	N. Sherman, Kevin D Quitt, Kurt Jaeger, Mark Frost, Matthew
	Braun, Michael Kubik, Michael Helm, Moritz D. Klingholz,
	Neil Jerram, Nelson H.F. Beebe, Nick Barron, Paul Eggert,
	R. Scott Butler, Rob Parry, Ron Guilmette, Scott Grosch,
	Sherwood and Stephen Saroff.

	* Completely replaced, lurking at the previous one.
	At the same time, solve a few minor problems reported by users.
	The most frequently reported ones pertained to a trailing \ in a
	comment, and rmt installing in /etc.
	Reported by Dean Gaudet, Gerben Wierda, James W. McKelvey,
	John L. Chmielewski, Karl Berry, Mike Rogers, Ralf Suckow and
	Richard Lloyd.

	* Also process lib/ and src/
	Substitute CFLAGS, LDFLAGS and YFLAGS from the environment.
	Use AC_CHECKING instead of using echo explicitely.
	Use AC_HEADER_CHECK(unistd.h) instead of obsolete AC_UNISTD_H.

	* Generate a configuration header file.  This not
	only puts less clutter in make output, but also goes around some
	compilers' limits about the number of allowed -D options.
	Reported by Nelson H.F. Beebe.

	* acconfig.h: New file.

	* Split distribution into a few subdirectories, for easing
	maintainance.  So far: src, lib, scripts, msdos which are to be
	distributed; then rmail, texinfo, ARCH and misc to be kept here.
	* scripts/ChangeLog: Initialized by moving entries related to
	scripts out of this ChangeLog.

	* Taking over maintenance duties.

----- doc/ChangeLog -----

1997-04-23  François Pinard  <>

	* Release 1.12.

	* (EXTRA_DIST): Remove tar-mew.texi for the release.
	(tar.dvi) [!PUBLISH]: Delete @smallbook.  Call sed in all cases.

1997-04-11  François Pinard  <>

	* Prerelease 1.11o.

	* ( Comment about needed makeinfo version.
	Reported by Sherwood Botsford.

1997-04-10  François Pinard  <>

	* (EXTRA_DIST): Add tar-mew.texi.

1997-03-16  François Pinard  <>

	* (tar.dvi): Merely use tar.texi and rely on -I to
	resolve it in $(srcdir).  Remove* files right away.
	(CLEANFILES): Define to tmp-*.

1997-03-14  François Pinard  <>

	RENDITION, PUBLISH, DISTRIB and PROOF respectively.  Ensure that
	`@set DISTRIB' gets replaced after macro-expansion and before TeX.

1996-11-06  François Pinard  <>

	* Prerelease 1.11.13.

	* getdate.texi: New file, from elsewhere.
	* tar.texi: Replace a lot of text by an include of getdate.texi.
	* Adjusted.

1996-08-24  François Pinard  <>

	* Prerelease 1.11.12.

	* (EXTRA_DIST): Remove texinfo.tex, now that Automake
	handles it automatically.

1996-07-18  François Pinard  <>

	* Prerelease 1.11.11.

	* ( Remove -I$(srcdir), which was useless.

1996-07-17  François Pinard  <>

	* (EXTRA_DIST): Include texinfo.tex, until Automake
	does it automatically.

1996-07-16  François Pinard  <>

	* Prerelease 1.11.10.

	* (EXTRA_DIST): Distribute, for now.

1996-04-22  François Pinard  <>

	* Implement rendering levels (QUALITY, DRAFT or DEBUG).

1996-04-17  François Pinard  <>

	* (EXTRA_DIST): New name for DIST_OTHER.

1996-03-03  François Pinard  <>

	* (tar.dvi): Comment about needed makeinfo version.
	Reported by Jonathan Thornburg.

1996-02-12  François Pinard  <>

	* Replace TEXINFO by info_TEXINFOS for Automake 0.29.

1996-01-14  François Pinard  <>

	* (AUTOMAKE_OPTIONS): Select gnits.

1996-01-08  François Pinard  <>

	* New file.
	* tar.texi: New name for tar.texinfo.

1995-12-30  François Pinard  <>

	* (check): New goal, doing nothing.
	Reported by Cesar Romani, Joachim Seelig, Mark Bynum and Ulrich

1995-11-29  François Pinard  <>

	* (clean): Remove tmp-* files.

1995-11-27  François Pinard  <>

	* Use -I$(srcdir) with makeinfo, and
	so in build directory does not shadow the real one.
	(tar.dvi): Depend on version.texi.  Add $(srcdir) to TEXINPUTS so
	texinfo.tex is found, as texi2dvi gets no clue from the file name.
	(DISTFILES): Also distribute

1995-11-22  François Pinard  <>

	* (DISTFILES): Distribute ChangeLog.
	* ChangeLog: New file, extracted from top-level ChangeLog.

1995-06-22  François Pinard  <>

	* Get rid of docwarn.texi, now replaced by
	the @UNREVISED macro, right into tar.texinfo.

1995-06-18  François Pinard  <>

	* (tar.dvi): First macro-expand tar.texinfo.

1995-06-07  François Pinard  <>

	* Use subdir and distdir.

1995-06-03  François Pinard  <>

	* tar.texinfo: Use header.texi.
	* Prepare header.texi from src/tar.h.
	Distribute it.

1995-05-28  François Pinard  <>

	Reported by Bruno Haible.

1995-02-22  François Pinard  <>

	* Replace `date' by `echo timestamp'.

1995-02-13  François Pinard  <>

	* Use top_srcdir.

1995-02-05  François Pinard  <>

	* (maintainer-clean): New name for realclean.

1994-12-03  François Pinard  <>

	* (DISTFILES): Include docwarn.texi.

1994-11-07  François Pinard  <>

	* (stamp-vti): Use new -r option to date.

1994-11-05  François Pinard  <>

	* (realclean): Also remove stamp-vti.

1994-09-14  François Pinard  <>

	* Cleanup...
	(texclean): Deleted, merged into mostlyclean.
	(Makefile): Have ./config.status create this Makefile only.

1994-08-30  François Pinard  <>

	* ( Make the documentation in the source
	directory only.

1994-08-21  François Pinard  <>

	* Correct for when a different build directory.

	* docwarn.texi: New file.
	* Distribute it.

1994-08-17  François Pinard  <>

	* New file.
	* tar.texinfo: New file.
	* texinfo.tex: New, from elsewhere.

----- lib/ChangeLog -----

1997-04-25  François Pinard  <>

	* Release 1.12.

1997-04-16  François Pinard  <>

	* Prerelease 1.11p.

	The distribution did not have getdate.c updated:
	* (libtar_a_SOURCES): Use getdate.y, not getdate.c.
	(EXTRA_DIST): Do not include getdate.y anymore.
	* getdate.c: Specify $(srcdir)/, to silence GNU make.
	Reported by Bruno Haible.

1997-04-15  François Pinard  <>

	* (getdate.c): Announce 13 conflicts, not 10.
	Reported by Bruno Haible, Bryant Fujimoto and Wolfram Wagner.

1997-04-11  François Pinard  <>

	* Prerelease 1.11o.

	* getdate.h: New file.
	* Adjusted.

1997-04-10  François Pinard  <>

	* modechange.c, modechange.h: New files.
	* Adjusted.

1997-02-25  François Pinard  <>

	* Adapt library name to Automake 1.1l.

1996-11-09  François Pinard  <>

	* Prerelease 1.11.14.

	* basename.c: New file.

1996-11-09  François Pinard  <>

	* Prerelease 1.11.13.

	put getdate.c instead of getdate.y in tar_SOURCES and keep
	getdate.c in EXTRA_DIST.

1996-11-06  François Pinard  <>

	* argmatch.c, argmatch.h, backupfile.c, backupfile.h, dirname.c,
	getversion.c: New files.
	* Adjusted.
	Reported by Marty Leisner.

1996-10-31  François Pinard  <>

	* safe-stat.h: Deleted.
	* (noinst_HEADERS): Adjusted.
	Reported by Jim Meyering.

1996-09-20  François Pinard  <>

	* regex.c, regex.h, rx.c, rx.h: Deleted.
	* Adjusted.

1996-09-19  François Pinard  <>

	* Prerelease 1.11.12.

	* execlp.c: Include stdio.h, not only stdio!

1996-09-16  François Pinard  <>

	* open3.h: File deleted after being merged into system.h.
	* open3.c: File deleted, moved back into src/.
	* Adjusted.
	Reported by Jim Meyering.

1996-08-24  François Pinard  <>

	* (EXTRA_DIST): $(BUILT_SOURCES) is no longer
	necessary, as Automake now handles it automatically.

1996-07-16  François Pinard  <>

	* Prerelease 1.11.11.

	* (EXTRA_DIST): Move stpcpy.c there, from tar_SOURCES.
	Reported by Ulrich Drepper.

1996-04-17  François Pinard  <>

	* Prerelease 1.11.10.

	* (EXTRA_DIST): New name for DIST_OTHER.

1996-02-28  François Pinard  <>

	* msleep.c: New file, from elsewhere.
	* Adjusted.

1996-02-12  François Pinard  <>

	* Remove CONFIG_HEADER, not required by Automake 0.29.

1996-01-14  François Pinard  <>

	* (AUTOMAKE_OPTIONS): Select gnits.

1996-01-07  François Pinard  <>

	* Add parts of previous as FIXME comments.

1996-01-01  François Pinard  <>

	* error.h: New file, from elsewhere.
	* Add error.h to HEADERS.
	Reported by Jim Meyering.

1995-12-30  François Pinard  <>

	* (INCLUDES): Add -I../intl to get libintl.h.
	Reported by Daniel S. Barclay, Göran Uddeborg, Jonathan Thornburg
	and Minh Tran-Le.

1995-12-29  François Pinard  <>

	* Prerelease 1.11.9.

	* New file.

1995-11-22  François Pinard  <>

	* (DISTFILES): Distribute ChangeLog.
	* ChangeLog: New, extracted from the top-level ChangeLog.

1995-06-18  François Pinard  <>

	* execlp.c (execlp): New, extracted from src/port.c.
	* Adjusted.

	* open3.h: New, moved from src/.
	* open3.c: New, extracted from src/port.c.
	* Adjusted.
	Clean out old NO_OPEN3 code.

	* insremque.h, insremque.c: Deleted.
	* Adjusted.

1995-06-17  François Pinard  <>

	* COPYING.LIB: Deleted.

1995-06-15  François Pinard  <>

	* (dist): Do not hide copying rule.

1995-06-07  François Pinard  <>

	* Use subdir and distdir.

	* stpcpy.c, xgetcwd.c: New functions needed by gettext.
	* Adjusted to always compile these.

1995-05-16  François Pinard  <>

	* insremque.h, insremque.c: New files, from GNU gettext.
	* Take care of insremque.[hc].

1995-03-19  François Pinard  <>


1995-02-19  François Pinard  <>

	* Support ID files.  Do not distribute TAGS.

1995-02-05  François Pinard  <>

	* (maintainer-clean): New name for realclean.

1994-12-18  François Pinard  <>

	* safe-stat.h: New, from elsewhere.  This solves the fact that
	mkdir.c, rmdir.c and rename.c were needing it.
	* (Makefile): Distribute it.
	Reported by Bruno Haible and Sherwood Botsford.

1994-12-11  François Pinard  <>

	* rx.c, rx.h: New, from elsewhere.
	* Adjust accordingly.

1994-12-03  François Pinard  <>

	* Localize, adapting from how it is done in sharutils.

1994-09-14  François Pinard  <>

	* Cleanup...
	(DISTFILES): Distribute TAGS.
	(check): Deleted.
	(TAGS): Make TAGS in $(srcdir) only.
	(distclean): Do not remove TAGS.
	(realclean): Remove TAGS.
	(Makefile): Have ./config.status create this Makefile only.

1994-08-22  François Pinard  <>

	Little cleanup in installation:
	* (install, check): Depend on all.

1994-08-21  François Pinard  <>

	* Correct for when a different build directory.

	* rmdir.c: New, split out of mkdir.c.
	* Distribute it.
	Reported by Greg Black.

1994-08-17  François Pinard  <>

	* ftruncate.c: Revised, because there is no ftruncate
	capability whatsoever in Interactive Unix.
	Reported by Peder Chr. Norgaard.

1994-08-08  François Pinard  <>
	* memset.c, mkdir.c, rename.c, strstr.c and
	ftruncate.c: New, from elsewhere.
	* Distribute them.

1994-08-05  François Pinard  <>

	* (getdate.c): Tell the installer to expect 10
	shift/reduce conflicts instead of 9.
	Reported by Andreas Schwab.

	* fileblocks.c: New, from elsewhere.
	* Distribute it.

1994-08-02  François Pinard  <>

	* xstrdup.c: New, from elsewhere.
	* Adjusted.

1994-07-29  François Pinard  <>

	* error.c: Add error_print_progname virtual routine.

1994-07-24  François Pinard  <>

	* gmalloc.c: New, from elsewhere.  This renames and updates
	what was previously malloc.c.  This also solves __const vs const.
	* Distribute gmalloc.c.
	Reported by Cliff Krumvieda, Francois Pinard, Henrik Bakman,
	J.T. Conklin, Nelson H.F. Beebe and Tilman Schmidt.

1994-07-22  François Pinard  <>

	* (LIBOBJS): Get configured list of replacements.
	* fnmatch.h: Undefine FNM_PATHNAME and FNM_PERIOD, for HP-UX
	defines them in <unistd.h>.

	* getdate.y: Acknowledging here a few reports which are
	likely solved by going to an updated version of getdate.y.
	Reported by Andrey A. Chernov, Bruce Evans, Dean Gaudet, Ian
	T. Zimmerman, Jeff Prothero, Mike Nolan, Milan Hodoscek, Peder
	Chr. Norgaard, Sarah Quady, Tarang Kumar Patel and Thomas

1994-07-02  François Pinard  <>

	* xmalloc.c: New file, from elsewhere.
	* error.c: New, from elsewhere.
	* Adjusted.

1994-06-30  François Pinard  <>

	* New file.

----- po/ChangeLog -----

1997-04-25  François Pinard  <>

	* Release 1.12.

1997-04-18  François Pinard  <>

	* Prerelease 1.11p.

	* fr.po: Updated file.

1997-04-11  François Pinard  <>

	* Prerelease 1.11o.

1997-03-26  François Pinard  <>

	* it.po: New file.

1997-02-14  François Pinard  <>

	* pl.po: Updated file.

1996-11-22  François Pinard  <>

	* Add src/common.h.
	Reported by Christian Kirsch.

1996-11-18  François Pinard  <>

	* Prerelease 1.11.14.

	* Adjust for changes in src/.

1996-09-05  François Pinard  <>

	* Prerelease 1.11.12.

	* pl.po: New file.
1995-06-17  François Pinard  <>

	* Release 1.11.8.

	* ( Force moving the created .gmo file to
	$(srcdir), in case it was not already found and replaced there.
	(install-data): Find files in $(srcdir) if not in current dir,
	because .gmo files are taken there, right out the distribution.
	* intl/ (DISTFILES): Ensure an all ready stamp-cat-id
	and cat-id-tbl.c into the distribution.
	(stamp-cat-id): Rewrite rule so it replaces files in $(srcdir),
	remove a useless rm and cat.

	* intl/cat-compat.c, int/gettext.h, intl/po-to-tbl.sed, Last minutes additions, and glimpses to the future
	gettext 0.6.1.
	Reported by Ulrich Drepper.

	* (install-data, uninstall): Avoid using basename.

1995-06-15  François Pinard  <>

	* (dist): Comment out tupdate action for now, it
	needs more tweeking before being distributed active.

	* intl/ (dist), (dist): Correct
	missing reference to $(srcdir) on cp call, also avoid outputting
	clutter while doing the work.

	* intl/ Use top_srcdir for referring to $(PACKAGE).pot.

	* ( Get around what seems to be an msgfmt
	bug, which adds .mo even to FILE in `-o FILE'.

	* intl/, Adjustments to NLS, so .sed
	scripts may now all reside in intl/.

1995-06-07  François Pinard  <>

	* POTFILES: New file.
	* Use POTFILES instead of TRANSCSRCS, also use

	* intl/linux-msg.sed, intl/po-to-tbl.sed, intl/xopen-msg.sed: New
	files, all taken from gettext 0.6.

1995-06-05  François Pinard  <>

	* intl/*:  New from GNU gettext 0.6, replacing the previous
	version of this directory.  This change should solve many problems.

	Reported by Bruno Haible, Christopher Vickery, Jan Carlson,
	Jean-Philippe Martin-Flatin, John David Anglin, Joseph E.
	Sacco, Kaveh R. Ghazi, Kurt Jaeger, Mark W. Eichin, Marty
	Leisner, Minh Tran-Le, Stephen Saroff, Thomas Koenig, Thomas
	Krebs and William Bader.

1995-05-16  François Pinard  <>

	* intl/, Many adjustments for GNU gettext.

1995-05-09  François Pinard  <>

	* New file.
	* de.po, fr.po, pt.po, sv.po: New files, adapted from
	the corresponding .tt files in src/.

1995-05-08  François Pinard  <>

	* intl/*: New, from nlsutils.

1995-01-09  François Pinard  <>

	* src/ New file, for Swedish.
	Reported by Jan Djarv.

1994-12-10  François Pinard  <>

	* New file, for German.
	Reported by Ulrich Drepper.

----- scripts/ChangeLog -----

1997-04-24  François Pinard  <>

	* Release 1.12.

	* level-1, level-0: Replace --block-size by --blocking.

1996-04-17  François Pinard  <>

	* Prerelease 1.11.10.

	* (EXTRA_DIST): New name for DIST_OTHER.

1996-01-14  François Pinard  <>

	* (AUTOMAKE_OPTIONS): Select gnits.

1996-01-08  François Pinard  <>

	* New file.

1995-12-31  François Pinard  <>

	* (check, dvi): New goals, doing nothing.
	Reported by Cesar Romani and Ulrich Drepper.

1995-06-21  François Pinard  <>

	* Prerelease 1.11.9.

	* Distribute the ChangeLog, now recovered!
	Reported by Andreas Schwab.
1995-06-17  François Pinard  <>

	* Release 1.11.8.

	* WARNING: New file.
	* (DISTFILES): Distribute it.

1995-06-15  François Pinard  <>

	* sripts/ (dist): Do not hide copying rule.

1995-06-07  François Pinard  <>

	* Use subdir and distdir.

1995-02-05  François Pinard  <>

	* Prerelease 1.11.7.

	* (maintainer-clean): New name for realclean.

1994-12-03  François Pinard  <>

	* Prerelease 1.11.6.

	* ChangeLog: Replaced by a warning for now.  It has
	seemingly been overwritten by the weekly script :-(.

	* (dist): Correct .../examples to .../scripts.

1994-09-14  François Pinard  <>

	* Cleanup...
	(check): Deleted.
	(Makefile): Have ./config.status create this Makefile only.

1994-06-30  François Pinard  <>

	* Prerelease 1.11.5.

	* ChangeLog: Initialized by moving entries related to
	scripts out of this ChangeLog.

1993-11-24  Noah Friedman  <>

	* dump-remind: Send mail notification to the original recipients
	that the dump has been continued when that is the case.

1993-03-31  Noah Friedman  <>

	* level-0, level-1 (LOGFILE): Put logfile in `log' subdirectory.

1993-03-28  Noah Friedman  <>

	* dump-remind (volno): Don't increment by one.

1993-03-25  Noah Friedman  <>

	* level-0, level-1 (TAR_PART1): Use `--block-size', not just
	`--block', which is now ambiguous.

1993-03-24  Noah Friedman  <>

	* backup-specs (TAR): New variable.

	* level-0, level-1 (TAR_PART1): Get path of GNU tar from `TAR'
	variable, don't hardcode it.

1993-03-20  Noah Friedman  <>

	* backup-specs (SLEEP_MESSAGE): put backslashes in front of nested
	double quotes.

	* level-0, level-1 (BACKUP_DIRS): Don't put in quotes.
	(LOGFILE): Use sed to construct name, not awk.

	* dump-remind (recipients): Replaced inefficient pipeline with a
	single, simple sed script.
	(volno): Deal with the possibility that VOLNO_FILE may not be
	created yet.

1993-03-19  Michael I Bushnell  <>

	* backup-specs (VOLNO_FILE): Removed abusive comment by Noah.

1993-03-18  Noah Friedman  <>

	* (AUX): Include `dump-remind' in distribution.

	* backup-specs (SLEEP_MESSAGE): New variable.
	level-0, level-1: Use it instead of external `dont_touch' file.

	* level-0, level-1: Put most of the script in () and pipe
	everything from the subshell through tee -a $LOGFILE.  Since you
	really want most of the output to go to the logfile anyway, and
	since all those pipelines were preventing one from getting the
	exit status of most commands, this seems like the right idea.

	* level-0, level-1 (LOGFILE): Use YYYY-MM-DD (all numeric) format
	for log file name, since that makes the file names sortable in a
	coherent way.  Suffix should always be `level-n' where n is the
	dump level.  level-0 script was just using `-full' instead.

	* level-0, level-1 (DUMP_LEVEL): New variable.  Set to `0' or `1'
	in each script as appropriate.

	* level-0, level-1 (HOST): Renamed to `localhost' for clarity.
	(host): renamed to `remotehost' for clarity.

	* level-0, level-1 (startdate): New variable.  Use it in Subject
	line of mailed report.

	* level-0, level-1: Fixed all instances where sed is called with a
	script on the command line to use `-e' option.

	* level-0, level-1: Don't try to call logfile.sed to filter
	LOGFILE.  It's not distributed with tar and was never really used

	* level-0, level-1: Put quotes around most variable names (barring
	those that are known to intentionally contain text that should be
	expanded into multiple words, like `TAR_PART1').

	* level-0, level-1: Got rid of annoying trailing backslashes in awk
	scripts.  They were gratuitous.  Made them a little more readable
	by adding some whitespace.

1992-10-21  Noah Friedman  <>

	* level-0, level-1: put curly braces around variables for clarity.

	* backup-specs (DUMP_REMIND_SCRIPT): define it (but commented out
	so that distributed dump scripts won't use it by default).
	level-0, level-1 (TAR_PART1): use --info-script if
	dump-remind: new file (intended as an example).

1992-10-15  Noah Friedman  <>

	* level-0, level-1: remove $LOGFILE.tmp files before exiting.

1992-09-24  Michael I Bushnell  <>

	* level-0, level-1 (TAR_PART1): remove --atime-preserve
	because of a total screw.

1992-09-10  Noah Friedman  <>

	* level-0, level-1 (TAR_PART1): put --atime-preserve inside quotes.

1992-09-09  Michael I Bushnell  <>

	* level-0, level-1 (TAR_PART1): Use --atime-preserve.

1992-07-10  Michael I Bushnell  <>

	* level-0, level-1: Avoid silly Sun awk lossage.

1992-04-30  Noah Friedman  <>

	* level-1: Added `$' before VOLNO_FILE in definition of TAR_PART1.
        Added line to remove $VOLNO_FILE from any previous dump before

	* level-0, level-1: Change long options to use `--' instead of `+'
        (support for `+' will go away soon)

1991-10-17  Michael I Bushnell  <>

	* level-0: Repair damage from previous mod: stdin to rsh must
	be the terminal or tar's questions lose.

1991-08-31  Noah Friedman  <>

	* level-0: Fixed several syntax errors associated with
	stdout/stderr redirection.
	Made sure remote host executes commands from sh where redirection
	is necessary, since root's shell might be csh in some places and
	the redirect syntax differs.

1991-07-01  Michael I Bushnell  <>

	* Fix a misplaced quote in level-0 and change some >& into

----- src/ChangeLog -----

1997-04-25  François Pinard  <>

	* Release 1.12.

	* tar.c (main): Attempt to clarify the delayed error exit message.
	Reported by Richard Stallman.

	* list.c (decode_mode): New name for demode.

	* list.c (read_and): Set current_stat.st_mtime before testing it.
	Reported by Sven Verdoolaege.

1997-04-24  François Pinard  <>

	* create.c (dump_file): Before asserting that we cannot access
	a directory, make sure tar is not installed suid root.
	Reported by Dietmar Braun.

	* misc.c (quote_copy_string): Undo 1996-05-02 change, meant for
	the file mangler, now obsolete.  This will do neater listings.
	Reported by Max Hailperin and Noah Friedman.

	* buffer.c, incremen.c, misc.c, tar.c: Replace dangling semicolons
	by continue; or break; depending on context.
	Reported by Robert E. Brown.

1997-04-23  François Pinard  <>

	* arith.c (add_to_tarlong_helper): Compare a superdigit against a
	value, rather than an unsigned sum against zero.
	Reported by Bruno Haible.

	* misc.c (quote_copy_string): Replace many if's by a switch.

1997-04-22  François Pinard  <>

	* Prerelease 1.11q.

	* extract.c (extract_archive): Check if directory extraction was
	attempted over an existing directory before attempting recovery,
	so avoiding extraction loops in cases like DIR/../DIR.
	Reported by Marc Boucher.

	* delete.c (delete_archive_members): New name for junk_archive.
	* common.h, tar.c (main): Adjusted.

1997-04-20  François Pinard  <>

	* tar.c (usage): Update comment about --mode.

1997-04-19  François Pinard  <>

	* buffer.c: Include <fnmatch.h> if necessary.
	Reported by Bruno Haible.

	* common.h: Declare write_dir_file for incremen.c.
	Reported by Bruno Haible.

	* incremen.c (get_directory_contents): Nest an assignment and test
	within another set of aesthetical parentheses.
	Reported by Bruno Haible.

	* tar.c (check_octal): Deleted.
	Reported by Bruno Haible.

	* buffer.c (flush_archive): Add one impossible switch case.
	* delete.c (junk_archive): Add two impossible switch cases.
	* list.c (read_and): Add one impossible switch case.
	* update.c (update_archive): Add two impossible switch cases.
	Reported by Bruno Haible.

	* names.c (name_gather): Explicitly declare allocated_length as
	an int, do not imply it.
	Reported by Bruno Haible.

1997-04-18  François Pinard  <>

	* Prerelease 1.11p.

	* (tar._o, rmt._o): Revise rules further.
	Reported by Bruno Haible and Ken Steube.

1997-04-16  François Pinard  <>

	* arith.h: Prefer a single long over a long long, if possible.
	Also reject long long if it is not long enough :-).
	Reported by Bruno Haible.

1997-04-15  François Pinard  <>

	* buffer.c, tar.c, update.c, common.h: Replace _COMMAND suffixed
	constants by _SUBCOMMAND suffixed.  Rename enum command by
	enum subcommand, main_command_option by subcommand_option and
	set_main_command_option by set_subcommand_option.

	* create.c (dump_file): Remove badperror label, call WARN
	explicitly at the two other needed places instead.  Remove
	badfile label, expand the proper code at the three other
	needed places instead.	Delete the critical_error flag, just
	set exit_status to TAREXIT_FAILURE rather than setting this flag.

1997-04-12  François Pinard  <>

	* delete.c (move_archive): Declare it void.
	Reported by Bruno Haible and Kaveh R. Ghazi.

1997-04-11  François Pinard  <>

	* Prerelease 1.11o.

	* Duplicate rules for the ansi2knr case.
	Reported by Kaveh R. Ghazi and Marcus Daniels.

1997-04-10  François Pinard  <>

	* common.h: Change mode_option from int to struct mode_change *.
	* tar.c (decode_option): Use mode_compile.
	* create.c (start_header): Use mode_adjust.

1997-04-09  François Pinard  <>

	* All: Replace all flag_ prefixed variables by _option suffixed.
	* tar.c: Replace OPTION_ prefixed macros by _OPTION suffixed.

	* buffer.c, tar.c, update.c, common.h: Replace COMMAND_ prefixed
	and delete TOO_MANY_COMMAND.  Turn these into an enum and declare
	main_command_option of this enum type, to replace command_mode,
	which was an int, everywhere.
	* tar.c (decode_options): Initialise main_command_option.
	(set_main_command_option): New function to replace
	SET_COMMAND_MODE.  Diagnostic ambiguous command as soon as seen.
	However, be forgiving if command has merely been repeated.

	* buffer.c, tar.c, common.h: Have info_script_option be at the
	same time a flag and the option value, no need for a separate
	info_script variable.  Rename rsh_command to rsh_command_option,
	tape_length to tape_length_option, compress_program to
	use_compress_program_option, volno_file to volno_file_option.
	* tar.c (set_use_compress_program_option): New function.

	* buffer.c, names.c, tar.c, common.h: Have files_from_option
	be at the same time a flag and the option value, no need for
	a separate namefile_name variable.

	* buffer.c, create.c, tar.c, commun.h: Rename volume_label to

	* incremen.c, tar.c, common.h: Rename gnu_dumpfile to
	listed_incremental_option.  Let it unitialised for just incremental.
	* create.c (create_archive): No need to check both
	incremental_option and listed_incremental_option, as the later
	implies the former already.

	* create.c, tar.c, common.h: Rename preset_owner to owner_option,
	preset_group to group_option and preset_mode to mode_option.

	* create.c, incremen.c, list.c, tar.c, commun.h: Have
	after_date_option be a Boolean instead of a three-valued flag.
	Rename threshold_time to newer_mdate_option, which may be looked
	at without checking after_date_option first, as threshold_time
	before.  Make newer_cdate_option an alias for newer_mdate_option.

1997-04-08  François Pinard  <>

	* buffer.c: Use int after extern to declare time_to_start_writing.
	* extract.c: Use int after static to declare we_are_root.
	Reported by Ariel Faigon.

1997-04-03  François Pinard  <>

	* list.c (read_and): Use the proper enum constants in switch,
	instead of oldish and wrong numbers.
	Reported by Martin Mares.

1997-04-01  François Pinard  <>

	* arith.c [SUPERDIGIT] (zerop_tarlong, lessp_tarlong,
	clear_tarlong, add_to_tarlong, add_to_tarlong, mult_tarlong,
	print_tarlong): Rename all functions by adding a _helper suffix.
	* arith.h [SUPERDIGIT]: Replace function prototypes by macros,
	each calling the function with _helper appended, and extracting
	pointers out of the tarlong structures.
	Reported by Andrew A. Ivanov and Kaveh R. Ghazi.

	* buffer.c (child_open_for_compress): Copy all records coming out
	of the compressor, not only the last one.
	Reported by Alois Steindl, Mark Bynum, Martin Mares, Nelson
	H. F. Beebe, Scott J. Kramer and Torkel Hasle.

1997-03-29  François Pinard  <>

	* create.c (dump_file): Ignore unreadable directories when
	Reported by Ralph Schleicher.

	* create.c (deal_with_sparse): Chain the last partial zero block
	with the preceding data, do not try sparing it.  This correction
	is approximative, as the whole thing should be rethought.
	Reported by Andreas Degert.

1997-03-24  François Pinard  <>

	* All: Rename head to current_header, hstat to current_stat, and
	header_format to current_format.
	* update.c (update_archive): Rename nstat to stat_data.
	* create.c: Do not extern hstat, as common.h does it.
	(deal_with_sparse): Get rid of amidst_data, since numbytes is
	already usable as a flag for the same thing.

1997-03-21  François Pinard  <>

	* names.c (name_gather): Do not declare static variables which
	do not need to be.  Have allocated_length represent the full
	allocated length, instead of only the name part.  It's clearer.
	(addname): Similar cleanups.

1997-03-20  François Pinard  <>

	* compare.c: Always call report_difference when there is a
	problem, so the exit status will be set in all cases.  Build the
	message string if necessary, so avoiding stdargs/varargs.
	(report_difference): If NULL argument, just set the exit status
	without reporting a message.  Move out the word `differs'
	in all callers, do not insert into an English message.
	(read_and_process): Return void, as the int result is never used.
	Assume processors returns nonzero for success and zero for
	failure, instead of 0 for success and -1 for error.
	(process_rawdata, process_dumpdir): Adjusted.

	* compare.c: Remove different as a global variable, it is useless.
	(diff_sparse_files): Make different a local variable, reinitialise
	it on each call.  Otherwise, after any error elsewhere, all sparse
	files were always and falsely reported as erroneous.
	Reported by James E. Carpenter and Tim Towers.

1997-02-25  François Pinard  <>

	* tar.c: Adjust copyright years in --version output.

	* create.c (dump_file): Allow saving directories even with -o.
	Reported by Daniel Trinkle.

1996-11-26  François Pinard  <>

	* compare.c (verify_volume) [FDFLUSH]: Use fsync even in that case.
	Reported by Marty Leisner.

1996-11-25  François Pinard  <>

	* buffer.c (new_volume): Write file name in two words.
	* names.c (name_next): Idem.
	* buffer.c (flush_read): Speak of record size instead of blocksize.
	Reported by Christian Kirsch.

1996-11-22  François Pinard  <>

	* list.c (read_header): Return failure, instead of success,
	whenever checksums do not match.
	Reported by Marc Boucher and Marty Leisner.

	* incremen.c (get_directory_contents): Use stat_data instead of
	current_header for checking normal files.  Otherwise, new or
	modified files in old directories were not dumped, that is, if a
	directory was older than the listed entry, it was skipped
	completely without checking the contained files.
	Reported by David Johnson, John David Anglin and Wolfram Wagner.

	* buffer.c (open_archive): When updating the archive, initialize
	the access variable with reading mode, not update mode.
	Reported by Andreas Schwab.

	* delete.c (junk_archive): Initially jump directly into the loop,
	so deleting a file after a big one will not destroying the archive.
	Reported by Akiko Matsushita, Andreas Schwab, Eric Backus, Jeff
	Siegel, Saul Lubkin, Stuart Kemp and Yasushi Suzudo.

1996-11-19  François Pinard  <>

	* incremen.c (get_directory_contents): Compute distance using the
	start of the proper buffer.
	Reported by David Johnson, Donald H. Locker, John David Anglin,
	Marc Boucher and Noah Friedman.

	* tar.c (usage): Revise the mandatory/optional sentence again.
	Reported by Karl Berry.

1996-11-18  François Pinard  <>

	* Prerelease 1.11.14.

	* tar.c (usage): Explain the purpose of the program.

	* tar.c (usage): Clarify the mandatory/optional sentence.
	Reported by Alex Schmidt.

	* system.h [HAVE_SYS_TAPE_H]: Include sys/buf.h if it exists, to
	avoid many warnings on BSD/OS.
	Reported by Dan Reish.

1996-11-11  François Pinard  <>

	* incremen.c (write_directory_file): Renamed from write_dir_file.
	(get_directory_contents): Renamed from get_dir_contents.
	* common.h: Adjusted.

	* all: Cleanup around local variables, renaming them more
	appropriately, using initializers when natural, and moving them
	closer to the blocks where they are used.

	A bit of reorganisation in the sources:
	* common.h: New file, for holding all GNU tar specific definitions,
	which were previously held in tar.h.
	* tar.h: Now limited to the archive format description only.
	* all: Include common.h instead of tar.h.
	* delete.c: New file, holding delete code out of update.c.
	* update.c: Now limited to appending type of commands.
	* compare.c: New name for diffarch.c.
	* incremen.c: New name for increm.c.
	* names.c: Moved over all name processing from tar.c.
	* tar.c, common.h: Adjusted.
	* Adjusted.

	* system.h (lstat) [!S_ISLNK]: Define as stat.
	* create.c, diffarch.c, increm.c: Remove similar definitions.

	* tar.c: Merge --version-control into --backup, make it obsolete.

1996-11-10  François Pinard  <>

	* all: Add a FIXME comment everywhere errno is modified by tar.

	* buffer.c (new_volume): Return nonzero/zero for success/failure,
	instead of zero/negative.  Callers adjusted.  Use xstrdup on
	file name given by user with the answer "n", so avoiding the
	apparently useless allocation of one extra byte.  Avoid using p.

	* buffer.c: Add DEBUG_FORK conditional code.
	Reported by Thomas König and Ulrich Drepper.

	* misc.c (maybe_backup_file): In the renaming message, say that
	the previous file is being renamed, not the newly extracted one.

	* buffer.c (backspace_output): Change return type to void, since
	returned values were never used.
	* update.c (move_arch): Idem.
	(xdup2): New name for redirect, order of arguments was not natural.

1996-11-09  François Pinard  <>

	* all: Remove all white lines between open braces and comments.

	* tar.h: Declare access_mode as an enum and as a variable.
	Adjust declaration of open_archive.
	* buffer.c: (open_archive, new_volume): Use access instead of
	reading.  Callers adjusted for using enum access_mode arguments.
	(flush_archive, close_archive): Use access_mode, and cleanup.
	* diffarch.c (verify_volume): Use access_mode.

	* buffer.c (child_open_for_compress, child_open_for_uncompress):
	Split of previous child_open_for_compress.  Clean up.
	(open_archive): Adjusted for calling the proper function above.

1996-11-09  François Pinard  <>

	* Prerelease 1.11.13.

	* tar.c (usage): Do not tie --posix anymore to 1.12.

	* extract.c (set_stat): Until we know better, for the time being,
	limit restoring symbolic link attributes to lchown only.

	* all: Mini clean up.  Systematically set logical variables to
	one instead of auto-incrementing them (PDP-11 time is over by
	now! :-).  Replace some single letter counters or cursors by
	variables named counter or cursor.  Simplify a few C constructs.

	* buffer.c, tar.h: Delete read_error_flag, set but never used.
	Rename r_error_count to read_error_count.

	* create.c (clear_buffer): Use memset instead of explicit loop.
	(zero_block_p): Renamed from zero_block, callers adjusted.

1996-11-07  François Pinard  <>

	* rmt.c (private_strerror): Add const's to sys_errlist declaration.
	Reported by Fabio d'Alessi.

1996-11-06  François Pinard  <>

	Renumber options from 3 instead of from 10.  Declare flag_backup.
	* tar.c:  Include backupfile.h.  Implement --backup, --suffix and
	--version-control decoding.  Adjust usage documentation.

	* misc.c (maybe_backup_file, un_backup_file): New functions.
	* tar.h: Adjusted.
	* buffer.c (child_open_for_compress, open_archive, new_volume):
	Use the new functions.
	* extract.c (extract_archive): Idem.
	Reported by Jeffrey Mark Siskind, Karl Berry, Karl Heuer, Marty
	Leisner, Melissa Weisshaus and William Bader.

	* misc.c (assign_string): Moved over from tar.c.
	* tar.h: Adjusted.

1996-10-28  François Pinard  <>

	* tar.h: Declare enum read_header, for return values of read_header.
	* diffarch.c (verify_volume): Adjusted.
	* list.c (read_and, read_header): Adjusted.
	* update.c (junk_archive, update_archive): Adjusted.
	* update.c: Rename prev_status to previous_status.
	* update.c (junk_archive): Delete found_stuff, use logical_status.

1996-10-15  François Pinard  <>

	* buffer.c (new_volume, open_archive): Soften messages.
	* create.c, extract.c: Add quotes around slashes in some messages.
	* tar.c (usage): Added a missing equal sign after --directory.
	Reported by Jan Djarv.

1996-09-22  François Pinard  <>

	* tar.c: Write --no-recursion instead of --no-recurse.
	Reported by Noah Friedman.

1996-09-20  François Pinard  <>

	* tar.h: Delete label_pattern.
	* tar.c (main): Do not compile anymore volume_label as a regexp.
	(usage): Document --label as accepting a globbing pattern.
	* buffer.c, tar.c: Do not include regex.h neither rx.h.
	* buffer.c (check_label_pattern): New function.
	(open_archive, flush_read): Use it, instead of re_match.

	* tar.c (decode_options): Better space --version output.

1996-09-19  François Pinard  <>

	* Prerelease 1.11.12

	* (EXTRA_PROGRAMS): Compile rmt properly, instead of
	letting make use default .c to executable rule.

	* tar.c: Include getopt.h.
	* system.h: Don't.

	* increm.c (get_dir_contents): Consider all NFS devices as equal
	before deciding that a directory was renamed, so automount will
	not fool GNU tar into spurious incremental redumping.
	Reported by Frank Koenen, Giorgio Signorini, Joachim Holzfuss,
	Konno Hiroharu, R. Kent Dybvig and Wolfram Wagner.

	* tar.c (usage): Add bug report address in --help output.
	(decode_options): Add copyright and authors in --version output.

	* increm.c: New name for gnu.c.
	* (tar_SOURCES): Adjusted.

	* gnu.c (init_buffer, add_buffer, get_buffer, flush_buffer): Moved
	over from misc.c.  Deleted is_dot_or_dot_dot and remove_any_file.
	* misc.c (is_dot_or_dotdot, remove_any_file): Moved over from gnu.c.
	Deleted init_buffer, add_buffer, get_buffer and flush_buffer.
	* tar.h: Adjusted.

1996-09-18  François Pinard  <>

	* buffer.c (write_error): Obey --totals before aborting.
	Reported by Greg Chung.

	* buffer.c (read_error, write_error): Renamed from readerror and
	* tar.c (read_name_from_file): Rename c to character.

1996-09-17  François Pinard  <>

	* arith.h (tarlong): The typedef tarlong, when an array, is now
	wrapped inside a struct to avoid bugs in EWS 4.2 C compiler.
	* arith.c: Adjusted.
	Reported by Paul Eggert.

	* buffer.c: Declare archive_stat statically.
	(open_archive): Do not declare archive_stat locally.
	(close_archive): Limit archive draining to while reading a pipe.
	Reported by Andreas Schwab.

1996-09-16  François Pinard  <>

	* system.h: Define protected defaults for open parameter symbols.
	[EMUL_OPEN3]: Intercept open calls and redirect them to open3.
	* open3.c: New file, moved over from lib/.  Merely include
	system.h rather than config.h, errno.h and open3.h.
	[EMUL_OPEN3]: The compilation of the file depends on this symbol.
	When it was in lib/, we were using LIBOBJS to control this.
	* Adjusted.
	* extract.c: Don't call open3.h.
	Reported by Jim Meyering.

1996-09-09  François Pinard  <>

	* (libexec_PROGRAMS): Rely on @RMT@, not rmt.
	(bin_PROGRAMS): Do not include @RMT@.

	* gnu.c (remove_any_file): Protect value of errno in case
	of failure to remove a directory, in non-recursive mode.
	This should correct spurious diagnostics while extracting
	directories over already existing hierarchies.
	Reported by Martin Mares and Marty Leisner.

1996-09-04  François Pinard  <>

	* gnu.c (read_dir_file): Diagnose file names over PATH_MAX.
	(get_dir_contents, add_dir_name): Increase namebuf many times if
	this is	needed to receive a loong file name.
	Reported by Carsten Heyl.

	* (tar.o, rmt.o): Special rules for defining
	LOCALEDIR, instead of having it defined on all compiles.

	* Remove check related lines, moved over to tests/.

1996-09-03  François Pinard  <>

	* Use genfile in check_PROGRAMS, not noinst_PROGRAMS.
	(check-local): Do not depend on genfile.

1996-08-24  François Pinard  <>

	* (EXTRA_DIST): Do not mention ansi2knr.1 nor
	ansi2knr.c, as Automake now handle them automatically.

1996-07-18  François Pinard  <>

	* arith.h: Include tar.h, not arith.h, so FATAL_ERROR is defined.
	[!SUPER_DIGIT]: Declare arguments to ..._tarlong routines as
	pointers to unsigned long and not arrays, for avoiding pointers
	to arrays, and nevertheless have arrays passed by reference
	rather than by value.
	* arith.c: Adjusted function headers accordingly.
	* buffer.c, tar.c: Removed address-of operators, using tarlongs.
	Reported by Christian T. Dum, Jim Meyering and Kaveh R. Ghazi.

	* arith.h [SUPER_DIGIT]: Avoid indirection in all macros for
	Accumulators.  This, in particular, solves a bug where the pointer
	value itself was printed, rather than the pointed to value.
	Reported by Drew Sullivan and Wolfram Wagner.

	* (EXTRA_DIST): Include ansi2knr.[1c] for now.
	Reported by Christian T. Dum, Jim Meyering and Kaveh R. Ghazi.

1996-07-17  François Pinard  <>

	* Prerelease 1.11.11.

	* (check-local): Ensure relinking if the service
	libraries where modified (waiting for Automake to do it!).

1996-07-16  François Pinard  <>

	* rmt.c (strerror): It is a macro on some systems.
	Reported by Santiago Vila Doncel.

1996-07-15  François Pinard  <>

	* Prerelease 1.11.10.

	* Use a more regular WARNING in message.

1996-07-09  François Pinard  <>

	* tar.h: Declare that unquote_string as returning int, not char *.
	* misc.c (unquote_string): New name for un_quote_string.  Clean
	up a bit, return a boolean indicator for success, not a string.
	* gnu.c (read_dir_file), mangle.c (extract_mangle), tar.c
	(add_exclude): Callers adjusted, so they never use a NULL return
	as an actual string.  In fact, the result of unquote_string is
	always used, even if the quoting was improper.
	Reported by Johan Vromans.

1996-05-03  François Pinard  <>

	* tar.h: Define TTY_NAME as a macro, instead of an external array.
	* tar.c: Remove declaration of TTY_NAME.

	* tar.h: Rename new_time to threshold time.  Make it GLOBAL.
	* tar.c, create.c, gnu.c, list.c: Adjusted.
	(decode_options): Clarify -N and --newer-mtime decoding, ensure
	one of them is called at most, otherwise it would misbehave.

1996-05-02  François Pinard  <>

	* misc.c (quote_copy_string): Ensure spaces are backslash-quoted.
	Reported by Max Hailperin.

	* list.c (decode_header): Some clean up.  Recognize POSIX archive
	headers, avoid fetching atime or ctime in this case.
	[!S_IFBLK || !S_IFCHR]: Ensure st_rdev is cleared appropriately.
	* tar.h: Rename head_standard to header_format, so turning an
	int to an enum archive_format.  Adjust decode_header prototype.
	* diffarch.c, extract.c, list.c, update.c: Usages changed.
	* create.c: Ensure oldgnu_header is only used when OLDGNU_FORMAT.
	(Correction just starting to be made--will be comprehensive...)
	Reported by Anders Andersson, Bdale Garbee, Chris G Demetriou and
	David J. MacKenzie.

	* buffer.c, gnu.c, rtapelib.c, tar.c: Diagnose errors on fclose.
	Reported by Jim Meyering.

1996-05-01  François Pinard  <>

	* buffer.c (close_archive): If reading and the archive is
	finished, read until end of archive, for avoiding an error
	message from the upstream process if we are reading from a pipe.
	Reported by Bennett Todd, Dick Streefland, Don Bennett, Ian Lance
	Taylor, Jean-loup Gailly and Piercarlo Grandi.

	* create.c (dump_file): Add note about accuracy of st_blocks.
	Reported by Dick Streefland.

	* diffarch.c: Include <linux/fd.h> if it exists.
	(verify_volume): fsync, than ioctl(, FDFLUSH) first.
	Reported by Marty Leisner.

1996-04-29  François Pinard  <>

	* list.c (isotime): New function.
	(print_header) [!USE_OLD_CTIME]: Use it instead of ctime.
	Reported by Karl Berry and Markus Kuhn.

1996-04-23  François Pinard  <>

	* extract.c (set_stat): Accept a new parameter telling if this is
	a symbolic link.  In this case, and if lchown exists, use it
	instead of chown.  Callers adjusted.
	(extract_archive): Do call set_stat over restored symbolic links.
	Reported by Andreas Koppenhoefer, Bernard Derval, Ian Jackson,
	Matt Power, Warren Dodge and Wolfram Gloger.

	* extract.c (extr_init): If the umask was very restrictive at
	start of tar, nevertheless ensure we create intermediate
	directories with such permissions that we can at least add files
	into them.
	(extract_archive): Same, but for final directory.  Ensure
	directory attributes are restored in all cases.
	Reported by Piercarlo Grandi.

	* tar.c: Implement --owner, --group and --mode options.
	* tar.h: Declare preset_owner, preset_group and preset_mode.
	* create.c: Obey these variables.
	Reported by Ken Raeburn, Richard Stallman and Stephen Gildea.

	* create.c (dump_file): When wanting the length of the link
	name, use strlen, rather then doing wrong arithmetic giving
	the number of removed slashes at the beginning of it.
	Reported by Brian R. Smith.

	* create.c (start_header): Try removing leading slashes even for
	long file names.
	Reported by Art Isbell, Fritz Elfert and Robert E. Brown.

	* buffer.c (new_volume): Avoid calling closeout_volume_number if
	the --volno-file option was not specified, so avoiding crashes.
	* tar.c (usage): Document the --volno-file option.
	Reported by Christoph Litauer, Daniel S. Barclay, David Taylor,
	Erik D. Frederick, Larry Creech, Loïc Prylli, Loren J. Rittle,
	Marty Leisner, Neil Faulks, Paul Mitchell, Rocky Giannini, Roy
	Marantz, Sylvain Rougier, Timothy J. Lee and Werner Almesberger.

1996-04-22  François Pinard  <>

	* system.h (N_): Define marking macro for delayed translations.
	* rmt.c: Use N_ instead of _ for returned strings.  It does not
	make sense translating messages in a remote process, not knowing
	the language in use in the local process.

1996-04-18  François Pinard  <>

	Instead of -UU for removing directories, request a long option.
	* tar.c: Implement --recursive-unlink.
	(usage): Document --recursive-unlink.
	(decode_options): Have --recursive-unlink imply --unlink-first.
	* tar.h: Declare --recursive-unlink.
	* extract.c (extract_archive): Use flag_recursive_unlink instead
	of flag_unlink_first > 1.
	Reported by Andreas Schwab.

1996-04-17  François Pinard  <>

	* (EXTRA_DIST): New name for DIST_OTHER.

	* tar.c (addname, name_gather): Zero out freshly allocated struct
	name, to prevent garbage to get into the structure.
	Reported by Jonathan Kamens.

1996-03-28  François Pinard  <>

	* create.c (dump_file): Cast %ld argument to (long).
	Reported by Constantin Belous and Jörgen Hägg.

1996-03-21  François Pinard  <>

	* tar.c (main): Return int, not void.
	Reported by Timothy J. Lee and Peter Seebach.

1996-02-28  François Pinard  <>

	* Use RMT instead of PROGRAMS and noinst_HEADERS
	instead of HEADERS.

1996-02-12  François Pinard  <>

	* Remove CONFIG_HEADER, not required by Automake 0.29.

1996-02-03  François Pinard  <>

	Ensure --totals work correctly for huge archives:
	* arith.h, arith.c: New files.
	* Use arith.h and arith.c.
	* tar.h: Do not declare tot_written anymore, include "arith.h".
	* tar.c (main): Call init_total_written and print_total_written.
	* buffer.c: Rename tot_written to total_written, make it tarlong.
	(init_total_written, print_total_written): New routines.
	Reported by Albert W. Dorrington, Chris F.M. Verberne, David
	Martin, Eduardo Villasenor de Rivas, Greg Chung, Jim Meyering,
	John R. Vanderpool, Jon Lewis, Jörg Weule, Jörgen Hägg, Rod
	Thompson, Russell Cattelan, Ted Rule and Tor Lillqvist.

	Ensure --tape-length is usable for huge media:
	* tar.h: Declare tape_length as tarlong instead of int.
	* tar.c (decode_option): Decode tape_length as tarlong, and use
	its value pre-multiplied by 1024.
	* buffer.c (flush_write): Use bytes_written and tape_length as
	tarlongs.  Declare bytes_written outside flush_write.
	(init_total_written): Zero out bytes_written as well.
	Reported by Dave Barr.

1996-01-15  François Pinard  <>

	* rtapelib.c (rmt_open__) [MSDOS]: Do not call setuid/setgid.
	Reported by Yasushi Suzudo.

1996-01-14  François Pinard  <>

	* (AUTOMAKE_OPTIONS): Select gnits and ansi2knr.

1996-01-08  François Pinard  <>

	* create.c: Initialize linklist to NULL.
	Reported by Bradley A. Smith.

1996-01-07  François Pinard  <>

	* Add parts of previous as FIXME comments.

1996-01-03  François Pinard  <>

	* tar.c (usage): Avoid an unescaped new line.
	Reported by Kaveh R. Ghazi and Mark Bynum.

	* system.h: Declare valloc if it exists and is not #defined.
	* create.c (start_header): Add missing DEFAULT_FORMAT case.
	* gnu.c (read_dir_file): Use NULL instead of (char *) 0.

	* Install rmt in $(libexec), not in sbin.

	* tar.c (decode_options): Add a semicolon so default case is
	not completely empty, for better ANSI C compliance.
	Reported by John David Anglin, Kaveh R. Ghazi and Mark Bynum.

1996-01-02  François Pinard  <>

	* buffer.c (open_archive): Allocate real_s_name at run time
	instead of statically, because PATH_MAX is not always constant.
	Reported by Bruno Haible, John David Anglin, Jonathan Thornburg,
	Kaveh R. Ghazi, Martin Bellenberg, Marty Leisner, Nelson
	H. F. Beebe, Roland McGrath and Thomas König.

	* (DIST_OTHER): Distribute BACKLOG.
	Reported by Marty Leisner.

1996-01-01  François Pinard  <>

	* system.h: Include "error.h" instead of declaring error ().
	Reported by Jim Meyering.

1995-12-31  François Pinard  <>

	* New file.

1995-12-30  François Pinard  <>

	* Define LOCALEDIR in DEFS.
	* system.h [!ENABLE_NLS]: Add replacement for bindtextdomain.
	* tar.c (main): Add call to bindtextdomain.
	* rmt.c (main): Add calls to bindtextdomain and textdomain.
	Reported by Ulrich Drepper.

	* buffer.c, create.c, diffarch.c, gnu.c, list.c, rmt.h, system.h,
	tar.h, update.c: Replace __P by PARAMS, to respect ANSI C.
	* rtapelib.c, rmt.h: Replace all __rmt* symbols by rmt*__.

1995-12-28  François Pinard  <>

	* Prerelease 1.11.9.

	* extract.c (extr_init): Initialize variables in any case,
	instead of partly relying on static initializations.  Remove
	static initializations for those variables.

1995-12-24  François Pinard  <>

	* extract.c (extract_archive): On systems not having symbolic
	links, attempt extracting symbolic links as hard links instead,
	as POSIX suggests.  Emit a diagnostic on first occurrence.

	* extract.c (extract_archive): On systems not having contiguous
	files, continue extracting them as regular files as before, but
	emit a diagnostic on first occurrence.

1995-12-23  François Pinard  <>

	* tar.h: Declare remove_any_file.
	* gnu.c (remove_any_file): New name for recursively_delete.
	Add a parameter to control recursion.  Inverse return value,
	so 0 is failure.  Ensure errno is always valid in this case.
	(gnu_restore): Specify recursion when calling remove_any_file.
	* extract.c (maybe_recoverable): New routine.
	(extract_archive): Call maybe_recoverable rather than
	make_directories, so deleting files is also tried.  Some cleanup.

	* tar.h: Declare flag_unlink_first.
	* tar.c (decode_options): Decode --unlink-first (-U).
	(usage): Document it.
	* extract.c (extract_archive): With -U, call remove_any_file
	prior to extraction for everything except directories.

	Reported by Andrew J. Schorr, Andrey A. Chernov, Axel Boldt, Bo
	Nygaard Bai, Chris F.M. Verberne, Chris G. Demetriou, Christian
	Callsen, Daniel S. Barclay, Ian Jackson, James Stevens, Seth
	Robertson, Tito Flagella, Warner Losh and Wolfram Wagner.

1995-12-22  François Pinard  <>

	* tar.c (name_close): Specify static.
	(main): Call name_close after create_archive.
	* create.c (create_archive): Do not call name_close.

	* tar.c: Clean out names_arg[cv] crumb.
	(name_next): Simplify routine by merging both loops.
	(addname): Avoid xstrdup'ing result of new_name, this corrects a
	memory leak.

	* extract.c: Normalize error message so the file is identified at
	the beginning of it.

	* tar.h (USAGE_ERROR): New macro.
	* tar.c: Use USAGE_ERROR as far as possible.  Cleanup and
	normalization in string for usage errors.  Better detection of
	conflicting options about archive format or compression program.

	* tar.c (decode_options): Decouple cases for -C and files.  Count
	number of input files.  Cowardly refuse to create an empty archive
	file, if -c is given without input file or list.
	Reported by Karl Berry and Robert Bernstein.

1995-12-21  François Pinard  <>

	* buffer.c: Rename a few err variables to status.
	* extract.c: Rename a few check variables to status.

	Corrections to speed-up the sizeing pass in Amanda:
	* tar.h: Declare dev_null_output.
	* buffer.c (open_archive): Detect when archive is /dev/null.
 	(flush_write): Avoid writing to /dev/null.
	* create.c (dump_file): Do not open file if archive is being
	written to /dev/null, nor read file nor restore times.
	Reported by Greg Maples and Tor Lillqvist.

	* gnu.c: Have dir_list properly initialized to NULL.
	Reported by Paul Nordstrom and Tim Lashua.

	* extract.c: Rename ourmask to newdir_umask.  Rename and
	complement notumask to current_umask.
	* list.c (print_for_mkdir): New name for pr_mkdir.
	* tar.h: Adjust declaration.
	* extract.c (make_directories): New name for make_dirs.  Some
	cleanup in variable names.

	* extract.c: Let newdir_umask be a global variable.
	(make_directories): Use newdir_umask while creating intermediate
	directories.  They used to be 0777 unconditionally.
	Reported by Bruce Evans, Harald König and James Crawford Ralston.

1995-12-20  François Pinard  <>

	* create.c (finish_header): Avoid printing the header for long
	names or links, this avoids spurious `Visible longname error's.

	Reported by Arne Wichmann, Chris F.M. Verberne, Frank Koenen,
	Franz-Werner Gergen, Ian Jackson, Jon Lewis, Mark Kollert, Paul
	Nordstrom, Ted Rule, Thomas Priesner, Tim Rylance and Tom Tromey.

1995-12-19  François Pinard  <>

	* buffer.c: Have real_s_name able to hold PATH_MAX characters,
	not only NAME_FIELD_SIZE.  It was breaking --multi-volume
	--listed-incremental when backing up long file names.
	Many symptoms really: a screwed-up date on the incremental data
	file, dumping incremental which should not have been, etc.
	* (flush_read): Avoid altering save_name pointer value, use
	cursor instead.  Also avoid the optimization of cleaning each
	save_name only once per flush_read if it did not change: it
	was using `save_name = real_s_name;', and since save_name may
	be freed at any time, this is/was really running after trouble.

	Reported by Alexander V. Lukyanov, Axel Habermann, Chance
	Reschke, Claus Heine, Christian von Roques, Daniel Hagerty,
	Daniel S. Barclay, Dirk Herr-Hoyman, Donald H. Locker, Ed Childs,
	Heiko Schinke, Hunyue Yau, Goeran Uddeborg, Grant McDorman,
	Joachim Seelig, Joe DeBattista, Jonathan Thornburg, Joutsiniemi
	Tommi Il, Jürgen Lüters, Keith Young, Kelly Stephens, Kevin
	Dalley, Konno Hiroharu, Larry Creech, Martin Mares, Michael
	Dietrich, Michael Giddings, Michael Meissner, Michael P Urban,
	Paul Siddall, Pierce Cantrell, Peter Fox, Robert Frey, Roderich
	Schupp, Sam Richards, Stephen J Bevan, Torsten Lull, Wolfram
	Gloger and Yu-Min Liang.

	* system.h: Include <sys/tprintf.h> and <sys/device.h> for BSDi.
	Reported by Chris Arthur, Dan Reish, Karl Berry and Skip Montanaro.

	* rmt.c (private_strerror):  New, copied from lib/error.c.
	Remove sys_errlist declaration, and use syserror instead.
	Reported by Chris Arthur, Coranth Gryphon, Erich Stefan Boleyn,
	Fabio d'Alessi, Greg Hudson, Jason R. Mastaler, Skip Montanaro,
	Thomas Krebs and Troy Rudolph.

1995-12-17  François Pinard  <>

	* extract.c (extract_archive): Unrecognized types were defaulted
	to sparse files instead of regular files, because of an improper
	/* Fall through.  */.

	* create.c, diffarch.c, extract.c, gnu.c, list.c, rtapelib.c,
	tar.c: Drop register specifications, useless in GNU's tar, as
	tar does not use longjmp, and GNU C has -O automagically set.

	* extract.c (extract_archive): Inhibit creation of links, special
	devices, directories, etc., when --to-stdout option is being used.
	Reported by Donald B Gordon, Gerben Wierda, Greg Chung, Norbert
	Kiesel and Roman Czyborra.

1995-12-04  François Pinard  <>

	* tar.h: Implement FATAL_ERROR, telling error is not recoverable.
	* tar.c (main): Diagnose delayed error, for TAREXIT_FAILURE only.
	* buffer.c, diffarch.c, gnu.c, list.c, tar.c, update.c: Replace
	Reported by Marty Leisner.

	* list.c (read_and): When telling block numbers in verbose output,
	clearly list block numbers for NUL blocks and end of file.
	Reported by Jörg Weule.

	* tar.c (usage): Document --newer-time.
	Reported by Greg Chung.

1995-11-30  François Pinard  <>

	* system.h: Conditionally include <sgtty.h> prior to <mtio.h>.
	* rmt.c: Do not include <sgtty.h> anymore.
	Reported by Harald König and Kaveh R. Ghazi.

	* rtapelib.c: Remove seemingly useless include of setjmp.h.

	* rtapelib.c: Try to get EOPNOTSUPP defined in all cases.
	If needed, include net/errno.h or sys/inet.h when they exist.
	Reported by Goeran Uddeborg, J.J. Bailey, John L. Chmielewski,
	Peder Chr. Norgaard and Yasushi Suzudo.

1995-11-29  François Pinard  <>

	* tar.c (decode_options): Diagnose --block-compress properly.
	Was segment violating because falling into --blocking-factor.

	* buffer.c, create.c, diffarch.c, genfile.c, gnu.c, tar.c:
	Uniformly write nonzero instead of non-zero.
	Reported by Karl Berry.

	* system.h, buffer.c, create.c, diffarch.c, tar.c, update.c [MSDOS]:
	Instead of __MSDOS__, all occurrences.
	* extract.c (extract_archive) [MSDOS]: Avoid delaying restoration
	of timestamps for directories.
	* buffer.c (child_open_for_compress): Add a missing semi-colon.
	* diffarch.c (diff_archive): Avoid comparing uid and gid.
	Reported by Yasushi Suzudo.

	* tar.c (usage): Correct absolute-paths to absolute-names.
	Reported by Jonathan Kamens.

	* tar.c (usage): Indicate that --exclude uses globbing, and that
	--label uses regexps.
	Reported by John R. Vanderpool and Matti Aarnio.

	* tar.c (names_notfound): Do not report a fake namelist entry, so
	gzipped empty archives will not produce spurious diagnostics.
	Reported by Jonathan Kamens.

1995-11-23  François Pinard  <>

	* tar.c (name_scan, name_match): Avoid labels and gotos.

1995-11-22  François Pinard  <>

	* (DISTFILES): Distribute ChangeLog.

	* ChangeLog: New, extracted from top-level ChangeLog.

	* tar.c (main, decode_options): Delay request_stdin for `-f'
	until all options processed, so we now for sure that `-' means
	standard input, not standard output.

	* tar.c (usage): Document that users should not count on
	POSIX support yet, saying it is only partially implemented so far.

1995-10-27  François Pinard  <>

	* rtapelib.c (_rmt_shutdown): Add the errno_value parameter.
	(__rmt_open): Call shutdown if remote open fails, or else, we lose
	file descriptors.
	Reported by Holger Teutsch.

1995-10-20  Tom Tromey  <>

	* tar.c (request_stdin): New function.
	(stdin_used_by): New variable.
	(name_init, add_exclude_file, decode_options): Use request_stdin
	if required.
	(confirm): Check stdin_used_by to see if stdin in use.

	* list.c (read_header):  Consistently use sizeof to find size
	of checksum field.

1995-08-26  François Pinard  <>

	* names.c (uid_to_uname, gid_to_gname): Ensure that the empty
	string is returned when not found, instead of the previous one.

1995-08-06  François Pinard  <>

	* buffer.c (new_volume): Use stderr rather than stdlis for
	interactions.  Clarify `archive == 0' into `archive == STDIN'.
	Reported by Scott Hunziker.

1995-08-02  François Pinard  <>

	* diffarch.c (diff_archive): When symlink differs, report the
	file name, not the link name.
	Reported by Dale R. Worley and Wolfram Wagner.

1995-07-23  François Pinard  <>

	* (Makefile): Remove some useless lines.

1995-06-27  François Pinard  <>

	* tar.h: Sort out declarations a little better.
	* tar.c (decode_options): Reorder the cases in the big switch.

	* tar.h: Introduce OLDGNU_COMPATIBILITY, enum archive_format,
	variable archive_format.  Delete flag_old_archive, flag_standard.
	* tar.c (decode_options): Initialize archive_format so that -o
	yields V7_FORMAT, nothing yields OLDGNU_FORMAT, --posix yields
	* create.c (start_header): Use TMAGIC and TVERSION if required.
	Replace all flag_old_archive and flag_standard appropriately.

	* tar.c: Implement a --record-size option, which is an
	alternate way of saying --blocking-factor, in bytes this time.

	* tar.h, tar.c, create.c (dump_file): Implement
	a --no-recurse option, to help using tar with find.
	Reported by Chris G. Demetriou, Jamie Zawinski, Kimball
	Collins, Oswald P. Backus IV and Stuart Poulin.

	* tar.h, tar.c, buffer.c (child_open_for_compress):
	Delete --block-compress, issue a warning if used.  It was never
	obeyed while outputting on disk files, where it would have been
	useful.  It was only obeyed for pipes, remotes and devices, that
	is, exactly when it would be an error not to specify it.

	Reported by Hans Guerth, James H Caldwell Jr, Jean-loup Gailly,
	Jeffrey W. Parker, John D. Sybalsky, Kai Schlichting, Marcin
	Matuszewski, Mike Silano, Paul O'Connor, Pete Geenhuizen and
	Richard Stallman.

	* buffer.c (open_archive): Cosmetic changes.

	* buffer.c, diffarch.c, tar.h, update.c: Rename fl_read by
	flush_read and fl_write by flush_write.

1995-06-26  François Pinard  <>

	* tar.c (usage): Remind that `USER@' may be specified.
	Reported by John J. Szetela and Oliver Trepte.

	* tar.c (usage): Replace `modificators' by `modifiers'.
	Reported by Alan Modra.

	* extract.c (set_mode, set_stat): New functions, from
	previous code, elsewhere.  Replace various occurrences of code
	appropriately with function calls.  Ensure mode bits are properly
	set in all circumstances.  This may imply calling set_mode twice.
	Reported by Piercarlo Grandi and Tim Magill.

	* extract.c: Save the whole stat information in saved
	directory information, instead of parts of it, all mistyped.
	(restore_saved_dir_info): Free information as we consume it.
	Simplify code by using set_mode and set_times.  Rename routine to
	apply_delayed_set_stat, and do some other cleanup around it.

	* *.[hc]: Replace flag_confirm by flag_interactive,
	flag_do_chown by flag_same_owner,
	flag_exstdout by flag_to_stdout,
	flag_follow_links by flag_dereference,
	flag_gnudump by flag_incremental,
	flag_ignorez by flag_ignore_zeros,
	flag_keep by flag_keep_old_files,
	flag_local_filesys by flag_one_file_system,
	flag_modified by flag_touch,
	flag_multivol by flag_multi_volume,
	flag_namefile by flag_files_from,
	flag_new_files by flag_after_date,
	flag_oldarch by flag_old_archive,
	flag_reblock by flag_read_full_records,
	flag_run_script_at_end by flag_info_script,
	flag_sayblock by flag_block_number,
	flag_sorted_names by flag_same_order,
	flag_sparse_files by flag_sparse,
	flag_startfile by flag_starting_file,
	flag_use_protection by flag_same_permissions,
	flag_volhdr by volume_label,
	flag_compressprog by compress_program,
	flag_rsh_command by rsh_command,
	and flag_volno_file by volno_file.

	* tar.c: Rename --modification-time by --touch, and provide a
	warning for the old option.

1995-06-24  François Pinard  <>

	* list.c (decode_header): At extraction time, use the stored
	uid if uname is unknown in this system, and use the stored gid if
	gname is unknown in this system, instead.  This solves a long
	lasting bug by which restored files were all owned by root, using
	an incomplete /etc/passwd or /etc/group file.
	* names.c: Rename finduname to uid_to_uname and findgname to
	gid_to_gname, exchanging the order of arguments.  Use uid_t and
	gid_t instead of int's.  Use empty strings in cached_[ug]name for
	marking there is no valid cached translation, instead of using
	magic values for cached_[ug]id.  Rename finduid to uname_to_uid
	and findgid to gname_to_gid, adding a second argument to store the
	result if found, and returning a success/failure indication, not
	anymore assuming the current [ug]id by default.
	* tar.h, create.c, list.c: Adjust prototypes and callers.

	Reported by Anders Andersson, Bernard Derval, Brian Perkins,
	Charles Fu, Daniel Trinkle, Ian Jackson, Johannes Helander,
	Michael Lin, Richard Sims, Robert E. Brown, Tim P. Starrin and
	Torkel Hasle.

	* tar.h, create.c, list.c, names.c, tar.c:
	Implement --numeric-owner, to replace the NONAMES define.  Then,
	ensure some reasonable values to magic and linkflags if POSIX.
	Reported by Benedikt Stockebrand, Ian Jackson and Stephen Gildea.

	* buffer.c: Delete save_block function, as well as
	saved_block_pointer and saved_block variables.  Blocks were
	carefully saved indeed, but never consulted after the fact.
	* tar.h: Delete save_block prototype.
	* *.c: Delete all usages of save_block.

	* rmt.c: Add static to variable declarations.
	* list.c (read_header): Rename recsum to recorded_sum.

1995-06-23  François Pinard  <>

	* *.[hc]: Rename --read-full-blocks to --read-full-records,
	--block-size to --blocking-factor, and --record-number to
	* tar.c (decode_options): Diagnose usage of old names.

	* *.[hc]: Rename saverec to save_block, findrec to
	find_next_block, and userec to set_next_block_after.
	Replace endofrecs by available_space_after which does the space
	computation instead of returning the end pointer, adjust and
	simplify all callers, by using variable data_block systematically.
	Also, rename union block field charptr to buffer.

1995-06-22  François Pinard  <>

	* *.[hc]: Exchange "record" and "block" almost everywhere and
	whenever appropriate, to follow the terminology used in
	P1003.1-1990, and so removing a lot of confusion in sources.

	* tar.h: Prefer naming constants and fields per P1003-1.1990 as
	far as possible.  Rename those remaining LF_xxx to GNUTYPE_xxx.
	* *.c: Adjusted accordingly.

	* tar.h: Clean up the header structure.  Make very clear what is
	specified by POSIX, and what is GNU format, and what is extended
	header for sparse files.  Use xxx_FIELD_SIZE instead of NAMSIZ,
	TUNMLEN and TGNMLEN.  Dismangle some other names, on the way...
	* *.c: Adjusted accordingly.

	* tar.h: Do not declare baserec, declare current_block_ordinal.
	* buffer.c (current_block_ordinal): New function.
	Rename baserec to record_start_block, and make it static.
	* list.c: Use current_block_ordinal, avoid baserec computations.
	* buffer.c, list.c: Get rid of saved_recno and annofile.

	* buffer.c, diffarch.c: Move no_op and wantbytes from
	buffer.c to diffarch.c.  Correct prototypes so first arg is long.
	* tar.h: Do not declare no_op nor wantbytes, anymore.

	* tar.h, buffer.c: Move ar_block, ar_record and ar_last
	from tar.h to buffer.c, renaming them to record_start,
	current_block, record_end respectively.
	* update.c: Add temporary extern declaration for record_start,
	current_block and record_end.

	* tar.h, buffer.c: Move ar_reading from tar.h to buffer.c,
	renaming it to reading_archive.
	* diffarch.c: Add temporary extern declaration for

	* buffer.c, create.c, diffarch.c, extract.c, gnu.c,
	list.c, names.c, rmt.c, rmt.h, rtapelib.c,
	tar.c, update.c: Replace many #ifdef's by #if's, and
	#ifndef's by #if !'s.

	* buffer.c (redirect): New name for dupto.  Callers changed.

	* create.c (dump_file), extract.c (extract_archive,
	extract_sparse_file), tar.h: Remove crumb about ending_blanks
	and end_nulls.

	* (all): Do not prepare genfile by default, as it
	is only needed for checking.

	* tar.c (decode_options): Diagnose lacking arguments to old
	Reported by Aage Robeck, Alan Cox, Benny Holmgren, Bruno Haible,
	Daniel Quinlan, Michael Schmidt, Richard J. Kettlewell and Robert

1995-06-21  François Pinard  <>

	* rtapelib.c (__rmt_open): Avoid dereferencing remote_user
	when NULL.

	Reported by Alois Steindl, Amos Yahil, Anders Liljeborg, Andre
	Novaes Cunha, Andreas Haumer, Andreas Reuter, Andy Gay, Bdale
	Garbee, Bradley A. Smith, Brett Gaines, Bruce Jerrick, Calvin
	Cliff, Cameron Elliott, Charles Lopes, Charles M. Hannum, Chris
	Metcalf, Christophe Colle, Christopher T. Johnson, Dale Wiles,
	David Shaw, Dimitri Bougoulias, Daniel Hagerty, Dave Gregorich,
	David Mansfield, David Nugent, David Shaw, David Steiner,
	Douglas Scott, Dunstan Vavasour, Edgar Taube, Eduardo Kortright,
	Elmer Fittery, Eric Benson, Eric M. Boehm, Gerd Knorr, Graham
	Whitted, Harald Milz, Heiko Schlichting, James V. Di Toro III,
	Jan Carlson, Janne Snabb, Jeff Sorensen, Jens Henrik Jensen,
	Jim Clausing, John J. Szetela, John R. Vanderpool, Jurgen Botz,
	Karl Berry, Karlos Z. Smith, Karsten Thygesen, Koji Kishi,
	Luke Mewburn, Manuel Munier, Marc Ewing, Matthew J. D'Errico,
	Martin Goik, Maxime Taksar, maximum entropy, Michael Hayes,
	Michael Schwingen, Michael Smolsky, Michael Kaufman, Mike Walker,
	Minh Tran-Le, Mitsuaki Masuhara, Nelson H. F. Beebe, Noel Cragg,
	Olaf Wucknitz, Oliver Trepte, Olivier Roussel, Patrick Fulconis,
	Paul Kanz, Paul Nordstrom, Pekka Janhunen, Peter Carah, Peter
	Kutschera, Phil Hands, Randy Bias, Reuben J. Ravago, Ricardo
	Marek, Robert Anthony Nader, Rod Buchanan, Roderich Schupp,
	Russell Cattelan, Scott J. Kramer, Scott L. Burson, Simon
	Wright, Sisira Jayasinghe, Steffen Stempel, Thomas M. Browder
	Jr., Thomas Waas, Tim Bradshaw, Tim Lashua, Timothy J. Lee, Tom
	Popovitch, Toshiaki Nishi, Victor J. Griswold, Wayne Christopher,
	William J. Eaton, Wlodzimierz Jan Martin, Wolfgang Rupprecht
	and Wolfram Wagner.

	* tar.h: Remove external prototypes related to rtapelib.c, as
	those are already declared in rmt.h.

1995-06-18  François Pinard  <>

	* buffer.c (xclose): New, from port.c (ck_close).
	Replace ck_close by xclose in all modules.
	* port.c: Remove ck_close.

	* port.c: Remove ck_malloc, because xmalloc can be used
	instead, now that it protects against malloc(0) returning NULL.
	* gnu.c (gnu_restore), list.c (read_header): Replace
	ck_malloc with xmalloc.  In gnu_restore, remove skipping code in
	case of failed allocation, because tar already aborted in xmalloc.
	* tar.h: Delete ck_malloc declaration.

	* port.c: Remove mknod, link, chown and geteuid, which
	normally exist on Unix.  To be reinserted later, as needed.
	Reported by Jyh-Shyang Wang, Nelson H. F. Beebe, Philippe Defert
	and Serge Granik.

	* tar.c: Declare TTY_NAME, moved over from port.c.

	* extract.c (extract_archive), tar.c (decode_options):
	Clean out old NO_OPEN3 code.
	* Adjusted.

	* buffer.c (child_open): In-line previous ck_pipe code.
	* tar.h: Delete ck_pipe declaration.
	* port.c: Delete ck_pipe function.

	* misc.c: New, reorganizing remaining code from port.c.
	* port.c: Deleted.
	* Adjusted.

	* misc.c (un_quote_string): If `\' ends a string to unquote,
	just pass it undisturbed.
	From Robert Lipe.

	* system.h: Replace many #ifdef by #if, #ifndef by #if !.
1995-06-17  François Pinard  <>

	* Release 1.11.8.

	* (mostlyclean): Remove also _*.c and _*.o.

	* create.c (dump_file), gnu.c (get_dir_contents): Cast
	(int) explicitely for test.

	* ($(OBJECTS)): Depend on ../intl/libgettext.h
	instead of ../intl/libintl.h, which does not always exist.

	* genfile.c: Define EXIT_SUCCESS and EXIT_FAILURE if not.
	* tar.c (main): Use TAREXIT_SUCCESS instead of EXIT_SUCCESS.

	* tar.h: Use off_t instead of long for the second argument in
	__rmt_lseek declaration.
	* system.h: Remove typedef of off_t, because AC_TYPE_OFF_T
	takes care of it now.
	Reported by Coranth Gryphon, Jim Blandy and Thomas Krebs.

1995-06-15  François Pinard  <>

	* Send a message saying that it is still useless.

1995-06-11  François Pinard  <>

	* tar.h, tar.c (decode_options), extract.c
	(extract_archive), diffarch.c (diff_archive), create.c
	(dump_file, start_header), tar.c (decode_options): Replace
	flag_absolute_paths by flag_absolute_names.
	* tar.c (decode_options): Implement OBSOLETE_ABSOLUTE_NAMES for
	reporting --absolute-paths as obsolete.

	* system.h: Conditionnaly include <locale.h> and define
	setlocale to void independently of ENABLE_NLS.
	Reported by Ulrich Drepper.

1995-06-10  François Pinard  <>

	* tar.c (long_options): Use no_argument and require_argument,
	instead of constants.  Have long option names translated to short
	options whenever possible, rather than setting flags directly:
	easing option management is worth a few extra nanoseconds.

	* tar.c (long_options): Add --gunzip as meaning -z.
	Reported by Bruno Haible.

1995-06-07  François Pinard  <>

	* Use subdir and distdir.

	* system.h [NLS]: Simplify by merely including <libintl.h>.
	Also, define setlocale to empty only if the setlocale function is
	not known, instead of when <locale.h> is missing.
	* (INCLUDES): Use ../intl in compilations,
	taking care of the fact libintl.h might have been symlinked there.

1995-06-05  François Pinard  <>

	* tar.c, tar.h: Rename TAR_EXTERN to GLOBAL.

	* tar.h: Delete COMMAND_VERSION.
	* tar.c: Replace OPTION_HELP and OPTION_VERSION commands by
	show_help and show_version variables, so `--version --create' will
	not diagnose `Too many commands'.  Adjust things so this works.
	Reported by Marty Leisner.

1995-06-04  François Pinard  <>

	* (check): New goal.
	* New script.
	* genfile.c: New file.
	* (all): Prepare genfile.
	* Distribute and genfile.c.

1995-06-03  François Pinard  <>

	* tar.h: Adjust so extracted doc/header.texi is neater.

1995-05-30  François Pinard  <>

	* tar.c (name_match): Use %s for printing directory, not %d.
	Reported by Marty Leisner.

	* tar.c (name_gather, addname): chdir_name receives string
	pointers which might later be overwritten, but nevertheless saved
	into structures, so, use xstrdup for the time being.
	Reported by Michael Holmes.

	* tar.c (name_next, name_from_list): Abort when chdir fails.
	Reported by Ian Jackson and Marty Leisner.

1995-05-28  François Pinard  <>

	* rmt.h: Declare second argument of __rmt_lseek to be off_t
	instead of long, so it is the same as in rmt.c.
	Reported by Chris Arthur.

	* buffer.c (close_archive): Compensate for the addition of 2
	to ar_block at open_archive time, for when -M used, just before
	calling free.
	Reported by Bruno Haible, Clinton Carr, Hernan Prieto Schmidt,
	Kevin Dalley, Loren J. Rittle and Marty Leisner.

	* rmt.c: Replace SSIZE by STRING_SIZE, avoiding a conflict
	with some header files.
	Reported by Kaveh R. Ghazi and William Bader.

	* tar.c: Use DEVICE_PREFIX instead of DEVICE_PREXIX, and
	Reported by Bruno Haible.

1995-05-16  François Pinard  <>

	* Prerelease 1.11.7.

	* (tar): Have $(OBJECTS) depend on system.h.

	* system.h: Many adjustements for GNU gettext.

1995-05-09  François Pinard  <>

	* Clean glocale out.

1995-05-08  François Pinard  <>

	* Use libintl.a while linking.
	* system.h: Include <libintl.h> unconditionally, instead only
	if WITH_CATALOG.  Let <libintl.h> define _() appropriately.
	* tar.c (main): Call textdomain.

1995-05-02  François Pinard  <>

	* system.h, gnu.c, list.c, port.c: Avoid
	superfluous parentheses in macro definitions.
	* port.c: Capitalize macro arguments.
	* buffer.c, create.c, diffarch.c, tar.c: Use comma
	operator when assignment in test.

1995-04-27  François Pinard  <>

	* port.c (link): Use WARN to report the message.
	Reported by Sherwood Botsford.

1995-03-19  François Pinard  <>

	* system.h: Use WITH_CATALOGS to define _() differently.

1995-03-14  François Pinard  <>

	* rtapelib.c (__rmt_open): Close the unused side of each
	pipe, instead of the useful one, prior to processing.
	Reported by Charles Lopes and Minh Tran-Le.

1995-02-22  François Pinard  <>

	* Replace `date' by `echo timestamp'.

1995-02-19  François Pinard  <>

	* Support ID files.  Do not distribute TAGS.

1995-02-13  François Pinard  <>

	* Use top_srcdir.

1995-02-11  François Pinard  <>

	* gnu.c (is_dot_or_dotdot): Through NFS, readdir might deliver
	empty filenames under old Solaris 2.4, causing endless loops in
	tar.  As a workaround, avoid `' as done already for `.' and `..'.
	Reported by Jan Carlson.

1995-02-05  François Pinard  <>

	* (maintainer-clean): New name for realclean.

1995-01-04  François Pinard  <>

	* extract.c (make_dirs) [MSDOS]: Correct for Turbo C, which may
	return EACCES instead of EEXIST on mkdir.
	Reported by Jeffrey Goldberg.

	* tar.c (usage) [MSDOS]: Do not tell about -N and related.
	(decode_options) [MSDOS]: Be blind to -N and related.
	Reported by Jeffrey Goldberg.

	* rmt.h (_remdev): A filename is not remote if the colon is
	preceeded by a slash, to take care of `/:/' which is a shorthand
	for `/.../<CELL-NAME>/fs' on OSF's Distributing Computing
	Environment (DCE) and Distributed File System (DFS).
	Reported by Travis L. Priest.

1995-01-03  François Pinard  <>

	* tar.c (decode_options): Renamed from options.  Convert
	oldish-style non-dashed options to modern writing before
	performing option decoding.  Diagnose when modern options are met
	before old style options are fully converted.  This allows
	mixing of option styles on a single call.  Avoid getoldopt and
	use getopt_long instead.
	* getoldopt.c: Deleted.
	* tar.h: Prototype deleted.
	* Adjusted.
	Reported by Bruno Haible, Les Mikesell, Patrick Timmons and Saul

1995-01-02  François Pinard  <>

	* system.h: New file, split out of tar.h.
	* buffer.c, create.c, diffarch.c, extract.c,
	getoldopt.c, gnu.c, list.c, mangle.c, names.c,
	port.c, tar.c, update.c: Include "system.h", and move
	the inclusion of "tar.h" down after system dependent definitions.
	* Distribute system.h.

	* rmt.c: Include "system.h", and simplify accordingly.
	* rtapelib.c: Include "system.h", and simplify accordingly.
	* rmt.h: Simplify according to the inclusion of "system.h".

	* system.h: Include conditionnaly <sys/gentape.h>,
	<sys/tape.h>, <sys/mtio.h>, <sys/ioctl.h> and <sys/io/trioctl.h>.
	* buffer.c, diffarch.c, rmt.c, rtapelib.c,
	update.c: Simplify accordingly.

	* system.h: If it exists, include <sys/ioccom.h> prior to
	<sys/mtio.h>, to account for problems when GNU libc 1.0x is
	installed over SunOS 4.1.3: GNU libc does not provide sys/mtio.h,
	so it is taken from Sun header files which use things like _IOW,
	which GNU libc despises, sys/ioccom.h then provides definitions.
	Reported by Joseph E. Sacco.

1994-12-27  François Pinard  <>

	* rmt.h: Ensure strrchr is defined to rindex in some cases.
	Reported by Karl Vogel.

1994-12-18  François Pinard  <>

	* tar.h: Include <ctype.c> and declare ISASCII.
	* gnu.c: Adjust, declare and use ISDIGIT and ISSPACE.
	* list.c: Adjust, declare and use ISODIGIT and ISSPACE.
	* port.c: Adjust, declare and use ISPRINT.
	Reported by Bruno Haible, Konno Hiroharu and Max Hailperin.

1994-12-11  François Pinard  <>

	* buffer.c, tar.c [WITH_REGEX]: Check it.

1994-12-03  François Pinard  <>

	* Prerelease 1.11.6.

	* rmt.c: Adjust for localization, by including <locale.h> and
	<libintl.h>, by defining _(), by defining and calling setlocale,
	and by defining and initializing program_name.
	* Use locale.o and libtar.a with rmt.

	* Ensure INSTALL_DATA is defined.

	*, tar.h, tar.c:
	Localize, adapting from how it is done in sharutils.

	*, tar.c: Rename PRODUCT to PACKAGE.

1994-11-29  François Pinard  <>

	* buffer.c (backspace_output): Change cur from long to off_t.
	* diffarch.c (diff_archive): Idem for offset.
	* extract.c (extract_archive): Idem for offset.
	* rmt.c: Idem for lseek ().
	(main): For case 'L', use atol instead of atoi, and cast the
	result to (off_t) rather than (long).
	* rtapelib.c (__rmt_lseek): Idem of offset argument.
	* tar.h: Change offset of sp_array from int to off_t.
	* update.c (move_arch): Change cur from long to off_t.
	Reported by David J. MacKenzie.

1994-11-26  François Pinard  <>

	* rmt.h, tar.h, buffer.c, create.c,
	diffarch.c, extract.c, gnu.c, list.c,
	rtapelib.c, update.c: Rename _ to __P.
	* tar.h, rmt.h: Declare _ as a macro returning its
	argument, or else, include <libintl.h> and declare _ as gettext.
	* tar.c: Possibly include <locale.h> and call setlocale.
	* rmt.c, buffer.c, create.c, diffarch.c,
	extract.c, getoldopt.c, gnu.c, list.c,
	mangle.c, port.c, rtapelib.c, tar.c,
	update.c: Use _ macro over all localizable strings.

	* rtapelib.c: Declare prototype for xstrdup.  Do not declare
	strstr, which is not needed.

1994-11-01  François Pinard  <>

	* Clean up, following those of GNU m4.  I will
	not detail all the changes here.
	* tar.c: Use PRODUCT and VERSION instead of version_string.

1994-10-30  François Pinard  <>

	* tar.h [__STDC__]: Use #if instead of #ifdef.

1994-10-27  François Pinard  <>

	* rmt.h, tar.h, buffer.c, create.c, diffarch.c,
	extract.c, gnu.c, list.c, mangle.c, tar.c,
	update.c: Rename all f_* variables to flag_*.

	* tar.h, buffer.c, tar.c, update.c: Rename cmd_mode into command_mode.
	* tar.c (SET_COMMAND_MODE): New macro, use it.

	* port.c (quote_copy_string): Prevent sign extension of
	character while copying it to an int.
	* (un_quote_string): Increment to_there pointer in all cases.
	Reported by Konno Hiroharu, Mats Lofkvist, Max Hailperin and
	Ryutaro Susukita.

1994-10-09  François Pinard  <>

	* rmt.c, rtapelib.c, tar.h: Get rid of CONFIG_BROKETS.

1994-10-04  François Pinard  <>

	* diffarch.c (fill_in_sparse_array): Add a cast for Pyramid's
	dumb compiler.  Later remove the cast and compare to 0 instead.
	* extract.c (extract_archive): Idem.
	Reported by Karl Vogel and Kaveh R. Ghazi.

1994-09-27  François Pinard  <>

	* diffarch.c: Normalize capitalization in diagnostics.

1994-09-26  François Pinard  <>

	* tar.c (name_next, name_match): Abort tar if directory cannot
	be changed, instead of going on.  This is not an innocuous error.
	Reported by Marty Leisner.

1994-09-15  François Pinard  <>

	* rtapelib.c: Include "rmt.h" only once <sys/types.h> has been
	included, because off_t might not be defined otherwise.
	Reported by James W. McKelvey, John L. Chmielewski, Karl
	Vogel, Kaveh R. Ghazi an and Jim Meyering and Tilman Schmidt.

1994-09-14  François Pinard  <>

	* Cleanup...
	(DISTFILES): Distribute TAGS.
	(ansi2knr): Use $(LIBS).
	(TAGS): Make TAGS in $(srcdir) only.
	(distclean): Do not remove TAGS.
	(realclean): Remove TAGS.
	(Makefile): Have ./config.status create this Makefile only.

1994-09-13  François Pinard  <>

	* buffer.c: Remove the presetting of stdlis, because stdout is
	not a constant in GNU libc.
	Reported by Joseph E. Sacco and Thomas Bushnell n/BSG.

	* buffer.c (new_volume): Pass an otherwise unused argument to
	wait, do not use NULL.
	Reported by Thomas Bushnell n/BSG.

1994-09-05  François Pinard  <>

	* (TAGS): Remove -t on etags call.  It has been
	the default behavior for a few releases of Emacs and it seems that
	option -t is now disappearing (from Emacs 19.25, at least).
	Reported by Goeran Uddeborg.

1994-09-02  François Pinard  <>

	* gnu.c (get_dir_contents): Do not set dp->allnew if dp is not
	set itself.
	Reported by Piercarlo Grandi.

	* extract.c (extract_archive): Issue diagnostic or verbose
	messages to msg_file, instead of stdout.
	Reported by Piercarlo Grandi.

1994-08-23  François Pinard  <>

	* tar.h: Do not declare alloca if already defined, so HP's
	+Olibcalls compiler option works.
	Reported by John David Anglin.

	* rtapelib.c (__rmt_open): Use REMOTE_SHELL only if defined.
	Otherwise, if the command argument has been specified and
	REMOTE_SHELL is not defined, immediately return an error.
	Reported by Bruno Haible, Kaveh R. Ghazi, Marty Leisner,
	Torkel Hasle and William Bader.

	Because --rsh-command may always be given, even if no remote shell
	was found at configure time, remote capabilities are always
	compiled.  This also solve other problems related to RTAPELIB.
	* Always compile $Urtapelib.o.
	* buffer.c (child_open): Always test _remdev, do not depend
	anymore on HAVE_RTAPELIB.
	* rmt.h [!HAVE_RTAPELIB]: Remove some code.
	Reported by Andreas Schwab and Vic Abell.

	* rtapelib.c: Remove unused COMPAT (mis)feature.  Remove most
	length limitations for remote host name, remote user name and
	remote device name.  Duplicate path, and free it in all cases.
	* (_rmt_rexec): The `user' parameter may never by the empty
	string.  Remove code for that case.

1994-08-22  François Pinard  <>

	Little cleanup in installation:
	* Remove rule for ../lib/libtar.a.

1994-08-21  François Pinard  <>

	* Prerelease 1.11.5.

	* Correct for when a different	build directory.

	* tar.h: Replace W* definitions.  Adapted from make 3.71.
	* buffer.c (close_archive): Replace WIFCOREDUMPED by
	WCOREDUMP.  Previous WIFSIGNALED definition was excluding SIGSTOP,
	new definition do not exclude it anymore.  We'll see.
	Reported by Demizu Noritoshi, Greg Black, Kaveh R. Ghazi,
	Robert E. Brown and Russ Evans.

1994-08-20  François Pinard  <>

	This might (?) solve the dirent problems on NeXT's and Apollo's:
	* tar.h: Change includes and defines from older AC_DIR_HEADER
	style to newer and clearer AC_HEADER_DIRENT style.
	* create.c, gnu.c: Replace NLENGTH by NAMLEN.
	Reported by Drew Trieger, Hugh Secker-Walker, James W. McKelvey,
	Robert E. Brown and Thomas Krebs.

1994-08-17  François Pinard  <>

	Remove some shadowings.
	* update.c (update_archive): Rename head_standard to unused.
	* buffer.c (open_archive): Rename head to label.
	(fl_read): Rename head to cursor.

	* gnu.c (dirent_cmp): Use (char *const *), not (const char **)
	for not loosing the const specifier while casting.

	* mangle.c (extract_mangle): Remove unused argument.
	* tar.h: Adjust prototype.
	* extract.c (extract_archive): Caller changed.

	* rtapelib.c (__rmt_open): Remove useless mode parameter.
	* rmt.h, tar.h: Adjust prototype.
	* rmt.h: Adjust macros calling __rmt_open.
	* create.c (deal_with_sparse): Remove unused argument.
	* create.c (dump_file): Caller changed.
	Reported by Greg Black.

	* Avoid $U in defining RTAPELIB.  Remove both
	rtapelib.o and _urtapelib.o explicit rules, not needed anymore.
	* rmt.h, buffer.c [HAVE_RTAPELIB]: Instead of !NO_REMOTE.
	Reported by Andreas Schwab.

	* Correct a typo in $Ubuffer.o dependencies.
	Reported by Andreas Schwab.

	* rtapelib.c (__rmt_ioctl): Compile the MTIOCGET case only if
	this symbol is defined.  This also solves a missing mt_type field
	on NS32016 running SysVr2.2.
	Reported by Greg Black.

	* rtapelib.c (__rmt_ioctl) : Conditionnalize only the MTIOCTOP
	case, not the whole routine, with the MTIOCTOP symbol.  In case of
	unrecognized operation, return EOPNOTSUPP instead of EINVAL.
	* rmt.h: Always provide a prototype for __rmt_ioctl.  Delete
	the RMTIOCTL machinery.

1994-08-16  François Pinard  <>

	* rmt.c, buffer.c: Use a more uniform way of including
	<sys/mtio.h> or its alternates.
	Reported by Daniel R. Guilderson and Kaveh R. Ghazi.

	* Split rule for $Urtapelib.o into one rule for
	rtapelib.o and one rule for _rtapelib.o, taking care of the fact
	that rtapelib.c is in $(srcdir) while _rtapelib.c is in current
	Reported by Andreas Schwab, Kaveh R. Ghazi, Minh Tran-Le and
	Per Foreby.

	* rmt.c (string_error): Correct DEBUG2 into DEBUG1, and strint
	into string.
	Reported by Anders Andersson, Bruno Haible, Thomas Krebs and
	Thomas König.

	* Add $U's to rtapelib and rmt specific rules.
	Reported by Thomas König.

1994-08-15  François Pinard  <>

	* Prerelease 1.11.4.

	* rmt.c (numeric_error): Renamed from error.
	(string_error): New, to replace ERROR ((...)), unavailable in rmt.c.

	* rmt.c (checkbuf): Do not accept, nor return record.  Use the
	global instead.  This will get rid of useless shadowings.

	* rmt.h: Give prototypes for __rmt_* routines.
	* rtapelib.c: Include "rmt.h".
	* update.c (move_arch): Cast last rmtioctl argument to char *.
	* buffer.c (backspace_output): Idem.
	* diffarch.c (verify_volume): Idem.

	* (rmt): Declare dependencies over rmt.h.

1994-08-14  François Pinard  <>

	* rtapelib.c: Use MTIO_CHECK_FIELD instead of mt_type.
	Reported by Ben A. Mesander.

1994-08-13  François Pinard  <>

	* tar.h: Include <sys/wait.h> if it exists, whether POSIX or not.
	Check if WIFSTOPPED is defined, to decide if defining others WIF*.
	Reported by Bruno Haible.

1994-08-11  François Pinard  <>

	* extract.c (extract_archive) [O_CTG]: Declare longname variable.
	Initialize it as NULL.  This dirty kludge will allow the module to
	compile on Masscomp's, for the time being.
	Reported by Ben A. Mesander.

	* tar.h, rtapelib.c: Declare strstr if we replaced it.
	Reported by Ben A. Mesander, Christian T. Dum and Kaveh R. Ghazi.

1994-08-10  François Pinard  <>

	* create.c (dump_file): Do not test only for hpux, but also
	for __hpux.  I added __hpux__ too, as done in tar.h.
	Reported by Richard Lloyd.

	* tar.h: Do not include <sys/mknod.h> anymore for HP-UX from
	HP-UX 8 and after, for which definitions are in <sys/sysmacros.h>,
	and reorganize the tests in this area.
	Reported by Christian T. Dum, Dimitris Fousekis, Kimmy Posey,
	Michael Maass, Richard Lloyd and Thomas König.

1994-08-09  François Pinard  <>

	These changes for const-cleaning gnu.c and tar.c:
	* tar.c (read_name_from_file): Work directly on global
	variables instead of accepting parameters.  Return success or
	failure as an int instead of the relocated name_buffer.
	(name_next): Caller changed, internal clean-up of the function.
	Remove trailing slashes on the command call too, not only when
	reading from a file through -T option.
	* gnu.c: Add const to name and dir_text in struct dirname.
	Reported by Ben A. Mesander, Bruno Haible, Christian T. Dum,
	Dean Gaudet, James W. McKelvey, Richard Lloyd and Robert E. Brown.

1994-08-08  François Pinard  <>

	* tar.c (name_next, name_gather, addname): Use strcmp for
	checking for "-C", instead of decomposed tests, just for clarity.

	* (RSH): Define from configuration.
	(rtapelib.o): Define REMOTE_SHELL from $(RSH) while compiling.
	* rtapelib.c (__rmt_open): If command not given, use
	REMOTE_SHELL, instead of cascading tries of filenames.
	Reported by Bruno Haible.

	* tar.c: Include <fnmatch.h> if FNM_LEADING_DIR is not
	defined, instead of checking for FNM_PATHNAME, because some
	<unistd.h> define the later without defining the former.
	Reported by Thomas König.

	* create.c (dump_file): Cast alloca results, for those
	compilers not processing void * properly.
	Reported by Kaveh R. Ghazi.

	* Get prefix and exec_prefix from configure.
	Reported by Andreas Schwab, Christian T. Dum and Dean Gaudet.

	* src/port.c: Delete mkdir (and rmdir), rename, strstr and
	ftruncate replacements.
	Reported by Kaveh R. Ghazi (for memset and strstr).
	Reported by Bruno Haible (for mkdir and rename).

1994-08-05  François Pinard  <>

	* tar.h: Replace msg_file by stdlis.
	* buffer.c, gnu.c, list.c, diffarch.c: Idem.

	* tar.c (main): Print version on stdout, not stderr.

	* tar.h: Unconditionnaly insert the pad.  Why play the game of
	forcing the compiler to do it for us?  (Hum!  I'm not so sure.)
	Reported by Bruno Haible.

	* list.c (read_header): Initialize signed_sum to 0.  Use this
	opportunity for slightly reorganizing the code around.
	Reported by Anders Andersson, Andrey A. Chernov, Bruno Haible
	and Chris Ransom.

	* tar.c: Declare name_buffer_length as size_t instead of int.
	Reported by Andreas Schwab, J.T. Conklin, Kaveh R. Ghazi and
	Robert E. Brown.

	* rmt.h: Have the NO_REMOTE case be a particular case of the
	other, for rmtopen and rmtcreat were not transmitting the proper
	number of parameters to open and creat (since 26 July 1994).
	Reported by Andreas Schwab.

	* extract.c (extract_archive): Delay changing owner to after
	doing utime, for keeping long enough the permission of utime'ing.
	(extract_archive, restore_saved_dir_info): Idem for directories.
	Reported by Jonathan I. Kamens.

	* tar.h: Change malloc_dbg to dmalloc, mutatis mutandis.

	* tar.h: Undefine many macros if stat macros found to be
	broken.  Define mkfifo only if configure did not find it.
	Include <sys/param.h> if not _POSIX_SOURCE, then <unistd.h> if
	we have it, than "pathmax.h".  Move _POSIX_VERSION dependent
	code further down.  Do not declare getcwd if we do not have it.
	* tar.c: Do not include <unistd.h>, now in "tar.h".
	Reported by Bernard Chen, Jean-Michel Soenen, John L.
	Chmielewski and Kaveh R. Ghazi.

	* tar.h: Define DEV_BSIZE, ST_BLKSIZE and ST_NBLOCKS,
	borrowing this code from both fileutils-3.9's "lib/system.h" and
	textutils-1.9's "system.h".
	* create.c (dump_file): Straighten the test for sparseness,
	which was requiring one block too much, most probably for trying
	to get around DEV_BSIZE/st_blksize confusion.  Use ST_NBLOCKS,
	instead of computing a variable block_size and doing specific
	tests for HP-UX or Linux.  Also rewrite the test so it works
	when ST_NBLOCKS is unsigned.
	Reported by Bruno Haible, Dean Gaudet, Dick Streefland, Harald
	König, Jim Meyering, Kai Petzke, Kaveh R. Ghazi and Torkel Hasle.

1994-08-04  François Pinard  <>

	* tar.c: Do not include <unistd.h> if we do not have it.
	Reported by Kaveh R. Ghazi.

	* (RTAPELIB): Prefix by $U for unprotoization.
	Reported by Kaveh R. Ghazi and Christian T. Dum.

	* port.c: Remove many static specifiers.
	Reported by Demizu Noritoshi, Kaveh R. Ghazi and William Bader.

	* rtapelib.c (__rmt_open): Replace system by remote, twice.
	Reported by Ben A. Mesander, Christian T. Dum, Demizu Noritoshi
	and Kaveh R. Ghazi.

	* tar.c (addname): Replace a forgotten EX_SYSTEM by
	Reported by Demizu Noritoshi, James W. McKelvey, Kaveh R.
	Ghazi and Robert E. Brown.

1994-08-02  François Pinard  <>

	* Prerelease 1.11.3.

	* tar.c (assign_string): New routines.
	* create.c (dump_file, start_header), extract.c
	(extract_archive), list.c (list_archive, read_header),
	buffer.c (open_archive), diffarch.c (diff_archive): Use
	assign_string for setting these variables to a string value or
	* buffer.c (open_archive): Sets current_file_name,
	current_link_name and save_name to NULL.
	(close_archive): Free each of them if not NULL.
	(fl_write): Take a copy of save_name into cursor, and advance the
	cursor instead, because save_name should stay free-able.
	Reported by Dave Gentzel, Harald Anlauf, Mark Clements, Robert
	Weissenfels, Ronald van Loon, Tsutomu Yamada and Vic Abell.

	* extract.c (extract_archive): Use xstrdup, for clarity.
	* gnu.c (add_dir): Idem.

	* list.c (print_header): Correct a little bug by which
	non-symbolic links were not printed properly quoted.

	* diffarch.c (diff_archive): Allocate tmpbuf to the proper
	size.  NAMSIZ + 2 is not necessarily enough.

1994-08-01  François Pinard  <>

	* tar.h: Refresh str*/mem* configured declarations.  Among
	other things, this will solve previously missing #undef's.
	* rmt.h: Revise strchr configured declaration.
	* *.c: Replace bzero by memset, bcopy by memcpy, bcmp by
	memcmp, index by strchr and rindex by strrchr.
	* port.c: Delete functions bzero and bcmp, said to not exist
	on Minix.  AC_MINIX in should guarantee POSIX things.
	Reported by Drew Trieger, Hugh Secker-Walker and Vic Abell.

	* tar.h, tar.c, buffer.c, update.c: Change CMD_* to COMMAND_*.

	* buffer.c (open_archive): Use strcmp to compare archive name
	to `-', instead of doing it explicitely.  Just for clarity.

	* tar.h, tar.c, buffer.c: Replace ar_files by
	archive_name_array, n_ar_files by archive_names and ar_files_len
	by allocated_archive_names.  Replace the index cur_ar_file by
	archive_name_cursor, which is a cursor in archive_name_array.

	* tar.c (main): Move the initialization of
	archive_name_array at beginning, taken from options routine.
	Free it at end of main.
	(options): Use xrealloc instead of ck_realloc for archive_name,
	for the already saved names to be preserved.
	Reported by Per Bojsen.

	* tar.h, tar.c: Replace name_file by namefile_name.
	* tar.c: Replace n_ind by name_array, n_indused by names,
	n_indalloc by allocated_names, and n_indscan by name_index.
	Replace namef by name_file, n_argv by names_argv and n_argc by
	(main): Make an initial allocation for name_array at beginning,
	moved out from name_add, free it at end of main.

	* buffer.c (close_archive): Free ar_block at end.

1994-07-30  François Pinard  <>

	* tar.h [WITH_MALLOC_DBG]: Include "malloc_dbg.h".

	* create.c (create_archive): Do not attempt creating a
	directory summary file if -G, since -G sets gnu_dumpfile to 0.
	Reported by Alexander Dupuy.

	* create.c (dump_file): Avoid a NULL dereference with -G when
	trying to dump an empty directory.
	* gnu.c (add_dir_name): Same thing.
	Reported by Rainer Orth.

	Correction for the improper `data differs' diagnostic given when
	the continuation of a multi-volume was compared.
	* diffarch.c (diff_archive): If multi-volume, update save_name
	and save_totsize before calling wantbytes.
	* buffer.c (wantbytes): If multi-volume, update save_sizeleft.
	Reported by Andreas Schwab, Denis Fortin, François Pinard,
	Hiroyuki Bessho, Olaf Schlueter, Simon Wright and Saul Lubkin.

1994-07-30  François Pinard  <>

	* tar.c (options): Implement DEVICE_PREFIX and DENSITY_LETTER.
	Reported by Danny R. Johnston.

	* gnu.c (gnu_restore): Use CURRENT_FILE_NAME abbreviation.
	* extract.c (extract_archive): Idem.
	Reported by Timothy Fossum.

1994-07-29  François Pinard  <>

	* create.c (dump_file): Abort if no memory for a possible
	link, remove related bogus code, and the variable nolinks.
	Reported by Andreas Schwab.

	* create.c (dump_file): Detect file sparseness correctly for
	Linux ext2 filesystem.
	Reported by Kai Petzke.

	* port.c (link) [!MSDOS]: Do not call setmode.
	Reported by Richard Deal.

	Reorganization for `tar -d' to provide a different exit status.
	* tar.h: Replace errors by exit_status.  Declare TAREXIT_*.
	* buffer.c (child_open): Exit with exit_status.
	* tar.c (main): Initialize exit_status to TAREXIT_SUCCESS, and
	exit with exit_status.
	* buffer.c, diffarch.c, gnu.c, list.c, port.c,
	rmt.c, tar.c, update.c: Replace EXIT_FAILURE by
	* tar.h (ERROR), create.c (dump_file): Set exit_status to
	TAREXIT_FAILURE instead of increasing errors.
	* diffarch.c (sigh, diff_sparse_files): On differences, set
	exit_status to TAREXIT_DIFFERS if nothing more serious already.
	Reported by Tilman Schmidt.

	* rmt.c: Define EXIT_FAILURE and EXIT_SUCCESS if not already.
	* rtapelib.c: Define EXIT_ON_EXEC_ERROR to 128 and use it.

1994-07-27  François Pinard  <>

	* diffarch.c (sigh): Increment errors, so a difference will
	yield a non-zero exit status at end.
	Reported by Nick Holloway.

	* tar.h: Rename TARERROR to WARN, then add ERROR which is similar,
	but increments the errors counter.
	* *.c: Replace all TARERROR by WARN or ERROR, deciding for each
	case.  Many errors were not reflected in exit status.

	Reported by Carl Streeter, Esa Karell, George Chyu, Ian Jackson,
	Judy Ricker, Massimo Dal Zotto, Roland McGrath, Tilman Schmidt
	and Torkel Hasle.

	* buffer.c (child_open): Exit with EXIT_FAILURE if any error.

	* rtapelib.c: Use error for reporting errors.
	(do_command): New name for command.
	(get_status): New name for status.

	* buffer.c: Remove definition of MAGIC_STAT.
	(close_archive): Do not check MAGIC_STAT for an exit value, since
	this value is never returned.

	* *.c: Use TARERROR or exit with EXIT_FAILURE, instead of various
	esoteric statuses.  Normalize using TARERROR with an exit status,
	instead of calling TARERROR with 0 first, then _exit.  On exit
	calls, use EXIT_SUCCESS instead of 0.
	* tar.c: Do not use the exit status anymore for outputting an
	error counter value.  Wrap around was creating spurious success.
	* tar.h: Remove EX_* definitions for tar exit statuses.
	Reported by Bob Mende and Torbjorn Granlund.

1994-07-26  François Pinard  <>

	* tar.h: Add f_rsh_command variable.
	* tar.c: Add and process --rsh-command option.
	* buffer.c (open_archive, child_open, new_volume): Pass
	f_rsh_command to rmtopen and rmtcreat calls.
	* rmt.h (rmtopen, rmtcreat): Pass a supplementary argument.
	* rtapelib.c (__rmt_open): Accept and process a command
	argument, to replace rsh.
	Reported by Jonathan I. Kamens.

	* tar.h: Instead of including <sys/file.h> with BSD42 or
	<fcntl.h> for V7, merely include <fcntl.h> if it exists,
	otherwise <sys/file.h>.
	* buffer.c, diffarch.c, extract.c, list.c,
	port.c, update.c: Do not include <fcntl.h> or
	<sys/file.h>, because they are indirectly included through

	* create.c (dump_file): Remove the BSD42 conditional.  If not
	f_sparse_files, initialize upperbound as when not BSD42.
	Reported by Alan Bawden, Claude Scarpelli, Laurent
	Sainte-Marthe, Noah Friedman, Reuben Sumner, Tom Quinn and
	William Bader.

1994-07-24  François Pinard  <>

	* tar.h: Merely define valloc as being malloc if valloc does
	not exist.
	* port.h: Remove valloc, which was only a dummy for malloc.
	Reported by Cliff Krumvieda, Francois Pinard, Henrik Bakman,
	J.T. Conklin, Nelson H.F. Beebe and Tilman Schmidt.

1994-07-22  François Pinard  <>

	* create.c (start_header): Cast NAMSIZ to size_t before
	comparing it to strlen result.
	Reported by Mark Frost.

	* tar.c (main): Zero out label_pattern before compiling in
	regular expressions, instead of using uninitialized memory.
	Reported by Holger Teutsch.

	* tar.c [!FNM_PATHNAME]: Include fnmatch.h only if unistd.h fails
	to define this symbol.
	Reported by Alan Modra, Christian T. Dum, Eddy ?, John
	Oleynick and Richard Lloyd.

	* buffer.c, diffarch.c, rtapelib.c, update.c:
	Include <sys/io/trioctl.h> before <sys/mtio.h>, if it exists.
	Reported by Kaveh R. Ghazi.

	* tar.c (options): Use defined OPTION_* constants instead of
	anonymous numbers for long options not having a short option form.

	* rmt.h [!MTIOCTOP]: Do not define RMTIOCTL, so __rmt_ioctl
	will not be called if it has not been compiled in rtapelib.c.

	* tar.h: Add CMD_TOO_MANY.
	* tar.c (main): Use CMD_TOO_MANY, and get rid of badopt label.
	Reported by David J. MacKenzie.

	* tar.c (usage): New name for describe().  Rewritten with
	better help formatting and more logical grouping of options.
	Accepts an exit status argument.  Callers adapted.
	Reported by Richard O'Neill.

1994-07-20  François Pinard  <>

	* port.c (rename): Constify the arguments.
	Reported by Elmar Heeb, Jeff Prothero and John Clark.

	* tar.c (main): Declare version_string locally.
	* version.c: Deleted.
	* Adjusted.

1994-07-19  François Pinard  <>

	* tar.h: Merge "port.h" towards the beginning of tar.h.
	Include <stdio.h> and <errno.h>, and define errno if needed.
	* *.c: Do not include "port.h" anymore after "tar.h", do not
	include <stdio.h>, <errno.h> nor <sys/types.h>.  Also move
	"tar.h" as the first file included in every module.  This
	would solve, among other things, the problem of RE_DUP_MAX
	being redefined by <limits.h>, when included after "regex.h".
	* port.h: Deleted.
	* Adjusted.
	Reported by Alan Modra, Christian T. Dum, Dimitris Fousekis,
	John David Anglin, Matthew Braun, Michael Maass, Richard Lloyd
	and Stefan Skoglund.

	* create.c (dump_file): Do not cast alloca result to (char *).
	The problem reported was that alloca result was seen as int, but
	with the changes just made, alloca should be properly declared.
	Reported by Bryant Fujimoto and Michael Kubik.

1994-07-06  François Pinard  <>

	* create.c, extract.c [HAVE_UTIME_H]: Instead of _POSIX_VERSION,
	for choosing to include <utime.h>.
	Reported by Carl Swanson and Thomas Krebs.

1994-07-05  François Pinard  <>

	* tar.c: Replace DEF_AR_FILE with DEFAULT_ARCHIVE, replace

	* rtapelib.c: Replace "??'" by "?? '" at two places in a
	comment, so avoiding Pyramid's DC/OSx compiler to complain about
	ANSI trigraph sequences.  Even comments can trigger bugs, now!
	Reported by Mark Frost.

	* tar.h: Declare valloc.
	* buffer.c, diffarch.c: Remove declaration for valloc.

	* testpad.c: Deleted.
	* tar.h: Do not include "testpad.h" anymore.
	* Delete testpad matters.

	* buffer.c (new_volume): Inside case 'n', strcpy into r then
	assign r to p, instead of strcpy'ing directly into p, for making
	the module const clean.

1994-07-03  François Pinard  <>

	Rename a few variables to avoid shadowing variables or functions:
	* list.c (print_header): Change name to quoted_name.
	* buffer.c (child_open): Change pipe to local_pipe.
	* extract.c (extract_archive): Change namelen to namelen_bis.
	* rtapelib.c (__rmt_open): Change system to remote.

	* tar.c (options): Add two missing arguments to getoldopt
	call, NULL is not necessarily implied on all systems.

	* list.c (print_header): Add a few missing long specification
	in formats.
	* diffarch.c (compare_chunk, diff_sparse_files): Idem.
	* port.c (msg, msg_perror): Idem.

	* tar.h: Include prototypes for all functions which call from
	one module to another.  Declare voidstar (use it everywhere
	instead of PTR).  Move in the include <sys/stat.h> from
	<port.h>, and the include of option.h from tar.c and
	getoldopt.c, waiting for a better solution for all these things.
	* port.c: Removed PTR declaration and including <sys/stat.h>.
	* getoldopt.c, tar.c: Remove including "option.h".

1994-07-02  François Pinard  <>

	* *: Protoized all function headers.  Added static to
	functions which can take it.  Add many const specifiers.  Remove
	unused variables.

	* port.c (xmalloc): Delete function, do not mask the true one.
	* port.c (ck_malloc): Use xmalloc, waiting for annihilation.
	* port.c (ck_realloc): Use xrealloc, waiting for annihilation.
	* *: Begin switching from ck_malloc (or even pure malloc) to
	xmalloc.  Same for ck_realloc (pure realloc) to xrealloc.
	Doing this correctly is a delicate matter, which I'll continue
	without reporting it anymore, while doing other modifications.

	* *: Replace msg and msg_perror calls by TARERROR macro calls.
	Capitalize first word of all error messages, remove ending
	punctuation or newline.  Systematically avoid contractions for
	`Cannot' and `Could not'.  Always write `WARNING:' all in capitals.
	* tar.h: Declare TARERROR as calling error().  Rename
	variable tar to program_name.
	* tar.c (main, options), buffer.c (child_open), port.c
	(msg, msg_perror), gnu.c (gnu_restore): Rename variable tar to
	* gnu.c (gnu_restore): Remove a spurious repetition of
	program_name in error message.

1994-07-01  François Pinard  <>

	* buffer.c, create.c extract.c, gnu.c, list.c,
	names.c, rmt.c, tar.c, update.c: Remove all (void)
	prefixes to function calls.  There are limits to lint clutter.

1994-06-30  François Pinard  <>

	* port.h: Remove definition of const.  Let configure do it.

	* tar.h, rmt.c, rtapelib.c, version.c, testpad.c: Add a block
	for including <config.h> or "config.h".  If "tar.h" was included
	everywhere, the block will only be needed there.

	* *.[ch]: Reindented to GNU standards (they were not far).
	Got rid of all `* ' left prefixes in comments and refilled them.
	There is still a lot of cosmetic changes needed everywhere.
	I will not report them any more, doing them along the way of
	other things in the future.

	* New file.

	* Split distribution into a few subdirectories, for easing

	* Taking over maintenance duties.

1993-08-31  David J. MacKenzie  <>

	* rmt.c [M_UNIX]: Include sys/tape.h instead of sys/mtio.h.
	Reported by Drew Sullivan and William Bader.

1993-07-29  David J. MacKenzie  <>

	* (config.status): Run config.status --recheck, not
	configure, to get the right args passed.

1993-07-19  David J. MacKenzie  <>

	* (libdir): Use standard GNU value --
	$(exec_prefix)/lib, not /etc.

1993-07-08  David J. MacKenzie  <>

	* (installdirs, configure, config.status,
	Makefile): New targets.

1993-06-14  Noah Friedman  <>

	* (.c.o): Put -I. before -I$(srcdir), and make
        $(CFLAGS) last.

1993-05-22  The King  <>

	* extract.c (extract_archive, restore_saved_dir_info): Print
	mode in octal, not in decimal.
	Reported by Scott S. Bertilson.

1993-03-26  Noah Friedman  <>

	* Better way of detecting HP-UX.
	Reported by Noah Friedman.
1993-03-25  Michael I Bushnell  <>

	* version.c: Released version 1.11.2.

	* (dist): Do the link differently; some of the
	files have changed filesystems which makes it more complex.

	* (dist, shar): Use gzip instead of compress.

	* create.c (dump_file): Test for curdev == -1, not curdev < 0.
	Some losing NFS systems give negative device numbers sometimes.
	Reported by Thorbjxrn Willoch.

1993-03-19  Michael I Bushnell  <>

	* buffer.c (new_volume): Write the global volume number to the
	volno file before running the info script, so that the script
	can look at it.

1993-03-17  Michael I Bushnell  <>

	* tar.c (describe, long_options): Changed --compress-block to
	(options): Fixed f_compress_block sanity check error message
	to give the correct name of the option.

1993-03-16  Michael I Bushnell  <>

	* extract.c (extract_archive): case LF_DIR: Do chown when
	necessary.  Don't bother jumping to set_filestat for
	f_modified; repeat the chmod code here.  Replace `break',
	deleted on 2 September 1992.

	* tar.c (describe, long_options, options): Added gzip options
	and use-compress-program option.
	* tar.h: Added new compression options.
	* buffer.c (child_open, open_archive): Use new compression options.

	* create.c (start_header): Only mask off high bits when
	creating old-style archives.
	* list.c (decode_header): Mask off potentially misleading
	high bits from the mode when reading headers.
	Reported by Paul Eggert.

1993-03-15  Michael I Bushnell  <>

	* extract.c (extract_archive): Put arguments in the right
	order for error message.
	Reported by Bruno Haible.

	* create.c (deal_with_sparse): If the last byte was null, we
	didn't write it out.

	* gnu.c, create.c, extract.c, diffarch.c, list.c:
	Replace malloc calls with ck_malloc and realloc with ck_realloc.
	Reported by Jonathan Kamens.

	* tar.c (describe): Improve doc for -L.

	* tar.c (name_next): Don't apply exclusion to explicitly named

	* tar.c (long_options, describe): Added new-volume-script as
	an alias for info-script.

	* extract.c (extract_archive): LF_DUMPDIR case; misplaced paren.

	* extract.c (extract_archive): extract_file case, first if,
	include space for null in namelen computation.

	* extract.c (extract_sparse_file): Use value returned by write
	to properly create error message.

	* create.c (create_archive): Don't assume we have anything to

	* buffer.c (open_archive): Set current_file_name for the
	volume header so that verbose listings work properly.

	* (realclean): Added getdate.c.

	* create.c (deal_with_sparse): If exactly 26 elements in
	sparsearray, only 25 were written.
	Reported by Jim Murray.

	* create.c (deal_with_sparse): If the file ends with a zero
	block, the last byte was not written.  This is fixed in create
	rather than extract: if amidst_data is not set at EOF, put out a
	block with just the last byte of the file.
	Reported by Jim Murray.

1993-01-14  David J. MacKenzie  <>

	* tar.c: Include fnmatch.h after port.h to make sure we get our FNM_*
	(e.g. on HPUX 8).

1992-11-24  David J. MacKenzie  <>

	* tar.c (addname), gnu.c (read_dir_file) [HAVE_GETCWD]: Instead of USG.

	* port.h, rmt.h [HAVE_STRING_H]: Instead of USG.

	* port.h: Add dir header decls.
	* create.c, gnu.c: Use SYSNDIR, SYSDIR, and NDIR
	instead of BSD42 and USG.  Rename DP_NAMELEN to NLENGTH.
	Use `struct dirent' instead of `struct direct'.
	* create.c, gnu.c, tar.c: Remove dir header decls.

1992-11-18  David J. MacKenzie  <>

	* tar.c: Change FNM_TARPATH to FNM_LEADING_DIR to match change
	in fnmatch.[ch].

1992-10-02  David J. MacKenzie  <>

	* tar.c (describe): Fix some tab alignments.

	* (SRC3): Add getdate.c, for systems without bison/yacc
	(like MS-DOS).

	* diffarch.c (diff_sparse_files): Add missing arg to fprintf calls.

	* extract.c (extract_archive, restore_saved_dir_info),
	buffer.c (child_open), list.c (decode_header, print_header):
	Delete unused vars.

	* port.c [__MSDOS__]: Have strstr, rename, and mkdir.  Don't
	define ck_pipe.

	* buffer.c, tar.c (init_volume_number, closeout_volume_number),
	create.c (write_long): 	Declare as void, not int, since they
	don't return a value.

1992-09-22  Michael I Bushnell  <>

	* buffer.c (close_archive): Removed leftover `break' from when
	this was a switch.

1992-09-22  Noah Friedman  <>

	* create.c, port.h: indented #pragma directives with 1 space.

1992-09-18  Michael I Bushnell  <>

	* All source files: re indented using GNU indent.

	* rtapelib.c (__rmt_read): Only read the amount left in the
	buffer; otherwise a broken rmt server (which puts too much
	data out) could overwrite past our buffer.

1992-09-17  Michael I Bushnell  <>

	* Check for getpwuid and getgrgid.
	Reported by J.T. Conklin.

	* create.c: Throughout, use struct utimbuf rather than array
	of longs.
	Reported by J.T. Conklin and Michael Ellis.

	* (SRC3, AUX): Move alloca.c to SRC3.
	(OBJ3): Add @ALLOCA@.

	* (getdate.c): Look in srcdir for getdate.y.

	* buffer.c (close_archive): We can't check WTERMSIG
	meaningfully unless we already know tha WIFSIGNALED is true.
	(There is no guarantee it WTERMSIG will return zero when
	WIFSIGNALED is false.)
	* port.c (rmdir, mkdir): Check WIFSIGNALED rather than

	* (getdate.c): Use $(YACC) instead of `yacc'.
1992-09-15  Michael I Bushnell  <>

	* version.c: Released version 1.11.1.

	* Makefile (AUX): Added NEWS.

	* (rmt): Added $(LIBS).

	* mangle.c (extract_mangle): Null terminate link name for
	losing archives missing it.

	* Added tests for libraries needed on Solaris.

	* added target and rule for getdate.c: getdate.y;
	some makes don't have one built in.

1992-09-14  Michael I Bushnell  <>

	* tar.c (options, main): Advise use of --help rather than
	Reported by J.T. Conklin.

	* create.c (write_long): Using hstat here is a Bad Idea, and
	totally unnecessary at that.

	* list.c (read_header): Compute both signed and normal
	Reported by Robert E. Brown.

	* diffarch.c, buffer.c: Declare valloc as void* rather than
	Reported by Robert E. Brown.

	* Don't install info files.

	* port.h: Undefine index and rindex if necessary; some
	string.h's define them for us.

	* tar.c (addname): Missing braces after if.
	* gnu.c (read_dir_file): Missing braces after if.

	* names.c: Add include of <stdio.h>,

	* create.c (start_header): Set current_file_name so that
	print_header, used for verbose create, works properly.
	(dump_file): Set current_link_name when setting up symlink
	and hardlink records.
	Reported by Robert Crowe.

	* Define BSD in the presence of /sdmach or
	Reported by Robert E. Brown.

	* Check for malloc was scrambled.

1992-09-11  David J. MacKenzie  <>

	* fnmatch.[ch]: New files.
	* wildmat.c: File removed.
	* tar.c: Include fnmatch.h and use fnmatch instead of wildmat.
	*, makefile.pc: Replace wildmat.o(bj) with fnmatch.

1992-09-10  David J. MacKenzie  <>

	* buffer.c, tar.c: Remove redundant decls of getenv, rindex.

	* Add uninstall target.
	Define libdir instead of hardcoding /etc for installing rmt.

1992-09-10  Michael I Bushnell  <>

	* list.c (read_header): On second thought, that doesn't work
	either, so just store the names in malloced areas.  Sigh.

	* NEWS: New file.
	* README: Removed things that belong in NEWS; point to it.

	* list.c (read_header): current_file_name and
	current_link_name need to be set to the arrays in head rather
	than header; header is the actual read buffer and will change.

	* extract.c (extract_archive):
	* buffer.c (new_volume): `#' directives need to start in
	column 1.
	Reported by J.T. Conklin.
1992-09-09  Michael I Bushnell  <>

	* version.c: Release of version 1.11.

	* (AUX): Add getpagesize.h.
	(AUX): Comment out manuals.
	(all): Comment out dependency on

	* Makefile, Arrange to use local malloc on HP-UX.

	* port.h Use the canonical Autoconf chunk for alloca instead
	of just	looking for gcc.

1992-09-09  Noah Friedman  <>

	* port.h: If compiling with gcc, use __builtin_alloca.

1992-09-08  Michael I Bushnell  <>

	* extract.c: Removed long name support from here.
	* list.c (read_header): Understand and skip longname/longlink
	headers here.  Names for current file are stored in new global
	variables.  All source files except create.c changed to refer
	to current_file_name and current_link_name instead of fields
	directly from the current header.

1992-09-03  Michael I Bushnell  <>

	* create.c (write_long): New function.
	(dump_file): When writing link records or symlink records, use
	new write_long function instead of mangling when the link
	target is too long.
	(start_header): Use write_long instead of mangling for long
	* extract.c (saverec): Recognize LF_LONGNAME and LF_LONGLINK.
	(saverec): Throughout, use longname and longlink if they are set.

1992-09-02  Michael I Bushnell  <>

	* mangle.c: This is now deprecated; retain extract_mangle for
	backward compatibility.

	* list.c (print_header): Prevent printing 0 when the gid or uid is
	Reported by Chris Arthur.

	* list.c (decode_header): Use the gid field when the gid is empty,
	and similarly for uid.
	Reported by Chris Arthur.

	* extract.c: saved_dir_info, saved_dir_info_head: new type and
	(extract_archive): When extracting directories, now save info
	in saved_dir_info_head.
	(restore_saved_dir_info): New function.
	* list.c (read_and): Call restore_saved_dir_info at the end of
	the run.
	Reported by Chris Arthur.

1992-08-31  Michael I Bushnell  <>

	* create.c (create_archive): If there are no names specified,
	write nothing on the archive instead of dumping ".".

	* buffer.c (open_archive): Useful error message.

 	* tar.c, tar.h: Recognize f_atime_preserve.
	* create.c (dump_file): Implement f_atime_preserve.

	* rmt.h (_remdev): Don't require /dev/ to be in remote archive
	names; obey new force-local flag.
	* tar.c, tar.h: Implement new force-local flag.
	Reported by Roland Schemers III.

	* tar.c (describe): same-owner and same-order were confused.

	* create.c (dump_file): Check for toplevel had sense reversed.

	* buffer.c (new_archive): Don't free old_name...when these
	come from the command line, they aren't malloced, and it isn't
	important to save this trivial amount of memory.

	* tar.h: replace ar_file with ar_files, n_ar_files,
	* buffer.c (open_archive): multi-volume compressed archives
	never worked; give an appropriate error.  Change open of
	ar_file to open of ar_files[0].
	(writeerror, readerror, flush_archive): use
	ar_files[cur_ar_file] instead of ar_file.
	(new_archive): Necessary changes to support ar_files.
	* tar.c (options): handle multiple tape drive arguments.

1992-08-28  Michael I Bushnell  <>

	* list.c (decode_header), create.c (start_header), tar.h (TMAGIC):
	Undo djm's changes below; tar does not support the final
	Posix.1 format; it's bad to make it look like it does.

1992-07-19  David J. MacKenzie  <>

	* port.h: Try to prevent redefining major.
	* port.c [minix]: Implies HAVE_BZERO.  Fix a typo.

	* list.c (decode_header): Recognize the final POSIX.1 magic as
	well as the early draft magic for ustar.
	* create.c (start_header): Create a final POSIX.1 magic string
	instead of an early draft string for ustar.
	* tar.h (TMAGIC): Remove the trailing blanks.

	* rmt.c, rtapelib.c: Use POSIX and STDC headers if available.
	* rmt.h: Declare the external functions defined in rtapelib.c.

1992-07-14  David J. MacKenzie  <>

	* pathmax.h: New file.
	* port.h: Include it.
	* create.c (create_archive): Allocate PATH_MAX instead of
	NAME_MAX for temporary buffer so we don't have to figure out
	what NAME_MAX is (portably).

1992-07-10  Michael I Bushnell  <>

	* gnu.c (collect_and_sort_names): write_dir_file has no argument.

1992-07-06  David J. MacKenzie  <>

	* port.c (rename): If unlinking the source at the end fails,
	unlink the destination instead to avoid leaving a mess.

1992-07-03  David J. MacKenzie  <>

	* buffer.c, diffarch.c, update.c, rtapelib.c [HAVE_SYS_MTIO_H]:
	Instead of NO_MTIO.

	* port.c, tar.h [HAVE_FOO]: Instead of FOO_MISSING.

1992-06-23  David J. MacKenzie  <>

	* rmt.c: Add #ifdefs to work on ISC.

1992-05-20  David J. MacKenzie  <>

	* port.h: Define major, minor, makedev if the system doesn't.

1992-05-13  Michael I Bushnell  <>

	* gnu.c (add_dir_name): Store legitimate value into
	dir_contents when get_dir_contents returns NULL.

1992-05-07  Michael I Bushnell  <>

	* gnu.c (add_dir_name): Check for return of NULL from
	get_dir_contents; see djm's change of Fri Jul 26 01:12:58 1991.

1992-05-04  David J. MacKenzie  <>

	* tar.h: Make comments for option names say -- instead of +.

1992-04-29  Michael I Bushnell  <>

	* tar.c, tar.t: Added +volno-file option.
	buffer.c (init_volume_number, closeout_volume_number): New functions.
	tar.c (main): Call new functions in the right place.

	* buffer.c (fl_write, fl_read): Mod to allow losing tape
	drives which use short counts to indicate end of tape
	correctly handle the multi-tape stuff.  The read half won't
	co-exist with f_reblock; there's no way to fix that, of

	* tar.c, tar.h: Added new option +show-omitted-dirs.
	list.c (read_and): Implemented show-omitted-dirs.
	Reported by Karl Berry.

	* tar.c, tar.h: Added new option +checkpoint.
	buffer.c (fl_read, fl_write): Implemented +checkpoint lazily.

	* create.c (dump_file): Added toplevel argument; some devices
	can be negative, so the old method was bogus.  All callers
	Reported by Max Hailperin.

	* tar.c, tar.h: Added new option +ignore-failed-read.
	create.c (dump_file): Implemented +ignore-failed-read.
	Reported by Bob Mende Pie.

	* create.c (finish_sparse_file): Commented out debugging printf.

	* tar.c, tar.h: Added new option +remove-files to delete files
	after they are added to the archive.
	create.c (dump_file): Implemented +remove-files for
	everything but directories.  I don't think they need it.

1992-04-28  Michael I Bushnell  <>

	* create.c: (dump_file): save_name needs to be set equal to p,
	not something inside the header, because the header changes at
	the first buffer flush.

1992-04-24  Michael I Bushnell  <>

	* create.c: Djm incorrectly moved the include of port.h to
	precede the include of sys/file.h; restored.

	* tar.c (main): Cases CMD_EXTRACT and CMD_LIST: declare error
	string with const.

	* gnu.c (collect_and_sort_names): Leave if around
	write_dir_file in place.

1992-04-22  David J. MacKenzie  <>

	* rtapelib.c: SIGTYPE -> RETSIGTYPE.

1992-03-09  David J. MacKenzie  <>

	* rtapelib.c: Reformat and make comments more complete.
	Rename a few variables for clarity.

1992-03-05  David J. MacKenzie  <>

	* tar.c (describe): Document long options as starting with --.

1992-01-23  David J. MacKenzie  <>

	* tar.c (options): Check get_date return value for error indication.

1991-12-24  David J. MacKenzie  <>

	* tar.c, gnu.c, extract.c, create.c, port.h, rmt.h [HAVE_UNISTD_H,
	_POSIX_VERSION]: Instead of POSIX ifdefs.

1991-12-20  Michael I Bushnell  <>

	* testpad.c (main): flush stderr so perror and fprintf
	cooperate right.

1991-12-18  David J. MacKenzie  <>

	* port.h [MAJOR_IN_MKDEV, MAJOR_IN_SYSMACROS]: To find where to
	get major, minor and makedev.
	* create.c, list.c, update.c: Don't check USG to include

1991-12-12  Michael I Bushnell  <>

	* mangle.c (extract_mangle): Correctly null terminate name of
	link target.

1991-11-21  Michael I Bushnell  <mib@nutrimat>

	* create.c (dump_file, at start of ISREG output loop): use
	filename from header instead of real name to make sure that we
	get the mangled version and not one that is too long and
	overflows buffers.

1991-11-16  David J. MacKenzie  <>

	* tar.h: Use new criteria for STDC version of msg.

1991-11-02  David J. MacKenzie  <>

	* create.c, gnu.c, tar.c [USG]: Use DIRENT instead of NDIR to select
	between dirent.h and ndir.h.

	* port.c [FOO_MISSING]: Instead of WANT_FOO, to make sharing code
	and configure script with other utilities easier.
	error reporting routines.

1991-08-29  Michael I Bushnell  <>

	* tar.c (long_options).  Fixed info-script long option.
	Reported by Eric Norum.

1991-08-26  David J. MacKenzie  <>

	* configure, Only put $< in Makefiles if VPATH
	is being used, because older makes don't understand it.

1991-08-19  David J. MacKenzie  <>

	* create.c: Indent '#pragma alloca' so non-ANSI compilers
	don't choke on it.

1991-08-14  David J. MacKenzie  <>

	* list.c (UGSWIDTH): Increase from 11 (sort of like Unix tar) to
	18, so that with normal user and group names of <= 8 chars,
	the columns never shift in a tar -t listing.

1991-08-02  David J. MacKenzie  <djm@apple-gunkies>

	* (dist): Include texinfo.tex and*.
	(install): Install*.
	* configure: Set INSTALLDATA.

	* configure: Create config.status.  Remove it and Makefile if
	interrupted while creating them.

	* configure: Check for +srcdir etc. arg and look for in that directory.  Set VPATH if srcdir is not `.'.
	* Add `prefix'.
	( New target.

1991-07-30  David J. MacKenzie  <djm@apple-gunkies>

	* configure [FTIME_MISSING]: Instead of NEED_TZSET.

1991-07-29  David J. MacKenzie  <>

	* port.c [F_CHSIZE]: Additional version.

1991-07-27  David J. MacKenzie  <>

	* rmt.h: Clean up ifdefs.

	* makefile.pc: Fix typo.
	* port.h [__MSDOS__]: Instead of MSDOS.
	[__MSDOS__]: Define off_t.  Include io.h and not sys/param.h.
	[__TURBOC__]: Use void * and don't define const.

1991-07-26  David J. MacKenzie  <djm@bleen>

	* buffer.c: Rename `eof' to `hit_eof' to avoid conflict with an
	MSDOS function.
	* gnu.c (get_dir_contents): Return NULL, not "\0\0\0\0", on error.
	* diffarch.c (diff_archive): Open files in binary mode.
	Don't use or free a non-malloc'd return value from get_dir_contents.
	* msd_dir.c [__TURBOC__]: Include stdlib.h.
	* rmt.h: lseek returns off_t, not long.

	* tar.c (describe): -X is +exclude-from, not +exclude.
	(names_notfound): Free memory only if amiga, not !unix.

	* tar.h, tar.c: Add +null option to make -T read
	null-terminated filenames (such as those produced by GNU find
	-print0), and disable -C option.
	This guarantees that odd filenames will get archived.
	* tar.c (read_name_from_file): New function.
	(name_next): Call it instead of fgets.
	From David J. MacKenzie.

1991-07-24  David J. MacKenzie  <>

	* create.c [_AIX]: Declare alloca.

	* buffer.c (open_archive): Check for successful open before,
	not after, fstatting the fd.

1991-07-23  David J. MacKenzie  <>

	* configure: Only define BSD42 if sys/file.h exists.
	If alloca is missing and /usr/ucblib exists (SVR4), use it
	instead of -lPW.

	* port.h [!__STDC__]: #define const.
	* gnu.c (dirent_cmp): Fix args to agree with ANSI C prototype.
	* create.c: Declare ck_realloc.
	* gnu.c, diffarch.c: Move check for symlinks to after port.h include.

1991-07-20  David J. MacKenzie  <djm@apple-gunkies>

	* msd_dir.[ch]: Use POSIX-style `struct dirent' instead of
	`struct direct'.
	* create.c, gnu.c, tar.c: Adjust callers.

1991-07-18  David J. MacKenzie  <djm@bleen>

	* port.c (ck_malloc, ck_realloc): Return PTR, not char *.
	* gnu.c, create.c, tar.c: Fix decls.

	* port.c: Don't use the preprocessor to guess missing
	functions on Unix; let configure do it.
	[WANT_GETWD] (getwd): Function removed; not needed because
	getcwd is used if needed.
	* gnu.c, tar.c [POSIX]: Use getcwd.

	* rtapelib.c: Use SIGTYPE instead of testing SIGNAL_VOID.
	Default to void (more common these days) instead of int.

	* tar.c, gnu.c, mangle.c: Remove VOIDSTAR defn.  Use PTR instead.
	* port.h: Define PTR.

	* gnu.c, tar.c [__MSDOS__ || USG]: Remove incorrect getcwd decl.
	[!POSIX]: Put correct one in port.h.

	* tar.c (describe): Print on stdout instead of stderr; it's
	not so much a usage message (since you have to ask for it
	explicitly) as on-line help, and you really need to be able to
	page it because it's more than a screen long.

	* Make #ifdefs for sys/file.h or fcntl.h, directory header,
	sys/mtio.h consistent between files.  Use NO_MTIO instead of
	tricks with USG and HAVE_MTIO and NO_RMTIOCTL.
	* Move decls of ANSI C and POSIX functions to port.h and
	use standard headers to declare them if available
	* Add many missing function declarations and return types.
	* Some places used __MSDOS__, some MSDOS; standardize on __MSDOS__.
	* Change S_IF macros to S_IS for POSIX.
	* port.h: Define appropriate S_IS macros if missing.
	* port.h [POSIX]: Rename macros for testing exit status to conform to
	POSIX; use the system's versions if available.
	* port.h: Define PATH_MAX and NAME_MAX.
	* create.c, gnu.c, tar.c: Use ck_malloc and free instead of
	auto arrays of size PATH_MAX or NAME_MAX, since with pathconf
	they might not be constants.
	* Move all definitions of O_* to port.h to reduce redundancy.
	* Make all source files that now need to include port.h do so.
	* port.c: Remove #undefs of WANT_* so you can use -DWANT_*
	when compiling, instead of having to edit port.c.
	[WANT_DUMB_GET_DATE] (get_date): Function removed.
	Even systems without bison can get bison output and compile it.
	[WANT_STRING] (index, rindex, bcopy, bzero, bcmp): Functions
	removed; the translation is now done by macros in port.h.
	* wildmat.c (wildmat): Use POSIX.2 '!' instead of '^' to negate
	character classes.

1991-07-15  David J. MacKenzie  <>

	* testpad.c (main): Return type void.

	* port.c [WANT_STRING]: Don't include memory.h if NO_MEMORY_H.

	* create.c (dump_file) [AIX]: Fix typo, `allocate' for `alloca'.
	* gnu.c (collect_and_sort_names): Move misplaced brace out of #ifdef.
	Reported by Minh Tran-Le.

	* configure: Also look in sys/signal.h for signal decl.

1991-07-10  David J. MacKenzie  <>

	* Rename rtape_server.c to rmt.c and rtape_lib.c to rtapelib.c.

	* configure, $(INSTALLPROG) -> $(INSTALL).

1991-07-09  David J. MacKenzie  <>

	* Most files: Refer to GPL version 2.
	* COPYING: Use version 2.

	* port.c [__TURBOC__] (utime): New function.

	* xmalloc: New function (just calls ck_malloc), for alloca.c
	and bison.simple (in getdate.y output).

	* (AUX): Include alloca.c and tcexparg.c, a
	command line globber for Turbo C.

1991-07-08  David J. MacKenzie  <>

	* testpad.c: Open and write to testpad.h instead of stdout,
	because some MS-DOS makes (Borland's at least) can't do
	redirection in commands.
	* Don't redirect testpad output.

1991-07-08  Michael I Bushnell  <>

	* buffer.c (fl_read): Missing \n in printf.

1991-07-08  David J. MacKenzie  <>

	* create.c, extract.c, gnu.c, diffarch.c, tar.c: Comment out
	unused variables.

	* tar.c (options): Cast get_date arg to VOIDSTAR instead of
	`struct timeb *', since on some non-BSD systems the latter is

1991-07-06  David J. MacKenzie  <>

	* Replace Makefile with configure,, and makefile.pc.
	Update README with current compilation instructions.

	* port.c [WANT_RENAME] (rename): New function.

1991-07-03  Michael I Bushnell  <>

	* testpad.c (main): Avoid warning from some compilers on array

	* rtape_server.c (sys_errlist): Should be declared extern.
	Reported by Stuart Kemp.
1991-07-01  Michael I Bushnell  <>

	* Release of version 1.10; appropriate changes to README.

	* create.c: Removed printf's about sparse files.

1991-06-21  Michael I Bushnell  <>

	* list.c (skip_extended_headers): Userec was being called in
	the wrong place.

1991-06-20  David J. MacKenzie  <>

	* tar.h [STDC_MSG]: Use ANSI prototypes for msg and msg_perror,
	even if BSD42 is also.

	* Makefile: Replace DESTDIR with bindir.
	(install): Don't install tar.texinfo.  There's no standard
	place for texinfo files, and /usr/local/man is inappropriate.
	Add TAGS, distclean, and realclean targets and SHELL= line.

	* version.c: Move old change history to bottom of ChangeLog.

1991-06-12  Michael I Bushnell  <>

	* rtape_lib.c (__rmt_write) [SIGNAL_VOID]: Instead of USG.

1991-06-05  Michael I Bushnell  <>

	* tar.c (name_match, addname): Ugly hack to handle -C without
	any files specified.
	tar.h (struct name): New field for ugly hack.

1991-06-03  Michael I Bushnell  <>

	* testpad.c: New file to determine if we need special padding
	in struct header in tar.h.

	* tar.h (struct header): include padding if necessary, include

	* Makefile: rules to create testpad.h, etc.

1991-05-22  Michael I Bushnell  <>

	* tar.c (options): -L takes an argument.

	* rtape_lib.c (__rmt_open): add /usr/bin/nsh to the list of
	remote shell programs.

	* create.c: define MAXPATHLEN if we don't get it from a system
	header file.

	* create.c (deal_with_sparse): return a real return value if
	we can't open the file.

	* tar.c (long_options): +newer takes an argument.
	(describe): fix printing in various trivial ways

1991-05-21  Michael I Bushnell  <>

	* tar.c (long_options): +get and +concatentate don't require arguments

1991-05-20  Michael I Bushnell  <>

	* create.c (write_eot): Don't try and write an EOF if we are
	already at one.

	* port.c (strstr): Looking for null string should return zero.

1991-05-19  Michael I Bushnell  <>

	* tar.c (options): -l doesn't take an argument

	* Makefile: Minor fix for SGI 4D defines.
	Reported by Andrew Torda.

	* rtape_server.c (main.c): For 386/AIX.  I'm suspicious about this
	* create.c (dump_file): For hidden files on AIX.
	gnu.c (collect_and_sort_name, get_dir_contents): AIX hidden file mod.
	Reported by Minh Tran-Le.

	* tar.c: (name_next): Allow -C inside a file list given to -T.
	Reported by David Taylor.

	* Makefile: Comment describing presence of USE_REXEC.

	* extract.c (extract_archive, case LF_SPARSE): zero check for
	last element on numbytes needs to look at value after
	converted from octal.

	* port.c [HAVE_STRSTR]: Check it, instead of always demanding strstr.
	Makefile: Comment describing presence of HAVE_STRSTR option.

1991-05-19  David J. MacKenzie  <>

	* port.c (get_date): Renamed from getdate, to avoid SVR4 conflict.
	* tar.c: Call get_date instead of getdate.

1991-05-10  Noah Friedman  <friedman@nutrimat>

	* tar.c:  added "\n\" to the end of some documentation strings
	where they were left off.

1991-05-09  Michael I Bushnell  <>

	* Makefile: added level-0, level-1, and backup-specs to AUX.
	* version.c: changed to 1.10 beta.
	* README: updated for 1.10 beta release.

1991-04-02  Michael I Bushnell  <mib@godwin>

	* create.c (dump_file): HPUX's st_blocks is in 1024 byte units
	instead of 512 like the rest of the world, so I special cased
	* tar.c: Undo Noah's changes.

1991-04-01  Noah Friedman  <>

        (This ought to be temporary until things are fixed properly. )

	* tar.c: (struct option long_options):  flag for "sparse" zero if
	compiling under hpux.
	tar.c: (functon options): case 'S' is a no-op if compiling under

1991-03-30  Michael I Bushnell  <>

	* tar.h: new variable tape_length.

	* tar.c (options): add new option +tape-length / -L.

	* buffer.c (fl_write): Turn #ifdef TEST code for limited tape
	length on always, for tape-length option.

	* create.c (dump_file): avoid apollo lossage where S_IFIFO == S_IFSOCK.

	* buffer.c: include regex.h
	* buffer.c (fl_read, open_archive): Use regex routines for
	volume header match.
	* xmalloc.c: removed file; wasn't necessary.
	* tar.c: (main) use ck_malloc instead of xmalloc.

1991-03-28  Noah Friedman  <friedman@goldman>

	* regex.c, regex.o: New links.
	* tar.c: include regex.h.
	* Makefile (OBJ2): Add regex.o.
        (regex.o, tar.o): Depend on regex.h
        (SRC2, AUX): Add the new files.

1991-03-23  Noah Friedman  <>

	* Makefile: added default flags and options for compiling under

	* Added files alloca.c and xmalloc.c.

1991-03-23  Michael I Bushnell  <>

	* port.c [HPUX]: Define WANT_VALLOC.

1991-03-15  David J. MacKenzie  <>

	* rtape_lib.c [USG && !HAVE_MTIO]: Define NO_RMTIOCTL automatically.
	(_rmt_rexec): Temporarily re-open stdin and stdout to
	/dev/tty, to guarantee that rexec() can prompt and read the
	login name and password from the user.
	* Makefile: Mention -DUSE_REXEC.
	Reported by Pascal Meheut.

1991-03-08  Michael I Bushnell  <>

	* tar.h, Makefile [HAVE_SIZE_T]:  Might be useful for some people.

	* gnu.c: lstat->stat define where appropriate

	* buffer.c (fl_write): keep track of amount written for +totals.
	* tar.c, tar.h: set flag f_totals from +totals option.
	* tar.h (f_totals, tot_written): new variables.
	* tar.c (main): print total written with CMD_CREATE.

	* tar.c (main): return appropriate exit status

1991-01-17  David J. MacKenzie  <djm@apple-gunkies>

	* port.c: Remove a spurious `+' between functions (a remnant
	of a context diff, apparently).

1991-01-09  Michael I Bushnell  <>

	* create.c (where_is_data): Rewritten to be better, and then
	#ifdef-ed out.
	(deal_with_sparse): Severly pruned.  Now we write or don't
	write only complete blocks, not worrying about partial blocks.
	This simplifies calculations, removes bugs, and elides the
	second scan through the block.  The first was zero_record, the
	second was where_is_data.

1991-01-07  Michael I Bushnell  <>

	* create.c (deal_with_sparse): Second computation (for short
	reads) of numbytes increment had subtraction backwards.
	Need to handle calling where_is_data better when we did a
	short read (it might go past the end of the read), also, set
	sparsearray[...].offset in this case too.

1991-01-04  Jay Fenlason <>

	* buffer.c: Return a special error code if the archive
	you're trying to read starts with a different label than
	the one specified on the command line.

1991-01-02  Jay Fenlason <>

	* gnu.c: Prepend the current directory to the gnu_dumpfile, so that
	-C's won't affect where the output goes. (sigh.)

1990-12-18  Jay Fenlason <>

	* gnu.c: Don't complain if the gnudumpfile we're reading info
	from doesn't exist.

	* create.c: Write out gnudumpfile after finishing writing the archive.

	* tar.c: Add +exclude FNAME, and make +exclude-from do what +exclude
	used to.
	* Make +version an operation, not an option.
	* Add +confirmation alias for +interactive.

1990-12-04  Jay Fenlason <>

	* tar.c (check_exclude): Don't let MUMBLE match MUMBLE.c or
	fooMUMBLE but only foo/MUMBLE.

	* mangle.c: New file.
	* create.c, extract.c: According changes.

	* extract.c: Don't complain when extracting an already existing link.
	Don't complain when extracting a directory iff it already exists.
	Don't ad u+wx to directories when running as root.
	Reported by Chip Salzenberg.

	* gnu.c: Make +listed-incremental work.
	Reported by Chip Salzenberg.

	* port.c: Add the F_FREESP emulation of the ftruncate syscall.

1990-11-21  Jay Fenlason <>

	Remove excess \n from lots of msg() calls.

1990-11-19  Jay Fenlason <>

	* tar.c: Rename +volume to +label.

1990-11-16  David J. MacKenzie  <djm@apple-gunkies>

	* tar.c (describe): Include the default values for -b and -f
	(as set in the Makefile) in the message.

1990-11-15  Jay Fenlason <>

	* extract.c (extract_archive): Do the utime() call before the
	chmod() call, 'cuz some versons of utime() trash the file's mode

	* list.c (read_and): Call do_something on volume headers and
	multivol files even if they don't match the names we're looking
	for, etc.

1990-11-06  Jay Fenlason <>

	* port.c (un-quote-string): Don't try to write a null if there's
	already one there.

1990-11-01  Jay Fenlason <>

	* buffer.c (new_volume): fflush(msg_file) before reading for
	confirmation on new volume.  On EOF or error, print error msg and

1990-10-29  Jay Fenlason <>

	* getdate.y: Use new version of getdate().

	* tar.c (name_add): Use sizeof(char *) instead of sizeof(int)

	* README: Give the correct return address.

1990-10-25  Jay Fenlason <>

	rtape_lib.c [NO_RMTIOCTL]: Instead of RMTIOCTL, so it is on by default.

	rmt.h [NO_REMOTE]: Add _isrmt() #define.

	gnu.c: Add forward reference for add_dir_name().
1990-10-16  Jay Fenlason <>

	Version 1.09 --- New -G file implementation of gnu-dump stuff.

	* tar.c (name_add): Get the calls to ck_realloc and ck_malloc right.

1990-10-11  Jay Fenlason <>

	* gnu.c: Fix A couple of typos.

1990-09-19  David J. MacKenzie  <djm@apple-gunkies>

	* getdate.y [USG && !DAYLIGHT_MISSING] (ftime): Use `daylight'.

1990-09-17  Jay Fenlason <>

	* gnu.c (gnu_restore): Don't use a passed char* for the
	file name, use skipcrud+head->, just like everything
	else does.  This means that gnu_restore will still work with
	small buffers, etc.

1990-09-13  Jay Fenlason <>

	* tar.c (add_exclude): Don't bus-error if the exclude file doesn't
	end with a newline.

1990-09-09  David J. MacKenzie  <>

	* Makefile (dist): Remove .fname when done.

1990-09-06  Jay Fenlason <>

	* gnu.c (gnu_restore): Rember to skip_file() over the directory
	contents, even if we don't have to do anything with them.

	* create.c, extract.c, diffarch.c: Free sparsearray after we're
	done with it.

1990-09-04  Jay Fenlason <>

	* Makefile: Include gnu.c in dist

	* gnu.c: Move add_dir above read_dir_file so that cc doesn't
	complain about add_dir returning void.

1990-09-02  David J. MacKenzie  <djm@apple-gunkies>

	* getdate.y: Declare some more functions and add storage
	classes where omitted to shut compiler up.
	[USG] (ftime): Don't use extern var `daylight'; appears that
	some systems don't have it.

1990-08-29  David J. MacKenzie  <djm@apple-gunkies>

	* getdate.y (lookup): In the code that allows `Aug.' to be
	recognized as `Aug', don't chop off the final `.' from words
	like `a.m.', so they can be recognized.

1990-08-16  Jay Fenlason <>

	* buffer.c (open_archive): If -O, write verbosity to stderr
	instead of stdout.

1990-08-10  Jay Fenlason <>

	* getdate.y: Handle an explicit DST in the input string.
	Reported by Per Foreby.

1990-07-16  Jay Fenlason <>

	* tar.c: rename -g -G +incremental, +listed-imcremental, etc.

1990-07-13  Jay Fenlason <>

	* tar.c: Make +newer and +newer-mtime work according to their names.

	* gnu.c: If +newer or +newer-mtime, use the time specified on the
	command line.

	* buffer.c, create.c: Add test to see if dimwit is trying to
	archive the archive.

	* tar.c (long_options[]): Re-ordered, so that groups of similar
	options are next to each other...  I think.

	(describe): Modified to more closely reflect reality.

1990-07-06  Jay Fenlason <>

	* tar.c: Add compile-time option for SYS V (?) style
	tape-drive names /dev/rmt/{n}[lmh]

	* tar.c: Fix getopt-style stuff so that -C always works correctly.

	* gnu.c, tar.c: Make filename to -G optional.

	* {all over}: Replace some fprintf(stderr...) calls with calls
	to msg().

	* port.c: Make -Dmumble_MSG option on command line override
	internal assumptions.

	* Makefile: Mention -Dmumble_MSG options

1990-07-06  David J. MacKenzie  <djm@apple-gunkies>

	* tar.c (options): Don't change `c' if it is 0, as getopt now
	handles that internally.

1990-07-02 Jay Fenlason <>

	* gnu.c (new file): Moved all the f_gnudump stuff here where we
	can keep track of it easier.  Also made -G take a file name where
	it stores the inode information about directories so that we can
	detect moved directores.

	* create.c (dump_file): Changed slightly to work with the new

	* tar.c: Moved the f_gnudump stuff to gnu.c

	* tar.c, extract.c: Added the +do-chown option, which forces tar
	to always try to chown the created files to their original owners.

	* version.c: New version 1.09

1990-06-24  David J. MacKenzie  <>

	* create.c: Change ifdefs for directory library header
	selection to be like the ones in tar.c.
	* Makefile [Xenix]: Link with -ldir to get the dirent.h
	directory library.

1990-06-07  David J. MacKenzie  <>

	* Makefile, buffer.c, diffarch.c [HAVE_MTIO]: Instead of MTIO, as
	SCO Xenix defines 'MTIO' for an incompatible tape driver system in
	a file included by termio.h.
	* tar.h: Don't define size_t for Xenix.

1990-06-05  Jay Fenlason <>

	* create.c (dump_file): Only print the
	"... is on a different filesystem..." if f_verbose is on.
	also add a case for S_IFSOCK and treat it like a FIFO.
	(Not sure if that's the right thing to do or not, but it's better
	than all those Unknown File Type msgs.)

1990-05-31  Jay Fenlason <>

	* port.c [sparc]: Use instead of SPARC since the lowercase version
	is defined, and the uppercase one isn't.

1990-05-22  Jay Fenlason <>

	* port.c (ck_malloc): if size==0 pretend size=1
	(ck_realloc): if(!ptr) call ck_malloc instead.

1990-05-15  Jay Fenlason <>

	* diffarch.c (diff_archive): If not f_absolute_paths, and attempt
	to open a file listed in the archive fails, try /filename also.
	This will allow diff to open the wrong file if both /filename and
	filename exist, but there's nothing we can do about that.

1990-05-11  Jay Fenlason <>

	* Makefile: Describe new -DMTIO option.

	* buffer.c, diffarch.c: Change ifdefs slightly, so that -DMTIO
	will include sys/mtio.h even if USG is defined.  This is for HPUX
	and similar BSD/USG crossovers.

1990-05-08  Jay Fenlason <>

	* update.c (update_archive): Call reset_eof() when appropriate.

	* buffer.c (reset_eof): New function, that turns of EOF flag, and
	re-sets the ar_record and ar_last pointers.  This will allow
	'tar rf non-existant-file' to not core-dump.

1990-05-04  David J. MacKenzie  <>

	* tar.c: Recognize the +sparse option.  It was documented, but
	only the short form (-S) was actually recognized.

1990-04-17  Jay Fenlason <>

	* create.c: Don't access location 0 if ->dir_contents is null.

1990-04-11  Jay Fenlason <>

	* buffer.c (flush_archive, close_archive, new_volume): Always
	check the return value of rmtclose(), and only give a warning msg
	if it is <0.  Some device drivers (including Sun floppy disk, and
	HP streaming tape) return -1 after an IO error (or something like

1990-03-23  Jim Kingdon  <>

	* tar.c (long_options): Make it so +append +extract +list +update
	+catenate and +delete don't take arguments.

1990-03-12  Jay Fenlason <>

	* buffer.c (open_archive, fl_write): Set the mtime of the volume
	header to the current time.

1990-03-07  Jay Fenlason <>

	* buffer.c  Fix +compress-block  A two character patch from
	Juha Sarlin.
	Replace #ifdef __GNU__ with #ifdef __STDC__.
	(new_volume): If open of new archive fails, ask again, as it
	probably is user error.

	* tar.c: Replace #ifdef __GNU__ with #ifdef __STDC__

	* port.c: Clean up #ifdef and #defines a bit.
	(quote_copy_string): Sometimes the malloc'd buffer would be up to
	two characters too short.

	* extract.c (extract_archive): Don't declare ind static.

	* create.c (dump_file): Don't declare index_offset static.

	* diffarch.c: Remove diff_name variable, and always use
	head->, which will always work, unlike diff_name, which
	becomes trash when the next block is read in.

1990-03-01  Jay Fenlason <>

	* Makefile: Mention the -NO_REMOTE option.
	* port.c [i386]: Fix typo, and define WANT_FTRUNCATE.

1990-02-26  Jim Kingdon  <>

	* getdate.y: Declare yylex and yyerror as static.
	#define yyparse to getdate_yyparse.

1990-02-25  David J. MacKenzie  <>

	* tar.c: Remove +old option, since it is a valid abbreviation of
	+old-archive, which does the same thing.
	(describe): A few small cleanups in message.

1990-02-05  Jay Fenlason	<hack@wookumz>

	* port.c [sparc]: Define LOSING_MSG, since doprnt_msg doesn't work.
	[WANT_GETWD]: Fix typo.
1990-01-26  Jay Fenlason	<hack@wookumz>

	Version 1.08 --- Sparse file support added.  Also various other

	* diffarch.c (compare_chunk): Include correct arguments in
	a call to fprintf() for an error msg.
	(compare_chunks, compare_dir): First argument is a long, not an int.

	* tar.c (options): Use tar variable (argv[0]) as the name to print
 	in an error msg, instead of a constant "tar".
	(confirm): Use external variable char TTY_NAME[] for name of file
	to open for confirmation input.

	* buffer.c (new_volume): Ditto.

	* port.c: Add declaration for TTY_NAME[].

	* rmt.h: Add long declarations for lseek() and __rmt_lseek();

1990-01-23  Jay Fenlason <hack@wookumz>

	* tar.c, create.c: Create the +newer-mtime option, which is like
	+newer, but only looks for files whose mtime is newer than the
	given date.

	* rtape_lib.c [USG]: Make *both* instances of signal-handler stuff
	use void (*foo)().

1990-01-11  Jay Fenlason  <hack@wookumz>

	* getdate.y : Parse European dates of the form YYMMDD.
	In ftime(): Init timezone by calling localtime(), and remember that
	timezone is in seconds, but we want timeb->timezone to be in minutes.
	Reported by Jörgen Haegg.

	* rtape_lib.c (__rmt_open): Also look for /usr/bsd/rsh.
	Declare signal handler as returning void instead of int if USG is

	* port.c: Declare WANT_GETWD for SGI 4-D IRIS.

	* Makefile: Include defines for SGI 4D version.
	Reported by Mike Muuss.

	* buffer.c (fl_read): Work properly on broken Ultrix systems where
	read() returns -1 with errno==ENOSPC on end of tape.  Correctly go
	on to the next volume if f_multivol.

	* list.c (list_archive, print_header): Flush msg_file after
	printing messages.

	* port.c: Delete unused references to alloca().
	Don't crash if malloc() returns zero in quote_copy_string.
	Flush stderr in msg() and msg_perror().

	* tar.c: Flush msg_file after printing confirmation msg.

1990-01-10  David J. MacKenzie  <>

	* tar.c (main): Change -help option and references to it to +help,
	and remove suggestion to run info (which is unreleased, so not
	likely to be of any help).

1990-01-09  Jay Fenlason  <hack @wookumz>

	* create.c (dump_file): Close file descriptor if start_header()
	(dump_file): Change test for `./'-ness to not think that `.' {any
	character} is a `./'.
	Reported by Piercarlo Grandi.

	* diffarch.c (diff_init): Print correct number of bytes in error

1990-01-09  David J. MacKenzie  <>

	* Makefile: Add comment at top noting that two source files also
	contain #defines that might need to be changed by hand.

	* create.c, diffarch.c, extract.c: Change L_SET to 0 in lseek
	calls, because only BSD defines it.
	* create.c (dump_file) [BSD42]: Make sparse file checking code
	conditional because it uses st_blocks, which the other systems lack.

1990-01-02  Jay Fenlason <hack@gnu>

	* port.c (quote_copy_string): Fix so it doesn't scramble memory if
	the last character is non-printable.
	Reported by Kian-Tat Lim.

1989-12-19  Jim Kingdon  <kingdon@pogo>

	* port.c [BSD42]: Define DOPRNT_MSG.
	tar.h [BSD42]: Do not prototype msg{,_perror}.

1989-12-08  Jay Fenlason <hack@gnu>

	* create.c (dump_file): Remove typo in msg.

1989-12-01  David J. MacKenzie  <djm@trix>

	* Makefile: Remove comments referring to certain systems lacking
	getopt, since it is now provided always and needed by all systems.

	* port.c: Remove copy of getopt.c, as it is now linked in
	separately to always get the current version.

	* tar.c: Rename +cat-tars option to +catenate or +concatenate,
	and +local-filesystem to +one-file-system (preferred by rms
	and used in GNU cp for the same purpose).
	(describe): Reflect changes.

1989-11-28  David J. MacKenzie  <>

	* port.c: Move declaration of alloca into #else /* sparc */
	so it will compile on sparcs.

1989-11-27  David J. MacKenzie  <>

	* tar.c (options): Remove -version option (replaced by +version).
	(describe): Mention long options.

1989-11-25  David J. MacKenzie  <>

	* getoldopt.c (getoldopt): Make `opt_index' argument a pointer to
	an int, not char.

	* tar.c: Modify long options per rms's suggestions:
	Make preserve-permissions an alias for same-permissions.
	Make preserve-order an alias for same-order.
	Define preserve to mean both of those combined.
	Make old an alias for old-archive.
	Make portability an alias for old-archive, also.
	Rename sym-links to dereference.
	Rename gnudump to incremental.
	Rename filename to file.
	Make compare an alias for diff.  Leave diff but prefer compare.
	Rename blocking-factor to block-size.
	Rename chdir to directory.
	Make uncompress an alias for compress.
	Rename confirm to interactive.
	Make get an alias for extract.
	Rename volume-header to volume.

	Also make +version an alias for -version.

	(options): Shorten code that interprets long options by using
	the equivalent short options' code.  This also makes it tons
	easier to change the long options.

	(describe): Make usage message more internally consistent


	* list.c (read_and): Call check_exclude() to see if the files
	should be skipped on extract or list.

1989-11-09  Jim Kingdon  <>

	* buffer.c (fl_read): Fix typos in error message
	"tar EOF not on block boundary".

1989-10-23		<>

	* tar.c (long_options[]): Add an option for blocked compression.

1989-10-19		<>

	* buffer.c (writeerror): Print a more useful error msg.

1989-09-27		<>

	* tar.c (main): Mention "tar -help" if the luser types a non-workable
	set of options.

1989-09-11		<>

	* tar.c (options): Have -F correctly set info_script.

1989-08-29		<>

	* Makefile  Include ChangeLog in tar.tar and tar.tar.Z

1989-08-28		<>

	* tar.c (options) Made -F imply -M.
	Also remind tar that the -f option takes an argument!

	* Modified -F option to make it do what (I think) it
	should.  e.g, if you say -F, tar won't send a msg to
	msg_file and wait for a <return> It'll just run the program
	it was given, and when the prog returns, the new tape had
	*better* be ready...

	* buffer.c (open_archive): Give error message and abort if
	the luser didn't give an archive name.

1989-08-25		Joy Kendall <jak@hobbes>

	* Added code to make a new option to run a specified script at
	the end of each tape in a multi-volume backup.	Changed: tar.c:
	made new switch, -F, and new long-named option, "info-script".
	Code is where you would expect.
	* tar.h: added flag f_run_script_at_end, and an extern char *
	called info_script, which optarg gets set to.
	* buffer.c (new_volume): if f_run_script_at_end is set, we give
	info_script to system(), otherwise we do what we've always done.

1989-08-24		Joy Kendall <jak@spiff>
(These changes made over the course of 6/89 - 8/89)

	* diffarch.c: diff_archive: Added switches for LF_SPARSE in the
	case statements that needed it.  Also, skip any extended headers
	if we need to when we skip over a file.  (need to change the bit
	about, if the size doesn't agree AND the file is NOT sparse,
	then there's a discrepancy, because I added another field to
	the header which should be able to deal with the sizes): If
	the file is sparse, call the added routine "diff_sparse_files"
	to compare.  Also added routine "fill_in_sparse_array".

	* extract.c: extract_archive: added the switch LF_SPARSE to the
	case statement as needed, and code to treat the sparse file.
	At label "again_file", modified opening the file to see if we
	should have O_APPEND be one of the modes.  Added code at label
	"extract_file" to call the new routine "extract_sparse_file"
	when we have an LF_SPARSE flag.

	Note: really should erase the commented-out code in there,
	because it's confusing.

	* update.c: made sure that if a file needed to be "skipped"
	over, it would check to see if the linkflag was sparse, and if
	so, would then make sure to skip over any "extended headers"
	that might come after the header itself.  Do so by calling

	* create.c: create_archive: added code to detect a sparse file
	when in the long case statement.  Added ways to detect extended
	headers, and label "extend" (ack! should get rid of that, is
	atrocious).  Call the new routine "finish_sparse_file" if the
	linkflag is LF_SPARSE to write the info to the tape.  Also added
	routines "init_sparsearray", "deal_with_sparse", "clear_buffer",
	"where_is_data", "zero_record", and "find_new_file_size".

	* tar.h: Added the #define's SPARSE_EXT_HDR and SPARSE_IN_HDR.
	Added the struct sparse and the struct sp_array.  Added the
	linkflag LF_SPARSE. Changed the tar header in several ways:
	- added an array of struct sparse's SPARSE_IN_HDR long
	- added a char flag isextended
	- added a char string realsize to store the true size of a sparse file
	Added another choice to the union record called a struct
	extended_header, which is an array of 21 struct sparse's and a
	char isextended flag.  Added flag f_sparse_file to list of flags.

	* tar.c: added long-named options to make tar compatible with
	getopt_long, changed Makefile.

1989-03-03  David MacKenzie  (edf at
(I'm not completely sure all these have been integrated -- FP.)

	* buffer.c [USG]: ifdef'd out #include <sys/file.h>.
	(close_archive): SysV doesn't have ftruncate, so substituted
	fmtwrite (just copied the code for MS-DOS).
	* create.c: Unos lacks <sys/sysmacros.h> so provided a substitute.
	(start_header): Only strip leading paths if f_relative_paths is true.
	* extract.c:
	(extract_archive): Only strip leading paths if
	f_relative_paths is true.  Because the Unos filesystem has
	only one timestamp, moved the utime call to after the chown
	and chmod calls.
	* getdate.y: Don't define ftime if Unos.
	* list.c: Defined size_t for Unos.  [USG]: Don't include <sys/file.h>.
	Define <sys/sysmacros> stuff manually for Unos.
	(decode_header): Add braces around switch cases; some compilers
	require them.
	(print_header): Changed UGSWIDTH from 11 to 25 because the smaller
	value made tape listings of files owned by more than one user
	gradually get wider, making them hard to read.
	* port.c: Don't include <sys/file.h> if SysV.  Define
	size_t for Unos.
	(mkdir): Add code to support Unos makedir sys call.
	(getopt): Use malloc instead of alloca, because tar doesn't
	use alloca anywhere else and many systems lack it.  A few other
	changes from the current version of getopt.c incorporated.
	* rtape_lib.c: Undefine RMTIOCTL.  Doesn't seem to be needed,
	and can't compile on Unos/SysV with it defined.  Might need to be
	* tar.c: Alias addname to add_name and rmdir to deldir on Unos
	due to C library weirdness.
	(options): Recognize new -P option to set f_relative paths.
	(describe): Clean up error message and add -P description.
	* tar.h: Add variable, f_relative_paths, to cause tar to strip
	leading `/' characters in pathnames during create and extract.
	* tar.texinfo: Fixed a couple of typos, detected by texi2roff.
	* update.c: Simulate <sys/sysmacros.h> for Unos.
Previous releases by Jay Fenlason (

	* Version 1.07 --- New version to go on beta tape with GCC 1.35.
	Better USG support.  Also support for __builtin_alloca if we're
	compiling with GCC.

	* diffarch.c: Include the correct header files so MTIOCTOP
	is defined.
	* tar.c:  Don't print the verbose list of options unless
	given -help.  The list of options is *way* too long.

	* Version 1.06 --- [__STDC__]: Use STDC_MSG.
	ENXIO meand end-of-volume in archive (for the UNIX PC)
	Added break after volume-header case (line 440) extract.c
	Added patch to rtape_lib.c (reported by Arnold Robbins).
	Added f_absolute_paths option.
	Deleted refereces to UN*X manual sections (dump(8), etc)
	Fixed to not core-dump on illegal options
	Modified msg_perror to call perror("") instead of perror(0)
	patch so -X - works
	Fixed tar.c so 'tar cf - -C dir' doesn't core-dump
	tar.c (name_match): Fixed to chdir() to the appropriate
	directory if the matching name's change_dir is set.  This
	makes tar xv -C foo {files} work.

	* Version 1.05 --- A fix to make confirm() work when the archive is
	on stdin; include 'extern FILE *msg_file;' in pr_mkdir().
	* tar.h [__STDC__]: Fix to work.

	Added to port.c: mkdir() ftruncate(): Removed: lstat()
	Fixed -G to work with -X
	Another fix to tar.texinfo
	Changed tar.c to say argv[0]":you must specify exactly ...
	buffer.c: modified child_open() to keep tar from hanging when
	it is done reading/writing a compressed archive
	added fflush(msg_file) before printing error messages
	create.c: fixed to make link_names non-absolute

	* Version 1.04 --- Added functions msg() and msg_perror(): Modified
	all the files to call them.  Also checked that all (I hope) calls
	to msg_perror() have a valid errno value.
	(modified anno() to leave errno alone), etc.
	Re-fixed the -X option.  This time for sure...
	re-modified the msg stuff.  flushed anno() completely
	Modified the directory stuff so it should work on sysV boxes
	added ftime() to getdate.y
	Fixed un_quote_string() so it won't wedge on \" Also fixed
	\ddd (like \123, etc)
	More fixes to tar.texinfo

	* Version 1.03 --- Fixed buffer.c so 'tar tzf NON_EXISTENT_FILE'
	returns an error message instead of hanging forever.
	More fixes to tar.texinfo.

	* Version 1.02 --- Fixed tar.c so 'tar -h' and 'tar -v' don't cause
	core dump.  Also fixed the 'usage' message to be more up-to-date.
	* diffarch.c [!MTIOCTOP]: Fixed so verify should compile.

	* Version 1.01 --- Fixed typoes in tar.texinfo.
	Fixed a bug in the #define for rmtcreat().
	Fixed the -X option to not call realloc() of 0.

	* Version 1.00 --- version.c added.  -version option added.
	Installed new version of the remote-tape library.
	Added -help option.

----- tests/ChangeLog -----

1997-04-25  François Pinard  <>

	* Release 1.12.

	*, Adjust to new delayed error exit message.

	* (BUILT_SOURCES): Define as preset, so preset is
	regenerated if configuration changes.

	* (TESTS): Nevertheless include
	Reported by Andreas Schwab.

	* Mention f - explicitly, do not assume it, in case
	$TAPE is defined or the default archive has been overridden.
	Reported by Andreas Schwab.

1997-04-24  François Pinard  <>

	* after: Unredirect stdout and stderr before removing the files.
	If redirections are to NFS files, removing them while they are
	still opened may have strange effects, failing almost all tests.
	Reported by Kaveh R. Ghazi.

1997-04-22  François Pinard  <>

	* Prerelease 1.11q.

	* New file.
	* (TESTS): Adjusted.
	Reported by Marc Boucher.

	* (LC_MESSAGES): Clear value before tests.
	Reported by Sven Verdoolaege.

	* (INCLUDES): Adjust so config.h gets found.

	* genfile.c (usage): Corrected.

	* New name for
	* New file.
	* (TESTS): Adjusted.
	Reported by Vince Del Vecchio.

	* (POSTPONED_TESTS): To contain the --delete tests.
	(TESTS): Adjusted.
	(EXTRA_DIST): Include $(POSTPONED_TESTS).  The purpose is getting
	the tests distributed, but not executed.  These flaky tests are to
	be addressed only after 1.12 is released.

1997-04-19  François Pinard  <>

	* (AUTOMAKE_OPTIONS): Declare ../src/ansi2knr.
	* (DEFS): New, for defining LOCALEDIR.
	* (genfile.o): Deleted, will be implied from DEFS above.
	Reported by Bruno Haible and Kaveh R. Ghazi.

1997-04-17  François Pinard  <>

	* Prerelease 1.11p.

	* genfile.c (usage): Add a program description.
	(main): Output --version according to recent GNU standards.

1997-04-15  François Pinard  <>

	* Ensure the test does not fail if run as super-user.
	Reported by John David Anglin.

1997-04-12  François Pinard  <>

	* genfile.c (pattern): Remove trailing comma for last enum item.
	Reported by Bruno Haible.

1997-04-11  François Pinard  <>

	* Prerelease 1.11o.

1997-03-29  François Pinard  <>

	* New file.
	* (TESTS): Adjusted.
	Reported by Ralph Schleicher.

1997-03-24  François Pinard  <>

	* genfile.c: Implement --pattern=default/zeros.

1997-02-25  François Pinard  <>

	* New file.
	* (TESTS): Adjusted.
	Reported by Daniel Trinkle.

1997-01-21  François Pinard  <>

	* New name for
	* New file.
	* (TESTS): Adjusted.
	Reported by Axel Boldt.

1996-11-25  François Pinard  <>

	* genfile.c (usage): Typo in message.
	Reported by Christian Kirsch.

1996-11-22  François Pinard  <>

	* New file.
	Reported by Wolfram Wagner.

	*, New files.
	* (TESTS): Adjusted.
	Reported by Andreas Schwab.

	* before: Ensure .. on PATH, so genfile may be found.
	* ($(TESTS)): Depend on genfile, waiting for Automake
	to be adjusted to do the proper thing for parallel make.

	* New name for
	* New name for
	* New name for
	* Adjusted.

	* All tests: Use set -e whenever appropriate.  Use "" instead of
	'' for out and err, so allowing us to use escaped newlines.  In
	case of multiple output in a single test, ensure separator lines.

1996-11-06  François Pinard  <>

	* Prerelease 1.11.13.

	*,, Use sh, not bash.
	Reported by John David Anglin.

1996-09-20  François Pinard  <>

	* New.
	* (TESTS): Adjusted.

1996-09-19  François Pinard  <>

	* Prerelease 1.11.12.

	* ($(TESTS)): Depend on preset.
	* (PATH): Adjust for multi-line --version output.
	* (LANG, LANGUAGE): Export them, so gzip does not
	localise its own output.
	(echo_n, echo_c): Define from the result of echo configuration.
	* after: Handle echo with newline suppressed.

1996-09-09  François Pinard  <>

	*,, before, after: New files.
	* Adjusted.

1996-09-04  François Pinard  <>

	* ChangeLog,,, New files.
	*, genfile.c: New files, moved from src/.

	A regression test is an old dream for GNU tar.
	Reported by Tom Tromey and Robert Bernstein.