TODO   [plain text]

TODO file for GNU m4

Tell <> if you feel like volunteering for any
of these ideas, listed more or less in decreasing order of priority.

* Features or problems
  - Update documentation from accumulated mail about it
  - Study synclines at the very beginning of each diverted sequence
  - Make eval work on bignums - the 32 bits limit is artificial
	From Krste Asanovic <>, 1993-03-20

* Optimization and clean up
  - Check for memory leaks and uninitialized reads
	From Vern Paxson <> on 1993-12-06
  - Profile GNU m4 and speed it up
	From David J. MacKenzie <>, 1993-01-20

	GNU m4 should be sped up by a factor of three for competing
	with other versions (I think that the lexer is not agressive
	enough and too often return single characters; obstacks might
	be a little abused, too).
  - Have NULs go really undisturbed through GNU m4
	See `dumpdef' and debugging section, which abuses %s
	From Thorsten Ohl <>, 1992-12-21

	path.c (add_include_directory): Why the '\0' terminator?

	GNU m4 is lousy regarding NULs in streams (this would require
	maintaining the string lengths, and avoiding strlen, strcpy,
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