glibtool.1   [plain text]

.Dd July 25, 2003
.Nm glibtool
.Nd generic library support script
.Op arguments
is a script that allows package
developers to provide generic shared library support.
It is actual the GNU
.Nm libtool
script, renamed to avoid conflict with the Apple-provided
.Xr libtool 1 .
This manual page describes the additional features added to
.Nm glibtool
for Mac OS X.
More general documentation is listed below.
uses the tilde ``~'' character to separate command sequences.
Obviously, pathnames containing tildes can cause problems.
So an environment variable, LIBTOOL_CMD_SEP, was added to specify an
alternate separator character.
Note that same control characters are ignored by the shell; CTRL-B and CTRL-Z
seem to work fine, while CTRL-A and DELETE do not.
Multi-architecture support is improved.
Projects can build fat, and fat binaries can now be extracted from fat archives
.Xr ar 1
archive containing fat binaries is converted by
.Xr ranlib 1
to a fat file containing multiple archives, which
.Xr ar 1
can no longer process).
Bundles can be built with the new
.Fl "-undefined dynamic_lookup"
link option, if:
.Bl -enum -offset indent -compact
The MACOSX_DEPLOYMENT_TARGET environment variable is set to
.Li 10.3 ,
The LD_TWOLEVEL_NAMESPACE environment variable is non-empty.
.Xr ar 1 ,
.Xr libtool 1 ,
.Xr ranlib 1
.Pa /Developer/Documentation/DeveloperTools/glibtool