ChangeLog.Apple   [plain text]

2002-12-14  Klee Dienes  <>

	* support/shobj-conf: Update Darwin settings (link against
	ncurses, use cc instead of /usr/bin/libtool).

2002-11-18  Klee Dienes  <>

	* (SHOBJ_CFLAGS): Add (provided by Autoconf).
	(LOCAL_CFLAGS): Revert to FSF definition.
	(all): Remove extra 'stamp-framework'.
	* macro.c: Remove malloc/xmalloc diffs.
	* nls.c: Ditto.
	* tilde.c: Ditto.
	* tilde.h: Ditto.
	* terminal.c: Conditionalize shutoff of PC, *BC, *UP on __APPLE__,
	instead of hard-coding to zero.
	* doc/texi2html: Revert to FSF sources.
	* support/shobj-conf: Add Darwin shlib support.
2002-10-17  Klee Dienes  <>

	* rltty.c (prepare_terminal_settings): Disable the terminal
	setting for VDISABLE, as it prevents GDB from seeing 'C-o', which
	it wants to bind to gdb_rl_operate_and_get_next.