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# Copyright 1989, 1990, 1991, 1992, 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997,
# 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005 Free Software Foundation,
# Inc.

# This file is part of GDB.

# This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
# it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
# the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or
# (at your option) any later version.
# This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
# but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
# GNU General Public License for more details.
# You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
# along with this program; if not, write to the Free Software
# Foundation, Inc., 59 Temple Place - Suite 330, Boston, MA 02111-1307, USA.

prefix = @prefix@
exec_prefix = @exec_prefix@

host_alias = @host_alias@
target_alias = @target_alias@
program_transform_name = @program_transform_name@
bindir = @bindir@
libdir = @libdir@
tooldir = $(libdir)/$(target_alias)

datadir = @datadir@
localedir = @localedir@
mandir = @mandir@
man1dir = $(mandir)/man1
man2dir = $(mandir)/man2
man3dir = $(mandir)/man3
man4dir = $(mandir)/man4
man5dir = $(mandir)/man5
man6dir = $(mandir)/man6
man7dir = $(mandir)/man7
man8dir = $(mandir)/man8
man9dir = $(mandir)/man9
infodir = @infodir@
htmldir = $(prefix)/html
includedir = @includedir@

# This can be referenced by `INTLDEPS' as computed by CY_GNU_GETTEXT.
top_builddir = .


LN_S = @LN_S@



AR = @AR@

MSGMERGE = msgmerge


# If you are compiling with GCC, make sure that either 1) You have the
# fixed include files where GCC can reach them, or 2) You use the
# -traditional flag.  Otherwise the ioctl calls in inflow.c
# will be incorrectly compiled.  The "fixincludes" script in the gcc
# distribution will fix your include files up.

# Directory containing source files.
srcdir = @srcdir@
VPATH = @srcdir@:@srcdir@/macosx


# This is used to rebuild ada-lex.c from ada-lex.l.  If the program is
# not defined, but ada-lex.c is present, compilation will continue,
# possibly with a warning.
FLEX = flex

YLWRAP = $(srcdir)/../ylwrap

# where to find makeinfo, preferably one designed for texinfo-2

MAKEHTML = texi2html

MAKEHTMLFLAGS = -glossary -menu -split_chapter

# Set this up with gcc if you have gnu ld and the loader will print out
# line numbers for undefined references.
#CC_LD=gcc -static

# Where is our "include" directory?  Typically $(srcdir)/../include.
# This is essentially the header file directory for the library
# routines in libiberty.
INCLUDE_DIR =  $(srcdir)/../include

# Where is the "-liberty" library?  Typically in ../libiberty.
LIBIBERTY_DEP = ../libiberty/libiberty.a
LIBIBERTY = -L../libiberty -liberty

# Configured by the --with-mmalloc option to configure.
#MMALLOC_DEP = ../mmalloc/libmmalloc.a

# Where is the BFD library?  Typically in ../bfd.
BFD_DIR = ../bfd
BFD = -L../bfd -L../bfd/.libs -lbfd
BFD_SRC = $(srcdir)/$(BFD_DIR)

# Where is the READLINE library?  Typically in ../readline.
READLINE_DIR = ../readline
READLINE_DEP = ../readline/libreadline.a
READLINE = $(READLINE_DIR)/libreadline.a


# Where is the INTL library?  Typically in ../intl.
INTL_DIR = ../intl
INTL_SRC = $(srcdir)/$(INTL_DIR)

# Where is the ICONV library?  This can be empty if libc has iconv.

# APPLE LOCAL: location of carbon header files & libraries

# APPLE LOCAL: We need to weak link to Carbon for the "open" command, and we
# need CoreFoundation for the plist parsing code.
CARBON_LDFLAGS = -framework CoreFoundation @CARBON_LIBS@

# APPLE LOCAL: Use DebugSymbols framework if available for dSYM finding

# APPLE LOCAL: Enable MIG checking for macosx/macosx.defs.

# APPLE LOCAL: 64 bit MIG generates files with mach_ as a prefix.

# APPLE LOCAL: Encode the Info.plist in the binary for the security framework's
# benefit.
ADD_INFO_PLIST = -sectcreate __TEXT __info_plist $(srcdir)/Info.plist

# Did the user give us a --with-sysroot option?

# CLI sub directory definitons
	cli-dump.o \
	cli-decode.o cli-script.o cli-cmds.o cli-setshow.o cli-utils.o \
	cli-logging.o \
	cli/cli-dump.c \
	cli/cli-decode.c cli/cli-script.c cli/cli-cmds.c cli/cli-setshow.c \
	cli/cli-logging.c \
	cli/cli-interp.c \

# MI sub directory definitons
	mi-out.o mi-console.o \
	mi-cmds.o mi-cmd-env.o mi-cmd-var.o mi-cmd-break.o mi-cmd-stack.o \
	mi-cmd-file.o mi-cmd-disas.o mi-symbol-cmds.o \
	mi-interp.o \
	mi-main.o mi-parse.o mi-getopt.o mi-common.o
	mi/mi-out.c mi/mi-console.c \
	mi/mi-cmds.c mi/mi-cmd-env.c \
	mi/mi-cmd-var.c mi/mi-cmd-break.c mi/mi-cmd-stack.c \
	mi/mi-cmd-file.c mi/mi-cmd-disas.c mi/mi-symbol-cmds.c \
	mi/mi-interp.c \
	mi/mi-main.c mi/mi-parse.c mi/mi-getopt.c mi/mi-common.c

# TUI sub directory definitions

# Name of the TUI program

	tui-command.o \
	tui-data.o \
	tui-disasm.o \
	tui-file.o tui.o \
	tui-hooks.o \
	tui-interp.o \
	tui-io.o \
	tui-layout.o \
	tui-out.o \
	tui-regs.o \
	tui-source.o \
	tui-stack.o \
	tui-win.o \
	tui-windata.o \
	tui-wingeneral.o \
	tui/tui-command.c \
	tui/tui-data.c \
	tui/tui-disasm.c \
	tui/tui-file.c \
	tui/tui-hooks.c \
	tui/tui-interp.c \
	tui/tui-io.c \
	tui/tui-layout.c \
	tui/tui-out.c \
	tui/tui-regs.c \
	tui/tui-source.c \
	tui/tui-stack.c \
	tui/tui-win.c \
	tui/tui-windata.c \
	tui/tui-wingeneral.c \
	tui/tui-winsource.c \
# APPLE LOCAL - we don't support TUI, so don't let
# people accidentally wander into it
#	-DTUI=1

# Opcodes currently live in one of two places.  Either they are in the
# opcode library, typically ../opcodes, or they are in a header file
# Where is the "-lopcodes" library, with (some of) the opcode tables and
# disassemblers?
OPCODES_DIR = ../opcodes
OPCODES = -L../opcodes -L../opcodes/.libs -lopcodes
# Where are the other opcode tables which only have header file
# versions?

# The simulator is usually nonexistent; targets that include one
# should set this to list all the .o or .a files to be linked in.


# Where is the TCL library?  Typically in ../tcl.
LIB_INSTALL_DIR = $(libdir)
# This variable is needed when doing dynamic linking.
LIB_RUNTIME_DIR = $(libdir)
# Extra flags that the GDBTK files need:

# Where is the TK library?  Typically in ../tk.

# Where is Itcl?  Typically in ../itcl/itcl.

# Where is Itk?  Typically in ../itcl/itk.

X11_LIBS =



# The version of gdbtk we're building. This should be kept
# in sync with GDBTK_VERSION and friends in gdbtk.h.
GDBTK_LIBRARY = $(datadir)/insight$(GDBTK_VERSION)

# Gdbtk requires an absolute path to the source directory or
# the testsuite won't run properly.

	gdbtk.o gdbtk-bp.o gdbtk-cmds.o gdbtk-hooks.o gdbtk-interp.o \
	gdbtk-register.o gdbtk-stack.o gdbtk-varobj.o gdbtk-wrapper.o
	gdbtk/generic/gdbtk.c gdbtk/generic/gdbtk-bp.c \
	gdbtk/generic/gdbtk-cmds.c gdbtk/generic/gdbtk-hooks.c \
	gdbtk/generic/gdbtk-interp.c \
	gdbtk/generic/gdbtk-register.c gdbtk/generic/gdbtk-stack.c \
	gdbtk/generic/gdbtk-varobj.c gdbtk/generic/gdbtk-wrapper.c \


# -I. for config files.
# -I$(srcdir) for gdb internal headers.
# -I$(srcdir)/config for more generic config files.

# It is also possible that you will need to add -I/usr/include/sys if
# your system doesn't have fcntl.h in /usr/include (which is where it
# should be according to Posix).
GDB_CFLAGS = -I. -I$(srcdir) -I$(srcdir)/config -DLOCALEDIR="\"$(localedir)\"" $(DEFS)

# M{H,T}_CFLAGS, if defined, have host- and target-dependent CFLAGS
# from the config directory.


# CFLAGS is specifically reserved for setting from the command line
# when running make.  I.E.  "make CFLAGS=-Wmissing-prototypes".

# Need to pass this to testsuite for "make check".  Probably should be
# consistent with top-level and gdb/testsuite/
# so "make check" has the same result no matter where it is run.

# INTERNAL_CFLAGS is the aggregate of all other *CFLAGS macros.

# LDFLAGS is specifically reserved for setting from the command line
# when running make.

LIBSQLITE3 = -lsqlite3

# Profiling options need to go here to work.
# I think it's perfectly reasonable for a user to set -pg in CFLAGS
# and have it work; that's why CFLAGS is here.
# PROFILE_CFLAGS is _not_ included, however, because we use monstartup.

# If your system is missing alloca(), or, more likely, it's there but
# it doesn't work, then refer to libiberty.

# Libraries and corresponding dependencies for compiling gdb.
# {X,T}M_CLIBS, defined in *config files, have host- and target-dependent libs.
# LIBIBERTY appears twice on purpose.
# If you have the Cygnus libraries installed,
# you can use 'CLIBS=$(INSTALLED_LIBS)' 'CDEPS='
INSTALLED_LIBS=-lbfd -lreadline -lopcodes -liberty \
	-lintl -liberty
        $(CARBON_LDFLAGS) \





RUNTEST = `if [ -f $${rootsrc}/../dejagnu/runtest ] ; then \
		echo $${rootsrc}/../dejagnu/runtest ; else echo runtest; \


# This is ser-unix.o for any system which supports a v7/BSD/SYSV/POSIX
# interface to the serial port.  Hopefully if get ported to OS/2, VMS,
# etc., then there will be (as part of the C library or perhaps as
# part of libiberty) a POSIX interface.  But at least for now the
# host-dependent makefile fragment might need to use something else
# besides ser-unix.o

# The `remote' debugging target is supported for most architectures,
# but not all (e.g. 960)
REMOTE_OBS = remote.o dcache.o remote-utils.o tracepoint.o ax-general.o ax-gdb.o remote-fileio.o

# This is remote-sim.o if a simulator is to be linked in.

# Host and target-dependent makefile fragments come in here.
# End of host and target-dependent makefile fragments

# Possibly ignore the simulator.  If the simulator is being ignored,
# these expand into SIM= and SIM_OBJ=, overriding the entries from
# target_makefile_frag

	"prefix=$(prefix)" \
	"exec_prefix=$(exec_prefix)" \
	"infodir=$(infodir)" \
	"libdir=$(libdir)" \
	"mandir=$(mandir)" \
	"datadir=$(datadir)" \
	"includedir=$(includedir)" \
	"against=$(against)" \
	"AR=$(AR)" \
	"CC=$(CC)" \
	"CXX=$(CXX)" \

# Flags that we pass when building the testsuite.

# empty for native, $(target_alias)/ for cross
target_subdir = @target_subdir@

  if [ -f $${rootme}/../gcc/xgcc ] ; then \
    if [ -f $${rootme}/../$(target_subdir)newlib/Makefile ] ; then \
      echo $${rootme}/../gcc/xgcc -B$${rootme}/../gcc/ -idirafter $${rootme}/$(target_subdir)newlib/targ-include -idirafter $${rootsrc}/../$(target_subdir)newlib/libc/include -nostdinc -B$${rootme}/../$(target_subdir)newlib/; \
    else \
      echo $${rootme}/../gcc/xgcc -B$${rootme}/../gcc/; \
    fi; \
  else \
    if [ "$(host_canonical)" = "$(target_canonical)" ] ; then \
      echo $(CC); \
    else \
      t='$(program_transform_name)'; echo gcc | sed -e '' $$t; \
    fi; \

CXX = gcc
  if [ -f $${rootme}/../gcc/xgcc ] ; then \
    if [ -f $${rootme}/../$(target_subdir)newlib/Makefile ] ; then \
      echo $${rootme}/../gcc/xgcc -B$${rootme}/../gcc/ -idirafter $${rootme}/$(target_subdir)newlib/targ-include -idirafter $${rootsrc}/../$(target_subdir)newlib/libc/include -nostdinc -B$${rootme}/../$(target_subdir)newlib/; \
    else \
      echo $${rootme}/../gcc/xgcc -B$${rootme}/../gcc/; \
    fi; \
  else \
    if [ "$(host_canonical)" = "$(target_canonical)" ] ; then \
      echo $(CXX); \
    else \
      t='$(program_transform_name)'; echo gcc | sed -e '' $$t; \
    fi; \

# The use of $$(x_FOR_TARGET) reduces the command line length by not
# duplicating the lengthy definition.
	"prefix=$(prefix)" \
	"exec_prefix=$(exec_prefix)" \
	"against=$(against)" \

# All source files that go into linking GDB.
# Links made at configuration time should not be specified here, since
# SFILES is used in building the distribution archive.

# APPLE LOCAL begin subroutine inlining
SFILES = ada-exp.y ada-lang.c ada-typeprint.c ada-valprint.c  \
	ax-general.c ax-gdb.c \
	bcache.c \
	bfd-target.c \
	block.c blockframe.c breakpoint.c buildsym.c \
	c-exp.y c-lang.c c-typeprint.c c-valprint.c \
	charset.c cli-out.c coffread.c coff-pe-read.c \
	complaints.c completer.c corefile.c \
	cp-abi.c cp-support.c cp-namespace.c cp-valprint.c \
	cp-name-parser.y \
	dbxread.c demangle.c dictionary.c disasm.c doublest.c dummy-frame.c \
	dwarfread.c dwarf2expr.c dwarf2loc.c dwarf2read.c dwarf2-frame.c \
	elfread.c environ.c eval.c event-loop.c event-top.c expprint.c \
	f-exp.y f-lang.c f-typeprint.c f-valprint.c findvar.c frame.c \
	frame-base.c \
	frame-unwind.c \
	gdbarch.c arch-utils.c gdbtypes.c gnu-v2-abi.c gnu-v3-abi.c \
	hpacc-abi.c \
	inf-loop.c \
	infcall.c \
	infcmd.c inflow.c infrun.c \
	inlining.c \
	interps.c \
	jv-exp.y jv-lang.c jv-valprint.c jv-typeprint.c \
	kod.c kod-cisco.c \
	language.c linespec.c \
	m2-exp.y m2-lang.c m2-typeprint.c m2-valprint.c \
	macrotab.c macroexp.c macrocmd.c macroscope.c main.c maint.c \
	mdebugread.c memattr.c mem-break.c minsyms.c mipsread.c \
	nlmread.c \
	objc-exp.y objc-lang.c \
	objfiles.c osabi.c observer.c \
	p-exp.y p-lang.c p-typeprint.c p-valprint.c parse.c printcmd.c \
	regcache.c reggroups.c remote.c remote-fileio.c \
	scm-exp.c scm-lang.c scm-valprint.c \
	sentinel-frame.c \
	serial.c ser-base.c ser-unix.c \
	solib.c solib-null.c source.c \
	stabsread.c stack.c std-regs.c symfile.c symfile-mem.c symmisc.c \
	symtab.c \
	target.c thread.c top.c tracepoint.c \
	trad-frame.c \
	tramp-frame.c \
	typeprint.c \
	ui-out.c utils.c ui-file.h ui-file.c \
	user-regs.c \
	valarith.c valops.c valprint.c value.c varobj.c \
	wrapper.c x86-shared-tdep.c
# APPLE LOCAL end subroutine inlining


# "system" headers.  Using these in dependencies is a rather personal
# choice. (-rich, summer 1993)
# (Why would we not want to depend on them?  If one of these changes in a
# non-binary-compatible way, it is a real pain to remake the right stuff
# without these dependencies -kingdon, 13 Mar 1994)
aout_aout64_h =	$(INCLUDE_DIR)/aout/aout64.h
aout_stabs_gnu_h =	$(INCLUDE_DIR)/aout/stabs_gnu.h
getopt_h =	$(INCLUDE_DIR)/getopt.h
floatformat_h =	$(INCLUDE_DIR)/floatformat.h
bfd_h =		$(BFD_DIR)/bfd.h
coff_sym_h =	$(INCLUDE_DIR)/coff/sym.h
coff_symconst_h =	$(INCLUDE_DIR)/coff/symconst.h
coff_ecoff_h =	$(INCLUDE_DIR)/coff/ecoff.h
coff_internal_h =	$(INCLUDE_DIR)/coff/internal.h
dis_asm_h =	$(INCLUDE_DIR)/dis-asm.h $(bfd_h)
elf_reloc_macros_h =	$(INCLUDE_DIR)/elf/reloc-macros.h
elf_sh_h =	$(INCLUDE_DIR)/elf/sh.h
elf_arm_h =	$(INCLUDE_DIR)/elf/arm.h $(elf_reloc_macros_h)
elf_bfd_h =	$(BFD_SRC)/elf-bfd.h
elf_frv_h =	$(INCLUDE_DIR)/elf/frv.h $(elf_reloc_macros_h)
libaout_h =	$(BFD_SRC)/libaout.h
libiberty_h =	$(INCLUDE_DIR)/libiberty.h
libbfd_h =	$(BFD_SRC)/libbfd.h
remote_sim_h =	$(INCLUDE_DIR)/gdb/remote-sim.h
demangle_h =    $(INCLUDE_DIR)/demangle.h
obstack_h =     $(INCLUDE_DIR)/obstack.h
opcode_m68hc11_h = $(INCLUDE_DIR)/opcode/m68hc11.h
readline_h = 	$(READLINE_SRC)/readline.h
readline_tilde_h =	$(READLINE_SRC)/tilde.h
readline_history_h =	$(READLINE_SRC)/history.h
frv_desc_h =	$(OPCODES_SRC)/frv-desc.h
sh_opc_h = 	$(OPCODES_SRC)/sh-opc.h
gdb_callback_h = $(INCLUDE_DIR)/gdb/callback.h
gdb_sim_arm_h =	$(INCLUDE_DIR)/gdb/sim-arm.h
gdb_sim_d10v_h = $(INCLUDE_DIR)/gdb/sim-d10v.h
gdb_sim_frv_h = $(INCLUDE_DIR)/gdb/sim-frv.h
gdb_sim_ppc_h =	$(INCLUDE_DIR)/gdb/sim-ppc.h
gdb_sim_sh_h =	$(INCLUDE_DIR)/gdb/sim-sh.h
splay_tree_h =  $(INCLUDE_DIR)/splay-tree.h
safe_ctype_h =  $(INCLUDE_DIR)/safe-ctype.h
hashtab_h =	$(INCLUDE_DIR)/hashtab.h

# $BUILD/ headers

config_h = config.h
exc_request_U_h = exc_request_U.h
exc_request_S_h = exc_request_S.h
msg_reply_S_h = msg_reply_S.h
msg_U_h = msg_U.h
notify_S_h = notify_S.h
observer_h = observer.h
observer_inc =
process_reply_S_h = process_reply_S.h

# config/ headers

xm_h =		@xm_h@
tm_h =		@tm_h@
nm_h =		@nm_h@

# gdb/ headers

ada_lang_h = ada-lang.h $(value_h) $(gdbtypes_h) $(breakpoint_h)
ada_lex_c = ada-lex.c $(gdb_string_h)
alphabsd_tdep_h = alphabsd-tdep.h
alpha_tdep_h = alpha-tdep.h
amd64_nat_h = amd64-nat.h
amd64_tdep_h = amd64-tdep.h $(i386_tdep_h)
annotate_h = annotate.h $(symtab_h) $(gdbtypes_h)
arch_utils_h = arch-utils.h
arm_tdep_h = arm-tdep.h
auxv_h = auxv.h
ax_gdb_h = ax-gdb.h
ax_h = ax.h $(doublest_h)
bcache_h = bcache.h
bfd_target_h = bfd-target.h
block_h = block.h
breakpoint_h = breakpoint.h $(frame_h) $(value_h) $(gdb_events_h)
bsd_kvm_h = bsd-kvm.h
bsd_uthread_h = bsd-uthread.h
buildsym_h = buildsym.h
call_cmds_h = call-cmds.h
charset_h = charset.h
c_lang_h = c-lang.h $(value_h) $(macroexp_h)
cli_out_h = cli-out.h
coff_pe_read_h = coff-pe-read.h
coff_solib_h = coff-solib.h
command_h = command.h
complaints_h = complaints.h
completer_h = completer.h
cp_abi_h = cp-abi.h
cp_support_h = cp-support.h $(symtab_h)
dcache_h = dcache.h
defs_h = defs.h $(config_h) $(ansidecl_h) $(gdb_locale_h) $(gdb_signals_h) \
	$(libiberty_h) $(bfd_h) $(ui_file_h) $(xm_h) $(nm_h) $(tm_h) \
	$(fopen_bin_h) $(gdbarch_h)
dictionary_h = dictionary.h
disasm_h = disasm.h
doublest_h = doublest.h $(floatformat_h)
dummy_frame_h = dummy-frame.h
dwarf2expr_h = dwarf2expr.h
dwarf2_frame_h = dwarf2-frame.h
dwarf2loc_h = dwarf2loc.h
environ_h = environ.h
event_loop_h = event-loop.h
event_top_h = event-top.h
exceptions_h = exceptions.h $(ui_out_h)
exec_h = exec.h $(target_h)
expression_h = expression.h $(symtab_h) $(doublest_h)
fbsd_nat_h = fbsd-nat.h
f_lang_h = f-lang.h
frame_base_h = frame-base.h
x86_shared_tdep_h = x86-shared-tdep.h
frame_h = frame.h
frame_unwind_h = frame-unwind.h $(frame_h)
frv_tdep_h = frv-tdep.h
gdbarch_h = gdbarch.h
gdb_assert_h = gdb_assert.h
gdbcmd_h = gdbcmd.h $(command_h) $(ui_out_h)
gdbcore_h = gdbcore.h $(bfd_h)
gdb_curses_h = gdb_curses.h
gdb_dirent_h = gdb_dirent.h
gdb_events_h = gdb-events.h
gdb_h = gdb.h
gdb_locale_h = gdb_locale.h
gdb_obstack_h = gdb_obstack.h $(obstack_h)
gdb_proc_service_h = gdb_proc_service.h $(gregset_h)
gdb_ptrace_h = gdb_ptrace.h
gdb_regex_h = gdb_regex.h $(xregex_h)
gdb_stabs_h = gdb-stabs.h
gdb_stat_h = gdb_stat.h
gdb_string_h = gdb_string.h
gdb_thread_db_h = gdb_thread_db.h
gdbthread_h = gdbthread.h $(breakpoint_h) $(frame_h)
gdbtypes_h = gdbtypes.h
gdb_vfork_h = gdb_vfork.h
gdb_wait_h = gdb_wait.h
glibc_tdep_h = glibc-tdep.h
gnu_nat_h = gnu-nat.h
gnu_v2_abi_h = gnu-v2-abi.h
gregset_h = gregset.h
hppa_tdep_h = hppa-tdep.h
i386bsd_nat_h = i386bsd-nat.h
i386_linux_tdep_h = i386-linux-tdep.h
i386_tdep_h = i386-tdep.h
i387_tdep_h = i387-tdep.h
ia64_tdep_h = ia64-tdep.h
infcall_h = infcall.h
inf_child_h = inf-child.h
inferior_h = inferior.h $(breakpoint_h) $(target_h) $(frame_h)
inf_loop_h = inf-loop.h
inflow_h = inflow.h $(terminal_h)
inf_ptrace_h = inf-ptrace.h
inf_ttrace_h = inf-ttrace.h
# APPLE LOCAL begin subroutine inlining
inlining_h = inlining.h
# APPLE LOCAL end subroutine inlining
interps_h = interps.h $(exceptions_h)
jv_lang_h = jv-lang.h
kod_h = kod.h
language_h = language.h
libunwind_frame_h = libunwind-frame.h $(libunwind_h)
linespec_h = linespec.h
linux_nat_h = linux-nat.h $(target_h)
m2_lang_h = m2-lang.h
m32r_tdep_h = m32r-tdep.h
m68k_tdep_h = m68k-tdep.h
m88k_tdep_h = m88k-tdep.h
macroexp_h = macroexp.h
macroscope_h = macroscope.h $(macrotab_h) $(symtab_h)
macrotab_h = macrotab.h
main_h = main.h
mdebugread_h = mdebugread.h $(coff_sym_h) $(coff_symconst_h)
memattr_h = memattr.h
mips_mdebug_tdep_h = mips-mdebug-tdep.h
mipsnbsd_tdep_h = mipsnbsd-tdep.h
mips_tdep_h = mips-tdep.h
mn10300_tdep_h = mn10300-tdep.h
monitor_h = monitor.h
nbsd_tdep_h = nbsd-tdep.h
nto_tdep_h = nto-tdep.h $(defs_h) $(solist_h) $(osabi_h) $(regset_h)
objc_lang_h = objc-lang.h
objfiles_h = objfiles.h $(gdb_obstack_h) $(symfile_h)
ocd_h = ocd.h
osabi_h = osabi.h
parser_defs_h = parser-defs.h $(doublest_h)
p_lang_h = p-lang.h
ppcnbsd_tdep_h = ppcnbsd-tdep.h
ppcobsd_tdep_h = ppcobsd-tdep.h
ppc_tdep_h = ppc-tdep.h
proc_utils_h = proc-utils.h
regcache_h = regcache.h
reggroups_h = reggroups.h
regset_h = regset.h
remote_fileio_h = remote-fileio.h
remote_h = remote.h
remote_utils_h = remote-utils.h $(target_h)
s390_tdep_h = s390-tdep.h
scm_lang_h = scm-lang.h $(scm_tags_h)
scm_tags_h = scm-tags.h
sentinel_frame_h = sentinel-frame.h
serial_h = serial.h
ser_base_h = ser-base.h
ser_unix_h = ser-unix.h
shnbsd_tdep_h = shnbsd-tdep.h
sh_tdep_h = sh-tdep.h
sim_regno_h = sim-regno.h
solib_h = solib.h
solib_pa64_h = solib-pa64.h
solib_som_h = solib-som.h
solib_svr4_h = solib-svr4.h
solist_h = solist.h
source_h = source.h
sparc64_tdep_h = sparc64-tdep.h $(sparc_tdep_h)
sparc_nat_h = sparc-nat.h
sparc_tdep_h = sparc-tdep.h
srec_h = srec.h
stabsread_h = stabsread.h
stack_h = stack.h
symfile_h = symfile.h
symtab_h = symtab.h
target_h = target.h $(bfd_h) $(symtab_h) $(dcache_h) $(memattr_h)
terminal_h = terminal.h
top_h = top.h
tracepoint_h = tracepoint.h
trad_frame_h = trad-frame.h $(frame_h)
tramp_frame_h = tramp-frame.h $(frame_h)
typeprint_h = typeprint.h
ui_file_h = ui-file.h
ui_out_h = ui-out.h
user_regs_h = user-regs.h
valprint_h = valprint.h
value_h = value.h $(doublest_h) $(frame_h) $(symtab_h) $(gdbtypes_h) \
varobj_h = varobj.h $(symtab_h) $(gdbtypes_h)
vax_tdep_h = vax-tdep.h
version_h = version.h
wince_stub_h = wince-stub.h
wrapper_h = wrapper.h $(gdb_h)
xcoffsolib_h = xcoffsolib.h

# gdb/cli/ headers

cli_cmds_h = $(srcdir)/cli/cli-cmds.h
cli_decode_h = $(srcdir)/cli/cli-decode.h $(command_h)
cli_dump_h = $(srcdir)/cli/cli-dump.h
cli_script_h = $(srcdir)/cli/cli-script.h
cli_setshow_h = $(srcdir)/cli/cli-setshow.h
cli_utils_h = $(srcdir)/cli/cli-utils.h

# gdb/mi/ headers

mi_cmds_h = $(srcdir)/mi/mi-cmds.h
mi_console_h = $(srcdir)/mi/mi-console.h
mi_getopt_h = $(srcdir)/mi/mi-getopt.h
mi_main_h = $(srcdir)/mi/mi-main.h
mi_out_h = $(srcdir)/mi/mi-out.h
mi_parse_h = $(srcdir)/mi/mi-parse.h
mi_common_h = $(srcdir)/mi/mi-common.h

# gdb/tui/ headers

tui_command_h = $(srcdir)/tui/tui-command.h
tui_data_h = $(srcdir)/tui/tui-data.h $(tui_h) $(gdb_curses_h)
tui_disasm_h = $(srcdir)/tui/tui-disasm.h $(tui_h) $(tui_data_h)
tui_file_h = $(srcdir)/tui/tui-file.h
tui_h = $(srcdir)/tui/tui.h
tui_hooks_h = $(srcdir)/tui/tui-hooks.h
tui_io_h = $(srcdir)/tui/tui-io.h
tui_layout_h = $(srcdir)/tui/tui-layout.h $(tui_h) $(tui_data_h)
tui_regs_h = $(srcdir)/tui/tui-regs.h $(tui_data_h)
tui_source_h = $(srcdir)/tui/tui-source.h $(tui_data_h)
tui_stack_h = $(srcdir)/tui/tui-stack.h
tui_windata_h = $(srcdir)/tui/tui-windata.h $(tui_data_h)
tui_wingeneral_h = $(srcdir)/tui/tui-wingeneral.h
tui_win_h = $(srcdir)/tui/tui-win.h $(tui_data_h)
tui_winsource_h = $(srcdir)/tui/tui-winsource.h $(tui_data_h)

# Header files that need to have srcdir added.  Note that in the cases
# where we use a macro like $(gdbcmd_h), things are carefully arranged
# so that each .h file is listed exactly once (M-x tags-search works
# wrong if TAGS has files twice).  Because this is tricky to get
# right, it is probably easiest just to list .h files here directly.

HFILES_NO_SRCDIR = bcache.h buildsym.h call-cmds.h coff-solib.h defs.h \
	exceptions.h \
	environ.h $(gdbcmd_h) gdb.h gdbcore.h \
	gdb-stabs.h $(inferior_h) language.h minimon.h monitor.h \
	objfiles.h parser-defs.h serial.h solib.h \
	symfile.h symfile-mem.h stabsread.h target.h terminal.h typeprint.h \
	xcoffsolib.h \
	macrotab.h macroexp.h macroscope.h \
	ada-lang.h c-lang.h f-lang.h \
	jv-lang.h \
	m2-lang.h  p-lang.h \
	complaints.h valprint.h \
	gdbthread.h \
	dcache.h remote-utils.h top.h solib-som.h

# Header files that already have srcdir in them, or which are in objdir.


# GDB "info" files, which should be included in their entirety

REMOTE_EXAMPLES = m68k-stub.c i386-stub.c sparc-stub.c rem-multi.shar

# {X,T,NAT}DEPFILES are something of a pain in that it's hard to
# default their values the way we do for SER_HARDWIRE; in the future
# maybe much of the stuff now in {X,T,NAT}DEPFILES will go into other
# variables analogous to SER_HARDWIRE which get defaulted in this


# Don't include YYFILES (*.c) because we already include *.y in SFILES,
# and it's more useful to see it in the .y file.


# APPLE LOCAL begin subroutine inlining
	version.o \
	annotate.o \
	auxv.o \
	bfd-target.o \
	blockframe.o breakpoint.o findvar.o regcache.o \
	charset.o disasm.o dummy-frame.o \
	source.o value.o eval.o valops.o valarith.o valprint.o printcmd.o \
	block.o symtab.o symfile.o symmisc.o linespec.o dictionary.o \
	infcall.o \
	infcmd.o infrun.o \
	inlining.o \
	expprint.o environ.o stack.o thread.o \
	exceptions.o \
	inf-child.o \
	interps.o \
	main.o \
	macrotab.o macrocmd.o macroexp.o macroscope.o \
	event-loop.o event-top.o inf-loop.o completer.o \
	gdbarch.o arch-utils.o gdbtypes.o osabi.o copying.o \
	memattr.o mem-break.o target.o parse.o language.o buildsym.o \
	std-regs.o \
	signals.o \
	kod.o kod-cisco.o \
	gdb-events.o \
	exec.o bcache.o objfiles.o observer.o minsyms.o maint.o demangle.o \
	dbxread.o coffread.o coff-pe-read.o elfread.o \
	dwarfread.o dwarf2read.o mipsread.o stabsread.o corefile.o \
	dwarf2expr.o dwarf2loc.o dwarf2-frame.o \
	ada-lang.o c-lang.o f-lang.o objc-lang.o \
	ui-out.o cli-out.o \
	varobj.o wrapper.o \
	jv-lang.o jv-valprint.o jv-typeprint.o \
	m2-lang.o p-lang.o p-typeprint.o p-valprint.o \
	scm-exp.o scm-lang.o scm-valprint.o \
	sentinel-frame.o \
	complaints.o typeprint.o \
	ada-typeprint.o c-typeprint.o f-typeprint.o m2-typeprint.o \
	ada-valprint.o c-valprint.o cp-valprint.o f-valprint.o m2-valprint.o \
	nlmread.o serial.o mdebugread.o top.o utils.o \
	ui-file.o \
	user-regs.o \
	frame.o frame-unwind.o doublest.o \
	frame-base.o \
	gnu-v2-abi.o gnu-v3-abi.o hpacc-abi.o cp-abi.o cp-support.o \
	cp-namespace.o \
	reggroups.o regset.o \
	trad-frame.o \
	tramp-frame.o \
	fix-and-continue.o \
	checkpoint.o \
	solib.o solib-null.o \
# APPLE LOCAL end subroutine inlining

TSOBS = inflow.o

SUBDIRS = @subdirs@

# For now, shortcut the "configure GDB for fewer languages" stuff.
YYFILES = c-exp.c \
	cp-name-parser.c \
	objc-exp.c \
	ada-exp.c \
	jv-exp.c \
	f-exp.c m2-exp.c p-exp.c
YYOBJ = c-exp.o \
	cp-name-parser.o \
	objc-exp.o \
	ada-exp.o \
	jv-exp.o \
	f-exp.o m2-exp.o p-exp.o

# Things which need to be built when making a distribution.


# Prevent Sun make from putting in the machine type.  Setting
# TARGET_ARCH to nothing works for SunOS 3, 4.0, but not for 4.1.

all: gdb$(EXEEXT) $(CONFIG_ALL)
	@$(MAKE) $(FLAGS_TO_PASS) DO=all "DODIRS=`echo $(SUBDIRS) | sed 's/testsuite//'`" subdir_do
.PHONY: all-tui
all-tui: $(TUI)$(EXEEXT)


# The check target can not use subdir_do, because subdir_do does not
check: force
	@if [ -f testsuite/Makefile ]; then \
	  rootme=`pwd`; export rootme; \
	  rootsrc=`cd $(srcdir); pwd`; export rootsrc; \
	  cd testsuite; \
	  $(MAKE) $(TARGET_FLAGS_TO_PASS) check; \
	else true; fi

# The idea is to parallelize testing of multilibs, for example:
#   make -j3 check//sh-hms-sim/{-m1,-m2,-m3,-m3e,-m4}/{,-nofpu}
# will run 3 concurrent sessions of check, eventually testing all 10
# combinations.  GNU make is required for the % pattern to work, as is
# a shell that expands alternations within braces.  If GNU make is not
# used, this rule will harmlessly fail to match.
check//%: force
	@if [ -f testsuite/config.status ]; then \
	  rootme=`pwd`; export rootme; \
	  rootsrc=`cd $(srcdir); pwd`; export rootsrc; \
	  target=`echo "$@" | sed 's,//.*,,'`; \
	  variant=`echo "$@" | sed 's,^[^/]*//,,'`; \
	  vardots=`echo "$$variant" | sed 's,/,.,g'`; \
	  testdir=testsuite.$$vardots; \
	  if [ ! -f $$testdir/Makefile ]; then \
	    (cd testsuite && find . -name config.status) | \
	    sed s,/config.status$$,, | sort | while read subdir; do \
	      $(SHELL) $(srcdir)/../mkinstalldirs $$testdir/$$subdir && \
	      (cd $$testdir/$$subdir && \
	       $(SHELL) $$rootme/testsuite/$$subdir/config.status \
		 --recheck && \
	       $(SHELL) ./config.status); done; \
	  else :; fi && cd $$testdir && \
	    RUNTESTFLAGS="--target_board=$$variant $(RUNTESTFLAGS)" \
	    "$$target"; \
	else true; fi

info dvi install-info clean-info html install-html: force
	@$(MAKE) $(FLAGS_TO_PASS) DO=$@ "DODIRS=$(SUBDIRS)" subdir_do

	nroff -man $(srcdir)/gdb.1 | col -b > gdb.t
	pack gdb.t ; rm -f gdb.t
	mv gdb.t.z gdb.z

# Traditionally "install" depends on "all".  But it may be useful
# not to; for example, if the user has made some trivial change to a
# source file and doesn't care about rebuilding or just wants to save the
# time it takes for make to check that all is up to date.
# install-only is intended to address that need.
install: all install-only
install-only: $(CONFIG_INSTALL)
	transformed_name=`t='$(program_transform_name)'; \
			  echo gdb | sed -e "$$t"` ; \
		if test "x$$transformed_name" = x; then \
		  transformed_name=gdb ; \
		else \
		  true ; \
		fi ; \
		$(SHELL) $(srcdir)/../mkinstalldirs $(DESTDIR)$(bindir) ; \
			$(DESTDIR)$(bindir)/$$transformed_name$(EXEEXT) ; \
		$(SHELL) $(srcdir)/../mkinstalldirs \
			$(DESTDIR)$(man1dir) ; \
		$(INSTALL_DATA) $(srcdir)/gdb.1 \
	@$(MAKE) DO=install "DODIRS=$(SUBDIRS)" $(FLAGS_TO_PASS) subdir_do
.PHONY: install-tui
	transformed_name=`t='$(program_transform_name)'; \
			  echo $(TUI) | sed -e "$$t"` ; \
		if test "x$$transformed_name" = x; then \
		  transformed_name=$(TUI) ; \
		else \
		  true ; \
		fi ; \
		$(SHELL) $(srcdir)/../mkinstalldirs $(DESTDIR)$(bindir) ; \
			$(DESTDIR)$(bindir)/$$transformed_name$(EXEEXT) ; \
		$(SHELL) $(srcdir)/../mkinstalldirs \
			$(DESTDIR)$(man1dir) ; \
		$(INSTALL_DATA) $(srcdir)/gdb.1 \

uninstall: force $(CONFIG_UNINSTALL)
	transformed_name=`t='$(program_transform_name)'; \
			  echo gdb | sed -e $$t` ; \
		if test "x$$transformed_name" = x; then \
		  transformed_name=gdb ; \
		else \
		  true ; \
		fi ; \
		rm -f $(DESTDIR)$(bindir)/$$transformed_name$(EXEEXT) \
	@$(MAKE) DO=uninstall "DODIRS=$(SUBDIRS)" $(FLAGS_TO_PASS) subdir_do
.PHONY: uninstall-tui
	transformed_name=`t='$(program_transform_name)'; \
			  echo $(TUI) | sed -e $$t` ; \
		if test "x$$transformed_name" = x; then \
		  transformed_name=$(TUI) ; \
		else \
		  true ; \
		fi ; \
		rm -f $(DESTDIR)$(bindir)/$$transformed_name$(EXEEXT) \

# The C++ name parser can be built standalone for testing.
test-cp-name-parser.o: cp-name-parser.c $(safe_ctype_h) $(libiberty_h) \
		-o test-cp-name-parser.o cp-name-parser.c

test-cp-name-parser$(EXEEXT): test-cp-name-parser.o $(LIBIBERTY)
	$(CC_LD) $(INTERNAL_LDFLAGS) -o test-cp-name-parser$(EXEEXT) \
		test-cp-name-parser.o $(LIBIBERTY)

# We do this by grepping through sources.  If that turns out to be too slow,
# maybe we could just require every .o file to have an initialization routine
# of a given name (top.o -> _initialize_top, etc.).
# Formatting conventions:  The name of the _initialize_* routines must start
# in column zero, and must not be inside #if.
# Note that the set of files with init functions might change, or the names
# of the functions might change, so this files needs to depend on all the
# object files that will be linked into gdb.

# FIXME: There is a problem with this approach - init.c may force
# unnecessary files to be linked in.

# FIXME: cagney/2002-06-09: gdb/564: gdb/563: Force the order so that
# the first call is to _initialize_gdbtypes (implemented by explicitly
# putting that function's name first in the init.l-tmp file).  This is
# a hack to ensure that all the architecture dependant global
# builtin_type_* variables are initialized before anything else
# (per-architecture code is called in the same order that it is
# registered).  The ``correct fix'' is to have all the builtin types
# made part of the architecture and initialize them on-demand (using
# gdbarch_data) just like everything else.  The catch is that other
# modules still take the address of these builtin types forcing them
# to be variables, sigh!

# NOTE: cagney/2003-03-18: The sed pattern ``s|^\([^ /]...'' is
# anchored on the first column and excludes the ``/'' character so
# that it doesn't add the $(srcdir) prefix to any file that already
# has an absolute path.  It turns out that $(DEC)'s True64 make
# automatically adds the $(srcdir) prefixes when it encounters files
# in sub-directories such as cli/ and mi/.

# NOTE: cagney/2004-02-08: The ``case "$$fs" in'' eliminates
# duplicates.  Files in the gdb/ directory can end up appearing in
# COMMON_OBS (as a .o file) and CONFIG_SRCS (as a .c file).

init.c: $(INIT_FILES)
	@echo Making init.c
	@echo Using $(INIT_FILES)
	@rm -f init.c-tmp init.l-tmp
	@touch init.c-tmp
	@echo gdbtypes > init.l-tmp
	@-echo $(INIT_FILES) | \
	tr ' ' '\012' | \
	sed \
	    -e '/^gdbtypes.[co]$$/d' \
	    -e '/^init.[co]$$/d' \
	    -e '/xdr_ld.[co]$$/d' \
	    -e '/xdr_ptrace.[co]$$/d' \
	    -e '/xdr_rdb.[co]$$/d' \
	    -e '/udr.[co]$$/d' \
	    -e '/udip2soc.[co]$$/d' \
	    -e '/udi2go32.[co]$$/d' \
	    -e '/version.[co]$$/d' \
	    -e '/^[a-z0-9A-Z_]*_[SU].[co]$$/d' \
	    -e '/[a-z0-9A-Z_]*[co]$$/d' \
	    -e 's/\.[co]$$/.c/' \
	    -e 's,signals\.c,signals/signals\.c,' \
	    -e 's|^\([^  /][^     ]*\)|$(srcdir)/\1|g' | \
	while read f; do \
	  pathname=""; \
	  filebase=`basename $$f`; \
	  if [ ! -z "$$filebase" ]; then \
	  for prefix in . tui mi cli macosx signals; do \
	    if [ -f $(srcdir)/$$prefix/$$filebase ] ; then \
	      pathname="$(srcdir)/$$prefix/$$filebase"; \
	    fi; \
	    if [ -f $$prefix/$$filebase ]; then \
	      pathname="$$prefix/$$filebase"; \
	    fi; \
	  done; \
	  if [ -z "$$pathname" ]; then \
	    echo "unable to locate $$filebase" 1>&2; \
	    pathname=/dev/null; \
	    exit 1; \
	  fi; \
	  grep '^_initialize_[a-z_0-9A-Z]* *(' $$pathname 2>/dev/null; \
	  fi; \
	done | \
	sed -e 's/^.*://' -e 's/^\([a-z_0-9A-Z]*\).*/\1/' | \
	( echo _initialize_gdbtypes ; grep -v '^_initialize_gdbtypes$$' ) > init.l-tmp
	@echo '/* Do not modify this file.  */' >>init.c-tmp
	@echo '/* It is created automatically by the Makefile.  */'>>init.c-tmp
	@echo '#include "defs.h"      /* For initialize_file_ftype.  */' >>init.c-tmp
	@echo '#include "call-cmds.h" /* For initialize_all_files.  */' >>init.c-tmp
	@sed -e 's/\(.*\)/extern initialize_file_ftype \1;/' <init.l-tmp >>init.c-tmp
	@echo 'void' >>init.c-tmp
	@echo 'initialize_all_files (void)' >>init.c-tmp
	@echo '{' >>init.c-tmp
	@sed -e 's/\(.*\)/  \1 ();/' <init.l-tmp >>init.c-tmp
	@echo '}' >>init.c-tmp
	@rm init.l-tmp
	@mv init.c-tmp init.c

.PRECIOUS: init.c

init.o: init.c $(defs_h) $(call_cmds_h)

LINK = $(LIBTOOL) --mode=link $(CC_LD)

# Removing the old gdb first works better if it is running, at least on SunOS.
gdb$(EXEEXT): gdb.o libgdb.a $(CONFIG_OBS) $(ADD_DEPS) $(CDEPS) $(TDEPLIBS)
	$(MAKE) version.o
	rm -f gdb$(EXEEXT)
	rm -f -r gdb$(EXEEXT).dSYM
		-o gdb$(EXEEXT) gdb.o $(CONFIG_OBS) libgdb.a \
	echo "stripping __objcInit";
	echo "__objcInit" > /tmp/macosx-syms-to-remove;
	-if [ -f .libs/gdb$(EXEEXT) ]; then \
		strip -R /tmp/macosx-syms-to-remove -X .libs/gdb$(EXEEXT); \
	else \
		strip -R /tmp/macosx-syms-to-remove -X gdb$(EXEEXT); \
	rm -f /tmp/macosx-syms-to-remove;

$(TUI)$(EXEEXT): tui-main.o libgdb.a $(ADD_DEPS) $(CDEPS) $(TDEPLIBS)
	rm -f $(TUI)$(EXEEXT)
		-o $(TUI)$(EXEEXT) tui-main.o libgdb.a \

nlm:	force
	rootme=`pwd`; export rootme; $(MAKE) $(TARGET_FLAGS_TO_PASS) DO=all DODIRS=nlm subdir_do

# Create a library of the gdb object files and build GDB by linking
# against that.
# init.o is very important.  It pulls in the rest of GDB.
libgdb.a: $(LIBGDB_OBS)
	-rm -f libgdb.a
	$(AR) q libgdb.a $(LIBGDB_OBS)
	$(RANLIB) libgdb.a

# A Mach 3.0 program to force gdb back to command level

stop-gdb: stop-gdb.o
	${CC_LD} $(GLOBAL_CFLAGS) $(LDFLAGS) -o stop-gdb \
	stop-gdb.o $(CLIBS) $(LOADLIBES)

# This is useful when debugging GDB, because some Unix's don't let you run GDB
# on itself without copying the executable.  So "make gdb1" will make
# gdb and put a copy in gdb1, and you can run it with "gdb gdb1".
# Removing gdb1 before the copy is the right thing if gdb1 is open
# in another process.
gdb1$(EXEEXT): gdb$(EXEEXT)
	rm -f gdb1$(EXEEXT)
	cp gdb$(EXEEXT) gdb1$(EXEEXT)

# Put the proper machine-specific files first, so M-. on a machine
# specific routine gets the one for the correct machine.  (FIXME: those
# files go in twice; we should be removing them from the main list).

# TAGS depends on all the files that go into it so you can rebuild TAGS
# with `make TAGS' and not have to say `rm TAGS' first.

	@echo Making TAGS
	@etags $(srcdir)/$(DEPRECATED_TM_FILE) \
	  $(srcdir)/$(XM_FILE) \
	  $(srcdir)/$(NAT_FILE) \
	`(for i in $(DEPFILES) $(TAGFILES_NO_SRCDIR); do \
		j=$${i/\.o/\.c} ; \
		if [ -f $(srcdir)/$$j ] ; then \
		echo $(srcdir)/$$j; else echo $(srcdir)/macosx/$$j ; fi; \
	done ; for i in $(TAGFILES_WITH_SRCDIR); do \
		echo $$i ; \
	done)` \
	`find $(srcdir)/config -name '*.h' -print`

tags: TAGS

# Give the `clean' target an extra `:' so people can add additional
# clean rules to their makefile fragments

clean mostlyclean:: $(CONFIG_CLEAN)
	@$(MAKE) $(FLAGS_TO_PASS) DO=clean "DODIRS=$(SUBDIRS)" subdir_do
	rm -f *.o *.a $(ADD_FILES) *~ init.c-tmp init.l-tmp version.c-tmp
	rm -f init.c version.c
	rm -f gdb$(EXEEXT) core make.log
	rm -f gdb[0-9]$(EXEEXT)
	rm -f test-cp-name-parser$(EXEEXT)

.PHONY: clean-tui
	rm -f $(TUI)$(EXEEXT)

# This used to depend on c-exp.c m2-exp.c TAGS
# I believe this is wrong; the makefile standards for distclean just
# describe removing files; the only sort of "re-create a distribution"
# functionality described is if the distributed files are unmodified.
# NB: While GDBSERVER might be configured on native systems, it isn't
# always included in SUBDIRS.  Remove the gdbserver files explictly.
distclean: clean
	@$(MAKE) $(FLAGS_TO_PASS) DO=distclean "DODIRS=$(SUBDIRS)" subdir_do
	rm -f gdbserver/config.status gdbserver/config.log
	rm -f gdbserver/tm.h gdbserver/xm.h gdbserver/nm.h
	rm -f gdbserver/Makefile gdbserver/config.cache
	rm -f nm.h tm.h xm.h config.status config.h stamp-h .gdbinit
	rm -f y.output yacc.acts yacc.tmp
	rm -f config.log config.cache
	rm -f Makefile

maintainer-clean: local-maintainer-clean do-maintainer-clean distclean
realclean: maintainer-clean

	@echo "This command is intended for maintainers to use;"
	@echo "it deletes files that may require special tools to rebuild."
	rm -f c-exp.c \
		cp-name-parser.c \
		ada-lex.c ada-exp.c \
	        objc-exp.c \ \
		f-exp.c m2-exp.c p-exp.c
	rm -f $(YYFILES)
	rm -f nm.h tm.h xm.h config.status

	@$(MAKE) $(FLAGS_TO_PASS) DO=maintainer-clean "DODIRS=$(SUBDIRS)" \

diststuff: $(DISTSTUFF) $(PACKAGE).pot $(CATALOGS)
	cd doc; $(MAKE) $(MFLAGS) diststuff

subdir_do: force
	@for i in $(DODIRS); do \
		if [ -f ./$$i/Makefile ] ; then \
			if (cd ./$$i; \
				$(MAKE) $(FLAGS_TO_PASS) $(DO)) ; then true ; \
			else exit 1 ; fi ; \
		else true ; fi ; \

Makefile: config.status @frags@
	$(SHELL) config.status
	touch Makefile stamp-h

config.h: stamp-h ; @true
stamp-h: config.status
	$(SHELL) config.status
	touch stamp-h

config.status: configure configure.tgt
	$(SHELL) config.status --recheck
	touch config.status


# Documentation!
# GDB QUICK REFERENCE (TeX dvi file, CM fonts)
	cd doc; $(MAKE) refcard.dvi $(FLAGS_TO_PASS)

# GDB QUICK REFERENCE (PostScript output, common PS fonts)
	cd doc; $(MAKE) $(FLAGS_TO_PASS)

# GDB MANUAL: TeX dvi file
	cd doc; $(MAKE) gdb.dvi $(FLAGS_TO_PASS)

# GDB MANUAL: info file
	cd doc; $(MAKE) $(FLAGS_TO_PASS)

# Make copying.c from COPYING
$(srcdir)/copying.c: @MAINTAINER_MODE_TRUE@ \
		$(srcdir)/COPYING $(srcdir)/copying.awk
	awk -f $(srcdir)/copying.awk \
		< $(srcdir)/COPYING > $(srcdir)/copying.tmp
	mv $(srcdir)/copying.tmp $(srcdir)/copying.c

version.c: Makefile
	rm -f version.c-tmp
	echo '#include "version.h"' >> version.c-tmp
	if test -n "$(VERSION)"; then \
		echo 'const char version[] = "$(VERSION)";' >> version.c-tmp; \
	else \
		echo 'const char version[] = "'"`sed q ${srcdir}/`"'";' >> version.c-tmp; \
	if test -n "$(GDB_RC_VERSION)"; then \
		echo 'const char rc_version[] = "$(GDB_RC_VERSION)";' >> version.c-tmp; \
	else \
		echo 'const char rc_version[] = "unknown";' >> version.c-tmp; \
	echo 'const char host_name[] = "$(host_alias)";' >> version.c-tmp
	echo 'const char target_name[] = "$(target_alias)";' >> version.c-tmp
	echo 'const char build_date[] = "$(shell date -u)";' >> version.c-tmp 
	$(SHELL) $(srcdir)/../move-if-change version.c-tmp version.c
version.o: version.c $(version_h)

observer.h: doc/observer.texi
	${srcdir}/ h ${srcdir}/doc/observer.texi observer.h doc/observer.texi
	${srcdir}/ inc ${srcdir}/doc/observer.texi

lint: $(LINTFILES)
	   `echo $(DEPFILES) | sed 's/\.o /\.c /g'`

gdb.cxref: $(SFILES)
	cxref -I. $(SFILES) >gdb.cxref


# GNU Make has an annoying habit of putting *all* the Makefile variables
# into the environment, unless you include this target as a circumvention.
# Rumor is that this will be fixed (and this target can be removed)
# in GNU Make 4.0.

# GNU Make 3.63 has a different problem: it keeps tacking command line
# overrides onto the definition of $(MAKE).  This variable setting
# will remove them.

	aix-thread.c \
	alpha-nat.c alphabsd-nat.c \
	alpha-tdep.c alpha-linux-tdep.c alphabsd-tdep.c alphanbsd-tdep.c \
	alpha-osf1-tdep.c alphafbsd-tdep.c alpha-mdebug-tdep.c \
	amd64-nat.c amd64-tdep.c \
	amd64bsd-nat.c amdfbsd-nat.c amd64fbsd-tdep.c \
	amd64nbsd-nat.c amd64nbsd-tdep.c \
	amd64obsd-nat.c amd64obsd-tdep.c \
	amd64-linux-nat.c amd64-linux-tdep.c \
	amd64-sol2-tdep.c \
	arm-linux-nat.c arm-linux-tdep.c arm-tdep.c \
	armnbsd-nat.c armnbsd-tdep.c \
	avr-tdep.c \
	bsd-uthread.c bsd-kvm.c \
	coff-solib.c \
	core-regset.c core-aout.c corelow.c \
	dcache.c exec.c \
	fbsd-nat.c \
	fork-child.c \
	glibc-tdep.c \
	go32-nat.c h8300-tdep.c \
	hppa-tdep.c hppa-hpux-tdep.c hppa-hpux-nat.c \
	hppa-linux-tdep.c hppa-linux-nat.c \
	hppabsd-nat.c hppabsd-tdep.c \
	hpread.c \
	i386-tdep.c i386v-nat.c i386-linux-nat.c \
	i386v4-nat.c i386-cygwin-tdep.c \
	i386bsd-nat.c i386bsd-tdep.c i386fbsd-nat.c i386fbsd-tdep.c \
	i386nbsd-nat.c i386nbsd-tdep.c i386obsd-nat.c i386obsd-tdep.c \
	i387-tdep.c \
	i386-linux-tdep.c i386-nat.c \
	i386-sol2-nat.c i386-sol2-tdep.c \
	i386gnu-nat.c i386gnu-tdep.c \
	ia64-linux-nat.c ia64-linux-tdep.c ia64-tdep.c \
	inf-ptrace.c inf-ttrace.c \
	infptrace.c inftarg.c irix4-nat.c irix5-nat.c \
	libunwind-frame.c \
	lynx-nat.c m3-nat.c \
	m68hc11-tdep.c \
	m32r-tdep.c \
	m32r-linux-nat.c m32r-linux-tdep.c \
	m68k-tdep.c \
	m68kbsd-nat.c m68kbsd-tdep.c \
	m88k-tdep.c m88kbsd-nat.c \
	mcore-tdep.c \
	mips-linux-nat.c mips-linux-tdep.c \
	mips-irix-tdep.c \
	mips-tdep.c mipsm3-nat.c mipsv4-nat.c \
	mipsnbsd-nat.c mipsnbsd-tdep.c \
	mips64obsd-nat.c mips64obsd-tdep.c \
	nbsd-tdep.c \
	ns32k-tdep.c solib-osf.c \
	somread.c solib-som.c $(HPREAD_SOURCE) \
	ppc-sysv-tdep.c ppc-linux-nat.c ppc-linux-tdep.c \
	ppcnbsd-nat.c ppcnbsd-tdep.c \
	ppcobsd-nat.c ppcobsd-tdep.c \
	procfs.c \
	remote-e7000.c \
	remote-hms.c remote-m32r-sdi.c remote-mips.c \
	remote-rdp.c remote-sim.c \
	remote-st.c remote-utils.c dcache.c \
	rs6000-nat.c rs6000-tdep.c \
	s390-tdep.c s390-nat.c \
	ser-go32.c ser-pipe.c ser-tcp.c \
	sh-tdep.c sh64-tdep.c shnbsd-tdep.c shnbsd-nat.c \
	solib-irix.c solib-svr4.c solib-sunos.c \
	sparc-linux-tdep.c sparc-nat.c sparc-sol2-nat.c sparc-sol2-tdep.c \
	sparc-tdep.c sparc-sol2-nat.c sparc-sol2-tdep.c sparc64-linux-nat.c \
	sparc64-linux-tdep.c sparc64-nat.c sparc64-sol2-tdep.c \
	sparc64-tdep.c sparc64fbsd-nat.c sparc64fbsd-tdep.c \
	sparc64nbsd-nat.c sparc64nbsd-tdep.c sparc64obsd-tdep.c \
	sparcnbsd-nat.c sparcnbsd-tdep.c sparcobsd-tdep.c \
	symm-tdep.c symm-nat.c \
	v850-tdep.c \
	vax-nat.c vax-tdep.c vaxbsd-nat.c vaxnbsd-tdep.c \
	win32-nat.c \
	xcoffread.c xcoffsolib.c \

# Some files need explict build rules (due to -Werror problems) or due
# to sub-directory fun 'n' games.

# Provide explicit rule/dependency - works for more makes.
copying.o: $(srcdir)/copying.c
	$(CC) -c $(INTERNAL_CFLAGS) $(srcdir)/copying.c

hpux-thread.o: $(srcdir)/hpux-thread.c
	$(CC) -c $(INTERNAL_CFLAGS) -I$(srcdir)/osf-share \
		-I$(srcdir)/osf-share/HP800 -I/usr/include/dce \

# main.o needs an explicit build rule to get TARGET_SYSTEM_ROOT and BINDIR.
main.o: main.c
		-DBINDIR=\"$(bindir)\" $(srcdir)/main.c

# FIXME: cagney/2004-09-16: "gnu-v3-abi.c", with a GCC 3.4 compiler,
# gets a "assignment from incompatible pointer type" warning.  The
# return types - "enum gnu_v3_dtor_kinds" vs "enum ctor_kinds" -
# conflict.
gnu-v3-abi.o: $(srcdir)/gnu-v3-abi.c

# FIXME: cagney/2003-08-10: "monitor.c" gets -Wformat-nonliteral
# errors.  It turns out that that is the least of monitor.c's
# problems.  The function print_vsprintf appears to be using
# va_arg(long) to extract CORE_ADDR parameters - something that
# definitly will not work.  "monitor.c" needs to be rewritten so that
# it doesn't use format strings and instead uses callbacks.
monitor.o: $(srcdir)/monitor.c
	$(CC) -c $(INTERNAL_WARN_CFLAGS) $(NO_WERROR_CFLAGS) $(srcdir)/monitor.c

# FIXME: cagney/2003-08-10: Do not try to build "printcmd.c" with
# -Wformat-nonliteral.  It needs to be overhauled so that it doesn't
# pass user input strings as the format parameter to host printf
# function calls.
printcmd.o: $(srcdir)/printcmd.c
	$(CC) -c $(INTERNAL_WARN_CFLAGS) $(NO_WERROR_CFLAGS) $(srcdir)/printcmd.c

# FIXME: Procfs.o gets -Wformat errors because things like pid_t don't
# match output format strings.
procfs.o: $(srcdir)/procfs.c
	$(CC) -c $(INTERNAL_WARN_CFLAGS) $(NO_WERROR_CFLAGS) $(srcdir)/procfs.c

# FIXME: Thread-db.o gets warnings because the definitions of the register
# sets are different from kernel to kernel.
linux-thread-db.o: $(srcdir)/linux-thread-db.c

v850ice.o: $(srcdir)/v850ice.c

# Message files.  Based on code in gcc/

# Rules for generating translated message descriptions.  Disabled by
# autoconf if the tools are not available.

.SUFFIXES: .po .gmo .pox .pot
.PHONY: all-po install-po uninstall-po clean-po update-po $(PACKAGE).pot

all-po: $(CATALOGS)

# This notation should be acceptable to all Make implementations used
# by people who are interested in updating .po files.
update-po: $(

# N.B. We do not attempt to copy these into $(srcdir).  The snapshot
# script does that.
	-test -d po || mkdir po
	$(GMSGFMT) --statistics -o $@ $<

# The new .po has to be gone over by hand, so we deposit it into
# build/po with a different extension.  If build/po/$(PACKAGE).pot
# exists, use it (it was just created), else use the one in srcdir.
	-test -d po || mkdir po
	$(MSGMERGE) $< `if test -f po/$(PACKAGE).pot; \
			then echo po/$(PACKAGE).pot; \
			else echo $(srcdir)/po/$(PACKAGE).pot; fi` -o $@

# This rule has to look for .gmo modules in both srcdir and the cwd,
# and has to check that we actually have a catalog for each language,
# in case they weren't built or included with the distribution.
	$(SHELL) $(srcdir)/../mkinstalldirs $(DESTDIR)$(datadir)
	cats="$(CATALOGS)"; for cat in $$cats; do \
	  lang=`basename $$cat | sed 's/\.gmo$$//'`; \
	  if [ -f $$cat ]; then :; \
	  elif [ -f $(srcdir)/$$cat ]; then cat=$(srcdir)/$$cat; \
	  else continue; \
	  fi; \
	  dir=$(localedir)/$$lang/LC_MESSAGES; \
	  echo $(SHELL) $(srcdir)/../mkinstalldirs $(DESTDIR)$$dir; \
	  $(SHELL) $(srcdir)/../mkinstalldirs $(DESTDIR)$$dir || exit 1; \
	  echo $(INSTALL_DATA) $$cat $(DESTDIR)$$dir/$(PACKAGE).mo; \
	  $(INSTALL_DATA) $$cat $(DESTDIR)$$dir/$(PACKAGE).mo; \
	cats="$(CATALOGS)"; for cat in $$cats; do \
	  lang=`basename $$cat | sed 's/\.gmo$$//'`; \
	  if [ -f $$cat ]; then :; \
	  elif [ -f $(srcdir)/$$cat ]; then cat=$(srcdir)/$$cat; \
	  else continue; \
	  fi; \
	  dir=$(localedir)/$$lang/LC_MESSAGES; \
	  rm -f $(DESTDIR)$$dir/$(PACKAGE).mo; \
# Delete po/*.gmo only if we are not building in the source directory.
	-if [ ! -f ]; then rm -f po/*.gmo; fi

# Rule for regenerating the message template (gdb.pot).  Instead of
# forcing everyone to edit, which proved impractical, this
# rule has no dependencies and always regenerates gdb.pot.  This is
# relatively harmless since the .po files do not directly depend on
# it.  The .pot file is left in the build directory.  Since GDB's
# Makefile lacks a cannonical list of sources (missing xm, tm and nm
# files) force this rule.
$(PACKAGE).pot: po/$(PACKAGE).pot
po/$(PACKAGE).pot: force
	-test -d po || mkdir po
	sh -e $(srcdir)/po/gdbtext $(XGETTEXT) $(PACKAGE) . $(srcdir)

# YACC/LEX dependencies
# LANG-exp.c is generated in objdir from LANG-exp.y if it doesn't
# exist in srcdir, then compiled in objdir to LANG-exp.o.  If we
# said LANG-exp.c rather than ./c-exp.c some makes would
# sometimes re-write it into $(srcdir)/c-exp.c.  Remove bogus
# decls for malloc/realloc/free which conflict with everything else.
# Strictly speaking c-exp.c should therefore depend on
#, but that was a pretty big annoyance.

.SUFFIXES: .y .l
	$(SHELL) $(YLWRAP) $< $@.tmp -- "$(YACC)" $(YFLAGS)
	-sed -e '/extern.*malloc/d' \
	     -e '/extern.*realloc/d' \
	     -e '/extern.*free/d' \
	     -e '/include.*malloc.h/d' \
	     -e 's/\([^x]\)malloc/\1xmalloc/g' \
	     -e 's/\([^x]\)realloc/\1xrealloc/g' \
	     -e '/^#line.*' \
	  < $@.tmp > $
	-rm $@.tmp
	mv $ ./$*.c
	if [ "$(FLEX)" ] && $(FLEX) --version >/dev/null 2>&1; then \
	    $(FLEX) -o$@ $< && \
	    rm -f $ && \
	    sed -e '/extern.*malloc/d' \
	        -e '/extern.*realloc/d' \
	        -e '/extern.*free/d' \
	        -e '/include.*malloc.h/d' \
	        -e 's/\([^x]\)malloc/\1xmalloc/g' \
	        -e 's/\([^x]\)realloc/\1xrealloc/g' \
		-e 's/yy_flex_xrealloc/yyxrealloc/g' \
	      < $@ > $ && \
	    rm -f $@ && \
	    mv $ $@; \
	elif [ -f $@ ]; then \
	    echo "Warning: $*.c older than $*.l and flex not available."; \
	else \
	    echo "$@ missing and flex not available."; \
	    false; \

.PRECIOUS: ada-exp.c ada-lex.c
.PRECIOUS: c-exp.c
.PRECIOUS: f-exp.c
.PRECIOUS: jv-exp.c
.PRECIOUS: m2-exp.c
.PRECIOUS: objc-exp.c
.PRECIOUS: p-exp.c

# gdb/ dependencies

abug-rom.o: abug-rom.c $(defs_h) $(gdbcore_h) $(target_h) $(monitor_h) \
	$(serial_h) $(regcache_h) $(m68k_tdep_h)
ada-exp.o: ada-exp.c $(defs_h) $(gdb_string_h) $(expression_h) $(value_h) \
	$(parser_defs_h) $(language_h) $(ada_lang_h) $(bfd_h) $(symfile_h) \
	$(objfiles_h) $(frame_h) $(block_h) $(ada_lex_c)
ada-lang.o: ada-lang.c $(defs_h) $(gdb_string_h) $(demangle_h) \
	$(gdb_regex_h) $(frame_h) $(symtab_h) $(gdbtypes_h) $(gdbcmd_h) \
	$(expression_h) $(parser_defs_h) $(language_h) $(c_lang_h) \
	$(inferior_h) $(symfile_h) $(objfiles_h) $(breakpoint_h) \
	$(gdbcore_h) $(hashtab_h) $(gdb_obstack_h) $(ada_lang_h) \
	$(completer_h) $(gdb_stat_h) $(ui_out_h) $(block_h) $(infcall_h) \
	$(dictionary_h) $(exceptions_h)
ada-typeprint.o: ada-typeprint.c $(defs_h) $(gdb_obstack_h) $(bfd_h) \
	$(symtab_h) $(gdbtypes_h) $(expression_h) $(value_h) $(gdbcore_h) \
	$(target_h) $(command_h) $(gdbcmd_h) $(language_h) $(demangle_h) \
	$(c_lang_h) $(typeprint_h) $(ada_lang_h) $(gdb_string_h)
ada-valprint.o: ada-valprint.c $(defs_h) $(gdb_string_h) $(symtab_h) \
	$(gdbtypes_h) $(expression_h) $(value_h) $(demangle_h) $(valprint_h) \
	$(language_h) $(annotate_h) $(ada_lang_h) $(c_lang_h) $(infcall_h) \
aix-thread.o: aix-thread.c $(defs_h) $(gdb_assert_h) $(gdbthread_h) \
	$(target_h) $(inferior_h) $(regcache_h) $(gdbcmd_h) $(ppc_tdep_h) \
alphabsd-nat.o: alphabsd-nat.c $(defs_h) $(inferior_h) $(regcache_h) \
	$(alpha_tdep_h) $(alphabsd_tdep_h) $(inf_ptrace_h) $(gregset_h)
alphabsd-tdep.o: alphabsd-tdep.c $(defs_h) $(alpha_tdep_h) \
alphafbsd-tdep.o: alphafbsd-tdep.c $(defs_h) $(value_h) $(osabi_h) \
alpha-linux-tdep.o: alpha-linux-tdep.c $(defs_h) $(frame_h) $(gdb_assert_h) \
	$(osabi_h) $(solib_svr4_h) $(alpha_tdep_h)
alpha-mdebug-tdep.o: alpha-mdebug-tdep.c $(defs_h) $(frame_h) \
	$(frame_unwind_h) $(frame_base_h) $(symtab_h) $(gdbcore_h) \
	$(block_h) $(gdb_assert_h) $(alpha_tdep_h) $(mdebugread_h)
alpha-nat.o: alpha-nat.c $(defs_h) $(gdb_string_h) $(inferior_h) \
	$(gdbcore_h) $(target_h) $(regcache_h) $(alpha_tdep_h) $(gregset_h)
alphanbsd-tdep.o: alphanbsd-tdep.c $(defs_h) $(gdbcore_h) $(frame_h) \
	$(regcache_h) $(value_h) $(osabi_h) $(gdb_string_h) $(alpha_tdep_h) \
	$(alphabsd_tdep_h) $(nbsd_tdep_h) $(solib_svr4_h)
alpha-osf1-tdep.o: alpha-osf1-tdep.c $(defs_h) $(frame_h) $(gdbcore_h) \
	$(value_h) $(osabi_h) $(gdb_string_h) $(objfiles_h) $(alpha_tdep_h)
alpha-tdep.o: alpha-tdep.c $(defs_h) $(doublest_h) $(frame_h) \
	$(frame_unwind_h) $(frame_base_h) $(dwarf2_frame_h) $(inferior_h) \
	$(symtab_h) $(value_h) $(gdbcmd_h) $(gdbcore_h) $(dis_asm_h) \
	$(symfile_h) $(objfiles_h) $(gdb_string_h) $(linespec_h) \
	$(regcache_h) $(reggroups_h) $(arch_utils_h) $(osabi_h) $(block_h) \
	$(infcall_h) $(elf_bfd_h) $(alpha_tdep_h)
amd64bsd-nat.o: amd64bsd-nat.c $(defs_h) $(inferior_h) $(regcache_h) \
	$(target_h) $(gdb_assert_h) $(amd64_tdep_h) $(amd64_nat_h) \
amd64fbsd-nat.o: amd64fbsd-nat.c $(defs_h) $(inferior_h) $(regcache_h) \
	$(target_h) $(gdb_assert_h) $(fbsd_nat_h) $(amd64_tdep_h) \
	$(amd64_nat_h) $(bsd_kvm_h)
amd64fbsd-tdep.o: amd64fbsd-tdep.c $(defs_h) $(arch_utils_h) $(frame_h) \
	$(gdbcore_h) $(regcache_h) $(osabi_h) $(gdb_assert_h) \
	$(gdb_string_h) $(amd64_tdep_h) $(bsd_uthread_h) $(solib_svr4_h)
amd64-linux-nat.o: amd64-linux-nat.c $(defs_h) $(inferior_h) $(gdbcore_h) \
	$(regcache_h) $(linux_nat_h) $(gdb_assert_h) $(gdb_string_h) \
	$(gdb_proc_service_h) $(gregset_h) $(amd64_tdep_h) \
	$(i386_linux_tdep_h) $(amd64_nat_h)
amd64-linux-tdep.o: amd64-linux-tdep.c $(defs_h) $(frame_h) $(gdbcore_h) \
	$(regcache_h) $(osabi_h) $(symtab_h) $(gdb_string_h) $(amd64_tdep_h) \
amd64-nat.o: amd64-nat.c $(defs_h) $(gdbarch_h) $(regcache_h) \
	$(gdb_assert_h) $(gdb_string_h) $(i386_tdep_h) $(amd64_tdep_h)
amd64nbsd-nat.o: amd64nbsd-nat.c $(defs_h) $(target_h) $(gdb_assert_h) \
	$(amd64_tdep_h) $(amd64_nat_h)
amd64nbsd-tdep.o: amd64nbsd-tdep.c $(defs_h) $(arch_utils_h) $(frame_h) \
	$(gdbcore_h) $(osabi_h) $(symtab_h) $(gdb_assert_h) $(amd64_tdep_h) \
	$(nbsd_tdep_h) $(solib_svr4_h)
amd64obsd-nat.o: amd64obsd-nat.c $(defs_h) $(gdbcore_h) $(regcache_h) \
	$(target_h) $(gdb_assert_h) $(amd64_tdep_h) $(amd64_nat_h) \
amd64obsd-tdep.o: amd64obsd-tdep.c $(defs_h) $(frame_h) $(gdbcore_h) \
	$(symtab_h) $(objfiles_h) $(osabi_h) $(regset_h) $(target_h) \
	$(gdb_assert_h) $(gdb_string_h) $(amd64_tdep_h) $(i387_tdep_h) \
amd64-sol2-tdep.o: amd64-sol2-tdep.c $(defs_h) $(frame_h) $(gdbcore_h) \
	$(regcache_h) $(osabi_h) $(symtab_h) $(gdb_string_h) $(amd64_tdep_h) \
amd64-tdep.o: amd64-tdep.c $(defs_h) $(arch_utils_h) $(block_h) \
	$(dummy_frame_h) $(frame_h) $(frame_base_h) $(frame_unwind_h) \
	$(inferior_h) $(gdbcmd_h) $(gdbcore_h) $(objfiles_h) $(regcache_h) \
	$(regset_h) $(symfile_h) $(gdb_assert_h) $(amd64_tdep_h) \
	$(i387_tdep_h) $(x86_shared_tdep_h)
annotate.o: annotate.c $(defs_h) $(annotate_h) $(value_h) $(target_h) \
	$(gdbtypes_h) $(breakpoint_h)
arch-utils.o: arch-utils.c $(defs_h) $(arch_utils_h) $(buildsym_h) \
	$(gdbcmd_h) $(inferior_h) $(gdb_string_h) $(regcache_h) \
	$(gdb_assert_h) $(sim_regno_h) $(gdbcore_h) $(osabi_h) $(version_h) \
arm-linux-nat.o: arm-linux-nat.c $(defs_h) $(inferior_h) $(gdbcore_h) \
	$(gdb_string_h) $(regcache_h) $(arm_tdep_h) $(gregset_h)
arm-linux-tdep.o: arm-linux-tdep.c $(defs_h) $(target_h) $(value_h) \
	$(gdbtypes_h) $(floatformat_h) $(gdbcore_h) $(frame_h) $(regcache_h) \
	$(doublest_h) $(solib_svr4_h) $(osabi_h) $(arm_tdep_h) \
armnbsd-nat.o: armnbsd-nat.c $(defs_h) $(gdbcore_h) $(inferior_h) \
	$(regcache_h) $(target_h) $(gdb_string_h) $(arm_tdep_h) $(inf_ptrace_h)
armnbsd-tdep.o: armnbsd-tdep.c $(defs_h) $(osabi_h) $(gdb_string_h) \
	$(arm_tdep_h) $(nbsd_tdep_h) $(solib_svr4_h)
arm-tdep.o: arm-tdep.c $(defs_h) $(frame_h) $(inferior_h) $(gdbcmd_h) \
	$(gdbcore_h) $(gdb_string_h) $(dis_asm_h) $(regcache_h) \
	$(doublest_h) $(value_h) $(arch_utils_h) $(osabi_h) \
	$(frame_unwind_h) $(frame_base_h) $(trad_frame_h) $(arm_tdep_h) \
	$(gdb_sim_arm_h) $(elf_bfd_h) $(coff_internal_h) $(elf_arm_h) \
	$(gdb_assert_h) $(bfd_in2_h) $(libcoff_h) $(objfiles_h) \
auxv.o: auxv.c $(defs_h) $(target_h) $(gdbtypes_h) $(command_h) \
	$(inferior_h) $(valprint_h) $(gdb_assert_h) $(auxv_h) \
avr-tdep.o: avr-tdep.c $(defs_h) $(frame_h) $(frame_unwind_h) \
	$(frame_base_h) $(trad_frame_h) $(gdbcmd_h) $(gdbcore_h) \
	$(inferior_h) $(symfile_h) $(arch_utils_h) $(regcache_h) \
	$(gdb_string_h) $(dis_asm_h)
ax-gdb.o: ax-gdb.c $(defs_h) $(symtab_h) $(symfile_h) $(gdbtypes_h) \
	$(value_h) $(expression_h) $(command_h) $(gdbcmd_h) $(frame_h) \
	$(target_h) $(ax_h) $(ax_gdb_h) $(gdb_string_h) $(block_h) \
ax-general.o: ax-general.c $(defs_h) $(ax_h) $(value_h) $(gdb_string_h)
bcache.o: bcache.c $(defs_h) $(gdb_obstack_h) $(bcache_h) $(gdb_string_h) \
bfd-target.o: bfd-target.c $(defs_h) $(target_h) $(bfd_target_h) \
	$(gdb_assert_h) $(gdb_string_h)
block.o: block.c $(defs_h) $(block_h) $(symtab_h) $(symfile_h) \
	$(gdb_obstack_h) $(cp_support_h)
blockframe.o: blockframe.c $(defs_h) $(symtab_h) $(bfd_h) $(objfiles_h) \
	$(frame_h) $(gdbcore_h) $(value_h) $(target_h) $(inferior_h) \
	$(annotate_h) $(regcache_h) $(gdb_assert_h) $(dummy_frame_h) \
	$(command_h) $(gdbcmd_h) $(block_h)
# APPLE LOCAL begin subroutine inlining
breakpoint.o: breakpoint.c $(defs_h) $(symtab_h) $(frame_h) $(breakpoint_h) \
	$(gdbtypes_h) $(expression_h) $(gdbcore_h) $(gdbcmd_h) $(value_h) \
	$(command_h) $(inferior_h) $(gdbthread_h) $(target_h) $(language_h) \
	$(gdb_string_h) $(demangle_h) $(annotate_h) $(symfile_h) \
	$(objfiles_h) $(source_h) $(linespec_h) $(completer_h) $(gdb_h) \
	$(ui_out_h) $(cli_script_h) $(gdb_assert_h) $(block_h) $(solib_h) \
	$(solist_h) $(observer_h) $(exceptions_h) $(gdb_events_h) $(mi_common_h) \
# APPLE LOCAL end subroutine inlining
bsd-kvm.o: bsd-kvm.c $(defs_h) $(cli_cmds_h) $(command_h) $(frame_h) \
	$(regcache_h) $(target_h) $(value_h) $(gdbcore_h) $(gdb_assert_h) \
	$(readline_h) $(bsd_kvm_h)
bsd-uthread.o: bsd-uthread.c $(defs_h) $(gdbcore_h) $(gdbthread_h) \
	$(inferior_h) $(objfiles_h) $(observer_h) $(regcache_h) $(solib_h) \
	$(solist_h) $(symfile_h) $(target_h) $(gdb_assert_h) \
	$(gdb_obstack_h) $(bsd_uthread_h)
buildsym.o: buildsym.c $(defs_h) $(bfd_h) $(gdb_obstack_h) $(symtab_h) \
	$(symfile_h) $(objfiles_h) $(gdbtypes_h) $(gdb_assert_h) \
	$(complaints_h) $(gdb_string_h) $(expression_h) $(bcache_h) \
	$(filenames_h) $(macrotab_h) $(demangle_h) $(block_h) \
	$(cp_support_h) $(dictionary_h) $(buildsym_h) $(stabsread_h)
c-exp.o: c-exp.c $(defs_h) $(gdb_string_h) $(expression_h) $(value_h) \
	$(parser_defs_h) $(language_h) $(c_lang_h) $(bfd_h) $(symfile_h) \
	$(objfiles_h) $(charset_h) $(block_h) $(cp_support_h)
charset.o: charset.c $(defs_h) $(charset_h) $(gdbcmd_h) $(gdb_assert_h) \
c-lang.o: c-lang.c $(defs_h) $(symtab_h) $(gdbtypes_h) $(expression_h) \
	$(parser_defs_h) $(language_h) $(c_lang_h) $(valprint_h) \
	$(macroscope_h) $(gdb_assert_h) $(charset_h) $(gdb_string_h) \
	$(demangle_h) $(cp_support_h)
cli-out.o: cli-out.c $(defs_h) $(ui_out_h) $(cli_out_h) $(gdb_string_h) \
coff-pe-read.o: coff-pe-read.c $(coff_pe_read_h) $(bfd_h) $(defs_h) \
	$(gdbtypes_h) $(symtab_h) $(symfile_h) $(objfiles_h)
coffread.o: coffread.c $(defs_h) $(symtab_h) $(gdbtypes_h) $(demangle_h) \
	$(breakpoint_h) $(bfd_h) $(gdb_obstack_h) $(gdb_string_h) \
	$(coff_internal_h) $(libcoff_h) $(objfiles_h) $(buildsym_h) \
	$(gdb_stabs_h) $(stabsread_h) $(complaints_h) $(target_h) \
	$(gdb_assert_h) $(block_h) $(dictionary_h) $(coff_pe_read_h)
coff-solib.o: coff-solib.c $(defs_h) $(frame_h) $(bfd_h) $(gdbcore_h) \
	$(symtab_h) $(symfile_h) $(objfiles_h)
complaints.o: complaints.c $(defs_h) $(complaints_h) $(gdb_assert_h) \
	$(command_h) $(gdbcmd_h)
completer.o: completer.c $(defs_h) $(symtab_h) $(gdbtypes_h) $(expression_h) \
	$(filenames_h) $(language_h) $(cli_decode_h) $(gdbcmd_h) \
	$(readline_h) $(completer_h)
copying.o: copying.c $(defs_h) $(command_h) $(gdbcmd_h)
core-aout.o: core-aout.c $(defs_h) $(gdbcore_h) $(value_h) $(regcache_h) \
	$(gdb_dirent_h) $(gdb_stat_h)
corefile.o: corefile.c $(defs_h) $(gdb_string_h) $(inferior_h) $(symtab_h) \
	$(command_h) $(gdbcmd_h) $(bfd_h) $(target_h) $(gdbcore_h) \
	$(dis_asm_h) $(gdb_stat_h) $(completer_h) $(exceptions_h)
corelow.o: corelow.c $(defs_h) $(arch_utils_h) $(gdb_string_h) $(frame_h) \
	$(inferior_h) $(symtab_h) $(command_h) $(bfd_h) $(target_h) \
	$(gdbcore_h) $(gdbthread_h) $(regcache_h) $(regset_h) $(symfile_h) \
	$(exec_h) $(readline_h) $(observer_h) $(gdb_assert_h) \
	$(exceptions_h) $(solib_h)
core-regset.o: core-regset.c $(defs_h) $(command_h) $(gdbcore_h) \
	$(inferior_h) $(target_h) $(gdb_string_h) $(gregset_h)
cp-abi.o: cp-abi.c $(defs_h) $(value_h) $(cp_abi_h) $(command_h) $(gdbcmd_h) \
	$(ui_out_h) $(gdb_string_h)
cp-name-parser.o: cp-name-parser.c $(safe_ctype_h) $(libiberty_h) $(demangle_h)
cp-namespace.o: cp-namespace.c $(defs_h) $(cp_support_h) $(gdb_obstack_h) \
	$(symtab_h) $(symfile_h) $(gdb_assert_h) $(block_h) $(objfiles_h) \
	$(gdbtypes_h) $(dictionary_h) $(command_h) $(frame_h)
cp-support.o: cp-support.c $(defs_h) $(cp_support_h) $(gdb_string_h) \
	$(demangle_h) $(gdb_assert_h) $(gdbcmd_h) $(dictionary_h) \
	$(objfiles_h) $(frame_h) $(symtab_h) $(block_h) $(complaints_h) \
cpu32bug-rom.o: cpu32bug-rom.c $(defs_h) $(gdbcore_h) $(target_h) \
	$(monitor_h) $(serial_h) $(regcache_h) $(m68k_tdep_h)
cp-valprint.o: cp-valprint.c $(defs_h) $(gdb_obstack_h) $(symtab_h) \
	$(gdbtypes_h) $(expression_h) $(value_h) $(command_h) $(gdbcmd_h) \
	$(demangle_h) $(annotate_h) $(gdb_string_h) $(c_lang_h) $(target_h) \
	$(cp_abi_h) $(valprint_h) $(cp_support_h) $(language_h)
cris-tdep.o: cris-tdep.c $(defs_h) $(frame_h) $(frame_unwind_h) \
	$(frame_base_h) $(trad_frame_h) $(dwarf2_frame_h) $(symtab_h) \
	$(inferior_h) $(gdbtypes_h) $(gdbcore_h) $(gdbcmd_h) $(target_h) \
	$(value_h) $(opcode_cris_h) $(arch_utils_h) $(regcache_h) \
	$(gdb_assert_h) $(objfiles_h) $(solib_h) $(solib_svr4_h) \
	$(gdb_string_h) $(dis_asm_h)
c-typeprint.o: c-typeprint.c $(defs_h) $(gdb_obstack_h) $(bfd_h) $(symtab_h) \
	$(gdbtypes_h) $(expression_h) $(value_h) $(gdbcore_h) $(target_h) \
	$(language_h) $(demangle_h) $(c_lang_h) $(typeprint_h) $(cp_abi_h) \
c-valprint.o: c-valprint.c $(defs_h) $(gdb_string_h) $(symtab_h) \
	$(gdbtypes_h) $(expression_h) $(value_h) $(valprint_h) $(language_h) \
	$(c_lang_h) $(cp_abi_h) $(target_h)
# OBSOLETE d10v-tdep.o: d10v-tdep.c
dbug-rom.o: dbug-rom.c $(defs_h) $(gdbcore_h) $(target_h) $(monitor_h) \
	$(serial_h) $(regcache_h) $(m68k_tdep_h)
dbxread.o: dbxread.c $(defs_h) $(gdb_string_h) $(gdb_obstack_h) \
	$(gdb_stat_h) $(symtab_h) $(breakpoint_h) $(target_h) $(gdbcore_h) \
	$(libaout_h) $(objfiles_h) $(buildsym_h) $(stabsread_h) \
	$(gdb_stabs_h) $(demangle_h) $(complaints_h) $(cp_abi_h) \
	$(gdb_assert_h) $(gdb_string_h) $(aout_aout64_h) $(aout_stab_gnu_h)
dcache.o: dcache.c $(defs_h) $(dcache_h) $(gdbcmd_h) $(gdb_string_h) \
	$(gdbcore_h) $(target_h)
demangle.o: demangle.c $(defs_h) $(command_h) $(gdbcmd_h) $(demangle_h) \
dictionary.o: dictionary.c $(defs_h) $(gdb_obstack_h) $(symtab_h) \
	$(buildsym_h) $(gdb_assert_h) $(dictionary_h)
dink32-rom.o: dink32-rom.c $(defs_h) $(gdbcore_h) $(target_h) $(monitor_h) \
	$(serial_h) $(symfile_h) $(inferior_h) $(regcache_h)
disasm.o: disasm.c $(defs_h) $(target_h) $(value_h) $(ui_out_h) \
	$(gdb_string_h) $(disasm_h) $(gdbcore_h) $(dis_asm_h)
doublest.o: doublest.c $(defs_h) $(doublest_h) $(floatformat_h) \
	$(gdb_assert_h) $(gdb_string_h) $(gdbtypes_h)
dsrec.o: dsrec.c $(defs_h) $(serial_h) $(srec_h) $(gdb_assert_h) \
dummy-frame.o: dummy-frame.c $(defs_h) $(dummy_frame_h) $(regcache_h) \
	$(frame_h) $(inferior_h) $(gdb_assert_h) $(frame_unwind_h) \
	$(command_h) $(gdbcmd_h) $(gdb_string_h)
dve3900-rom.o: dve3900-rom.c $(defs_h) $(gdbcore_h) $(target_h) $(monitor_h) \
	$(serial_h) $(inferior_h) $(command_h) $(gdb_string_h) $(regcache_h) \
dwarf2expr.o: dwarf2expr.c $(defs_h) $(symtab_h) $(gdbtypes_h) $(value_h) \
	$(gdbcore_h) $(elf_dwarf2_h) $(dwarf2expr_h)
dwarf2-frame.o: dwarf2-frame.c $(defs_h) $(dwarf2expr_h) $(elf_dwarf2_h) \
	$(frame_h) $(frame_base_h) $(frame_unwind_h) $(gdbcore_h) \
	$(gdbtypes_h) $(symtab_h) $(objfiles_h) $(regcache_h) \
	$(gdb_assert_h) $(gdb_string_h) $(complaints_h) $(dwarf2_frame_h)
dwarf2loc.o: dwarf2loc.c $(defs_h) $(ui_out_h) $(value_h) $(frame_h) \
	$(gdbcore_h) $(target_h) $(inferior_h) $(ax_h) $(ax_gdb_h) \
	$(regcache_h) $(objfiles_h) $(exceptions_h) $(elf_dwarf2_h) \
	$(dwarf2expr_h) $(dwarf2loc_h) $(gdb_string_h)
# APPLE LOCAL begin subroutine inlining
dwarf2read.o: dwarf2read.c $(defs_h) $(bfd_h) $(symtab_h) $(gdbtypes_h) \
	$(objfiles_h) $(elf_dwarf2_h) $(buildsym_h) $(demangle_h) \
	$(expression_h) $(filenames_h) $(macrotab_h) $(language_h) \
	$(complaints_h) $(bcache_h) $(dwarf2expr_h) $(dwarf2loc_h) \
	$(cp_support_h) $(hashtab_h) $(command_h) $(gdbcmd_h) \
	$(gdb_string_h) $(gdb_assert_h) $(inlining_h)
# APPLE LOCAL end subroutine inlining
dwarfread.o: dwarfread.c $(defs_h) $(symtab_h) $(gdbtypes_h) $(objfiles_h) \
	$(elf_dwarf_h) $(buildsym_h) $(demangle_h) $(expression_h) \
	$(language_h) $(complaints_h) $(gdb_string_h)
elfread.o: elfread.c $(defs_h) $(bfd_h) $(gdb_string_h) $(elf_bfd_h) \
	$(elf_mips_h) $(symtab_h) $(symfile_h) $(objfiles_h) $(buildsym_h) \
	$(stabsread_h) $(gdb_stabs_h) $(complaints_h) $(demangle_h)
environ.o: environ.c $(defs_h) $(environ_h) $(gdb_string_h)
eval.o: eval.c $(defs_h) $(gdb_string_h) $(symtab_h) $(gdbtypes_h) \
	$(value_h) $(expression_h) $(target_h) $(frame_h) $(language_h) \
	$(f_lang_h) $(cp_abi_h) $(infcall_h) $(objc_lang_h) $(block_h) \
	$(parser_defs_h) $(cp_support_h)
event-loop.o: event-loop.c $(defs_h) $(event_loop_h) $(event_top_h) \
	$(gdb_string_h) $(exceptions_h) $(gdb_assert_h)
event-top.o: event-top.c $(defs_h) $(top_h) $(inferior_h) $(target_h) \
	$(terminal_h) $(event_loop_h) $(event_top_h) $(interps_h) \
	$(exceptions_h) $(gdbcmd_h) $(readline_h) $(readline_history_h)
exceptions.o: exceptions.c $(defs_h) $(exceptions_h) $(breakpoint_h) \
	$(target_h) $(inferior_h) $(annotate_h) $(ui_out_h) $(gdb_assert_h) \
	$(gdb_string_h) $(serial_h)
exec.o: exec.c $(defs_h) $(frame_h) $(inferior_h) $(target_h) $(gdbcmd_h) \
	$(language_h) $(symfile_h) $(objfiles_h) $(completer_h) $(value_h) \
	$(exec_h) $(readline_h) $(gdb_string_h) $(gdbcore_h) $(gdb_stat_h) \
	$(xcoffsolib_h) $(observer_h)
expprint.o: expprint.c $(defs_h) $(symtab_h) $(gdbtypes_h) $(expression_h) \
	$(value_h) $(language_h) $(parser_defs_h) $(user_regs_h) $(target_h) \
	$(gdb_string_h) $(block_h)
fbsd-nat.o: fbsd-nat.c $(defs_h) $(gdbcore_h) $(inferior_h) $(regcache_h) \
	$(regset_h) $(gdb_assert_h) $(gdb_string_h) $(elf_bfd_h) \
f-exp.o: f-exp.c $(defs_h) $(gdb_string_h) $(expression_h) $(value_h) \
	$(parser_defs_h) $(language_h) $(f_lang_h) $(bfd_h) $(symfile_h) \
	$(objfiles_h) $(block_h)
findvar.o: findvar.c $(defs_h) $(symtab_h) $(gdbtypes_h) $(frame_h) \
	$(value_h) $(gdbcore_h) $(inferior_h) $(target_h) $(gdb_string_h) \
	$(gdb_assert_h) $(floatformat_h) $(symfile_h) $(regcache_h) \
	$(user_regs_h) $(block_h)
f-lang.o: f-lang.c $(defs_h) $(gdb_string_h) $(symtab_h) $(gdbtypes_h) \
	$(expression_h) $(parser_defs_h) $(language_h) $(f_lang_h) \
	$(valprint_h) $(value_h)
fork-child.o: fork-child.c $(defs_h) $(gdb_string_h) $(frame_h) \
	$(inferior_h) $(target_h) $(gdb_wait_h) $(gdb_vfork_h) $(gdbcore_h) \
	$(terminal_h) $(gdbthread_h) $(command_h) $(solib_h)
frame-base.o: frame-base.c $(defs_h) $(frame_base_h) $(frame_h) \
# APPLE LOCAL begin subroutine inlining
frame.o: frame.c $(defs_h) $(frame_h) $(target_h) $(value_h) $(inferior_h) \
	$(regcache_h) $(gdb_assert_h) $(gdb_string_h) $(user_regs_h) \
	$(gdb_obstack_h) $(dummy_frame_h) $(sentinel_frame_h) $(gdbcore_h) \
	$(annotate_h) $(language_h) $(frame_unwind_h) $(frame_base_h) \
	$(command_h) $(gdbcmd_h) $(observer_h) $(objfiles_h) $(exceptions_h) \
frame-unwind.o: frame-unwind.c $(defs_h) $(frame_h) $(frame_unwind_h) \
	$(gdb_assert_h) $(dummy_frame_h) $(gdb_obstack_h) $(inlining_h)
# APPLE LOCAL end subroutine inlining
frv-linux-tdep.o: frv-linux-tdep.c $(defs_h) $(target_h) $(frame_h) \
	$(osabi_h) $(elf_bfd_h) $(elf_frv_h) $(frv_tdep_h) $(trad_frame_h) \
frv-tdep.o: frv-tdep.c $(defs_h) $(gdb_string_h) $(inferior_h) $(gdbcore_h) \
	$(arch_utils_h) $(regcache_h) $(frame_h) $(frame_unwind_h) \
	$(frame_base_h) $(trad_frame_h) $(dis_asm_h) $(gdb_assert_h) \
	$(sim_regno_h) $(gdb_sim_frv_h) $(opcodes_frv_desc_h) $(symtab_h) \
	$(elf_bfd_h) $(elf_frv_h) $(osabi_h) $(infcall_h) $(frv_tdep_h)
f-typeprint.o: f-typeprint.c $(defs_h) $(gdb_obstack_h) $(bfd_h) $(symtab_h) \
	$(gdbtypes_h) $(expression_h) $(value_h) $(gdbcore_h) $(target_h) \
	$(f_lang_h) $(gdb_string_h)
f-valprint.o: f-valprint.c $(defs_h) $(gdb_string_h) $(symtab_h) \
	$(gdbtypes_h) $(expression_h) $(value_h) $(valprint_h) $(language_h) \
	$(f_lang_h) $(frame_h) $(gdbcore_h) $(command_h) $(block_h)
gcore.o: gcore.c $(defs_h) $(elf_bfd_h) $(infcall_h) $(inferior_h) \
	$(gdbcore_h) $(objfiles_h) $(symfile_h) $(cli_decode_h) \
gdbarch.o: gdbarch.c $(defs_h) $(arch_utils_h) $(gdbcmd_h) $(inferior_h) \
	$(symcat_h) $(floatformat_h) $(gdb_assert_h) $(gdb_string_h) \
	$(gdb_events_h) $(reggroups_h) $(osabi_h) $(gdb_obstack_h)
gdb.o: gdb.c $(defs_h) $(main_h) $(gdb_string_h) $(interps_h)
gdb-events.o: gdb-events.c $(defs_h) $(gdb_events_h) $(gdbcmd_h)
gdbtypes.o: gdbtypes.c $(defs_h) $(gdb_string_h) $(bfd_h) $(symtab_h) \
	$(symfile_h) $(objfiles_h) $(gdbtypes_h) $(expression_h) \
	$(language_h) $(target_h) $(value_h) $(demangle_h) $(complaints_h) \
	$(gdbcmd_h) $(wrapper_h) $(cp_abi_h) $(gdb_assert_h)
glibc-tdep.o: glibc-tdep.c $(defs_h) $(frame_h) $(symtab_h) $(symfile_h) \
	$(objfiles_h) $(glibc_tdep_h)
gnu-nat.o: gnu-nat.c $(gdb_string_h) $(defs_h) $(inferior_h) $(symtab_h) \
	$(value_h) $(language_h) $(target_h) $(gdb_wait_h) $(gdbcmd_h) \
	$(gdbcore_h) $(gdbthread_h) $(gdb_assert_h) $(gdb_obstack_h) \
	$(gnu_nat_h) $(exc_request_S_h) $(notify_S_h) $(process_reply_S_h) \
	$(msg_reply_S_h) $(exc_request_U_h) $(msg_U_h)
gnu-v2-abi.o: gnu-v2-abi.c $(defs_h) $(gdb_string_h) $(symtab_h) \
	$(gdbtypes_h) $(value_h) $(demangle_h) $(cp_abi_h) $(cp_support_h) \
gnu-v3-abi.o: gnu-v3-abi.c $(defs_h) $(value_h) $(cp_abi_h) $(cp_support_h) \
	$(demangle_h) $(gdb_assert_h) $(gdb_string_h)
go32-nat.o: go32-nat.c $(defs_h) $(inferior_h) $(gdb_wait_h) $(gdbcore_h) \
	$(command_h) $(gdbcmd_h) $(floatformat_h) $(buildsym_h) \
	$(i387_tdep_h) $(i386_tdep_h) $(value_h) $(regcache_h) \
	$(gdb_string_h) $(top_h)
h8300-tdep.o: h8300-tdep.c $(defs_h) $(value_h) $(arch_utils_h) $(regcache_h) \
	$(gdbcore_h) $(objfiles_h) $(gdb_assert_h) $(dis_asm_h) \
	 $(dwarf2_frame_h) $(frame_base_h) $(frame_unwind_h)
hpacc-abi.o: hpacc-abi.c $(defs_h) $(value_h) $(gdb_regex_h) $(gdb_string_h) \
	$(gdbtypes_h) $(gdbcore_h) $(cp_abi_h) $(gnu_v2_abi_h)
hppabsd-nat.o: hppabsd-nat.c $(defs_h) $(inferior_h) $(regcache_h) \
	$(target_h) $(hppa_tdep_h) $(inf_ptrace_h)
hppabsd-tdep.o: hppabsd-tdep.c $(defs_h) $(arch_utils_h) $(symtab_h) \
	$(objfiles_h) $(osabi_h) $(regcache_h) $(regset_h) $(target_h) \
	$(value_h) $(gdb_assert_h) $(gdb_string_h) $(elf_common_h) \
	$(hppa_tdep_h) $(solib_svr4_h)
hppa-hpux-nat.o: hppa-hpux-nat.c $(defs_h) $(inferior_h) $(regcache_h) \
	$(target_h) $(gdb_assert_h) $(hppa_tdep_h) $(inf_ptrace_h) \
hppa-hpux-tdep.o: hppa-hpux-tdep.c $(defs_h) $(arch_utils_h) $(gdbcore_h) \
	$(osabi_h) $(frame_h) $(frame_unwind_h) $(trad_frame_h) $(symtab_h) \
	$(objfiles_h) $(inferior_h) $(infcall_h) $(observer_h) \
	$(hppa_tdep_h) $(solib_som_h) $(solib_pa64_h) $(regset_h) \
	$(exceptions_h) $(gdb_string_h)
hppa-linux-nat.o: hppa-linux-nat.c $(defs_h) $(gdbcore_h) $(regcache_h) \
	$(gdb_string_h) $(inferior_h) $(hppa_tdep_h) $(gregset_h)
hppa-linux-tdep.o: hppa-linux-tdep.c $(defs_h) $(gdbcore_h) $(osabi_h) \
	$(target_h) $(objfiles_h) $(solib_svr4_h) $(glibc_tdep_h) \
	$(frame_unwind_h) $(trad_frame_h) $(dwarf2_frame_h) $(value_h) \
	$(hppa_tdep_h) $(elf_common_h)
hppa-tdep.o: hppa-tdep.c $(defs_h) $(bfd_h) $(inferior_h) $(regcache_h) \
	$(completer_h) $(osabi_h) $(gdb_assert_h) $(arch_utils_h) \
	$(symtab_h) $(dis_asm_h) $(trad_frame_h) $(frame_unwind_h) \
	$(frame_base_h) $(gdbcore_h) $(gdbcmd_h) $(objfiles_h) \
hpread.o: hpread.c $(defs_h) $(bfd_h) $(gdb_string_h) $(hp_symtab_h) \
	$(syms_h) $(symtab_h) $(symfile_h) $(objfiles_h) $(buildsym_h) \
	$(complaints_h) $(gdb_stabs_h) $(gdbtypes_h) $(demangle_h) \
	$(solib_som_h) $(gdb_assert_h) $(hppa_tdep_h) $(gdb_string_h)
hpux-thread.o: hpux-thread.c $(defs_h) $(gdbthread_h) $(target_h) \
	$(inferior_h) $(regcache_h) $(gdb_stat_h) $(gdbcore_h) \
x86-shared-tdep.o: x86-shared-tdep.c $(defs_h) $(x86_shared_tdep_h)
i386bsd-nat.o: i386bsd-nat.c $(defs_h) $(inferior_h) $(regcache_h) \
	$(gdb_assert_h) $(i386_tdep_h) $(i387_tdep_h) $(i386bsd_nat_h) \
i386bsd-tdep.o: i386bsd-tdep.c $(defs_h) $(arch_utils_h) $(frame_h) \
	$(gdbcore_h) $(regcache_h) $(osabi_h) $(gdb_string_h) $(i386_tdep_h)
i386-cygwin-tdep.o: i386-cygwin-tdep.c $(defs_h) $(osabi_h) $(gdb_string_h) \
i386fbsd-nat.o: i386fbsd-nat.c $(defs_h) $(inferior_h) $(regcache_h) \
	$(target_h) $(fbsd_nat_h) $(i386_tdep_h) $(i386bsd_nat_h) \
i386fbsd-tdep.o: i386fbsd-tdep.c $(defs_h) $(arch_utils_h) $(gdbcore_h) \
	$(osabi_h) $(regcache_h) $(gdb_assert_h) $(i386_tdep_h) \
	$(i387_tdep_h) $(bsd_uthread_h) $(solib_svr4_h)
i386gnu-nat.o: i386gnu-nat.c $(defs_h) $(inferior_h) $(floatformat_h) \
	$(regcache_h) $(gdb_assert_h) $(gdb_string_h) $(i386_tdep_h) \
	$(gnu_nat_h) $(i387_tdep_h) $(gregset_h)
i386gnu-tdep.o: i386gnu-tdep.c $(defs_h) $(osabi_h) $(i386_tdep_h)
i386-linux-nat.o: i386-linux-nat.c $(defs_h) $(inferior_h) $(gdbcore_h) \
	$(regcache_h) $(linux_nat_h) $(gdb_assert_h) $(gdb_string_h) \
	$(gregset_h) $(i387_tdep_h) $(i386_tdep_h) $(i386_linux_tdep_h) \
i386-linux-tdep.o: i386-linux-tdep.c $(defs_h) $(gdbcore_h) $(frame_h) \
	$(value_h) $(regcache_h) $(inferior_h) $(osabi_h) $(reggroups_h) \
	$(dwarf2_frame_h) $(gdb_string_h) $(i386_tdep_h) \
	$(i386_linux_tdep_h) $(glibc_tdep_h) $(solib_svr4_h)
i386-nat.o: i386-nat.c $(defs_h) $(breakpoint_h) $(command_h) $(gdbcmd_h)
i386nbsd-nat.o: i386nbsd-nat.c $(defs_h) $(gdbcore_h) $(regcache_h) \
	$(target_h) $(i386_tdep_h) $(i386bsd_nat_h) $(bsd_kvm_h)
i386nbsd-tdep.o: i386nbsd-tdep.c $(defs_h) $(arch_utils_h) $(frame_h) \
	$(gdbcore_h) $(regcache_h) $(regset_h) $(osabi_h) $(symtab_h) \
	$(gdb_assert_h) $(gdb_string_h) $(i386_tdep_h) $(i387_tdep_h) \
	$(nbsd_tdep_h) $(solib_svr4_h)
i386-nto-tdep.o: i386-nto-tdep.c $(defs_h) $(frame_h) $(osabi_h) \
	$(regcache_h) $(target_h) $(gdb_assert_h) $(gdb_string_h) \
	$(i386_tdep_h) $(i387_tdep_h) $(nto_tdep_h) $(solib_svr4_h)
i386obsd-nat.o: i386obsd-nat.c $(defs_h) $(i386_tdep_h)
i386obsd-tdep.o: i386obsd-tdep.c $(defs_h) $(arch_utils_h) $(frame_h) \
	$(gdbcore_h) $(regcache_h) $(regset_h) $(symtab_h) $(objfiles_h) \
	$(osabi_h) $(target_h) $(gdb_assert_h) $(gdb_string_h) \
	$(i386_tdep_h) $(i387_tdep_h) $(solib_svr4_h) $(bsd_uthread_h)
i386-sol2-nat.o: i386-sol2-nat.c $(defs_h) $(regcache_h) $(gregset_h) \
	$(amd64_nat_h) $(amd64_tdep_h)
i386-sol2-tdep.o: i386-sol2-tdep.c $(defs_h) $(value_h) $(osabi_h) \
	$(gdb_string_h) $(i386_tdep_h) $(solib_svr4_h)
i386-stub.o: i386-stub.c
i386-tdep.o: i386-tdep.c $(defs_h) $(arch_utils_h) $(command_h) \
	$(dummy_frame_h) $(dwarf2_frame_h) $(doublest_h) $(floatformat_h) \
	$(frame_h) $(frame_base_h) $(frame_unwind_h) $(inferior_h) \
	$(gdbcmd_h) $(gdbcore_h) $(objfiles_h) $(osabi_h) $(regcache_h) \
	$(reggroups_h) $(regset_h) $(symfile_h) $(symtab_h) $(target_h) \
	$(value_h) $(dis_asm_h) $(gdb_assert_h) $(gdb_string_h) \
	$(i386_tdep_h) $(i387_tdep_h) $(x86_shared_tdep_h)
i386v4-nat.o: i386v4-nat.c $(defs_h) $(value_h) $(inferior_h) $(regcache_h) \
	$(i386_tdep_h) $(i387_tdep_h) $(gregset_h)
i386v-nat.o: i386v-nat.c $(defs_h) $(frame_h) $(inferior_h) $(language_h) \
	$(gdbcore_h) $(gdb_stat_h) $(floatformat_h) $(target_h) \
i387-tdep.o: i387-tdep.c $(defs_h) $(doublest_h) $(floatformat_h) $(frame_h) \
	$(gdbcore_h) $(inferior_h) $(language_h) $(regcache_h) $(value_h) \
	$(gdb_assert_h) $(gdb_string_h) $(i386_tdep_h) $(i387_tdep_h)
ia64-linux-nat.o: ia64-linux-nat.c $(defs_h) $(gdb_string_h) $(inferior_h) \
	$(target_h) $(gdbcore_h) $(regcache_h) $(ia64_tdep_h) $(gdb_wait_h) \
ia64-linux-tdep.o: ia64-linux-tdep.c $(defs_h) $(ia64_tdep_h) \
	$(arch_utils_h) $(gdbcore_h) $(regcache_h) $(osabi_h) $(solib_svr4_h)
ia64-tdep.o: ia64-tdep.c $(defs_h) $(inferior_h) $(gdbcore_h) \
	$(arch_utils_h) $(floatformat_h) $(regcache_h) $(reggroups_h) \
	$(frame_h) $(frame_base_h) $(frame_unwind_h) $(doublest_h) \
	$(value_h) $(gdb_assert_h) $(objfiles_h) $(elf_common_h) \
	$(elf_bfd_h) $(dis_asm_h) $(infcall_h) $(osabi_h) $(ia64_tdep_h) \
	$(elf_ia64_h) $(libunwind_frame_h) $(libunwind_ia64_h)
infcall.o: infcall.c $(defs_h) $(breakpoint_h) $(target_h) $(regcache_h) \
	$(inferior_h) $(gdb_assert_h) $(block_h) $(gdbcore_h) $(language_h) \
	$(objfiles_h) $(gdbcmd_h) $(command_h) $(gdb_string_h) $(infcall_h) \
inf-child.o: inf-child.c $(defs_h) $(regcache_h) $(memattr_h) $(symtab_h) \
	$(target_h) $(inferior_h) $(gdb_string_h)
# APPLE LOCAL begin subroutine inlining
infcmd.o: infcmd.c $(defs_h) $(gdb_string_h) $(symtab_h) $(gdbtypes_h) \
	$(frame_h) $(inferior_h) $(environ_h) $(value_h) $(gdbcmd_h) \
	$(symfile_h) $(gdbcore_h) $(target_h) $(language_h) $(symfile_h) \
	$(objfiles_h) $(completer_h) $(ui_out_h) $(event_top_h) \
	$(parser_defs_h) $(regcache_h) $(reggroups_h) $(block_h) \
	$(solib_h) $(gdb_assert_h) $(inlining_h)
# APPLE LOCAL end subroutine inlining
inf-loop.o: inf-loop.c $(defs_h) $(inferior_h) $(target_h) $(event_loop_h) \
	$(event_top_h) $(inf_loop_h) $(remote_h) $(exceptions_h)
inflow.o: inflow.c $(defs_h) $(frame_h) $(inferior_h) $(command_h) \
	$(serial_h) $(terminal_h) $(target_h) $(gdbthread_h) $(gdb_string_h) \
inf-ptrace.o: inf-ptrace.c $(defs_h) $(command_h) $(inferior_h) $(inflow_h) \
	$(gdbcore_h) $(observer_h) $(regcache_h) $(gdb_assert_h) \
	$(gdb_string_h) $(gdb_ptrace_h) $(gdb_wait_h) $(inf_child_h)
infptrace.o: infptrace.c $(defs_h) $(command_h) $(frame_h) $(gdbcore_h) \
	$(inferior_h) $(regcache_h) $(target_h) $(gdb_assert_h) \
	$(gdb_wait_h) $(gdb_string_h) $(gdb_dirent_h) $(gdb_ptrace_h)
# APPLE LOCAL begin subroutine inlining
infrun.o: infrun.c $(defs_h) $(gdb_string_h) $(symtab_h) $(frame_h) \
	$(inferior_h) $(exceptions_h) $(breakpoint_h) $(gdb_wait_h) \
	$(gdbcore_h) $(gdbcmd_h) $(cli_script_h) $(target_h) $(gdbthread_h) \
	$(annotate_h) $(symfile_h) $(top_h) $(inf_loop_h) $(regcache_h) \
	$(value_h) $(observer_h) $(language_h) $(solib_h) $(gdb_assert_h) \
	$(mi_common_h) $(inlining_h)
# APPLE LOCAL end subroutine inlining
inftarg.o: inftarg.c $(defs_h) $(frame_h) $(inferior_h) $(target_h) \
	$(gdbcore_h) $(command_h) $(gdb_stat_h) $(observer_h) $(gdb_wait_h) \
inf-ttrace.o: inf-ttrace.c $(defs_h) $(command_h) $(gdbcore_h) \
	$(gdbthread_h) $(inferior_h) $(observer_h) $(target_h) \
	$(gdb_assert_h) $(gdb_string_h) $(inf_child_h) $(inf_ttrace_h)
# APPLE LOCAL begin subroutine inlining
inlining.o: inlining.c $(defs_h) $(symtab_h) $(frame_h) $(breakpoint_h) \
	$(symfile_h) $(source_h) $(demangle_h) $(inferior_h) $(gdb_assert_h) \
	$(frame_unwind_h) $(annotate_h) $(ui_out_h) $(inlining_h)
# APPLE LOCAL end subroutine inlining
interps.o: interps.c $(defs_h) $(gdbcmd_h) $(ui_out_h) $(event_loop_h) \
	$(event_top_h) $(interps_h) $(completer_h) $(gdb_string_h) \
	$(gdb_events_h) $(gdb_assert_h) $(top_h) $(exceptions_h)
iq2000-tdep.o: iq2000-tdep.c $(defs_h) $(frame_h) $(frame_base_h) \
	$(frame_unwind_h) $(dwarf2_frame_h) $(gdbtypes_h) $(value_h) \
	$(dis_asm_h) $(gdb_string_h) $(arch_utils_h) $(regcache_h) \
	$(osabi_h) $(gdbcore_h)
irix5-nat.o: irix5-nat.c $(defs_h) $(inferior_h) $(gdbcore_h) $(target_h) \
	$(regcache_h) $(gdb_string_h) $(gregset_h) $(mips_tdep_h)
jv-exp.o: jv-exp.c $(defs_h) $(gdb_string_h) $(expression_h) $(value_h) \
	$(parser_defs_h) $(language_h) $(jv_lang_h) $(bfd_h) $(symfile_h) \
	$(objfiles_h) $(block_h)
jv-lang.o: jv-lang.c $(defs_h) $(symtab_h) $(gdbtypes_h) $(expression_h) \
	$(parser_defs_h) $(language_h) $(gdbtypes_h) $(symtab_h) \
	$(symfile_h) $(objfiles_h) $(gdb_string_h) $(value_h) $(c_lang_h) \
	$(jv_lang_h) $(gdbcore_h) $(block_h) $(demangle_h) $(dictionary_h)
jv-typeprint.o: jv-typeprint.c $(defs_h) $(symtab_h) $(gdbtypes_h) \
	$(value_h) $(demangle_h) $(jv_lang_h) $(gdb_string_h) $(typeprint_h) \
	$(c_lang_h) $(cp_abi_h)
jv-valprint.o: jv-valprint.c $(defs_h) $(symtab_h) $(gdbtypes_h) \
	$(gdbcore_h) $(expression_h) $(value_h) $(demangle_h) $(valprint_h) \
	$(language_h) $(jv_lang_h) $(c_lang_h) $(annotate_h) $(gdb_string_h)
kod.o: kod.c $(defs_h) $(command_h) $(gdbcmd_h) $(target_h) $(gdb_string_h) \
kod-cisco.o: kod-cisco.c $(defs_h) $(gdb_string_h) $(kod_h)
language.o: language.c $(defs_h) $(gdb_string_h) $(symtab_h) $(gdbtypes_h) \
	$(value_h) $(gdbcmd_h) $(expression_h) $(language_h) $(target_h) \
	$(parser_defs_h) $(jv_lang_h) $(demangle_h)
libunwind-frame.o: libunwind-frame.c $(defs_h) $(inferior_h) $(frame_h) \
	$(frame_base_h) $(frame_unwind_h) $(gdbcore_h) $(gdbtypes_h) \
	$(symtab_h) $(objfiles_h) $(regcache_h) $(gdb_assert_h) \
	$(gdb_string_h) $(libunwind_frame_h) $(complaints_h)
linespec.o: linespec.c $(defs_h) $(symtab_h) $(frame_h) $(command_h) \
	$(symfile_h) $(objfiles_h) $(source_h) $(demangle_h) $(value_h) \
	$(completer_h) $(cp_abi_h) $(parser_defs_h) $(block_h) \
	$(objc_lang_h) $(linespec_h) $(exceptions_h)
linux-nat.o: linux-nat.c $(defs_h) $(inferior_h) $(target_h) $(gdb_string_h) \
	$(gdb_wait_h) $(gdb_assert_h) $(linux_nat_h) $(gdbthread_h) \
	$(gdbcmd_h) $(regcache_h) $(elf_bfd_h) $(gregset_h) $(gdbcore_h) \
	$(gdbthread_h) $(gdb_stat_h)
# APPLE LOCAL begin subroutine inlining
linux-thread-db.o: linux-thread-db.c $(defs_h) $(gdb_assert_h) \
	$(gdb_proc_service_h) $(gdb_thread_db_h) $(bfd_h) $(exceptions_h) \
	$(gdbthread_h) $(inferior_h) $(symfile_h) $(objfiles_h) $(target_h) \
	$(regcache_h) $(solib_svr4_h) $(inlining_h)
# APPLE LOCAL end subroutine inlining
lynx-nat.o: lynx-nat.c $(defs_h) $(frame_h) $(inferior_h) $(target_h) \
	$(gdbcore_h) $(regcache_h)
m2-exp.o: m2-exp.c $(defs_h) $(gdb_string_h) $(expression_h) $(language_h) \
	$(value_h) $(parser_defs_h) $(m2_lang_h) $(bfd_h) $(symfile_h) \
	$(objfiles_h) $(block_h)
m2-lang.o: m2-lang.c $(defs_h) $(symtab_h) $(gdbtypes_h) $(expression_h) \
	$(parser_defs_h) $(language_h) $(m2_lang_h) $(c_lang_h) \
m2-typeprint.o: m2-typeprint.c $(defs_h) $(bfd_h) $(symtab_h) $(gdbtypes_h) \
	$(expression_h) $(value_h) $(gdbcore_h) $(target_h) $(m2_lang_h)
m2-valprint.o: m2-valprint.c $(defs_h) $(symtab_h) $(gdbtypes_h) \
	$(m2_lang_h) $(c_lang_h)
m32r-linux-nat.o: m32r-linux-nat.c $(defs_h) $(inferior_h) $(gdbcore_h) \
	$(regcache_h) $(linux_nat_h) $(gdb_assert_h) $(gdb_string_h) \
	$(gregset_h) $(m32r_tdep_h)
m32r-linux-tdep.o: m32r-linux-tdep.c $(defs_h) $(gdbcore_h) $(frame_h) \
	$(value_h) $(regcache_h) $(inferior_h) $(osabi_h) $(reggroups_h) \
	$(regset_h) $(gdb_string_h) $(glibc_tdep_h) $(solib_svr4_h) \
	$(trad_frame_h) $(frame_unwind_h) $(m32r_tdep_h)
m32r-rom.o: m32r-rom.c $(defs_h) $(gdbcore_h) $(target_h) $(exceptions_h) \
	$(monitor_h) $(serial_h) $(symtab_h) $(command_h) $(gdbcmd_h) \
	$(symfile_h) $(gdb_string_h) $(objfiles_h) $(inferior_h) \
m32r-stub.o: m32r-stub.c $(syscall_h)
m32r-tdep.o: m32r-tdep.c $(defs_h) $(frame_h) $(frame_unwind_h) \
	$(frame_base_h) $(symtab_h) $(gdbtypes_h) $(gdbcmd_h) $(gdbcore_h) \
	$(gdb_string_h) $(value_h) $(inferior_h) $(symfile_h) $(objfiles_h) \
	$(osabi_h) $(language_h) $(arch_utils_h) $(regcache_h) \
	$(trad_frame_h) $(dis_asm_h) $(gdb_assert_h) $(m32r_tdep_h)
m68hc11-tdep.o: m68hc11-tdep.c $(defs_h) $(frame_h) $(frame_unwind_h) \
	$(frame_base_h) $(dwarf2_frame_h) $(trad_frame_h) $(symtab_h) \
	$(gdbtypes_h) $(gdbcmd_h) $(gdbcore_h) $(gdb_string_h) $(value_h) \
	$(inferior_h) $(dis_asm_h) $(symfile_h) $(objfiles_h) \
	$(arch_utils_h) $(regcache_h) $(reggroups_h) $(target_h) \
	$(opcode_m68hc11_h) $(elf_m68hc11_h) $(elf_bfd_h)
m68kbsd-nat.o: m68kbsd-nat.c $(defs_h) $(gdbcore_h) $(inferior_h) \
	$(regcache_h) $(gdb_assert_h) $(m68k_tdep_h) $(inf_ptrace_h) \
m68kbsd-tdep.o: m68kbsd-tdep.c $(defs_h) $(arch_utils_h) $(frame_h) \
	$(osabi_h) $(regcache_h) $(regset_h) $(trad_frame_h) \
	$(tramp_frame_h)$(gdb_assert_h) $(gdb_string_h) $(m68k_tdep_h) \
m68klinux-nat.o: m68klinux-nat.c $(defs_h) $(frame_h) $(inferior_h) \
	$(language_h) $(gdbcore_h) $(gdb_string_h) $(regcache_h) \
	$(m68k_tdep_h) $(gdb_stat_h) $(floatformat_h) $(target_h) \
m68klinux-tdep.o: m68klinux-tdep.c $(defs_h) $(gdbcore_h) $(doublest_h) \
	$(floatformat_h) $(frame_h) $(target_h) $(gdb_string_h) \
	$(gdbtypes_h) $(osabi_h) $(regcache_h) $(objfiles_h) $(symtab_h) \
	$(m68k_tdep_h) $(trad_frame_h) $(frame_unwind_h) $(glibc_tdep_h) \
m68k-stub.o: m68k-stub.c
m68k-tdep.o: m68k-tdep.c $(defs_h) $(dwarf2_frame_h) $(frame_h) \
	$(frame_base_h) $(frame_unwind_h) $(floatformat_h) $(symtab_h) \
	$(gdbcore_h) $(value_h) $(gdb_string_h) $(gdb_assert_h) \
	$(inferior_h) $(regcache_h) $(arch_utils_h) $(osabi_h) $(dis_asm_h) \
	$(m68k_tdep_h) $(gregset_h)
m88kbsd-nat.o: m88kbsd-nat.c $(defs_h) $(inferior_h) $(regcache_h) \
	$(target_h) $(m88k_tdep_h) $(inf_ptrace_h)
m88k-tdep.o: m88k-tdep.c $(defs_h) $(arch_utils_h) $(dis_asm_h) $(frame_h) \
	$(frame_base_h) $(frame_unwind_h) $(gdbcore_h) $(gdbtypes_h) \
	$(regcache_h) $(regset_h) $(symtab_h) $(trad_frame_h) $(value_h) \
	$(gdb_assert_h) $(gdb_string_h) $(m88k_tdep_h)
macrocmd.o: macrocmd.c $(defs_h) $(macrotab_h) $(macroexp_h) $(macroscope_h) \
	$(command_h) $(gdbcmd_h)
macroexp.o: macroexp.c $(defs_h) $(gdb_obstack_h) $(bcache_h) $(macrotab_h) \
	$(macroexp_h) $(gdb_assert_h)
macroscope.o: macroscope.c $(defs_h) $(macroscope_h) $(symtab_h) $(source_h) \
	$(target_h) $(frame_h) $(inferior_h) $(complaints_h)
macrotab.o: macrotab.c $(defs_h) $(gdb_obstack_h) $(splay_tree_h) \
	$(symtab_h) $(symfile_h) $(objfiles_h) $(macrotab_h) $(gdb_assert_h) \
	$(bcache_h) $(complaints_h)
main.o: main.c $(defs_h) $(top_h) $(target_h) $(inferior_h) $(symfile_h) \
	$(gdbcore_h) $(exceptions_h) $(getopt_h) $(gdb_stat_h) \
	$(gdb_string_h) $(event_loop_h) $(ui_out_h) $(interps_h) $(main_h)
maint.o: maint.c $(defs_h) $(command_h) $(gdbcmd_h) $(symtab_h) \
	$(gdbtypes_h) $(demangle_h) $(gdbcore_h) $(expression_h) \
	$(language_h) $(symfile_h) $(objfiles_h) $(value_h) $(cli_decode_h)
mdebugread.o: mdebugread.c $(defs_h) $(symtab_h) $(gdbtypes_h) $(gdbcore_h) \
	$(objfiles_h) $(gdb_obstack_h) $(buildsym_h) $(stabsread_h) \
	$(complaints_h) $(demangle_h) $(gdb_assert_h) $(block_h) \
	$(dictionary_h) $(mdebugread_h) $(gdb_stat_h) $(gdb_string_h) \
	$(bfd_h) $(coff_ecoff_h) $(libaout_h) $(aout_aout64_h) \
	$(aout_stab_gnu_h) $(expression_h)
memattr.o: memattr.c $(defs_h) $(command_h) $(gdbcmd_h) $(memattr_h) \
	$(target_h) $(value_h) $(language_h) $(gdb_string_h)
mem-break.o: mem-break.c $(defs_h) $(symtab_h) $(breakpoint_h) $(inferior_h) \
minsyms.o: minsyms.c $(defs_h) $(gdb_string_h) $(symtab_h) $(bfd_h) \
	$(symfile_h) $(objfiles_h) $(demangle_h) $(value_h) $(cp_abi_h)
mips64obsd-nat.o: mips64obsd-nat.c $(defs_h) $(inferior_h) $(regcache_h) \
	$(target_h) $(mips_tdep_h) $(inf_ptrace_h)
mips64obsd-tdep.o: mips64obsd-tdep.c $(defs_h) $(osabi_h) $(regcache_h) \
	$(regset_h) $(trad_frame_h) $(tramp_frame_h) $(gdb_assert_h) \
	$(gdb_string_h) $(mips_tdep_h) $(solib_svr4_h)
mips-irix-tdep.o: mips-irix-tdep.c $(defs_h) $(osabi_h) $(elf_bfd_h)
mips-linux-nat.o: mips-linux-nat.c $(defs_h) $(mips_tdep_h)
mips-linux-tdep.o: mips-linux-tdep.c $(defs_h) $(gdbcore_h) $(target_h) \
	$(solib_svr4_h) $(osabi_h) $(mips_tdep_h) $(gdb_string_h) \
	$(gdb_assert_h) $(frame_h) $(regcache_h) $(trad_frame_h) \
mips-mdebug-tdep.o: mips-mdebug-tdep.c $(defs_h) $(frame_h) $(mips_tdep_h) \
	$(trad_frame_h) $(block_h) $(symtab_h) $(objfiles_h) $(elf_mips_h) \
	$(elf_bfd_h) $(gdb_assert_h) $(frame_unwind_h) $(frame_base_h) \
	$(mips_mdebug_tdep_h) $(mdebugread_h)
mipsnbsd-nat.o: mipsnbsd-nat.c $(defs_h) $(inferior_h) $(regcache_h) \
	$(target_h) $(mips_tdep_h) $(mipsnbsd_tdep_h) $(inf_ptrace_h)
mipsnbsd-tdep.o: mipsnbsd-tdep.c $(defs_h) $(gdbcore_h) $(regcache_h) \
	$(regset_h) $(target_h) $(value_h) $(osabi_h) $(gdb_assert_h) \
	$(gdb_string_h) $(nbsd_tdep_h) $(mipsnbsd_tdep_h) $(mips_tdep_h) \
mipsread.o: mipsread.c $(defs_h) $(gdb_string_h) $(bfd_h) $(symtab_h) \
	$(objfiles_h) $(buildsym_h) $(stabsread_h) $(coff_sym_h) \
	$(coff_internal_h) $(coff_ecoff_h) $(libcoff_h) $(libecoff_h) \
	$(elf_common_h) $(elf_mips_h)
mips-tdep.o: mips-tdep.c $(defs_h) $(gdb_string_h) $(gdb_assert_h) \
	$(frame_h) $(inferior_h) $(symtab_h) $(value_h) $(gdbcmd_h) \
	$(language_h) $(gdbcore_h) $(symfile_h) $(objfiles_h) $(gdbtypes_h) \
	$(target_h) $(arch_utils_h) $(regcache_h) $(osabi_h) $(mips_tdep_h) \
	$(block_h) $(reggroups_h) $(opcode_mips_h) $(elf_mips_h) \
	$(elf_bfd_h) $(symcat_h) $(sim_regno_h) $(dis_asm_h) \
	$(frame_unwind_h) $(frame_base_h) $(trad_frame_h) $(infcall_h) \
mipsv4-nat.o: mipsv4-nat.c $(defs_h) $(inferior_h) $(gdbcore_h) $(target_h) \
	$(regcache_h) $(gregset_h)
mn10300-tdep.o: mn10300-tdep.c $(defs_h) $(arch_utils_h) $(dis_asm_h) \
	$(gdbtypes_h) $(regcache_h) $(gdb_string_h) $(gdb_assert_h) \
	$(frame_h) $(frame_unwind_h) $(frame_base_h) $(trad_frame_h) \
	$(symtab_h) $(dwarf2_frame_h) $(regcache_h) $(mn10300_tdep_h)
monitor.o: monitor.c $(defs_h) $(gdbcore_h) $(target_h) $(exceptions_h) \
	$(gdb_string_h) $(command_h) $(serial_h) $(monitor_h) $(gdbcmd_h) \
	$(inferior_h) $(gdb_regex_h) $(srec_h) $(regcache_h)
nbsd-tdep.o: nbsd-tdep.c $(defs_h) $(gdb_string_h) $(solib_svr4_h)
nlmread.o: nlmread.c $(defs_h) $(bfd_h) $(symtab_h) $(symfile_h) \
	$(objfiles_h) $(buildsym_h) $(stabsread_h) $(block_h)
nto-procfs.o: nto-procfs.c $(defs_h) $(gdb_dirent_h) $(exceptions_h) \
	$(gdb_string_h) $(gdbcore_h) $(inferior_h) $(target_h) $(objfiles_h) \
	$(gdbthread_h) $(nto_tdep_h) $(command_h) $(regcache_h)
nto-tdep.o: nto-tdep.c $(gdb_stat_h) $(gdb_string_h) $(nto_tdep_h) $(top_h) \
	$(cli_decode_h) $(cli_cmds_h) $(inferior_h) $(gdbarch_h) $(bfd_h) \
	$(elf_bfd_h) $(solib_svr4_h) $(gdbcore_h)
objc-exp.o: objc-exp.c $(defs_h) $(gdb_string_h) $(expression_h) \
	$(objc_lang_h) $(value_h) $(parser_defs_h) $(language_h) $(c_lang_h) \
	$(bfd_h) $(symfile_h) $(objfiles_h) $(top_h) $(completer_h) \
objc-lang.o: objc-lang.c $(defs_h) $(symtab_h) $(gdbtypes_h) $(expression_h) \
	$(parser_defs_h) $(language_h) $(c_lang_h) $(objc_lang_h) \
	$(exceptions_h) $(complaints_h) $(value_h) $(symfile_h) \
	$(objfiles_h) $(gdb_string_h) $(target_h) $(gdbcore_h) $(gdbcmd_h) \
	$(frame_h) $(gdb_regex_h) $(regcache_h) $(block_h) $(infcall_h) \
	$(valprint_h) $(gdb_assert_h)
objfiles.o: objfiles.c $(defs_h) $(bfd_h) $(symtab_h) $(symfile_h) \
	$(objfiles_h) $(gdb_stabs_h) $(target_h) $(bcache_h) $(mdebugread_h) \
	$(gdb_assert_h) $(gdb_stat_h) $(gdb_obstack_h) $(gdb_string_h) \
	$(hashtab_h) $(breakpoint_h) $(block_h) $(dictionary_h)
observer.o: observer.c $(defs_h) $(observer_h) $(command_h) $(gdbcmd_h) \
# APPLE LOCAL begin subroutine inlining
ocd.o: ocd.c $(defs_h) $(gdbcore_h) $(gdb_string_h) $(frame_h) $(inferior_h) \
	$(bfd_h) $(symfile_h) $(target_h) $(exceptions_h) $(gdbcmd_h) \
	$(objfiles_h) $(gdb_stabs_h) $(serial_h) $(ocd_h) $(regcache_h) \
# APPLE LOCAL end subroutine inlining
osabi.o: osabi.c $(defs_h) $(gdb_assert_h) $(gdb_string_h) $(osabi_h) \
	$(arch_utils_h) $(gdbcmd_h) $(command_h) $(elf_bfd_h)
parse.o: parse.c $(defs_h) $(gdb_string_h) $(symtab_h) $(gdbtypes_h) \
	$(frame_h) $(expression_h) $(value_h) $(command_h) $(language_h) \
	$(parser_defs_h) $(gdbcmd_h) $(symfile_h) $(inferior_h) \
	$(doublest_h) $(gdb_assert_h) $(block_h)
p-exp.o: p-exp.c $(defs_h) $(gdb_string_h) $(expression_h) $(value_h) \
	$(parser_defs_h) $(language_h) $(p_lang_h) $(bfd_h) $(symfile_h) \
	$(objfiles_h) $(block_h)
p-lang.o: p-lang.c $(defs_h) $(gdb_string_h) $(symtab_h) $(gdbtypes_h) \
	$(expression_h) $(parser_defs_h) $(language_h) $(p_lang_h) \
	$(valprint_h) $(value_h)
ppc-bdm.o: ppc-bdm.c $(defs_h) $(gdbcore_h) $(gdb_string_h) $(frame_h) \
	$(inferior_h) $(bfd_h) $(symfile_h) $(target_h) $(gdbcmd_h) \
	$(objfiles_h) $(gdb_stabs_h) $(serial_h) $(ocd_h) $(ppc_tdep_h) \
	$(regcache_h) $(gdb_assert_h)
ppcbug-rom.o: ppcbug-rom.c $(defs_h) $(gdbcore_h) $(target_h) $(monitor_h) \
	$(serial_h) $(regcache_h)
ppc-linux-nat.o: ppc-linux-nat.c $(defs_h) $(gdb_string_h) $(frame_h) \
	$(inferior_h) $(gdbcore_h) $(regcache_h) $(gdb_assert_h) \
	$(gdb_wait_h) $(gregset_h) $(ppc_tdep_h)
ppc-linux-tdep.o: ppc-linux-tdep.c $(defs_h) $(frame_h) $(inferior_h) \
	$(symtab_h) $(target_h) $(gdbcore_h) $(gdbcmd_h) $(symfile_h) \
	$(objfiles_h) $(regcache_h) $(value_h) $(osabi_h) $(regset_h) \
	$(solib_svr4_h) $(ppc_tdep_h) $(trad_frame_h) $(frame_unwind_h) \
ppcnbsd-nat.o: ppcnbsd-nat.c $(defs_h) $(inferior_h) $(gdb_assert_h) \
	$(gdbcore_h) $(regcache_h) $(bsd_kvm_h) $(ppc_tdep_h) \
	$(ppcnbsd_tdep_h) $(inf_ptrace_h)
ppcnbsd-tdep.o: ppcnbsd-tdep.c $(defs_h) $(gdbcore_h) $(regcache_h) \
	$(target_h) $(breakpoint_h) $(value_h) $(osabi_h) $(ppc_tdep_h) \
	$(ppcnbsd_tdep_h) $(nbsd_tdep_h) $(tramp_frame_h) $(trad_frame_h) \
	$(gdb_assert_h) $(solib_svr4_h)
ppcobsd-nat.o: ppcobsd-nat.c $(defs_h) $(gdbcore_h) $(inferior_h) \
	$(regcache_h) $(ppc_tdep_h) $(ppcobsd_tdep_h) $(inf_ptrace_h) \
ppcobsd-tdep.o: ppcobsd-tdep.c $(defs_h) $(arch_utils_h) $(floatformat_h) \
	$(osabi_h) $(regcache_h) $(regset_h) $(trad_frame_h) \
	$(tramp_frame_h) $(gdb_assert_h) $(gdb_string_h) $(ppc_tdep_h) \
	$(ppcobsd_tdep_h) $(solib_svr4_h)
ppc-sysv-tdep.o: ppc-sysv-tdep.c $(defs_h) $(gdbcore_h) $(inferior_h) \
	$(regcache_h) $(value_h) $(gdb_string_h) $(gdb_assert_h) \
	$(ppc_tdep_h) $(target_h) $(objfiles_h) $(infcall_h)
printcmd.o: printcmd.c $(defs_h) $(gdb_string_h) $(frame_h) $(symtab_h) \
	$(gdbtypes_h) $(value_h) $(language_h) $(expression_h) $(gdbcore_h) \
	$(gdbcmd_h) $(target_h) $(breakpoint_h) $(demangle_h) $(valprint_h) \
	$(annotate_h) $(symfile_h) $(objfiles_h) $(completer_h) $(ui_out_h) \
	$(gdb_assert_h) $(block_h) $(disasm_h) $(tui_h)
proc-api.o: proc-api.c $(defs_h) $(gdbcmd_h) $(completer_h) $(gdb_wait_h) \
proc-events.o: proc-events.c $(defs_h)
proc-flags.o: proc-flags.c $(defs_h)
procfs.o: procfs.c $(defs_h) $(inferior_h) $(target_h) $(gdbcore_h) \
	$(elf_bfd_h) $(gdbcmd_h) $(gdbthread_h) $(gdb_wait_h) \
	$(gdb_string_h) $(gdb_assert_h) $(inflow_h) $(auxv_h) \
	$(gdb_dirent_h) $(X_OK) $(gdb_stat_h) $(proc_utils_h) $(gregset_h)
proc-service.o: proc-service.c $(defs_h) $(gdb_proc_service_h) $(inferior_h) \
	$(symtab_h) $(target_h) $(gregset_h)
proc-why.o: proc-why.c $(defs_h) $(proc_utils_h)
p-typeprint.o: p-typeprint.c $(defs_h) $(gdb_obstack_h) $(bfd_h) $(symtab_h) \
	$(gdbtypes_h) $(expression_h) $(value_h) $(gdbcore_h) $(target_h) \
	$(language_h) $(p_lang_h) $(typeprint_h) $(gdb_string_h)
p-valprint.o: p-valprint.c $(defs_h) $(gdb_obstack_h) $(symtab_h) \
	$(gdbtypes_h) $(expression_h) $(value_h) $(command_h) $(gdbcmd_h) \
	$(gdbcore_h) $(demangle_h) $(valprint_h) $(typeprint_h) \
	$(language_h) $(target_h) $(annotate_h) $(p_lang_h) $(cp_abi_h) \
regcache.o: regcache.c $(defs_h) $(inferior_h) $(target_h) $(gdbarch_h) \
	$(gdbcmd_h) $(regcache_h) $(reggroups_h) $(gdb_assert_h) \
	$(gdb_string_h) $(gdbcmd_h) $(observer_h)
reggroups.o: reggroups.c $(defs_h) $(reggroups_h) $(gdbtypes_h) \
	$(gdb_assert_h) $(regcache_h) $(command_h) $(gdbcmd_h)
regset.o: regset.c $(defs_h) $(regset_h) $(gdb_assert_h)
remote.o: remote.c $(defs_h) $(gdb_string_h) $(inferior_h) $(bfd_h) \
	$(symfile_h) $(exceptions_h) $(target_h) $(gdbcmd_h) $(objfiles_h) \
	$(gdb_stabs_h) $(gdbthread_h) $(remote_h) $(regcache_h) $(value_h) \
	$(gdb_assert_h) $(event_loop_h) $(event_top_h) $(inf_loop_h) \
	$(serial_h) $(gdbcore_h) $(remote_fileio_h) $(solib_h) $(observer_h)
# APPLE LOCAL begin subroutine inlining
remote-e7000.o: remote-e7000.c $(defs_h) $(gdbcore_h) $(gdbarch_h) \
	$(inferior_h) $(target_h) $(value_h) $(command_h) $(gdb_string_h) \
	$(exceptions_h) $(gdbcmd_h) $(serial_h) $(remote_utils_h) \
	$(symfile_h) $(regcache_h) $(inlining_h)
# APPLE LOCAL end subroutine inlining
remote-est.o: remote-est.c $(defs_h) $(gdbcore_h) $(target_h) $(monitor_h) \
	$(serial_h) $(regcache_h) $(m68k_tdep_h)
remote-fileio.o: remote-fileio.c $(defs_h) $(gdb_string_h) $(gdbcmd_h) \
	$(remote_h) $(gdb_fileio_h) $(gdb_wait_h) $(gdb_stat_h) \
	$(exceptions_h) $(remote_fileio_h)
remote-hms.o: remote-hms.c $(defs_h) $(gdbcore_h) $(target_h) $(monitor_h) \
	$(serial_h) $(regcache_h)
remote-m32r-sdi.o: remote-m32r-sdi.c $(defs_h) $(gdbcmd_h) $(gdbcore_h) \
	$(inferior_h) $(target_h) $(regcache_h) $(gdb_string_h) $(serial_h)
# APPLE LOCAL begin subroutine inlining
remote-mips.o: remote-mips.c $(defs_h) $(inferior_h) $(bfd_h) $(symfile_h) \
	$(gdbcmd_h) $(gdbcore_h) $(serial_h) $(target_h) $(exceptions_h) \
	$(remote_utils_h) $(gdb_string_h) $(gdb_stat_h) $(regcache_h) \
	$(mips_tdep_h) $(inlining_h)
# APPLE LOCAL end subroutine inlining
remote-rdi.o: remote-rdi.c $(defs_h) $(gdb_string_h) $(frame_h) \
	$(inferior_h) $(bfd_h) $(symfile_h) $(target_h) $(gdbcmd_h) \
	$(objfiles_h) $(gdb_stabs_h) $(gdbthread_h) $(gdbcore_h) \
	$(breakpoint_h) $(completer_h) $(regcache_h) $(arm_tdep_h) \
	$(rdi_share_ardi_h) $(rdi_share_adp_h) $(rdi_share_hsys_h)
# APPLE LOCAL begin subroutine inlining
remote-rdp.o: remote-rdp.c $(defs_h) $(inferior_h) $(value_h) \
	$(gdb_callback_h) $(command_h) $(symfile_h) $(remote_utils_h) \
	$(gdb_string_h) $(gdbcore_h) $(regcache_h) $(serial_h) $(arm_tdep_h) \
# APPLE LOCAL end subroutine inlining
remote-sds.o: remote-sds.c $(defs_h) $(gdb_string_h) $(frame_h) \
	$(inferior_h) $(exceptions_h) $(bfd_h) $(symfile_h) $(target_h) \
	$(gdbcmd_h) $(objfiles_h) $(gdb_stabs_h) $(gdbthread_h) $(gdbcore_h) \
	$(regcache_h) $(serial_h)
remote-sim.o: remote-sim.c $(defs_h) $(inferior_h) $(value_h) \
	$(gdb_string_h) $(terminal_h) $(target_h) $(gdbcore_h) \
	$(gdb_callback_h) $(gdb_remote_sim_h) $(remote_utils_h) $(command_h) \
	$(regcache_h) $(gdb_assert_h) $(sim_regno_h) $(arch_utils_h)
remote-st.o: remote-st.c $(defs_h) $(gdbcore_h) $(target_h) $(gdb_string_h) \
	$(serial_h) $(regcache_h)
remote-utils.o: remote-utils.c $(defs_h) $(gdb_string_h) $(gdbcmd_h) \
	$(target_h) $(serial_h) $(gdbcore_h) $(inferior_h) $(remote_utils_h) \
rom68k-rom.o: rom68k-rom.c $(defs_h) $(gdbcore_h) $(target_h) $(monitor_h) \
	$(serial_h) $(regcache_h) $(value_h) $(m68k_tdep_h)
rs6000-nat.o: rs6000-nat.c $(defs_h) $(inferior_h) $(target_h) $(gdbcore_h) \
	$(xcoffsolib_h) $(symfile_h) $(objfiles_h) $(libbfd_h) $(bfd_h) \
	$(exceptions_h) $(gdb_stabs_h) $(regcache_h) $(arch_utils_h) \
	$(ppc_tdep_h) $(exec_h) $(gdb_stat_h)
rs6000-tdep.o: rs6000-tdep.c $(defs_h) $(frame_h) $(inferior_h) $(symtab_h) \
	$(target_h) $(gdbcore_h) $(gdbcmd_h) $(objfiles_h) $(arch_utils_h) \
	$(regcache_h) $(regset_h) $(doublest_h) $(value_h) $(parser_defs_h) \
	$(osabi_h) $(infcall_h) $(sim_regno_h) $(gdb_sim_ppc_h) \
	$(reggroups_h) $(libbfd_h) $(coff_internal_h) $(libcoff_h) \
	$(coff_xcoff_h) $(libxcoff_h) $(elf_bfd_h) $(solib_svr4_h) \
	$(ppc_tdep_h) $(gdb_assert_h) $(dis_asm_h) $(trad_frame_h) \
	$(frame_unwind_h) $(frame_base_h) $(reggroups_h)
s390-nat.o: s390-nat.c $(defs_h) $(tm_h) $(regcache_h) $(inferior_h) \
s390-tdep.o: s390-tdep.c $(defs_h) $(arch_utils_h) $(frame_h) $(inferior_h) \
	$(symtab_h) $(target_h) $(gdbcore_h) $(gdbcmd_h) $(objfiles_h) \
	$(tm_h) $(__bfd_bfd_h) $(floatformat_h) $(regcache_h) \
	$(trad_frame_h) $(frame_base_h) $(frame_unwind_h) $(dwarf2_frame_h) \
	$(reggroups_h) $(regset_h) $(value_h) $(gdb_assert_h) $(dis_asm_h) \
	$(solib_svr4_h) $(s390_tdep_h)
scm-exp.o: scm-exp.c $(defs_h) $(symtab_h) $(gdbtypes_h) $(expression_h) \
	$(parser_defs_h) $(language_h) $(value_h) $(c_lang_h) $(scm_lang_h) \
scm-lang.o: scm-lang.c $(defs_h) $(symtab_h) $(gdbtypes_h) $(expression_h) \
	$(parser_defs_h) $(language_h) $(value_h) $(c_lang_h) $(scm_lang_h) \
	$(scm_tags_h) $(source_h) $(gdb_string_h) $(gdbcore_h) $(infcall_h)
scm-valprint.o: scm-valprint.c $(defs_h) $(symtab_h) $(gdbtypes_h) \
	$(expression_h) $(parser_defs_h) $(language_h) $(value_h) \
	$(scm_lang_h) $(valprint_h) $(gdbcore_h) $(c_lang_h)
sentinel-frame.o: sentinel-frame.c $(defs_h) $(regcache_h) \
	$(sentinel_frame_h) $(inferior_h) $(frame_unwind_h)
ser-e7kpc.o: ser-e7kpc.c $(defs_h) $(serial_h) $(gdb_string_h)
ser-go32.o: ser-go32.c $(defs_h) $(gdbcmd_h) $(serial_h) $(gdb_string_h)
serial.o: serial.c $(defs_h) $(serial_h) $(gdb_string_h) $(gdbcmd_h)
ser-base.o: ser-base.c $(defs_h) $(serial_h) $(ser_base_h) $(event_loop_h) \
ser-pipe.o: ser-pipe.c $(defs_h) $(serial_h) $(ser_base_h) $(ser_unix_h) \
	$(gdb_vfork_h) $(gdb_string_h)
ser-tcp.o: ser-tcp.c $(defs_h) $(serial_h) $(ser_base_h) $(ser_unix_h) \
ser-unix.o: ser-unix.c $(defs_h) $(serial_h) $(ser_base_h) $(ser_unix_h) \
	$(terminal_h) $(gdb_string_h)
sh3-rom.o: sh3-rom.c $(defs_h) $(gdbcore_h) $(target_h) $(monitor_h) \
	$(serial_h) $(srec_h) $(arch_utils_h) $(regcache_h) $(gdb_string_h) \
sh64-tdep.o: sh64-tdep.c $(defs_h) $(frame_h) $(frame_base_h) \
	$(frame_unwind_h) $(dwarf2_frame_h) $(symtab_h) $(gdbtypes_h) \
	$(gdbcmd_h) $(gdbcore_h) $(value_h) $(dis_asm_h) $(inferior_h) \
	$(gdb_string_h) $(gdb_assert_h) $(arch_utils_h) $(regcache_h) \
	$(osabi_h) $(elf_bfd_h) $(elf_sh_h) $(gdb_sim_sh_h)
shnbsd-nat.o: shnbsd-nat.c $(defs_h) $(inferior_h) $(sh_tdep_h) \
shnbsd-tdep.o: shnbsd-tdep.c $(defs_h) $(gdbcore_h) $(regcache_h) $(value_h) \
	$(osabi_h) $(solib_svr4_h) $(nbsd_tdep_h) $(sh_tdep_h) \
sh-stub.o: sh-stub.c
sh-linux-tdep.o: sh-linux-tdep.c $(defs_h) $(osabi_h) $(solib_svr4_h)
sh-tdep.o: sh-tdep.c $(defs_h) $(frame_h) $(frame_base_h) $(frame_unwind_h) \
	$(dwarf2_frame_h) $(symtab_h) $(gdbtypes_h) $(gdbcmd_h) $(gdbcore_h) \
	$(value_h) $(dis_asm_h) $(inferior_h) $(gdb_string_h) \
	$(gdb_assert_h) $(arch_utils_h) $(floatformat_h) $(regcache_h) \
	$(doublest_h) $(osabi_h) $(sh_tdep_h) $(elf_bfd_h) $(solib_svr4_h) \
	$(elf_sh_h) $(gdb_sim_sh_h)
solib-aix5.o: solib-aix5.c $(defs_h) $(gdb_string_h) $(elf_external_h) \
	$(symtab_h) $(bfd_h) $(symfile_h) $(objfiles_h) $(gdbcore_h) \
	$(command_h) $(target_h) $(frame_h) $(gdb_regex_h) $(inferior_h) \
	$(environ_h) $(language_h) $(gdbcmd_h) $(solist_h)
solib.o: solib.c $(defs_h) $(gdb_string_h) $(symtab_h) $(bfd_h) $(symfile_h) \
	$(objfiles_h) $(exceptions_h) $(gdbcore_h) $(command_h) $(target_h) \
	$(frame_h) $(gdb_regex_h) $(inferior_h) $(environ_h) $(language_h) \
	$(gdbcmd_h) $(completer_h) $(filenames_h) $(exec_h) $(solist_h) \
	$(observer_h) $(readline_h)
solib-frv.o: solib-frv.c $(defs_h) $(gdb_string_h) $(inferior_h) \
	$(gdbcore_h) $(solist_h) $(frv_tdep_h) $(objfiles_h) $(symtab_h) \
	$(language_h) $(command_h) $(gdbcmd_h) $(elf_frv_h)
solib-irix.o: solib-irix.c $(defs_h) $(symtab_h) $(bfd_h) $(symfile_h) \
	$(objfiles_h) $(gdbcore_h) $(target_h) $(inferior_h) $(solist_h)
solib-legacy.o: solib-legacy.c $(defs_h) $(gdbcore_h) $(solib_svr4_h)
solib-null.o: solib-null.c $(defs_h) $(solist_h)
solib-osf.o: solib-osf.c $(defs_h) $(gdb_string_h) $(bfd_h) $(symtab_h) \
	$(symfile_h) $(objfiles_h) $(target_h) $(inferior_h) $(solist_h)
solib-pa64.o: solib-pa64.c $(defs_h) $(symtab_h) $(bfd_h) $(symfile_h) \
	$(objfiles_h) $(gdbcore_h) $(target_h) $(inferior_h) $(hppa_tdep_h) \
	$(solist_h) $(solib_pa64_h)
solib-som.o: solib-som.c $(defs_h) $(som_h) $(symtab_h) $(bfd_h) \
	$(symfile_h) $(objfiles_h) $(gdbcore_h) $(target_h) $(inferior_h) \
	$(hppa_tdep_h) $(solist_h)
solib-sunos.o: solib-sunos.c $(defs_h) $(gdb_string_h) $(symtab_h) $(bfd_h) \
	$(symfile_h) $(objfiles_h) $(gdbcore_h) $(inferior_h) $(solist_h) \
	$(bcache_h) $(regcache_h)
solib-svr4.o: solib-svr4.c $(defs_h) $(elf_external_h) $(elf_common_h) \
	$(elf_mips_h) $(symtab_h) $(bfd_h) $(symfile_h) $(objfiles_h) \
	$(gdbcore_h) $(target_h) $(inferior_h) $(gdb_assert_h) \
	$(solist_h) $(solib_h) $(solib_svr4_h) $(bfd_target_h) $(exec_h)
sol-thread.o: sol-thread.c $(defs_h) $(gdbthread_h) $(target_h) \
	$(inferior_h) $(gdb_stat_h) $(gdbcmd_h) $(gdbcore_h) $(regcache_h) \
	$(solib_h) $(symfile_h) $(gdb_string_h) $(gregset_h)
somread.o: somread.c $(defs_h) $(bfd_h) $(symtab_h) $(symfile_h) \
	$(objfiles_h) $(buildsym_h) $(stabsread_h) $(gdb_stabs_h) \
	$(complaints_h) $(gdb_string_h) $(demangle_h) $(som_h) $(libhppa_h) \
source.o: source.c $(defs_h) $(symtab_h) $(expression_h) $(language_h) \
	$(command_h) $(source_h) $(gdbcmd_h) $(frame_h) $(value_h) \
	$(gdb_string_h) $(gdb_stat_h) $(gdbcore_h) $(gdb_regex_h) \
	$(symfile_h) $(objfiles_h) $(annotate_h) $(gdbtypes_h) $(linespec_h) \
	$(filenames_h) $(completer_h) $(ui_out_h) $(readline_h)
sparc64fbsd-nat.o: sparc64fbsd-nat.c $(defs_h) $(regcache_h) $(target_h) \
	$(fbsd_nat_h) $(sparc64_tdep_h) $(sparc_nat_h) $(bsd_kvm_h)
sparc64fbsd-tdep.o: sparc64fbsd-tdep.c $(defs_h) $(frame_h) \
	$(frame_unwind_h) $(gdbcore_h) $(osabi_h) $(regcache_h) $(regset_h) \
	$(target_h) $(trad_frame_h) $(gdb_assert_h) $(gdb_string_h) \
	$(sparc64_tdep_h) $(solib_svr4_h)
sparc64-linux-nat.o: sparc64-linux-nat.c $(defs_h) $(sparc64_tdep_h) \
sparc64-linux-tdep.o: sparc64-linux-tdep.c $(defs_h) $(frame_h) \
	$(frame_unwind_h) $(gdbarch_h) $(osabi_h) $(solib_svr4_h) \
	$(symtab_h) $(trad_frame_h) $(tramp_frame_h) $(sparc64_tdep_h)
sparc64-nat.o: sparc64-nat.c $(defs_h) $(gdbarch_h) $(sparc64_tdep_h) \
sparc64nbsd-nat.o: sparc64nbsd-nat.c $(defs_h) $(regcache_h) $(target_h) \
	$(sparc64_tdep_h) $(sparc_nat_h) $(bsd_kvm_h)
sparc64nbsd-tdep.o: sparc64nbsd-tdep.c $(defs_h) $(frame_h) \
	$(frame_unwind_h) $(gdbcore_h) $(osabi_h) $(regcache_h) $(regset_h) \
	$(symtab_h) $(objfiles_h) $(solib_svr4_h) $(trad_frame_h) \
	$(gdb_assert_h) $(gdb_string_h) $(sparc64_tdep_h) $(nbsd_tdep_h)
sparc64obsd-tdep.o: sparc64obsd-tdep.c $(defs_h) $(frame_h) \
	$(frame_unwind_h) $(osabi_h) $(regset_h) $(symtab_h) $(objfiles_h) \
	$(solib_svr4_h) $(trad_frame_h) $(gdb_assert_h) $(sparc64_tdep_h)
sparc64-sol2-tdep.o: sparc64-sol2-tdep.c $(defs_h) $(frame_h) \
	$(frame_unwind_h) $(gdbarch_h) $(symtab_h) $(objfiles_h) $(osabi_h) \
	$(trad_frame_h) $(gdb_assert_h) $(sparc64_tdep_h) $(solib_svr4_h)
sparc64-tdep.o: sparc64-tdep.c $(defs_h) $(arch_utils_h) $(dwarf2_frame_h) \
	$(floatformat_h) $(frame_h) $(frame_base_h) $(frame_unwind_h) \
	$(gdbcore_h) $(gdbtypes_h) $(inferior_h) $(symtab_h) $(objfiles_h) \
	$(osabi_h) $(regcache_h) $(target_h) $(value_h) $(gdb_assert_h) \
	$(gdb_string_h) $(sparc64_tdep_h)
sparc-linux-tdep.o: sparc-linux-tdep.c $(defs_h) $(floatformat_h) $(frame_h) \
	$(frame_unwind_h) $(gdbarch_h) $(gdbcore_h) $(osabi_h) $(regcache_h) \
	$(solib_svr4_h) $(symtab_h) $(trad_frame_h) $(tramp_frame_h) \
sparc-nat.o: sparc-nat.c $(defs_h) $(inferior_h) $(regcache_h) $(target_h) \
	$(gdb_assert_h) $(gdb_string_h) $(gdb_wait_h) $(sparc_tdep_h) \
	$(sparc_nat_h) $(inf_ptrace_h)
sparcnbsd-nat.o: sparcnbsd-nat.c $(defs_h) $(regcache_h) $(target_h) \
	$(sparc_tdep_h) $(sparc_nat_h) $(bsd_kvm_h)
sparcnbsd-tdep.o: sparcnbsd-tdep.c $(defs_h) $(floatformat_h) $(frame_h) \
	$(frame_unwind_h) $(gdbcore_h) $(osabi_h) $(regcache_h) $(regset_h) \
	$(solib_svr4_h) $(symtab_h) $(trad_frame_h) $(gdb_assert_h) \
	$(gdb_string_h) $(sparc_tdep_h) $(nbsd_tdep_h)
sparcobsd-tdep.o: sparcobsd-tdep.c $(defs_h) $(floatformat_h) $(frame_h) \
	$(frame_unwind_h) $(osabi_h) $(solib_svr4_h) $(symtab_h) \
	$(trad_frame_h) $(gdb_assert_h) $(sparc_tdep_h)
sparc-sol2-nat.o: sparc-sol2-nat.c $(defs_h) $(regcache_h) $(gregset_h) \
	$(sparc_tdep_h) $(sparc64_tdep_h)
sparc-sol2-tdep.o: sparc-sol2-tdep.c $(defs_h) $(frame_h) $(frame_unwind_h) \
	$(gdbcore_h) $(symtab_h) $(objfiles_h) $(osabi_h) $(regcache_h) \
	$(target_h) $(trad_frame_h) $(gdb_assert_h) $(gdb_string_h) \
	$(sparc_tdep_h) $(solib_svr4_h)
sparc-stub.o: sparc-stub.c
sparc-tdep.o: sparc-tdep.c $(defs_h) $(arch_utils_h) $(dis_asm_h) \
	$(floatformat_h) $(frame_h) $(frame_base_h) $(frame_unwind_h) \
	$(gdbcore_h) $(gdbtypes_h) $(inferior_h) $(symtab_h) $(objfiles_h) \
	$(osabi_h) $(regcache_h) $(target_h) $(value_h) $(gdb_assert_h) \
	$(gdb_string_h) $(sparc_tdep_h)
stabsread.o: stabsread.c $(defs_h) $(gdb_string_h) $(bfd_h) $(gdb_obstack_h) \
	$(symtab_h) $(gdbtypes_h) $(expression_h) $(symfile_h) $(objfiles_h) \
	$(aout_stab_gnu_h) $(libaout_h) $(aout_aout64_h) $(gdb_stabs_h) \
	$(buildsym_h) $(complaints_h) $(demangle_h) $(language_h) \
	$(doublest_h) $(cp_abi_h) $(cp_support_h) $(stabsread_h)
# APPLE LOCAL begin subroutine inlining
stack.o: stack.c $(defs_h) $(gdb_string_h) $(value_h) $(symtab_h) \
	$(gdbtypes_h) $(expression_h) $(language_h) $(frame_h) $(gdbcmd_h) \
	$(gdbcore_h) $(target_h) $(source_h) $(breakpoint_h) $(demangle_h) \
	$(inferior_h) $(annotate_h) $(ui_out_h) $(block_h) $(stack_h) \
	$(gdb_assert_h) $(dictionary_h) $(exceptions_h) $(reggroups_h) \
	$(regcache_h) $(solib_h) $(inlining_h)
# APPLE LOCAL end subroutine inlining
std-regs.o: std-regs.c $(defs_h) $(user_regs_h) $(frame_h) $(gdbtypes_h) \
	$(value_h) $(gdb_string_h)
stop-gdb.o: stop-gdb.c $(defs_h)
symfile.o: symfile.c $(defs_h) $(bfdlink_h) $(symtab_h) $(gdbtypes_h) \
	$(gdbcore_h) $(frame_h) $(target_h) $(value_h) $(symfile_h) \
	$(objfiles_h) $(source_h) $(gdbcmd_h) $(breakpoint_h) $(language_h) \
	$(complaints_h) $(demangle_h) $(inferior_h) $(filenames_h) \
	$(gdb_stabs_h) $(gdb_obstack_h) $(completer_h) $(bcache_h) \
	$(hashtab_h) $(readline_h) $(gdb_assert_h) $(block_h) \
	$(gdb_string_h) $(gdb_stat_h) $(observer_h) $(exec_h)
symfile-mem.o: symfile-mem.c $(defs_h) $(symtab_h) $(gdbcore_h) \
	$(objfiles_h) $(exceptions_h) $(gdbcmd_h) $(target_h) $(value_h) \
	$(symfile_h) $(observer_h) $(auxv_h) $(elf_common_h)
symmisc.o: symmisc.c $(defs_h) $(symtab_h) $(gdbtypes_h) $(bfd_h) \
	$(symfile_h) $(objfiles_h) $(breakpoint_h) $(command_h) \
	$(gdb_obstack_h) $(exceptions_h) $(language_h) $(bcache_h) \
	$(block_h) $(gdb_regex_h) $(dictionary_h) $(gdb_string_h) \
symtab.o: symtab.c $(defs_h) $(symtab_h) $(gdbtypes_h) $(gdbcore_h) \
	$(frame_h) $(target_h) $(value_h) $(symfile_h) $(objfiles_h) \
	$(gdbcmd_h) $(call_cmds_h) $(gdb_regex_h) $(expression_h) \
	$(language_h) $(demangle_h) $(inferior_h) $(linespec_h) $(source_h) \
	$(filenames_h) $(objc_lang_h) $(ada_lang_h) $(hashtab_h) \
	$(gdb_obstack_h) $(block_h) $(dictionary_h) $(gdb_string_h) \
	$(gdb_stat_h) $(cp_abi_h) $(observer_h)
target.o: target.c $(defs_h) $(gdb_string_h) $(target_h) $(gdbcmd_h) \
	$(symtab_h) $(inferior_h) $(bfd_h) $(symfile_h) $(objfiles_h) \
	$(gdb_wait_h) $(dcache_h) $(regcache_h) $(gdb_assert_h) $(gdbcore_h)
# APPLE LOCAL begin subroutine inlining
thread.o: thread.c $(defs_h) $(symtab_h) $(frame_h) $(inferior_h) \
	$(environ_h) $(value_h) $(target_h) $(gdbthread_h) $(exceptions_h) \
	$(command_h) $(gdbcmd_h) $(regcache_h) $(gdb_h) $(gdb_string_h) \
	$(ui_out_h) $(inlining_h)
top.o: top.c $(defs_h) $(gdbcmd_h) $(call_cmds_h) $(cli_cmds_h) \
	$(cli_script_h) $(cli_setshow_h) $(cli_decode_h) $(symtab_h) \
	$(inferior_h) $(exceptions_h) $(target_h) $(breakpoint_h) \
	$(gdbtypes_h) $(expression_h) $(value_h) $(language_h) $(terminal_h) \
	$(annotate_h) $(completer_h) $(top_h) $(version_h) $(serial_h) \
	$(doublest_h) $(gdb_assert_h) $(readline_h) $(readline_history_h) \
	$(event_top_h) $(gdb_string_h) $(gdb_stat_h) $(ui_out_h) \
	$(cli_out_h) $(inlining_h) $(mi_common_h) $(mi_cmds_h) $(mi_main_h)
tracepoint.o: tracepoint.c $(defs_h) $(symtab_h) $(frame_h) $(gdbtypes_h) \
	$(expression_h) $(gdbcmd_h) $(value_h) $(target_h) $(language_h) \
	$(gdb_string_h) $(inferior_h) $(tracepoint_h) $(remote_h) \
	$(linespec_h) $(regcache_h) $(completer_h) $(gdb_events_h) \
	$(block_h) $(dictionary_h) $(ax_h) $(ax_gdb_h) $(readline_h) \
	$(readline_history_h) $(inlining_h)
# APPLE LOCAL end subroutine inlining
trad-frame.o: trad-frame.c $(defs_h) $(frame_h) $(trad_frame_h) \
tramp-frame.o: tramp-frame.c $(defs_h) $(tramp_frame_h) $(frame_unwind_h) \
	$(gdbcore_h) $(symtab_h) $(objfiles_h) $(target_h) $(trad_frame_h) \
	$(frame_base_h) $(gdb_assert_h)
typeprint.o: typeprint.c $(defs_h) $(gdb_obstack_h) $(bfd_h) $(symtab_h) \
	$(gdbtypes_h) $(expression_h) $(value_h) $(gdbcore_h) $(command_h) \
	$(gdbcmd_h) $(target_h) $(language_h) $(cp_abi_h) $(typeprint_h) \
ui-file.o: ui-file.c $(defs_h) $(ui_file_h) $(gdb_string_h)
ui-out.o: ui-out.c $(defs_h) $(gdb_string_h) $(expression_h) $(language_h) \
	$(ui_out_h) $(gdb_assert_h)
user-regs.o: user-regs.c $(defs_h) $(user_regs_h) $(gdbtypes_h) \
	$(gdb_string_h) $(gdb_assert_h) $(frame_h)
utils.o: utils.c $(defs_h) $(gdb_assert_h) $(gdb_string_h) $(event_top_h) \
	$(exceptions_h) $(tui_h) $(gdbcmd_h) $(serial_h) $(bfd_h) \
	$(target_h) $(demangle_h) $(expression_h) $(language_h) $(charset_h) \
	$(annotate_h) $(filenames_h) $(symfile_h) $(inferior_h) \
	$(gdb_curses_h) $(readline_h)
uw-thread.o: uw-thread.c $(defs_h) $(gdbthread_h) $(target_h) $(inferior_h) \
	$(regcache_h) $(gregset_h)
v850-tdep.o: v850-tdep.c $(defs_h) $(frame_h) $(frame_base_h) $(trad_frame_h) \
	$(frame_unwind_h) $(dwarf2_frame_h) $(gdbtypes_h) $(inferior_h) \
	$(gdb_string_h) $(gdb_assert_h) $(gdbcore_h) $(arch_utils_h) \
	$(regcache_h) $(dis_asm_h) $(osabi_h)
valarith.o: valarith.c $(defs_h) $(value_h) $(symtab_h) $(gdbtypes_h) \
	$(expression_h) $(target_h) $(language_h) $(gdb_string_h) \
	$(doublest_h) $(infcall_h)
valops.o: valops.c $(defs_h) $(symtab_h) $(gdbtypes_h) $(value_h) $(frame_h) \
	$(inferior_h) $(gdbcore_h) $(target_h) $(demangle_h) $(language_h) \
	$(gdbcmd_h) $(regcache_h) $(cp_abi_h) $(block_h) $(infcall_h) \
	$(dictionary_h) $(cp_support_h) $(gdb_string_h) $(gdb_assert_h) \
	$(cp_support_h) $(observer_h)
valprint.o: valprint.c $(defs_h) $(gdb_string_h) $(symtab_h) $(gdbtypes_h) \
	$(value_h) $(gdbcore_h) $(gdbcmd_h) $(target_h) $(language_h) \
	$(annotate_h) $(valprint_h) $(floatformat_h) $(doublest_h)
value.o: value.c $(defs_h) $(gdb_string_h) $(symtab_h) $(gdbtypes_h) \
	$(value_h) $(gdbcore_h) $(command_h) $(gdbcmd_h) $(target_h) \
	$(language_h) $(scm_lang_h) $(demangle_h) $(doublest_h) \
	$(gdb_assert_h) $(regcache_h) $(block_h)
varobj.o: varobj.c $(defs_h) $(value_h) $(expression_h) $(frame_h) \
	$(language_h) $(wrapper_h) $(gdbcmd_h) $(gdb_string_h) $(varobj_h)
vaxbsd-nat.o: vaxbsd-nat.c $(defs_h) $(inferior_h) $(regcache_h) $(target_h) \
	$(vax_tdep_h) $(inf_ptrace_h) $(bsd_kvm_h)
vax-nat.o: vax-nat.c $(defs_h) $(inferior_h) $(gdb_assert_h) $(vax_tdep_h) \
vaxnbsd-tdep.o: vaxnbsd-tdep.c $(defs_h) $(arch_utils_h) $(osabi_h) \
	$(vax_tdep_h) $(solib_svr4_h) $(gdb_string_h)
vax-tdep.o: vax-tdep.c $(defs_h) $(arch_utils_h) $(dis_asm_h) $(frame_h) \
	$(frame_base_h) $(frame_unwind_h) $(gdbcore_h) $(gdbtypes_h) \
	$(osabi_h) $(regcache_h) $(regset_h) $(trad_frame_h) $(value_h) \
	$(gdb_string_h) $(vax_tdep_h)
win32-nat.o: win32-nat.c $(defs_h) $(frame_h) $(inferior_h) $(target_h) \
	$(exceptions_h) $(gdbcore_h) $(command_h) $(completer_h) \
	$(regcache_h) $(top_h) $(buildsym_h) $(symfile_h) $(objfiles_h) \
	$(gdb_string_h) $(gdbthread_h) $(gdbcmd_h) $(exec_h) $(i386_tdep_h) \
wince.o: wince.c $(defs_h) $(frame_h) $(inferior_h) $(target_h) \
	$(exceptions_h) $(gdbcore_h) $(command_h) $(buildsym_h) $(symfile_h) \
	$(objfiles_h) $(gdb_string_h) $(gdbthread_h) $(gdbcmd_h) \
	$(wince_stub_h) $(regcache_h) $(mips_tdep_h)
wince-stub.o: wince-stub.c $(wince_stub_h)
wrapper.o: wrapper.c $(defs_h) $(value_h) $(exceptions_h) $(wrapper_h) \
xcoffread.o: xcoffread.c $(defs_h) $(bfd_h) $(gdb_string_h) $(gdb_stat_h) \
	$(coff_internal_h) $(libcoff_h) $(coff_xcoff_h) $(libxcoff_h) \
	$(coff_rs6000_h) $(symtab_h) $(gdbtypes_h) $(symfile_h) \
	$(objfiles_h) $(buildsym_h) $(stabsread_h) $(expression_h) \
	$(complaints_h) $(gdb_stabs_h) $(aout_stab_gnu_h)
xcoffsolib.o: xcoffsolib.c $(defs_h) $(bfd_h) $(xcoffsolib_h) $(inferior_h) \
	$(gdbcmd_h) $(symfile_h) $(frame_h) $(gdb_regex_h)
fix-and-continue.o: fix-and-continue.c $(defs_h) $(value_h) $(gdbthread_h) \
        $(gdbtypes_h) $(objfiles_h) $(command_h) $(completer_h) $(frame_h) \
	$(target_h) $(gdbcore_h) $(inferior_h) $(symfile_h) $(gdb_h) \
	$(ui_out_h) $(cli_out_h) $(symtab_h) $(readline_h) $(regcache_h) \
	$(gdbcmd_h) $(language_h) \
	macosx/ppc-macosx-frameinfo.h macosx/ppc-macosx-tdep.h \
# APPLE LOCAL checkpoints
checkpoint.o: checkpoint.c checkpoint.h
xstormy16-tdep.o: xstormy16-tdep.c $(defs_h) $(frame_h) $(frame_base_h) \
	$(frame_unwind_h) $(dwarf2_frame_h) $(symtab_h) $(gdbtypes_h) \
	$(gdbcmd_h) $(gdbcore_h) $(value_h) $(dis_asm_h) $(inferior_h) \
	$(gdb_string_h) $(gdb_assert_h) $(arch_utils_h) $(floatformat_h) \
	$(regcache_h) $(doublest_h) $(osabi_h) $(objfiles_h)

# gdb/cli/ dependencies
# Need to explicitly specify the compile rule as make will do nothing
# or try to compile the object file into the sub-directory.

cli-cmds.o: $(srcdir)/cli/cli-cmds.c $(defs_h) $(readline_h) \
	$(readline_tilde_h) $(completer_h) $(target_h) $(gdb_wait_h) \
	$(gdb_regex_h) $(gdb_string_h) $(gdb_vfork_h) $(linespec_h) \
	$(expression_h) $(frame_h) $(value_h) $(language_h) $(filenames_h) \
	$(objfiles_h) $(source_h) $(disasm_h) $(ui_out_h) $(top_h) \
	$(cli_decode_h) $(cli_script_h) $(cli_setshow_h) $(cli_cmds_h) \
	$(CC) -c $(INTERNAL_CFLAGS) $(srcdir)/cli/cli-cmds.c
cli-decode.o: $(srcdir)/cli/cli-decode.c $(defs_h) $(symtab_h) \
	$(gdb_regex_h) $(gdb_string_h) $(ui_out_h) $(cli_cmds_h) \
	$(cli_decode_h) $(tui_h) $(gdb_assert_h)
	$(CC) -c $(INTERNAL_CFLAGS) $(srcdir)/cli/cli-decode.c
cli-dump.o: $(srcdir)/cli/cli-dump.c $(defs_h) $(gdb_string_h) \
	$(cli_decode_h) $(cli_cmds_h) $(value_h) $(completer_h) \
	$(cli_dump_h) $(gdb_assert_h) $(target_h) $(readline_h)
	$(CC) -c $(INTERNAL_CFLAGS) $(srcdir)/cli/cli-dump.c
cli-interp.o: $(srcdir)/cli/cli-interp.c $(defs_h) $(interps_h) $(wrapper_h) \
	$(event_top_h) $(ui_out_h) $(cli_out_h) $(top_h) $(gdb_string_h) \
	$(CC) -c $(INTERNAL_CFLAGS) $(srcdir)/cli/cli-interp.c
cli-logging.o: $(srcdir)/cli/cli-logging.c $(defs_h) $(gdbcmd_h) $(ui_out_h) \
	$(CC) -c $(INTERNAL_CFLAGS) $(srcdir)/cli/cli-logging.c
cli-script.o: $(srcdir)/cli/cli-script.c $(defs_h) $(value_h) $(language_h) \
	$(ui_out_h) $(gdb_string_h) $(exceptions_h) $(top_h) $(cli_cmds_h) \
	$(cli_decode_h) $(cli_script_h)
	$(CC) -c $(INTERNAL_CFLAGS) $(srcdir)/cli/cli-script.c
cli-setshow.o: $(srcdir)/cli/cli-setshow.c $(defs_h) $(readline_tilde_h) \
	$(value_h) $(gdb_string_h) $(ui_out_h) $(cli_decode_h) $(cli_cmds_h) \
	$(CC) -c $(INTERNAL_CFLAGS) $(srcdir)/cli/cli-setshow.c
cli-utils.o: $(srcdir)/cli/cli-utils.c $(defs_h) $(cli_utils_h)
	$(CC) -c $(INTERNAL_CFLAGS) $(srcdir)/cli/cli-utils.c

# GDBTK sub-directory
# Need to explicitly specify the compile rule as make will do nothing
# or try to compile the object file into the mi directory.

all-gdbtk: insight$(EXEEXT)

	transformed_name=`t='$(program_transform_name)'; \
		  echo insight | sed -e $$t` ; \
	if test "x$$transformed_name" = x; then \
	  transformed_name=insight ; \
	else \
	  true ; \
	fi ; \
	$(SHELL) $(srcdir)/../mkinstalldirs $(DESTDIR)$(bindir); \
		$(DESTDIR)$(bindir)/$$transformed_name$(EXEEXT) ; \
	$(SHELL) $(srcdir)/../mkinstalldirs \
	$(SHELL) $(srcdir)/../mkinstalldirs \
		$(DESTDIR)$(libdir)/insight$(GDBTK_VERSION) ; \
	$(INSTALL_DATA) $(srcdir)/gdbtk/plugins/plugins.tcl \
		$(DESTDIR)$(libdir)/insight$(GDBTK_VERSION)/plugins.tcl ; \
	$(SHELL) $(srcdir)/../mkinstalldirs \
		$(DESTDIR)$(GDBTK_LIBRARY)/images2 ; \
	$(SHELL) $(srcdir)/../mkinstalldirs \
		$(DESTDIR)$(GDBTK_LIBRARY)/help/images \
		$(DESTDIR)$(GDBTK_LIBRARY)/help/trace ; \
	cd $(srcdir)/gdbtk/library ; \
	for i in *.tcl *.itcl *.ith *.itb images/*.gif images2/*.gif images/icons.txt images2/icons.txt tclIndex help/*.html  help/trace/*.html help/trace/index.toc help/images/*.gif help/images/*.png; \
	  do \
	  done ;

	transformed_name=`t='$(program_transform_name)'; \
		  echo insight | sed -e $$t` ; \
	if test "x$$transformed_name" = x; then \
		transformed_name=insight ; \
	else \
		true ; \
	fi ; \
	rm -f $(DESTDIR)$(bindir)/$$transformed_name$(EXEEXT) ; \

	rm -f insight$(EXEEXT)

# Removing the old gdb first works better if it is running, at least on SunOS.
insight$(EXEEXT): gdbtk-main.o libgdb.a $(ADD_DEPS) \
	rm -f insight$(EXEEXT)
		-o insight$(EXEEXT) gdbtk-main.o libgdb.a \
	echo "stripping __objcInit";
	echo "__objcInit" > /tmp/macosx-syms-to-remove;
	-strip -R /tmp/macosx-syms-to-remove -X gdb$(EXEEXT)
	rm -f /tmp/macosx-syms-to-remove;

gdbres.o: $(srcdir)/gdbtk/gdb.rc $(srcdir)/gdbtk/gdbtool.ico
	$(WINDRES) --include $(srcdir)/gdbtk $(srcdir)/gdbtk/gdb.rc gdbres.o

gdbtk.o: $(srcdir)/gdbtk/generic/gdbtk.c \
	$(srcdir)/gdbtk/generic/gdbtk.h $(defs_h) \
	$(symtab_h) $(inferior_h) $(command_h) \
	$(bfd_h) $(symfile_h) $(objfiles_h) $(target_h) $(gdb_string_h) \
	$(tracepoint_h) $(top_h)
        $(ITK_CFLAGS)  \
		$(srcdir)/gdbtk/generic/gdbtk.c \

gdbtk-bp.o: $(srcdir)/gdbtk/generic/gdbtk-bp.c \
		$(srcdir)/gdbtk/generic/gdbtk.h \
		$(srcdir)/gdbtk/generic/gdbtk-cmds.h \
		$(defs_h) $(breakpoint_h) $(tracepoint_h) \
		$(symfile_h) $(symtab_h) $(gdb_string_h)
	$(GDBTK_CFLAGS) $(srcdir)/gdbtk/generic/gdbtk-bp.c \

gdbtk-cmds.o: $(srcdir)/gdbtk/generic/gdbtk-cmds.c \
	$(srcdir)/gdbtk/generic/gdbtk.h $(srcdir)/gdbtk/generic/gdbtk-cmds.h \
	$(defs_h) $(inferior_h)	$(source_h) $(symfile_h) $(objfiles_h) \
	$(gdbcore_h) $(demangle_h) $(linespec_h) $(tui_file_h) $(top_h) \
	$(annotate_h) $(block_h) $(dictionary_h) $(gdb_string_h) \
	$(dis_asm_h) $(gdbcmd_h)
	$(GDBTK_CFLAGS) $(srcdir)/gdbtk/generic/gdbtk-cmds.c		\

gdbtk-hooks.o: $(srcdir)/gdbtk/generic/gdbtk-hooks.c \
	$(srcdir)/gdbtk/generic/gdbtk.h $(defs_h) \
	$(symtab_h) $(inferior_h) $(command_h) \
	$(bfd_h) $(symfile_h) $(objfiles_h) $(target_h) $(gdb_string_h) \
		$(srcdir)/gdbtk/generic/gdbtk-hooks.c -DGDBTK_LIBRARY=\"$(GDBTK_LIBRARY)\"

gdbtk-interp.o: $(srcdir)/gdbtk/generic/gdbtk-interp.c \
	$(defs_h) $(interps_h) $(ui_out_h) $(ui_file_h) \
	$(cli_out_h) $(gdb_string_h) $(cli_cmds_h) $(cli_decode_h) \

gdbtk-main.o: $(srcdir)/gdbtk/generic/gdbtk-main.c $(defs_h) $(main_h) \
		$(srcdir)/gdbtk/generic/gdbtk-main.c -DGDBTK_LIBRARY=\"$(GDBTK_LIBRARY)\"

gdbtk-register.o: $(srcdir)/gdbtk/generic/gdbtk-register.c \
		$(srcdir)/gdbtk/generic/gdbtk.h \
		$(srcdir)/gdbtk/generic/gdbtk-cmds.h \
		$(defs_h) $(frame_h) $(value_h) $(gdb_string_h)
	$(GDBTK_CFLAGS) $(srcdir)/gdbtk/generic/gdbtk-register.c \

gdbtk-stack.o: $(srcdir)/gdbtk/generic/gdbtk-stack.c \
	$(srcdir)/gdbtk/generic/gdbtk.h $(srcdir)/gdbtk/generic/gdbtk-cmds.h \
	$(srcdir)/gdbtk/generic/gdbtk-wrapper.h \
	$(defs_h) $(target_h) $(breakpoint_h) $(linespec_h) \
	$(block_h) $(dictionary_h)
	$(GDBTK_CFLAGS) $(srcdir)/gdbtk/generic/gdbtk-stack.c \

gdbtk-varobj.o: $(srcdir)/gdbtk/generic/gdbtk-varobj.c \
		$(srcdir)/gdbtk/generic/gdbtk.h \
		$(defs_h) $(value_h) $(varobj_h) $(gdb_string_h)

gdbtk-wrapper.o: $(srcdir)/gdbtk/generic/gdbtk-wrapper.c \
	$(srcdir)/gdbtk/generic/gdbtk-wrapper.h \
	$(defs_h) $(frame_h) $(value_h)

# gdb/mi/ dependencies
# Need to explicitly specify the compile rule as make will do nothing
# or try to compile the object file into the sub-directory.

mi-cmd-break.o: $(srcdir)/mi/mi-cmd-break.c $(defs_h) $(mi_cmds_h) \
	$(ui_out_h) $(mi_out_h) $(breakpoint_h) $(gdb_string_h) \
	$(mi_getopt_h) $(gdb_events_h) $(gdb_h)
	$(CC) -c $(INTERNAL_CFLAGS) $(srcdir)/mi/mi-cmd-break.c
mi-cmd-disas.o: $(srcdir)/mi/mi-cmd-disas.c $(defs_h) $(target_h) $(value_h) \
	$(mi_cmds_h) $(mi_getopt_h) $(gdb_string_h) $(ui_out_h) $(disasm_h)
	$(CC) -c $(INTERNAL_CFLAGS) $(srcdir)/mi/mi-cmd-disas.c
mi-cmd-env.o: $(srcdir)/mi/mi-cmd-env.c $(defs_h) $(inferior_h) $(value_h) \
	$(mi_out_h) $(mi_cmds_h) $(mi_getopt_h) $(symtab_h) $(target_h) \
	$(environ_h) $(command_h) $(ui_out_h) $(top_h) $(gdb_string_h) \
	$(CC) -c $(INTERNAL_CFLAGS) $(srcdir)/mi/mi-cmd-env.c
mi-cmd-file.o: $(srcdir)/mi/mi-cmd-file.c $(defs_h) $(mi_cmds_h) \
	$(mi_getopt_h) $(ui_out_h) $(symtab_h) $(source_h) $(objfiles_h)
	$(CC) -c $(INTERNAL_CFLAGS) $(srcdir)/mi/mi-cmd-file.c
mi-cmds.o: $(srcdir)/mi/mi-cmds.c $(defs_h) $(top_h) $(mi_cmds_h) \
	$(CC) -c $(INTERNAL_CFLAGS) $(srcdir)/mi/mi-cmds.c
# APPLE LOCAL begin subroutine inlining
mi-cmd-stack.o: $(srcdir)/mi/mi-cmd-stack.c $(defs_h) $(target_h) $(frame_h) \
	$(value_h) $(mi_cmds_h) $(ui_out_h) $(symtab_h) $(block_h) \
	$(stack_h) $(dictionary_h) $(gdb_string_h) $(inlining_h)
	$(CC) -c $(INTERNAL_CFLAGS) $(srcdir)/mi/mi-cmd-stack.c
# APPLE LOCAL end subroutine inlining
mi-cmd-var.o: $(srcdir)/mi/mi-cmd-var.c $(defs_h) $(mi_cmds_h) $(ui_out_h) \
	$(mi_out_h) $(varobj_h) $(value_h) $(gdb_string_h)
	$(CC) -c $(INTERNAL_CFLAGS) $(srcdir)/mi/mi-cmd-var.c
mi-console.o: $(srcdir)/mi/mi-console.c $(defs_h) $(mi_console_h) \
	$(CC) -c $(INTERNAL_CFLAGS) $(srcdir)/mi/mi-console.c
mi-getopt.o: $(srcdir)/mi/mi-getopt.c $(defs_h) $(mi_getopt_h) \
	$(CC) -c $(INTERNAL_CFLAGS) $(srcdir)/mi/mi-getopt.c
mi-interp.o: $(srcdir)/mi/mi-interp.c $(defs_h) $(gdb_string_h) $(interps_h) \
	$(event_top_h) $(event_loop_h) $(inferior_h) $(ui_out_h) $(top_h) \
	$(exceptions_h) $(mi_main_h) $(mi_cmds_h) $(mi_out_h) \
	$(CC) -c $(INTERNAL_CFLAGS) $(srcdir)/mi/mi-interp.c
# APPLE LOCAL begin subroutine inlining
mi-main.o: $(srcdir)/mi/mi-main.c $(defs_h) $(target_h) $(inferior_h) \
	$(gdb_string_h) $(exceptions_h) $(top_h) $(gdbthread_h) $(mi_cmds_h) \
	$(mi_parse_h) $(mi_getopt_h) $(mi_console_h) $(ui_out_h) $(mi_out_h) \
	$(interps_h) $(event_loop_h) $(event_top_h) $(gdbcore_h) $(value_h) \
	$(regcache_h) $(gdb_h) $(frame_h) $(mi_main_h) $(inlining_h)
	$(CC) -c $(INTERNAL_CFLAGS) $(srcdir)/mi/mi-main.c
# APPLE LOCAL end subroutine inlining
mi-out.o: $(srcdir)/mi/mi-out.c $(defs_h) $(ui_out_h) $(mi_out_h)
	$(CC) -c $(INTERNAL_CFLAGS) $(srcdir)/mi/mi-out.c
mi-parse.o: $(srcdir)/mi/mi-parse.c $(defs_h) $(mi_cmds_h) $(mi_parse_h) \
	$(CC) -c $(INTERNAL_CFLAGS) $(srcdir)/mi/mi-parse.c
mi-symbol-cmds.o: $(srcdir)/mi/mi-symbol-cmds.c $(defs_h) $(mi_cmds_h) \
	$(symtab_h) $(ui_out_h)
	$(CC) -c $(INTERNAL_CFLAGS) $(srcdir)/mi/mi-symbol-cmds.c
mi-common.o: $(srcdir)/mi/mi-common.c $(mi_common_h)
	$(CC) -c $(INTERNAL_CFLAGS) $(srcdir)/mi/mi-common.c

# rdi-share sub-directory
# Need to explicitly specify the compile rule as make will do nothing
# or try to compile the object file into the mi directory.

rdi-share/libangsd.a:	force
	@dir=rdi-share; \
	if [ -f ./$${dir}/Makefile ] ; then \
	  r=`pwd`; export r; \
	  srcroot=`cd $(srcdir); pwd`; export srcroot; \
	  (cd $${dir}; $(MAKE) $(FLAGS_TO_PASS) all); \
	else \
	  true; \

# gdb/signals/ dependencies
# Need to explicitly specify the compile rule as make will do nothing
# or try to compile the object file into the sub-directory.

signals.o: $(srcdir)/signals/signals.c $(server_h) $(defs_h) $(target_h) \
	$(CC) -c $(INTERNAL_CFLAGS) $(srcdir)/signals/signals.c

# gdb/tui/ dependencies
# Need to explicitly specify the compile rule as make will do nothing
# or try to compile the object file into the sub-directory.

tui.o: $(srcdir)/tui/tui.c $(defs_h) $(gdbcmd_h) $(tui_h) $(tui_hooks_h) \
	$(tui_data_h) $(tui_layout_h) $(tui_io_h) $(tui_regs_h) \
	$(tui_stack_h) $(tui_win_h) $(tui_winsource_h) $(tui_windata_h) \
	$(target_h) $(frame_h) $(breakpoint_h) $(inferior_h) $(symtab_h) \
	$(source_h) $(gdb_curses_h) $(readline_h)
	$(CC) -c $(INTERNAL_CFLAGS) $(srcdir)/tui/tui.c
tui-command.o: $(srcdir)/tui/tui-command.c $(defs_h) $(tui_h) $(tui_data_h) \
	$(tui_win_h) $(tui_io_h) $(gdb_curses_h) $(gdb_string_h)
	$(CC) -c $(INTERNAL_CFLAGS) $(srcdir)/tui/tui-command.c
tui-data.o: $(srcdir)/tui/tui-data.c $(defs_h) $(symtab_h) $(tui_h) \
	$(tui_data_h) $(tui_wingeneral_h) $(gdb_string_h) $(gdb_curses_h)
	$(CC) -c $(INTERNAL_CFLAGS) $(srcdir)/tui/tui-data.c
tui-disasm.o: $(srcdir)/tui/tui-disasm.c $(defs_h) $(symtab_h) \
	$(breakpoint_h) $(frame_h) $(value_h) $(source_h) $(disasm_h) \
	$(gdb_string_h) $(tui_h) $(tui_data_h) $(tui_win_h) $(tui_layout_h) \
	$(tui_winsource_h) $(tui_stack_h) $(tui_file_h) $(gdb_curses_h)
	$(CC) -c $(INTERNAL_CFLAGS) $(srcdir)/tui/tui-disasm.c
tui-file.o: $(srcdir)/tui/tui-file.c $(defs_h) $(ui_file_h) $(tui_file_h) \
	$(tui_io_h) $(tui_h) $(gdb_string_h)
	$(CC) -c $(INTERNAL_CFLAGS) $(srcdir)/tui/tui-file.c
tui-hooks.o: $(srcdir)/tui/tui-hooks.c $(defs_h) $(symtab_h) $(inferior_h) \
	$(command_h) $(bfd_h) $(symfile_h) $(objfiles_h) $(target_h) \
	$(gdbcore_h) $(event_loop_h) $(event_top_h) $(frame_h) \
	$(breakpoint_h) $(gdb_events_h) $(ui_out_h) $(top_h) $(tui_h) \
	$(tui_hooks_h) $(tui_data_h) $(tui_layout_h) $(tui_io_h) \
	$(tui_regs_h) $(tui_win_h) $(tui_stack_h) $(tui_windata_h) \
	$(tui_winsource_h) $(gdb_curses_h) $(readline_h)
	$(CC) -c $(INTERNAL_CFLAGS) $(srcdir)/tui/tui-hooks.c
tui-interp.o: $(srcdir)/tui/tui-interp.c $(defs_h) $(interps_h) $(top_h) \
	$(event_top_h) $(event_loop_h) $(ui_out_h) $(cli_out_h) \
	$(tui_data_h) $(readline_h) $(tui_win_h) $(tui_h) $(tui_io_h)
	$(CC) -c $(INTERNAL_CFLAGS) $(srcdir)/tui/tui-interp.c
tui-io.o: $(srcdir)/tui/tui-io.c $(defs_h) $(target_h) \
	$(event_loop_h) $(event_top_h) $(command_h) $(top_h) $(tui_h) \
	$(tui_data_h) $(tui_io_h) $(tui_command_h) $(tui_win_h) \
	$(tui_wingeneral_h) $(tui_file_h) $(ui_out_h) $(cli_out_h) \
	$(gdb_curses_h) $(readline_h)
	$(CC) -c $(INTERNAL_CFLAGS) $(srcdir)/tui/tui-io.c
tui-layout.o: $(srcdir)/tui/tui-layout.c $(defs_h) $(command_h) $(symtab_h) \
	$(frame_h) $(source_h) $(tui_h) $(tui_data_h) $(tui_windata_h) \
	$(tui_wingeneral_h) $(tui_stack_h) $(tui_regs_h) $(tui_win_h) \
	$(tui_winsource_h) $(tui_disasm_h) $(gdb_string_h) $(gdb_curses_h)
	$(CC) -c $(INTERNAL_CFLAGS) $(srcdir)/tui/tui-layout.c
tui-main.o: $(srcdir)/tui/tui-main.c $(defs_h) $(main_h) $(gdb_string_h) \
	$(CC) -c $(INTERNAL_CFLAGS) $(srcdir)/tui/tui-main.c
tui-out.o: $(srcdir)/tui/tui-out.c $(defs_h) $(ui_out_h) $(tui_h) \
	$(gdb_string_h) $(gdb_assert_h)
	$(CC) -c $(INTERNAL_CFLAGS) $(srcdir)/tui/tui-out.c
tui-regs.o: $(srcdir)/tui/tui-regs.c $(defs_h) $(tui_h) $(tui_data_h) \
	$(symtab_h) $(gdbtypes_h) $(gdbcmd_h) $(frame_h) $(regcache_h) \
	$(inferior_h) $(target_h) $(gdb_string_h) $(tui_layout_h) \
	$(tui_win_h) $(tui_windata_h) $(tui_wingeneral_h) $(tui_file_h) \
	$(reggroups_h) $(gdb_curses_h)
	$(CC) -c $(INTERNAL_CFLAGS) $(srcdir)/tui/tui-regs.c
tui-source.o: $(srcdir)/tui/tui-source.c $(defs_h) $(symtab_h) $(frame_h) \
	$(breakpoint_h) $(source_h) $(symtab_h) $(tui_h) $(tui_data_h) \
	$(tui_stack_h) $(tui_winsource_h) $(tui_source_h) $(gdb_string_h) \
	$(CC) -c $(INTERNAL_CFLAGS) $(srcdir)/tui/tui-source.c
tui-stack.o: $(srcdir)/tui/tui-stack.c $(defs_h) $(symtab_h) $(breakpoint_h) \
	$(frame_h) $(command_h) $(inferior_h) $(target_h) $(top_h) \
	$(gdb_string_h) $(tui_h) $(tui_data_h) $(tui_stack_h) \
	$(tui_wingeneral_h) $(tui_source_h) $(tui_winsource_h) $(tui_file_h) \
	$(CC) -c $(INTERNAL_CFLAGS) $(srcdir)/tui/tui-stack.c
tui-win.o: $(srcdir)/tui/tui-win.c $(defs_h) $(command_h) $(symtab_h) \
	$(breakpoint_h) $(frame_h) $(cli_cmds_h) $(top_h) $(source_h) \
	$(tui_h) $(tui_data_h) $(tui_wingeneral_h) $(tui_stack_h) \
	$(tui_regs_h) $(tui_disasm_h) $(tui_source_h) $(tui_winsource_h) \
	$(tui_windata_h) $(gdb_curses_h) $(gdb_string_h) $(readline_h)
	$(CC) -c $(INTERNAL_CFLAGS) $(srcdir)/tui/tui-win.c
tui-windata.o: $(srcdir)/tui/tui-windata.c $(defs_h) $(tui_h) $(tui_data_h) \
	$(tui_wingeneral_h) $(tui_regs_h) $(gdb_string_h) $(gdb_curses_h)
	$(CC) -c $(INTERNAL_CFLAGS) $(srcdir)/tui/tui-windata.c
tui-wingeneral.o: $(srcdir)/tui/tui-wingeneral.c $(defs_h) $(tui_h) \
	$(tui_data_h) $(tui_wingeneral_h) $(tui_win_h) $(gdb_curses_h)
	$(CC) -c $(INTERNAL_CFLAGS) $(srcdir)/tui/tui-wingeneral.c
tui-winsource.o: $(srcdir)/tui/tui-winsource.c $(defs_h) $(symtab_h) \
	$(frame_h) $(breakpoint_h) $(value_h) $(source_h) $(tui_h) \
	$(tui_data_h) $(tui_stack_h) $(tui_win_h) $(tui_wingeneral_h) \
	$(tui_winsource_h) $(tui_source_h) $(tui_disasm_h) $(gdb_string_h) \
	$(CC) -c $(INTERNAL_CFLAGS) $(srcdir)/tui/tui-winsource.c

### end of the gdb

NSLIBTOOL = cc -dynamiclib

SYSTEM_FRAMEWORK = -framework System

FRAMEWORK_LIB = -F../bfd -framework bfd -F../opcodes -framework opcodes -F../libiberty -framework liberty -F../mmalloc -framework mmalloc $(SYSTEM_FRAMEWORK)

	$(RM) -f stamp-framework stamp-framework-headers
	$(RM) -rf $(FRAMEWORK).framework
	mkdir -p $(FRAMEWORK).framework/Versions/$(FRAMEWORK_VERSION)/Headers
	mkdir -p $(FRAMEWORK).framework/Versions/$(FRAMEWORK_VERSION)/PrivateHeaders
	ln -s Versions/Current/Headers $(FRAMEWORK).framework/Headers
	ln -s Versions/Current/PrivateHeaders $(FRAMEWORK).framework/PrivateHeaders
	ln -s A $(FRAMEWORK).framework/Versions/Current
	cp -p $(srcdir)/*.h $(FRAMEWORK).framework/Versions/Current/Headers/
	cp -p *.h $(FRAMEWORK).framework/Versions/Current/Headers/
	mkdir $(FRAMEWORK).framework/Versions/Current/Headers/mi
	cp -p $(srcdir)/mi/*.h $(FRAMEWORK).framework/Versions/Current/Headers/mi/
	mkdir $(FRAMEWORK).framework/Versions/Current/Headers/cli
	cp -p $(srcdir)/cli/*.h $(FRAMEWORK).framework/Versions/Current/Headers/cli/

	$(RM) -f stamp-framework-headers
	$(MAKE) stamp-framework-headers
	mkdir -p $(FRAMEWORK).framework/Versions/$(FRAMEWORK_VERSION)/Resources
	ln -s Versions/Current/Resources $(FRAMEWORK).framework/Resources
	mkdir -p $(FRAMEWORK).framework/Versions/Current/Resources/English.lproj

	set -e; if [ "$(FRAMEWORK_SUFFIX)" != "" ]; then \
		$(NSLIBTOOL) -arch $(HOST_ARCHITECTURE) -compatibility_version 1 -current_version 1 -install_name /System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/$(FRAMEWORK).framework/Versions/$(FRAMEWORK_VERSION)/$(FRAMEWORK_PREFIX)$(FRAMEWORK)$(FRAMEWORK_VERSION_SUFFIX) -o $(FRAMEWORK).framework/Versions/Current/$(FRAMEWORK_PREFIX)$(FRAMEWORK)$(FRAMEWORK_VERSION_SUFFIX) $(FRAMEWORK_OFILES) $(FRAMEWORK_LIB); \
	else \
		$(NSLIBTOOL) -arch $(HOST_ARCHITECTURE)  -compatibility_version 1 -current_version 1 -install_name /System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/$(FRAMEWORK).framework/Versions/$(FRAMEWORK_VERSION)/$(FRAMEWORK_PREFIX)$(FRAMEWORK) -o $(FRAMEWORK).framework/Versions/Current/$(FRAMEWORK_PREFIX)$(FRAMEWORK) $(FRAMEWORK_OFILES) $(FRAMEWORK_LIB); \
	touch stamp-framework

# -include Makefile.deps
# Makefile.deps: $(patsubst %.o, %.d, $(filter %.o, $(OBS) $(TSOBS) $(ADD_DEPS) $(CDEPS) init.o))
#	md -o Makefile.deps $^ || touch $@

# This rule codesign's gdb.  To use it you have to make a Certificate called "gdb_codesign" 
# with codesigning authority, and set the codeSign Trust policy to always allow.  
# Then you can run this built gdb on your system without having to turn off the taskgated daemon.

codesign-gdb: gdb$(EXEEXT) $(CONFIG_ALL)
	codesign --keychain ~/Library/Keychains/login.keychain -s gdb_codesign gdb$(EXEEXT)