MAINTAINERS   [plain text]

		GDB Maintainers

	     GDB Steering Committee

The members of the GDB Steering Committee are the FSF-appointed
maintainers of the GDB project.

	Jim Blandy (Red Hat)
	Andrew Cagney (Red Hat)
	Robert Dewar (AdaCore, NYU)
	Klee Dienes (Apple)
	Paul Hilfinger (UC Berkeley)
	Dan Jacobowitz (CodeSourcery)
	Stan Shebs (Apple)
	Richard Stallman (FSF)
	Ian Lance Taylor (C2)
	Todd Whitesel

			Global Maintainers

Jim Blandy
Kevin Buettner
Andrew Cagney
J.T. Conklin
Fred Fish
Daniel Jacobowitz
Mark Kettenis  
Peter Schauer
Stan Shebs
Michael Snyder
Elena Zannoni
Eli Zaretskii

			Various Maintainers

Note individuals who maintain parts of the debugger need approval to
check in changes outside of the immediate domain that they maintain.

If there is no maintainer for a given domain then the responsibility
falls to a global maintainer.

If there are several maintainers for a given domain then
responsibility falls to the first maintainer.  The first maintainer is
free to devolve that responsibility among the other maintainers.

                        The Obvious Fix Rule

All maintainers listed in this file are allowed to check in obvious

An "obvious fix" means that there is no possibility that anyone will
disagree with the change.

A good mental test is "will the person who hates my work the most be
able to find fault with the change" - if so, then it's not obvious and
needs to be posted first. :-)

Something like changing or bypassing an interface is _not_ an obvious
fix, since such a change without discussion will result in
instantaneous and loud complaints.

		Can Commit Without Approval

The following developers CAN COMMIT changes (and hence approve
patches) to specific sections of GDB:

	Andrew Cagney (powerpc, powerpc-linux)
	Hans-Peter Nilsson (cris)	
	Jeff Johnston (ia64)
	Joel Brobecker (mips)
	Kei Sakamoto (m32r)
	Kevin Buettner (powerpc)
	Orjan Friberg (cris)
	Randolph Chung (pa)
	Ulrich Weigand (s390)

Target Instruction Set Architectures:

The *-tdep.c files.  ISA (Instruction Set Architecture) and OS-ABI
(Operating System / Application Binary Interface) issues including CPU

The Target/Architecture maintainer works with the host maintainer when
resolving build issues.  The Target/Architecture maintainer works with
the native maintainer when resolving ABI issues.

	alpha		--target=alpha-elf ,-Werror

	arm		--target=arm-elf ,-Werror
			Scott Bambrough
			Richard Earnshaw

	avr		--target=avr ,-Werror
			Theodore A. Roth

	cris		--target=cris-elf ,-Werror


	frv		--target=frv-elf ,-Werror

	h8300		--target=h8300-elf ,-Werror

	i386		--target=i386-elf ,-Werror
			Mark Kettenis 

	ia64		--target=ia64-linux-gnu ,-Werror
			(--target=ia64-elf broken)
			Kevin Buettner

	m32r		--target=m32r-elf ,-Werror

	m68hc11		--target=m68hc11-elf ,-Werror ,
			Stephane Carrez

	m68k		--target=m68k-elf broken
			(opcodes/m68k-dis.c:338 longjmp clober)

	m88k		--target=m88k-openbsd ,-Werror
			Mark Kettenis

	mcore		Deleted

	mips		--target=mips-elf ,-Werror

	mn10300		--target=mn10300-elf broken
			(sim/ dies with make -j)
			Michael Snyder

	ns32k		Deleted

	pa		--target=hppa-elf ,-Werror

	powerpc		--target=powerpc-eabi ,-Werror

	s390		--target=s390-linux-gnu ,-Werror

	sh		--target=sh-elf ,-Werror
			--target=sh64-elf ,-Werror

	sparc		--target=sparc-elf broken
			(bfd/elfxx-sparc:512 bfd_elf64_swap_reloca_out undef)

	v850		--target=v850-elf ,-Werror

	vax		--target=vax-netbsd broken
			(opcodes/vax-dis.c:224 longjmp clober)

	x86-64		--target=x86_64-linux-gnu ,-Werror

	xstormy16	--target=xstormy16-elf
			Corinna Vinschen

All developers recognized by this file can make arbitrary changes to
OBSOLETE targets.

The Bourne shell script can be used to rebuild all the
above targets.


The Native maintainer is responsible for target specific native
support - typically shared libraries and quirks to procfs/ptrace/...
The Native maintainer works with the Arch and Core maintainers when
resolving more generic problems.

The host maintainer ensures that gdb can be built as a cross debugger on
their platform.

AIX			Peter Schauer
			Kevin Buettner
			Joel Brobecker

djgpp native		Eli Zaretskii
			DJ Delorie
MS Windows (NT, '00, 9x, Me, XP) host & native
			Chris Faylor
GNU/Linux/x86 native & host
			Mark Kettenis
GNU/Linux PPC native	Kevin Buettner
GNU/Linux MIPS native & host
			Daniel Jacobowitz
GNU/Linux m68k		Andreas Schwab
FreeBSD native & host	Mark Kettenis
			David O'Brien
hurd native		Mark Kettenis
NetBSD native & host	Jason Thorpe
SCO/Unixware		Robert Lipe
GNU/Linux ARM native	Scott Bambrough
Solaris/x86 native & host (devolved)
			Peter Schauer
Solaris/SPARC native & host (devolved)
                        (Global Maintainers)

Core: Generic components used by all of GDB

generic arch support	(Global Maintainers)
			Any host/target maintainer can add to
target vector		(Global Maintainers)

event loop		Elena Zannoni 
                        For the part of top.c related to the event loop,
                        send questions to

generic symtabs		Elena Zannoni
  dwarf readers		Elena Zannoni
  elf reader		Elena Zannoni
  stabs reader		Elena Zannoni
  coff reader		Philippe De Muyter
  xcoff reader		Any maintainer can modify this; please send tricky
			ones to Kevin Buettner <>
  HP/UX readers		Any [past] maintainer can modify this.
			Please send tricky ones to the symtabs maintainers.

tracing bytecode stuff  (Global Maintainers)
tracing			Michael Snyder
threads			Michael Snyder
			Mark Kettenis
breakpoints		(Global Maintainers)
language support	(Blanket Write Privs Maintainers)
  C++			Daniel Jacobowitz
  Java support		(Global Maintainers)
  Pascal support	Pierre Muller
  Objective C support   Adam Fedor
shared libs (devolved)	Kevin Buettner
  xcoffsolib		Peter Schauer

sds protocol		(vacant)
rdi/adp protocol	(vacant)
documentation		Eli Zaretskii
testsuite		Michael Chastain
			(Global Maintainers)			
  lib/, config/, gdb.base/, ...
			Michael Chastain
			(Global Maintainers)			
  gdbtk (gdb.gdbtk)     Keith Seitz   
  c++ (gdb.cp) 		Michael Chastain
  threads (gdb.threads) Michael Snyder
			Michael Chastain
  trace (gdb.trace)     Michael Snyder
  hp tests (gdb.hp)	(vacant)
  Java tests (	Anthony Green
Kernel Object Display	Fernando Nasser

UI: External (user) interfaces.

command interpreter	(Global Maintainers)
gdbtk (c & tcl)		Jim Ingham
			Fernando Nasser
			Keith Seitz
libgui (w/foundry, sn)	Jim Ingham    
			Keith Seitz
tui			Stephane Carrez
			(Global Maintainers)


gdb/gdbserver		Daniel Jacobowitz

Web pages.		Jim Kingdon  ++
			(anyone can edit; kingdon is just lead maintainer), configure*	ALL

mmalloc/		ALL Host maintainers


sim/			See sim/MAINTAINERS

readline/		Master version:
			Elena Zannoni
			Host maintainers (host dependant parts)
			(but get your changes into the master version)

tcl/ tk/ itcl/		Ian Roxborough

			Write After Approval

To get recommended for the Write After Approval list you need a valid
FSF assignment and have submitted one good patch.

David Anderson
John David Anglin
Shrinivas Atre
Scott Bambrough
Jim Blandy
Philip Blundell
Per Bothner
Joel Brobecker
Dave Brolley
Paul Brook
Kevin Buettner
Andrew Cagney
David Carlton
Stephane Carrez
Michael Chastain
Eric Christopher
Randolph Chung
Nick Clifton
Brendan Conoboy
DJ Delorie
Philippe De Muyter
Dhananjay Deshpande
Klee Dienes
Richard Earnshaw
Steve Ellcey
Frank Ch. Eigler
Ben Elliston
Adam Fedor
Fred Fish
Brian Ford
Orjan Friberg
Paul Gilliam
Raoul Gough
Anthony Green
Matthew Green
Jerome Guitton
Ben Harris
Richard Henderson
Aldy Hernandez
Paul Hilfinger
Matt Hiller
Kazu Hirata
Jeff Holcomb
Don Howard
Martin Hunt
Jim Ingham
Baurzhan Ismagulov
Manoj Iyer
Daniel Jacobowitz
Andreas Jaeger
Jeff Johnston
Geoff Keating
Mark Kettenis
Jim Kingdon  ++
Jonathan Larmour
Jeff Law
David Lecomber
Robert Lipe
H.J. Lu
Michal Ludvig                         
Glen McCready
Greg McGary
Roland McGrath
Bryce McKinlay
Jason Merrill
David S. Miller
Mark Mitchell
Marko Mlinar                          
Alan Modra
Jason Molenda
Pierre Muller
Joseph Myers
Fernando Nasser
Nathanael Nerode
Hans-Peter Nilsson
David O'Brien
Alexandre Oliva
Ramana Radhakrishnan
Tom Rix
Nick Roberts
Bob Rossi
Theodore A. Roth
Ian Roxborough
Grace Sainsbury
Kei Sakamoto
Mark Salter
Richard Sandiford
Peter Schauer					Peter.Schauer@regent
Andreas Schwab
Keith Seitz
Stan Shebs
Aidan Skinner
Jiri Smid
David Smith
Stephen P. Smith
Jackie Smith Cashion
Michael Snyder
Petr Sorfa
Ian Lance Taylor
Gary Thomas
Jason Thorpe
Tom Tromey
David Ung
D Venkatasubramanian
Corinna Vinschen
Keith Walker
Kris Warkentin
Ulrich Weigand
Nathan Williams
Jim Wilson
Elena Zannoni
Eli Zaretskii
Wu Zhou
Yoshinori Sato

			Past Maintainers

Jimmy Guo (gdb.hp, tui)				guo at cup dot hp dot com
Jeff Law (hppa)					law at cygnus dot com
Daniel Berlin (C++ support)			dan at cgsoftware dot com
Nick Duffek (powerpc, SCO, Sol/x86)		nick at duffek dot com
David Taylor (d10v, sparc, utils, defs,
  expression evaluator, language support)	taylor at candd dot org
J.T. Conklin (dcache, NetBSD, remote)		jtc at redback dot com
Frank Ch. Eigler (sim)				fche at redhat dot com
Per Bothner (Java)				per at bothner dot com
Anthony Green (Java)				green at redhat dot com
Fernando Nasser (testsuite/, mi, cli)           fnasser at redhat dot com
Mark Salter (testsuite/lib+config)		msalter at redhat dot com

Folks that have been caught up in a paper trail:

Chris Faylor
Jim Kingdon
David Carlton


(*) Indicates folks that don't have a Kerberos/SSH account in the GDB