ChangeLog-1991   [plain text]

Mon Dec 30 10:57:02 1991  Per Bothner  (bothner at

	Mainly stuff to improve handling of TYPE_CODE_REF values.
	* valops.c (value_addr):  If taking the addres of a
	TYPE_CODE_REF, just cast the object to the corresponding
	TYPE_CODE_PTR.  This yields correct C++ semantics, and
	preserves the location information, which has the nice effect
	that &(&R) given the location containing R.
	* values.c (value_copy):  Make non-static (used by value_addr).
	* eval.c (evaluate_subexp_for_address):  Use the default
	scheme (with value_addr) for a variable if it has TYPE_CODE_REF.
	* valops.c (value_addr), eval.c (evaluate_subexp_for_address,
	evaluate_subexp_with_coercion):  Factor out some common
	expressions into variables, for easier reading.
	* findvar.c (locate_var_value):  Remove code to handle
	TYPE_CODE_REF - it should no longer be needed.
	* valops.c (value_assign):  Do a COERCE_REF on the
	destination operand, for correct C++ semantics.
	* valarith.c (value_x_binop):  Ditto:  De-reference C++
	references in the arguments.
	* valops.c:  ANSI-fy: bcopy->memcpy, bzero->memset.

Sat Dec 28 11:30:26 1991  Per Bothner  (bothner at

	* dwarfread.c, coffread.c:  Use INIT_CPLUS_SPECIFIC.
	* symtab.c (gdb_mangle_name):  Recognize and handle
	constructors specially.
	* symtab.c (check_stub_method):  Test for failure from
	cplus-demangle by calling error() instead of seg-faulting ...

Fri Dec 27 22:21:30 1991  Fred Fish  (fnf at

	* defs.h:  Add definition of null_cleanup()

	* procfs.c:  Many small changes to add base support for a new
	"info proc" command (currently only printing of the address
	space mapping is implemented) and allow iteration over the
	address space mapping, calling an arbitrary function for each
	mapping (used for shared library support).

	* solib.c:  Change all ifdefs that checked for "sun" to check
	for "!SVR4_SHARED_LIBS" instead.  Rewrite lookup_base() to
	handle locating the debug base address even when not currently
	stopped at the dynamic linker entry point.

	* utils.c:  Add null_cleanup() as a known function that does
	nothing to serve as a base for possibly long cleanup chains
	with no specific "first cleanup" to serve as an anchor.

	* xm-sysv4.h:  Add define of SVR4_SHARED_LIBS

Fri Dec 27 10:11:33 1991  Per Bothner  (bothner at

	* arm-opcode.h, m88k-opcode.h, pn-opcode.h, np1-opcode.h,
	pyr-opcode.h, tahoe-opcode, vax-opcode.h:  Removed -
	these are all essentially the same as the versions
	in ../include/opcode.  The remaining *-opcode.h here
	are not quite so obviously the same, and need study.
	* arm-pinsn.c, gould-pinsn.c, m88k-pinsn.c, pyr-pinsn.c,
	tahoe-pinsn.c, vax-pinsn.c:  Change so these include
	opcode/FOO.h (actually ../include/opcode/FOO.h)
	instead of the recenntly departed opcode-FOO.h files.
	* sparc-pinsn.c:  Now that we're using the much tighter
	opcode table in ../include/opcode/sparc.h, we shouldn't
	need to sort the opcodes before dis-assembly.

	* symtab.h, symmisc.c:  Make cplus_struct_default be const.
	* symtab.h, buildsym.c:  Add and use INIT_CPLUS_SPECIFIC macro.
	* symmisc.c:  Remove unused 'nfields' variable.
	* buildsym.h:  Add extern decl of unknown_symtype_complaint,
	since it used used by partial-stab.h (included two places).
	* partial-stab.h:  Re-arrange DBXREAD_ONLY #ifdefs so that
	we should never hit the default case (until new stab codes
	are added).  Hence, we can leave the complaint in the
	default case in even when DBXREAD_ONLY is off.
	* partial_stab.h: Recognize a pair of N_SO stabs (one for the
	directory, one for the filename proper) without peeking ahead.
	* dbxread.c, mipsread.c: Because of previous change, don't need
	ugly CHECK_SECOND_N_SO macro.
	* buildsym.h, dbxread.c, mipsread.c:  Make next_symbol_text a
	macro that invokes a function pointer in next_symbol_text_func.
	* mipsread.c:  Added comments various places to
	explain what is going on.
	* mipsread.c (parse_symbol):  Support the new (SGI-specific?)
	symbol types stStruct, stUnion, and stEnum.
	Also, some fixes in the code for dealing with tags.
	* mipsread.c:  Change handling of startup_file_start and _end
	- now just use the textlow and texhigh of a psymtab
	to check if we've found the startup-file.
	* mipsread.c:  Replace s_idx by global cur_sdx in many places.
	This is so mips_next_symbol_text can get at it.

Thu Dec 26 19:52:01 1991  Fred Fish  (fnf at

	* dbxread.c, symmisc.c:  Move add_psymbol_to_plist() from
	dbxread.c to symmisc and change name to add_psymbol_to_list.
	Ditto for add_psymbol_addr_to_plist().  Also expand their
	body to not use ADD_PSYMBOL_VT_TO_LIST.

	* dwarfread.c:  Remove add_psymbol_to_list() and convert usages
	to the ADD_PSYMBOL_TO_LIST macro.

	* ieee-float.c:  Change "#ifdef DEBUG" to "#ifdef IEEE_DEBUG"
	to avoid collision with the DEBUG for ADD_PSYMBOL_VT_TO_LIST.

	* partial-stab.h, symfile.h:  Move definitions of the macros
	partial-stab.h to symfile.h.  They aren't stab specific.
	Change ADD_PSYMBOL_VT_TO_LIST to use memcpy rather than strncpy.

Tue Dec 24 11:38:08 1991  John Gilmore  (gnu at

	*  Roll VERSION to 4.3.2.

Mon Dec 23 13:54:35 1991  Per Bothner  (bothner at

	* m68k-opcode.h, mips-opcode.h, sparc-opcode.h:  Deleted.
	* m68k-pinsn.c, mips-pinsn.c, sparc-pinsn.c:
	Include <opcode/FOO.h> instead of <FOO-opcode.h>.

	* symtab.h, symtab.c, coffread.c, dwarfread.c, symmisc.c,
	dbxread.c:  The TYPE_CPLUS_SPECIFIC structure is now only
	allocated when it is needed.  Until it is needed, it points
	to a shared statically allocated structure.

	* buildsym.h, buildsym.c, dbxread.c: Remove the kludgy code
	in read_ofile_symtab to recognize two initial N_SO stabs,
	and let process_on_symbol handle it.  This is cleaner, more
	efficient, and lets mipsread.c share the same code.

	* symfile.h, partial-stab.h:  Move ADD_PSYMBOL_VT_TO_LIST
	and related macros to here ...
	* dbxread.c: ... from here.
	* symmisc.c:  Move the "overflow" handling from
	ADD_PSYMBOL_VT_TO_LIST macro into new function extend_psymbol_list.
	* dwarfread.c:  Re-write add_psymbol_to_list to use

	* mipsread.c: Extend mipsread.c to handle stabs-style symbols
	encapsulated in ecoff symbols.  This enable full g++ debugging.  
	* partial-stab.h:  Move the code for pre-scanning symbols
	and building psymtabs to an include file, out from dbxread.c.
	This way, the same code can also be used by mipsread.c.
	* dbxread.c, buildsym.h:  Various changes to allow some functions
	to be used by mipsread.c (also some arguable stylistic changes).

	* tm-mips.h:  Define BLOCK_ADDRESS_ABSOLUTE, at least for now,
	since mips-tfile puts relocatable addresses into LBRAC/RBRAC

	* mipsread.c:  Replace code to handle ambiguous tag blocks.
	Instead of allocating a TYPE_CODE_UNDEF, guess (by looking
	at types and offsets) if a tag is a struct, union, or enum.
	Still patch it later if we find out for sure.
	* mipsread.c:  In various ways, replace Forin's
	ideo-syncratic code by code that fits better with the
	rest of gdb, for both stabs-based and ecoff-based symtabs.
	E.g.  use end_psymtab; don't do extra passes over FDR table to
	pre-partition global data; don't use external symbols to
	create static/global symbols (just put them in the
	misc_vector); use ADD_PSYMBOL_TO_LIST macro; don't
	sort psymtabs or symtabs; use obstacks more.

	* symtab.c, mipsread.c, dbxread.c, buildsym.c:
	ANSIfy: Replace bcopy by memcpy, bzero by memset.

Sun Dec 22 19:31:04 1991  Fred Fish  (fnf at

	* solib.c (locate_base):  Fix uninitialized variable that was 
	causing return of random value to callee.

	* config/mh-amix, config/mh-i386v4:  Change to find alloca by
	compiling and linking alloca.c, even when it is not strictly
	required.  Also arrange to link with -ltermlib rather than

	*  Move TERMCAP definition to prior to inclusion
	of host makefile fragments so it can be overridden.

Fri Dec 20 16:33:39 1991  John Gilmore  (gnu at

	* xcoffread.c (read_symbol_lineno):  Logic error in incrementing
	symbol table entry number.  (From Metin Ozisik.)

Fri Dec 20 11:36:38 1991  Fred Fish  (fnf at

	* config/mh-i386v4:  Change XM_CLIBS to "-lc /usr/ucblib/libucb.a"
	so compiles with native compilers (without builtin alloca) can
	pick up the version from the bsd emulation library.  However, we
	search the standard C library first so we don't pick up lots of
	other broken stuff from libucb.a, that we *don't* want.

	*, tm-amix.h, tm-i386v4.h, xm-amix.h, xm-i386v4.h:
	Change svr4 references to sysv4.

	* source.c:  Move declaration of external function index to
	front of file so it is in scope for all references.

	* utils.c (error, fatal):  Make definitions consistent with
	defs.h declarations (declared as "volatile void").

Fri Dec 20 10:55:36 1991  John Gilmore  (gnu at

	* rs6k-opcode.h:  Bugfix sfe and stbrx.  By Al Kossow.

Wed Dec 18 17:09:06 1991  Stu Grossman  (grossman at

	* command.h, defs.h, eval.h, expression.h, remote-sa.sparc.c,
	sparc-tdep.c, symtab.h, target.h, value.h, vx-share/ptrace.h,
	vx-share/xdr_ptrace.h, vx-share/xdr_rdb.h:  ANSIfy enums.

Mon Dec 16 12:31:46 1991  Fred Fish  (fnf at

	* config/mt-amix, config/mt-i386v4:  Add solib.o to TDEPFILES
	for these SVR4 systems.

	* symfile.c (symbol_file_add):  When verbose is set, print
	the names of files from which symbols are being loaded, as
	when from_tty is true.

	* solib.c:  Completely reorganized (rewritten) to support
	SVR4 shared libraries in a manner very close to the original
	SunOS implementation.  This support is expected to change and
	become more general at some future time.  The SVR4 version
	does not yet work for attached processes, for example.

	* dwarfread.c:  Arrange in dwarf_build_psymtabs() for the 
	relocation address to be valid whether or not symbols are
	being read from a shared library or an executable.  Use the
	relocation address recorded in the psymtab when reading
	full symbol tables (in read_ofile_symtab).  Ensure that the
	relocated address ranges are recorded in partial symtabs.

	* elfread.c:  Add new function elf_interpreter() to return the
	string from the ELF ".interp" section.  This is the interpreter
	that the kernel tries to run and feed the executable to.
	Expand arguments to record_misc_function to include a type arg.
	Modify elf_symtab_read() to supply the type arg, and to do symbol
	relocations for symbols read in from shared libraries.

	* procfs.c:  Add new functions proc_base_address() and
	proc_address_to_fd(), used by shared library support.

	* tm-svr4.h:  Add macros to support SVR4 shared libraries.

Fri Dec 13 20:11:26 1991  John Gilmore  (gnu at

	* infrun.c, remote-eb.c, remote-nindy.c, remote-vx.c:  Remove

	* remote-eb.c:  Change timeout to 24 seconds (*10 fits in byte)
	to account for slow loading from floppies.
	(eb_create_inferior):  New fn, from eb_start and
	(eb_close):  Only use log_file if nonzero.
	(eb_xfer_inferior_memory):  If not writing, then read!
	(eb_read_inferior_memory, eb_write_inferior_memory):  Return length.
	(eb_kill):  A new no-op.
	(eb_mourn_inferior):  Remove breakpoints, then generically weep.

Fri Dec 13 16:09:23 1991  Fred Fish  (fnf at

	* breakpoint.c, findvar.c, infrun.c, putenv.c, stack.c:  Fix
	miscellaneous comparisons of integer with NULL that elicit
	compiler warnings about comparison of integer with pointer, when
	NULL is ((void *) 0) rather than just a bare 0.

Wed Dec 11 13:02:58 1991  John Gilmore  (gnu at

	* breakpoint.c (breakpoint_re_set_one):  Disable each breakpoint
	while we reset it, in case of problems.  Print breakpoint number
	in error messages.

	* buildsym.c (read_struct_type):  Avoid sun3 compiler bug with

	* source.c (find_source_lines): If getting file mod time fails,
	don't warn.

	* target.c (target_xfer_memory):  If errno is set, return it,
	rather than EIO.

Tue Dec 10 04:07:22 1991  K. Richard Pixley  (rich at

	* infodir belongs in datadir.

Sun Dec  8 21:13:33 1991  Michael Tiemann  (tiemann at

	* symtab.h (struct fn_field): Add new fields `is_private',
	`is_protected', `is_stub', making room by reducing the size of
	(struct fn_fieldlist): Delete the fields `private_fn_field_bits'
	and `protected_fn_field_bits'.
	* valops.c, valprint.c, symtab.c: All callers updated.

	* buildsym.c (read_struct_type): Delete the `visibility' field
	from `struct next_fnfield', and rework code so that visibility
	info is stored into the fn_field directly.  Also, hacked to set
	TYPE_FN_FIELD_STUB for both static and normal member functions.

Sat Dec  7 18:13:11 1991  Fred Fish  (fnf at

	* i386-tdep.c:  Fix a problem on i386 systems where buffered code
	stream access was failing to take into account the minimum size
	granularity of the code section.  For now, the buffering is simply
	disabled.  There is a similar problem in the i386 disassember code
	that has not yet been fixed (FIXME).

	* gmalloc.c:  Use macros to hide some of the ugly casting required
	in the previously applied fix for pointers with high bits set.

Sat Dec  7 16:49:35 1991  John Gilmore  (gnu at

	*  Roll VERSION to 4.3.1.

Sat Dec  7 04:12:35 1991  John Gilmore  (gnu at

	GDB-4.3 release!

	*  Roll VERSION to 4.3
	* README, TODO, WHATS.NEW, depend:  Update.

	* inflow.c (terminal_inferior):  Avoid error msg if attached.

	* gmalloc.c:  Fix bug that causes malloc & free to
	fail on systems where pointers have the high bit set (0x800efcf0
	for example).  The problem is that the difference between two
	pointers is a signed integer, so the computation

	        (char *) 0x800efcf0 - (char *) 0

	yields a negative value.  The sign of the result of the modulus
	operator is machine dependent for negative operands, thus it is
	possible for it to end up negative.  From Fred Fish.

Sat Dec  7 00:00:15 1991  K. Richard Pixley  (rich at

	* install using INSTALL_PROGRAM and INSTALL_DATA.
	  added clean-info.  added some standards.text support and made it
	  look like our other Makefiles.

	* mark this directory target dependent.  configure
	  now runs entirely in objdir so make existence tests and
	  references against ${srcdir}.

Fri Dec  6 08:30:36 1991  Fred Fish  (fnf at

	* dwarfread.c (enum_type, struct_type):  Fixes for opaque and
	anonymous enumerations, structures, and unions.  Now passes all
	the current gdb test suite tests.

Thu Dec  5 22:46:13 1991  K. Richard Pixley  (rich at

	* idestdir and ddestdir go away.  Added copyrights
	  and shift gpl to v2.  Added ChangeLog if it didn't exist. docdir
	  and mandir now keyed off datadir by default.

Thu Dec  5 21:53:21 1991  John Gilmore  (gnu at

	* symtab.c (decode_line_1):  If SKIP_PROLOGUE leaves us in
	mid-line, be more careful about possibly advancing to the next line.

Thu Dec  5 18:59:51 1991  Michael Tiemann  (tiemann at

	* cplus-dem.c (cplus_demangle): Call `string_need' when
	null-terminating a partially-computed string.

Thu Dec  5 18:19:43 1991  Fred Fish  (fnf at

	* dwarfread.c (enum_type):  Build a correct TYPE_NAME, add a
	symbol to the symbol table for each member of the enum.

	* dwarfread.c (struct_type):  Build a correct TYPE_NAME.

	* dwarfread.c (add_enum_psymbol):  New function to extract enum
	member names and add them to the partial symbol table while
	building partial symbol tables.

Thu Dec  5 17:31:05 1991  John Gilmore  (gnu at

	* symtab.c (check_stub_method):  Must allocate two extra argument
	slots (one for `this', one for arglist terminator).

Thu Dec  5 10:51:05 1991  Fred Fish  (fnf at

	* inflow.c (child_terminal_info): Supply missing '"' character.

	* buildsym.c (define_symbol):  Supply missing parenthesis.

Thu Dec  5 03:34:21 1991  John Gilmore  (gnu at

	* coredep.c (fetch_core_registers):  Fencepost error.  Fixed by
	Jay Lepreau <>.

	* inflow.c:  Remember whether GDB has a terminal.  Avoid switching
	terminals back and forth if we don't have one.

	* c-exp.y (parse_number):  Zero is not an unsigned int constant!
	* dbxread.c (read_dbx_symtab):  Enum type numbers can be in (1,2) form.

	Improve type parsing.
	* buildsym.c (define_symbol, read_range_type): Add
	long_kludge_name that passes the names of range types being
	defined, down to where we must choose between 'int' and 'long'
	variants.  This fails on Sun C anyway since the compiler itself is
	confused between int and long.
	(read_array_type, cleanup_undefined_types):  Correct the size of
	array type whose element-type size isn't immediately known.

	Early preparation to blow away many builtin types, building them
	on the fly as needed.  Don't compare types to builtin types with
	==; examine the relevant fields instead.
	* coffread.c (process_coff_symbol: C_ARG, C_REGPARM):  Avoid ==.
	* buildsym.c (define_symbol, case 'p'):  Avoid ==.
	* valops.c (value_arg_coerce):  Avoid ==.  Don't assume host and
	target types are the same.
	* valprint.c (val_print):  I finally understand arrays, remove FIXME.

	* symmisc.c (printpsyms_command):  Reduce redundancy, and put all
	addresses in GDB itself into parens for easy cleanup and diffing.

Wed Dec  4 21:05:30 1991  Fred Fish  (fnf at

	* dwarfread (enum_type):  Arrange for the order of enumeration
	members to match the source code order; not the order in the
	Dwarf information, which is explicitly reverse order.

Wed Dec  4 18:24:39 1991  John Gilmore  (gnu at

	* main.c (input_from_terminal_p):  Check whether GDB has a
	terminal at all.
	(initialize_main):  Revise doc for `set editing'.

Wed Dec  4 15:36:39 1991  Fred Fish  (fnf at

	* dwarfread.c (struct_type):  Handle structures and unions which
	contain DIE's other than just member dies.

Wed Dec  4 01:59:05 1991  John Gilmore  (gnu at

	* symfile.c (reread_symbols):  Avoid kludging mtime_set, now that
	BFD is fixed.

Tue Dec  3 17:24:57 1991  John Gilmore  (gnu at

	*  VERSION 4.2.96.

	* main.c (initialize_main):  Revise command descriptions.
	* command.c (show_user):  `info user' -> `show user'.	
	* symtab.c (_initialize_symtab):  Typo in `info types' desc.

	* coffread.c (coff_symfile_read):  Avoid select_source_symtab,
	since it is not needed and can cause errors when examining ".o"s.
	(read_coff_symtab, decode_base_type):  Use complain, not printf.
	Print symbol name, not its number.
	Remove "#if defined(clipper) #define BELIEVE_PCC_PROMOTION", which
	someday should go in a clipper target config file.

	* symfile.c (compact_misc_function_vector):  Handle empty vector.
	(complain, clear_complaints, syms_from_objfile):  Fix complaint
	* xcoffexec.c:  Change syms_from_objfile caller.

	* sparc-xdep.c:  Force tm-file as tm-sparc.h, to make it compile
	when configured for cross debugging.  FIXME, this needs a more
	general solution.

Mon Dec  2 11:04:05 1991  Per Bothner  (bothner at

	* mips-tdep.c (init_extra_frame_info):  Float register
	'i' has gdb-internal number 'FP0+i', not '32+i'.
	* mipsread.c (new_symbol):  Translate g++ special
	symbol "$t" to "this".

Sat Nov 30 21:29:55 1991  Steve Chamberlain  (sac at
	Changes due to include file renaming:

	* xcoffread.c:	internalcoff.h	->coff/internal.c,
	  		coff-rs6000.h	->coff/rs6000.h
	* mipsread.c:	coff-mips.h	->coff/mips.h
	* elfread.c:    elf-common.h	->elf/common.h 
			elf-external.h	->elf/external.h,
			elf-internal.h	->elf/internal.h
	* dwarfread.c	dwarf.h		->elf/dwarf.h
	* dbxread.c:	aout64.h	->aout/aout64.h
			stab.gnu.h	->aout/stab_gnu.h
	* coffread.c:   internalcoff.h	->coff/internal.h
	* buildsym.c:   stab.gnu.h	->aout/stab_gnu.h
	* depend        Updated to take the above into account.

Fri Nov 29 16:59:25 1991  Fred Fish  (fnf at

	*  Add SVR4 i386 configurations.

	* config/mh-i386v4, config/mt-i386v4, tm-i386v4.h, xm-i386v4.h:
	New files for i386/SVR4.

	* tm-i386v.h:  Allow START_INFERIOR_TRAPS_EXPECTED and
	DECR_PC_AFTER_BREAK to be predefined by files including 

	* i386-tdep.c:  Add supply_gregset(), fill_gregset(),
	supply_fpregset(), and fill_fpregset() functions, which are
	target dependent support functions for the SVR4 /proc register

	* dwarfread.c (enum_type, struct_type):  Expand recognized
	compiler generated tags to include symbols beginning with '.' as
	well as '~'.

	* symtab.c (sources_info):  Change simple printf of error message
	to call to error().

Fri Nov 29 16:04:21 1991  Roland H. Pesch  (pesch at

	* doc/gdb.texinfo: remove leading comments that survived M4 but
        described its role in the doc; add one more font to colophon;
        strengthen disclaimer about unsupported configs.

Wed Nov 27 01:23:41 1991  John Gilmore  (gnu at

	Fix bugs in C++ debugging.

	* symtab.h:  target_type is not used in record types.
	lookup_method_type.  Add TYPE_TYPE_SPECIFIC macro.

	* symtab.c (lookup_member_type):  Don't chain them up, just
	allocate one in symbol_obstack when we need one.
	(allocate_stub_method):  Build stub in symbol_obstack.
	(check_stub_method):  Move here from values.c.  Don't deallocate
	stub; overwrite it.
	(lookup_method_type):  Gone now.

	* buildsym.c: Handle g++ v1 stabs a little bit better.
	Change some C++ parsing error()s to complain()ts.
	* buildsym.c, findvar.c, printcmd.c, symtab.c:  Make unions and
	structs have the same representation and work the same as far as
	C++ is concerned. 
	* buildsym.c, symtab.c, values.c: Remove all references to

	* valops.c:  Improve comments and indentation.  Only call
	check_stub_method when the stub flag is on.
	* valprint.c:  Fix or mark minor bugs and unportabilities.
	* coffread.c (anonymous unions):  Allocate a cplus structure.

	* mipsread.c:  Eliminate "template" types.  Build new, real
	types whenever we need them.  Allocate cplus structures as needed.
	Bulletproof the type parsing a bit more.  Mark storage leaks.
	(parse_type):  Copy TYPE_TYPE_SPECIFIC when copying a real type
	on top of a partial type.

Fri Nov 22 16:39:57 1991  John Gilmore  (gnu at

	* inflow.c (terminal_inferior):  Check the results of ioctl's, and
	print a message if any of them fail.
	(terminal_ours_1):  Store result of ioctl's for debugging, but
	don't print (the terminal isn't ours...).

	* tm-tahoe.h (FRAME_ARGS_ADDRESS):  No need to offset from frame

	* m2-exp.y (MAX, MIN):  Rename to MAX_FUNC, MIN_FUNC to avoid
	conflicts with system header files.

Fri Nov 22 08:27:40 1991  John Gilmore  (gnu at

	* Roll VERSION to 4.2.95.

	* buildsym.c, coredep.c, mem-break.c, xcoffread.c:  Put <stdio.h>
	first, before defs.h.
	* config/mh-i386sco: Override compiler to gcc, print warning.
	*  Handle i386-none-aout rather than i386-aout-none.
	* infptrace.c, language.h, utils.c:  Lint.
	* m2-exp.y:  #undef MAX and MIN in case system includes set them.
	* xm-tahoe.h:  Set HOST_BYTE_ORDER.  Include system versions of
	{BIG,LITTLE}_ENDIAN and the INT_MAX family first, to avoid
	redefinition warnings.
	* defs.h:  Reorder things so that the xm-file gets first crack
	at #define's, followed by defs.h and then the tm-file.
	*  Remove spaces after 'ignore exit code' - flags.
	Late-model BSD 'make's don't cope with them.

Thu Nov 21 23:48:56 1991  John Gilmore  (gnu at

	*  Roll new files into various lists.

Thu Nov 21 18:26:11 1991  Fred Fish  (fnf at

	* dwarfread.c (struct_type):  Must initialize the c++ specific
	portion of union types as well as struct types, since gdb attempts
	to reference the c++ specific info for both types.

Thu Nov 21 10:23:52 1991  John Gilmore  (gnu at

	* Roll VERSION to 4.2.90.

	* defs.h:  Incorporate param.h into defs.h.  All users changed.
	* param-no-tm.h:  Change users to define TM_FILE_OVERRIDE instead.
	* param.h, param-no-tm.h:  Removed.
	* Update copyrights in all changed files.
	* dbxread.c, dwarfread.c, inflow.c, infrun.c, m2-exp.y, putenv.c,
	solib.c, symtab.h, tm-umax.h, valprint.c:  Lint.
	* tm-convex.h, tm-hp300hpux.h, tm-merlin.h, tm-sparc.h,
	xm-merlin.h:  Avoid host include files in target descriptions.
	* getpagesize.h:  Removed, libiberty copes now.
	*  Remove getpagesize.h, param.h, param-no-tm.h.

	* exec.c (exec_files_info):  If `verbose' is set, show file offset
	as well.

	* main.c:  Use getcwd rather than getwd.
	* standalone.c:  Fake getcwd rather than getwd.
	* xm-*.h:  Remove fake values of MAXPATHLEN.

	* xcoffexec.c:  Add /* */ to #if 0'd thing to help ANSI.

Wed Nov 20 18:35:56 1991  John Gilmore  (gnu at

	* Remove gdb/hp-include.  Support for HP a.out oddities should be
	in BFD, not in GDB.  Move gdb/hp-include/a.out.h to include/a.out.hp.h.

	* infptrace.c, tm-sun386.h:  Cashier <a.out.gnu.h>, remove refs.

	*, xconfig, tconfig,, doc/gdbint.texinfo:
	Makefile fragments for various hosts and targets now come from
	gdb/config/mh-* and gdb/config/mt-*.  This is for consistency with
	other config setups.

	* rs6000-pinsn.c, rs6k-opcode.h:  Clean up.
	* rs6k-opcode.def:  Delete.

Wed Nov 20 05:04:40 1991  Fred Fish  (fnf at

	* dwarfread.c:  Recognize obsolete form of AT_element_list
	attribute still used by at least one AT&T compiler, and possibly

Tue Nov 19 07:53:55 1991  Fred Fish  (fnf at

	* dwarfread.c (enum_type, struct_type):  Ignore names invented by
	helpful compilers for anonymous structs, unions, and enums.

	* c-exp.y, m2-exp.y:  Add defines for yymaxdepth, yy_yys, and
	yy_yyv, so multiple parsers produced by SVR4 versions of yacc
	can coexist in the same executable without collision.

	* symtab.h:  Add declaration for lookup_template_type() to kill
	compiler warnings about conversions from int to pointer.

Mon Nov 18 17:45:18 1991  Fred Fish  (fnf at

	* procfs.c:  Move inclusion of defs.h to before param.h, as in
	all the other source files that include both.  This is required
	to supply some typedefs that are used in files included by param.h.

	* m68k-tdep.c (m68k_skip_prologue):  Add generic m68k support for
	skipping function prologues, ala the other cpu families (i386,
	mips, m88k, etc).  Add the ability to skip movm and fmovm
	instructions in the prologues.  Still needs support for profile
	(-p compiled) prologue sequences (FIXME).

	* tm-68k.h:  Change SKIP_PROLOGUE macro to use the new generic
	m68k prologue skipping function by default.

	* tm-altos.h, tm-isi.h:  Continue to use the old definition of

Mon Nov 18 15:12:45 1991  John Gilmore  (gnu at

	*  Remove tdesc stuff, and extra blanks before colons.
	* blockframe.c:  Remove tdesc-related code.  Default
	* infrun.c:  Remove tdesc-related code.
	* m88k-tdep.c (frame_chain_combine, init_frame_pc):  Remove copies
	of defaultable things.
	* tm-m88k.h:  New file, common to all Moto 88k target configs.
	Derived from tm-delta88.h.
	* tm-delta88.h:  Use it.
	* xm-m88k.h:  Common file for 88K hosts.  Remove obsolete stuff.
	* xm-delta88.h:  Use it.
	* tm-*.h:  Remove FRAME_CHAIN_COMBINE macros, since all are
	* coffread.c:  Remove tdesc stuff.
	* tconfig/delta88, tconfig/m88k:  Remove tdesc stuff.
	* xconfig/m88k:  Rename tm-88k.h to tm-m88k.h.

Mon Nov 18 13:51:37 1991  Per Bothner  (bothner at

	* source.c (open_source_file):  If openp fails, try again
	using just the base (non-directory) part of the filename.
	This solves various annoying problems, such as when the
	source was compiled with an absolute pathname - and the
	source files have moved.  Or if the source was compiled
	using a relative pathname, it can be more convenient
	to just specific the source directory to the dir command.

Mon Nov 18 00:04:41 1991  Fred Fish  (fnf at

	* cplus-dem.c (munge_function_name):  Add missing third arg to
	instance of call to do_type().

	* dwarfread.c:  Changes to match new dwarf.h.  Remove 
	AT_deriv_list, AT_loclist, AT_incomplete, AT_const_data,
	and AT_is_external.

Sun Nov 17 16:20:53 1991  Michael Tiemann  (tiemann at

	* symtab.h (struct type): Moved C++-specific fields into new type
	`struct cplus_struct_type'.  Now takes 10% less memory.  Many
	macros changed.
	* symtab.c (init_type): Don't set fields belonging to
	* buildsym.c (read_type): Allocate TYPE_CPLUS_SPECIFIC for
	(read_struct_type): Ditto.  Also, add comments about how we can
	deduce TYPE_VPTR_FIELDNO from inheritance info and fieldname info.
	* coffread.c (decode_base_type): Allocate TYPE_CPLUS_SPECIFIC for
	(read_struct_type): Ditto.
	* dwarfread.c (struct_type): Ditto.

	* symtab.c (read_range_type): Don't set TYPE_MAIN_VARIANT.
	(lookup_pointer_type): Don't use or set TYPE_MAIN_VARIANT.
	(lookup_reference_type): Ditto.

	* cplus-dem.c: Many changes made to handle decoding of
	ANSI-mangled names.
	* symtab.c (gdb_mangle_name): Mangle/demangle ANSI-mangled names
	as well.

Fri Nov 15 17:57:59 1991  Stu Grossman  (grossman at

	* mipsread.c (parse_partial_symbols):  patch to keep DEC C
	compiler from making gdb bomb out.  Thanks to Ed Santiago!

Thu Nov 14 19:27:30 1991  Fred Fish  (fnf at

	* symfile.c:  Add function compact_misc_function_vector() to
	remove duplicate misc function vector entries.  See comments
	in source for why this is necessary/desirable.

	* dwarfread.c:  Add misc function type parameter to internal
	record_misc_function().  Remove calls to init_misc_bunches()
	and condense_misc_bunches(), these are now done in elfread.c.

	* elfread.c:  Add support for reading bfd canonical symbol tables
	and generating misc function vector entries for global and
	absolute symbols.  Do calls to init_misc_bunches() and
	condense_misc_bunches() where they will enclose all calls to
	record_misc_function(), including those in dwarfread.c.

Thu Nov 14 17:02:11 1991  Roland H. Pesch  (pesch at

	* doc/ new targets,,
	(roffable documentation).
	* doc/gdb.texinfo: embedded hints (as comments) for better
	texi2roff conversion.

Thu Nov 14 13:18:25 1991  John Gilmore  (gnu at

	* m88k-tdep.c (examine_prologue):  Deal with OR instructions
	that shuffle parameters into other regs.
	* symtab.c (decode_line_1):  Fix bug introduced in Per's change
	of Nov 12th.

Wed Nov 13 19:51:11 1991  Steve Chamberlain  (sac at

	*, xconfig/delta88 made it install a sysV manual page;
	gdb.z into the right place.

Wed Nov 13 16:45:13 1991  John Gilmore  (gnu at

	Motorola 88000 port without tears, I mean without tdescs.

	* m88k-tdep.c:  Blow away all tdesc stuff.
	Provide functions for all the frame-related macros in
	tm-delta88.h.  Adopt i960-style EXTRA_FRAME_INFO.
	(examine_prologue, frame_find_saved_regs, skip_prologue):  borrow
	from i960-tdep.c and adapt to the function prologues on the 88k.
	(read_next_frame_reg):  Borrow from mips-tdep.c.
	FIXME:  frame_locals_address should go away.

	* tm-delta88.h:  Dump all the tdesc stuff.
	Macros for all frame-related stuff call fns of same name.
	Remove duplicated definitions.  FP_REGNUM becomes same as

	* xm-88k.h:  Eliminate lots of library dependencies, now handled
	in libiberty.  Eliminate KDB nonsupport.

	* doc/gdbint.texinfo:  Add rudiments on frames.  FIXME, add more.

	* stack.c (frame_info):  Mark frameless functions.
	Print locals address (FIXME, remove if same).
	* blockframe.c:  Comment changes, FIXME after.
	* coffread.c:  Even without TDESC, need to zap "@" symbols.
	Don't register for wierd format names; change the names in BFD.

	* alloca.c, language.c, tdesc.c:  Lint.
	* tdesc.c, tdesc-lib: FIXME:  remove these.

Tue Nov 12 19:30:22 1991  John Gilmore  (gnu at

	*  Add tdesc library support.  Fixups to lint,
	copying.c rules.

Tue Nov 12 13:43:26 1991  Per Bothner  (bothner at

	* symtab.c (decode_line_1):  Remove spurious call to operator_chars.

	Allow setting breakpoints on C++ destructors.
	* valops.c (destructor_name_p):  Don't check TYPE_HAS_DESTRUCTOR,
	since it lies.  Rely on callers to catch missing destructors.
	* symtab.c (decode_line_1):  For example (see above), here.
	* buildsym.c, symtab.h:  Remove TYPE_FLAGS_HAS{CON,DE}STRUCTOR
	flags since they are no longer used.

	Fixes to support C++ methods with functional parameters.
	* c-exp.y (func_mod rule):  Allow (and ignore) list of parameter
	types in a function type.
	* eval.c (parse_and_eval_type), value.h:  New function,
	parse_and_eval_type, is based on old code from check_stub_method.
	But don't actually evaluate the cast, since that calls
	value_cast(), whcih may fail.  Just extract the type
	from the parsed expression.
	* values.c (check_stub_method):  While looping through the
	arguments, adjust depth *after* parameter has been handled.
	Replace call and setup of parse_and_eval with new function

Tue Nov 12 09:40:07 1991  Fred Fish  (fnf at

	* utils.c, rem-multi.shar:  Remove fixed arg count version of

	* altos-xdep.c, arm-xdep.c, coffread.c, command.c, convex-xdep.c,
	core.c, dwarfread.c, gould-xdep.c, infcmd.c, language.c,
	m88k-xdep.c, main.c, printcmd.c, pyr-xdep.c, source.c,
	sun386-xdep.c, symm-xdep.c, umax-xdep.c, values.c, xcoffread.c:
	Change all instances of use of fixed args concat() to variable
	args concat() now located in libiberty.

Tue Nov 12 07:23:46 1991  John Gilmore  (gnu at

	*  Add xcoffread.c, xcoffexec.c.
	* xcoffread.c:  New file for handling AIX mangled-coff files.
	* xconfig/rs6000, tconfig/rs6000:  New files.
	* buildsym.c:  Add hooks for xcoffread.c.
	* rs6000-pinsn.c, rs6000-tdep.c, rs6000-xdep.c, tm-rs6000.h,
	xm-rs6000.h, rs6k-opcode.def, rs6k-opcode.h:  New files.
	* xcoffexec.c:  New file for handling AIX shared libraries.

Mon Nov 11 19:14:31 1991  Fred Fish  (fnf at

	* core.c:  Minor rewording of message to user containing name of
	(and possibly arguments to) the program that generated a core

	* elfread.c:  Remove the register_addr() stub now that it is no
	longer needed.

	* procfs.c:  Move misplaced #endif for ATTACH_DETACH.  Add new
	fetch_core_registers() function for core file support.

Sat Nov  9 13:37:57 1991  Fred Fish  (fnf at

	* dwarfread.c (dwarf_psymtab_to_symtab):  Remove leftover call
	to do_cleanups() which resulted from a previous change.

	* elfread.c:  Re-enable compilation of register_addr() stub
	whenever it is not supplied by coredep.c

Sat Nov  9 00:40:32 1991  John Gilmore  (gnu at

	Add tracking of object files (that contain symbols) to gdb.
	This includes a "struct objfile" that owns symtabs and psymtabs
	that were read in from that binary file.

	* symfile.h:  Add struct objfile.  Add pointer to the objfile
	into the struct sym_fns.
	Replace global `symfile' and `symfile_mtime' with
	`symfile_objfile'.  Add global object_files chain.

	* symfile.c:  Move param.h above symtab.h.
	(sort_misc_function_vector):  Add.
	(syms_from_objfile):  Was syms_from_bfd.
	(symfile_open):  Now returns objfile.
	(allocate_objfile):  New.
	(free_objfile):  New, replacing free_all_.*symtabs.
	(symfile_init):  Takes objfile arg, puts it in sym_fns result.
	(reread_symbols):  Searches whole chain of objfiles.
	(allocate_symtab):  Takes objfile as new parameter, chains them.
	(free_all_psymtabs, free_all_symtabs):  Move here from symmisc.c.

	* dbxread.c:  Make more errors into complaints.
	(push_subfile, pop_subfile):  Move to buildsym.c.
	(dbx_symfile_read, dbx_symfile_init, fill_symbuf, read_dbx_symtab,
	start_psymtab, psymtab_to_symtab_1, read_ofile_symtab,
	dbx_psymtab_to_symtab, ):  Use bfd ops, don't use file descriptor.
	Pass objfile.  Change callers.
	(fill_symbuf, SWAP_SYMBOL):  Take bfd as arg.
	(read_dbx_symtab):  Just wipe out new symbols, not all, on error.
	(end_psymtab):  Blow away psymtab if empty.
	(process_symbol_pair):  Swallow into read_ofile_symtab.
	(process_one_symbol):  Use push_context and pop_context.
	(virtual_context):  Delete #if 0'd obsolete stuff.

	* buildsym.c (end_symtab):  Pass objfile.
	(dbx_lookup_type):  Handle null typevector.
	(dbx_alloc_type):  Check file number, not sym number, for -1.
	(find_symbol_in_list):  Add for xcoffread.
	(start_symtab):  Default typevector is empty.  Keep reusing same
	(end_symtab):  Take objfile argument and pass it to
	allocate_symtab.  Don't make a symtab if no blocks or symbols.
	Handle empty typevector.
	(push_context):  New function for context stack nesting.
	(read_type):  Mark FIXME where we need to reintroduce type smashing.

	* buildsym.h (pop_context):  Macro, paired with push_context.
	(subfile_stack):  Move here from dbxread.c.

	* coffread.c (end_symtab, read_coff_symtab):  Take and use objfile arg.
	(read_coff_symtab):  Cleanup by freeing objfile, not all symtabs.

	* mipsread.c (read_mips_symtab, parse_partial_symbols, parse_fdr,
	new_psymtab, new_symtab):  Take and use objfile arg.

	* dwarfread.c (scan_compilation_units, start_psymtab,
	process_dies, end_symtab, dwarf_build_psymtabs,
	read_lexical_block_scope, read_func_scope, read_file_scope):  Take
	and use objfile argument.
	(psymtab_to_symtab_1, read_ofile_symtab):  Don't take or use file
	descriptor.  Use BFD internal functions instead.
	(end_symtab):  Call global allocate_symtab.

	* elfread.c, target.c:  Minor changes to accommodate objfiles.
	* symtab.h:  partial_symbol_table has no symfile_name member now.
	(fn_fieldlists voffset):  avoid non-int bitfield.
	(struct symtab):  Add objfile * and objfile_chain * of symtabs.
	(struct partial_symtab):  Add objfile * and objfile_chain * of
	psymtabs.  Remove symfile_name.

	* symmisc.c:  Lose free_all_symtabs, free_all_psymtabs.
	(printsyms_command):  Rename from print_symtabs.  Add selective
	listing if 2nd argument given.  Print objfile info.
	(printpsyms_command):  Rename from print_partial_symtabs.  Ditto all.
	(printobjfiles_command):  New; prints objfiles lists, and checks
	for consistency of symtab, psymtab, and objfile lists.

	* symfile.h, symfile.c, symtab.h:  Lint

Fri Nov  8 23:38:48 1991  John Gilmore  (gnu at

	* command.c:  Include param.h.
	* defs.h (warning_setup, warning):  Declare.
	* expprint.c (print_subexp, UNOP_MEMVAL case):  Lint.
	* inflow.c (new_tty):  Use USE_O_NOCTTY #define.
	* language.c, printcmd.c (print_scalar_formatted), signame.c,
	stack.c:  lint.

Thu Nov  7 18:26:15 1991  Steve Chamberlain  (sac at

	* link with libiberty after libreadline, since
	readline might want something in libiberty.
	* m88k-xdep.c: Fixed the register offsets in the ptrace_user
	struct for BCS 88k machines.
	* xm-m88k.h: don't define USIZE if already defined.
	* Added delta88 target.

Thu Nov  7 04:51:19 1991  John Gilmore  (gnu at

	* am29k-pinsn.c, am29k-opcode.h:  Fix decoding of mtacc, dmac, fmac.

	* tm-*.h:  Remove READ_DBX_FORMAT, COFF_FORMAT, and
	READ_MIPS_FORMAT, which have been unused since BFD.  Still
	remaining is COFF_NO_LONG_FILE_NAMES.
	* tm-sun3.h, tm-altos.h:  Remove detritus accidentally left from
	function calling code moved to m68k-tdep.c.

Wed Nov  6 17:21:59 1991  John Gilmore  (gnu at

	* coffread.c:  Eliminate c_nsyms in favor of c_naux.
	Complain if no auxents on .bf and .ef FCN symbols, and assume
	lots of line numbers.
	(init_linenos, enter_linenos):  Use a sentinel at the end of the
	read-in linenos, to make for a fast, safe loop-end test.

Wed Nov  6 02:54:08 1991  Steve Chamberlain  (sac at

	* coffread.c (read_coff_symtab): coffread used to rely on the
	x_sym.x_misc.x_lnsz.x_lnno field giving the # of linnos in a
	function. Two of the formats I'm using (29k and 88k) don't seem to
	set it. Ths patch to fcn_last_line and (enter_linenos) is an
	attempt to use the actual size of the linno table in the file to set
	the number of linenos to process.

Tue Nov  5 22:47:46 1991  Steve Chamberlain  (sac at

	* put a - infront of the mv and
	mv, so that if bison is used, and the files
	are created in place, so the mv fails, then the make continues.

Tue Nov  5 16:47:47 1991  Per Bothner  (bothner at

	Add C++ as a separate language.
	* defs.h (enum language): Add language_cplus.
	* dwarfread.c (end_symtab):  Support language_cplus.
	* c-exp.y:  Add new struct language_defn cplus_language_defn.
	Don't set c to be the default language (see main.c).
	* c-exp.y (yylex):  Only look for field of this if
	language is C++.  (First difference from C!)
	* language.c:  Add case branches for C++ (currently, all
	the same as C).  Also, add c++ to "usage" note for "set lang".
	* valprint.c (typedef_print).  Add case branches for C++. 
	* main.c (main):  New way to set initial language:  Look at
	file extension of psymtab containing main().  (Same as we
	do for symtabs, but avoid loading the symtab yet.)
	* symtab.c: New routine find_main_psymtab(), used by main()
	to set initial language.
	* symfile.c (allocate_symtab):  Move code for mapping file
	extensions-> languages to new deduce_language_from_filename().

	Fix a C++ problem when looking for methods in super-classes.
	There was confusion between base and derived types.
	* valops.c (value_fn_field):  Change function interface.
	* values.c:  Use new value_fn_field interface.

Mon Nov  4 10:49:33 1991  Per Bothner  (bothner at

	* infrun.c:  Fixed typo in comment.
	* utils.c:  All the v*fprintf emulation is now in libiberty,
	so we can get rid of some junk.
	* xm-sun3os4.h, xm-sun4os4.h, xconfig/decstation, xconfig/i386sco,
	xconfig/sun3os4, xconfig/sun4os4: Don`t need HAVE_STRSTR any more.
	* m68k-pinsn.c (print_insn_arg):  Support BB/BW/BL
	type operands, as used by branch instructions.
	* gmalloc.c: Fix prototype of memcpy.
	* elfread.c: Comment out register_addr, since it conflicts
	with the one in coredep.c.
	* buildsym.h:  Remove extern declarations of two functions
	that are really static in buildsym.c.
	* tm-mips.h: Add symbolic names for more registers.
	* mips-xdep.c (store_inferior_registers): Use new register names.
	* xm-mips.h: Simplify REGISTER_U_ADDR, since it is now
	only used for core files, not ptrace.  Therefore,
	the KERNEL_U_ADDR hack is no longer needed.
	The mapping to ptrace number is now in in mips-xdep.c.
	* mips-xdep.c:  Define REGISTER_PTRACE_ADDR (using the
	mapping from the old REGISTER_U_ADDR), and use it
	in {fetch,store}_inferior_registers.
	* mipsread.c: Rename #include ecoff.h to new name coff-mips.h.
	* mips-tdep.c (mips_push_dummy_frame, mips_pop_frame):
	Save/restore FP regs correctly (?).
	* dbxread.c: Remove duplicate define_symbol and type_synonym_name
	(these had been previously moved to buildsym.c).
	Hence, define_symbol becomes extern instead of static.
	* buildsym.c (read_struct_type):  Comment out bogus handling
	of C++ operator methods.  Minor hacking of reading of class
	contexts. Make define_symbol non-static, so dbxread.c can call it.

Fri Nov  1 11:05:47 1991  John Gilmore  (gnu at

	* mipsread.c (read_mips_symtab, read_the_mips_symtab):  Use real
	filename with error messages.
	* stack.c (frame_select_command):  Rename to select_frame_command
	to avoid "fr" and "fra" having nonunique completions.
	* symfile.c (sort_symtab_syms):  Ignore sort of zero symtab *.
	(symfile_init):  Print file format name when unable to handle it.
	(free_named_symtabs):  Use BLOCKVECTOR rather than obsolete BLOCKLIST.
	* symmisc.c (free_symtab):  Only free linetable if nonzero.
	* symtab.h:  Remove obsolete BLOCKLIST macros.

Thu Oct 31 18:12:43 1991  Stu Grossman  (grossman at

	* infrun.c (wait_for_inferior):  another stepi/nexti fix.  Ensure
	that stop_step is 1 at bottom of main loop.  I don't know why this
	needs to be done, but it helps me sleep better at night.

Sun Oct 27 18:18:39 1991  Stu Grossman  (grossman at

	* main.c (initialize_history):  Read history after reading all
	init files.

Sun Oct 27 14:09:25 1991  John Gilmore  (gnu at

	* buildsym.c:  Break out initial malloc sizes.
	(record_line):  Record directly in a subfile.  Alloc on demand.
	(compare_line_numbers):  Add from xcoffread.c.
	(end_symtab):  New params say whether to sort pendings and
	linetable.  Patch block stabs if defined.  Shrink linetable before
	allocating the symtab.
	* buildsym.h:  Delete line_vector* and prev_line_number.  Add 
	global_stabs and file_stabs for xcoffread.
	* dbxread.c (start_subfile):  Move to buildsym.  Change above calls.
	* symtab.h:  LINETABLE(symtab) can now be null.  Zap LINELIST.
	* symmisc.c, symtab.c:  Cope with null LINETABLEs.

	* blockframe.c:  Pass fromleaf to INIT_EXTRA_FRAME_INFO.
	* tm-29k.h, tm-88k.h, tm-i960.h, tm-irix3.h, tm-mips.h, tm-pyr.h,
	tm-sparc.h:  Accept fromleaf parameter.
	* c-exp.y (yyerror):  Pass error message if given.
	*  Add rs6000 host and target.
	* inflow.c (new_tty):  O_NOCTTY kludge for RS/6000.
	* symfile.h (entry_point):  Add.

Sat Oct 26 00:16:32 1991  John Gilmore  (gnu at

	* buildsym.c:  New file.  Breaks out symbol-table-building routines
	from dbxread.c, so they can be shared with xcoffread.c.
	* buildsym.h:  New file.  Declarations for buildsym.c users.
	* dbxread.c:  Remove large chunks into buildsym.c.
	*  Add buildsym.c and buildsym.h.

	* symfile.c (syms_from_bfd):  New routine.
	(add_symbol_file):  Call it to do the real work.
	(syms_from_bfd):  Initialize entry_point before calling symfile_init.
	* symtab.h, symfile.c, coffread.c, mipsread.c, dwarfread.c:
	Avoid declaring or setting entry_point (symfile.h & symfile.c cope).

Fri Oct 25 10:58:16 1991  Mark Eichin  (eichin at

	* cplus-dem.c (cplus-demangle): added support for templates, static
	data, and the new (correct) mangling for destructors.

	* dwarfread.c: (dwarfwarn): created a varargs version of
	dwarfwarn, for non __STDC__ compilers.

	* c-exp.y: (yylex): added match for "template" token.
	(typebase): added TEMPLATE name '<' type '>' clause, for explicit
	specification of template types.

	* symtab.c: (lookup_template_type): new function for finding
	templates in symbol table.
	(type_name_no_tag): changed to explicitly check for s/u/e at the
	beginning of the symbol - if it is a template, none of these will
	be there (but the name will still contain spaces.)

Fri Oct 25 18:59:32 1991  Per Bothner  (bothner at

	Various fixes to improve g++ debugging.
	* symtab.h:  Add is_const and is_volatile flags for each method.
	These are bit fields - take their space from voffset,
	which shrinks to 30 bits.  Since voffset is now a bitfield,
	make it unsigned for portability.  This changes its interpretation
	slightly:  Static methods now have voffset 1 instead of -1,
	and virtual offsets start at 2, not 1.
	* symtab.c:  Renamed gdb_mangle_typename to gdb_mangle_name,
	since it now returns an entire magled method name, not just
	the type part.  This avoids some duplication.
	It also allows us to correctly mangle const and volatile
	methods (using the new is_const and is_volatile bit fields
	mentioned above).
	* valprint.c (type_print_base), values.c (check_stub_method):
	Simplify by using new gdb_mangle_name.
	* values.c (value_headof):  Fix to correctly handle single
	inheritance (actually two fixes, either of which suffices).
	* dbxread.c (read_struct_type):  Handle const and volatile
	method specifiers.
	* dbxread.c (read_struct_type):  Yet one more place where
	we must handle '\\' continuations.
	* valprint.c (vtbl_ptr_name): Add final '\0'.

Fri Oct 25 16:06:38 1991  Stu Grossman  (grossman at

	* tm-sparc.h, tm-68k.h (EXTRACT_RETURN_VALUE):  fix output of
	short return values for sparc and 68k.  Patch from Paul Eggert.

	* coffread.c, coredep.c, i386-xdep.c:  install patches for
	SysV/386 3.2 from Mauro DePalma.

Fri Oct 25 02:02:13 1991  John Gilmore  (gnu at

	* core.c (core_file_info), exec.c (exec_file_info):  Print file
	type.  Use printf_filtered.

	* valops.c (value_fetch_lazy):  Avoid 0-length fetches.

Thu Oct 24 23:06:40 1991  Fred Fish  (fnf at

	* dwarfread.c:  Add casts to remove compiler warnings.

	* tm-3b1.h, tm-68k.h, tm-altos.h, tm-amix.h, tm-hp300bsd.h,
	tm-hp300hpux.h, tm-isi.h, tm-news.h, tm-pn.h, tm-sun2.h,
	tm-sun3.h:  Remove locally duplicated code for calling functions
	in the inferior.  The only differences were in the specific trap
	vectors used and whether or not an fpu was present.  These are
	now handled by appropriate definitions of BPT_VECTOR and
	HAVE_68881 respectively.  Other minor obvious cleanups.

	* valops.c:  Correct a minor misspelling.

	* utils.c:  Remove local BSD/USG hacks that are now in libiberty.

	* dwarfread.c:  Remove prototype for dwarfwarn.  Does not work
	with <varargs.h>.

Thu Oct 24 09:33:44 1991  John Gilmore  (gnu at

	* stack.c (frame_command):  Always print.  Use new
	frame_select_command to select a frame without printing.	

	* dwarfread.c:  Use <varargs.h>, since <stdarg.h> is not portable.

Thu Oct 24 01:32:51 1991  Fred Fish  (fnf at

        * dwarfread.c: New file for DWARF debugging format support.

	* elfread.c: New file for ELF object file format support.

	* procfs.c: New file for SVR4 /proc (process file system) support.

	* tm-amix.h, xm-amix.h, tconfig/amix, xconfig/amix: New files for
	Amiga UNIX support.

	* xm-svr4.h, tm-svr4.h: New files for SVR4 support.

	* xm-m68k.h: New file for host machines with m68k cpu.

	* Add elfread.c and dwarfread.c to SFILES_MAINDIR.
	Add elfread.o and dwarfread.o to OBS.

	* symfile.h: Add "elf" to list of supported formats in comment.

	* c-exp.y, defs.h, symtab.h, valprint.c:  Add three new builtin
	types to gdb, builtin_type_long_double, builtin_type_complex, and
	builtin_type_double_complex.  Add and use new TARGET_SHORT_BIT,
	TARGET_DOUBLE_COMPLEX_BIT, as the sizes in bits of the indicated
	types on the target machine (ala the existing TARGET_LONG_LONG_BIT).

	* infrun.c:  When using SVR4 /proc interface instead of ptrace(),
	call proc_set_exec_trap() to setup child to stop at first instruction.

	* inftarg.c: When using SVR4 /proc interface, call proc_wait()
	rather than wait().

	* m68k-tdep.c: Add new routines supply_gregset(), fill_gregset(),
	supply_fpregset(), and fill_fpregset(), which are machine
	dependent support routines for SVR4 /proc interface.

	* utils.c: Add warning_setup() and warning().  Warning() behaves
	the same as error() except that it returns normally rather than
	jumping back to command level.  Modules that don't want to call
	warning() for some reason, but want to produce their own warnings,
	can call warning_setup() to ensure compatibility with the way
	warning() and error() deal with the terminal.

	* symtab.c: Make internal errors produce more useful messages.

	* tm-68k.h: Move code that is duplicated in almost every single
	m68k based machine's configuration files to this common file.
	Duplications in the configuration files still need to be removed

	* infrun.c (child_create_inferior): System V versions must call
	setpgrp() with no arguments, to comply with prototyping typically
	in <unistd.h>.

	* munch: Add support for SVR4 style nm output.

	* dbxread.c, mipsread.c symmisc.c, symtab.c:  Remove the object
	file specific fields from the partial symbol table structure and
	replace them with a pointer to private data for each different
	flavor of object file reader to initialize appropriately.

Wed Oct 23 09:38:20 1991  John Gilmore  (gnu at

	* xconfig/sun[34]os4:  Add note about strstr botch on sunos4.0.3c
	and previous.

	* mipsread.c (fixup_undef_type):  New function.  If a struct /
	union / enum is defined in a header file but nowhere else used,
	(by typedefing, pointer referencing or declaration) the mipsread code
	builds the complete tree for the structure but leaves its code as
	TYPE_CODE_UNDEF as it doesn't know what kind of aggregate it is.
	Guess its type based on the details of the members.

Tue Oct 22 18:04:32 1991  Stu Grossman  (grossman at

	* infrun.c (wait_for_inferior):  Check return value from

Mon Oct 21 17:47:03 1991  Stu Grossman  (grossman at

	* infrun.c (wait_for_inferior):  fix stepi/nexti that was broken
	by my last edit to this routine.

Mon Oct 21 14:27:43 1991  John Gilmore  (gnu at

	* tm-sun3.h (FIX_CALL_DUMMY): problem with cross debugging.
	FIX_CALL_DUMMY does unaligned accesses and/or forgets to byte swap
	the values before putting them into the dummy code.  (From Peter

Mon Oct 21 10:04:39 1991  Steve Chamberlain  (steve at

	* added ebmon target.

Wed Oct 16 22:49:58 1991  John Gilmore  (gnu at

	GDB-4.2 release!

	*  Roll VERSION to 4.2.

	* core.c (core_open):  Improve error message for bad file.
	Pass .reg virtual memory address to fetch_core_registers to help
	it find the registers in the core-file header.
	* coredep.c (fetch_core_registers):  Take new argument, use it,
	and pass it to register_addr to locate the block of registers.
	* xm-mips.h:  Update KERNEL_U_ADDR for new scheme.  Cleanup a bit.

	* dbxread.c (read_dbx_symtab, process_one_symbol):  Handle
	Sequent N_FN_SEQ like everybody else's N_FN.

	* main.c:  Circumvent SCO cc bug with #if !!defined(USG).
	* tm-i386v.h:  #endif guck.
	* xconfig/i386*:  Remove -Dgetpagesize()=4096 kludge.
	* xconfig/i386sco:  Add HAVE_STRSTR to avoid ANSI bdeath.
	* xconfig/tahoe:  Add REGEX, which seems to be missing.

	* coredep.c:  Add <sys/types.h> for SCOnix.
	* dbxread.c (read_dbx_symntab):  Avoid coredump on malformed file.
	* printcmd.c (print_formatted):  Flush output before disassembly.

Tue Oct 15 20:12:32 1991  Roland H. Pesch  (pesch at

	* doc/refcard.tex (sec "Working Files"): consistent metavars and
	other improvements, due to comments by François Pinard

	* doc/gdb.texinfo (appendix "Installing GDB"): changes in
	configure, and improvenets related to Pinard's refcard comments

Tue Oct 15 08:45:12 1991  John Gilmore  (gnu at

	Changes from Fred Fish:
	* tm-68k.h (FPI_REGNUM):  Add.
	* infrun.c (child_create_inferior):  flush stdout and stderr
	before forking.
	*  Handle amigados, amix hosts and targets.
	* inflow.c:  Handle TIOCGLTC_BROKEN for Amiga.

	From Andreas Schwab:
	* values.c (show_convenience):  Use printf_filtered.
	* main.c (define_command):  Check result of lookup_command for
	exact match.
	(echo_command):  Use printf_filtered, and force output out.

	* dbxread.c (read_enum_type):  Avoid Modula-2 kludge that breaks C
	* i387-tdep.c (double_to_i387):  Fix typo for double_to_ieee_extended.
	* utils.c (_initialize_utils):  If !ISATTY, don't paginate.
	*, tconfig/decstation, xconfig/decstation:  Rename
	dec3100 to decstation.

Mon Oct 14 13:37:50 1991  Roland H. Pesch  (pesch at

	* doc/gdb.texinfo: Catch up to changes recorded here in ChangeLog
	(nodes Continuing and Stepping; Memory; Targets) clarifications
	due to Larry Breed

Fri Oct 11 23:27:06 1991  John Gilmore  (gnu at

	* tm-{irix3,mips,nindy960,pn,symmetry,vx960}.h:  Move
	REGISTER_U_ADDR to corresponding xm- file.  Sugg. by Peter Schauer.

	* symmisc.c (print_partial_symtabs):  Add printpsyms debug cmd.

	* m68k-tdep.c (m68k_push_dummy_frame, m68k_pop_frame):  Add
	generic routines for calling inferior functions.

	* blockframe.c (inside_main_scope, inside_entry_scope):  New.

	* copying.awk:  Filter formfeeds out of copying & warrantee.
	Make them available as `show copying' and `show warrantee' also.
	* main.c (print_gnu_advertisement):  Advt `show' commands.

Thu Oct 10 17:25:47 1991  John Gilmore  (gnu at

	* mach386-xdep.c:  Even when cross-compiling, leave in the
	core-file reading code.
	* core.c (get_core_registers):  Avoid coredump if no .reg section.

Wed Oct  9 17:03:34 1991  John Gilmore  (gnu at

	* mipsread.c, coffread.c:  initialise TYPE_VPTR_FIELDNO to -1.
	This avoids coredumps under `set print object on' in value_headof
	(called erroneously by value_from_vtable_info) for `p &struct'
	or `p *struct'.  From Peter Schauer.

Mon Oct  7 00:06:52 1991  John Gilmore  (gnu at

	*  Roll version to 4.1.2.
	* dbxread.c:  Use aout64.h, not a.out.gnu.h.  Get external symbol entry
	size from BFD (but, FIXME, we don't yet read external nlists's and
	convert them to internal nlists's before handling them -- we still
	assume they have the same size and alignment.)  Use SET_NAMESTRING
	everywhere useful.
	* exec.c (exec_file_command):  Move dead coff-encapsulation code
	to BFD.
	* m88k-tdep.c, m88k-xdep.c:  Remove encap test and #inc <a.out.h>.

Fri Oct  4 22:30:06 1991  John Gilmore  (gnu at

	*, tm-i386v.h, xm-i386v.h: Intel 386 Mach host port.
	* xm-i386mach.h, mach386-xdep.c, xconfig/i386mach:  New files.

Fri Oct  4 17:04:31 1991  Per Bothner  (bothner at

	More patches from Peter Schauer <>:
	* mips-xdep.c (store_inferior_registers):  Don't try to
	write the (pseudo) FP.
	* mipsread.c (parse_partial_symbols):  Improved algorithm for
	setting pst->texthigh.

Fri Oct  4 16:47:32 1991  Roland H. Pesch  (pesch at

	* doc/Makefile: make TEXINPUTS include . everywhere

Fri Oct  4 00:35:56 1991  John Gilmore  (gnu at

	* coffread.c, dbxread.c, symfile.c, symmisc.c, symtab.h:  Remove
	vestiges of typevectors, which were for symsegs and are no longer
	used.  (From a question by Eliot Dresselhaus

Thu Oct  3 09:33:26 1991  John Gilmore  (gnu at

    	* dbxread.c, coffread.c:  static-ize functions that were
	gratuitiously external.  (From Fred Fish.)

	* c-exp.y:  sym->class to SYMBOL_CLASS (sym).

	* dbxread.c (dbx_lookup_type):  Keep doubling size of typevector
	until it is large enough.    

	* dbxread.c (read_type):  Handle error case slightly better.
	Make complaint message not C++-specific.

Wed Oct  2 17:21:07 1991  Stu Grossman  (grossman at

	* infrun.c (wait_for_inferior):  Fix step/next so that you only
	stop at the beginning of a new line.  This fixes various problems
	with for loops, nested if-else's and switch statements.

Tue Oct  1 06:33:55 1991  John Gilmore  (gnu at

	* symtab.c (lookup_symtab_1, lookup_symbol):  "fatal" errors
	between symtabs and psymtabs become ordinary error()s.

	* dbxread.c (read_dbx_symtab):  Relocate end_of_text_addr
	properly, making "end pc" correct in shared lib psymtabs.
	(From Guy Harris <>.)

Mon Sep 30 13:15:31 1991  John Gilmore  (gnu at

	* dbxread.c:  Enable, but soften, const_vol_complaint.
	(read_dbx_symtab):  N_STSYM and N_LCSYM define static vars.
	Ditto Gould N_NBSTS and N_NBLCS.  Also, all types in the psymtab
	should be file-scope, not global.
	(read_struct_type):  Remove ancient multiple-inheritance warning.
	(read_range_type):  Check base type, complain & patch if undefined.
	* stack.c (frame_info):  Demangle the function name in `info stack'.
	(From Peter Schauer)

Sat Sep 28 10:02:33 1991  John Gilmore  (gnu at

	* eval.c (evaluate_subexp_for_address):  Don't use
	TYPE_POINTER_TYPE directly (it might be zero if this type has
	never had a pointer created before); use lookup_pointer_type.
	* symtab.c (lookup_method_type):  Arguments were swapped in all
	callers, so fix it here.  I'm amazed this worked at all!

Fri Sep 27 18:09:31 1991  John Gilmore  (gnu at

	* c-exp.y, m2-exp.y:  Define more yysymbols that happen to be
	"bss" rather than "data" symbols, but which still conflict.
	* m2-exp.y:  Lint.

	* coffread.c (coff_symfile_read):  Use xmalloc, not malloc.
	* core.c (core_files_info):  Shorten output.
	* exec.c (exec_files_info):  Ditto.
	(build_section_table):  Ignore zero-length sections.
	* language.c, printcmd.c:  Lint.
	* language.h (get_frame_language):  Declare.
	* saber.suppress:  update.
	* stack.c (find_relative_frame):  Remove complex code that was
	#if 0'd, stick with simple code.  Lint.
        * saber.suppress:  Update a bit.
	* symfile.c (add_symbol_file_command):  Add "?" to question.
	* utils.c (parse_escape):  Avoid \a due to bdead compilers.
	* value.h:  Declare typedef_print.

	* valprint.c (val_print, type_print_base):  TYPE_CODE_RANGE less

	* nindy-tdep.c (nindy_frame_chain_valid):  Use lookup_misc_func.
	(Reported by Mark Peek <>.)

	* solib.c (solib_map_sections):  Relocate all sections, even
	though only the text section's size is tracked.  Mark ld_text
	for eventual elimination as we generalize to N sections.

	* infrun.c (wait_for_inferior):  Don't check if the PC is in a
	call_dummy if we were stopped by a random signal that is being
	passed to the program.  This produced wierd results when calling
	functions in the inferior and signals (e.g. SIGALRM) were in use.

Tue Sep 24 18:05:30 1991  John Gilmore  (gnu at

	* infrun.c (IN_SIGTRAMP):  Not parenthesized properly.
	Bugfix from Paul Eggert <>.
	* tm-ultra3.h (IN_SIGTRAMP):  Ditto.
	* valprint.c (print_floating):  Print 9 digits for IEEE floats.
	From Paul Eggert.

Mon Sep 23 15:50:07 1991  John Gilmore  (gnu at

	*  Roll VERSION to 4.1.1.
	* source.c (line_info):  Peter Schauer fixes a bug I introduced in
	hex conversion.

Fri Sep 20 16:10:52 1991  John Gilmore  (gnu at

	GDB-4.1 release!

	* (VERSION):  Set to 4.1.	
	* language.c (set_language_command):  Print useful help message,
	and restore the language string after giving help.
	* valprint.c (typedef_print):  Print typedef in C or M2.
	* symtab.c (list_symbols):  Use it.
	* main.c (main):  Avoid any output before (gdb) prompt when -q.
	* language.c (set_language_command):  Handle errors by restoring
	the language string to its current state (fix from A. Beers).
	* doc/gdbint.texinfo:  Roll in information from README.  Rearrange
	"how to install" and "how to print the doc" stuff so it drops
	easier into README.
	*  Rename rtpc CPU to romp to match config.sub.
	* README, WHATS.NEW, TODO:  Update for gdb-4.1.

Fri Sep 20 17:39:14 1991  Roland H. Pesch  (pesch at

	* doc/gdb.texinfo: Updates from ChangeLog.  set/show write, 
	autoloading shared libs, copyright etc on GDB startup, clean up $_
	and $__ index refs, set/show listsize and related updates to list
	cmd.  New host/target configs.

Fri Sep 20 15:46:00 1991  Roland H. Pesch  (pesch at

	* doc/Makefile: generate aux version-no file doc/gdbVN.m4
	from main version definition
	doc/gdb.texinfo: use version recorded in doc/gdbVN.m4 for current
	GDB version no refs (setup-to-dist): generate doc/gdbVN.m4 

	* doc/gdb.texinfo: merge new language-switching and lang-specific
	doc by Andrew Beers

Fri Sep 20 15:00:57 1991  Per Bothner  (bothner at

	* mcheck.c: Add __ONEFILE kludge to allow compilation by non-ANSI
	compilers (which may lack stddef.h).

Fri Sep 20 13:29:42 1991  John Gilmore  (gnu at

	* dbxread.c (read_dbx_symtab, process_one_symbol):  N_FN and
	N_WARNING are the same except for the N_EXT bit, so just use their
	values alone, rather than OR-ing them with N_EXT.

Fri Sep 20 12:27:55 1991  Stu Grossman  (grossman at

	* mipsread.c (parse_lines):  Deal with negative extended line
	offsets correctly.

	* c-exp.y, m2-exp.y:  #define yyerrflag and yynerrs to avoid
	global symbol conflicts.

Fri Sep 20 02:28:15 1991  John Gilmore  (gnu at

	* .gdbinit:  Move 'set complaints' to top, so it runs even in
	case we aren't debugging GDB.
	* language.c (_initialize_language):  Fix type check and range
	check documentation strings.
	* utils.c (!HAVE_VPRINTF):  Define vfprintf as a function, so
	language.c can use it.  (Though language.c should really not be
	handling warnings/errors the way it does, FIXME.)
	* symtab.c (lookup_primitive_type):  const lint.

	Bugfix from Peter Schauer:
	* source.c (lines_to_list):  Make signed, to avoid comparison
	going unsigned and complaining that -3 is too high for 21 lines.
	* stack.c (lines_to_list):  Ditto.

Thu Sep 19 23:33:41 1991  John Gilmore  (gnu at

	* (HFILES):  Add minimon.h.
	(VERSION):  Roll version number to 4.0.95.
	(gdb.tar.Z, make-proto-gdb.dir, setup-to-dist, gdb-XXX.tar.Z):
	New rules for building distributions.  Normal distribution
	is built by doing `make -f gdb.tar.Z' in the directory
	one level up from here; it calls make-proto-gdb.dir to build a
	directory `proto-gdb' which is an image of the release.  The old
	`gdb.tar.Z' rule still works too.
	* config.sub, configure:  Roll in latest from ..

Thu Sep 19 17:41:24 1991  Roland H. Pesch  (pesch at

	* doc/gdbint.texinfo: Reorder contents; reorganize new-host,
	new-target, and new-config chapters; fix minor typos; come closer
	to usual GNU markup conventions for @file @samp @code @var.

Thu Sep 19 17:04:12 1991  Per Bothner  (bothner at

	Patches from Peter Schauer <>:
	* mipsread.c (parse_partial_symbols): Enter the name of all
	structs/unions... into the psymtab so we can access them if the
	symtab is not read in.
	* mips-tdep.c:  Remove some unneeded #includes.
	* xconfig/dec3100: Add HAVE_STRSTR.

Thu Sep 19 15:14:23 1991  John Gilmore  (gnu at

	*  Circumvent Sun Make bug on *
	* c-exp.y, m2-exp.y:  Lint.
	* m2-exp.y:  Avoid using yytname[] which is a Bison-ism.
	* valprint.c (val_print_fields):  Check for stub type.
	* mipsread.c (_initialize_mipsread):  Avoid using
	builtin_type_void at initialize time.
	(mipscoff_symfile_read):  use it now.	

Wed Sep 18 15:55:51 1991  John Gilmore  (gnu at

	Merge multiple-language support, and partial Modula-2 support,
	from Andrew Beers <>.

	* i387-tdep.c:  New file, consolidates most 80387 support,
	and eliminates host dependency on double<->extended conversions.
	* i386-xdep.c, symm-xdep.c:  Remove most 387 support.
	* xconfig/i386{sco,v,v-g,v32,v32-g}:  Now need i387-tdep.o.

	* symfile.c (allocate_symtab):  New fn, consolidates the work
	of allocating and initializing a new struct symtab.  Set the
	language of the symtab based on its filename extension.
	* symfile.h:  Declare it.
	* mipsread.c (new_symtab):  Use it.  Minor formatting changes.
	* dbxread.c (end_symtab):  Use it.

	* mipsread.c (parse_symbol, case stParam and stProc):  Add #if 0'd
	code for saving types of parameters with each function definition.
	* dbxread.c (define_symbol, function and parameter cases):  Ditto.
	(read_dbx_symtab, case N_DEFD):  Ignore.
	(read_enum_type):  Recognize FALSE/TRUE enum as Modula-2 BOOLEAN.
	(read_range_type):  Rename MAX_OF_TYPE to MAX_OF_C_TYPE, etc.
	#if 0 out its uses, though, since they set a dead value.
	* coffread.c (end_symtab):  Use allocate_symtab.
	(process_coff_symbol):  #if 0'd for functions and params as above.
	(read_enum_type):  Recognize Modula-2 BOOLEAN.
	* symtab.c (add_param_to_type):  #if 0'd function to add a
	parameter type to a function type's field list.

	* defs.h (local_hex_format, local_hex_string, *_custom):  Add.
	* i386-xdep.c, pyr-tdep.c, pyr-xdep.c, remote-vx.c, solib.c,
	source.c, symfile.c, dbxread.c, breakpoint.c, core.c, exec.c,
	i387-tdep.c, infcmd.c, mips-tdep.c, stack.c, printcmd.c:  Output
	hex with local_hex_string for Modula-2 support.

	* breakpoint.c (breakpoint_cond_eval):  Use new value_true to test
	breakpoint condition language-independently.

	* parse.c:  New file with the common code remains of expread.y.
	* parser-defs.h:  New file with common declarations from expread.y.
	* c-exp.y:  New file with the C parser from expread.y, and other
	language-specific information.
	* m2-exp.y:  New file with the Modula-2 parser and etc.
	* expread.y,  Remove.
	* breakpoint.c, eval.c, printcmd.c, expression.h:  Use
	parse_expression and parse_exp_1 rather than parse_c_expression
	and parse_c_1.

	* symtab.h (enum languages):  Move to defs.h.
	(enum type_code):  Add TYPE_CODE_CHAR and TYPE_CODE_BOOL.
	Declare Modula-2 builtin types.
	Add MAX_OF_TYPE and MIN_OF_TYPE macros.

	* symtab.c (_initialize_symtab):  Remove builtin type
	definition and initialization to *-exp.y.  
	(lookup_primitive_typename):  Use language-dependent vector.
	(lookup_typename):  Fix bug, make it work if primitive typename.
	(lookup_unsigned_typename):  Call above.
	(create_array_type):  Set up range type for array index.
	(list_symbols):  Call typedef_print to print typedefs.

	* values.c (unpack_long, value_from_longest):  Handle

	* expression.h (enum exp_opcode):  Add Modula-2 specific opcodes.
	* expprint.c:  Look up expression opcodes in language-specific
	table, based on expression's language.  Handle some Modula-2
	specific opcodes.

	* stack.c (frame_info):  Print language of stack frame.
	(select_frame):  Also select language, if in auto-mode.
	(get_frame_language):  New subroutine.
	* main.c (execute_command):  Warn as language changes automatically.

	* printcmd.c (ptype_command):  Parse types using the language
	parser, both for language-independence, and so that scopes can
	be specified.

	* language.h, language.c:  New files for language-specific macros,
	declarations, and definitions.

	Misc fixes:

	* main.c (main):  If error() is called during early
	initialization, print its message and then exit(1) from GDB.

	* valprint.c (type_print_base):  Avoid printing garbage for ints
	of unusual sizes.
	(_initialize_valprint):  Warn about host/target size assumption;
	improve long long support slightly.	
	* convex-tdep.c (comm_registers_info):  Avoid parsing decimal and
	hex -- let parse_and_eval_address do it.

	* doc/gdbint.texinfo (Languages):  Doc how to add a language.

	*  Cope with new files and removed files.

Tue Sep 17 08:37:41 1991  John Gilmore  (gnu at

	Add Andrew Beers' changes for Modula-2 support.  His ChangeLog
	entries are enclosed herein.  Not all of these changes
	have been merged into the master GDB sources -- check the
	ChangeLog above here for the merge log.

Mon Jun  3 17:05:45 EDT 1991

     m2-exp.y       Created.  Tested outside of GDB for a few days.  Proper
                    operators were added, C specific operators and tokens
                    removed.  yylex() revamped to some extent.  Still things
                    missing from the grammar, such as sets.
                    Tested for two weeks in GDB v3.5.

Tue Jun 11 17:23:48 EDT 1991

     m2-exp.y       Added boolean constants TRUE and FALSE to the grammar
                    so they are built-in.  Sort of a hack.

Fri Jun 14 12:53:51 EDT 1991

     m2-exp.y       Added range checking for numeric constants.  Any numeric
                    constant is assumed to be of builtin type INTEGER unless:
                    (1) it is octal or hexadecimal, in which case it is a
                    CARDINAL; (2) it is too big to fit into an INTEGER, in
                    which case it is a CARDINAL.
     eval.c         Added simple range checking for +, -, and * on integers.
                    Doesn't work very well for *, since 6 * 1,000,000,000 =
                    1,705,032,704, which fails the simple test of result >=
                    first_operand, no matter in what order the operands are.

Tue Jun 18 14:11:30 EDT 1991

     Broke the parser into parts, one containing the C grammar and the other
     containing code to be shared by all of the grammars.

     The following files no longer exist:


     The following files were added:

          c-exp.y        (The C grammar)
          m2-exp.y       (The Modula-2 grammar)
          parser-code.c  (Code that is shared by the above grammar)

     Makefile.dist  Changed to reflect the above dependencies.  NOTE:  It is
                    now necessary to use the Bison compiler compiler, since it
                    will generate function/variable prefixes other than yy.

Tue Jun 18 16:47:49 EDT 1991

     symtab.[ch]    Added the external variable working_lang, than holds the
                    value of the current working language.
                    Added the ennumerated type language_mode, with the values
                    language_auto and language_manual, the former meaning that
                    GDB sets working_lang as needed, and the latter meaning
                    that the value of working_lang is totally under user
     symtab.[ch]    Added the Modula-2 pervasive types INTEGER, CARDINAL,
                    REAL, BOOLEAN and CHAR.  Also added the type codes
                    TYPE_CODE_BOOL and TYPE_CODE_CHAR.
     utils.c        Added set_language_command and show_language_command to
                    implement the GDB support commands "set language" and
                    "show language".
     expression.h   A number of identifiers were added to the type exp_opcode
                    to facilitate Modula-2 builtin functions, integer
                    division, and array indexing.

Wed Jun 19 13:25:58 EDT 1991

     language.h     Added the macro STRICT_TYPE, which evaluates to non-zero
                    if the language specified by working_lang requires the use
                    of strict typing of expressions.  Eventually, even this
                    will be able to be changed by the user.
                    Added the macro RANGE_CHECK, which evaluates to non-zero
                    if the language specified by working_lang requires the
                    checking of a value against the domain of its type.
                    Eventually, even this will be able to be changed by the
     language.[ch]  Predicates involving types (simple_type, ordered_type,
                    same_type, integral_type, numeric_type, character_type,
                    boolean_type, float_type) are added.  These predicates are
                    based on the current value of working_lang, and are handy
                    in type-checking.

Wed Jun 19 15:39:34 EDT 1991

     eval.c         Added the function type_array_rank which computes the rank
                    of an array type.
     valarith.c     Added the funtion value_bool, which when given a integer
     value.h        value (ie. struct value *) as an argument, it returns a
                    boolean value (ie.  struct value *) true if that integer
                    is non-zero, and a boolean value false otherwise.
     valprint.c     Added cases for TYPE_CODE_BOOL, so Modula-2 BOOLEAN values
                    will print out properly.

Wed Jun 19 16:36:34 EDT 1991

     valops.c       Added the function value_capitalize, which returns it
     value.h        argument capitalized if its argument is a lowercase
                    letter, or the argument unchanged if its argument is not a
     valarith.c     Added the function range_check_p, which returns non-zero
     value.h        if its value argument is between the integral bounds upper
                    and lower.
                    Added the function range_check_enum_p, which makes sure
                    that its value argument is a valid member of the domain of
                    its type argument.
                    Added the function range_check_range_p, which makes sure
                    its value argument lies between the upper and lower bounds
                    of its type argument, which must be a ranged type.
                    Added the function check_array_index, which range and type
                    checks an index of an array.
                    Added the function value_multi_subscript, which computes
                    array[idx1,idx2...idxN], given a value array and an array
                    of values representing indicies.
     values.c       Changed value_from_long to work with TYPE_CODE_CHAR and
                    unpack_long to work with TYPE_CODE_BOOL and

Wed Jun 19 18:04:08 EDT 1991

     symtab.c       Stored pervasive types in a structure and make
                    lookup_pervasive_type() a lookup function that was based
                    on working_lang.  If lookup_pervasive_type() returned
                    non-zero, then that value was returned (a fix, since
                    before it simply wouldn't return the pervasive type.)
     language.h     Added the macro CAST_IS_CONVERSION, which evaluates to
                    non-zero if the language specified by working_lang means
                    "conversion" when it says "cast".
     valops.c       Added the function value_real_cast(), which performs a
     value.h        *cast*, not a *conversion*, which is what value_cast()
                    does when it can.  In particular,
                    value_cast(<float_type>,4) = 4.0, while
                    value_real_cast(<float_type>,4) = some mess.
     eval.c         Modula-2 builtin functions implemented:  ABS, CAP, CHR,
     parser-code.c  FLOAT, HIGH, MAX, MIN, ODD, ORD, TRUNC, and VAL.  
     expression.h   Added macros MAX_OF_TYPE and MIN_OF_TYPE to work with MAX
                    and MIN on integral types.  *NOTE*: These are currently
                    hardcoded to work only if there are 8 bits per storage
                    unit.  FIXME.
     eval.c         Made logical functions call value_bool to return a
                    properly typed boolean value, based on working_lang.

Thu Jun 20 11:55:27 EDT 1991

     valprint.c     Types now print out in a Modula-2 fashion.  This works for
                    the cases when the type is printed out step-by-step, that
                    is, it doesn't work when the name of a structured type
                    (which includes the keyword "struct", etc.)  is simply
                    FIXME:  Perhaps this is bad.  Parts of it seem to kludgey,
                    since type specifications in C and Modula-2 are very
                    different.  The C printing of a type is very recursive,
                    whereas in Modula-2 it is generally very simple.  C has
                    type prefixes and suffixes, which have no real analogue in
                    Modula-2.  Maybe type_print() should call a language
                    specific type printer.  This is also advantageous if we
                    compile GDB to exclude some of the languages.  We'll just
                    leave those functions out.

Thu Jun 20 16:57:10 EDT 1991

     dbxread.c      When reading the complete symbol table in (via
                    psymtab_to_symtab()), the number and types of function
                    arguments are added to a function type.  define_symbol()
                    calls add_param_to_type() to accomplish this.
                    Assumption:  when we come across a function definition
                    (N_FUN symbol with an 'f' or 'F' in the name), its
                    arguments will appear before another function definition.
                    When a function is found, a pointer to its type is placed
                    in the global in_function_type.  Changes that
                    add_param_to_type() makes are to this global.
     valprint.c     The type of a function now includes (for Modula-2) the
                    types of its parameters.
     eval.c         Type checking and a check for the proper number of
                    arguments is now done for function calls.  Not sure of the
                    impact this has on C++ member function yet.

Thu Jun 20 19:58:48 EDT 1991

     valprint.c     Rewrote the type printer.  Broke it into two language
                    specific parts, adding the functions type_print_m2() and
                    An unfortunate consequence is this:  if you debugging a C
                    program in Modula-2 mode (why?), info types does not work
                    well with regular expressions, since the types are printed
                    out in Modula-2 terminology, but stored in C terminology.
     language.[ch]  Added the functions new_type_last(), type_keyword(), and
                    type_sep() to aid in the printing of typedefs.
     symtab.c       Made the printing of typedefs as language independent as
                    possible through calls to new_type_last(), type_keyword(),
                    and type_sep().

Fri Jun 21 11:50:26 EDT 1991

     dbxread.c      Check all incoming ennumerated types.  If it looks like
                    Modula-2's BOOLEAN type, then change the type_code of the
                    type to TYPE_CODE_BOOL so we can process it as a boolean
     valprint.c     Replaced some of the 0x%x with calls to sprintf and
                    hexformat() in val_print().
     language.[ch]  Added the function hex_to_string(), which converts its
                    integral argument to a hexadecimal number (format is
                    language based) and returns the result as a string.

Mon Jun 24 12:25:07 EDT 1991

     valprint.c     Some functions call type_print_1() directly, instead of
     value.h        using type_print(), so they can specify where (column) to
                    print things.  Since type_print() takes care of language
                    dependence, that needs to be called first.  Added a
                    parameter depth to type_print() (so it is now like
                    type_print_1).  Changed type_print to type_print_at, and
                    made type_print a macro that passes a depth argument of
     symmisc.c      Changed all calls to type_print_1 to calls to
     Makefile.dist  Made it possible to build GDB for a specific set of
     depend         languages.  Do this by passing a definition for the macro
                    LANGS to make.  LANGS should be a string containing a
                    space-separated list of language names (ie. LANGS="c m2").
                    The default is to build all languages.  Note that grammar
                    files must follow the naming convention of <lang>-exp.y.
     gdb.lang       This holds the current value of the LANGS macro.  It is
                    examined every time make is called, and is updated if
     eval.c         Added #ifdef _LANG_<lang> to these files.
     expread.c      Still need to add them to dbxread.c and coffread.c.

Mon Jun 24 16:33:11 EDT 1991

     language.[ch]  Added the functions hexformat_pre() and
                    hex_to_string_pre(), which take a prefix argument to
                    include in the format string.  Thus, hexformat_pre("08") will
                    return "0x08x" (if the working language is language_c). 
                    Made hexformat() and hex_to_string() calls to the above
                    with "" as the prefix argument.

     am29k-pinsn.c, arm-pinsn.c, breakpoint.c, convex-tdep.c, exec.c, core.c,
     dbxread.c, i386-pinsn.c, i386-stub.c, i386-xdep.c, i960-pinsn.c,
     infcmd.c, inflow.c, m68k-pinsn.c, m68k-stub.c, m88k-pinsn.c,
     mips-pinsn.c, mips-tdep.c, ns32k-pinsn.c, printcmd.c, pyr-pinsn.c,
     pyr-tdep.c, pyr-xdep.c, remote-vx.c, remote.c, solib.c, source.c,
     stack.c, sun386-xdep.c, symfile.c, symm-xdep.c, symmisc.c, tahoe-pinsn.c,
     valprint.c, vax-pinsn.c

          Changed all occurences of 0x%[0-9]*l*x in printf format strings to
          calls to hexformat() and hex_to_string().  Format strings without
          the leading "0x" were ignored.

     depend         Updated to take the above into account.

Tue Jun 25 15:27:18 EDT 1991

     symtab.h       Added the types range_mode_t, range_check_t, type_mode_t,
                    and type_check_t to keep track of the current state of
                    range and type checking.
     main.c         Added the variables range_mode, range_check, type_mode,
                    and type_check to record the current state of range and
                    type checking.  Added initialization code to main().
     language.h     Changed the macros STRICT_TYPE and RANGE_CHECK to examine
                    the above variables.

Tue Jun 25 17:57:08 EDT 1991

     dbxread.c      process_one_symbol() updates the variable (enum language)
                    source_lang based on the extension of the filename
                    contained in the N_SO sybmol that started this symtab.
                    When end_symtab() is called, the value of source_lang is
                    put into the language field.
     stack.c        select_frame() sets working_lang (and possibly type_check
                    and range_check) to the language field of the symtab
                    associated with the frame that is selected if working_mode
                    is language_auto.  If working_mode is language_manual, a
                    warning is printed and working_lang is not set.
     language.c     Added the function set_type_range(), which sets the value of
                    type_check and range_check (if their modes call for
                    automatic setting) based on the current value of
                    working_lang.  A non-zero argument will cause the current
                    settings to be output.

Wed Jun 26 14:51:40 EDT 1991

     eval.c         Added range checks on assignment.
     m2-exp.y       Added the grammar for sets to the language.  Currently,
                    these do not do anything except print an error message.

Wed Jun 26 17:01:04 EDT 1991

     m2-exp.y       Added the ability for parse_number() to parse negative
                    numbers.  A global flag is set upon encountering a unary
                    minus.  This was done to make, for example, 1 parse as a
                    CARDINAL, and not as an integer, per Wirth's examples in
                    Programming in Modula-2 ed.4.
     valprint.c     Added support for "set radix 2" by then setting
                    output_format to 't'.
     eval.c         Implemented range checking on subrange types.  Added calls
                    to range_check_range_p for BINOP_ASSIGN and BINOP_VAL.
                    Implemented MIN and MAX for ennumerated types.  The
                    minimum value of an ennumerated type is defined by Wirth
                    as the first identifier, and the maximum as the last.
     m2-exp.y       Made octal numbers ending with "B" be characters and those
                    ending with "C" be numbers, per Wirth's book. (p. 34)
Thu Jun 27 14:11:52 EDT 1991

     stack.c        select_frame() now only sets working_lang, it does not
                    notify the user.  If working_mode is language_manual, then
                    a warning is issued once.
     main.c         At the end of each call to execute_command(), working_lang
                    is checked against the local static (enum language)
                    current.  If they differ and working_mode is
                    language_auto, the new settings of language, type and
                    range checking are printed out.
     stack.c        Modified frame_info() to include the language of the
                    current frame in the output of "info frame".
     language.[ch]  Added the function language_str() which returns the name
                    of the current language.

Fri Jun 28 15:33:14 EDT 1991

     m2-exp.y       Added the built-in procedures INC, INCL, DEC, and DECL to
                    the language.  INCL and DECL currently cause an error,
                    since sets are not implemented yet.  INC and DEC are
                    implemented as PREINCREMENT/PREDECREMENT with one
                    argument, and as ASSIGN_MODIFY with two arguments.
     eval.c         Added type checking to the above cases.
     value.h        Added not_lval_constant to the lval_type ennumerated type.
                    not_lval_constant means that the value is a constant
                    value; that is 3 or 'a' or TRUE, not as in a constant
                    identifier.  This is used to help coerce numbers such as 3
                    to either signed or unsigned numbers.
     valops.c       Added the function value_coerce_constants() which coerces
                    constant integers as following:  if one is a constant and
                    the other is not, the constant's type is set to the type
                    of the other argument.  If both are constants and one is
                    signed, the other is converted to a signed constant.

Sat Jun 29 17:26:29 EDT 1991

     valarith.c     Added a better range checker.  It now checks range
                    (successfully) on integral operations [+-] (signed and
                    unsigned) for any C sized type.  Still does not work well
                    for multiplication.)
                    int_in_size() returns an integer that is coerced to fit into
                    specified number of bytes.

Mon Jul  1 13:04:14 EDT 1991

     language.[ch]  Added the function binop_result_type(), which returns the
                    builtin (struct type *) type that would be the result of a
                    binop on the two values V1 and V2.

Wed Jul  3 19:22:53 EDT 1991

     source.c       Extended source_info() to include the source language in
                    the output from "info source".
Fri Jul  5 13:48:52 EDT 1991

     utils.c        Moved the support functions for the GDB set/show commands
                    dealing with language into language.c.
     language.c     Added the function language_info(), which displays info
                    about the current working language, type and range check
                    settings.  Called via the GDB command "info language".
                    Added an initialization routine _initialize_language(),
                    that sets defaults for the language, type and range
                    variables and sets up the new GDB commands.
     main.c         Language setup moved to language.c.
     depend         Rebuilt.

Mon Jul  8 10:10:22 EDT 1991

     valarith.c     Debugged the range checker for arithmetic.  Still does not
                    work for multiplication very well.

Mon Jul  8 12:40:37 EDT 1991

     language.[ch]  Added the function value_true() which returns non-zero if
                    its argument represents a boolean true value.
     breakpoint.c   Changed breakpoint_cond_eval() to call value_true() to
                    check the truth of an expression.

Thu Jul 11 12:51:34 EDT 1991

     language.[ch]  Added the predicate structured_type(), which returns
                    non-zero if the argument is a structured type.
                    Added the predicate pointer_type(), which returns non-zero
                    if the argument is a pointer type.
     eval.c         Added the ability to do addition and substraction on
                    pointers and integers.   This case simply bypasses the
                    type checker.

Thu Jul 11 14:41:42 EDT 1991

                    Added the symbol N_DEFD (0x4a) which is a definition
                    module dependency that is used by the GNU Modula-2
                    compiler and the linker.  It is not important to GDB,
                    except that [dbx|coff|mips]read.c should ignore these

Fri Jul 12 16:07:00 EDT 1991

     valprint.c     Changed the TYPE_LENGTH(type) >= 0 to TYPE_LENGTH(type) >
                    0 in val_print().  Also added statements to the else part
                    to coerce type (argument to val_print) to a pointer type
                    if it is an "array of unspecified length".
     valops.c       Added the function value_m2_string(), which returns a
                    (value) value which is a constant string, whose type is
                    (ARRAY [0..n] OF CHAR).  The length field of the type
                    structure is set to zero, so it will be interpreted as an
                    "array of unspecified length".
     stack.c        Moved the language/frame mismatch check to
     main.c         The working language is recorded each time
                    execute_command() is executed.  If working lang has
                    changed during its execution, then the new
                    language/type/range info is printed out for the user.  If
                    the working language does not match the language of the
                    frame, a warning is issued.

Sat Jul 13 16:16:39 EDT 1991

     eval.c         Moved all the type-checking stuff for operators to
     language.[ch]  language.c.  This is so we can keep language-specific
                    stuff (like for what type operators are defined) in
     language.[ch]  Added the function binop_type_check(), which checks to see
                    if its two (value) arguments are type-compatible with its
                    opcode argument.  The opcode should represent an operation
                    involving an operator.  Also added the macro function
                    unop_type_check, which calls binop_type_check with a
                    NULL second argument.
     expprint.c     Added Modula-2 operators to the op_print_tab, so info
     expression.h   break works correctly.  Also added "op_string", which
                    returns the string corresponding to the (enum exp_opcode)
                    opcode that is its argument.

Sat Jul 13 18:26:18 EDT 1991

     coffread.c     Added code to record the type of function arguments with
                    each paricular function.  Code is very similar to that
                    added to dbxread.c.  
     dbxread.c      Moved add_param_to_type() to symtab.c
     symtab.[ch]    Added function add_param_to_type() from dbxread.c

     *** NOTE:  The above additions have not been tested.

Mon Jul 15 12:50:47 EDT 1991

     langauge.[ch]  Added the functions type_error and range_error, which work
                    like error() except if the type/range mode is set to
                    *_mode_warn, then they do not do a return_to_top_level(),
                    but merely print a warning.
                    Also changed [set|show]_[type|range]_command() to support
                    the new "warn" feature.

Thu Jul 18 17:50:54 EDT 1991

     mipsread.c     Added code to record the type of function arguments with
                    each particular function.  Code is very similar to that
                    added to dbxread.c.  

     *** NOTE:  The above additions have not been tested.

Fri Jul 19 11:19:10 EDT 1991

     defs.h         Added macros MAX_OF_SIZE, MIN_OF_SIZE, UMAX_OF_SIZE, and
                    UMIN_OF_SIZE, which when given a size of a numeric type,
                    return the maximum and minimum value it can hold.  UMAX...
                    and UMIN... return the result for unsigned types.
     symtab.h       Added the macros MAX_OF_TYPE and MIN_OF_TYPE to operate on
                    struct types.  They call above macros.
     dbxread.c      Renamed the MAX and MIN_OF_TYPE macros to ..._OF_CTYPE to
                    avoid a name conlict with the above.
     c-exp.y        Added range checking on numeric constants in
                    parse_number() for completeness.
     valarith.c     Made binop_user_defined_p() and unop_user_defined_p()
                    return 0 if working_lang is not language_c.

Thu Aug  8 14:17:22 EDT 1991

	breakpoint.c	Documentation strings of some commands changed to
				eliminate the references to the C language where

Tue Aug 13 15:48:03 EDT 1991

	m2-exp.y		Added qualified identifiers to the grammar.  The semantics
				are slightly different from those of the GDB operator ::
	m2-exp.y		Added a rule to each grammar of the form:  start ::= exp |
				type_exp, where type_exp is any valid type expression.
	eval.c		Added the opcode OP_TYPE, and an error case in eval.c.
	printcmd.c	Modified ptype_command() so it actually parses the input
				(necessary for type expressions with scope qualifiers).
				Added the function ptype_eval() which expects an
				expression composed of one OP_TYPE element.
	*.[ch]		Replaced all occurences of parse_c_expression with
	*.[ch]		Replaced all occurences of parse_c_1 with parse_exp_1

[End of ChangeLog entries from Andrew Beers for Modula-2 support.]

Mon Sep 16 17:19:46 1991  John Gilmore  (gnu at

	Small fixes from Peter Schauer:

	* infrun.c (child_attach):  Lint.
	* solib.c (find_solib):  Handle shared libs version 2.

	Small fixes from David Wood:

	* xm-ultra3.h (SYS_SIGLIST_MISSING):  Typo.

	Small fixes:

	* remote-vx.c:  Move <stdio.h> to top, for FILE.  Fix from
	John S <>.

	* utils.c (wrap_here):  Avoid wrap action of fputs_filtered if
	chars_per_line is at maximum (user typed `set width 0').  Fix
	from Andreas Schwab <>.

Tue Sep 17 17:31:04 1991  Stu Grossman  (grossman at

	* coredep.c:  include ptrace.h where necessary.
	* mipsread.c(parse_lines):  fix unsigned char problem that was
	messing up line numbers on SGI's and possibly other MIPS based
	* infrun.c (child_create_inferior):  use better test to check
	return val from setpgrp().
	* tm-irix3.h, xm-irix3.h, tconfig/irix3, xconfig/irix3:  add these
	for sgi/irix support.

Wed Sep 18 04:33:31 1991  Per Bothner  (bothner at

	* mipsread.c (parse_symbol):  Put non-static procedures
	in the global block.

Fri Sep 13 00:14:52 1991  John Gilmore  (gnu at

	Patch together `text_start' and `text_end' for 29K port.

	* exec.c (exec_command):  If NEED_TEXT_START_END, define the
	variables and set them based on the exec file.
	* am29k-tdep.c:  declare text_start.
	* valops.c (call_function_by_hand):  declare text_end.

	* inferior.h:  Eliminate CANNOT_EXECUTE_STACK in favor of
	because machines that do this will also have to know to
	set NEED_TEXT_START_END.  Besides, it was a redundant way to
	say the same thing.
	* tm-29k.h, tm-convex.h, tm-np1.h:  Eliminate

Thu Sep 12 00:22:24 1991  John Gilmore  (gnu at

	AMD 29000 changes from David Wood <>:

	* (CLIBS):  Put XM_CLIBS and TM_CLIBS at end.
	Pass MUNCH_DEFINE to munch whenever we run it.
	* am29k-pinsn.c (print_insn):  Handle NOP specially.  Avoid %#x
	format string; use 0x%x instead.
	* am29k-tdep.c:  Use DUMMY_SAVE_GREGS and RETURN_REGNUM.
	* ultra-xdep.c, xm-ultra.h:  New files for Ultracomputer host system.
	* xm-rtbsd.h:  New host support for RT/PC running BSD Unix.
	* inflow.c:  Handle `short' process group IDs.
	* infptrace.c (fetch_register):  Support CANNOT_FETCH_REGISTER,
	and check for ptrace errors.
	* coffread.c (SDB_REG_TO_REGNUM):  Define if not already.
	(coff_symfile_init):  Initialize text_bfd_scnum.
	(read_coff_symtab):  Use it to find the text [and absolute?] sections.
	* ../config.sub:  Add vendor nyu and os "sym[1-9]*".
	* Add hosts rtpc-*-* and a29k-*-*.
	Merge target arm case with other "easy" cases.  Add target
	cases a29k-*-none (rehack of am29k), a29k-*-kern (remote to
	Ultracomputer kernel), and a29k-*-sym1 (ultracomputer OS's user
	* minimon.h, remote-adapt.c, remote-mm.c:  Add.
	* munch:  Cope with RT/PC putting fns in data segment.
	Restore ability to override `nm' by specifying MUNCH_NM.
	* xconfig/rtbsd, xconfig/ultra3:  New host systems.
	* tconfig/a29k:  Rename from tconfig/am29k.  Add remote-mm
	and remote-adapt.  Remove encapsulated coff #define's (the
	support should go in BFD, and gdb shouldn't know or care).
	* tconfig/a29k-kern:  Same, but for remote kernel debugging.
	* tconfig/ultra3:  For debugging user processes on Ultra3/Sym1.
	* tm-29k.h:  Update BADMAG (though it should go away).
	Allow the register definitions to be overridden in another
	tm-file.  Fix SR_REGNUM.  Add a mess of _REGNUM's.  Separate
	DUMMY_SAVE_GR96, for handling kernel calling conventions
	that use GR64+ rather than GR96+.
	* tm-ultra3.h:  New file, for use on Ultra3 Unix as well as for
	remote debugging of Ultra3 kernel.  Includes tm-29k.h and
	overrides various things.

	* remote-mm.c (mm_attach, mm_wait):  Handle attach like
	child_attach does, making a clean stop in the newly attached
	* remote-eb.c:  Lint.

	* coffread.c:  Make coffread independent of any particular
	variant of COFF.  Avoid #include-ing any particular one except
	internalcoff.h.  BFD now passes key values for symbol reading
	as part of its coff_data structure (LINESZ, SYMESZ, AUXESZ,
	and the symbol masks and shifts); use them.
	Remove obsolete end_of_text_addr.

	* exec.c:  Remove unused include files.

Wed Sep 11 19:38:44 1991  John Gilmore  (gnu at

	* (documentation targets):  Pass $(M4).
	Bugfix from (Paul Eggert).

	* stack.c (down_silently_command):  Check for stack existence.

Tue Sep 10 23:08:29 1991  John Gilmore  (gnu at

	* (VERSION):  Update to 4.0.3.

Tue Sep 10 09:19:29 1991  John Gilmore  (gnu at

	* core.c (core_file_command):  Print frame at coredump with
	its level number, by calling print_stack_frame.
	* frame.h:  Add selected_frame_level, print_stack_frame.
	* frame.h, stack.c:  Remove print_sel_frame, print_selected_frame.
	* convex-tdep.c, convex-xdep.c, infcmd.c, inflow.c, infrun.c:
	Change print_sel_frame and print_selected_frame callers to

	* dbxread.c (read_ofile_symtab):  Avoid empty else clause.
	* symfile.c (free_named_symtabs):  Ditto.
	* main.c (main):  wrap_here needs an arg.
	* solib.c (find_solib):  Avoid memory access if _DYNAMIC is zero.
	(solib_add):  Avoid noise.  
	(solib_create_inferior_hook):  Lint.
	(sharedlibrary_command):  Move dont_repeat to here.
	* utils.c (error):  Call wrap_here to force buffered output.

	Small patches from Peter Schauer:

	* coffread.c (start_symtab):  Free any existing line_vector before
	malloc-ing new one.
	(read_coff_symtab):  Ditto for type_vector.

	* source.c (lines_to_list):  New variable, replacing function.
	(all uses):  Use as variable.
	(_initialize_source):  Add 'set listsize' and 'show listsize'.
	* utils.c (lines_to_list):  Remove function.
	* stack.c (print_frame_info):  Use as variable.
	* defs.h (lines_to_list):  Remove declaration.

Mon Sep  9 13:45:57 1991  John Gilmore  (gnu at

	* breakpoint.c (insert_breakpoints):  Restore warning about
	the program might be running in another process, but only for
	systems with this brain death (#ifdef ONE_PROCESS_WRITETEXT).
	* xm-hp300bsd.h, xm-mips.h, xm-vax.h:  Define it.

	* utils.c (error):  if error_pre_print is set, print the string
	* main.c (main, print_gnu_advertisement, print_gdb_version):
	Reformat legalese so it always prints, but acts as an "I'm here"
	message while symbols are being read.  If any errors occur,
	print a few newlines to set off the message and start it at the
	left margin.  Remove mention of "help" command, and don't yak
	about symbol reading.
	(catch_errors):  Error string is now printed first in case of
	error, not last.
	* command.c (undef_cmd_error, lookup_cmd):  On undefined command,
	suggest the "help" command.

	* (VERSION):  Set to 4.0.2.

Thu Sep  5 23:49:48 1991  John Gilmore  (gnu at

	* .gdbinit:  Remove useless "rr" command.  Set complaints
	to 1 for people debugging gdb.

	* breakpoint.c, remote-vx.c:  Reword strings printed by
	catch_errors callers.

Wed Sep  4 11:07:50 1991  John Gilmore  (gnu at

	* WHATS.NEW:  "history write -> history save".  Doc "write on/off".
	(Fix from

	Fix some infrastructure to be able to cope with host and target
	machines with different sized basic types (ints, ptrs, etc).
	(Idea from (Pierre Willard).)

	* values.c (value_from_longest):  Rename from value_from_long.
	Handle pointer types as well as integers, so that targets with
	different pointer sizes from the host can be accomodated.
	* breakpoint.c, convex-tdep.c, eval.c, expprint.c, printcmd.c,
	valarith.c, valops.c, valprint.c, value.h, values.c:  Rename
	uses of value_from_long to value_from_longest.
	* eval.c, findvar.c, printcmd.c, valarith.c, valops.c:  Pass
	the correct pointer type to value_from_long{est}.

	* doc/gdb.texinfo ($_, $__):  Describe types of these variables.

	* remote-vx.c:  Remove obsolete code for calling functions via
	vxworks kludge interface (it referenced value_from_long).

	* valops.c (value_string):  Find malloc with lookup_misc_func, not
	raw search.

Tue Sep  3 18:37:46 1991  John Gilmore  (gnu at

	Make writing to files work properly.  (Fixes to BFD are also needed.)

	* core.c (core_open):  Open file ourselves, read or r/w, depending on
	write_files.  Use bfd_fdopenr.  
	* gdbcore.h (write_files):  New variable.
	* exec.c (write_files):  Define variable, add set&show for it.
	(exec_file_command):  Use write_files to open for read or r/write.

	Make shared library reading happen automatically.  These changes
	are mostly from Peter Schauer <>.

	* inferior.h (stop_soon_quietly):  Add to exported variables.
	* infrun.c (child_create_inferior):  call solib hook, if defined.
	(child_attach):  call solib hook, if defined.
	* solib.c:  Include inferior.h.  Add from_tty to so_list as kludge.
	(find_solib):  Use lookup_misc_func rather than hand-rolled.
	(symbol_add_stub):  New stub for catch_errors.
	(solib_add):  Avoid output if !from_tty.  Catch errors rather
	than just calling symbol_file_add and bombing.
	(solib_create_inferior_hook):  Interface with the target process
	to let it read and alloc shared libs, then figure out what it did.

	* core.c (validate_files):  Fix typo, soften warning.  
	(Fix from Hiroto Kagotani <>.)

	* utils.c (fputs_demangled):  Avoid duplicate printing if
	demangling is off.  (Fix from J.T. Conklin <>.)

	* infrun.c (proceed):  Cast -1 to (CORE_ADDR) before comparing.
	(Fix from (Pierre Willard).)

	* main.c (catch_errors):  Change argument to a char * from an int,
	since a char * can point to a struct full of glop, but an int
	is not guaranteed to be able to hold a pointer.
	* breakpoint.c (breakpoint_cond_eval, bpstat_stop_status,
	breakpoint_re_set_one, breakpoint_re_set):  Adapt.
	* core.c (core_open, solib_add_stub):  Adapt.
	* remote-vx.c (symbol_stub, add_symbol_stub, callers):  Adapt.

Wed Aug 28 18:18:05 1991  John Gilmore  (gnu at

	*  Update VERSION to 4.0.1.  Evade GNU Make bug
	by adding .NOEXPORT target.

Fri Aug 23 17:14:25 1991  John Gilmore  (gnu at

	* GDB-4.0 release!
	* Update README.
	* (VERSION):  Roll to 4.0.
	(gdb.tar.Z):  Make as well, for shipment.

Fri Aug 23 14:07:09 1991  Roland H. Pesch  (pesch at

	* doc/gdb.texinfo: minor rewordings, crossref to ptype from print,
	more on printsyms. 

	* doc/Makefile, generate "gdb-all.texi" rather than

	* doc/rdl-apps.texi: renamed from rdl-apps.texinfo

	*, doc/Makefile, doc/gdb.texinfo:
	reflect above name change

	* WHATS.NEW: correct pointer to refcard.

	* doc/gdb.texinfo: update New Features, Installing

	* doc/gdbint.texinfo: add short description of configure +template

Fri Aug 23 11:46:08 1991  Roland H. Pesch  (pesch at

	* doc/gdb.texinfo: update, fix bugs in "Installing" appendix

Fri Aug 23 01:02:00 1991  John Gilmore  (gnu at

	*  Add config.sub, make doc/rdl-apps.texinfo for
	tar file, add dependencies for referenced doc files.

Thu Aug 22 22:17:06 1991  Stu Grossman  (grossman at

	* coffread.c, symfile.c, stack.c:  saberized.

Thu Aug 22 16:20:27 1991  Roland H. Pesch  (pesch at

	* doc/refcard.tex: permuted Essential Commands sec

	* doc/gdb.texinfo: new C++ chapter; revised installation appendix;
	new doc for
		set/show symbol-reloading
		default set complaints 0
		info all-registers
		RET-repeat disabled after prompted long displays
		processID (attach) interpretation of 2nd GDB cmdline arg

Thu Aug 22 14:05:47 1991  Stu Grossman  (grossman at

	* expread.y, coffread.c, dbxread.c, target.c, mem-break.c,
	  cplus-dem.c, values.c, valprint.c, symfile.c, remote.c,
	  breakpoint.c, main.c:  lint.

Thu Aug 22 02:02:26 1991  John Gilmore  (gnu at

	Install new configuration scheme for GDB and friends.

	* config.sub:  Translate ordinary names to three-part names.
	* configure:  Use three-part names internally.
	*  Translate three-part names to filenames.

	* README, WHATS.NEW:  Update for gdb-4.0.
	*  Roll VERSION to 3.99.

Wed Aug 21 18:21:09 1991  John Gilmore  (gnu at

	* infptrace.c (KERNEL_U_ADDR_BSD):  Include a.out.gnu.h.
	* i960-tdep.c, m68k-tdep.c, sparc-tdep.c, tm-i960.h,
	tm-m68k.h, remote-nindy.c:  Change ext_format_XXX structs
	to single structures rather than arrays; when passing
	their address, use &.  This avoids trouble with bdead compilers.
	* mcheck.c: Don't include <stdlib.h>; just declare "void abort();"
	instead.  This avoids portability headaches.
	* mips-tdep.c (mips_do_registers_info):  Only print FP regs if
	asked to.
	* source.c (open_source_file):  Avoid ANSI const bdeath by 
	skipping declaration and then casting result value.
	* tm-hp300bsd.h:  Clarify comment.
	* utils.c (strstr):  Result is const char *; ANSI bdeath.
	* xm-hp300bsd.h:  Define HOST_BYTE_ORDER.  Redefine INT_MIN,
	since system include file defines it differently from "defs.h",
	though the two are equivalent for our purposes.
	* tconfig/hp300bsd:  Add m68k-tdep.o.

Tue Aug 20 16:01:11 1991  John Gilmore  (gnu at

	* tconfig/sun*4:  Remove warnings about system assembler.

Mon Aug 19 13:44:46 1991  John Gilmore  (gnu at

	* mcheck.c:  Avoid warning about undeclared abort fn.
	* tm-sparc.h (PC_ADJUST):  Avoid calling error() from this;
	it causes recursive calls to error() when used in cleanups.
	To do so requires that we make it a function, so we do.
	* sparc-tdep.c (sparc_pc_adjust):  New implem of PC_ADJUST.
	* utils.c (do_cleanups):  Remove the current cleanup from the
	chain *before* calling it, in case error() is called from it.
	The result won't be pretty, but won't be an infinite loop either.

Mon Aug 19 00:41:04 1991  Michael Tiemann  (tiemann at

	* dbxread.c (read_struct_type): Grok anon structs for C++.
	(vb_name, vptr_name): Null terminate these strings.

Fri Aug 16 08:31:03 1991  John Gilmore  (gnu at

	Minor bug fixes from BSD Net2 gdb:

	* blockframe.c (get_prev_frame_info):  If FRAME_CHAIN_COMBINE
	returns 0, there is no previous frame.
	* breakpoint.c (commands_command):  If !from_tty, don't call
	* dbxread.c (record_misc_function):  Speed up slightly.
	(compare_psymbols):  Ditto.
	* infcmd.c (do_registers_info):  Take a second argument to
	determine whether to print float registers.  "info registers"
	does not do so anymore.  "info all-registers" does, now.
	* mips-tdep.c, pyr-tdep.c (xxx_do_registers_info):  Take second
	arg and ignore it.
	* tm-mips.h, tm-pyr.h (DO_REGISTERS_INFO):  Pass second arg.
	* inflow.c (initialize_inflow):  Set tflags_ours correctly.
	Other fixes:

	* breakpoint.c (bpstat_do_actions):  Use a cleanup to restore
	executing_breakpoint_commands if we are interrupted by error.
	* coffread.c (init_lineno):  Avoid problem with zero-sized linetab
	versus malloc/free.  From: (John Carey).
	* core.c (solib_add_stub, core_open):  Call SOLIB_ADD inside a
	catch_errors() so we can setup the frame regardless of whether
	the shared libs work.
	* ieee-float.c (double_to_ieee_extended):  Get exponent from
	right place in little-endian systems.  From John Carey.

Thu Aug 15 18:43:57 1991  John Gilmore  (gnu at

	* main.c: Remove unused terminating_signals and catch_termination().
	(long_options):  Terminate with a zero element.
	[Bugfix from Atsuo Kawaguchi <>.]
	(gdb_readline):  Make call-compatible with readline.
	(init_signals):  Improve comments re vfork vs. signal.

	* utils.c (prompt_for_continue):  Use new gdb_readline().
	If we prompt for continuation, we don't let CR repeat the previous
	command, once we get back to a prompt.  It's too easy to keep
	hitting CR, expecting "--more--" prompts, and have some long
	command start repeating on you.

Tue Aug 13 16:17:56 1991  John Gilmore  (gnu at

	* blockframe.c (frameless_look_for_prologue):  Speed up by
	calling SKIP_PROLOGUE_FRAMELESS_P if it's defined.
	Define two variants, one faster.
	* sparc-tdep.c (sparc_frame_chain):  Use target_read_memory
	and return zero, rather than giving an error.
	(setup_arbitrary_frame):  Initialize the PC in the new frame.
	(skip_prologue):  Add a second arg saying whether we're just
	checking for a frameless function or not.

	* core.c (core_open, core_close, core_xfer_memory):  Move
	section table pointers and bfd* into the target_ops.
	(core_open):  Allow errors in shared lib reading, etc.
	(core_files_info):  Describe shared library sections.

	* exec.c (exec_open, exec_close, exec_xfer_memory, xfer_memory,
	exec_files_info, set_section_command):  Move section table
	pointers and bfd* into the target_ops.
	(add_to_section_table):  Add BFD to section table.

	* target.c (target_xfer_memory, target_info):  Pass target to
	xfer_memory and target_info functions.
	* target.h:   ''

	* gdbcore.h:  Move struct section_table.
	* target.h:  New home of struct section_table.

	* solib.c (solib_add):  New argument is the target_ops whose
	section list is to be added to, if any.  Reallocate the
	sections in that target to add any that come from shared libs.
	(throughout) so_sections renamed to sections.
	(solib_xfer_memory):  Deleted.
	* tm-sunos.h (SOLIB_ADD):  Add target argument.

	* core.c, exec.c, inftarg.c, remote-eb.c, remote-nindy.c,
	remote-vx.c, remote.c, target.c, target.h:  Remove add_syms vector
	from target_ops.  It's the same on all targets.  Add two section
	pointers to target_ops.

	* stack.c (find_relative_frame):  Dump ancient algorithm for
	"down", just use handy "next" pointers.
	(frame_command):  Don't error if there is no stack; let user
	set one.

	* inflow.c (new_tty_prefork, new_tty):  New prefork routine
	modifies static state in the parent process; new_tty itself
	runs in the child and modifies the child's file descriptors
	to match the saved static state.
	* infrun.c (child_create_inferior):  Call new_tty_prefork,
	fork, then new_tty.

	* infptrace.c (child_xfer_memory):  Add ignored target arg.
	* remote-eb.c (eb_xfer_inferior_memory):  ''
	* remote-nindy.c (nindy_xfer_inferior_memory):  ''
	* remote-vx.c (vx_xfer_memory):    ''
	* remote.c (remote_xfer_memory):   ''.  Rename from

	* main.c (main):  Only try to attach "corefile" argument if
	it starts with a digit.

	* symfile.c (symbol_reloading):  New "set/show" variable.
	(symbol_file_add):  Shorten message about symbol reading.
	(add_symbol_file_command):  Merge with add_syms_addr_command,
	since this should work on all targets now.
	(stop_whining):  Default to zero, to shut up complaints
	about bad symbol tables on many systems.
	(free_named_symtabs):  Just exit unless symbol_reloading.

	* xm-sun3os4.h, xm-sun4os4.h:  Define BROKEN_LARGE_ALLOCA,
	and add comment explaining shared library screw.

	* source.c:  #if defined => #ifdef.

Thu Aug  8 12:23:19 1991  John Gilmore  (gnu at

	* doc/gdbint.texinfo:  Improve doc on porting to new OS's.

Tue Aug  6 17:16:15 1991  Roland H. Pesch  (pesch at

	* doc/rdl-apps.texinfo: provide default readline-appendix finder
	(doc/Makefile knows how to make one for local config)

	* use doc/Makefile for doc targets

	* doc/Makefile: GDB documentation now has its own Makefile
	  doc/refcard.tex: renamed from "gdbrc.tex"
	  doc/gdbint.texinfo: add markup in "Cleanups" chapter

Fri Aug  2 00:13:06 1991  John Gilmore  (gnu at

	* values.c (baseclass_addr):  When reading target memory, use the
	length of the basetype, not the upper type.  We've only malloc'd
	enough space for the basetype, leading to errors in free().

	* expprint.c (print_subexp):  Print UNOP_MEMVAL of an OP_LONG that
	ends up as a function specially, since we know the actual type of
	the pointed-to address.  This (somewhat) fixes display of
	expressions that include misc_function_vector names.  Try `cond 1
	!strcmp("a","b")' then `i b'.

	* infrun.c:  Move DO_DEFERRED_STORES from proceed() to resume().
	The child can be proceeded from inside wait_for_inferior in
	evaluating breakpoint conditions, and DO_DEFERRED_STORES was
	getting skipped in that case.

	* expprint.c (print_subexp):  Use filtered output, since the
	subroutines we call use it, otherwise the output is horribly
	mangled, since output of wrappable stuff comes out late.

	*  Bump VERSION to 3.98.1

	* infrun.c (child_create_process):  Use execlp to find the
	shell to exec our target program.  This requires some fiddling
	with `environ' since there is no execlpe().

Thu Aug  1 15:35:17 1991  Roland H. Pesch  (pesch at

	*, doc/gdbrc.tex, doc/rc-* (new files):
	Minor rearrangement of refcard permits two new make targets--
	gdbrc.dvi	    DVI output for refcard, using CM fonts	    PostScript refcard, using PS fonts

Wed Jul 31 16:46:21 1991  John Gilmore  (gnu at

	* GDB-3.98 release.

	* TODO, Projects, WHATS.NEW, README:  Update for gdb-3.98.
	* (gdb-all.texinfo):  Avoid touching file if M4 dies.

Wed Jul 31 16:35:58 1991  Roland H. Pesch  (pesch at

	* doc/gdb.texinfo: last changes for release.
	Minor typo and formatting fixes; incorporated most fixes remaining from
	filed mail commenting on earlier drafts.

	Added warnings: pipes don't work in run command;
	        conditions are converse of assertions;
	      	step over fn without debug info goes to next fn;
		vars may have "wrong" values near fn entrance, exit

	Added example from Kingston on printing repeated nonadjacent values

	Added explicit mention that in Emacs gdb mode C-c and C-z are like
	shell mode for signals

	Renamed "Stepping and Continuing" to "Continuing and Stepping" so it
	doesn't sound so much like its parent "Stopping and Continuing"; also
	moved entries on continue to top of section, so they don't get lost.

	Improved installation directions in appendix, added manual formatting

Tue Jul 30 17:26:39 1991  John Gilmore  (gnu at

	*  Remove xm.h and tm.h even if we aren't linking
	new ones, so "./configure sun4; ./configure none" does the right
	thing.  Assume that alldeps.mak and depend are already built in
	srcdir, and avoid running "make" (particularly "make depend",
	which involves "gcc") from inside configure.  Build Makefile
	directly rather than building Makefile.conf first.
	* configure:  Regenerate with above changes.
	*  Use $(BISON) to find bison.  Roll VERSION
	to 3.98.  Revise gdb.tar.Z procedure to produce a file
	called gdb-$(VERSION).tar.Z but which unpacks into a
	directory called "gdb".  Move non-source files out of
	$(SFILES_SUBDIR).  Pretty up alldeps.mak with comments.
	(depend):  Don't try to do "gcc expread.y".
	(expread.o):  Update dependencies by hand.

Mon Jul 29 15:21:09 1991  Roland H. Pesch  (pesch at

	* doc/gdb.texinfo:
	Fixed a variety of small typos that prevented info from formatting
	cleanly; altered too-long heading for GPL Appendix, as discussed
	w/RMS; Changed date on cover to July 91.

Fri Jul 26 13:20:02 1991  Roland H. Pesch  (pesch at

	* doc/gdb.texinfo:
	(1) Applied some fixes due to comments from Larry Breed (easier ones
	through chapsec 5.2)
	(2) Eliminated use of @footnote---had my doubts about it anyways, and
	it's broken in latest texinfo
	(3) Introduced *some* use of [] for optional arguments, where
	explanation is not simpler by listing cmd w arg and cmd w/out arg
	separately.  Still not using @deffn.
	(4) Dropped in GPL-2.  NOTE: one of GPL-2 or texinfo is broken; a
	couple of headings are too long.  Need patches to texinfo or revision
	to GPL-2.

	* Partial update to README (which still needs work for this
	release!): (1) use of configure corrected for new script, 
                   (2) "make gdb.dvi" and "make" mentioned.

Wed Jul 24 06:44:02 1991  John Gilmore  (gnu at

	* symtab.c (lookup_symbol):  Don't complain right off about
	no debug symbols; use the misc function vector first.
	(list_symbols):  Use misc function vector to find symbols
	that don't have debug info, and print them.
	(find_pc_symtab):  Temporarily avoid fatal() when psymtab
	PC range doesn't match symtab PC range, as it does on the 
	MIPS because our symtab reading isn't perfect.

	* dbxread.c (dbx_symfile_read):  Make warning about
	"no debug symbols" slightly nicer.

	* source.c (select_source_symtab):  If "main" symbol exists,
	but decode_line_spec can't find line info, don't just return
	a zero; try other source symtabs or give an error.

	* mipsread.c (parse_partial_symbols):  Sort the psymtabs by
	their low addresses first, then rip through fixing high addrs.

	* ns32k-opcode.h (sfsr):  Bugfix from Rune Nerg}rd,
	(NS32K_SVC_IMMED_OPERANDS):  Reverse the #ifndef.

Tue Jul 23 18:52:43 1991  Roland H. Pesch  (pesch at

	* Minor, mostly mechanical, cleanup of doc subdir for clean 
	makeinfo'ing and TeXing; also ensured gdb-all.texinfo (post-m4) 
	and (post- texinfo2 makeinfo) generated for distribution.

Sun Jul 21 03:54:52 1991  John Gilmore  (gnu at

	Mostly MIPS and general symbol-reading fixups.

	* doc/gdbint.texinfo:  Add documentation on symbol-reading

	* mipsread.c:  Remove kludges around #include "ecoff.h".
	Remove redefinitions of a_magic, etc, no longer used.
	(parse_symbol, ):  Convert "Internal:" printfs to complain()ts.
	Fix global overview comments to match symfile.c protocol.
	(mipscoff_new_init):  Eliminate cur_hdr if we have one.
	(mipscoff_symfile_read):  Eliminate unused code.  Avoid
	sorting all the symtabs, when all we have read here is psymtabs.
	The symtabs are sorted as they are created anyway.  Tell
	condense_misc_bunches whether we're mainline.
	(psymtab_to_symtab_1):  Pass filename when recursing, to make
	stack trace more informative.
	(parse_partial_symbols):  Assume cur_hdr as argument.
	(read_mips_symtab):  Don't clobber cur_hdr, so it can be freed.
	Pass cur_hdr implicitly to parse_partial_symbols.  Avoid checking
	the TYPE_NAME of char *, since that's done in symfile.c.
	(free_numargs, parse_symbol, add_symbol, add_block,
	shrink_linetable):  Declare these fns void. 
	(upgrade_type):  Convert tree of if's to switch.  Clean up
	bogus "off == 0" handling with a complaint.  Avoid setting
	field bitpos and bitsize of array with lower and upper bounds.
	Check specified bitsize of elements against their actual type's
	bitsize, and complain if different.  Complain about unknown 
	type qualifiers.
	(parse_fdr):  Don't assume sizeof(char *) == sizeof (struct *).
	(psymtab_to_symtab_1):  Print names of subsidiary files that
	are being read in.  FIXME, we read far too many files.  This code
	is not the problem, the problem is in parse_fdr where the psymtabs
	are set up.
	(cross_ref):  Result should indicate that we used one aux entry
	normally, or two if we encountered a "next" entry.  This used
	to leave the caller pointing at the wrong aux entry.
	(add_symbol):  If overflowed cur_block, reallocate it larger,
	chase all pointers to it, and complain(), rather than clobber memory.
	(shrink_block):  Use xrealloc rather than xmalloc-and-copy.
	(new_field):  Only allocate one field initially, not two.
	Pull ++ out of macro argument.  Simplify.
	(_initialize_mipsread):  Avoid initialization of importd
	global_psymbols and static_psymbols. 

	* symfile.c (psymtab_to_symtab):  Depend on XXX_psymtab_to_symtab
	to properly set pst->symtab; avoid searching for it.
	(symfile_fns):  Improve comments, add a FIXME.
	* dbxread.c:  Update comments to reflect symfile protocol.
	(read_ofile_symtab, end_symtab):  Return the symtab.
	(psymtab_to_symtab_1):  Set pst->symtab.

	* coffread.c (coff_symfile_read):  tell condense_misc_bunches
	whether we're mainline.

	* symfile.h (sym_fns):  Remove unused sym_discard member.
	* coffread.c, mipsread.c, dbxread.c:  Remove XXX_symfile_discard.

	* mtrace.c (mtrace):  Take effect if mallwatch is set, even if
	the environment variable is not.
	* infcmd.c (finish_command):  Use filtered printfs.
	* cplus-dem.c:  Add struct tags to a few unnamed structs.
	* valops.c (value_coerce_array):  Improve comments.
	* valprint.c (type_print_varspec_suffix):  Print array size only
	if greater than zero.
	* m88k-tdep.c:  Shift some lines left by one space, that had
	apparently been trashed at some point.
	* TODO:  More things to do, a few got done.

Thu Jul 18 22:46:05 1991  John Gilmore  (gnu at

	* symtab.h (LOC_EXTERNAL):  Eliminate in favor of LOC_STATIC.
	(ldsymoff, ldsymlen, globals_offset, statics_offset): Improve
	* dbxread.c (read_dbx_symtab):  LOC_EXTERNAL -> LOC_STATIC.
	* expread.y, findvar.c, symmisc.c:  Ditto.
	* printcmd.c (address_info):  Update printed forms of LOC_
	symbols.  Elim LOC_EXTERNAL.  
	(print_frame_args):  Keep track of param stack offsets before
	re-looking up to find the local register param is kept in.

	* mipsread.c:  Use <symconst.h> and <sym.h> rather than <syms.h>.
	Further integration of mipsread into gdb.  Eliminate unused
	routines, duplicate declarations.  Handle static symbols in 
	psymtabs as well as external symbols.  When reading symtabs,
	insert symbols into the correct block (global, static, or a local
	(read_mips_symtab, parse_partial_symbols):  Don't pass useless
	"incremental" arg.
	(mipscoff_symfile_read):  Don't call select_source_symtab.
	(parse_symbol):  Use SYMBOL_VALUE_ADDRESS where appropriate,
	rather than SYMBOL_VALUE.
	(parse_external):  Comment clobbering of top_stack.
	(parse_partial_symbols):  Update comments.  Allocate and parse
	static symbols as well as external symbols.  FIXME, enum values
	are not handled in this pass, but should be.  Inline new_psymbol.
	(psymtab_to_symtab_1):  Read symbols into global static block
	by default (until enter some function's local block context).
	(sort_blocks):  Clean up STATIC_BLOCK as well as GLOBAL_BLOCK.
	(destroy_all_symtabs, new_psymbol):  Eliminate, unused.

	* source.c (select_source_symtab):  Select a source symtab
	from either the symtabs or, failing that, the psymtabs.
	(list_command):  Update error message.
	(forward_search_command, reverse_search_command):  Use getc, not
	fgetc, for speed.  FIXME, add comment about buffers that die if
	overrun by long line.

	* values.c (unpack_field_as_long, modify_field):  Avoid shifting
	by an entire word, which is not portable, if we have a 32-bit
	field.  (Code in dbxread.c already turns such bitfields, if
	aligned, into ordinary ints, but fixing this will help for other
	symbol formats and for future changes.)
	* core.c (core_open):  Handle ANSI const brain death.
	* utils.c (vprintf):  Fix varargs typo.

Sun Jul 14 00:42:53 1991  John Gilmore  (gnu at

	* findvar.c (find_var_value):  Handle &function better.
	* TODO:  Document work needed on &fn and &array.
	* printcmd.c (print_address_symbolic):  New arg is the prefix
	to print if a name is printed.
	(print_address_demangle):  Honor "set print address" now.
	Use new arg above to improve spacing of output.
	* valprint.c (val_print):  When printing function pointers,
	print symbolic form too.
	* breakpoint.c (breakpoint_1):  Use new print_address_symbolic.

Mon Jul  8 19:02:46 1991  John Gilmore  (gnu at

	* core.c (memory_error):  Reword error msg to mislead less.

	* mips-pinsn.c (print_insn_arg 'd'):  Print $ with reg name.

	* mipsread.c (read_mips_symtab, read_the_mips_symtab,
	parse_partial_symbols): Use newer BFD internals (external_filehdr
	and external_aouthdr), byte-swap the fields that we care about
	before using them, and make the file header data local to
	read_the_mips_symtab rather than global.

Sat Jul  6 01:34:15 1991  John Gilmore  (gnu at

	* ns32k-opcode.h (movmw, movmd):  Fix opcodes.  Bug fix
	from Rune Nerg}rd <> on 5 Jul 1991.

	* main.c (command_line_input):  Flush stdout and stderr
	before every call to readline.  This reportedly fixes a bug
	that comes up in Sys V running emacs-gdb and/or xxgdb,
	when stdin/out are pipes or sockets.

Thu Jul  4 14:47:06 1991  John Gilmore  (gnu at

	*,  Avoid rebuilding "depend" as much.
	Avoid declaring Makefile dependencies, because GNU Make stupidly
	tries to update it if we do.

	* coffread.c:  Revise for minor changes to bfd internal coff

	* configure:  If -template= is given a relative path, make it 
	absolute before recurring in subdirectories.

	* configure,,  Install "configure" script
	as replacement for config.gdb.
	* config.gdb, Makefile.dist, Makefile.sdir:  Remove
	* README:  Update for configure, mostly.  FIXME.

	* Add dec3100 as equivalent to littlemips.  Indicate in all host &
	target config files that they are for the host.  When the lines
	get copied into the Makefile, this makes it more obvious what's

Mon Jun 24 23:49:07 1991  John Gilmore  (gnu at

	* sparc-opcode.h (trap opcodes):  Avoid leading spaces or
	tabs, which end up in the disassembler output inadvertently.

Wed May 29 23:01:03 1991  John Gilmore  (gnu at

	Make it compile cleanly in an ANSI GCC2 environment.

	* blockframe.c:  <stdio.h>
	* cplus-dem.c:  free takes a void *, ifdef __STDC__
	* dbxread.c (read_huge_number):  avoid gcc2 bug hoisting calc of
	* defs.h (alloca):  Avoid doing anything if alloca already def'd.
	* stddef.h, stdlib.h:  Remove these files.
	* symtab.c:  Avoid declaring qsort, close.
	* symfile.c:  Avoid declaring close.
	* utils.c (vprintf):  Declare "ap" arg as proper va_alist.	
	* sparc-tdep.c:  Avoid including lots of Sun-host-specific files.

	Assorted other changes.
	* dbxread.c:  include "libaout.h", not "liba.out.h".
	* printcmd.c (print_frame_args):  Set recurse properly for
	indentation of struct and array parameters.
	* valops.c (value_cast):  Allow cast to void.
	* infrun.c (resume):  If NO_SINGLE_STEP, call machine dependent
	single_step() in a target-independent fashion.
	* sparc-tdep.c (single_step):  Don't call ptrace ourselves, just
	set up to be ready to continue.  This makes us target independent.
	* infptrace.c (child_resume):  Remove call to single_step; now
	can single step a SPARC target of any kind.

Wed May 22 18:18:24 1991  Roland H. Pesch  (pesch at

	* Makefile.dist, doc/gdb.texinfo, doc/*-m4.texinfo: split up GDB
	docn into separate sections---basically chapters, plus two loose
	pieces that can be configured to go in different places.  This
	allows GNU m4 to preprocess the manual without coredumping.

	* Makefile.dist: tell TeX where to find texinfo.

Mon May 20 12:15:04 1991  Roland H. Pesch  (pesch at

	* Makefile.dist, doc/gdb.texinfo: respectively create, and use,
	the new target "rdl-apps.texinfo" which captures the Makefile
	variable that records where to find the Readline libraries.

Sun May 19 05:36:59 1991  John Gilmore  (gnu at

	* tahoe-pinsn.c:  #include "tahoe-opcode.h", not "opcode.h".
	* tm-tahoe.h (FIX_CALL_DUMMY):  Ignore more parameters.
	* defs.h (const, volatile):  Only define if not already defined.
	* Makefile.dist (gdb.tar.Z):  Create doc subdir w/out CVS/RCS crud.

	* README:  Update for release 3.95.
	* config.gdb:  Don't create readline dir in subdir builds.
	* main.c:  Include with "..." form for non-system include files,
	so "gcc -MM" for "make depend" works.
	Include readline files with "...h" rather than <readline/...h>.
	* mipsread.c:  Include "ecoff.h" rather than "intel-coff.h".

	* coffread.c:  Undo minor damage done by Rich Pixley.  Use
	different internal and external representations of COFF
	data structures.  Use new BFD routines for swapping them in and
	* symfile.c (free_named_symtabs):  Avoid freeing file names that
	are null or empty.  Old i960 tools seem to produce files that
	claim to have empty names, causing each successive file read
	to blow away the previous one.
	* sparc-xdep.c (deferred_stores):  Repair minor damage by Rich.
	Move deferred_stores to top of file, but don't separate its
	#define's from its variable.  Add commentary.
	* Makefile.dist:  Fix Rich damage; undo "configure" changes in
	favor of keeping the (working) config.gdb.  Move readline
	library up a notch.

Fri May 17 12:49:56 1991  Per Bothner  (via gnu at

	* dbxread.c (read_struct_type):  Try to handle g++ version 1 MI
	debug info.
	* infptrace.c (fetch_registers):  no result, since now void.
	* tconfig/news:  target depends on m68k-tdep too.

Fri May 17 14:40:14 1991  Roland H. Pesch  (pesch at

	* Makefile.dist: added readline/inc-*.texinfo to dependencies for
	gdb.dvi target

	* readline/inc-history.texinfo, readline/inc-readline.texinfo:
	applied various small fixes due to or inspired by RMS comments

	* doc/gdb.texinfo: finished using all RMS comments, save those for
	appendices on readline and cmd history (which are in other source

Thu May 16 18:06:05 1991  Roland H. Pesch  (pesch at

	* doc/gdb.texinfo: (1) Updated w/ref to RMS comments through
	chapter 9; (2) documented 'break' command's menu mode for
	overloaded names, in response to hgs problem report C++ p-31

Wed May 15 11:02:48 1991  Roland H. Pesch  (pesch at

	* doc/gdb.texinfo: (1) better introductory example; (2) more
	consistent use of @code, @samp, @file, @kbd throughout; small
	cleanups to first three nodes; (3) new "Contributors" node;
	(4) Appendix, Renamed Commands; (5) divert specialized startup
	instructions to "Targets" chapter for generic manuals, while
	leaving them up front for manuals specific to specialized
	environments; (6) apply fixes from RMS comments through chapter 4.

	* pretex.m4: modify explanatory text slightly (and redefine
	"regexp") to keep GNU m4 from complaining.  (It still crashes
	later, but one step at a time...)

Wed May 15 10:32:12 1991  John Gilmore  (gnu at

	* readline/readline.c (update_line):  Avoid dereferencing a pointer
	before comparing it to its bounds.  Saber caught this.
	(init_terminal_io):  Don't set BC from the "pc=" termcap variable,
	and only set PC if tgetstr returned non-null.  Saber caught this.

Tue May 14 16:29:53 PDT 1991  Roland Pesch (pesch at

	* Makefile.dist: put gdb.dvi stuff (updated to use M4 preprocessor
	stuff for config manual) here where it counts; updated
	to use new subdir structure (gdb/doc/).

	* Makefile: generated from above via 
		    config.gdb none 
	before checkin

	* gdbint.texinfo: added instructions on generating* files
	locally for release.  These are ordinary info
	files, formatted from gdb.texinfo (via gdb-all.texinfo, see
	Makefile)---but due to use of texinfo 2, can't count on makeinfo
	to generate these, so we distribute them already formatted.

	* gdb.texinfo: included full Info node and menu crud (as generated
	by C-u M-x texinfo-master-menu using the texinfo-2 elisp code).

	* Makefile: updated "gdb.dvi" target to use M4 preprocessor;
	put in comments-for-future target (one day makeinfo will
	work again).

Tue May 14 13:51:36 PDT 1991  Roland Pesch (pesch at

	* gdb.texinfo: Updated to include new or old undocumented
	commands, at least the following (perhaps some others I forgot to
	record): info f, info float, info path, info program, info s, info
	set, info source, info terminal, info types, info user, set/show
	print object.  
	Also covered all recent GDB command renames for v4.

Mon May 13 14:57:46 1991  John Gilmore  (gnu at

	* mipsread.c:  Rather than keeping count of how many symtabs
	and psymtabs we have, for sorting purposes, count them when
	we need to sort.  This fixes bug in rereading of symbol tables.

Fri May 10 15:43:33 PDT 1991  Roland Pesch (pesch at

	* infcmd.c: renamed "info path" to "show paths"
        * gdbrc.tex: documented above.

Wed May  8 04:51:11 1991  John Gilmore  (gnu at

	* remote.c:  Fix comments.
	* utils.c (error):  Force out any pending wrap output.

Sat May  4 11:11:07 1991  John Gilmore  (gnu at

	* Makefile.dist:  Roll VERSION to 3.95.
	Fix up "saber_gdb" to work again.
	* saber.suppress:  Update.

	* coffread.c, exec.c, infptrace.c, inftarg.c, remote.c, solib.c,
	symtab.h, target.c, target.h:  Lint.
	* core.c:  setup and select frame after reading shared libs,
	else reading shared libs will clobber them.  Lint.
	* utils.c (error):  Force out any buffered wrap text.

Fri May  3 22:01:56 1991  John Gilmore  (gnu at

	* remote.c:  Remove decls of memory_insert_breakpoint
	and memory_remove_breakpoint, no longer used.  (Suggestion of
	Jan Norden).

	* Makefile.dist:  use ${subdir} in paths of BFD and LIBIBERTY,
	to make it easier to interface to "configure"'d libraries.

Fri May  3 13:10:01 PDT 1991  Roland Pesch (pesch at

        * valprint.c:  introduce "set p", "set pr", "show p" and "show pr" as
	aliases for set/show print.

Thu May  2 11:22:02 1991  Jim Kingdon  (kingdon at

	* coffread.c (coff_sym_fns) [TDESC]: Make the type be m88kbcs.

	* m88k-tdep.c (IEEE_isNAN): New function.

	* infrun.c, m88k-tdep.c, m88k-xdep.c: Change
	initialize_{tdesc,dcontext} to init_{tdesc,dcontext}.

	* infrun.c [TDESC]: Add a bunch of crud.

	* xm-88k.h [__GNUC__]: Don't define memset.

	* m88k-xdep.c: #if 0 out push_breakpoint.

	* tm-88k.h: Define GET_SAVED_REGISTER.

	* tm-88k.h: Define DGUX.

	* m88k-opcode.h (UEXT, SEXT, MAKE): Put parentheses around arguments.

	* m88k-pinsn.c (sprint_address): Declare at top of file.

	* m88k-xdep.c: #if 0 out core_file_command.

	* values.c ({unpack_,value_as_}pointer): Just call
	{unpack_,value_as_}long (for now anyway).

	* m88k-tdep.c (get_saved_register): Make get_reg a dc_word_t (*)().
	(psr_register): Change return type to dc_word_t.

	* m88k-tdep.c (tdesc_read_function): Comment out call to ptrace.

	* m88k-tdep.c (get_saved_register): Add lvalp parameter.

	* gdbcore.h (write_memory): Don't prototype it.

	* tm-88k.h, m88k-tdep.c: Make stack_error, stack_jmp global.
	m88k-xdep.c: Don't mention stack_error.

	* {x,t}config/m88k ({X,T}DEPFILES): Add missing files.

	* mtrace.c: Don't typedef things like size_t, just #define them.

	* coffread.c [TDESC]: #if 0 out references to coffsyn.

	* symtab.h (struct symtab): Include EXTRA_SYMTAB_INFO.
	tm-88k.h: Define EXTRA_SYMTAB_INFO.

	* coffread.c [TDESC]: Include "tdesc.h" and make tdesc_handle
	dc_dcontext_t not int.

	* coffread.c [TDESC]: Use system include files not <intel-coff.h>.

	* coffread.c [TDESC]: Move setting of debug_info from
	coff_symfile_read to find_linenos and make it work with BFD.

	* cplus-dem.c [__STDC__]: Make x{m,re}alloc return void*.

	* signame.c: Cast const char* to char* when assigning to sys_siglist.

	* utils.c (strsave): Make arg const char* not char*.

	* infrun.c (wait_for_inferior) [SHIFT_INSN_REGS]: Use
	bpstat_explains_signal (stop_bpstat) not stop_breakpoint.

	* tm-88k.h (START_INFERIOR_HOOK): Make tdesc_handle a dc_handle_t.

	* tm-88k.h (EXTRACT_RETURN_VALUE): Use char * not void *.

	* findvar.c (read_var_value, case LOC_CONST_BYTES): Put the address
	in a char *, not a CORE_ADDR.  Use SYMBOL_VALUE_BYTES.

	* tm-88k.h (INIT_EXTRA_FRAME_INFO): Use fci not prev (fci is
	prev except from create_new_frame).  Make next_frame a
	local variable.
	Declare get_prev_context.
	{x,t}m-88k.h: Enclose USG and BCS defines in #if !defined.
	m88k-{opcode.h,pinsn.c,xdep.c,tdep.c}: New files (same contents as
	before; they had just been left out of the distribution for a long

Thu May  2 17:53:56 1991  John Gilmore  (gnu at

	Mips bringup and general cleanup

	* cplus-dem.c:  Move CPLUS_MARKER define to after defs.h.
	* infptrace.c (PT_WRITE_D, PT_READ_D):  Use correct values.
	(This still doesn't seem to make MIPS bkpts work.)
	* mipsread.c:  Remove dup "Reading symbol data..." msg.
	(symbol_file_command, add_file_command):  Remove, obsol.
	* printcmd.c (ptype_command):  Say "an enum" rather than "a enum".
	Wrap output appropriately.
	* stack.c (locals_info, catch_info, args_info):  Check
	selected_frame rather than target_has_stack or coredumping.
	* valprint.c (type_print_varspec_suffix):  Wrap "ptype" output of
	enums appropriately.

Wed May  1 14:10:22 1991  Jim Kingdon  (kingdon at

	* signame.c: Include defs.h and param.h.

	* cplus-dem.c: Include defs.h and param.h.
	Makefile.dist: Don't hack in the "param.h".
	param.h: Don't include defs.h.

	* expread.y: Use a union to deal with the fact that type_stack
	can have both ints and enum type_pieces in it.
	({push,pop}_type_int): New functions.

Tue Apr 30 13:18:58 1991  Jim Kingdon  (kingdon at

	* cplus-dem.c (cplus_mangle_opname): Don't call error.
	values.c (check_stub_method): Call error if NULL return from

	* blockframe.c, breakpoint.c, core.c, command.c, findvar.c,
	eval.c, expprint.c, infcmd.c, infrun.c, main.c, printcmd.c,
	remote.c, source.c, stack.c, dbxread.c, coffread.c, symfile.h,
	symfile.c, utils.c, valarith.c, values.c, valops.c, tm-68k.h,
	target.c, inftarg.c, ieee-float.c, environ.c, defs.h,
	command.h, inferior.h, gdbcore.h, symtab.h, expression.h,
	symtab.c, cplus-dem.c, value.h, expread.y, valprint.c,
	copying.awk, solib.c, inflow.c, symmisc.c
	: Lint.  Use read_memory not read_memory_integer on CORE_ADDR's.
	Use {value_as,unpack}_pointer (added to values.c)
	not {value_as,unpack}_long on CORE_ADDR's.
	Use longest_to_int (added to defs.h) instead of cast to int.
	Remove from_tty arg to mod_path.
	Put symfile_bfd in {coff,dbx}read.c not symfile.h.
	Use OP_NULL instead of 0 where dummy enum exp_opcode needed.

	* tm-sparc.h: Remove GET_RWINDOW_REG.
	(FRAME_CHAIN): Call sparc_frame_chain.
	sparc-tdep.c (sparc_frame_chain): New function.
	sparc_extract_struct_value_address (added to sparc-tdep.c).

	* xm-sun386.h: Don't define SET_STACK_LIMIT_HUGE.

Tue Apr 30 13:13:33 1991  Michael Tiemann  (tiemann at

	* valprint.c (type_print_base): If the type being printed is a
	struct containing undefined types, print "<undefine type>"
	as the type instead of crashing.
	* values.c (value_headof): Get the vtable pointer taking
	TYPE_VPTR_BASETYPE into account.
	* symtab.c, symtab.h, dbxread.c: Fix various whitespace splotches.

Mon Apr 29 13:22:51 1991  Jim Kingdon  (kingdon at

	* Move BROKEN_LARGE_ALLOCA from tm-sun386.h to xm-sun386.h.

	* sun386-xdep.c [!GDB_TARGET_IS_SUN386]: Just provide empty
	functions which don't do anything.
	tm-sun386.h: Define GDB_TARGET_IS_SUN386.

	* Makefile.dist: Add comment about tm-sun3os4.h: tm-sun3.h, etc.

	* sun3-xdep.c, tm-sun3.h, tm-68k.h: Change TARGET_SUN3 to

	* infrun.c: Don't include sys/user.h and friends (wrong for
	cross-debugging and not necessary anymore (see IN_SIGTRAMP in
	[SET_STACK_LIMIT_HUGE]: Include <sys/{resource,time}.h>.
	xm-tahoe.h: Don't define _DIRENT_.

	* xm-tahoe.h: Remove USE_OLD_TTY (not needed now that terminal.h
	includes sgtty.h before sys/ioctl.h).

Sun Apr 28 22:04:47 1991  Jim Kingdon  (kingdon at

	* param-no-tm.h: Make BITS_BIG_ENDIAN defined to 0/1, not defined
	or not defined.  Don't define it based on TARGET_BYTE_ORDER if
	it's already defined (in the tm.h file).
	mips-opcode.h (BIT_FIELDS_*),
	values.c (modify_field, unpack_field_as_long):
	{x,t}m-tahoe.h, tahoe-pinsn.c, tahoe-opcode.h: New files.

Fri Apr 26 12:02:06 1991  Jim Kingdon  (kingdon at

	* tm-sparc.h: Add comments about gcc version 2 and structure passing.

	* xconfig/i386v{,32}{,-g}: Add XM_CFLAGS=-Dgetpagesize()=4096.
	gmalloc.c: #if 0 out !HAVE_GETPAGESIZE code.

	* expread.y (abs_decl): Accept '&' and '&' abs_decl.

	* symtab.c, symtab.h: Have a builtin_type_{,unsigned_}long_long
	regardless of LONG_LONG.
	defs.h (TARGET_LONG_LONG_BIT): New macro.
	expread.y (typebase): Add {unsigned,} long long {,int}.

Thu Apr 25 12:31:22 1991  Jim Kingdon  (kingdon at

	* valops.c (typecmp): If t2 == 0, return 1.

Wed Apr 24 09:45:17 1991  Jim Kingdon  (kingdon at
	Changes from Tiemann:
	* cplus-dem.c (optable): Add "nw", "dl", "compound".
	(cplus_mangle_opname): New function.
	(do_type): Add case 'Q'.
	* values.c (check_stub_method): Do lookup_method_type and stuff
	rather than smash_to_method_type.
	symtab.c, symtab.h (allocate_stub_method): New function.
	dbxread.c (read_type): If we get "##", don't lookup_function_type
	and start clobbering it; allocate_stub_method instead.
	* printcmd.c (x_command): Dereference references.
	* valprint.c (type_print_varspec_prefix, case TYPE_CODE_METHOD):
	Don't print " " type_print_base (...) "::" if !passed_a_ptr.
	* dbxread.c (read_struct_type): Put "op$" instead of "operator"
	in the symbol table.
	* values.c (check_stub_method): Deal with operator names.
	* valprint.c (cplus_val_print): Check for error in baseclass_addr.
	* values.c: Move declaration of cplus_demangle to top of file.
	* values.c (baseclass_addr): If can't read memory, set *ERRP
	rather than calling error().
	* value.h: Remove redundant declaration of value_static_field.
	* values.c (value_static_field): Recursively check all baseclasses.
	Return NULL if not found.
	* values.c, value.h: New functions value_{headof,from_vtable_info}.
	* valprint.c (val_print): Print out first element of vtbl
	* valprint.c: Move print controls to top and add objectprint.
	Add command "set print object on/off".
	* valprint.c (value_print, is_vtbl_member): Put things in local
	variables rather than continually doing VALUE_TYPE (val), etc.
	* valops.c (value_struct_elt_for_address): Call check_stub_method.
	* valops.c (value_struct_elt): Remove found, arg1_as_ptr.
	* valops.c (search_struct_method): Give error if j > 0 && args == 0.
	* valops.c (search_struct_field): New argument looking_for_baseclass.
	Give error if value_static_field or value_primitive_field
	return NULL.
	valops.c (various): Call search_struct_field with extra parameter.
	* symtab.c (decode_line_1): Deal with operators specified as
	"operator" <optional whitespace> <symbols for operator>.
	(operator_chars): Help do it.
	* symtab.c (lookup_struct_elt_type): Call check_stub_type.
	Take additional argument noerr.
	Don't dump core if TYPE_FIELD_NAME is NULL.
	Check the baseclasses recursively.
	* symfile.c (fill_in_vptr_fieldno): Don't call check_stub_type.
	Return void not int. (also declarations in symfile.h and value.h).
	Deal with multiple inheritance.
	* printcmd.c (print_command_1): Add if (objectprint) code.
	* expread.y (variable): Allow for destructor with foo::~name.
	* eval.c (evaluate_subexp, case UNOP_LOGNOT): If following opcode
	is OP_SCOPE, give an error.
	* eval.c (evaluate_subexp): Pass third arg to lookup_struct_elt_type.
	* eval.c (evaluate_subexp), values.c (value_virtual_fn_field):
	Don't bother to do anything with
	return value from fill_in_vptr_fieldno.
	* eval.c (evaluate_subexp): If value_static_field returns NULL,
	give an error.
	* dbxread.c (read_struct_type): Set fcontext to 0 for normal member
	* dbxread.c (read_struct_type): Initialize name to 0.
	* dbxread.c (read_ofile_symtab, N_CATCH): Add offset to bufp->n_value.
	* dbxread.c (dbx_create_type): Zero TYPE_VPTR_BASETYPE.
	(read_struct_type): Don't bother to set TYPE_VTPR_{BASETYPE,FIELDNO}
	if it's just going to be {0,1}.

	* dbxread.c (virtual_context): Use TYPE_BASECLASS starting at 0
	(yes, it's #if 0, but just in case...).

	* vax-opcode.h, expread.y, expprint.c, cplus-dem.c: Declare some
	things "const".

	* i386-stub.c: New file.

	* WHATS.NEW: Remove mention of readline and more paging (in 3.5).
	Try to keep command names up to date with renaming.

	* gmalloc.c [!HAVE_GETPAGESIZE]: Try to figure out the pagesize.

	* infun.c (resume, resume_cleanups): New functions.
	(wait_for_inferior, proceed, child_create_inferior): Use resume
	not target_resume.

	* remote.c (getpkt): Don't set immediate_quit.

	* blockframe.c, frame.h (reinit_frame_cache): New function.
	solib.c (solib_add), symfile.c ({,add_}symbol_file_command):
	Use it.

Tue Apr 23 10:38:41 1991  Jim Kingdon  (kingdon at

	* symtab.c (lookup_symbol): Add 3 more of those loops through
	the symtabs which we all know and love: (1) Look in the
	STATIC_BLOCK for mangled symbols right after we check the blocks,
	(2, 3) Look in the STATIC_BLOCK for all the symtabs and psymtabs
	at the end.

	* main.c (cd_command): Call dont_repeat.

	* dbxread.c (read_struct_type): If const/volatile character is
	missing, don't complain, just continue.

	* dbxread.c (read_struct_type): Only try to read the fcontext if
	it is there.  Also change "error_type " to "return error_type ".
	values.c (value_virtual_fn_field): If there is no fcontext,
	then do things the way GDB 3.x did.
	valops.c (search_struct_method): Add type to value_virtual_fn_field

	* dbxread.c (read_struct_type): Fix typo: *pp != '\0' -> **pp != '\0'.

Mon Apr 22 00:02:43 1991  Jim Kingdon  (kingdon at

	* printcmd.c (print_scalar_formatted): Add 't' for binary.

	* dbxread.c (end_psymtab): Initialize pst->symtab.

	* core.c (core_open): Call ADD_SOLIB.

	* tm-sparc.h: Include <sun4/reg.h> not <machine/reg.h>.
	sparc-tdep.c: Don't include <machine/reg.h>.

	* sun3-xdep.c [!TARGET_SUN3]: Just provide empty functions which
	don't do anything.

	* core.c (core_open): Add make_cleanup (unpush_target, &core_ops).

	* Shared library/corefile changes from Peter Schauer:
	core.c (core_close): Call CLEAR_SOLIB.
	(core_open): Remove comment about "should deal with shared lib".
	(core_xfer_memory): If we can't xfer the usual way, try the
	shared libraries.
	solib.c (so_list): New fields so_bfd and so_sections{,_end}.
	(find_solib): Use solib_map_sections to get ld_text.
	(solib_map_sections, solib_xfer_memory): New functions.
	(clear_solib): Free so_sections and close so_bfd.
	tm-sunos.h: Add solib_xfer_memory, solib_add.

	* sparc-tdep.c (skip_prologue): Don't skip anything unless there
	is a "save" instruction in there somewhere.

	* symfile.c (symbol_file_add): Add comment.
	solib.c (solib_add): Don't malloc name passed to symbol_file_add.

	* exec.c (build_section_table): If *start isn't NULL, free it.
	* stack.c (parse_frame_specification): Error if NULL selected_frame.
	infcmd.c (finish_command): Error if NULL selected_frame.
	inflow.c (kill_command): Deal with NULL selected_frame.
	stack.c (record_selected_frame): Set *FRAMEP to NULL if there
	is no selected frame.
	infrun.c (restore_inferior_status): Add comment.
	findvar.c (read_var_value): Check for NULL frame where we need
	a frame.
	breakpoint.c (get_catch_sals): Check for NULL selected_frame.

	* breakpoint.c (bpstat_print): Try all elements on the bpstat
	chain before giving up with an internal error.

Sun Apr 21 21:43:10 1991  Jim Kingdon  (kingdon at

	* value.h, values.c (value_{,free_to_}mark): New functions.
	breakpoint.c (bpstat_stop_status): Use them.

	* tm-i386v{,-g}.h: Remove N_SET_MAGIC define.

Sat Apr 20 21:42:47 1991  Jim Kingdon  (kingdon at

	* i386-tdep.c: Remove unnecessary #includes.

	* symtab.c (various): Change error return of find_line_common to -1.

	* coffread.c (find_linenos): Use LINESZ not sizeof (struct lineno).

	* coffread.c (end_symtab): Initialize language, dirname, and
	fullname fields.

Fri Apr 19 18:18:31 1991  Jim Kingdon  (kingdon at

	* mips-tdep.c (mips_frame_chain): Don't chain if saved_pc == 0.

	* stddef.h (size_t): Let either _SIZE_T or _SIZE_T_ guard it.

	* mipsread.c (parse_symbol): Set startup_file_{start,end} if
	entry_point is in current file.

	* findvar.c (read_register_gen): Add "target byte-order" comment.

Wed Apr 17 17:09:48 1991  Jim Kingdon  (kingdon at

	* i386-tdep.c (i386_get_frame_setup): Use SWAP_TARGET_AND_HOST
	before returning locals or slocals.

	* i386-tdep.c (i386_follow_jump): Do not add data16 to pos in
	call to codestream_seek; add one to pos if (and only if)
	we are dealing with a jump with data16 == 1 (i.e. 0x66, 0xe9).

Mon Apr 15 12:04:32 1991  Jim Kingdon  (kingdon at

	* valops.c (call_function_by_hand): Put dummy1 in target order

	* tm-i386v.h (FIX_CALL_DUMMY): Don't depend on host byte order.

Sun Apr 14 11:55:19 1991  Jim Kingdon  (kingdon at

	* valops.c (push_word): Add SWAP_TARGET_AND_HOST.

	* remote.c (remote_open): Send '+' before calling putpkt().

	* tm-i386v.h (REGISTER_VIRTUAL_TYPE): Return pointer to void,
	not int, for pc, fp, and sp.

	* remote.c (remote_open): Call start_remote after putpkt("?");
	infrun.c (start_remote): Also call wait_for_inferior & normal_stop.

Sat Apr 13 22:11:42 1991  Jim Kingdon  (kingdon at

	* exec.c: Include <ctype.h>.

	* sun3-xdep.c (fetch_core_registers): Add #ifdef FP0_REGNUM.

Fri Apr 19 09:36:50 1991  Jim Kingdon  (kingdon at

	* tm-68k.h (NUM_REGS): Conditionalize on TARGET_SUN3 not sun.
	tm-sun3.h: Define TARGET_SUN3.

	* utils.c: Use CPLUS_MARKER not '$'.

	* cplus-dem.c: Use CPLUS_MARKER not '$'.  If CPLUS_MARKER isn't
	defined, define it to '$'.

	* arm-opcode.h: New file (same contents as before; it had
	just been left out of the distribution for a long time).

	* tm-68k.h: Put declaration of ext_format_68881 outside the macros.

	* main.c: New HAVE_SIGSETMASK #ifdefs.

	* coffread.c (read_coff_symtab): Check for "LF%" with all the
	other L*% things.

	* coffread.c (SDB_TYPE): New macro.
	various: Use it instead of checking against T_NULL.

	* Makefile.dist (cplus-dem.o): Hack in an #include "param.h"
	before we compile it.
	defs.h: Protect against multiple inclusion.
	param.h: Include defs.h.
	signame.c: Change #ifdef SYS_SIGLIST_MISSING to #if.
	param-no-tm.h: Define SYS_SIGLIST_MISSING from USG.

Thu Apr 18 19:49:10 1991  Jim Kingdon  (kingdon at

	* i386-pinsn.c (OP_E): Change %d to 0x%x for consistency.

	* putenv.c: New file
	Makefile.dist: Add it to $(OBS).

	* mipsread.c [!CMUCS]: #include <syms.h>.

	* mips-xdep.c (fetch_core_registers): #if 0 out the whole function.

	* Move read_memory_nobpt from mem-break.c to breakpoint.c.

Mon Apr 15 21:45:35 1991  Jim Kingdon  (kingdon at

	* utils.c (_initialize_utils): Rename "set demangle" to
	"set print demangle", "set asm-demangle" to "set print
	asm-demangle" and "set sevenbit-strings" to "set print

	* main.c (initialize_main): Rename "set history write" to
	"set history save".

	* main.c (initialize_main): Rename "set caution" to
	"set confirm".

	* values.c (_initialize_values): Remove "info history" alias
	for (what is now) "show values".

	* infcmd.c, gdbcmd.h: Add unsetlist.
	infcmd.c: Add unset_command.
	(_initialize_infcmd): Add "unset" and use it for "unset env".

	* breakpoint.c (_initialize_breakpoint): Remove "unset".

	* valprint.c: Add "set/show print", {set,show}_print.
	Rename "set addressprint" to "set print address".
	Rename "set arrayprint" to "set print array".
	Rename "set array-max" to "set print elements".
	Rename "set prettyprint" to "set print pretty".
	Rename "set unionprint" to "set print union".
	Rename "set vtblprint" to "set print vtbl".

	* main.c: Rename version_info to show_version.
	(_initialize_main): Rename "info version" to "show version".

	* values.c: Rename value_history_info to show_values.
	(_initialize_values): Rename "info values" to "show values".

Sun Apr 14 23:08:34 1991  Jim Kingdon  (kingdon at

	* inftarg.c (child_open), remote-vx{,.68}.c (vx_proc_open):
	New function to give correct error message.

Thu Apr 11 17:19:41 1991  Jim Kingdon  (kingdon at

	* target.h: Add to_doc and target_preopen.
	target.c: Add target_preopen and target_command.
	Remove target_info.
	(add_target): Call add_cmd and mess with targetlist->doc.
	core.c, exec.c, remote-eb.c, remote-nindy.c, remote-vx.c,
	remote-vx.68.c, inftarg.c, remote.c: Add doc field to target struct.
	Call target_preopen from open routine.

	* main.c: Rename editing_info to show_commands.
	(_initialize_main): Rename "info editing" to "show commands".

	* source.c: Rename directories_info to show_directories.
	(_initialize_values): Rename "info directories" to "show directories".

	* values.c: Rename convenience_info to show_convenience.
	(_initialize_values): Rename "info convenience" to "show convenience".

	* copying.awk (_initialize_copying): Rename "info copying" to
	"show copying" and "info warranty" to "show warranty".
	Rename {copying,warranty}_info to show_{copying,warranty}.

	* symfile.c: Rename add_syms_command to add_symbol_file_command.
	(_initialize_symfile, add_syms_addr_command):
	Rename add-syms to add-symbol-file.

Thu Apr 18 18:08:30 1991  John Gilmore  (gnu at

	* symfile.h (free_named_symtabs):  Rename from free_named_symtab.
	* symfile.c (clear_symtab_users_once, cashier_psymtab,
	free_named_symtabs):  Move these routines from symmisc.c.
	* symmisc.c (same):  same.
	(free_symtab):  Make non-static.
	* symtab.h (free_symtab):  Declare as exported void fn now.
	* dbxread.c (end_symtab, end_psymtab):  Change comments.
	(initialize_dbxread):  Call dbx_new_init() in case the first
	command is add-symbols.
	* target.c (dummy_target):  Permit add_syms_addr_command.

Sat Apr 13 14:46:07 1991  John Gilmore  (gnu at

	Permit symbols to be superseded when new symbol files have
	been read in, particularly for VxWorks.

	* dbxread.c (read_dbx_symtab): Allow N_SOL to cleanly take us back
	to the main file, as well as to include files.  Also, put global
	functions into the global psymtab, to make "i fun" work.
	(end_psymtab):  Free named symtabs and psymtabs for a file, once a
	new psymtab for it has been read.
	* coffread.c (end_psymtab):  Free named symtabs and psymtabs for
	a file, once a new symtab has been read for it.
	* mipsread.c:  FIXME.  We need to do the same for MIPS, but it
	looks harder to determine the top-level block before it's been
	queued to the psymtab list.	

	* symfile.c (symbol_file_add):  Use filtered printing and wrap it.
	If we have wiped out any old symbol tables, clean up at end of
	symbol reading.
	(symbol_file_command):  Don't reference symfile_fns if it's zero.

	defines for the blocks of a blockvector that contain global and
	file-static symbols and the first of the smaller scope contours. 
	* symtab.c (lookup_symbol, find_pc_symtab, find_pc_line,
	decode_line_1, make_symbol_completion_list):  Use the above.
	* coffread.c (end_symtab, patch_opaque_types):  Ditto.
	* dbxread.c (end_symtab):  Ditto.
	* expread.y (block):  Ditto.
	* mipsread.c (throughout):  Ditto.
	* symmisc.c (free_named_symtabs):  Ditto.

	* symtab.c (list_symbols):  Process the first symbol of the
	static psymbols list.
	(types_info):  Restore this function from its untimely #if 0.
	It's not perfect, but it is better than nothing.
	(_initialize_symtab):  Restore "info types".

Thu Apr 11 05:23:19 1991  John Gilmore  (gnu at

	* m68k-stub.c:  Remote stub for 680x0's, created from
	rem-m68k.shar (which is removed).
	* nindy-share/{Makefile,Onindy.c,blout.h,env.h,nindy.c,ttyflush.c}:
	Remove RCS log stuff now that we use CVS and it blows our diffs.

Wed Apr 10 14:18:06 1991  John Gilmore  (gnu at

	* symmisc.c (free_named_symtab):  Make it work, in its current
	kludgy fashion.  Change result to indicate if we blew away bkpts.
	* dbxread.c (end_symtab):  Accumulate result from
	free_named_symtab and print warning if we blew user's state.
	* symfile.h:  free_named_symtab now returns an int.

Mon Apr  8 23:57:43 1991  John Gilmore  (gnu at

	* dbxread.c (dbx_symfile_read):  Initialize psymbol list if this
	is the first symbol read, even if not mainline.
	(dbx_psymtab_to_symtab):  symfile might be zero, cope.
	* exec.c (exec_ops):  Add_syms_addr is valid in our tvec.
	(set_section_command):  New command ("section xxx yyy" -- should
	be renamed to "set section xxx yyy" FIXME) which sets the
	base address of a section of the exec file, overriding the
	virtual address that BFD reports.

Fri Apr  5 17:14:39 1991  John Gilmore  (gnu at

	* exec.c:  Add add_syms_addr_command to exec_ops, so you can
	load symbols at any address while examining an exec file.

Thu Apr  4 10:09:35 1991  John Gilmore  (gnu at

	* tm-i386v.h (FLOAT_INFO):  Don't define it, since the code
	for printing the float info is host-dependent, not
	target-dependent.  FIXME.
	* i386-pinsn.c:  Move #includes to top, remove useless ones.
	* i386-tdep.c:  Don't bother including <.../reg.h> since we
	don't use it (and it doesn't exist on host systems).

	* ieee-float.c (ieee_extended_to_double):  Convert NaN to Inf.
	Convert negative numbers properly.
	(ieee_test):  Make numbers really random; fix format arg.

	* infcmd.c (attach_command, detach_command):  Don't repeat on CR.
	* core.c (core_detach):  Unpush core_ops, which might not be on
	top.  We used to just pop the top, which broke things.  Don't
	need dont_repeat() any more.
	(core_file_command):  Psst!  Don't repeat it.
	* remote-nindy.c (nindy_detach):  Don't need dont_repeat() now.
	* expprint.c (print_subexp):  Avoid switch fallthru on
	BINOP_ASSIGN_MODIFY, so we can print += and such.
	* frame.h:  Fix typo.
	* inflow.c (kill_command):  After killing inferior, print our
	current frame in the core file, if we have one.
	(generic_mourn_inferior):  When inferior dies, either select
	the current frame (in the new target, e.g. core file), or 
	set both the current and selected frames to NULL.

	Changes from Peter Schauer.

	* infptrace.c:  Avoid <sys/ptrace.h> on USG.

	* Make all file names fit in 14 characters (sigh and damn!):
	mv hp300hpux-xdep.c hp300ux-xdep.c
	mv symmetry-xdep.c symm-xdep.c
	mv symmetry-tdep.c symm-tdep.c
	mv convex-opcode.h convx-opcode.h
	mv tm-vxworks960.h tm-vx960.h
	mv tm-vxworks68.h tm-vx68.h
	mv Makefile.srcdir Makefile.sdir
	mv gdb-int.texinfo gdbint.texinfo
	mv remote-sa.m68k.shar rem-m68k.shar
	mv remote-multi.shar rem-multi.shar
	* Makefile.dist, README, config.gdb, convex-pinsn.c,
	tconfig/symmetry, tconfig/vxworks960, tconfig/vxworks68,
	xconfig/hp300hpux, xconfig/symmetry:  Change names to shorter

	* command.c (user_info_1, user_info):  New command for listing
	the user-defined commands.

Wed Apr  3 15:00:26 1991  John Gilmore  (gnu at

	* dbxread.c (really_free_pendings):  Clear file_symbols
	and global_symbols after freeing them; otherwise, running
	this function twice (if it appears twice on the cleanup
	chain), we try to free things twice.

	* dbxread.c (read_dbx_symtab):  Calculate end_of_text_addr
	based on text_addr (the address of text in core), not on addr (the
	offset between text in the .o file and in core).  This change
	is from Peter Schauer.

	* main.c:  Define ALL_CLEANUPS as a cast of zero.
	(return_to_top_level):  Use it.
	(main):  Do all cleanups after each command run as part
	of the gdb startup sequence.  Also do all cleanups before
	entering the command loop, and every time we exit the command
	loop and reenter.  Before, the cleanups from the startup sequence
	were being left undone until the first error!
	(command_loop):  Rename do_nothing cleanup to command_loop_marker
	so we can see it easily when examining the cleanup chain.
	(init_signals):  Add another do_nothing for signal handling.
	(quit_command):  Only try to kill target if it has execution.
	Problems in the target stack got us into a state where
	inferior_pid was nonzero but none of the targets had execution.
	In this state you couldn't exit gdb.

	* dbxread.c:  Two changes from Peter Schauer.
	(echo_command):  Fflush output after an echo command.
	(show_history):  Pass all args to cmd_show_list.

	* utils.c (init_malloc):  Call mtrace to turn on tracing
	if the environment variable MALLOC_TRACE is set to a file name.
	* mtrace.c:  Add source file which provides a log of every malloc,
	free, and realloc to a trace file.
	* mtrace.awk:  Add source file which analyzes the trace file.
	* Makefile.dist (GNU_MALLOC, MALLOCSRC):  Add mtrace.{c,o,awk}.
	(VERSION):  Roll to 3.94.3.

	* breakpoint.c (breakpoint_1):  Add a space to "i watch" output.
	(check_duplicates):  Don't bother with watchpoints.
	(set_raw_breakpoint):  Comment about danger of this routine.
	(watch_command):  Parse and eval all args before calling

	* solib.c (find_solib):  Avoid error in referencing memory to
	see if any more shared libraries have been added.  This is
	particularly useful if the target has terminated.  Bug reported
	by Peter Schauer.

	Changes from Peter Schauer <>
	in bringing up 3.94.2 on the Sun-3.

        * Makefile.dist:  Include CFLAGS in rule for cplus-dem.o.
        * breakpoint.c (enable_breakpoint):  Check for valid watchpoint
        expression (in scope) before reenabling watchpoint.
	* signame.c (init_sigs):  Add missing declaration of i, fix
	sys_siglist declaration.
	* source.c (list_command):  Fixed range computation to use
	lines_to_list ().
	* stack.c (backtrace_command):  Do not allow command if target has
	no stack, print informative error message.
	* target.c (target_command):  Do not write into command line
	because this fails if the target command is used in a user defined
	command.  [This change was enhanced by gnu to support any-
	unique-prefix matching on target names.]
	* valops.c (value_struct_elt):  Avoid infinite loop on an
	erroneous attempt to print the member of function (try p main.p).

Mon Apr  1 17:05:45 1991  John Gilmore  (gnu at

	* expread.y (name_no_typename):  Avoid reduce/reduce errors
	caused by ambiguity in handling NAME_OR_INT and NAME_OR_UINT.
	Since the GDB parser really doesn't use name_no_typename in a
	name-only context, the parser can't tell the diff between
	names and numbers here.  Avoid allowing a name_no_typename
	to be a NAME_OR_*INT to resolve the conflict.

Sun Mar 31 20:12:07 1991  John Gilmore  (gnu at

	Bugfixes from Mark Fox ( (test=testField.c):

	* valprint.c (val_print_fields):  bitfield printing didn't handle
	byte order.  Indirect through a few more fns to cope.

	* values.c (modify_field):  also cope with byte order.

Sat Mar 23 10:02:21 1991  John Gilmore  (gnu at

	Cleanup for release 3.94.2:

	* Makefile.dist: Pull REMOTE_OBS.  Fix saber includes for BFD
	include files.  Roll version to 3.94.2.
	* coffread.c (init_stringtab):  Read length into unsigned char
	array before swapping; don't assume 32-bit longs.

	* target.c (target_info): Don't bother with get_sym_file, just use
	the symfile global variable.
	* symtab.h, symfile.c (get_sym_file):  Delete it.

	* dbxread.c (dbx_symfile_init):  Don't depend on long == 4 bytes.
	(define_symbol):  Set symbol line number to 0 if not gcc-compiled.
	(read_type):  Replace one more error() with complain().

	* mipsread.c (parse_partial_symbols):  Replace printf with complain.

	* i960-tdep.c:  Fix copyright attribution.

	* config.gdb:  Quote all backquotes in doublequotes.  You can
	quote me on that.  BSD 4.4 shell found this one.

	* infptrace.c (throughout):  The third argument to ptrace is an
	int *, not an int.

	* infrun.c (wait_for_inferior):  When program has terminated, we
	have to call target_terminal_ours before we pop that target off
	the stack (e.g. before a call to target_kill or
	target_mourn_inferior).  This fixes problem where a program
	terminates, then GDB stops for (tty output) and you have to type
	"fg" to the shell to resume it.  FIXME:  This code for what to
	do after termination really should be in normal_stop instead.

	* gdbcore.h (read_memory_check):  Change declaration; it changed
	names months ago.

	* terminal.h:  Include <sgtty.h> before <sys/ioctl.h>, since in BSD
	4.4 prereleases, this avoids a bug in their sgtty compatability
	* remote.c:  Use terminal.h rather than hand-rolling the same.

	* signame.c, signame.h (psignal):  Arg is unsigned, not int.
	* utils.c (strsave, strstr):  Fix arg types.
	* valprint.c (val_print):  lint

	MIPS symbol table support from Per Bothner:

	* symfile.c (symtab_fns):  Remove initializer table that needs to
	be hacked for each new symbol file format supported.
	(add_symtab_fns):  New function, chains symbol table
	handlers into the global list.
	(symfile_init):  Search this list.
	* symfile.h:  Add next pointer, declare add_symtab_fns.
	* coffread.c (_initialize_coffread): Call add_symtab_fns.
	* dbxread.c (_initialize_dbxread):  Call add_symtab_fns.

	* mipsread.c (psymtab_to_symtab_1): return void instead of (struct
	symbol *).  Thus, we no longer need the hack to trash
	pst->filename.  Good, since that hack confused code in symfile.c!

	(reorder_symtabs, destroy_all_symtabs):  Removed static
	all_symtabs, which was used to qsort symtabs in reorder_symtabs.
	Instead, the latter now uses a temporary array (stack-allocated
	from an obstack, and then freed).

	(parse_symbol):  Added a hack to fix up BLOCK_{START,END} if they
	haven't been set in the outermost stBlock of a procedure. This was
	a problem with f77 binaries on Ultrix 4.?.

	(new_symtab, new_symbol, new_type):  Continue changing code to use
	obstacks more and otherwise conform to dbxread internal style.
	Made the free_code of symtabs be free_linetable (as in dbxread)
	instead of free_contents.  This implies memory leaks when reading
	a new symbol table, until the conversion is finished. Did change
	(struct symbol) and (struct type) to be allocated on the
	symbol_obstack.  Blocks and blockvectors are among the things
	still "leaking."

	* mipsread.c (parse_partial_symbols, parse_fdr):  It hasn't been
	tested much, but it solved one problem (reported by Meissner), and
	cleans up some other things.  The problem happened when an
	included file contains actual code (functions) and not just
	definitions. The mips coff is a little inconvenient there, since
	it may cause a procedure to be mapped to the wrong psymtab.

	* mips-tdep.c (heuristic_proc_desc):  Minor cleanup.
	* mips-xdep.c (fetch_core_registers):  Minor cleanup.  FIXME,
	this will need work for the new core paradigm.

	Opcode patches from the net:

	* mips-opcode.h: fix incorrect disassembly of the mfc1, cfc1, and
	ctc1 instructions. Also, the cvt.d.w and cvt.s.w instructions were
	missing altogether - they are added here.  From Bruce Bauman.
	* mips-opcode.h:  The low mask for C0 instructions was too small.
	From Garrett Lau.  I modified the fix to check the entire 32-bit

	* ns32k-opcode.h:  Fix opcodes for deiw and deid.  From Bruce

Thu Mar 21 12:56:46 1991  John Gilmore  (gnu at

	Roll in changes from Per Bothner (Tue, 25 Sep 90 11:11:04):

	* dbxread.c (read_type): Pointer subtraction (value_sub in
	valarith.c) sometimes failed because the types of the
	 pointers being subtracted were not identical.
	These differed because dbxread.c was allocating pointer types
	using dbx_alloc_type+smash_to_pointer_type instead of
	lookup_pointer_type. I failed to find a justification for the
	former, so I changed it to use the latter. Similarly, I
	replaced smash_to_function_type by lookup_function_type,
	and smash_to_reference_type by lookup_reference_type.

	* mipsread.c (parse_symbol, upgrade_type, parse_procedure, 
	_initialize_mipsread):  corresponding changes.

	* symtab.c (smash_to_{pointer,reference,function}_type): eliminate.

	* source.c (mod_path): Do tilde_expand on each component of the path,
	rather than on the (list of) paths as a whole.
	(print_source_lines):  Set first_line_listed in addition to
	current_source_symtab and current_source_line.  If the source was
	not findable, after a "dir" command to fix the problem,
	a "list" would get the wrong lines.

	While I was there... (gnu):

	* dbxread.c (read_type):  Change error to complaint.

Thu Mar 21 12:56:46 1991  John Gilmore  (gnu at

	First attempt at detailed understanding of symbol table memory alloc.

	* dbxread.c (dbx_symfile_read):  Free our string table if we
	aren't the mainline.  Free the "info" struct since we're done with
	(init_psymbol_list):  Free any previously allocated psymbol lists.
	(): FIXME: Should realloc-down the psymbol lists when done reading
	the main symbol file?

	* symmisc.c (free_symtab):  Free fullname field too.

	* xm-hp300hpux.h (USG):  #undef then #define so Makefile can -D.
	(REGISTER_ADDR):  Make result type unsigned int.

	* xconfig/{i386*,hp300hpux,altosgas,altos}:  All config files that
	define REGEX must also define REGEX1 (its dependency).

Tue Mar 19 21:28:57 1991  John Gilmore  (gnu at

	* tconfig/i960:  No longer works, points you at vxworks960 or

	* xgdb.c, XGDB-README:  Remove file.  Users can get the much
	better xxgdb.
	* Makefile.dist:  Remove all trace of xgdb.

	* breakpoint.c (breakpoint_1):  Pass demangle arg to
	(clear_breakpoints):  Remove unused function.
	(breakpoint_re_set_one):  Guts of breakpoint_re_set.
	(breakpoint_re_set):  Use catch_errors to do them all anyway.

	* gdb-int.texinfo (Host versus Target):  Add section on what is
	a "host" feature versus what is a "target" feature.

	* infcmd.c (path_command, path_info):  Handle the PATH variable
	(object search path) as conveniently as the source search path.
	* environ.c (set_in_environ):  Set some vars in GDB's environment,
	in addition to the child's.  PATH, G960BASE, G960BIN for starters.
	* source.c (mod_path):  New function, from guts of
	directory_command, modifies a path.  Used by path_command.
	(directory_command):  Call it.
	* defs.h (strsave):  Declare.

	* utils.c (sevenbit_strings):  Add new printing option.
	(printchar):  Use it.
	(strsave):  Provide this handy helper routine.
	(set_width_command):  Rename set_screen_width_command.
	(_initialize_utils):  "set screen-width" => "set width";
	"set screen-height" => "set height"; add sevenbit-strings.

	* infcmd.c (do_registers_info):  Print floating point registers
	in raw hex as well as float format, regardless of whether it is
	a "virtual" convertible register.
	* tm-sparc.h (PRINT_REGISTER_HOOK):  Print every pair of float
	regs as a double, just in case it's being used that way.	
	* values.c (unpack_long):  Comment on array/function coercion.
	(unpack_double):  Argument is in target byte order now.  For
	integer arguments, just call unpack_long and float the result.
	* m68k-tdep.c: include defs.h for "const" handling.
	* remote-nindy.c:  Use ieee-float stuff.
	(nindy_fetch_registers):  Unpack double regs to host double, then
	to extended.
	(nindy_store_registers):  Pack extendeds to host double, flip
	around by misusing unpack_double, send as target double.

	* tm-vxworks68.h (FRAME_CHAIN):  Handle current frame pointer of
	zero, as when stopped at the first instruction of a process.

	* blockframe.c:  Fix filename in comment (param.h => tm.h).
	* sparc-tdep.c (skip_prologue):  More explicit nudging comments.
	* tm-68k.h:  Fix typos.

Fri Mar 15 01:09:34 1991  John Gilmore  (gnu at

	Changes from a bringup on the DEC Vax under Ultrix 4.0.

	* coredep.c (fetch_core_registers):  Pass end-address of register
	section to register_addr as expected.  Don't call supply_register
	if we'd just pass it garbage.

	* dbxread.c (read_dbx_symtab):  Skip N_NSYMS on Ultrix.

	* exec.c (xfer_memory):  Use boolean xfer_fn result, not int.

	* target.c (push_target, target_info):  Cast enums to int for < or
	> comparison.

	* stack.c (print_frame_info):  Identify source file & line
	even if we can't print it.

	* xm-vax.h (MISSING_VPRINTF):  No longer missing in Ultrix V4.0.

Sat Mar  9 10:08:20 1991  John Gilmore  (gnu at

	Clean up IEEE floating point support.

	* ieee-float.h:  New file.
	* ieee-float.c:  Write real routines to convert between host
	doubles and various target IEEE extendeds.
	* m68k-xdep.c:  Eliminate assembler code for extended floats.
	* xconfig/{3b1,altos,altosgas,hp300bsd,isi,news,news1000,sun2os3,
	sun2os4,sun3,sun3os3,sun3os4}:  Eliminate use of m68k-xdep.o.
	* tm-i960.h, tm-68k.h (REGISTER_CONVERT_TO_VIRTUAL,
	REGISTER_CONVERT_TO_RAW):  Use ieee_extended_to_double and
	* i960-tdep.c:  Define ext_format_i960.
	* m68k-tdep.c:  Define ext_format_68881.
	* sparc-tdep.c:  Define ext_format_sparc, though unused.
	* Makefile.dist (HFILES):  Add ieee-float.h.
	* inftarg.c: #include "ieee-float.h" for the REGISTER_CONVERT

	Obsolete the "coffstrip" program in favor of using BFD's strip.

	* nindy-share/coffstrip.c:  Remove file.
	* nindy-share/nindy.c (coffstrip):  Routine to run bfd_strip.
	* Makefile.dist:  Remove references to nindy-share/coffstrip.c.
	* tconfig/nindy960:  Remove reference to coffstrip.o.

	* Makefile.dist:  Roll version number to 3.94.1 (not yet final).

Wed Mar  6 09:56:45 1991  John Gilmore  (gnu at

	* symfile.h:  Add symfile_bfd, common between dbxread and coffread.
	* dbxread.c:  Remove static symfile_bfd.
	* infcmd.c (do_registers_info):  Add PRINT_REGISTER_HOOK, though
	it is not used yet.
	* inftarg.c (child_detach):  Pop the child_ops vector if the
	detach is successful.
	* remote-nindy.c (nindy_create_inferior):  Don't push a new
	nindy_ops since nindy uses the same one for execution and memory
	examination anyway.
	* core.c (core_ops):  Use child_attach and child_create_inferior
	rather than default attach and create_inferior functions.

	Handle floating point registers in core files.

	* sparc-xdep.c (fetch_core_registers):  Rewrite for float support.
	* sun3-xdep.c (fetch_core_registers):  Rewrite for float support.
	This version untested since BFD doesn't yet support sun3 core
	* hp300hpux-xdep.c:  Rewrite fetch_core_registers to new calling
	conventions.  Fix comments and style.  This version has not
	been compiled yet, since we have no HP inhouse.
	* core.c (get_core_registers):  Look for two sections, ".reg"
	and ".reg2", and pass both to fetch_core_registers sequentially.

	Revise directory path yet again.

	* source.c (forget_cached_source_info):  Not static any more.
	(init_source_path):  New default source path is "$cdir:$cwd".
	(dir_command):  Handle variable arguments ($cdir, $cwd).
	(source_info):  Print "Compilation directory" rather than
	"Originally compiled in" to remind people of $cdir.
	(openp):  If the path contains $cwd, use current directory.
	(open_source_file):  If compilation directory is known, replace
	first $cdir in path with the compilation directory.
	(print_source_lines):  Even if we can't print the lines, set the
	current symtab and line for future commands like "info source" or
	"breakpoint".  Also, error message now contains the file name,
	line number, and file access error message.
	(_initialize_source):  Fix help text to describe changes.
	* main.c (cd_command):  Forget cached source info when we chdir.
	* utils.c (strstr):  Add simple implementation.

Tue Mar  5 01:41:40 1991  John Gilmore  (gnu at

	* coffread.c (read_one_sym, init_linetable, init_stringtab):
	Byte-swap COFF symbol tables if necessary when reading them in.
	Use complain() to replace error message in one spot.  Needs
	corresponding change in bfd/coff-code.h to make some symbol
	swapping routines non-static.

Mon Mar  4 00:53:40 1991  John Gilmore  (gnu at

	Merge changes from Eirik Fuller, for UTek.

	* defs.h (errno):  Add declaration.
	* altos-xdep.c, arm-xdep.c, convex-xdep.c, gould-xdep.c,
	hp300hpux-xdep.c, infrun.c, inflow.c, infptrace.c, i386-tdep.c,
	i386-xdep.c, pyr-xdep.c, mips-xdep.c, remote-eb.c, remote-nindy.c,
	remote-vx.c, source.c, standalone.c, stuff.c, sun386-xdep.c,
	symmetry-tdep.c, symmetry-xdep.c, umax-xdep.c, utils.c:  Eliminate
	declarations of errno.

	* remote-eb.c:  Define B19200 and B38400 as EXTA and EXTB.

	* remote-vx.c:  Include <sys/time.h> for UTek; Sun gets it via
	<rpc/rpc.h> and <rpc/types.h>.

Sat Mar  2 15:47:55 1991  John Gilmore  (gnu at

	* i960-tdep.c (examine_prologue):  Add new argument limit,
	which stops the scan at the end of the prologue, or at the PC.
	This fixes a problem where it walks down into the code for the
	user's statements if that code looks like function prologues.
	Mark Fox and I have been bouncing this code back and forth, making
	small changes to it.  Callers changed to match.

Tue Feb 26 01:47:07 1991  Cygnus John Gilmore  (cygnus at yuba)

	Cleanup for gdb-3.94 release final:

	* Makefile.dist:  Remove remote-vx.c, remote-nindy.c, and all
	the .c files from vx-share and nindy-share, from the various 
	macros, since they are not found via ALLDEPFILES.
	(SFILES):  Add tm-i960.h.
	(alldeps.mak rule):  Break out ALLDEPFILES_MAINDIR and
	ALLDEPFILES_SUBDIR.  List all the nindy and vxworks subdir files
	in the SUBDIR list.
	(gdb.tar.Z):  Use ALLDEPFILES_SUBDIR as well as SFILES_SUBDIR.

Mon Feb 25 16:02:35 1991  Cygnus John Gilmore  (cygnus at oldman)

	* am29k-tdep.c:  Add contribution line.
	(examine_prologue):  Cache information about function prologues in
	the misc-function-vector to avoid lots of references over the
	serial line while examining instructions.

	* core.c (core_close):  New function made from cleanup_core.

	* core.c, exec.c, inftarg.c, remote-eb.c, remote-nindy.c,
	remote-vx.c, remote.c, target.c, target.h, 
	Update target_ops vector to add attach, close, and load entries.
	Use add_syms_addr_command, not add_file_addr_command, for
	add_file.  Break out close routine from existing code.

	* dbxread.c (really_free_pendings):  Don't free pending_blocks;
	they are in an obstack.
	(read_dbx_symtab):  Relocate end_of_text_addr in the psymtab.
	(define_symbol):  Add symbol type parameter; change callers;
	pass type parameter to DBX_PARM_SYMBOL_CLASS macro to allow
	it to influence the symbol class on the i960.
	(define_symbol):  Swap LOC_CONST's into target byte order.

	* exec.c (exec_close):  New function.
	(exec_file_command):  Call it.

	* findvar.c (read_relative_register_raw_bytes):  Doc byte order,
	Fix byte order of frame pointer.
	(read_var_value):  Result of 0 if var's value can't be found,
	e.g. missing FRAME_ARGS_ADDRESS.  Byte-swap LOC_CONST and
	LOC_LABEL values to target order.  Add LOC_LOCAL_ARG.
	(locate_var_value):  Use read_var_value and use its lazy address
	as the location of the var's value.  Lint.

	* i960-pinsn.c (next_insn):  Add routine from vxgdb for scanning

	* i960-tdep.c (arg_address, i960_frame_find_saved_regs):  Remove
	obsolete Intel versions in favor of vxgdb versions.
	(check_host, byteswap, byteswap_val, reorder_val):  Eliminate
	code dealing with byte order of values, which Intel did in host byte
	order rather than gdb-4's target byte order.
	(i960_frame_chain_valid):  Move to nindy-tdep.c.
	(examine_prologue, skip_prologue, frame_find_saved_regs,
	frame_args_address, leafproc_return, saved_pc_after_call,
	pop_frame):  Add vxgdb versions from Mark Fox.
	(examine_prologue, frame_struct_result_address):  Add code
	to deal with the saved value of G13 (struct return address
	(frame_args_address):  Modify Mark's version to prefer the
	saved value over the current value in the topmost frame.
	Cache result in the frame info to avoid performance hair in
	(print_fault):  Add gdb960 code for printing faults.
	(_initialize_i960):  Actually call check_host.

	* ieee-float.c (ieee_extended_to_double, ieee_double_to_extended):
	add stub routines.  FIXME, these currently just return zero!

	* infcmd.c (program_info):  Use PRINT_RANDOM_SIGNAL.
	(attach_command):  Call target_attach, not target_open, now.

	* infrun.c (normal_stop):  Make global, not static, for vx_attach.
	(child_attach):  Rename from child_open.
	(wait_for_inferior): Use PRINT_RANDOM_SIGNAL.  If stop_pc is zero,
	don't confuse it with a zero step_resume_break_address. 

	* inftarg.c (child_detach):  Eliminate inferior_pid test.
	(child_files_info):  Clean up message a bit.
	(child_ops):  Use child_attach, not child_open, to attach.

	* mem-break.c:  #ifdef out the whole file if BREAKPOINT is not
	set (e.g. on VxWorks or NINDY).  Move read_memory_nobpt from
	findvar.c to here, since it depends on the contents of the
	shadow_contents of breakpoints, but keep if #if 0 since it is
	never called.

	* nindy-tdep.c:  New file, contains nindy_frame_chain_valid, moved
	from i960-tdep.c.

	* printcmd.c (address_info):  Handle LOC_LOCAL_ARG.  Lint.
	(ptype_command, display_command):  Eliminate have_inferior_p and
	have_core_file_p in favor of target_has_stack or
	(print_frame_args):  Handle LOC_LOCAL_ARG.  Eliminate duplicate
	code for actually finding the values of arguments, though we still
	keep track of the maximum stack offset for use in printing unnamed
	arguments.  Handle missing FRAME_ARGS_ADDRESS.

	* remote-nindy.c (i960_print_fault):  Move to i960-tdep.c.
	(struct nindy_regs):  Define registers passed to/from nindy.
	(nindy_fetch_registers, nindy_store-registers):  Translate between
	nindy and GDB formats for the registers.
	(dcache_init):  Statically allocate the cache, since it was being
	allocated by a malloc that was never freed anyway.
	(nindy_create_inferior):  Error, not core dump, if no exec file.
	(nindy_before_main_loop):  Use target_load, not target_add_file.

	* remote-vx.c (net_load):  Specify large timeout for load
	requests.  Allow user to break out with INTERRUPT.
	(net_break):  Remove useless code, clean up.  Change callers.
	(parse-args, skip_white_space, find_white_space):  Clean up arg
	parsing to cope with quoted strings.
	(net_wait, net_quit):  Never call error, just return status.
	(vx_read_register, vx_write_register):  Cleanup status checking.
	#ifdef the code based on which CPU we are using (960 or 68k),
	FIXME, this should be completely general but it isn't yet.
	(vx_xfer_memory, vx_resume):  Cleanup status checking.
	(vx_run_files_info):  Improve message.
	(vx_load_command):  Renamed from vx_add_file_command.  Allow load
	to be interrupted.
	(net_ptrace):  Remove unused routine.
	(vx_wait):  Adopt code from vxgdb960 to cope with broken
	connections to target machine and prompt to disconnect.  Remove
	debug printouts.  Map some EVENT_'s to SIGnals.
	(add_symbol_stub, vx_open):  Print names of object files we found,
	and "ok" if we read their symbols OK.  Clarify output in general.
	(vx_attach, vx_detach, vx_kill):  Add these commands.
	(vx_convert_from_virtual, vx_convert_to_virtual):  Simplify.
	(vx_run_ops):  Turn off all_mem, to avoid spurious msg in the
	"info files" output, and create_inferior, since we already have
	an inferior.

	* stack.c (frame_info):  Replace Frame_unknown with 0.
	(print_frame_arg_vars):  Handle LOC_LOCAL_ARG.
	(return_command):  Pop until the PC matches as well as the FP,
	so it works even if the FP is shared with another function,
	as in "frameless" or "leaf" procedures.

	* symfile.c (load_command):  renamed from add_file_target_command.
	(add_syms_addr_command):  renamed from add_file_addr_command.
	(add_syms_command):  Stub to call target_add_syms.
	(_initialize_symfile):  Change command names and descriptions,
	add-file => add-syms, and load from alias to its own command.

	* target.c (kill_or_be_killed, maybe_kill_then_attach,
	maybe_kill_then_create_inferior):  Default for attempts to start
	a process, if one is already running, is to ask about killing
	it and retry if yes.
	(upstack_create_inferior):  #if-0 it, strata obsolete it.
	(push_target, unpush_target, pop_target):  to_close() a target
	before unstacking it. 
	(target_info):  Renamed from target_files_info.
	(_initialize_targets):  Rename "i files" as "i target", accessible
	under both names.

	* target.h:  Improve comments about the target_ vectored routines.

	* tm-i960.h:  Remove NINDY-specific stuff to tm-nindy960.h.
	Convert commenting style to standard GNU style.
	(DBX_PARM_SYMBOL_CLASS): allow LOC_LOCAL_ARG's to be recognized.
	(SKIP_PROLOGUE):  No longer a no-op.
	(SAVED_PC_AFTER_CALL):  Now handles leaf procedures.
	(*_REGNUM):  Sort register numbers.
	are now 10 byte extendeds, not 8 byte doubles.
	(FRAME_CHAIN_VALID):  Make this config-dependent, since it differs
	for nindy versus vxworks targets.  FIXME, this should possibly go
	in the target vector.
	frame_saved_regs and arg pointer with each frame.
	(FRAMELESS_FUNCTION_INVOCATION):  New leafproc support.
	(FRAME_ARGS_ADDRESS):  Use cached result.
	(FRAME_ARGS_ADDRESS_CORRECT):  New, avoids g14 guessing.
	(FRAME_FIND_SAVED_REGS):  Change arg to subsidiary fn.
	(PRINT_RAMDON_SIGNAL):  Call print_fault.
	(POP_FRAME):  Now works.

	* tm-nindy960.h:  Break this off tm-i960.h.  NINDY-specific
	option parsing and startup; STACK_END_ADDR, FRAME_CHAIN_VALID,
	(ADDITIONAL_OPTION_HANDLER):  use target_load, not
	* tm-vxworks960.h:  Break this off tm-i960.h.  VxGDB specific
	startup; DECR_PC_AFTER_BREAK, and FRAME_CHAIN_VALID are here.

	* valarith.c (value_subscripted_rvalue):  Avoid handling
	floats and doubles specially; it gave alignment errors.  Lint.

	* valops.c (value_of_variable, value_of_this):  Error if unknown

	* valprint.c (print_floating):  Bcopy rather than pointer-deref,
	to avoid alignment problems.
	(value_print):  Handle unknown value address.
	(cplus_val_print):  Two args are ignored; remove them.  Change caller.
	(val_print):  Use unpack_long rather than pointer-deref.

	* values.c:  Lint.
	(unpack_long, unpack_double):  Use bcopy rather than pointer-deref
	to avoid alignment problems.
	(value_being_returned):  Error if return value unknown.
	(set_return_value):  Add bogosity warning, FIXME.        *

	* TODO:  A woman's work is never done.

	* Makefile.dist:  Distribute REMOTE_OBS into tconfig files.
	Separate INCLUDE_CFLAGS for use with lint.  Add LINTFILES.
	Add ieee-float.o to OBS.
	* tconfig/{nindy960,vxworks68,vxworks960}:  Include the desired
	REMOTE_OBS remote-interface files in the TDEPFILES and TM_FILE.
	* tconfig/i960:  FIXME.  Half-merge, produce warning if config'd.

	Changes to generalize the VxWorks RPC protocol slightly, to handle
	i960 as well as 68000.

	* vx-share/dbgRpcLib.h (VX_SOURCE_STEP):  Add.
	* vx-share/reg.h:  Produce i960 regs #ifdef I80960
	* vx-share/xdr_ptrace.c:  Skip FPA registers if 960.
	* vx-share/xdr_rdb.h:  Add SOURCE_STEP struct and xdr decl.
	* vx-share/xdr_rdb.c:  Add xdr_SOURCE_STEP routine.
	* vx-share/xdr_regs.c:  Add xdr_regs, xdr_fp_status, xdr_ext_fp
	for i960.  Change xdr_vectors to xdr_opaques for 68k registers,
	so they will move in target byte order rather than network
	byte order (happens to be the same).	

Mon Feb 25 03:41:44 1991  John Gilmore  (gnu at

	* tm-convex.h (END_OF_TEXT_DEFAULT):  Remove #if 0'd block.

Sun Feb 24 00:55:53 1991  John Gilmore  (gnu at

	* am29k-pinsn.c, 
	Add contribution lines to various files, showing where they
	came from.

	* breakpoint.c (break_insn, check_break_insn_size,
	read_memory_nobpt):  Remove to mem-break.c.

	* xm-*.h, param-no-tm.h, tm-29k.h, valprint.c:  Change BYTE_ORDER to

	* tm-29k.h (STAB_REG_TO_REGNUM):  Warn user if symbol table
	entry has bad register number.  This change is not
	tested in this release, FIXME.

	* frame.h:  Eliminate Frame_unknown in favor of a simple zero.
	tm-vax.h:  Ditto.

	* value.h:  Force value's contents field to be aligned to hold
	at least a double or a long long (if supported).  This avoids
	doing bcopy's in and out of the contents field.

	(step_1):  Avoid coredump under obscure circumstances when we
	have no frame.

	* symtab.h (misc_info):  Add field to misc function vector for
	any kind of cached information the target code desires.  AMD
	29000 uses this to avoid repeating examine_function_prologue's.

	* coffread.c:  Lint.  Remove static symfile, read_section_header.
	core.c (have_core_file_p):  Lint: remove.
	expprint.c (print_subexp):  Lint.
	infptrace.c, valops.c, valprint.c:  lint.

	Roll in changes from vxgdb-5.0.1:

	* symtab.h:  Comment byte order of each address class.  Add
	LOC_LOCAL_ARG for frame-relative args (960).
	expread.y:  Use LOC_LOCAL_ARG where LOC_ARG is used.
	symtab.c, symmisc.c:  ditto.
	* infrun.c (init_wait_for_inferior):  Clear stop_signal.

	* remote.c (remote_resume):  Error if resume with a signal.

	* symfile.c (prim_record_misc_function):  Clear misc_info.
	(fill_in_vptr_fieldno):  Check stub type of arg.

	* valops.c (value_cast):  Avoid looking up names of types whose
	name we don't know, to prevent coredump.  Sun CC produces typedef
	rtx and the name of *rtx is zero...

Mon Feb 18 21:16:25 1991  John Gilmore  (gnu at

	Roll in changes from final AMD 29000 port (Tiemann).

	for ../include/a.out.encap.h.  This might not work now that BFD
	is separately compiled.  Instead, BFD support for encap will have
	to translate machine type 29k into the right COFF_MAGIC.
	* infcmd.c: Remove references to inferior_pid that aren't used
	in actual ptrace calls; use target_has_execution, etc.
	(have_inferior_p):  Remove function.
	(program_info):  Print target info rather than "process number";
	avoid gratuitous messages unless from_tty.
	(run_stack_dummy, finish_command):  Set proceed_to_finish.
	infrun.c: Remove inferior_pid refs.  Decl & init proceed_to_finish.
	main.c:  Lint.  Lose have_inferior_p().
	inferior.h (have_inferior_p):  Remove, lint.
	(proceed_to_finish):  Add flag to ask that all regs be saved
	by normal_stop, for the few commands that need it, speeding up
	serial I/O.  Add comments to stop_registers.

	* remote-eb.c:  Remove newline from breakpoint message we grep
	for.  Never time out when running the user program.

Wed Feb 13 15:34:40 1991  John Gilmore  (gnu at

	Roll in changes from vxgdb-5.0.1:

	* dbxread.c (read_dbx_symtab): If we encounter a "FORTRAN COMMON"
	symbol in its raw form, we are processing an unlinked ".o" file.
	See if the target environment has assigned it an address, using
	target_lookup_symbol (VxWorks does), and enter it into the symtab
	that way.

	* tm-vxworks.h (FRAME_CHAIN, FRAME_CHAIN_VALID):  Override usual
	68k versions for a simpler version that assumes zero FP at bottom.
	Fixes bug of truncated stack reports.

	* target.h (target_lookup_symbol):  Define this routine's args
	and result, finally.

	* target.c (nosymbol):  Default routine for target_lookup_symbol.
	(target_default):  Default lookup_symbol and call_function too.
	(files_info):  Only print has_all_memory warning if a non-dummy
	target follows.

	* remote-vx.c (vx_read_register, vx_convert_to_virtual,
	vx_convert_from_virtual): If target does not have floating point,
	zero register "values", and avoid doing cross-net conversions.
	(vx_lookup_symbol):  Rename net_lookup_symbol, add to vectors.
	(vx_open):  Rearrange code that attaches to target and reads
	symbols for all loaded modules, to work if some of the modules
	are not accessible.  Add symbol_stub() and add_symbol_stub()
	as callbacks from catch_errors().  Allow connect attempt to be
	interrupted painlessly with ^C (FIXME, there are still some bugs
	if the interrupt happens during symbol reading.).  Print
	final message with puts_filtered, since symbol messages are
	now filtered too.

	Misc cleanup:

	* main.c (catch_errors):  Only print errstring if non-null.
	(command_loop):  Avoid an ioctl per command to test ISATTY.

	* remote-vx.c (net_load):  make static; avoid sophomoric msg.
	(vx_xfer_memory):  Return correct result!
	(vx_files_info):  Indicate whether target has float or not.
	(vx_lookup_symbol):  Complain, not error, if target gone.
	(vx_open):  Print "Connected" msg before disabling immediate-quit.
	[FIXME:  lookup_symbol and vx_open changes need testing.]

	target.c, remote-eb.c, inftarg.c, am29k-opcode.h, target.h,
	tm-29k.h, tmm-vxworks68.h, symfile.c, gdb-int.texinfo: Add
	contributor lines and update copyrights to 1991.

	Changes from an attempted H-PUX host port:

	* infptrace.c (PT_ATTACH, PT_DETACH):  Handle HP/UX, which 
	defines PT_ATTACH and PT_DETACH but not PT_KILL.
	* remote-eb.c (eb_open):  Misplaced endif kills sysv H/PUX.
	* remote-vx.c: include <sys/time.h> for HPUX.
	* hp300hpux-xdep.c (fetch_core_registers):  Rewrite old
	"core_file_command" routine to BFD regime.  May not work yet.

	Attempted port of "gdb-3.4 Van Jacobson xgdb" to modern gdb.

	* xgdb.c: Replace X10 version with some VJ version.
	(FIXME:  Its copyright assignment is not on record.)
	* xgdb.c:  Update include files to X11R4 (Xaw crud).
	(xgdb_display_source, create_text_widget): fix call to
	get_filename_and_charpos.  Rewack source window stuff for X11R4
	(gleaned from include files, and "nm's" of binary libraries, since
	I had no doc available).
	(append_selection, append_selection_word): Disable with FIXME
	since R4 changed interface here.
	(create_buttons):  Add back the old set of buttons.
	(xgdb_create_window):  Fix call to XtInitialize (&argc not argc).

	* Makefile.dist (xgdb, xgdb-init.c):  Update for X11R4 on Suns.
	Roll VERSION to 3.94 (not yet final though).

Sat Feb  9 09:46:25 1991  John Gilmore  (gnu at

	* obstack.h (obstack_ptr_grow, obstack_ptr_grow_fast,
	obstack_int_grow, obstack_int_grow_fast):  Eliminate
	cast on left of assignment, which gives MIPS cc fits and is
	not Standard C.

	* sparc-pinsn.c (print_insn): Eliminate 'set' test, subsumed by
	F_ALIAS.  Use printf, not fprintf, when not passing a file
	(compare_opcodes): Check that identical instructions have
	identical opcodes, complain otherwise.

	* sparc-opcode.h (st %fsr):  Fix opcode "lose" mask.  This
	was reported by Roland McGrath.
	(unimp): Only match if exactly zero instruction.  (Roland)
	(branches and traps):  Generate all variations of these
	instructions with macros, based on a single call that defines
	each condition name and its binary representation.
	(set):  Turn on alias bit, to avoid test in sparc-pinsn.c.

	* valprint.c (val_print_fields):  Take, and use, format parameter.
	This means that "p/x struct" again prints the elements in the
	desired format.  Changed callers.

	* stack.c (frame_info):  Use filtered output, and indicate wrap
	points.  Remove kludgy formatting designed to avoid line wrap.

	* utils.c (wrap_here):  If the line is already full (because
	we had printed a long indent or long wrapped string), do an
	immediate newline-and-indent.

	* m68k-pinsn.c (print_insn_arg): Bugfix from
	ntmtv! (Mike Thompson): 'bkpt #0'
	instruction is incorrectly disassembled as bkpt #8.

	* dbxread.c (end_psymtab): Bugfix from Peter Schauer
	<>: If you want to set a
	breakpoint in a *.y file gdb will say Reading in symbols for *.y...
	and then will dump core (sometimes). I traced it back to an
	uninitialized symfile_name in psymtab_to_symtab.
	(const_vol_complaint):  Add quotes to message.
	(define_symbol):  Only believe line number if gcc_compiled.
	Avoid allocating symbol if we will not return it.

	Add target strata support so that newly established targets go
	into their right place in the target stack (e.g. a new exec file
	doesn't wipe out the ability to access the running process).

	* target.h, core.c, exec.c, inftarg.c, remote-eb.c,
	remote-nindy.c, remote-vx.c, remote.c, target.c:  Add to_stratum
	and initialize it properly in all the targets.

	* target.h:  Document strata.  Change return type of push_target.

	* target.c (nomemory):  new function for dummy memory access.
	(tcomplain):  Rename complain, now also used in symfile.c.
	(push_target):  Push targets within strata.  New return value shows
	whether new target is on top of stack or not.  Always keep dummy
	target on stack.
	(target_files_info):  Ignore dummy target.

	* core.c (core_open):  Warn user, and skip accessing file, if the
	core target is not the topmost target in the stack.
	* remote-nindy.c (nindy_create_inferior):  Avoid unpush_target, now
	already handled.

	* remote-vx.c:  Remove vx_prepare_to_store from vxworks memory
	target_ops, it doesn't belong there since we have no regs there.
	Change name of target from machine => memory to clarify.

Thu Feb  7 16:32:09 1991  John Gilmore  (gnu at

	* Freeze version 3.93 for release.

	* Makefile.dist:  Handle vx-share and nindy-share subdirs
	properly when building gdb.tar.Z.

	* symtab.c:  lint; add no_symtab_msg to consolidate the messages
	printed in various places, so I could change just one copy.

	* dbxread.c, coffread.c:  Change references to bfd->iostream
	to cast to FILE *, now that BFD avoids needing types defined
	in other header files.

Tue Feb  5 21:39:35 1991  John Gilmore  (gnu at

	* command.c, dbxread.c, expprint.c, infcmd.c, infptrace.c,
	infrun.c, printcmd.c, remote-nindy.c, source.c, sparc-tdep.c,
	sparc-xdep.c, symfile.h, symmisc.c, utils.c, valprint.c: Lint
	(actually gcc -Wall).

	* dbxread.c:  Remove first_global_sym, last_global_sym, since
	they are never referenced.

	* defs.h (baud_rate):  Declare.
	main.c: Define it, and add the -b option to set it.

	* gdb-int.texinfo:  Add text on how to define a new host or target
	architecture, prompted by Per Bothner's questions about MIPS

	* gdb.texinfo:  Document "complaints".  Change doc of -q since
	gdb no longer prints the copyright and blurb if you specify a file
	name to be debugged (just like Emacs).  Add doc for Nindy-specific
	command line flags for specifying target serial port and such.
	Update copyright to 1991.

	* gdbcore.h:  Remove a large mass of now-useless crud, since BFD
	has taken over for us the job of ripping up executable files.  The
	crud caused Per Bothner's port to not compile.

	* infrun.c (normal_stop):  Avoid printing "Program exited
	normally" if we are in batch mode.  This allows a GDB which
	executes a program on a target system, to behave like a Unix
	command (input from stdin, output to stdout, no extraneous

	* main.c (main):  Allow additional machine-dependent command line
	options to be specified with the ADDITIONAL_OPTIONS,
	ADDITIONAL_OPTION_HANDLER macros.  Also allow machine-dependent
	processing to occur just before the main loop with
	(main):  If a "core file" argument is specified, and it is not a
	core file, try it as a process ID to attach.  
	(symbol_completion_function):  Attempt to cope with 
	"show screen-" TAB, not very successfully.  This needs more work,
	(batch_file):  New function, returns whether we are reading
	commands from an interactive tty on stdin, or from somewhere else.
	Called by normal_stop since it doesn't get from_tty passed down
	to it like many commands do.

	* remote-nindy.c:  Handle command line options for nindy
	(nindy_before_main_loop):  Prompt user for tty name if they
	don't specify it before getting to the interactive command loop.

	* tm-i960.c:  Add ADDITIONAL_OPTIONS, etc, to handle -O, -brk,
	and -r command line options.  Also add hook before main loop
	to make it easy to specify a tty.

	* TODO:  More things to do, one done.

Mon Feb  4 23:57:39 1991  John Gilmore and Mike Tiemann  (at

	* dbxread.c:  Make complaint() calls pass pointer, not struct.
	Add complaints about badly formatted C++ type information
	(const/volatile indicator, and parse errors resulting in
	error_type).  Fix C++ virtual member fn comment.
	(read_struct_type):  Avoid bumping pointer if we got a parse
	error; this prevents our walking beyond the end of a string.
	Terminate loop on null char as well as semicolon.
	(process_one_symbol):  Fix the LBRAC fix so that it uses the
	last previous SLINE, FUN, or SO record's PC address.  C++ debug
	symbols did not have SLINE records in a useful order compared
	to the LBRAC records.
	(define_symbol):  Handle "catch" records.

	* symtab.c (check_stub_type):  Added new complain
	`stub_noname_complain' and added a consistency check to
	keep the debugger from crashing when finishing from an
	exception frame.  A real fix will be needed later.

Sat Feb  2 10:43:05 1991  John Gilmore  (gnu at

	* infcmd.c (attach_command):  Make global.

	* Makefile.dist (REMOTE_OBS):  Make these compile by default,
	but make them easy to comment out.  Perhaps later they should
	be enabled by what CPU you configure for?  FIXME.
	(VERSION):  Roll to 3.93.
	(pinsn.o):  Remove rule for obsolete file.
	(dbxread.o,coffread.o,mipsread.o):  Use ${srcdir} explicitly.

	Run down a problem that manifested by printing the wrong function
	name in stack traces of read_ofile_symtab.  Turned out that the 
	problem was the SunOS 4.1.1 (and previous) C compiler outputs
	the LBRAC symbol with an address in the *data* segment, which
	blew our binary search through the blocks.

	* dbxread.c: Use the complain() facility consistently to bitch
	about problems in the symbol file we are reading.
	(finish_block):  Add code to check the nesting of the blocks;
	complain and Procrust them to fit if wrong.
	(make_blockvector):  Check the order of the blocks, complain 
	[but don't cope] if wrong.
	(process_one_symbol):  ifndef SUN_FIXED_LBRAC_BUG, check LBRAC
	symbols to be sure their PC value is greater than the last SLINE
	(line number) symbol we've seen, complaining and adopting the
	SLINE PC value if wrong.

	* symfile.h (struct complaint, complaint_root, complain, 
	clear_complaints):  Add.
	* symfile.c (complain, complaint_root, clear_complaints):  Add
	facility to deal with non-fatal complaints and to regularize their
	(symbol_file_add):  Clear complaint counters to allow new complaints.
	(initialize_symfile):  Add 'set complaints' and 'show complaints'.

	* dbxread.c (dbx_symfile_read):  Remember the address and size
	of the string table for the main symbol file, so we won't read it
	more than once.
	(dbx_psymtab_to_symtab):  Fix the check for main symbol file,
	to avoid reading the string table yet again.  Lint.
	(throughout):  Improve filtered output, including word wrap.
	(read_range_type):  Improve Bothner's fix to handle other types too.

	* utils.c:  Improve line wrap implementation.  Handle unlimited
	width by making chars_per_line unsigned.
	(puts_filtered):  New, easy, function.	

	* defs.h (puts_filtered):  add.

	* mipsread.c (compare_symbols, sort_symtab):  Remove these fns,
	call the identical sort_symtab_syms() in symfile.c instead.

	* expread.y:  Suggest the `file' command rather than `symbol-file'.

	* command.h (enum var_types):  Add zinteger for seroable
	unsigned integer.
	* command.c (do_setshow_command):  Handle var_zinteger.  Restructure
	nested if's into a switch.

	* breakpoint.c (bpstat_print): If bpstat "print" flag is not set,
	we did not stop because of a breakpoint (it must have been for
	some other reason, like a "stepi"), so don't print anything.

	* symtab.c: Include <sys/types.h> all the time.  Now that BFD
	doesn't include <sys/types.h>, old SunOS's require it for

Sat Feb  2 10:39:15 1991  Per Bothner  (

	A test port of gdb-3.92.6 to the Sony NEWS.

	* Makefile.dist
	Don't normally link in remote- or vx stuff.
	Some of it doesn't compile, and it wastes space for 99%	of the users.
	Remove reference to no-longer-used HAVE_VPRINTF.
	Fixed BFD_DEP typo to BFD_DIR.
	* dbxread.c
	Fix cast in arg to bfd_h_getlong.
	Make char *prefix be const.
	Fix how certain range types are mapped into builtin unsigned int types.
	* infrun.c
	Remove 2 #includes. They cause errors (on Sony, at least),
	and aren't needed (they wern't in earlier versions).
	* printcmd.c
	print_address_symbolic should never demangle labels
	(since it prints *assembler-level* labels).

	       [This was superseded by the change to printcmd below.]

	* utils.c
	Add some "volatile" return types to avoid warnings.
	If MISSING_VPRINTF add vprintf function and not just macro
	(since vprintf is used in printcmd.c).
	* valprint.c
	Unless __GNUC__, use obstack_grow instead of obstack_ptr_grow.
	(The latter isn't grokked by some PCC-based compilers.)

	     [This change is in abeyance, we prefer to fix obstack_ptr_grow.]

	Make chunk size of dont_print_obstack 32*4 instead of default 4096.
	* nindy-share/coffstrip.c
	Added some forward declarations (otherwise, gcc complains
	about implicit extern redefined as static).

Sun Jan 20 02:38:19 1991  John Gilmore  (gnu at

	Changes inspired by Per Bothner:
	* printcmd.c (print_address_symbolic):  Take additional parameter
	specifying whether to demangle.
	(print_address):  Pass in asm_demangle to control demangling.
	(print_address_demangle):  New fn, takes explicit arg to control
	* utils.c:  Add new vars demangle and asm_demangle, and let them
	be set and shown.
	(fputs_demangled):  If !demangle, just print the argument.
	(fprint_symbol):  If !demangle, just print raw symbol.
	* valprint.c (val_print):  Call print_address_demangle rather than
	print_address, to cause demangling to depend on the global
	rather than assembler-level demangling setting.
	* WHATS.NEW, gdb.texinfo:  Document.

	* main.c (show_command):  Show all settings if no arg.
	(initialize_main):  Make "info set" the same as naked "show".
	* command.c (cmd_show_list):  Handle prefix commands in the
	list, and print the name of the setting as well as its English
	description and value.

	Allow gdb functions to specify where a line should wrap if it
	exceeds the size of a terminal line.  Use it to make the output
	* utils.c (set_screen_width_command):  New fn, mallocs a buffer
	of the right size when screen width changes.
	(set_screensize_command, screensize_info):  Remove #if 0'd fns.
	(wrap_here):  New fn, indicates a point in the output where we
	should wrap the line rather than just letting it overflow at a
	random place.
	(fputs_filtered):  Implement wrapping.
	(n_spaces):  New fn, returns a pointer to N spaces.
	(print_spaces_filtered):  Use n_spaces.
	* defs.h (n_spaces):  Declare.
	* stack.c (print_frame_info):  Wrap with 4-space indent after
	fn name and before filename and line number.
	* printcmd.c (print_frame_args):  Wrap with 4-space indent
	before each argument name is printed.
	* valprint.c (value_print):  Wrap with no indentation before
	each repetition.
	(val_print_fields):  Wrap with indentation relative to nesting
	level before each field name.
	(val_print):  Wrap with nesting indentation before array elements.
	* command.c (do_setshow_command):  Avoid extra newlines,
	wrap with 4-space indent around values printed, end with period.
	* WHATS.NEW, gdb.texinfo, gdb-int.texinfo:  Document.

	* breakpoint.c (breakpoint_1):  Implement addressprint for
	"info breakpoints" display.  Change file name and line number
	format to " at file:nnn" rather than " (file line nnn)".
	* gdb.texinfo:  Document.

Fri Jan 18 07:21:25 1991  John Gilmore  (gnu at

	Frozen for gdb-3.92.6 release.

	README, WHATS.NEW:  Update for 3.92.6 release.

	tconfig/{altos, i386v, i386v32, m88k, umax}:  Eliminate
	coffread.o from configs since it is now built by default.
	tconfig/{3b1, altosgas, arm, convex, hp300bsd, hp300hpux,
	i386v-g, i386v32-g, isi, merlin, news, news1000, np1, pn,
	pyramid, symmetry, vax, vxworks68}:  Eliminate dbxread.o
	from configs since it is now built by default.

	Makefile.dist: Update for release 3.92.6.  Handle files that
	have been moved to ../include, ../getopt, or ../bfd.  Add
	saber.suppress and tests directory.  Add config.status to
	the release (it will say "none").

	coredep.c:  Minor formatting fixes.

	These changes were made in early December but only checked in now:
	* nindy-share/Onindy.c, nindy-share/coffstrip.c,
	nindy-share/nindy.c:  lint
	* nindy-share/nindy.c (ninStopWhy):  Don't byteswap the 
	register values coming back from the target; we store values
	in target byte order everywhere.

Wed Jan 16 19:01:37 1991  John Gilmore  (gnu at

	* am29k-opcode.h, am29k-pinsn.c:  Add 29050 opcodes.

	* valprint.c (cplus_val_print, val_print_fields):  New functions,
	which print C++ objects.  They conspire to avoid printing a
	virtual base class more than once, following all the twists and
	turns of C++ virtual base rules.
	(val_print):  Call the above rather than do it by hand.

	* symfile.c (symbol_file_add):  Only reset symfile_mtime for main
	symbol file, not for added files like shared libs.  This really
	needs to be generalized to a timestamp per file.

	* core.c (cleanup_core):  Avoid coredump if no core file.
	* config.gdb:  Accept -host or -target in place of +host or

	* coffread.c (find_linenos):  Avoid desupported BFD interface
	to line numbers.  We still read them manually rather than using
	BFD's "generic" features.

	* gdbrc.tex, threecol.tex:  Add GDB reference card and its
	formatting code.
	Makefile.dist:  Add refcard to OTHERS list for creating tar files.

	* Makefile.dist:  Eliminate use of $< in explicit targets.

	* readline/Makefile:  Use $< rather than $*.c, which does not
	include the VPATH in GNU Make.

	* tconfig/i960-bout, tconfig/i960-coff:  These are identical
	copies of tconfig/i960, added for global configuration
	compatability.  All i960 versions can read both coff and b.out.

	* tm-88k.h:  Fix multiline macro that lacked \'s.  Remove
	COFF_FORMAT and COFF_CHECK_X_ZEROES since these are now handled

	* TODO:  Think of more things to do.

Wed Jan  2 19:09:29 1991  John Gilmore  (gnu at

	tconfig/{am29k,i960,sun2*,sun3*,sun4*}:  Eliminate config
	of sdb versus dbx debug symbols.  Add kludge for 68881 80-bit to
	64-bit float conversion.

	tconfig/sun4, tconfig/sun3, xconfig/sun4, xconfig/sun3:  Make
	equivalent to sun?os4 so global config works.

Wed Jan  2 18:20:51 1991  John Gilmore  (gnu at

	Fix from Eberhard Mattes <>
	* main.c:  Only declare linesize once; declare pagesize not at
	all, since it is never used.
	(main):  Clear newly allocated line before it is used.

For older changes see ChangeLog-1990
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