misc-nas   [plain text]

Miscellaneous NASes and RADIUS


Some NASes have quirks when it comes to speaking RADIUS.  This document
exposes those flaws and, where applicable, workarounds for those quirks.

1. Proxim

Proxim AP-2000 NASes up to and including firmware version 2.4.5 ignore
the Session-Timeout attribute, despite the fact that Proxim's firmware
release notes specifically state that it is supported.  On top of this,
firmware version 2.4.5 (the latest as of this writing) has a bug in
which the reauthentication interval on the AP cannot be set to any value
less than 2 hours.  As such, fine-grained control of client session
times is not currently possible with this NAS.  Note that this NAS
is OEMed to several vendors, including Avaya, and may be listed under
different names with different vendors.