CREDITS   [plain text]

  FreeRADIUS is the result of the work done by a large number of
people.  The major contributors are listed here.

Miquel van Smoorenburg <>
	Wrote the original Cistron server, and started the FreeRADIUS
	source tree.

Alan DeKok <>
	Registered and maintains  Wrote the module
	code.  Made the server threaded.  Maintains the autoconf and
	libtool scripts for the server.

Alan Curry <>
	Contributed many patches for proxying, replication, realm

Mike Machado ( 
	Author of the SQL module.

Adrian Pavlykevych <>
	LDAP module.

Jeff Carneal, Apex Internet Services, Inc.
	Wrote the caching support for the Unix module.

miguel a.l. paraz <>
	Wrote the original code which was the basis for the PAM module.

Jochen Friedrich <>
	SMUX / SNMP support.

Nathan Neulinger <>
	Kerberos authentication module.

Brandon Lee Poyner <>
	Netscape-MTA-MD5 authentication module.

Chris Parker <>
	Configuration parser enhancments, 'rlm_attr_filter' module, and
	proxy enhancements.

Kostas Kalevras <>
	Contributed the 'dialup_admin' PHP server administration code.

Chris Brotsos <>
	Memory allocation debugging and proxy enhancements.