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* flex: (flex).      Fast lexical analyzer generator (lex replacement).

   The flex manual is placed under the same licensing conditions as the
rest of flex:

   Copyright (C) 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007 The Flex

   Copyright (C) 1990, 1997 The Regents of the University of California.
All rights reserved.

   This code is derived from software contributed to Berkeley by Vern

   The United States Government has rights in this work pursuant to
contract no. DE-AC03-76SF00098 between the United States Department of
Energy and the University of California.

   Redistribution and use in source and binary forms, with or without
modification, are permitted provided that the following conditions are

  1.  Redistributions of source code must retain the above copyright
     notice, this list of conditions and the following disclaimer.

  2. Redistributions in binary form must reproduce the above copyright
     notice, this list of conditions and the following disclaimer in the
     documentation and/or other materials provided with the

   Neither the name of the University nor the names of its contributors
may be used to endorse or promote products derived from this software
without specific prior written permission.


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Tag Table:
Node: Top1620
Node: Copyright7690
Node: Reporting Bugs9203
Node: Introduction9508
Node: Simple Examples10336
Node: Format13646
Node: Definitions Section14060
Ref: Definitions Section-Footnote-116323
Node: Rules Section16391
Node: User Code Section17549
Node: Comments in the Input17987
Node: Patterns19355
Ref: case and character ranges26186
Node: Matching30201
Node: Actions33487
Node: Generated Scanner42466
Node: Start Conditions47484
Node: Multiple Input Buffers58043
Ref: Scanning Strings64581
Node: EOF66211
Node: Misc Macros67799
Node: User Values70653
Node: Yacc72984
Node: Scanner Options73880
Node: Options for Specifying Filenames76638
Ref: option-header76864
Ref: option-outfile77576
Ref: option-stdout77901
Node: Options Affecting Scanner Behavior78883
Ref: option-case-insensitive79124
Ref: option-lex-compat79557
Ref: option-batch80089
Ref: option-interactive80613
Ref: option-7bit81967
Ref: option-8bit83271
Ref: option-default83683
Ref: option-always-interactive83747
Ref: option-posix84351
Ref: option-stack85498
Ref: option-stdinit85606
Ref: option-yylineno86084
Ref: option-yywrap86527
Node: Code-Level And API Options86795
Ref: option-ansi-definitions87022
Ref: option-ansi-prototypes87274
Ref: option-bison-bridge87521
Ref: option-bison-locations87860
Ref: option-noline88120
Ref: option-reentrant88634
Ref: option-c++89245
Ref: option-array89371
Ref: option-pointer89469
Ref: option-prefix89597
Ref: option-main91126
Ref: option-nounistd91310
Ref: option-yyclass91818
Node: Options for Scanner Speed and Size92304
Ref: option-align92853
Ref: option-ecs93354
Ref: option-meta-ecs94390
Ref: option-read94877
Ref: option-full96760
Ref: option-fast96955
Node: Debugging Options97881
Ref: option-backup98068
Ref: option-debug98613
Ref: option-perf-report99336
Ref: option-nodefault99962
Ref: option-trace100280
Ref: option-nowarn100571
Ref: option-verbose100639
Ref: option-warn101068
Node: Miscellaneous Options101287
Node: Performance101744
Node: Cxx112008
Node: Reentrant119531
Node: Reentrant Uses120208
Node: Reentrant Overview121771
Node: Reentrant Example122570
Node: Reentrant Detail123345
Node: Specify Reentrant123778
Node: Extra Reentrant Argument124425
Node: Global Replacement125677
Node: Init and Destroy Functions126906
Node: Accessor Methods129418
Node: Extra Data130762
Node: About yyscan_t133029
Node: Reentrant Functions133425
Ref: bison-functions134909
Node: Lex and Posix135650
Node: Memory Management143034
Ref: memory-management143180
Node: The Default Memory Management143408
Ref: The Default Memory Management-Footnote-1147217
Node: Overriding The Default Memory Management147370
Ref: Overriding The Default Memory Management-Footnote-1149769
Node: A Note About yytext And Memory149933
Node: Serialized Tables151166
Ref: serialization151310
Node: Creating Serialized Tables152075
Node: Loading and Unloading Serialized Tables153685
Node: Tables File Format155453
Node: Diagnostics162468
Node: Limitations165879
Node: Bibliography167828
Node: FAQ168501
Node: When was flex born?172741
Node: How do I expand backslash-escape sequences in C-style quoted strings?173118
Node: Why do flex scanners call fileno if it is not ANSI compatible?174422
Node: Does flex support recursive pattern definitions?175217
Node: How do I skip huge chunks of input (tens of megabytes) while using flex?176064
Node: Flex is not matching my patterns in the same order that I defined them.176531
Node: My actions are executing out of order or sometimes not at all.178277
Node: How can I have multiple input sources feed into the same scanner at the same time?179052
Node: Can I build nested parsers that work with the same input file?181040
Node: How can I match text only at the end of a file?182046
Node: How can I make REJECT cascade across start condition boundaries?182851
Node: Why cant I use fast or full tables with interactive mode?183866
Node: How much faster is -F or -f than -C?185124
Node: If I have a simple grammar cant I just parse it with flex?185436
Node: Why doesn't yyrestart() set the start state back to INITIAL?185917
Node: How can I match C-style comments?186544
Node: The period isn't working the way I expected.187358
Node: Can I get the flex manual in another format?188605
Node: Does there exist a "faster" NDFA->DFA algorithm?189094
Node: How does flex compile the DFA so quickly?189604
Node: How can I use more than 8192 rules?190571
Node: How do I abandon a file in the middle of a scan and switch to a new file?191983
Node: How do I execute code only during initialization (only before the first scan)?192536
Node: How do I execute code at termination?193314
Node: Where else can I find help?193640
Node: Can I include comments in the "rules" section of the file?194013
Node: I get an error about undefined yywrap().194392
Node: How can I change the matching pattern at run time?194869
Node: How can I expand macros in the input?195231
Node: How can I build a two-pass scanner?196264
Node: How do I match any string not matched in the preceding rules?197180
Node: I am trying to port code from AT&T lex that uses yysptr and yysbuf.198090
Node: Is there a way to make flex treat NULL like a regular character?198885
Node: Whenever flex can not match the input it says "flex scanner jammed".199406
Node: Why doesn't flex have non-greedy operators like perl does?200050
Node: Memory leak - 16386 bytes allocated by malloc.201403
Ref: faq-memory-leak201701
Node: How do I track the byte offset for lseek()?202669
Node: How do I use my own I/O classes in a C++ scanner?204180
Node: How do I skip as many chars as possible?205023
Node: deleteme00206100
Node: Are certain equivalent patterns faster than others?206541
Node: Is backing up a big deal?209960
Node: Can I fake multi-byte character support?211867
Node: deleteme01213309
Node: Can you discuss some flex internals?214419
Node: unput() messes up yy_at_bol216664
Node: The | operator is not doing what I want217767
Node: Why can't flex understand this variable trailing context pattern?219314
Node: The ^ operator isn't working220564
Node: Trailing context is getting confused with trailing optional patterns221800
Node: Is flex GNU or not?223044
Node: ERASEME53224718
Node: I need to scan if-then-else blocks and while loops225489
Node: ERASEME55226689
Node: ERASEME56227788
Node: ERASEME57229147
Node: Is there a repository for flex scanners?230146
Node: How can I conditionally compile or preprocess my flex input file?230461
Node: Where can I find grammars for lex and yacc?230934
Node: I get an end-of-buffer message for each character scanned.231281
Node: unnamed-faq-62231876
Node: unnamed-faq-63232895
Node: unnamed-faq-64234193
Node: unnamed-faq-65235160
Node: unnamed-faq-66235947
Node: unnamed-faq-67237063
Node: unnamed-faq-68238051
Node: unnamed-faq-69239194
Node: unnamed-faq-70239908
Node: unnamed-faq-71240670
Node: unnamed-faq-72241880
Node: unnamed-faq-73242924
Node: unnamed-faq-74243849
Node: unnamed-faq-75244795
Node: unnamed-faq-76245928
Node: unnamed-faq-77246635
Node: unnamed-faq-78247529
Node: unnamed-faq-79248528
Node: unnamed-faq-80250229
Node: unnamed-faq-81251548
Node: unnamed-faq-82254349
Node: unnamed-faq-83255307
Node: unnamed-faq-84257088
Node: unnamed-faq-85258192
Node: unnamed-faq-86259200
Node: unnamed-faq-87260139
Node: unnamed-faq-88260786
Node: unnamed-faq-90261618
Node: unnamed-faq-91262882
Node: unnamed-faq-92265311
Node: unnamed-faq-93265811
Node: unnamed-faq-94266739
Node: unnamed-faq-95268152
Node: unnamed-faq-96269671
Node: unnamed-faq-97270431
Node: unnamed-faq-98271099
Node: unnamed-faq-99271765
Node: unnamed-faq-100272695
Node: unnamed-faq-101273406
Node: What is the difference between YYLEX_PARAM and YY_DECL?274220
Node: Why do I get "conflicting types for yylex" error?274742
Node: How do I access the values set in a Flex action from within a Bison action?275272
Node: Appendices275703
Node: Makefiles and Flex275912
Ref: Makefiles and Flex-Footnote-1279112
Ref: Makefiles and Flex-Footnote-2279229
Ref: Makefiles and Flex-Footnote-3279415
Node: Bison Bridge279466
Ref: Bison Bridge-Footnote-1282135
Node: M4 Dependency282327
Ref: M4 Dependency-Footnote-1283732
Node: Common Patterns283867
Node: Numbers284158
Node: Identifiers285135
Node: Quoted Constructs285964
Node: Addresses287017
Node: Indices287683
Node: Concept Index287921
Node: Index of Functions and Macros313204
Node: Index of Variables318100
Node: Index of Data Types319766
Node: Index of Hooks320654
Node: Index of Scanner Options321222

End Tag Table