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 prints file foo.txt in duplex (two side) mode.
-Page device operators are implementation dependant but they are
+Page device operators are implementation dependent but they are
 standardized.  See section \f3PAGE DEVICE OPTIONS\f1 for the details.
 .TP 8
 .B \-e\f1[\f2char\f1]\f3, \-\-escapes\f1[\f3=\f2char\f1]\f3
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 Pass a statusdict definition to the generated PostScript output.  If
 no value is given, the key \f2key\f1 is removed from the definitions.
-The statusdict operators are implementation dependant; see the
+The statusdict operators are implementation dependent; see the
 printer's documentation for the details.
 For example, the command
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 the user's home directory.
 .TP 8
 .B MarkWrappedLines: \f2style\f3
-Mark wraped lines in the output with the style \f2style\f1.  The
+Mark wrapped lines in the output with the style \f2style\f1.  The
 possible values for the \f2format\f1 are the same which can be given
 for the \f3\-\-mark\-wrapped\-lines\f1 option.
 .TP 8
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 Print file to two columns and rotate output 90 degrees (landscape).
 .TP 8
 .B enscript \-DDuplex:true foo.txt
-Print file in duplex (two side) mode (printer dependant).
+Print file in duplex (two side) mode (printer dependent).
 .TP 8
 .B enscript \-G2rE \-U2 foo.c
 My default code printing command: gaudy header, two columns,