ChangeLog   [plain text]

1999-09-17  Markku Rossi  <>

	* main.c (handle_options): New option --footer to set the page
	footer string.
	(main): Modified the config file reading to be more user-tolerant.
	If the config file reading still fails, the enscript prints a
	verbose error message describing the situation.  Enscript also
	suggest some workarounds for the problem.  Hopefully this helps
	users to overcome their problems concerning the installation of
	the program.

	* psgen.c (dump_ps_page_header): Added support for user supplied
	footer strings.

	* main.c: Removed the obsolete --list-options option.

1999-09-13  Markku Rossi  <>

	* main.c (handle_options): New option --extended-return-values to
	enable the extended return values.

1999-09-07  Markku Rossi  <>

	* psgen.c (process_file): Added an argument `is_toc' to specify
	whether the file to process is a table of contents file.

1999-08-26  Markku Rossi  <>

	* util.c (format_user_string): New escape `$p' for number of pages
	processed so far.

1999-07-16  Markku Rossi  <>

	* Finished the static to dynamic memory buffer conversion.  Now
	the enscript sources should not have any buffer overrun bugs.

1999-07-13  Markku Rossi  <>

	* Converted many static buffers to dynamically allocated buffers.
	There are still more work in this area.

1999-07-09  Markku Rossi  <>

	* main.c: Started to fix some possible buffer overflows.  This
	needs still more work.

	* util.c: Implemented buffer_clear().

1999-07-08  Markku Rossi  <>

	* prt_lpr.c: Fixed to use the new memory buffer routines.

	* util.c: Implemented new dynamic memory buffer handling routines

1999-07-05  Markku Rossi  <>

	* main.c (handle_options): New option `--nup-columnwise' to layout
	pages in the N-up printing columnwise.
	(handle_options): New option `--swap-even-page-margins' to swap
	left and right side page marginals for even numbered pages.

1999-03-29  Markku Rossi  <>

	* main.c (close_output_file): Check the return value of fclose on
	a written file, and warn if necessary. (John Bley,

1999-03-12  Markku Rossi  <>

	* main.c: Renamed all `pretty-print' options to the corresponding
	`highlight' ones.

1999-01-07  Markku Rossi  <>

	* util.c (parse_font_spec): Cleaned up the font specification

	* main.c (main): Fixed the non-installation runs to preserve the
	(handle_options): New options -3, -4, -5, -6, -7, -8, -9 to select
	3-9 columns.

1998-12-23  Markku Rossi  <>

	* main.c (encodings): Added ISO-8859-{9,10} encodings.

	* psgen.c (process_file): Swapped the order in which the line
	numbers and line shading are printed.  Now the line numbers won't
	be overwritten by the shading.

1998-12-07  Markku Rossi  <>

	* main.c (main): Added a xgettext `no-c-format' string.

1998-10-29  Markku Rossi  <>

	* main.c (main): Fixed the `--help-pretty-print' option to work
	with the new highlighting scheme.

1998-10-23  Markku Rossi  <>

	* util.c (read_font_info): Added the `encoding' value to the font
	info cache key.

	* psgen.c (process_file): New special escape ^@bgcolor{} to set
	the text background color.

	* main.c: Changed enscript to use the new highlighting style.  All
	states related options were changed.

1998-10-16  Markku Rossi  <>

	* psgen.c: Added support for the user specified input encoding in
	the ^@font{} escapes.

	* util.c (parse_font_spec): Added support for the encoding
	specification in the font spec.  All uses changed.

	* gsint.h: New the EncodingRegistry to hold the known input
	Made the encodings a global variable.

1998-09-07  Markku Rossi  <>

	* main.c (main): Fixed to honor the HOME environment variable.

1998-06-25  Markku Rossi  <>

	* main.c (handle_options): New option `--rotate-even-pages' to
	rotate each even-numbered page 180 degrees.
	(usage): Moved `--word-wrap' to correct position.

1998-06-24  Markku Rossi  <>

	* psgen.c (dump_ps_page_header): Fixed N-up printing in the
	portrait mode.  It used to work, but I have broke it sometime in
	the past.  Now it is fixed again.

	* util.c (format_user_string): Fixed a bug from the `$n'
	formatting.  We do not want to show the leading '/' in the result

1998-06-23  Markku Rossi  <>

	* main.c (encodings): Fixed a typo where the ISO-8859-7 was called
	"creek" instead of "greek".

	* psgen.c (dump_ps_header): Fixed to obey the `pslevel' option;
	generate PostScript level 2 features only if the requested level
	is 2 or above.

	* main.c (handle_options): New option `--ps-level' to set the PS
	level that enscript should use.
	(main): Changed to pass the stdin to states as "-".

	* util.c (read_config): New config file option `PostScriptLevel'
	to set the PS level that enscript should use.

1998-06-22  Markku Rossi  <>

	* psgen.c (dump_ps_page_header): Fixed a NULL-reference bug from
	the `--header' handling.

1998-06-17  Markku Rossi  <>

	* main.c (usage): Added a missing `\n\' sequence in the usage

1998-06-11  Markku Rossi  <>

	* main.c: Renamed ISO-8859-* encodings.

1998-05-26  Markku Rossi  <>

	* util.c (format_user_string): Changed `$%' to format the page
	number as `2B' in the slicing mode.

	* main.c (main): Added double quotes around all file names in the
	pipe command strings.  Now we can cooperate with file names with

1998-05-18  Markku Rossi  <>

	* main.c (handle_options): Changed the way how the escape
	character code can be set.  Now we accept decimals, octals,
	hexadecimals, and characters as-is.

1998-03-25  Markku Rossi  <>

	* main.c: Added ISO-8859/7 (ISO latin7) encoding.

1998-03-09  Markku Rossi  <>

	* main.c (handle_options): Option -C, --line-numbers takes now an
	optional argument that specifies the number of the first line of
	the input.

1998-02-23  Markku Rossi  <>

	* psgen.c (process_file): Implemented horizontal columns.  The
	option --h-column-height is used to set the column height and to
	activate the horizontal columns.

1998-01-14  Markku Rossi  <>

	* psgen.c (get_next_token): Implemented word wrapping to be used
	instead of truncating `-c', `--truncate-lines' or character

	Cleaned up statistics about truncated and wrapped lines.  Now it
	obeys `--pages' and it works for both truncated and wrapped lines.

1998-01-13  Markku Rossi  <>

	* util.c (is_ungetc): Implemented unlimited ungetc support to the
	InputStream interface.  This is needed for the word wrap support.

	* main.c: New options --nup-xpad and --nup-ypad to change the page
	padding in N-up printing.
	(main): Cleaned up N-up printing.

1998-01-12  Markku Rossi  <>

	* gsint.h: Replaced all stdarg functions with corresponding
	macros.  Changed all calls of `error', `fatal', `cfg_fatal' and
	`message' to use the new macros.  Now there should be no more
	errors on HP-SUX.

1998-01-02  Markku Rossi  <>

	* main.c (main): Changed to lookup the file from
	enscript_library instead of using the hard-coded `PREFIX/share'
	directory.  Now it obeys the ENSCRIPT_LIBRARY environment

	* psgen.c (dump_ps_header): Generate PageSize page device setting
	if it is requested.  This should make the printer to select the
	correct paper tray automatically.

	* main.c (handle_options): Changed option -l, --lineprinter to set
	only --lines-per-page=66 and --no-header (removed --portrait and
	--columns=1).  Now it conforms to Adobe's version.

1997-11-26  Markku Rossi  <>

	* util.c (format_user_string): Fixed y2k bugs.

1997-09-30  Markku Rossi  <>

	* main.c: Added ISO-8859/4 encoding, thanks to Ricardas Cepas

Tue Sep 16 14:04:05 1997  Markku Rossi  <>

	* main.c (version): Updated to conform the latest GNU coding

Thu Aug 28 10:02:20 1997  Markku Rossi  <>

	* main.c: New option `--margins=LEFT:RIGHT:TOP:BOTTOM' to adjust
	page marginals.

Mon Aug 11 09:16:43 1997  Markku Rossi  <>

	* psgen.c (divert): Changed to use tempnam() instead of tmpnam().
	(get_next_token): Fixed tabulator character handling with variable
 	width fonts.  Now it really works; the left margins is really

Thu Jul  3 14:40:16 1997  Markku Rossi  <>

	* psgen.c (read_special_escape): Implemented new `escape' special
	escape to change the escape character.

Tue Jun 10 10:07:28 1997  Markku Rossi  <>

	* psgen.c: Optimized the size of the generated PostScript output.
	(print_line_number): Fixed to print the line number with the
 	default body font, not with the currently active font which might
 	have been selected with font escapes.
	(process_file): New special escape ^@bggray{} to set the text
	background color.

Fri Jun  6 13:29:08 1997  Markku Rossi  <>

	* psgen.c: Fixed lineskip to work better when changing the font at
 	the beginning of the line.

Thu Jun  5 15:21:04 1997  Markku Rossi  <>

	* psgen.c (dump_empty_page): Fixed --file-align option to work
 	even if we cross the page boundary in N-up mode.

Wed May 28 11:11:17 1997  Markku Rossi  <>

	* main.c: New option --mark-wrapped-lines[=STYLE],
 	MarkWrappedLines to mark wrapped lines in the printout.

Thu May 22 10:03:23 1997  Markku Rossi  <>

	* main.c (main): Coded more information to the return value.

Wed Mar 19 12:38:39 1997  Markku Rossi  <>

	* main.c: New option -W, --language to specify the output
	New option --color to change the States color model from the
	command line.
	Made option -J to be an alias for -t, --title.
	Make option -# to be an alias for -n, --copies.

Tue Mar  4 10:00:45 1997  Markku Rossi  <>

	* util.c (read_config): New config file option `StatesPath' to
	specify the path for the states program.

	* psgen.c: Fixed --file-align option which was broken with the
	--nup option.

Mon Mar  3 10:25:16 1997  Markku Rossi  <>

	* psgen.c (dump_ps_page_header): Implemented user escapes for user
	defined header strings.
Wed Feb 26 09:42:52 1997  Markku Rossi  <>

	* Release enscript-1.5.0.

Fri Feb 21 13:46:37 1997  Markku Rossi  <>

	* util.c (read_font_info): Optimized AFM caching, this speeds up
	enscript when using ^@font{} escapes a lot (-E).
	(read_font_info): New input encoding asciidkno.
	Renamed asciiscands to asciifise.

Tue Feb 18 12:34:13 1997  Markku Rossi  <>

	* main.c: New option -U NUM, --nup=NUM to specify how many logical
	output pages are printed on each physical output page.

Thu Feb  6 10:18:55 1997  Markku Rossi  <>

	* util.c (parse_font_spec): Added a warning about negative font

Mon Feb  3 11:27:53 1997  Markku Rossi  <>

	* main.c: New option `--help-pretty-print' to describe all
	supported --pretty-print languages and file formats.

Fri Jan 24 09:34:00 1997  Markku Rossi  <>

	* main.c (main): Changed the output file creation to be
	demand-driven.  If the input file (all input files) could not be
	opened, enscript doesn't generate any output.  This is a good

Thu Jan 23 11:55:52 1997  Markku Rossi  <>

	* gsint.h: Changed the way how memmove() and memcpy() are defined
	handled.  Not replacements can be found form compat lib so we do
	not need any #define kludges.

Tue Jan 21 18:18:03 1997  Markku Rossi  <>

	* Removed and moved all tests to ../tests

	* util.c (read_config): Added states dependant config file
	options: `StatesColorModel', `StatesConfigFile' and

Mon Jan 13 09:02:26 1997  Markku Rossi  <>

	* mkafmmap.c: Internationalized mkafmmap program.

	* util.c (read_config): New option `OutputFirstLine' to set the
	PostScript output's first line.

Thu Nov 28 08:16:04 1996  Markku Rossi  <>

	* main.c: New option `--E', `--pretty-print' to pretty print
 	source codes with `states'.

	* psgen.c: New special escape ^@color{r g b}.

	* util.c (format_user_string): Fixed bug from the `$n' escape
	(read_config): New option `NoJobHeaderSwitch' to specify the
	spooler option to suppress the job header.

Tue Nov  5 08:22:52 1996  Markku Rossi  <>

	* psgen.c: fixed line number spacing bug which occured when using
	line numbers with escapes.

	* main.c: Added ISO-8859/5 (ISO latin5) encoding.

Sat Sep  7 15:42:49 1996  Markku Rossi  <>

	* main.c: Added Adobe's Standard cyrillic Font KOI8 encoding.

Thu Aug 29 22:32:38 1996  Markku Rossi  <>

	* util.c (parse_font_spec): Accept font point size in width/height

Fri Aug 23 19:36:30 1996  Markku Rossi  <>

	* util.c (read_config): New config file option TOCFormat.

	* psgen.c (process_file): Implemented user-definable format
	strings for TOC entries.

	* main.c: New option --slice to print vertical slices of input

Mon Aug  5 08:21:14 1996  Markku Rossi  <>

	* main.c: New option --file-align=ALIGN to align separate input
	files to even ALIGN page count.

Wed Jul 24 11:17:55 1996  Markku Rossi  <>

	* main.c: New option --toc to print the Table of Contents.
Wed Jul 17 10:50:34 1996  Markku Rossi  <>

	* Release enscript-1.4.0.

Sun Jun 16 14:49:33 1996  Markku Rossi  <>

	* psgen.c (get_next_token): Fixed line number counting for
 	truncated lines.
	(paste_epsf): Fixed a bug which printed EPS images to pages which
 	didn't belong to any of the requested page ranges.

	* main.c (main): Added new configuration file:
 	SYSCONFDIR/enscriptsite.cfg.  This is intended for the
 	site-specific configuration whereas the global configuration file
 	SYSCONFDIR/enscript.cfg is for the global defaults.
  	Site-configuration file is never overwritten by installing a new
 	version of enscript so it is a safe place to store site-specific
 	media etc. definitions.

Thu Jun 13 13:50:16 1996  Markku Rossi  <>

	* main.c (handle_options): New option `--printer-options' to pass
	extra options to the printer command.

	* psgen.c (process_file): Count shade-box's position from the
	font's FontBBox value.
	(process_file): New escape `ps' to add raw PostScript code to the

	* main.c: New option --filter=STR, -I STR which sets the
	input filter for source files.

Fri May 24 10:44:46 1996  Markku Rossi  <>

	* util.c (read_config): New config file option `FormFeedType' to
	specify what to do when a formfeed character is encountered from

	* psgen.c (read_special_escape): Cleaned up special escapes parsing.
	(read_special_escape): New escapes: `newpage', `setfilename' and

	* util.c (read_config): New config option
 	`AcceptCompositeCharacters' to specify whatever we accept
 	PostScript font's composite characters or should we consider them
 	as non-existent.
	(download_font): Added support for binary-coded .pfb fonts, thanks
	to Bruce Albrecht <bruce@zuhause.MN.ORG>.

	* main.c (long_options): Renamed option --pass-through-ps-files to

Wed May 22 17:09:21 1996  Markku Rossi  <>

	* psgen.c (process_file): Fixed carriage return character

Fri May 10 08:56:31 1996  Markku Rossi  <>

	* psgen.c (read_special_escape): New special escape `shade' to
	highlight regions of text.

	* main.c (usage): Cleaned up --help messages.

Thu May  9 14:17:49 1996  Markku Rossi  <>

	* util.c (read_config): New configuration file option:

Tue May  7 09:37:16 1996  Markku Rossi  <>

	* util.c (read_config): New config file option `UnderlayStyle' to
	specify the underlay printing style.

	* main.c: New option: -j, --borders to print borders around
	(long_options): New option --ul-style to specify the underlay
	printing style.

Thu May  2 08:21:17 1996  Markku Rossi  <>

	* util.c (read_font_info): Added AFM cache to speedup font-escape

	* psgen.c (print_line_number): Don't print line numbers for
	wrapped lines.

Mon Apr 22 09:24:40 1996  Markku Rossi  <>

	* util.c (format_user_string): New directive `%H' for the document

	* main.c: Changed option -e, --escapes to take an optional
	argument which specifies the escape character.

Mon Apr  1 09:26:23 1996  Markku Rossi  <>

	* psgen.c (process_file): Now ^@font{} escapes work over page

Wed Mar 27 08:50:53 1996  Markku Rossi  <>

	* main.c (main): New option -a, --pages to select which pages are

Tue Mar 26 10:14:29 1996  Markku Rossi  <>

	* util.c (format_user_string): New option: `$=' number of pages in
	the current input file.

	* psgen.c (process_file): Added diversions to count the total
	pages within a file (%Format: $=).

Tue Mar 12 08:23:31 1996  Markku Rossi  <>

	* main.c (handle_options): Changed option -l, --lineprinter to
	print 66 lines per page instead of 65 lines.

	* util.c (read_config): New config file option: PagePrefeed.

	* main.c (main): New options: -k, --page-prefeed, -K,

Thu Mar  7 16:18:00 1996  Markku Rossi  <>

	* util.c (format_user_string): New escape: $(ENVVAR).

Tue Mar  5 16:45:40 1996  Markku Rossi  <>

	* util.c (read_config): New config file options: HighlightBars and

	* main.c: New option: -H, --highlight-bars and
	--highlight-bar-gray to control the highlight bar printing.

Fri Mar  1 11:08:13 1996  Markku Rossi  <>

	* main.c: New option: -h, --no-job-header to suppress the job
	header page.
	(main): Changed option --title to set the name of stdin.

Thu Feb 29 08:10:48 1996  Markku Rossi  <>

	* Added support for the automatic de-ANSI-fication.

	* Renamed package to enscript.

Sun Feb 25 05:13:21 1996  Markku Rossi  <>

	* main.c (main): changed stdin's name to be an empty string
	instead of "(stdin)".  This is how Adobe's enscript does it.

Fri Feb 23 08:04:57 1996  Markku Rossi  <>

	* main.c (main): Added environment variable GENSCRIPT_LIBRARY
 	which can be used to overwrite the build-in library path.

	* psgen.c (read_special_escape): fixed a bug which caused pipes to
 	the EPS files to be closed with fclose().

Wed Feb 21 08:14:15 1996  Markku Rossi  <>

	* (exec_prefix): fixed to honor the value given by the
	configure script.

Tue Feb 20 16:15:24 1996  Markku Rossi  <>

	* Added hp8 (HP Roman-8) encoding.
Mon Feb 19 09:30:55 1996  Markku Rossi  <>

	* Release genscript-1.3.0.

	* main.c (main): New config file option `AppendCtrlD' which can be
	used to append the ^D character to the end of the output.

	* psgen.c (do_pass_through_ps_file): added pass-through for the
	PCL files.

Thu Feb  8 16:00:56 1996  Markku Rossi  <>

	* util.c (read_config): New config file option `Clean7Bit' to
 	specify how characters greater than 127 are handled.

Wed Feb  7 22:24:50 1996  Markku Rossi  <>

	* gsint.h: Implemented unit selection for the `--indent' option.

Tue Jan 30 11:37:11 1996  Markku Rossi  <>

	* main.c (main): Now genscript can be used even if it is not

	* (check): new target

Thu Jan 25 14:36:06 1996  Markku Rossi  <>

	* util.c (paste_file): Implemented `%HeaderHeight' and
	`%FooterHeight' directives.

Tue Jan  9 08:45:20 1996  Markku Rossi  <>

	* Finished Win-95/NT port.

Mon Jan  8 08:19:17 1996  Markku Rossi  <>

	* First Win-95/NT port with MSC 2.00.

	* util.c (format_user_string): New options: %N and $%.

Fri Jan  5 17:11:19 1996  Markku Rossi  <>

	* psgen.c (dump_ps_header): Removed date and time ps-constants
 	which can now be formatted with the `%Format' directive:
	  - usadatestr	= %W
	  - eurdatestr	= %E
	  - findatestr	= %F
	  - timestr	= %C

	(dump_ps_page_header): Removed fmodstr ps-constant which can now
 	be formatted with the `%Format' directive:
	  - fmodstr	 = $D{%a %b %e %T %Y}

	* util.c (format_user_string): Implemented `%Format' directive
 	which can be used to format user defined strings in fancy headers.

Thu Jan  4 13:54:45 1996  Markku Rossi  <>

	* main.c: Added pslatin1 encoding (PostScript interpreter's

Wed Jan  3 16:52:43 1996  Markku Rossi  <>

	* Created a new Makefile to the compat subdirectory; now genscript
 	does not need a make with the VPATH feature.

	* main.c (usage): Split usage string to smaller parts wich are
	printed separately.

Tue Jan  2 16:13:43 1996  Markku Rossi  <>

	* main.c: New option: --non-printable-format, NonPrintableFormat.

Wed Dec 20 08:40:11 1995  Markku Rossi  <>

	* Added statistics about non-printable character codes.

	* main.c: New option: -z, --no-formfeed to disable form feed
	character interpretation.

	* util.c (do_list_missing_characters): Changed output to go to
 	stderr instead of stdout.

Tue Dec 19 10:00:12 1995  Markku Rossi  <>

	* util.c (read_config): New config file options: UnderlayAngle and

	* main.c (main): New options: --ul-angle and --ul-position.

Mon Dec 18 08:14:05 1995  Markku Rossi  <>

	* (PATH_SEPARATOR): Defined a new constant
 	PATH_SEPARATOR to specify the character which separates path
 	components.  Fixed also all uses.

	* prt_lpr.c: Isolated printer related stuffs to a separate C file
 	to help micro ports.

	* Removed pre-defined eps images from the

	* util.c (parse_font_spec): Added support for the new
	`name@ptsize' font specification.

Tue Nov 28 09:12:46 1995  Markku Rossi  <>

	* main.c (handle_options): Option -u, --underlay was changed to
 	take an optional argument.  If no argument is given, underlay is
 	not printed.

	* util.c (read_config): New config file option `Underlay' to
 	specify the underlay text.

	* Fixed Makefile to obey the GNU Coding Standards.
  	Changed datadir from `prefix/lib' to `prefix/share'.

Mon Nov 27 08:24:18 1995  Markku Rossi  <>

	* util.c (read_config): New config file options: UnderlayFont and

	* main.c: Renamed long options:
	  --output-file	=> 	--output
	  --queue	=>	--printer
	  --tab-size	=>	--tabsize

	  (long_options): made --silent to be an alias for --quiet

	* utils.c: Renamed config file option `Queue' to `Printer'.

Wed Nov  8 08:27:07 1995  Markku Rossi  <>

	* Added latin3 encoding (from the latin3.txt file by Duncan C

Thu Nov  2 08:56:16 1995  Markku Rossi  <>

	* psgen.c: Fixed a bug which added document headers and trailers
 	to pass-through PostScript files.
Tue Oct 31 08:53:18 1995  Markku Rossi  <>

	* Release genscript-1.2.20.

Fri Oct 27 09:35:02 1995  Markku Rossi  <>

	* Added option -C, --line-numbers.

Thu Oct 26 09:13:45 1995  Markku Rossi  <>

	* Added option -Z, --pass-through-ps-files.

Tue Oct 24 08:14:24 1995  Markku Rossi  <>

	* Cleaned up some HTML entity codes in encoding tables.

Wed Oct 18 17:33:18 1995  Markku Rossi  <>

	* Added latin2 encoding.

Tue Oct 10 09:02:14 1995  Markku Rossi  <>

	* main.c (main): changed fancy header's height from 40 to 36

Thu Oct  5 07:37:54 1995  Markku Rossi  <>

	* New config file options: Queue and QueueParam.

	* minor cleanups.
Mon Oct  2 14:58:13 1995  Markku Rossi  <>

	* Release genscript-1.2.1.

Fri Sep 29 17:30:08 1995  Markku Rossi  <>

	* main.c: read default options from the GENSCRIPT (and ENSCRIPT)
	environment variable

Tue Sep 26 09:06:52 1995  Markku Rossi  <>

	* font size and baselineskip can be given as a decimal number

	* psgen.c: Fixed DSC comments, now generated output is DSC 3.0

Thu Sep 21 09:32:10 1995  Markku Rossi  <>

	* Implemented .pf{a,b} file downloading.

Wed Sep 20 09:16:49 1995  Markku Rossi  <>

	* psgen.c (read_special_escape): new option 's' (scale) to specify
	an explicit scale for an eps image.

	* psgen.c: fixed epsf escape to start a new column if the
 	specified image does not fit to the current one.

Mon Sep 18 08:03:53 1995  Markku Rossi  <>

	* main.c: Fixed some typos.

	* Added backspace handling.

Sat Sep  9 16:47:08 1995  Markku Rossi  <>

	* main.c (main): fixed typos that broke -o and -X options.
Mon Sep  4 08:20:08 1995  Markku Rossi  <>

	* Release genscript-1.1.4.

	* Added option --page-label-format.

	* psgen.c (dump_ps_header): Added findatestr.
	(paste_epsf): Fixed paste_epsf()'s EPS file recognization.

Wed Aug 30 10:07:42 1995  Markku Rossi  <>

	* Added options -u, --underlay, --ul-gray and --ul-font.

	* psgen.c (read_float): now dimensions can be specified in
	different units.

Tue Aug 29 11:23:49 1995  Markku Rossi  <>

	* Changed PostScript font's default encoding name from 'default'
	to 'ps'.

	* New config file option: DefaultOutputMethod.

	* Added option --indent, -i.

	* Cleaned up options in manual page, help and code.

	* Replaced StringSet module with StringHash.

	* psgen.c (paste_epsf): Now EPS images can be read from command's
	standard output.

Thu Aug 24 09:47:30 1995  Markku Rossi  <>

	* vms.txt: Added VMS multinational input encoding.

	* mac.txt: Cleaned up character table.

	* Added options -S, --statusdict and -D, --setpagedevice.

Wed Aug 23 11:48:31 1995  Markku Rossi  <>

	* Improved configure to handle more non-ANSI features.

	* Fixed a declaration bug from compat/strerror.c.

	* psgen.c (read_float): replaced strtod() with atof().

	* xalloc.c (xrealloc): do an explicit malloc() if old pointer is

	* ibmpc.txt: Cleaned up character table.

	* psgen.c (get_next_token): control characters are now printed in
 	the escaped form.
Mon Aug 21 09:16:16 1995  Markku Rossi  <>

	* Release genscript-1.0.1.

Thu Aug 17 09:48:17 1995  Markku Rossi  <>

	* Minor cleanups.

Tue Aug 15 10:30:44 1995  Markku Rossi  <>

	* Added option --baseline.

	* Fixed epsf escape's options.

Mon Aug 14 14:21:35 1995  Markku Rossi  <>

	* Added support for AFM files.

Wed Aug  9 10:59:30 1995  Markku Rossi  <>

	* Added option --newline to select the newline character.

	* Cleaned up character set tables.

Mon Aug  7 15:40:09 1995  Markku Rossi  <>

	* Added Mac input encoding.

Thu Aug  3 12:44:04 1995  Markku Rossi  <>

	* New special escapes: 'font' and 'comment'.

	* New option --tab-size=NUM, -T NUM to define tab expansion size.

	* General code and document cleanups.

Mon Jul 31 10:18:16 1995  Markku Rossi  <>

	* Added support for --copies option.  Now it really works.

	* util.c (paste_file): parses '%%DocumentNeededResources:'

	* Added options --font and --header-font.

Thu Jul 27 08:12:01 1995  Markku Rossi  <>

	* psgen.c (paste_epsf): now eps files are also looked up from
	(read_special_escape): epsf: added option 'r'.

Wed Jul 26 11:08:50 1995  Markku Rossi  <>

	* psgen.c: added support for inlined EPS-files.

Tue Jul 25 09:24:30 1995  Markku Rossi  <>

	* Added IBM PC input encoding.