NEWS   [plain text]

		      What's new in GNU enscript

Noteworthy changes in enscript version 1.6.3:

* Changes in the highlighting / pretty printing

  - The `States*' config file options have changed.  The new options
      - StatesBinary		specify an absolute path for `states'
      - StatesColor		use colors in the highlighting outputs?
      - StatesConfigFile	config file name (
      - StatesHighlightStyle	highlighting style
      - StatesPath		path from which the states is looking
				up the state definition files (.st)

  - Support for user defined local highlighting definitions and styles.
  - new option `--style=STYLE' to specify the highlighting style
  - Verbose highlighting for the C, C++, and Objective-C languages.
    In the verbose highlighting, some mathematical constructs (&&, ||,
    !=, etc.) are replaced with the corresponding mathematical symbols
    (logical and, logical or, not equal, etc.).  The mode can be
    enabled with option `--style=emacs_verbose'.
  - renamed `--pretty-print' and `--help-pretty-print' options to
    `--highlight' and `--help-highlight'

* states:

  - Support for state inheritance.

* new highlighting rules:

  - bash, csh, ksh, tcsh, zsh
	        Unix shells
  - m4		m4 macro preprocessor
  - skill	Cadence Design Systems lispy language
  - vrml	Virtual Reality Modeling Language (VRML97)
  - rfc		fix broken page breaks in RFCs and in Internet Drafts
  - inf		GUI INF Script language
  - matlab	Matlab files
  - outline	Emacs' outline text
  - tex		TeX/LaTeX source files.
  - diffs	side diff files
  - fortran_pp	fortran 77 with preprocessor
  - wmlscript	WMLScript language

  - new output language `ansi' to print color outputs on color xterm,

* new encodings:

  - 88599	ISO-8859-9 (ISO Latin5)
  - 885910	ISO-8859-10 (ISO Latin6)

* new options:

  - -3, -4, -5, -6, -7, -8, -9	select 3-9 columns
  - --nup-columnwise 		layout pages in the N-up printing
  - --swap-even-page-margins	swap left and right side margins for
				even numbered pages
  - --extended-return-values    encode more status information in the
				return value of the program
  - --footer=STRING             specify the page footer string

* misc:

  - It is possible to specify the font encoding in the ^@font{}
    escape.  But, it allows only `ps' or the enscript's global input
    encoding values.  For example, ^@font{Symbol@7:ps}b^@font{default}
    prints the beta symbol
  - New escape ^@bgcolor{} to change the text background color.
  - New fancy headers `squeeze' and `enscript-color'.
  - Minor fixes in the 88593 and 88594 encodings.
  - New highlighting style `msvc'.
  - Support for the matrix printers.  Try `enscript -fMatrix10' ;-)
  - Fixed some buffer overrun bugs.  Now all buffer space for unknown
    items (filenames, user-supplied tokens, etc.) is allocated
  - Removed the `--list-options' option.  It was an old debugging
    option.  I can remember when I have used or updated it.

Noteworthy changes in enscript version 1.6.1:

* new options:

  - --ps-level=LEVEL, PostScriptLevel
			set the PostScript language level that
			enscript should use for its output
  - --rotate-even-pages
			Rotate each even-numbered page 180 degrees.

* misc

  - updated C, C++, and Objective-C highlighting
  - set the states to process the stdin if argument "-" is given
  - bug and portability fixes

Noteworthy changes in enscript version 1.6:

* new options:

  - StatesPath		define absolute path for the states program
  - GeneratePageSize	specify wheter the PageSize page device
			setting is generated to the output
  - -C, --line-numbers	option takes an optional argument to specify
			the number of the first line in the input
  - -W, --language=LANG set ouput language to LANG
  - --h-column-height=HEIGHT
			set the horizontal column height to HEIGHT
			PostScript points
  - --mark-wrapped-lines[=STYLE], MarkWrappedLines
			mark wrapped lines in the printout with STYLE
			adjust page marginals
  - --nup-xpad=NUM	set the page x-padding of N-up printing to NUM
  - --nup-ypad=NUM	set the page y-padding of N-up printing to NUM
  - --word-wrap		wrap long lines from word boundaries

* new highlighting rules:

  - ada		Ada95 programming language
  - asm		assembler listings
  - awk		awk scripting language
  - delphi	Delphi programming language
  - diff	diff files
  - diffu	unified diff files
  - elisp	Emacs Lisp
  - fortran	Fortran77 programming language
  - haskell	Haskell programming language
  - idl		CORBA interface definition language
  - java	Java programming language
  - javascript	JavaScript language
  - pascal	Pascal programming language
  - perl	Perl programming language
  - postscript	PostScript
  - python	Python programming language
  - sh		Bourne shell scripts
  - sql		Sybase 11 SQL
  - vba		Visual Basic (for Applications)

  - improved C, C++ and Objective-C highlighting

* new special escapes:

  - ^@bggray{GRAY} change text's background color
  - ^@escape{CODE} changes the escape character

* new encodings:

  - 88594	ISO-8859-4 (ISO Latin4)
  - 88597	ISO-8859-7 (ISO Greek)

* misc:

  - interpret formatting escapes from the page header strings
  - page header string can contain left, center and right aligned
  - support for HTML, RTF (Rich Text Format) and overstrike output
  - fixed tabulator character handling with variable width fonts
  - added support for regular expression character syntax tables in
    the states program
  - generates the PageSize page device setting to the PostScript
    output -- this should make the printer to select the correct paper
    tray automatically
  - replaced all stdarg functions with macros
  - fixed N-up printing to cooperate with the page margins
  - renamed the ISO-8859-* input encoding names to conform their
    ISO names
Noteworthy changes in enscript version 1.5:

* new options:

  -A ALIGN, --file-align=ALIGN
			align separate input files to even ALIGN page
  -E, --pretty-print	pretty print program source files with states
  -U NUM, --nup=NUM	print NUM logical pages on each output page
			(N-up printing)
  --help-pretty-print	describe all supported --pretty-print
			languages and file formats
  --slice		print vertical slices of input files
  --toc			print table of contents

* config file options:

  - TOCFormat		set the table-of-contents line format
  - NoJobHeaderSwitch	set the spooler switch which disables job
			header (-h)
  - OutputFirstLine	set output's fist line
  - StatesColorModel	define color model for states
  - StatesConfigFile	set states' config file
  - StatesHighlightLevel
			define highlight level for states

* new utilities:

  - sliceprint 	print documents with long lines
  - states 	awk like state machine to highlight program listings
  - many2html 	convert files to HTML.  Program supports all file
		formats which can be pretty-printed with enscript.

* new encodings:

  - koi8		Adobe Standard Cyrillic Font KOI8 charset
  - 88595		ISO-8859-5 (ISO Cyrillic)
  - asciifise		7 bit ascii with fi and se encodings for {|}[\]
			(old asciiscands)
  - asciidkno		7 bit ascii with dk and no encodings for {|}[\]

* misc

  - ^@color{r g b} special escape
  - if input file (all input files) does not exist, enscript doesn't
    generate any output
  - -E, --pretty-print highlighting for: C, ChangeLog, C++, mail,
    Makefile, nroff output, Objective-C, Scheme, States, Synopsys,
    Tcl, Verilog, VHDL

Noteworthy changes in enscript version 1.4:

* new and changed options:

  -a, --pages		select pages to print
  -e, --escapes		option takes an optional argument which
			changes the escape character
  -h, --no-job-header	supress the job header page
  --title		sets the name of stdin
  -I, --filter		set input filter
  -j, --borders		print borders around columns
  -k, --page-prefeed	enable page prefeed
  -K, --no-page-prefeed	disable page prefeed
  --highlight-bars	enable highlight bars
  --highlight-bar-gray	set the gray-level for highlight bars
  --printer-options	pass extra options to the printer command
  --ul-style		specify how the underlay strings are printed

  - renamed option `--page-header' to `--header'
  - renamed option `--pass-through-ps-files' to `--pass-through'

* config file options:

  - AcceptCompositeCharacters
  - AppendCtrlD
  - FormFeedType	what to do when a formfeed character is
			encountered from input
  - EscapeChar		specify the escape character
  - UnderlayStyle	how underlays are printed: outline / filled

* new fancy headers: mp, frame

* escapes:

  - font 	works now over page boundaries
  - ps		include raw PostScript code to the output
  - shade 	new escape to highlight text regions
  - setfilename
  - setpagenumber
  - newpage

* new encodings:
  - hp8		HP Roman-8

* internationalization support with the GNU gettext

* changed to use GNU Automake

* program renamed from genscript to enscript

* new utility scripts:
  - diffpp - pretty-print diff outputs

Noteworthy changes in enscript version 1.3:

* new encodings:
  - 88593 	ISO-8859-3
  - pslatin1	PostScript interpreter's ISOLatin1Encoding

* new fancy header: edd, a2ps

* option changes:
  - option -Z, --pass-through-ps-files no longer wraps PS document
    inside enscript prolog and epilog.

  - renamed some options to conform the GNU coding standards:
      --output-file	=> 	--output
      --queue		=>	--printer
      --tab-size	=>	--tabsize

  - new command line / config file options:
    -z, --no-formfeed
    --ul-angle			UnderlayAngle
    --ul-position		UnderlayPosition
    --non-printable-format	NonPrintableFormat

* added some customization options to header description files:
    %Format		format and define string constants according
			to format string
    %HeaderHeight	explicit set the fancy header height
    %FooterHeight	allocate space for the page footer

  Note!  If you have defined your own fancy header, it will probably
  not work on enscript-1.3 without modifications.  Following constants
  are removed from the enscript prolog so you must define them with
  the `%Format' comment:

    usadatestr = %Format: usadatestr	%W
    eurdatestr = %Format: eurdatestr	%E
    findatestr = %Format: findatestr	%F
    timestr    = %Format: timestr	%C
    fmodstr    = %Format: fmodstr	$D{%a %b %e %T %Y}

  Check `lib/*.hdr' to see them in action.

* the library directory has changed from `<prefix>/lib/enscript' to

* new Makefile targets: check, uninstall

* enscript must no longer be installed before it can be tested; you
  can print files directly after you have compiled enscript.

* support for Windows95/NT via the Win32 api