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@node Subdir Switches
@section Subdirectory Switches in Dired

You can insert subdirectories with specified @code{ls} switches in
Dired buffers, using @kbd{C-u i}.  You can change the @code{ls}
switches of an already inserted subdirectory using @kbd{C-u l}.

In Emacs versions 22.1 and later, Dired remembers the switches, so
that reverting the buffer will not change them back to the main
directory's switches.  Deleting a subdirectory forgets about its

Using @code{dired-undo} (usually bound to @kbd{C-_} and @kbd{C-x u})
to reinsert or delete subdirectories, that were inserted with explicit
switches, can bypass Dired's machinery for remembering (or forgetting)
switches.  Deleting a subdirectory using @code{dired-undo} does not
forget its switches.  When later reinserted using @kbd{i}, it will be
reinserted using its old switches.  Using @code{dired-undo} to
reinsert a subdirectory that was deleted using the regular
Dired commands (not @code{dired-undo}) will originally insert it with
its old switches.  However, reverting the buffer will relist it using
the buffer's default switches.  If any of this yields problems, you
can easily correct the situation using @kbd{C-u i} or @kbd{C-u l}.

Dired does not remember the @code{R} switch.  Inserting a subdirectory
with switches that include the @code{R} switch is equivalent with
inserting each of its subdirectories using all remaining switches.
For instance, updating or killing a subdirectory that was inserted
with the @code{R} switch will not update or kill its subdirectories.

The buffer's default switches do not affect subdirectories that were
inserted using explicitly specified switches.  In particular,
commands such as @kbd{s}, that change the buffer's switches do not
affect such subdirectories.  (They do affect subdirectories without
explicitly assigned switches, however.)

You can make Dired forget about all subdirectory switches and relist
all subdirectories with the buffer's default switches using
@kbd{M-x dired-reset-subdir-switches}.  This also reverts the Dired buffer.

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