MH-E-NEWS   [plain text]


Copyright (C) 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007
  Free Software Foundation, Inc.
See the end of the file for license conditions.

* Changes in MH-E 8.0.3

Version 8.0.3 fixes errors in sending messages and in running spam
filter commands in certain circumstances.

** Bug Fixes in MH-E 8.0.3

*** mh-send-args Cannot Be nil

If `mh-send-uses-spost-flag' was set, an error would prevent the
sending of messages. This has been fixed (closes SF #1564742).

*** Missing Quotes in sa-learn Command Line

This has been fixed (closes SF #1565460).

*** Errors Associated with mh-junk-background

The Spamassassin filter commands were used inconsistently and
incorrectly; if `mh-junk-background' were nil, not all of the updating
would happen correctly. In the other back-ends such as bogofilter and
SpamProbe, a value of t for `mh-junk-background' would cause the
commands associated with these filters to fail. These problems have
been fixed (closes SF #1594802).


* Changes in MH-E 8.0.2

Version 8.0.2 fixes the tool bar and `F n' on XEmacs, and `K a' on GNU

** Bug Fixes in MH-E 8.0.2

*** Tool Bar Not Displayed in XEmacs

The MH-E tool bar didn't show up in XEmacs; now it does. Thanks to Ted
Phelps <> (closes SF #1506846).

*** mh-mime-save-parts Assumes -store Default

It was assumed that -store was the default for both mhn and mhstore.
This has been fixed by using -store except when using nmh. Thanks to
Sergey Poznyakoff <> (closes SF #1513140).

*** F-n Doesn't Work

The fix for SF #1499712 broke `F n' (`mh-index-new-messages') on
XEmacs since a regular expression that XEmacs could not handle was
added. This regexp has been fixed (closes SF #1514424).

* Changes in MH-E 8.0.1

Version 8.0.1 works around a couple of bugs in GNU mailutils, spost,
and Windows. MH-E now requires the use of version 1.0 of mailutils due
to a bug in the folder command.

** Bug Fixes in MH-E 8.0.1

*** Infinite Loop When Searching (mailutils)

The GNU mailutils folder command displays output when a folder doesn't
exist. MH-E didn't expect this and responded with an infinite loop
during searches. While this bug has since been fixed in mailutils,
MH-E has been modified to work anyway (closes SF #1499712).

*** spost Doesn't Have -msgid or -mime Flags

The post replacement spost does not support the -msgid or -mime flags.
A new variable `mh-send-uses-spost-flag' was added to control the use
of these flags (closes SF #1486726).

*** <2> in Search Folders Illegal in Windows

The <2> suffix to the search folder names contain illegal filename
characters in Windows. These cause searches to fail on Windows. This
has been fixed by changing the suffix to -2 (closes SF #1507002).


* Changes in MH-E 8.0

Version 8.0 supports GNU mailutils, S/MIME, picons, which-func-mode,
sports an improved interface for hiding header fields, improves upon
the MH variant detection, improves folder completion, makes the pick
search equivalent to the other types of searches, spruces up the tool
bar, creates the correct MIME type when including OpenOffice
documents, works on a Mac, adds colors to buttons for signed or
encrypted messages, incorporates new features introduced in
Emacs 22.1, fixes a bunch of bugs, and best of all, comes with an
updated manual!

Internally, MH-E now sports a new software organization which will
help future maintainability. As a side-effect, the number of XEmacs
compilation warnings has plummeted from hundreds to just three. CVS
users will notice that MH-E has been migrated from the CVS repository
from SourceForge to Savannah (but only for those files that were
already part of Emacs). As a result, the location of MH-E in the
load-path has changed, and mh-e-autoloads.el was renamed to
mh-autoloads.el. See section INSTALL in the README for details. While
this migration will benefit maintainers, it will also benefit users:
CVS Emacs users will not have to check out MH-E separately and welcome
faster MH-E updates, and CVS MH-E users will welcome faster MH-E
updates from Emacs developers. Read section CVS MH-E INSTALL in the
README for details.

While not related to this release, the MH-E mailing lists are now
gatewayed at (closes SF #979308).

If you want to see the release notes for the alpha and beta releases
leading up this release, please see:


** New Features in MH-E 8.0

*** GNU mailutils Support

MH-E now supports GNU mailutils 0.4 and higher versions.

*** S/MIME Support

MH-E now supports S/MIME using Gnus 5.10.6 or higher.

*** Picon Support

In addition to the other methods of displaying an icon for the sender
of a message, MH-E can now display images from a picon directory. The
directory search path is found in the `mh-picon-directory-list'
variable. More documentation is found in the "facedb" sections in the
xfaces man page.

*** Catchup Command

There is a new `F c' (`mh-catchup') command that marks all unread
messages in the current folder as read.

*** Use which-func-mode to Display Folder in Index Mode

Turning on `which-func-mode' displays the folder name of the message
under the cursor in index folders (closes SF #855520).

*** Quick Key Help

The `?' (`mh-help') function now displays the help in its own buffer
called *MH-E Help* (closes SF #493740 and SF #656631).

*** Search Unification

The old `F s' behavior of adding messages to the search sequence has
been removed. The `F i' keybinding was deprecated and the new `F s'
(`mh-search') command is used to initiate either indexed or pick
searches. Within the MH-Search buffer (renamed from MH-Pick), the
command `C-c C-p' (`mh-pick-do-search') now runs pick on the given
folder recursively and displays the results in a search folder like
the other search methods (closes SF #829207).

*** Entry Points Have Moved

Emacs 21 users must now add `(require 'mh-autoloads)' because the
entry points (such as `mh-rmail' and `mh-smail') have moved to
different files which have made the autoloads that come with Emacs
inaccurate. This change was necessary because the code was reorganized
to remove circular dependencies, to make the code more stable and
maintainable, and to reduce the time to load MH-E.

*** MH-Folder Keymap Changes

There is now a keymap for the printing functions whose prefix is `P'.
The command `l' (`mh-print-msg') has been replaced with `P l' although
we suggest you use the new `P p' instead.

Key          7.4.4                         8.0

;            -                             mh-toggle-mh-decode-mime-flag
l            mh-print-msg                  -
/ f          mh-narrow-to-from             -
/ r          mh-narrow-to-range            -
/ g          -                             mh-narrow-to-range
/ m          -                             mh-narrow-to-from
F c          -                             mh-catchup
F i          mh-index-search               -
F s          mh-search-folder              mh-search
K e          -                             mh-display-with-external-viewer
K t          -                             mh-toggle-mime-buttons
P ?          -                             mh-prefix-help
P C          -                             mh-ps-print-toggle-color
P F          -                             mh-ps-print-toggle-faces
P f          -                             mh-ps-print-msg-file
P l          -                             mh-print-msg
P p          -                             mh-ps-print-msg

*** MH-Letter Keymap Changes

The change where `mh-letter-mode' derives from `mail-mode' adds a few
keybindings. Some are interesting: experiment! Only the keybinding
changes for MH-E functions are listed here.

Most of the changes have to do with the renaming of the functions with
"mhn" in them to "mh" because nmh doesn't use `mhn'. The names were
also made consistent with the the family of "mml" functions.

The type of signing or encryption has been generalized so the method
is now an option rather than a part of the function's name. The option
is `mh-mml-method-default' and choices include PGP (MIME), PGP,
S/MIME, or none.

Key          7.4.4                         8.0

C-c C-e      mh-edit-mhn                   mh-mh-to-mime
C-c RET C-e  mh-mml-secure-message-encrypt-pgpmime
C-c RET C-g  -                             mh-mh-compose-anon-ftp
C-c RET C-n  -                             mh-mml-unsecure-message
C-c RET C-s  mh-mml-secure-message-sign-pgpmime
C-c RET C-t  -                             mh-mh-compose-external-compressed-tar
C-c RET C-u  mh-revert-mhn-edit            mh-mh-to-mime-undo
C-c RET C-x  -                             mh-mh-compose-external-type
C-c RET e    mh-mml-secure-message-encrypt-pgpmime
                                           Prefix Command
C-c RET e e  -                             mh-mml-secure-message-encrypt
C-c RET e s  -                             mh-mml-secure-message-signencrypt
C-c RET g    -                             mh-mh-compose-anon-ftp
C-c RET n    -                             mh-mml-unsecure-message
C-c RET s    -                             Prefix Command
C-c RET s e  -                             mh-mml-secure-message-signencrypt
C-c RET s s  -                             mh-mml-secure-message-sign
C-c RET t    -                             mh-mh-compose-external-compressed-tar
C-c RET u    mh-revert-mhn-edit            mh-mh-to-mime-undo
C-c RET x    -                             mh-mh-compose-external-type

C-c C-f C-a  -                             mh-to-field
C-c C-f C-l  -                             mh-to-field
C-c C-f RET  -                             mh-to-field
C-c C-f a    -                             mh-to-field
C-c C-f l    -                             mh-to-field
C-c C-f m    -                             mh-to-field

*** MH-Search Keymap Changes

These are the changes associated with the new search mode. The command
`C-c C-c' (`mh-index-do-search') now performs the standard indexed
search, while `C-c C-p' (`mh-pick-do-search') runs pick as before,
only better!

The `mh-to-field' keybindings were adjusted to be consistent with
those in the MH-Letter mode.

Key          7.4.4                         8.0

C-c C-c      mh-do-search                  mh-index-do-search
C-c C-f C-d  mh-to-field                   -
C-c C-f C-f  mh-to-field                   -
C-c C-f C-r  mh-to-field                   -
C-c C-f RET  -                             mh-to-field
C-c C-f d    mh-to-field                   -
C-c C-f f    mh-to-field                   -
C-c C-f m    -                             mh-to-field
C-c C-f r    mh-to-field                   -
C-c TAB      mh-index-do-search            -

*** Updates to X-Image-URL

Now support the use of `curl' and `fetch' as alternatives to `wget' to
obtain the image. The display of images are controlled with the
`mh-show-use-xface-flag' option while the `mh-fetch-x-image-url'
option controls how the images are fetched.

The default of `mh-fetch-x-image-url' has been changed to "Never
Fetch." Those of you who like the value of "Ask Before Fetching" will
have to customize this option (closes SF #831278).

WARNING: There are security concerns with this feature. Please read
the documentation for these options carefully before changing the

*** Updates to mh-identity-list

Note that the field names found in `mh-identity-list' that refer to
the fields in `mh-identity-handlers' have changed in an incompatible
way from 7.4.4. In general, the symbolic names now have a ":" prefix
to avoid collisions with header fields. Before starting Emacs, edit
your .emacs and insert ":" before "signature" if you have defined it.

You can change your attribution in replies with the new "Attribution
Verb" field, and you can set your default GPG user ID with the "GPG
key ID" field.

Signatures can now be read from the `mh-signature-file-name' variable,
or come from a function, in addition to a named file. If you write
your own function, variables that you can use include
`mh-signature-separator-regexp', `mh-signature-separator',
and `mh-signature-separator-p'.

The handling of these fields has been moved into a new
`mh-identity-handlers' option, an alist of fields (strings) and
handlers (functions). Strings are lowercase. Use ":signature" for
Signature and ":pgg-default-user-id" for GPG Key ID. The function
associated with the string "default" is used if no other functions are
appropriate. For this reason, don't name a header field "Default".

If you point your signature at a vCard file with a vcf suffix, then it
will be incorporated as a vCard body part (closes SF #802723).

*** Updates to Speedbar

The speedbar now renders the folders with unseen messages in boldface
which makes them easier to identify (closes SF #623369).

*** Updates to mh-msg-is-in-seq

Can now specify an alternate message number to `S s'
(`mh-msg-is-in-seq') with a prefix argument.

*** Updates to mh-to-field-choices

In MH-Letter mode, you can use the `C-c C-f' (`mh-to-field') prefix to
go to and insert fields. The fields `Reply-To:', `Mail-Reply-To:',
`Mail-Followup-To:' can now be created via the `C-r', `C-a' (for
author), and `C-l' keys respectively. The key for the `From:' field
has been renamed from `C-r' to `C-m' for consistency with `mail-mode'
(closes SF #1400139).

*** Change Content-Type Renderer on the Fly in MH-Show Buffer

This has been implemented by adding the key binding `K e'
(`mh-display-with-external-viewer'). For inline text/html parts,
buttons aren't displayed by default. In that case use `K t'
(`mh-toggle-mime-buttons') to display the button before viewing it
with an external browser (closes SF #839318).

*** MH-E No Longer Calls install-mh

The new variant detection code makes use of `mhparam' which assumes
that your MH environment has already been set up. The code to call
`install-mh', which could no longer be run anyway, was removed.

*** Add :package-version Keyword to Options

This `defcustom', `defgroup', and `defface' keyword was introduced in
Emacs 22.1. MH-E has been extended to take advantage of it. With this
keyword, you can now use `M-x customize-changed-options' to see what
options in MH-E have changed between versions of Emacs. In a future
version of Emacs, you'll be able to see changes between MH-E versions
as well (closes SF #1452724).

*** Render Signature and vCard in Italics

This has been implemented.  Use `mh-show-signature-face' to customize
the face used (closes SF #802722).

*** Derive mh-letter-mode from mail-mode

MH-Letter mode is now derived from `mail-mode'. We were able to delete
a lot of code. In return, there are a few `mail-mode' commands that
are available that may or may not be useful and the `mail-mode-hook'
is run (closes SF #1385571).

*** Remove Emacs 20 Support

As it turns out, we had already added some code that didn't work on
Emacs 20. However, now we've formalized it and removed code that was
present solely for Emacs 20 support (closes SF #1359240).

*** Glimpse Support Removed

Since glimpse isn't free, we cannot mention it. Glimpse has been
removed from the option `mh-indexer-choices' (closes SF #831276).

*** Use run-hook-with-args

We use normal hooks whenever possible and do not use
`run-hook-with-args' (with one documented exception) (closes SF


** New Variables in MH-E 8.0

*** mh-after-commands-processed-hook

Hook run by `x' (`mh-execute-commands') after performing outstanding
refile and delete requests.

*** mh-alias-reloaded-hook

Invoked by `mh-alias-reload' after reloading aliases.

*** mh-auto-fields-prompt-flag

On means to prompt before sending if fields in `mh-auto-fields-list'
are inserted.

*** mh-before-commands-processed-hook

Renamed from `mh-folder-updated-hook'. It wasn't clear whether
`mh-folder-updated-hook' was run before or after the commands were
executed. We now provide both with clear names.

*** mh-compose-forward-as-mime-flag

On means that messages are forwarded as attachments (closes SF

*** mh-default-folder-for-message-function

Function to select a default folder for refiling or `Fcc:'.

*** mh-forward-hook

Invoked on the forwarded letter by `f' (`mh-forward').

*** mh-highlight-citation-style

Renamed from `mh-highlight-citation-p' since it wasn't a boolean. The
new name is also more descriptive.

*** mh-identity-handlers

Handler functions for fields in `mh-identity-list'.

*** mh-insert-signature-hook

Renamed from `mh-letter-insert-signature-hook' since most of the other
hooks do not carry the mode in the prefix and because the new name is
equally clear.

*** mh-invisible-header-fields-default

List of hidden header fields. The header fields listed in this option
are hidden, although you can check off any field that you would like
to see. Header fields that you would like to hide that aren't listed
can be added to the `mh-invisible-header-fields' option (closes SF

The option `mh-visible-header-fields' has been deleted.

*** mh-junk-background

If on, spam programs are run in background. This used to be the
default behavior but this could overwhelm a system if many messages
were black- or whitelisted at once. The spam programs are now run in
the foreground, but this option can be used to put them back in the

*** mh-junk-disposition

Renamed from `mh-junk-mail-folder' since this variable can accept
values other than folder names.

*** mh-kill-folder-suppress-prompt-hooks

Renamed from `mh-kill-folder-suppress-prompt-hook'. By convention,
abnormal hooks, which this is, either have a -function or -hooks

*** mh-mhl-format-file

Renamed from `mhl-formfile' to put it in the MH-E namespace and to be
consistent with other similar options.

*** mh-mh-to-mime-hook

Renamed from `mh-edit-mhn-hook'. We have a family of `mh-mml-to-mime'
functions and variables; the older mhn functions and variables were
renamed to have a consistent `mh-mh-to-mime' prefix.

*** mh-mml-method-default

Default method to use in security tags.

*** mh-new-messages-folders

Renamed from `mh-index-new-messages-folders' for clarity.

*** mh-path

Additional list of directories to search for MH.

*** mh-redist-full-contents-flag

On means the `dist' command needs entire letter for redistribution.
This was previously a variable. It's now an option.

*** mh-search-mode-hook

Renamed from `mh-pick-mode-hook' as part of the
`mh-index.el'/`mh-pick.el' merge into `mh-search.el'.

*** mh-search-program

Renamed from `mh-index-program' as part of the
`mh-index.el'/`mh-pick.el' merge into `mh-search.el'.

*** mh-signature-separator-flag

On means a signature separator should be inserted. It is not
recommended that you change this option since various mail user
agents, including MH-E, use the separator to present the signature
differently, and to suppress the signature when replying or yanking a
letter into a draft.

*** mh-sortm-args

Additional arguments for `sortm'. This was previously an internal
variable. It's now an user-customizable option.

*** mh-speed-update-interval

Renamed from `mh-speed-flists-interval' for clarity.

*** mh-ticked-messages-folders

Renamed from `mh-index-ticked-messages-folders' for clarity.

*** mh-variant

Specifies the variant used by MH-E. The default setting of this option
is `Auto-detect' which means that MH-E will automatically choose the
first of nmh, MH, or GNU mailutils that it finds in the directories
listed in `mh-path', `mh-sys-path', and `exec-path'. If, for example,
you have both nmh and mailutils installed and `mh-variant-in-use' was
initialized to nmh but you want to use mailutils, then you can set
this option to `mailutils'.

When this variable is changed, MH-E resets `mh-progs', `mh-lib',
`mh-lib-progs', `mh-flists-present-flag', and `mh-variant-in-use'

If you've set these variables in your .emacs, it is strongly suggested
that you comment them out. The MH detection code has been completely
rewritten and it is very likely that you no longer to set them and
their setting may confuse other MH-E settings.

*** mh-xemacs-tool-bar-position

Renamed from `mh-xemacs-toolbar-position' per GNU Emacs naming conventions.

*** mh-xemacs-use-tool-bar-flag

Renamed from `mh-xemacs-use-toolbar-flag' per GNU Emacs naming conventions.

*** mh-yank-behavior

Renamed from `mh-yank-from-start-of-msg' for clarity.


** Variables Deleted in MH-E 8.0

*** mh-alias-system-aliases

System definitions should not be a user option.

*** mh-edit-mhn-hook

Renamed to `mh-mh-to-mime-hook'.

*** mh-folder-updated-hook

Renamed to `mh-before-commands-processed-hook'.

*** mh-highlight-citation-p

Renamed to `mh-highlight-citation-style'.

*** mh-index-new-messages-folders

Renamed to `mh-new-messages-folders'.

*** mh-index-program

Renamed to `mh-search-program'.

*** mh-index-ticked-messages-folders

Renamed to `mh-ticked-messages-folders'.

*** mh-junk-mail-folder

Since this variable can accept values other than folder names, it was
renamed to `mh-junk-disposition' to more accurately reflect the content.

*** mh-kill-folder-suppress-prompt-hook

Renamed to `mh-kill-folder-suppress-prompt-hooks'.

*** mh-letter-insert-signature-hook

Renamed to `mh-insert-signature-hook'.

*** mh-pick-mode-hook

Renamed to `mh-search-mode-hook'.

*** mh-show-use-goto-addr-flag

This flag was redundant with and inconsistent with
`goto-address-highlight-p' at the same time, so we removed it. Please
customize `goto-address-highlight-p' if you wish to turn off email
address and URL highlighting.

*** mh-speed-flists-interval

Renamed to `mh-speed-update-interval'.

*** mh-speed-run-flists-flag

Deleted since setting `mh-speed-flists-interval' to 0 accomplishes the
same thing.

*** mh-visible-header-fields

Deleted since it would hide new header fields you might want to see.

*** mh-xemacs-toolbar-position

Renamed to `mh-xemacs-tool-bar-position'.

*** mh-xemacs-use-toolbar-flag

Renamed to `mh-xemacs-use-tool-bar-flag'.

*** mh-yank-from-start-of-msg

Renamed to `mh-yank-behavior'.

*** mhl-formfile

Renamed to `mh-mhl-format-file'.


** New Faces in MH-E 8.0

*** mh-folder-address

Renamed from `mh-folder-address-face' per new Emacs conventions.

*** mh-folder-body

Renamed from `mh-folder-body-face' per new Emacs conventions.

*** mh-folder-cur-msg-number

Renamed from `mh-folder-cur-msg-number-face' per new Emacs conventions.

*** mh-folder-date

Renamed from `mh-folder-date-face' per new Emacs conventions.

*** mh-folder-deleted

Renamed from `mh-folder-deleted-face' per new Emacs conventions.

*** mh-folder-followup

Renamed from `mh-folder-followup-face' per new Emacs conventions.

*** mh-folder-msg-number

Renamed from `mh-folder-msg-number-face' per new Emacs conventions.

*** mh-folder-refiled

Renamed from `mh-folder-refiled-face' per new Emacs conventions.

*** mh-folder-sent-to-me-hint

Fontification hint face in messages sent directly to us.

*** mh-folder-sent-to-me-sender

Sender face in messages sent directly to us.

*** mh-folder-subject

Renamed from `mh-folder-subject-face' per new Emacs conventions.

*** mh-folder-tick

Renamed from `mh-folder-tick-face' per new Emacs conventions.

*** mh-folder-to

Renamed from `mh-folder-to-face' per new Emacs conventions.

*** mh-letter-header-field

Renamed from `mh-letter-header-field-face' per new Emacs conventions.

*** mh-search-folder

Renamed from `mh-index-folder-face'.

*** mh-show-cc

Renamed from `mh-show-cc-face' per new Emacs conventions.

*** mh-show-date

Renamed from `mh-show--face' per new Emacs conventions.

*** mh-show-from

Renamed from `mh-show-from-face' per new Emacs conventions.

*** mh-show-header

Renamed from `mh-show-header-face' per new Emacs conventions.

*** mh-show-pgg-bad

Face used to highlight a bad PGG signature.

*** mh-show-pgg-good

Face used to highlight a good PGG signature.

*** mh-show-pgg-unknown

Face used to highlight a PGG signature whose status is unknown. This
face is also used for a signature when the signer is untrusted.

*** mh-show-signature

Face used to highlight the signature.

*** mh-show-subject

Renamed from `mh-show-subject-face' per new Emacs conventions.

*** mh-show-to

Renamed from `mh-show-to-face' per new Emacs conventions.

*** mh-show-xface

Renamed from `mh-show-xface-face' per new Emacs conventions.

*** mh-speedbar-folder

Renamed from `mh-speedbar-folder-face' per new Emacs conventions.

*** mh-speedbar-folder-with-unseen-messages

Renamed from `mh-speedbar-folder-with-unseen-messages-face' per new
Emacs conventions.

*** mh-speedbar-selected-folder

Renamed from `mh-speedbar-selected-folder-face' per new Emacs conventions.

*** mh-speedbar-selected-folder-with-unseen-messages

Renamed from `mh-speedbar-selected-folder-with-unseen-messages-face'
per new Emacs conventions. 


** Faces Deleted in MH-E 8.0

*** mh-folder-address-face

Renamed to `mh-folder-address' per new Emacs conventions.

*** mh-folder-body-face

Renamed to `mh-folder-body' per new Emacs conventions.

*** mh-folder-cur-msg-face

Deleted. Not used.

*** mh-folder-cur-msg-number-face

Renamed to `mh-folder-cur-msg-number' per new Emacs conventions.

*** mh-folder-date-face

Renamed to `mh-folder-date' per new Emacs conventions.

*** mh-folder-deleted-face

Renamed to `mh-folder-deleted' per new Emacs conventions.

*** mh-folder-followup-face

Renamed to `mh-folder-followup' per new Emacs conventions.

*** mh-folder-msg-number-face

Renamed to `mh-folder-msg-number' per new Emacs conventions.

*** mh-folder-refiled-face

Renamed to `mh-folder-refiled' per new Emacs conventions.

*** mh-folder-subject-face

Renamed to `mh-folder-subject' per new Emacs conventions.

*** mh-folder-tick-face

Renamed to `mh-folder-tick' per new Emacs conventions.

*** mh-folder-to-face

Renamed to `mh-folder-to' per new Emacs conventions.

*** mh-index-folder-face

Renamed to `mh-search-folder'.

*** mh-letter-header-field-face

Renamed to `mh-letter-header-field' per new Emacs conventions.

*** mh-show-cc-face

Renamed to `mh-show-cc' per new Emacs conventions.

*** mh-show-date-face

Renamed to `mh-show-date' per new Emacs conventions.

*** mh-show-from-face

Renamed to `mh-show-from' per new Emacs conventions.

*** mh-show-header-face

Renamed to `mh-show-header' per new Emacs conventions.

*** mh-show-subject-face

Renamed to `mh-show-subject' per new Emacs conventions.

*** mh-show-to-face

Renamed to `mh-show-to' per new Emacs conventions.

*** mh-show-xface-face

Renamed to `mh-show-xface' per new Emacs conventions.

*** mh-speedbar-folder-face

Renamed to `mh-speedbar-folder' per new Emacs conventions.

*** mh-speedbar-folder-with-unseen-messages-face

Renamed to `mh-speedbar-folder-with-unseen-messages' per new Emacs conventions.

*** mh-speedbar-selected-folder-face

Renamed to `mh-speedbar-selected-folder' per new Emacs conventions.

*** mh-speedbar-selected-folder-with-unseen-messages-face

Renamed to `mh-speedbar-selected-folder-with-unseen-messages' per new
Emacs conventions.


** Bug Fixes in MH-E 8.0

*** Face Variable Names Now Follow Current Conventions

The -face suffix has been dropped from all face names. 

*** Swish Fixes

Items in swish indexes that aren't mail messages are now handled more

*** Spamassassin Fixes

If you use spamassassin, there was an error when you tried to junk
mail if the option `mh-junk-background' was set. This has been fixed.

*** Mairix Support

Indexing now compatible with Mairix version 0.12 and later.

*** mh-extract-rejected-mail Can't Do MIME (and Other Formats)

Now handles qmail and exim bounces (addresses SF #404965).

*** mh-rmail Hangs in XEmacs

We've determined that MH-E is incompatible with some versions of
XEmacs (21.5.9-21.5.16). More recent versions work fine. If you think
our list is too broad, please let us know which version of XEmacs you
are using (closes SF #644321).

*** Completions Offered by mh-refile-message Are Not Sorted

This behavior is no longer observed (closes SF #698734).

*** Add Message-ID to Outgoing Messages

If you replied to a message in your `+outbox', an `In-Reply-To:'
header field was created that broke threading at the recipient's end.
We now add a `Message-ID:' to outgoing messages which fixes this
(closes SF #725425).

*** Inconsistent Prompts

Emacs changed their defaults in prompts from "Prompt: [value]" to
"Prompt (default value): ". All MH-E prompts have been updated to
comply with the new standard and are therefore now consistent
throughout the application (closes SF #730470, SF #1275933).

*** Empty Shell Comments Confuse mh-mhn-directive-present-p

If you had a string that matched the regexp "^# $" in your draft, it
would cause an error. This has been fixed (closes SF #762458).

*** Quote Hashes When mhbuild Directives Used

A related bug, if you had empty shell comments but inserted your own
directives, you'd get another error from mhbuild. This has been fixed
by quoting the hash ("^# $") like this "##" before submitting to
mhbuild (closes SF #762464).

*** Inconsistent Usage in Scan Formatting Variables

The variables:


used to contain strings. Although only the first character was read,
the entire string would be inserted which may have caused problems.
These variables have been converted to character constants so that
only a single character can be inserted into the scan line (closes SF

*** Bad Handling of Aliases That Conflict With Local User Names

If a user name existed both locally and in the aliases file, the local
user would be flashed, but the alias would be used when sending. This
has been fixed so that the user name that is flashed is the same as
the name that is sent (closes SF #772595).

*** Initialization Fails If ~/Mail Exists

MH-E no longer calls `install-mh' so this issue has gone away (closes
SF #835192).

*** Not Re-prompted to Sign After Pass Phrase Typo

If there were errors when sending a signed message (like getting the
pass phrase wrong), the MML markup remained in the draft buffer. The
draft buffer is now restored if there is an error (closes SF #839303).

*** Font-lock Gets Confused in MH-Letter Buffer

If a user manually moved the cursor to the end of the header field
separator line (by mouse click or keyboard navigation) and hit Enter
to start typing their message, any line in the body with a colon would
be fontified with a gray background. This has been fixed (closes SF

*** RETURN Causes Infinite Loop in mh-letter

This behavior is no longer observed (closes SF #887346).

*** mh-refile-msg Fails to Suggest Folder for Empty Message

If you received a message with an empty body from someone who is
listed in your aliases file, `o' (`mh-refile-msg') failed to suggest
the correct folder. This has been fixed (closes SF #917096).

*** Missing Headers When Replying to All

User needed to edit `replgroupcomps' (closes SF #918194).

*** Error Visiting Folder With no Unseen Messages

If you visited a folder without unseen messages and the option "flist:
-noshowzero" is present in your `~/.mh_profile', you'd get an error.
This has been fixed (closes SF #933954).

*** Error Message When Trying to Send Using MH-E

This behavior is no longer observed (closes SF #1002103).

*** mh-find-path Doesn't Use mhparam

MH-E no longer peeks into the MH profile `~/.mh_profile' directly. It
uses `mhparam' instead (closes SF #1016027).

*** rmmproc Refile Complains No Such Message

MH-E would get confused about which folder to delete messages from if
you were refiling and deleting messages at the same time. This has
been fixed (closes SF #1023959).

*** auto-mode-alist Updated

MH-E originally updated auto-mode-alist to set the major mode of
drafts. Now that we explicitly set the mode, there is no reason to do
this, and this behavior caused problems for people who didn't use MH-E
who were editing files that looked like MH message files (closes SF

*** ! Doesn't Do Regions

Now it does (closes SF #1046330).

*** mh-show-unquote-From Fails (read-only buffer)

MH-E quotes the `From ' header field that is inserted by MTAs.
However, it was trying to do this in a read-only buffer. This has been
fixed (closes SF #1089870).

*** Whitespace in pick Expressions

The `C-u / s RET' command now works. In addition, you can now add
whitespace to any of the limiting (/) commands (closes SF #1122655).

*** mh-index-previous-folder Does Not Work Correctly

If your cursor was on an item below a folder heading and you used
`M-TAB' (`mh-index-previous-folder'), you would move to the previous
folder heading. This has been fixed (closes SF #1126188).

*** Default Identity Prevents Insertion of Auto Fields

Auto insertion of an identity now occurs even when the default
identity is used (closes SF #1204506).

*** mh-compose-forward and Default Message Number

`mh-compose-forward' will now default to the sent message in the sent
folder and the `cur' message in other folders. It also takes ranges of
messages and can include multiple messages at a time (closes SF

*** Better Handling of Empty cur Sequence

If you refiled a message into a folder and then used `F r'
(`mh-rescan-folder') in that folder, your cursor would be taken to the
first message. The cursor now stays where it was (closes SF #1207247).

*** mh-customize Uses Group mh, Not mh-e

The `mh' customization group alias has been deleted to avoid some
problems that were found (closes SF #1213716).

*** "Args out of range" Error in Displaying Message

This behavior is no longer observed (closes SF #1227504).

*** Front-and-back Truncation in mailto: Rendering

This behavior is no longer observed (closes SF #1227510).

*** Name of the Draft File in mh-comp.el

MH is documented to use the draft file. If you use a draft file for
something else (like Sylpheed), then use draft folders (closes SF

*** font-lock Error in mh-letter-mode

An error in MH-E was introduced as a result of a change in CVS Emacs.
This has been fixed (closes SF #1241017).

*** Msg Display Broken After Displaying Msg with Inline Image

Messages with inline images no longer trim certain message header
fields (closes SF #1306141).

*** mh-visit-folder Munges font-lock-keywords

MH-E broke highlighting in Gnus buffers. This was actually a problem
in CVS Emacs 22 and has been fixed there (closes SF #1393879).

*** Illegal Filename Chars for W32 Filesystems

Windows users who view `X-Image-URL:' images could not cache the
images since the cached image file names had illegal characters. This
has been fixed (closes SF #1396499).

*** mh-send Doesn't Handle mml Insertions Via mail-user-agent

Can now forward messages in Gnus if MH-E is your `mail-user-agent'
(closes SF #1399307).

*** Can't Narrow to Subject with Regexp Chars

The command `/ s' could not limit subjects that had special pick
characters (such as [, *, $, .). This has been fixed (closes SF

*** `/ s' Can Miss the Original Mail

The command `/ s' failed to include the message with the "Re:" in the
Subject. This has been fixed (closes SF #1438369).

*** mhparam -components Fails on mailutils

This error prevented MH-E from loading when using GNU mailutils. GNU
mailutils drops the `s' in this argument, so we did too since
-component still works in nmh and MH (closes SF #1446985).

*** `/ s' Still Has Problems With []'d Mail

On XEmacs, subjects that had special characters would prevent `/ s'
from narrowing to the given subject. These characters are now quoted
correctly in XEmacs (closes SF #1447598).

*** Variable mh-send-args Is a String, Not a List

This was causing errors when sending under GNU mailutils. The internal
variable `mh-send-args' is now a list which fixes the problem (closes
SF #1448604).

*** Update Icons

Most of the tool bar icons have been replaced by GTK or GNOME 2 icons
(closes SF #1452715).

*** Strip Build Number From emacs-version in X-Mailer

This has been done (closes SF #1466481).

*** Rename Function and Variable Definers

If you had ever shown help for an MH-E symbol that was both a function
or variable, you might have found that the hyperlink to the file
brought you to the wrong definition. This has been fixed by renaming
the macros `mh-defgroup', `mh-defcustom', `mh-defface',
`mh-defun-compat', and `mh-defmacro-compat' to `defgroup-mh',
`defcustom-mh', `defface-mh', `defun-mh', `defmacro-mh' respectively
(closes SF #1472029).

*** mh-insert-letter Uses Wrong Default

If you had used `C-c TAB' (`mh-insert-letter') to insert a letter into
your draft, specified a different folder, and chose the default
message number, you got the wrong message. This has been fixed (closes
SF #1473729).


* Changes in MH-E 7.4.4

Version 7.4.4 addresses programmatic issues from the FSF and prepares
MH-E for inclusion into an impending GNU Emacs release (22.1). There
are no user-visible changes (unless you are using XEmacs on DOS or
don't have the cl package installed). Filenames are now unique in
their first 8 characters (DOS 8.3 requirement). The runtime dependency
on the cl package has been removed. Desktop saving and restoration
code moved here from desktop.el.

* Changes in MH-E 7.4.3

Version 7.4.3 fixes the problem where `mh-identity-list' was not getting
set from .emacs.

* Changes in MH-E 7.4.2

Version 7.4.2 fixes the accidental dependence on nmh (closes SF

* Changes in MH-E 7.4.1

Version 7.4.1 fixes the Makefile so it no longer tries to compile

* Changes in MH-E 7.4

Version 7.4 contains many new useful features including arbitrary MH
range handling, new draft features such as draft form editing, as well
as sequence propagation and manipulation. We've also fixed bugs and
added a handful of new variables.

** New Features in MH-E 7.4

*** Add Arbitrary Ranges to MH-E UI

MH-E now handles any legal MH range (such as last:5 or 4 8 10-12)
wherever you're prompted for a message number or sequence (closes SF

*** Remove Prompting in mh-send

Brian Reid's original mhe didn't do prompting anywhere but used forms
instead. While we won't go that far, we eliminated prompting where a
form is already involved, such as in composing a message.

The new customization variable `mh-compose-prompt-flag' can be set to
t to get the original behavior (closes SF #745622).

*** Use TAB to Switch Fields in Header

When composing a message, TAB and SHIFT-TAB can be used to move
quickly between header fields. The new customization variable,
`mh-compose-skipped-header-fields', contains a list of header fields
that are skipped and truncated if they are too long (closes SF

*** Alias Completion in Composition Buffer

Aliases can be completed in the draft with "M-TAB
(mh-letter-complete)". Or, if the customization variable
`mh-compose-space-does-completion-flag' is set to t, then a "SPC
(mh-letter-complete-or-space)" with do the same thing. If
`mh-alias-flash-on-comma' is non-nil, ", (mh-letter-confirm-address)"
will show the alias expansion in the minibuffer (closes SF #745634).

*** Auto Fields Should be Inserted During Send

Fields that were inserted by the multiple personality code when the
draft was sent now insert the header fields when the draft is composed
to give you a chance to edit them (closes SF #747890).

*** mh-index-tick-messages

The command "F ' (mh-index-ticked-messages)" creates a buffer with all
messages ticked with "' (mh-toggle-tick)" in the folders listed in the
new customization variable `mh-index-ticked-messages-folders'. Chances
are that if you set `mh-index-new-messages-folders', you'll want to
set `mh-index-ticked-messages-folders' accordingly.

In addition, a general function, "F q (mh-index-sequenced-messages)"
has been provided that displays messages in the `mh-unseen-seq' in the
folders listed `mh-index-new-messages-folders', unless a prefix
argument is given, in which case you can provide both a list of
folders and a sequence (closes SF #718833).

*** Narrow to Region

If there is a region, "/ r (mh-narrow-to-range)" will only consider
those messages in the region. In addition, there is now a stack of
folder limits which can be popped with "/ w (mh-widen)". With a prefix
arg, all the restrictions are popped off of the stack (closes SF

*** Narrow to Ticked Sequence

The buffer can now be narrowed to ticked messages with "S '
(mh-narrow-to-tick)" (closes SF #732825).

*** Display Multiple Buttons for multipart/alternative

A new customizable variable,
`mh-display-buttons-for-alternatives-flag', was added to display
buttons for the alternatives. The default value is nil to retain the
current behavior (closes SF #741288).

*** Identity Menu Changes

A menu item has been added that inserts custom fields if the To or Cc
header fields match `mh-auto-fields-list'.

** New Variables in MH-E 7.4

*** mh-alias-local-users-prefix

This string is prepended to the real names of users from the passwd
file. If nil, use the username string unmodified instead of the real
name from the gecos field of the passwd file.

*** mh-alias-passwd-gecos-comma-separator-flag

Non-nil means the gecos field in the passwd file uses comma as a
separator. Used to construct aliases for users in the passwd file."

*** mh-interpret-number-as-range-flag

Non-nil means interpret a number as a range. If the variable is
non-nil, and you use an integer, N, when asked for a range to scan,
then MH-E uses the range "last:N".

*** mh-kill-folder-suppress-prompt-hook

This new hook is invoked at the beginning of the `F k
(mh-kill-folder)' command. It is a list of functions to be called,
with no arguments, which should return a value of non-nil if you
should not be asked if you're sure that you want to remove the folder.
This is useful for folders that are easily regenerated.

The default value of `mh-index-p' suppresses the prompt on folders
generated by an index search.

WARNING: Use this hook with care. If there is a bug in your hook which
returns t on +inbox and you hit `F k' by accident in the +inbox
buffer, you will not be happy.

*** mh-refile-preserves-sequences-flag

Non-nil means that sequences are preserved when messages are refiled.
If this variable is non-nil and a message belonging to a sequence
other than cur or Previous-Sequence (see mh-profile 5) is refiled then
it is put in the same sequence in the destination folder. Additional
sequences that should not to be preserved can be specified by setting
`mh-unpropagated-sequences' appropriately.

*** mh-visible-header-fields

Customize this instead of `mh-visible-headers', which is now a defvar.
This was done to mimic the relationship between
`mh-invisible-header-fields' and `mh-invisible-fields'.

** Variables Deleted in MH-E 7.4

*** mh-visible-headers

See the paragraph for `mh-visible-header-fields' above.

** Bug Fixes in MH-E 7.4

*** Aliases Constantly Reloaded

The system aliases are not loaded as often as they were, so the
completion speed has been dramatically improved if your passwd file is
large (closes SF #693859).

*** Folders in MH-Index View Not Saved

When you perform a search to produce an MH-Index buffer, the folders
that contain the messages are shown. If the MH-Index buffer was
deleted, or Emacs was restarted and the corresponding folder
rescanned, the folder information would be lost. This has been fixed
by saving the information in a file called ".mhe_index" (closes SF

*** Ticking Messages in +mhe-index/new

If a new message in a buffer created by "F n" was ticked (with "'"),
the message would not be added to the tick sequence in the source
folder. This has been fixed so that any sequence changes in any index
folder (from within MH-E of course) are now reflected back to the
corresponding source folder (closes SF #709664).

*** Custom Vars Set by a Function

The default setting of customization variable `mh-summary-height' is
now `nil' which means MH-E will change the size dynamically according
to the size of the frame (closes SF #723267).

*** Folder Completion Slow

The first folder completion was very slow. This has been fixed (closes
SF #730426).

*** Tick Sequence Persistent When Refiled

Sequences are now preserved when messages are refiled (closes SF

*** Auto-inserted Header Fields Inconsistent

For consistency, all automatically inserted header fields (such as
X-Mailer and X-Face) are added when the draft is first presented to
you. This also gives you a chance to edit or delete them if necessary
(closes SF #745624). Note that we would be distressed if you deleted
the X-Mailer field.

*** Toolbar Spec Error

The following message appeared when displaying a message in XEmacs:

  Signaling: (error "Toolbar spec must be list or nil" )

This has been fixed (closes SF #745655).

*** mh-index-search Doesn't Find Short Acronyms

Swish typically ignores words with fewer than four letters, but will
still look for acronyms. Unfortunately, MH-E was downcasing the input
words which defeated this feature. This has been fixed (closes SF


* Changes in MH-E 7.3

This release includes the new features of an index view of unseen
messages in all folders, spam software support, relative folder
specification @ support, marking messages, recipient handling by
mh-default-folder-list, Face and X-Image-URL header field support, and
Fcc completion. Function arguments have been unified. Bugs have been

** New Features in MH-E 7.3

*** Unified Function Arguments

Any function with MSG-OR-SEQ in its docstring uses the displayed
message by default for this argument. However, if a prefix argument is
provided, then the user is prompted for a message sequence. If the
variable `transient-mark-mode' is non-nil and the mark is active, then
the function operates on the messages in the selected region. In a
program, MSG-OR-SEQ can be a message number, a list of message
numbers, a region in a cons cell, or a sequence.

*** MH-Index View of Unseen Messages

Use "F n (mh-index-new-messages)" or Folder -> View New Messages menu
item to display messages in the `mh-unseen-seq' sequence in folders
specified by `mh-index-new-messages-folders'. With a prefix argument,
enter a space-separated list of folders, or nothing to search all

Like other MH-Index folders, use "v (mh-index-visit-folder)" if you
wish to visit the original folder with the unseen message. This is
usually not necessary since the original message is annotated if you
reply, deleted if you delete the message, or refiled if you refile the
message (closes SF #701756).

*** Spam Software Support

MH-E now supports several spam filters including Bogofilter,
SpamProbe, and SpamAssassin. Spam that is mistakenly considered to be
good mail can be reclassified as spam with "J b (mh-junk-blacklist)".
Conversely, good mail that is accidently considered to be spam can be
reclassified with "J w (mh-junk-whitelist)" (closes SF #669518).

If a message is blacklisted, and `mh-junk-mail-folder' is a string,
then the message is refiled to that folder. If this variable is nil,
the message is deleted. If a message is whitelisted, then the message
is refiled to `mh-inbox'.

To change the spam program being used, customize `mh-junk-program'.
This should only be necessary if you have multiple filters on your
system and MH-E picked the wrong one. These customization variables
are found in the new customization group `mh-junk'.

The documentation for the following functions describes what setup is
needed for the different spam fighting programs:

  - `mh-bogofilter-blacklist'
  - `mh-spamprobe-blacklist'
  - `mh-spamassassin-blacklist'

*** Relative Folder Specification @ Supported

You can now use the relative folder marker @ in folder names (closes
SF #666774).

*** Marking Messages

Messages can now be highlighted with "' (mh-toggle-tick)", Sequence ->
Toggle Tick Mark menu item or the "Toggle tick mark" button. These
messages are added to the "tick" sequence, although this sequence can
be changed in `mh-tick-seq'. The highlighting effect can be modified
by customizing `mh-folder-tick-face' (closes SF #623367).

There is also a new keybinding "/ ' (mh-narrow-to-tick)" and menu item
Sequence -> Narrow to Tick Sequence to narrow the view to the
highlighted messages.

*** mh-default-folder-list Now Takes Recipients

If you wish to file a message based upon the recipient of a message
(such as a mailing list), you can now indicate that when filling out
the address in the `mh-default-folder-list' customization variable.

*** Face Header Field Supported

In addition to the X-Face header field, the Face header field, which
can display color images, is now supported. As a bonus, the external
xface-e21 library is no longer required.

*** X-Image-URL Support

Images specified in X-Image-URL header fields are now supported.
See the customization variable `mh-fetch-x-image-url' to enable this

*** Fcc Completion

Folders in Fcc fields in message drafts can now be completed with

** New Variables in MH-E 7.3

Variables that have been added to MH-E that have not been discussed
elsewhere are listed here.

*** mh-auto-fields-list

Alist of addresses for which header lines are automatically inserted.
When a regular expression matches in the To or cc fields of a message,
the corresponding header field is automatically inserted in the
message header. It also allows the automatic setting of an identity
(using `mh-insert-identity') to set an alternate identity when sending
messages to a certain person or mailing list.

Since this is a more general use of `mh-insert-mail-followup-to-flag'
and `mh-insert-mail-followup-to-list', these variables have been removed.

*** mh-show-xface-face

Face for displaying the X-Face image.

*** mh-xemacs-toolbar-position

This customization variable allows the user to place the toolbar on
the four edges of the frame.

*** mh-xemacs-use-toolbar-flag

This customization variable is used to enable or disable the toolbar
under XEmacs.

** Variables Deleted in MH-E 7.3

Variables that have been removed from MH-E that have not been
discussed elsewhere are listed here.

*** mh-decode-content-transfer-encoded-message-flag

No longer needed since the external program mimencode is no longer

*** mh-index-show-hook

This hook was never used, so it was removed.

*** mh-tool-bar-reply-3-buttons-flag

Obsolete. This functionality is present `mh-tool-bar-folder-buttons'.

** Bug Fixes in MH-E 7.3

*** Can't Refile Message

Messages with invalid addresses were causing errors in ali which
prevented the refiling of messages. The ali error is now shown in the
"*MH-E Log*" buffer and refiling suggests the last folder used (closes
SF #680388).

*** Empty Body Triggers Duped Header

If the body was empty the header would be treated like the body and
was therefore displayed twice. This has been fixed (closes SF

*** mml or mhl Directives Not Always Processed

The mml and mhl directives used to create body parts were not
processed if one re-edited a draft, or if they added the directives
manually. The directives are now always processed upon sending the
letter. You may still, of course, use "C-c C-m m (mh-mml-to-mime)" or
"C-c C-e (mh-edit-mhn)" to manually create the MIME body parts from
the directives and then send the draft.

*** mh-alias-grab-from-field Fails

MH-E was adding aliases with angle brackets around the address when
there wasn't a phrase (usually, the user's name), to go with it. This
caused ali to fail which caused problems in MH-E. This is probably a
bug in ali, but MH-E no longer inserts angle brackets around the
address unless there is a phrase, which avoids the problem (closes SF

*** XEmacs Fixes

MH-E is now fully supported under XEmacs and compiles without any

In particular, the following now work under XEmacs:

- X-Face, Face, and X-Image-URL header fields
- MH-E logo in mode line
- Emphasis (bold, italics, etc.)
- Smilies
- Toolbar

*** Indexed Folders Should Respect mh-show-threads-flag

Indexed folders are now threaded if `mh-show-threads-flag' is non-nil
(closes SF #709667).

*** Threading Index View Loses Folder Info

This has been fixed (closes SF #709672).

*** No Undo Information When Re-editing Drafts

Undo is turned on in the draft buffer when using "e (mh-edit-again)"
(closes SF #712777).

*** Forwarded base64-encoded Messages Are Incorrectly Displayed

This has been fixed (closes SF #681518).

*** Append to *MH-E Log* Buffer

The last 100 lines of log messages are kept in the *MH-E Log* buffer.
Previously, the buffer was erased every time it was written (closes SF
#685476). In addition, many of the MH-E commands now send their output
into this buffer instead of a plethora of other special-purpose

*** mh-inc-folder Complains if No Mail and No Current Message

The function `mh-inc-folder' no longer calls `mh-show' if point is not
on a valid scan line. This keeps `mh-inc-folder' from complaining
(closes SF #678115).

*** Folder Normalization Strips Leading Slash

Leading "/" characters in folder names entered by the user were being
lost. This has been fixed (closes SF #676890).

*** Print Header Doesn't Show Message

When printing a sequence, the header simply indicated that a sequence,
but not which one, was being printed and did not show the message
number. This has been fixed. If more than one message is printed, a
page of the scan lines is printed and its header indicates the
sequence or message range. The pages with the actual messages all set
the header to the folder and message displayed on that page.

*** Aliases Constantly Reloaded

Empty lists are now handled properly (closes SF #693859).

*** Remove RCS Keywords

Removed RCS keywords per Emacs conventions (closes SF #680731).

*** Replace Mimencode

MH-E was enhanced to decode message based on charset and
Content-Transfer-Encoding. This eliminates the need for the external
program mimencode (closes SF #674857).


* Changes in MH-E 7.2

This release includes the new features of filing hints, hierarchical
file name completion, indexed search and pick integration, unification
between `mh-visit-folder' and the speedbar, a displayed message
indicator, buffer name organization, support for mairix indexed
search, and last but not least, the MH-E logo has been added to the
mode line. Code that handles sequences and message regions runs
faster. Bugs have been fixed.

** New Features in MH-E 7.2

*** Filing Hints

When you file a message, MH-E now looks for an alias corresponding to
the address of the sender and offers that as a default folder (closes
SF #657096). The new variable `mh-default-folder-prefix' can be used
to put these folders in a sub-folder. The new variable
`mh-default-folder-must-exist-flag' means to suppress the suggested
folder (thereby providing the previous folder used) if the folder
doesn't already exist. The new variable `mh-default-folder-list' can
be used to map additional addresses and folders.

*** Hierarchical File Name Completion

When you completed filenames in the past, you were presented with a
list of all your folders at all depths in the tree. Now you are
presented with only one level at a time (closes SF #664821).
As a result, the variables `mh-auto-folder-collect-flag' and
`mh-folder-list-change-hook' are obsolete.

*** Indexed Search and Pick Integration

The indexed and pick searches have been integrated (closes SF
#664816). Both "F s (mh-search-folder)" and "F i (mh-index-search)"
use the pick template for forming queries. To submit the query, use
"C-c C-c (mh-do-search)" which will use the query method you selected.
If you change your mind while forming the query, you can use "C-c C-i
(mh-index-do-search)" or "C-c C-p (mh-pick-do-search)" to submit the
query using the respective method.

Second, the results from a pick search are now saved in a sub-folder
of +mhe-index like an indexed search.

Third, `pick' is now a valid choice for `mh-index-program'.

*** mh-visit-folder Metamorphosis Continues

When visiting a folder from the speedbar, only the unseen messages are
shown if there are unseen messages. If there aren't any unseen
messages, all of the messages are shown if there are fewer than
`mh-large-folder' messages; otherwise, the user is prompted for the
range of messages to display. The "F v (mh-visit-folder)" command has
been modified to mimic this behavior. Use a prefix arg to force the
message range prompt.

*** Displayed Message Indicator

In graphical Emacs, the message that is shown is marked by a triangle
in the fringe. In textual Emacs, there is a ">" in the first column
(closes SF #664824).

*** Buffer Name Organization

All ephemeral buffer names start with " *mh" while all interesting
buffers start with "*MH-E ". The "*Folders*", "*Sequences*", and
"*Recipients*" buffers were therefore renamed to "*MH-E Folders*",
"*MH-E Sequences*" and "*MH-E Recipients*" respectively (programmers
should see mh-utils.el for the names of the new constants). Also, the
output of MH commands is saved in the "*MH-E Log*" buffer.

*** mh-index-program

Add choices for `mairix' and `pick'.

*** Logo Displayed on Mode Line

** New Variables in MH-E 7.2

The new variables have been discussed elsewhere.

** Bug Fixes in MH-E 7.2

*** mh-decode-content-transfer-encoded-message

Messages that had been encoded with base64 were not decoded. This has
been fixed with this new function (closes SF #674190). As a result,
the variable `mh-decode-quoted-printable-flag' has been renamed to

*** mh-kill-folder

Now restores previous window configuration (closes SF #664828).

*** mh-mime-display

MH-E was not using the charset defined in the content-type
header. This meant that mail in a different charset would not
be properly displayed. This has been fixed (closes SF #655123).

*** mh-read-address

In XEmacs and Emacs20, this function would always prompt using "To: "
instead of using the command argument. This has been fixed (closes SF

*** mh-rmail

Unseen messages are now shown in addition to new ones (closes SF

*** mh-scan-msg-overflow-regexp

Change the variable so that a space is always maintained in the
beginning of the scan line.

*** mh-swish-execute-search

The example configuration file in the docstring didn't show the
backslash in the FileRules filename. If the example had been used
literally by the user, no files would be indexed! This has been fixed
(closes SF #665888).

*** mh-thread-refile

The "T o (mh-thread-refile)" command did not provide refiling hints
like `mh-refile-msg'. This has been fixed (closes SF #664829).

*** mh-toggle-threads

If the threaded view was modified and then toggled, the standard view
may not have been accurate (as it contained a potentially old first
message to last message range). This has been fixed (closes SF

*** mh-tool-bar-show-set, mh-tool-bar-letter-set, mh-tool-bar-folder-set

Clicking the customize and help buttons now deletes the other windows
in the frame.

*** mh-version

The "M-x mh-version" command displayed "Aliasfile: aliases". This has
been fixed (closes SF #664467). See Buffer Name Organization above.


* Changes in MH-E 7.1

This release includes the new features of multiple identities and
alias completion. In addition, indexed searching has been revamped.
Various other features have been added and a few bugs were fixed.

** New Features in MH-E 7.1

*** Multiple Identities

MH-E now supports multiple identities (closes SF #628782). That means
that you can have different From and Organization header fields (or
any other header field of your choice) as well as different signatures
depending on your context. Usually, the contexts are home and work.

Add your identities to the variable `mh-identity-list' and set the
default identity with the variable `mh-identity-default'. Your
identity can be switched on the fly by using the Identity menu or by
calling "M-x mh-insert-identity RET".

This functionality can be customized within the mh-identity group.

*** Alias Completion and Harvesting

The contributed file mh-alias.el has been rewritten and incorporated
into MH-E.

By default, aliases are culled from the system files
"/etc/nmh/MailAliases," "/usr/lib/mh/MailAliases," and "/etc/passwd"
(see `mh-alias-system-aliases') and from your "AliasFile" MH profile
component. These aliases are then used for completion in the
minibuffer when entering addresses. Within the header of the message
draft, "M-TAB (mh-letter-complete)" is used to do alias completion.

The package also provides for alias creation based upon the From
header field of the current message. Use the lasso button

This functionality can be customized within the mh-alias group.

*** Index Folder Updates

The results of an index search "F i (mh-index-search)" are now stored
in a bona fide folder so that you can refile messages and reply to
messages directly from the result folder. This folder is a sub-folder
of +mhe-index and the name is based upon the search string (closes SF

If a prefix argument is given then the search in the current index
buffer is redone.

The index folder lists the names of the source folders as before.
However, instead of using RET on the name of the folder to visit the
folder, use "v (mh-show-index-visit-folder)" anywhere within the
results to visit that folder narrowed to the results of the search.
Additional functions have been added to navigate including "TAB
(mh-index-next-folder)", and "SHIFT-TAB (mh-index-previous-folder)."

*** mh-visit-folder Interface Updated

A change was made to the prompting of the message range. In general,
you can use the same format for messages and sequences as you can in
MH with a single exception: a single number means to scan that many
messages, rather than scan that message number. This turns out to be
much more useful than visiting a single message and is consistent with
Gnus and the MH-E speedbar (closes SF #655891).

If mh-visit-folder is called non-interactively and RANGE is nil then
all messages are displayed. This behavior is now documented and
provides backwards compatibility.

*** Threading Improvements

After incorporating new mail into a threaded folder, unseen messages
can be spread about. Two new functions have been added to make it
easier to find them: these are "M-n (mh-next-unread-msg)" and "M-p
(mh-previous-unread-msg)" (closes SF #630328)

Two new functions were added to delete and refile threads. They are "T
d (mh-thread-delete)" and "T o (mh-thread-refile)" respectively
(closes SF #630493).

In addition, the key "k" used to be bound to the function
`mh-delete-subject': it is now bound to

New functions to navigate threads include "T u (mh-thread-ancestor)",
which can jump to the root message of the current thread given an
optional argument, "T n (mh-thread-next-sibling)", and "T p

*** Refiling of Messages in Region

If mark is active and `transient-mark-mode' is enabled then all the
messages in the region are refiled.

*** vCard Handling

If a signature cannot be identified, but there is a vCard attachment,
then that vCard will be presented as a signature (closes SF #649216).

*** New Info Added to mh-version

Information about Gnus versions available at both compile time and run
time has been added.

** New Variables in MH-E 7.1

The defcustom groups were reorganized. Rather than iterate the
specific changes here, you are invited to browse the groups with "M-x
mh-customize RET".

*** mh-alias-completion-ignore-case-flag

Non-nil means don't consider case significant in MH alias completion.
This is the default in plain MH, so it is the default here as well. It
can be useful to set this to t if, for example, you use lowercase
aliases for people and uppercase for mailing lists.

*** mh-alias-expand-aliases-flag

Non-nil means to expand aliases entered in the minibuffer. In other
words, aliases entered in the minibuffer will be expanded to the full
address in the message draft. By default, this expansion is not

*** mh-alias-flash-on-comma

Specify whether to flash the translation of the alias or warn if there
isn't a translation of the alias.

*** mh-alias-insert-file

Filename to use to store new MH-E aliases. This variable can also be a
list of filenames, in which case MH-E will prompt for one of them. If
nil, the default, then MH-E will use the first file found in the
"AliasFile" component of the MH profile.

*** mh-alias-insertion-location

Specifies where new aliases are entered in alias files. Options are
sorted alphabetically (the default), at the top of the file or at the

*** mh-alias-local-users

If t, local users are completed in MH-E To: and Cc: prompts.

If you set this variable to a string, it will be executed to generate
a password file. A value of "ypcat passwd" is helpful if NIS is in

*** mh-alias-system-aliases

A list of system files from which to cull aliases. If these files are
modified, they are automatically reread. This list need include only
system aliases and the passwd file, since personal alias files listed
in your "AliasFile" MH profile component are automatically included.

*** mh-identity-default

Default identity to use when `mh-letter-mode' is called.

*** mh-identity-list

List holding MH-E identity.

*** mh-invisible-header-fields

Simple user interface to change `mh-invisible-headers'.

*** mh-letter-complete-function

Function to call when completing outside of fields specific to
aliases. By default, it is bound to 'ispell-complete-word.

*** mh-show-threads-flag

Non-nil means new folders start in threaded mode. Threading large
number of messages can be time consuming. So if the flag is non-nil
then threading will be done only if the number of messages being
threaded is less than `mh-large-folder' (closes SF #646794).

*** mh-tool-bar-folder-buttons

Buttons to include in MH-E folder/show toolbar.

*** mh-tool-bar-letter-buttons

Buttons to include in MH-E letter toolbar.

** Bug Fixes in MH-E 7.1

*** mh-get-new-mail

Call new function `mh-add-cur-notation' to undo the work of
`mh-remove-cur-notation' if there was no new mail (closes SF #647681).

*** mh-set-cmd-note

No longer updates the default `mh-cmd-note' value. This resulted in
the misplacement of the current mark when the message number width
changed (closes SF #643701).


* Changes in MH-E 7.0

This is a major release which includes a lot of new features including
improved MIME handling, speedbar folder browsing, and indexed
searching. In this version, MH-E runs under XEmacs, passes checkdoc,
and compiles clean under all supported platforms.

The "passes checkdoc" feature above required changing the name of
several user-visible variables. It is likely that this affects you.
Please be sure to see the table at the end of these notes and rename
your variables accordingly.

MH-E has been written mh-e, Mh-e, MH-e and MH-E. We have decided that
the proper term should be MH-E. Please try to use MH-E in your

** New Features in MH-E 7.0

*** Speedbar

There is now support for the speedbar. Try "M-x speedbar" (closes SF

Press the middle mouse button on the `+' icons to open a folder,
middle mouse button on a folder name to open the folder. Folders with
unseen messages are shown in bold, so this is a handy way to browse
new messages that you have filed with procmail or slocal.

See the new customization variable `mh-large-folder,' which controls
when the speedbar asks for how many messages to scan when opening a
large folder and `mh-speed-run-flists-flag' whose default value of t
means to use the flists command to populate the count of unseen and
total messages in each folder.

*** Indexed Search

Interoperability with swish++, swish, glimpse, and namazu has been
added to enable lightening-fast searches of your mail. If none of
these are present, grep is used. Try "F i (mh-index-search)".

For more information, read the documentation for the functions
`mh-swish++-execute-search,' `mh-swish-execute-search,'
`mh-namazu-execute-search,' or `mh-glimpse-execute-search' depending
on your preferred indexing program to see what kind of setup is needed
to generate the index.

*** Threading

Use "T t (mh-toggle-threads)" to view the threads in the folder. Use
it again to return to a non-threaded view.

*** Brief Help

Use "? (mh-help)" and "X ? (mh-prefix-help)," where X is a prefix
character, for a brief synopsis in the minibuffer of frequently used
commands. In the MH-Letter or MH-Pick buffers, use "C-c ? (mh-help)"
(closes SF #493740).

*** Folder Keymap Shared by Show Buffer

You can now use the MH-Folder mode commands from the MH-Show buffer.
Because of this, the MH-Show buffer is now read-only (closes SF
#493749 and SF #527946) and you now have to use "M (mh-modify)" to
edit a message.

*** Better Scanning

You no longer have to modify your scan format if your folders have
more than 9999 messages in them. If you've only modified your scan
format file to allow for the wider message numbers, consider using the
default behavior of MH-E and simplify your MH-E configuration
considerably (closes SF #635791).

To do this, you may have to remove your modifications of
`mh-scan.*-regexp' and `mh-cmd-note' and your customization of

You may still want the updated format files for running MH commands
outside of MH-E; the default of `mh-scan-format-file' will cause them
to be ignored.

If you prefer fixed-width message numbers, set the new customization
variable to nil , set this variable to
nil and call `mh-set-cmd-note' with the width specified by the scan format in
`mh-scan-format-file'. For example, the default width is 4, so you would use
"(mh-set-cmd-note 4)" if `mh-scan-format-file' were nil.

*** X-Face

MH-E now displays the content of the X-Face header field in the From
field. When sending a message, an X-Face field is appended to the
header if it doesn't already exist and "~/.face" is present. See the
new customization variables `mh-show-use-xface-flag' and `mh-x-face-file'
(closes SF #480770).

MH-E depends on the external x-face package found in to do this. The `uncompface' binary is
also required to be in the execute PATH. It can be obtained from:

It has also been observed that if you don't see the faces, you might
have to do this (for unknown reasons):

    mv /usr/local/include/compface.h /usr/include/

*** Graphical Smileys

Smiley's are now converted to cute little images. See the new
customization variable `mh-graphical-smileys-flag.'

*** Text Emphasis

ASCII formatting is now converted to the appropriate font. For
example, _underline_ is underlined, *bold* appears in bold, /italic/
appears in italic, etc. See `gnus-emphasis-alist' for the whole list.
See the new customization variables `mh-decode-mime' and

*** Attachment Handling

Inline attachments are now displayed. Regular attachments appear as
buttons in show buffer. Use "K TAB (mh-next-button)" or "K SHIFT-TAB
(mh-prev-button)" to cycle through these buttons. Use "K v
(mh-folder-toggle-mime-part)" to view, "K o
(mh-folder-save-mime-part)" to save one part or "K-a
(mh-save-mime-parts)" to save all parts, or "K i
(mh-folder-inline-mime-part)" to view the attachment inline.

See the new customization variable `mh-decode-mime' for additional
information. Other customization variables that affect this new feature
include `mh-store-mime-parts-default-directory' and

HTML documents can be viewed inline if Gnus v5.10 and w3 or w3m lisp
packages are present. Set the customization variable
`mm-text-html-renderer' accordingly (closes SF #453352).

*** Quoted-printable Handling

Quoted-printable body parts are now decoded.

*** More Choices for `mh-yank-from-start-of-msg'

Historically, if this variable was t, the entire message, with full
headers would be included and every line would begin with
`mh-ins-buf-prefix.' This usage is deprecated in favor of the setting
`supercite' below. The default has been changed to `attribution.' The
following symbols are now understood:

`body': yank the message minus the header.

`supercite': include the entire message, with full headers. This also
causes the invocation of `sc-cite-original' without the setting of
`mail-citation-hook', now deprecated practice.

`autosupercite': do as for `supercite' automatically when show buffer
matches the message being replied-to.

`attribution': yank the message minus the header and add a simple
attribution line at the top.

`autoattrib': do as for `attribution' automatically when show buffer
matches the message being replied-to.

There is a new customization variable called
`mh-extract-from-attribution-verb' which is used for attribution which
provides a method for setting a different language.

*** Use Gnus mml Instead of mhn

When inserting attachments into a message draft, Gnus mml directives
are now used instead of mhn directives. One beneficial side-effect of
this is that attachments can now appear inline as well as separate.

The new customization variable `mh-compose-insertion' controls whether
Gnus or mhn is used to insert MIME message directives in messages
(default: 'gnus, if the mml library exists).

*** Content-Type Now Obtained Automatically

The value of the Content-Type no longer needs to be entered by the

*** Attachments Automatically Included Upon Send

You no longer have to run "C-c C-e (mh-edit-mhn)" before sending a
message with attachments--this is done automatically when you send the
message with "C-c C-c (mh-send-letter)". There is, however, a new key
binding "C-c C-m m (mh-mml-to-mime)" which is analogous to "C-c C-e

*** GPG Handling

Messages that have been signed or encrypted with GPG are verified and
decrypted automatically. To sign or encrypt a message, use "C-c RET
C-s (mh-mml-secure-message-sign-pgpmime)" and "C-c C-m C-e
(mh-mml-secure-message-encrypt-pgpmime)." You need Gnus version 5.10
for this feature. These functions are provided by the pgg.el package.

Users report "flashing" with the pgg.el package and prefer the gpg.el
package instead. To use gpg.el instead of the pgg.el package you need:

  (setq mml2015-use 'gpg)

To mimic automatic encryption in gpg.el, use:

  (setq mm-verify-option 'always)
  (setq mm-decrypt-option 'always)

The venerable mailcrypt package is also an option. However, now that
show buffers are read-only, mailcrypt version 3.5.6 and older fail
when they attempt to decrypt the contents.

*** Mail-Followup-To Header Field

Support for this controversial field has been added because nmh
supports it (closes SF #627035). If you want to add it to outgoing
mail for selected mailing lists, add those mailing lists to the new
customization variable `mh-insert-mail-followup-to-list.' If you think
this field is evil, set the new customization variable
`mh-insert-mail-followup-to-flag' to nil.

*** Gnus Issues

If you update Gnus, you must recompile MH-E. Note that if you are
running the stock version of MH-E that comes with Emacs or the MH-E
package on a Debian GNU/Linux, this is done for you.

** New Variables in MH-E 7.0

New customization variables not mentioned earlier include:

*** mh-letter-insert-signature-hook

Invoked at the beginning of the "C-c C-s (mh-insert-signature)"
command. Can be used to determine which signature file to use based on
message content. On return, if `mh-signature-file-name' is non-nil
that file will be inserted at the current point in the buffer.

*** mh-show-maximum-size

Maximum size of message (in bytes) to display automatically. Provides
an opportunity to skip over large messages which may be slow to load.
Use a value of 0 to display all messages automatically regardless of
size (closes SF #488696).

*** mh-tool-bar-reply-3-buttons-flag

Non-nil means use three buttons for reply commands in tool-bar. If you
have room on your tool-bar because you are using a large font, you may
set this variable to expand the single reply button into three buttons
that won't lead to minibuffer prompt about who to reply to.

** Bug Fixes in MH-E 7.0

*** mh-delete-msg, mh-refile-msg, mh-undo

Mandrake Linux includes XEmacs initialization code that binds
`transient-mark-mode' which causes problems in MH-E. These problems
have been fixed (closes SF #541915).

*** mh-edit-again

This would sometimes yield a read-only buffer. This has been fixed
(closes SF #624283 and SF #625538).

*** mh-forward

When using nmh, always specify -mime so as to preserve the original

*** mh-inc-folder

If you had narrowed to a sequence and then incorporated new mail,
those new messages would not be present in your +inbox when you
widened. This has been fixed (closes SF #489430, SF #489437, SF

*** mh-insert-letter

No longer uses mhl to include a message as this mangled the header and
gave supercite fits (closes SF #629153).

*** mh-letter-mode

"M-q (fill-paragraph)" now fills quoted paragraphs (for example,
starting with "> ") correctly (closes SF #489927).

*** mh-next-undeleted-msg, mh-previous-undeleted-msg

If there are no more undeleted messages the point remains at its
original position and a message is produced (closes SF #494304).

*** mh-pick-mode

Now calls `mh-pick-mode-hook' as documented.

*** mh-put-msg-in-seq

Now puts all messages in region in sequence (closes SF #630324).

*** mh-refile-msg, mh-write-msg-to-file

These functions stomped on the variables that held the name of the
last file and folder respectively for the other function. This has
been fixed so that the last folder or file name is preserved (closes
SF #580772).

*** mh-region-to-sequence

If the region in MH-Folder was set with "C-x h (mark-whole-buffer)",
you couldn't perform operations on all of the messages as you would
expect. This has been fixed (closes SF #621632).

*** mh-reply

Performing an undo the first thing after replying would blank out the
entire draft. Now just the insertion of the yanked message is undone
leaving the header and signature intact for additional editing (closes
SF #623693).

*** mh-show-mode

Now calls `mh-show-mode-hook' as documented (closes SF #627222).

*** mh-subject-thread-to-sequence

Make 'subject sequence a real one, exported to MH. This means you can,
for example, mh-forward it. But it also shows up with a mark in the
scan output (closes SF #489445).

*** Other Bug Fixes

The following bugs have also been closed:

SF #495450: Folder buffer read-only after inc
SF #489706: mh-page-msg bombs out
SF #580772: mh-last-destination is overloaded

*** Variables renamed to conform with Emacs coding conventions

The coding conventions require that boolean variables end in -flag.
The following two tables show which variables were affected (closes SF

Customization Variables (defcustom)

Old Name                               New Name

mh-auto-folder-collect                 mh-auto-folder-collect-flag
mh-bury-show-buffer                    mh-bury-show-buffer-flag
mh-clean-message-header                mh-clean-message-header-flag
mh-decode-quoted-printable             mh-decode-quoted-printable-flag
mh-delete-yanked-msg-window            mh-delete-yanked-msg-window-flag
mh-do-not-confirm                      mh-do-not-confirm-flag
mh-highlight-citation-p                mh-highlight-citation
mh-insert-x-mailer-p                   mh-insert-x-mailer-flag
mh-print-background                    mh-print-background-flag
mh-recenter-summary-p                  mh-recenter-summary-flag
mh-recursive-folders                   mh-recursive-folders-flag
mh-reply-show-message-p                mh-reply-show-message-flag
mh-show-use-goto-addr                  mh-show-use-goto-addr-flag
mh-update-sequences-after-mh-show      mh-update-sequences-after-mh-show-flag

Regular Variables (defvar)

Old Name                               New Name

mh-mhn-compose-insert-p                mh-mhn-compose-insert-flag
mh-nmh-p                               mh-nmh-flag
mh-page-to-next-msg-p                  mh-page-to-next-msg-flag


* Changes in mh-e 6.1

This is a minor release which includes a few bug fixes. The
distribution now includes the ChangeLog.

** New Features in mh-e 6.1

*** Fontification

Unseen messages now displayed in bold.

*** Viewing folders and sequences

The folder and sequence listings that "F l (mh-list-folders)" and "S l
(mh-list-sequences)" create are now displayed in view mode.

** Bug Fixes in mh-e 6.1

*** mh-folder-unseen-seq-name

Byte compilation failed when initializing this variable when the
user's MH environment was not set up. This has been fixed (closes
Debian #140232 and Debian #140817).

*** mh-forward

When forwarding a sequence, the mode of the draft would not be set to
MH-Letter correctly. This has been fixed (closes SF #489448).

*** mh-insert-prefix-string

Fixed to work under XEmacs. Thanks to Will Partain
<partain at>.

*** mh-quit

mh-quit now cleans up the buffers named `mh-temp-buffer,'
'mh-temp-folders-buffer' and 'mh-temp-sequences-buffer.'

* Changes in mh-e 6.0

mh-e is now maintained at SourceForge (see This is where you need to go to obtain
new versions of mh-e, report bugs and receive support.

The maintainers have moved much of their personal configurations into
the codebase, so you may find that you may be able to reduce your mh-e
customizations as well.

There are several incompatibilities in this version from older
versions. Please read the following notes carefully for details. Pay
particular attention to the key binding changes in the MH-Folder
section. If you have customized your scan format, you will want to
read about the new variable `mh-scan-format-file'.

The manual could not be updated in time for this release. It will be
updated in the near future. If the Preface in your manual indicates
the older version (version 1.3, for mh-e version 5.0.2), please check
the following page occasionally for an update:

** New Features in mh-e 6.0

*** Customization

mh-e now uses the customize feature of Emacs. Use "M-x customize-group
mh RET" to customize mh-e.

*** Menus

All mh-e modes now provide menus that contain most mh-e functions.

*** Toolbars

All mh-e modes now have toolbar buttons for oft-used functions (Emacs 21).

*** Fontification

All mh-e buffers now have font-lock keywords. To use, either call
(turn-on-font-lock) from the appropriate hook, or set
`global-font-lock-mode' to t. To customize, use "M-x
customize-apropos-faces ^mh RET".

If you have customized your scan lines, you will have to update your
scan regexps. The existing regexps were changed to extract a match so
you will have to add appropriate grouping constructs to take advantage
of the fontification. Your old settings will continue to work, but the
folder will not be fontified. For example:

  (setq mh-good-msg-regexp  "^\\(.....\\)[^D^]")

You will most likely have to update the new variable
`mh-scan-subject-regexp' as well. There is another new variable
`mh-scan-date-regexp' which you may also find useful. Run "M-x apropos
mh.*regexp" for a complete list.

*** mail-user-agent support

You can now set `mail-user-agent' to `mh-e-user-agent' so that packages
that need to send mail will use mh-e (closes SF #406883, SF #470024).

*** replgroupcomps support

If you reply to `cc' or `all' and you use nmh, the nmh repl option
-group will be used. This means that the file `replgroupcomps' will be
used. If you have customized `replcomps', you will definitely want to
either copy `$NMH_LIB/replgroupcomps' to your mail directory and modify
it the same way that you modified your `replcomps' file, or simply
copy your `replcomps' file to `replgroupcomps'.

*** MH-Folder mode

The variable `mh-summary-height' used to have a default of 4. It now
varies from 4 to 10 depending on the height of the frame.

Clicking the mouse on a message shows that message.

Delete, refile and undo now operate on a region (but only if
`transient-mark-mode' is non-nil).

SPC (mh-page-msg) now displays the message if it is not already
visible. If the bottom of a message is showing, SPC (mh-page-msg)
moves to the next message (respecting the direction you are moving
through the folder).

The threading commands "T u (mh-next-unseen-subject-thread)",
"T t (mh-toggle-subject-thread)", "T s (mh-narrow-to-subject-thread)",
and "T k (mh-delete-subject-thread)" have been added. These functions
do not offer threading in the true sense of the word, but do allow
some manipulation by subject.

Major, major keymap changes. This was done to free up movement
commands in the buffer, and to provide for additional features, such
as the threading commands. At the same time, better and more
consistent mnemonics were realized that should make it easier to
remember key bindings.

Added new sub-keymaps for folder commands, sequence commands,
extraction commands, and digest commands which begin with with F, S,
X, and D, respectively. These sub-keymaps allowed some consistency
(e.g., especially with l(ist) and k(ill)).

Here are the actual changes and rationale:

Old	New	Rationale

e	-	Deleted. Already have x. Now used by mh-edit-again.
j	-	Deleted. Already have g.

M-a	e	Better mnemonic. Matches rmail. Frees movement command.
M-e	E	Better mnemonic. Consistent with e.
-	S	Why not? mh-sort-folder.

M-f	Fv	Frees movement command
M-f	Ff	Alias (keep?)
M-f	Fo	Alias (keep?)
M-k	Fk	No reason but to keep with folder commands
M-l	Fl	No reason but to keep with folder commands
M-p	Fp	No reason but to keep with folder commands
M-r	Fr	Frees movement command
M-s	Fs	No reason but to keep with folder commands
M-u	Fu	No reason but to keep with folder commands

M-%	Sd	Better mnemonic
M-#	Sk	Better mnemonic
M-q	Sl	Better mnemonic
C-xn	Sn	Frees up standard key binding
%	Sp	Better mnemonic for putting a message in a sequence
?	Ss	Shows sequences that message is in
C-xw	Sw	Frees up standard key binding

M-n	Xs	Better mnemonic (extract shar)
M-n	Xu	Better mnemonic (extract uuencode)

M-SPC	D SPC	Frees mark command
M-\177	D \177	No reason but to keep with digest commands
M-b	Db	Frees movement command

As the number of variables increases, it is becoming important to
organize the mh-e namespace. Several variables having to do with the
format of scan lines were renamed, as follows:

Old				New

mh-good-msg-regexp		mh-scan-good-msg-regexp
mh-deleted-msg-regexp		mh-scan-deleted-msg-regexp
mh-refiled-msg-regexp		mh-scan-refiled-msg-regexp
mh-valid-scan-line		mh-scan-valid-regexp
mh-cur-scan-msg-regexp		mh-scan-cur-msg-number-regexp
-				mh-scan-cur-msg-regexp
-				mh-scan-rcpt-regexp
-				mh-scan-format-regexp
mh-msg-number-regexp		mh-scan-msg-number-regexp
mh-msg-search-regexp		mh-scan-msg-search-regexp

*** MH-Show mode

While the MIME support is not complete, quoted-printable body parts
are now decoded.

Some MTAs quote From at the beginning of the line with a ">". The ">"
is now removed in the display, but not on disk.

*** MH-Letter mode

New function "C-c C-o (mh-split-line)" splits lines in a draft
preserving the fill prefix and indentation. This is useful when
responding to several sentences in a single paragraph separately.

"M-q (fill-paragraph)" can now be used on the message that is being
replied to. The fill prefix such as "> " is preserved.

You no longer have to run "C-c C-e (mh-edit-mhn)" manually as this is
now done automatically when the message is sent.

The X-Mailer header field is now added to messages as they are sent.

"C-c C-m C-i (mh-mhn-compose-insertion)" now makes a pretty good guess
at the type of file using the `file' command and no longer asks the
user for the media type. If the necessary version of `file' is not
available, the user is asked for the media type as before; however,
the list of media types is now taken from the system mailcap if
available. Failing that, the built-in list of types has been
supplemented so in most cases the type you need should be present
(closes SF #406883, #441179).

** New Variables in mh-e 6.0

New variables not mentioned earlier include:

*** mh-insert-x-mailer-p

Default value of t means that an X-Mailer header field should be

*** mh-reply-show-message-p

The setting of this variable determines whether the MH show-buffer is
displayed with the current message when using mh-reply without a prefix
argument. Set it to nil if you already include the message
automatically in your draft using "repl: -filter repl.filter" in

*** mh-scan-format-file

Specifies the format file to pass to the scan program. If t, the
format string will be taken from the either `mh-scan-format-mh' or
`mh-scan-format-nmh' depending on whether MH or nmh is in use. If nil,
the default scan output will be used.

If you customize the scan format, you may need to modify a few
variables containing regexps that mh-e uses to identify specific
portions of the output. Use `M-x apropos RET mh-scan.*regexp' to
obtain a list of these variables.

*** mh-scan-format-mh

Scan format string for MH, provided to the scan program via the
-format arg. This format is identical to the default except that
additional hints for fontification have been added to the sixth

*** mh-scan-format-nmh

Scan format string for nmh, provided to the scan program via the
-format arg. This format is identical to the default except that
additional hints for fontification have been added to the sixth

*** mh-show-use-goto-addr

Non-nil means URLs and e-mail addresses are highlighted using
goto-addr in MH-Show buffer.

*** mh-letter-fill-column

Fill column to use in `mh-letter-mode'. This is useful to make the
lines a bit shorter to allow for quoting in replies.

*** mh-folder-updated-hook

Invoked when the actions in a folder (such as moves and deletes) are
performed. Variables that are useful in this hook include
`mh-delete-list' and `mh-refile-list' which can be used to see which
changes are being made to current folder, `mh-current-folder'.

*** mh-unseen-updated-hook

Invoked after the unseen sequence has been updated. The variable
`mh-seen-list' can be used to obtain the list of messages which will
be removed from the unseen sequence

** Bug Fixes in mh-e 6.0

*** mh-edit-again and mh-extract-rejected-mail

Now insert a header separator (--------) which packages such as
mailcrypt expect.

*** mh-find-progs

Now uses `mhparam' to set `mh-lib-progs' and `mh-lib'. Added more
directories to `mh-progs' so that mh-e can autoconfigure in more
environments. Chances are that you no longer have to set these
variables, and if you do, you will only have to set `mh-progs'.
Unless, of course, you are using an ancient version of MH that doesn't
have `mhparam'.

*** mh-folder-mode-map

The DEL/<delete>/<backspace> change in Emacs 21 broke
`mh-previous-page'. This has been fixed (closes SF #228907).

*** mh-forward

If you had "forw: -mime" to your .mh_profile, forwarding a message
resulted in:

  Search failed: "^------- Forwarded Message"

In addition, the Subject field was not filled in. This has been fixed
(closes SF #223603).

*** mh-kill-folder

The user is now always prompted before this action; the variable
`mh-do-not-confirm' is no longer consulted here. Therefore users who
wanted to set `mh-do-not-confirm' but didn't because of the
`mh-kill-folder' dependency may now do so.

*** mh-make-folder-mode-line

Properly deals with folders that do not have any lines in them. Prints
"no msgs" instead of "0 msgs". Does not try to print a range when
there are no messages.

*** mh-mhn-compose-insertion

Now gets the MIME type automatically (assuming the local file command
supports the -i and -b options). If this use of the file command is
not supported, the list of MIME types has been expanded to use the
system's mailcap file.

*** mh-nmh-p

This variable (t when nmh is in use rather than MH) assumed that the
string "nmh" is in `mh-lib-progs' or `mh-lib'. This has been fixed
(closes SF #441776).

*** mh-refile-msg

No longer lets you specify an empty folder (closes SF #476824).

*** mh-regenerate-headers

Now suppresses "scan: bad message list" messages.

*** mh-print-msg

This function was looking for `mhl' in the wrong place on nmh on
Redhat LINUX 7.0. This has been fixed (closes SF #481128).

*** mh-show

Now updates `cur' sequence after a message is shown (closes SF #481772).

*** mh-showing

Renamed variable and function to `mh-showing-mode' to conform with
minor mode conventions. Added optional arg to function so it would
behave like a normal minor mode: no or nil arg toggles mode, 0 arg
turns off, non-nil turns on. This fixed the error that occurred when
`desktop-create-buffer' recreated mh-e buffers because it was calling
`mh-showing' with an arg.

*** mh-version

Fixed for nmh. Now displays mh-e version correctly. Cleaned up output
and display `mh-progs', etc.

*** mh-widen

Now attempts to stay on the same message number (closes SF #480922).

No longer wipes out pending deletes and refiles without warning
(closes SF #481036).

* Changes in mh-e 5.0.2

This version contains additional minor changes to integrate it with
reporter.el (requires reporter.el version 3.1c or later) and Emacs
19.30.  The mh-goto-msg function is much faster, which also speeds up
several other operations.

* Changes in mh-e 5.0.1

This version contains minor changes from mh-e 5.0 to integrate it with
Emacs 19.29.

* User-visible changes to mh-e 5.0

Note: This being a major release, there are many internal changes.
This document lists only changes to the external interfaces of mh-e.

When upgrading, you must either explicitly reload the new versions of
all mh-e files that are already loaded or restart your Emacs.

** Major Changes and New Features in mh-e 5.0

The emphasis for this release has been on consistency and
documentation. Many documentation strings were enhanced. Documentation
strings were changed to comments for internal functions and variables.

*** There is now proper documentation in the form of a 75-page users
manual. The Texinfo source is mh-e.texi; the formatted Info document

*** There is a new command `mh-update-sequences', which updates MH's
idea of what messages are in the Unseen sequence and what is the
current folder and message. `mh-quit' calls it. While
`mh-execute-commands' has always done this updating as a side effect,
the new function is faster.

*** The MH profile entry "Inbox:" is supported.

*** If the show-buffer is modified, the user is queried before mh-e
reuses the buffer to show a different message. This buffer is also
auto-saved and backed up correctly.

*** `mh-store-buffer' is significantly more robust. It now handles
messages created by a wide variety of packaging software. The status
message for `uudecode' includes the name of the file created. An error
is signaled if the subprocess exits with a non-zero status.

*** `mh-search-folder' behaves predictably, adding messages found to
the `search' sequence. It correctly handles the case of no messages

*** `mh-burst-digest' (`M-b') now only rescans the part of the folder
affected by the burst. It is now much faster in a large folder.

** New Hooks and Customization Variables in mh-e 5.0

*** `mh-default-folder-for-message-function': new name for the old
`mh-msg-folder-hook', which wasn't a hook. The old name was confusing,
leading people to think they could use `add-hook' with it, when
actually `setq' is the correct way.

*** `mh-sortm-args': When this variable is used has changed. Now
`mh-sortm-args' is passed if there IS a prefix argument to
`mh-sort-folder'. The assumption is that for arguments you normally
want, you would specify them in an MH profile entry.

*** `mh-mhn-args': new hook, a list of additional arguments to pass to
the `mhn' program if `mh-edit-mhn' is given a prefix argument.

*** `mh-edit-mhn-hook': new hook called by `mh-edit-mhn', the function
that formats MIME messages.

*** `mh-folder-list-change-hook': new hook, called whenever the cached
list of folders, `mh-folder-list', is changed.

*** `mh-find-path-hook': new hook, called when entering mh-e.

*** `mh-repl-formfile': new variable, used to change the format file
used by `mh-reply' from the default of "replcomps".

*** New variables to customize the scan format and notating:
`mh-note-deleted', `mh-note-refiled', `mh-note-seq', `mh-note-cur',
`mh-note-copied', `mh-note-printed'.

** Key Binding Changes in mh-e 5.0

*** `RET' runs `mh-show' for consistency with the Finder and Info. The
old binding `.' still works, but `RET' is now the standard binding.

*** `M-<' now runs `mh-first-msg' for consistency with `M->', which
runs `mh-last-msg'.

*** `C-c C-f C-d' in MH-Letter mode moves to a Dcc: header field.

*** `C-c C-f C-r' in MH-Letter mode moves to a From: header field.

*** `g' is now the standard binding for `mh-goto-msg'. The old binding
`j' still works.

** Other Improvements and Changes to mh-e 5.0

*** `mh-lpr-command-format' no longer passes the "-p" argument to
`lpr' by default. The mail header typically has the date anyway.

*** When prompting for a sequence name, if no sequences have been used
yet, mh-e will offer the first sequence the current message is in.

*** The patterns of more mailers are recognized by

*** `mh-insert-prefix-string' no longer wraps the call to the
`mail-citation-hook' function in a `save-excursion' so the hook writer
can choose whether to leave point at the beginning or the end of the
yanked text.

*** `mh-write-msg-to-file': The prompt now refers to "message" or
"message body" depending on which will be written. (This is controlled
by a prefix argument.) The file defaults to the last-used file instead
of supplying only the directory name.

*** mh-e uses message ranges when running MH commands. Thus "rmm 1 2 3
4 6" is now "rmm 1-4 6". This change makes it less likely to overflow
system argument list limits, and it might be faster, too.

** Bug Fixes to mh-e 5.0

*** mh-e's idea of the unseen sequence now stays in sync with MH's

*** Functions that are supposed to find fields in the message header
no longer look in the message body.

*** mh-e would sometimes fail to remove the "%" from a scan line when
the message was removed from a sequence if the message was also in the
Previous sequence.

*** The variable `mh-inc-prog' is now correctly used in all places.

*** `mh-pipe-msg' runs the process in the correct directory.

*** A partially scanned folder will no longer lose the "/select"
annotation when you execute marked deletes and refiles with `x'.

* Changes to mh-e 4.0

This file is automatically generated from news-mh-e.txinfo.  Do not edit.

[MH-E-ONEWS has been incorporated here and removed. news-mh-e.txinfo
is no longer available.]

Note: there are many internal changes to mh-e in this release.  If you
have the previous version loaded into your Emacs, you will probably not
be able to load this version on top of it.

** New Features in mh-e 4.0

*** Background folder collection. The first time you are prompted for
a folder, you must wait while mh-e collects the names of all existing
folders. Now however, if you abort, collecting will continue in the
background, and you can do something else in Emacs until the
collection completes. Normally, mh-e will begin collecting folders
names in the background when you first load it; you can disable this
feature by setting `mh-auto-folder-collect' to nil.

*** There is support for composing MIME messages using the `mhn'
program from MH 6.8. See the documentation string for mh-edit-mhn.
(While composing a letter, type `C-h k C-c C-e'.) See also mhn(1).
There is as yet no support for reading MIME messages.

*** `mh-show', typically on `.', repositions to the start of the
message if the message is already visible. It used to do nothing in
this case.

*** The function `mh-unshar-msg' is renamed `mh-store-msg'. It now
does uudecoding, too. Someday it should do MIME. It remembers the last
directory you used and offers it as the default for next time.

*** New function `mh-header-display', on `,', displays the message
with all headers, including those normally not displayed. Type `.' to
display the message normally again.

*** New function `mh-list-sequences' lists the sequences in use in the
current folder.

*** New function `mh-version' displays version information about MH
and mh-e. Please use the output in bug reports.

*** `mh-quit' now burys the folder buffer and show buffer.

** New hooks and customization variables in mh-e 4.0

*** `mh-pick-mode-hook': new hook called by new mode `mh-pick-mode'.
The pick buffer didn't used to have its own mode. Another advantage of
`mh-pick-mode' is that `C-h m' works in the pick buffer.

*** `mail-citation-hook': new variable for supercite.

*** `mh-refile-msg-hook': new hook called by `mh-refile-msg' (and
`mh-refile-or-write-again' when refiling).

*** `mh-msg-folder-hook': new hook used by `mh-refile-msg' and
`mh-to-fcc' to provide a default folder for user prompt.

*** `mh-show-hook': new hook called by `mh-show'.

*** `mh-delete-msg-hook': new hook called by `mh-delete-msg'.

*** `mh-show-mode-hook': new hook called by new mode `mh-show-mode'
for `show-' buffers.

*** `mh-comp-formfile': new variable so can customize `components'

*** `mh-sortm-args': new variable, a list of extra arguments to be
passed to sortm by `mh-sort-folder'. Give an argument to
`mh-sort-folder' to suppress this behavior.

*** `mh-send-prog': new variable so can customize name of `send'
program in case of name conflicts.

*** `mh-scan-prog': new variable so can customize name of `scan'
program to generate custom effects.

*** `mh-inc-prog': new variable so can customize name of `inc' program
to do fancy management of incoming messages.

*** `mh-forwarded-letter-subject': new function used by `mh-forward'
to compute the Subject line of the new message. It is a small function
which can be replaced by the user for customization. Uses the new
variable `mh-forward-subject-format', which allows some simple
customizations without rewriting even `mh-forwarded-letter-subject'.

*** `mh-new-draft-cleaned-headers': new variable, header lines removed
by `mh-edit-again' and `mh-extract-rejected-mail' before offering a
message as a new draft.

*** `mh-signature-file-name': new variable used by
`mh-insert-signature' to so can customize name of the file to insert.

*** `mh-read-address': new function called to read all To: and Cc:

*** `mh-msg-folder-hook': new hook used by `mh-refile-msg' and
`mh-to-fcc' to provide a default folder for user prompt.

** Key binding changes in mh-e 4.0

*** `,' runs new function `mh-header-display'. It is like `.' but it
displays *all* the headers.

*** `M-#' runs the new function `mh-delete-seq'. One used to have to
type `C-u M-%' to delete a sequence.

*** `<' no longer does `mh-first-msg', but `M->' now does
`mh-last-msg'. This allows first and last to be consistent (`>' was
taken) and is more likely to be discovered by chance anyway.

*** `M-d' runs `mh-redistribute', `r' runs `mh-reply' (on the theory
that the more commonly used function should be easier to type, and the
obscure action of redistributing can be harder to type).

*** `M-o' changed to `C-o' (`mh-write-msg-to-file'). It was
interfering with arrow keys for some people.

*** `M-n' now runs `mh-store-msg' (formerly `mh-unshar-msg').

*** `b' no longer runs `mh-quit'; use `q' instead. `b' may be used in
a future version for something else.

** Minor improvements to mh-e 4.0

*** The mh-e code is now divided into multiple Emacs Lisp files, so it
starts up faster because Emacs doesn't have to load all of it at once.
(This change also makes it easier for the maintainer to manage

*** When searching for the directory containing the MH programs,
search the user's PATH in addition to the built-in directories, to
increase the chance of finding the MH programs.

*** The subject for a forwarded message no longer has ugly square
brackets around it.

*** The name of the folder is no longer appears twice in the show
buffer mode line.

*** When typing a folder name in the minibuffer, parent folders
complete to the trailing slash (/), for easier typing of subfolders.

*** The folder buffer mode name changed from `mh-e scan' or `mh-e
show' to `MH-Folder', which makes the hook name easier to guess. Added
`mh-showing' to `minor-mode-alist' so there is still an indication in
the mode line of whether messages will be shown automatically.

*** `mh-rename-seq' does completion on the old sequence name.

*** If called by a user who has never used MH on this system before,
mh-e runs the MH program `install-mh' to get them set up.

*** Undo history for previous messages is not kept to avoid wasting

*** The internal temp buffer used by mh-e has `buffer-offer-save'
explicitly nil. This change benefits people who change the
`buffer-offer-save' default.

** Bug fixes to mh-e 4.0

*** `mh-to-field': don't bomb if no To: field.

*** `mh-get-new-mail': restore annotations, e.g., cur, even if no new

*** `mh-rename-seq': verify that the new seq name was accepted by
`mark' before updating state.

*** `mh-internal-seq': the Previous sequence is not notated, since it
would notate everything scanned.

*** `mh-read-draft': don't call `find-file-noselect' so an
`auto-mode-alist' doesn't trigger `mh-letter-mode-hook' twice. Faster,

*** `mh-show': If user moves onto a message that doesn't exist, don't
leave the cursor in the show pane.

*** `mh-delete-scan-msgs': use `equal', not `=', on the result of
`mh-get-msg-num', since it may be nil.

*** `mh-get-field': do anchored search so searching for `reply-to:'
doesn't find `in-reply-to:'.

*** `mh-widen': do nothing if not narrowed.

*** `mh-clean-message-header': find end of headers even if no body.

This file is part of GNU Emacs.

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it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
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any later version.

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Local variables:
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paragraph-separate: "[ 	]*$"

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