DEPENDENCIES   [plain text]

Dependencies for building and using distcc          -*- indented-text -*-

To use distcc:

  Nothing special is required, however it will be more fun if you have
  a C/C++ compiler and a make that can run commands in parallel, like
  GNU Make or BSD make.

To build distcc:

  libpopt (headers and library)
    distccd uses the popt library for parsing command-line arguments.

    You can either link distcc against a shared library installed on
    your system, or use the included copy.  The configure scripts
    should automatically fall back to the included copy, or you can
    force this using --with-included-popt.

    On some platforms, libpopt may not be on the default library and
    header search paths.  You must in that case specify it's location
    either by setting the CPPFLAGS and LDFLAGS before running

    popt can be obtained from

  GNU Make, or something close to it

  C compiler

  dietlibc (optional)

    You can build distcc with dietlibc, which will work although there
    are some compiler warnings.  This may be useful in making distcc
    faster or smaller in some cases.

To run the test suite:

  Invoke with with "make check"

  Python 2.2

To run the macrobenchmark:

  The macrobenchmark tests distcc's performance and correctness in
  building various representative free software projects.  It
  automatically downloads the source the first time it's run,
  configures the project, and measures the time to build it.  It's
  your responsibility to install and configure distcc on the machines
  that will be used.

  At the moment it downloads about 104MB of source to build all
  packages.  Actually building them requires a good fraction of a
  gigabyte of disk.


  snarf <>

  Plenty of time, disk, and network bandwidth.  

  Assorted libraries and headers required by the projects that the
  benchmark builds.  The benchmark tool does not attempt to find these
  for you.  In practice if you have a reasonably current free Unix
  machine then it should be fine; if you are downlevel it may be

To build the documentation:

  This is only required if you modify the SGML source, or if you are
  building from CVS.  Built documents are included in release

  Linuxdoc SGML tools

To build the web pages:
  Latte <>
  rsync (to upload)

To change the Makefiles or

  autoconf2.53 or later