test-makefile   [plain text]

# I use this for single compilation while porting; once the port is
# done it can be removed.

THIS_BASENAME = ../src/add

CC = icc

LIB = s:\ibmcpp\lib;s:\toolkt21\os2lib;
CINC = -Is:/ibmcpp/include -Is:/toolkt21/c/os2h
CFLAGS += -W3 -Wpro+rea+tru+use+ -Ti+ -Ss+ -Gd+ -Gm+ -G4 -Q+ -Sm ${CINC}

# translation of most important CFLAGS -- others are trivial
# ICC sez  -C+  -W3     -Ti+ ${CINC}
# GCC sez  -c   -Wall   -g   ${CINC}

# "-I../os2" below ought to be equivalent to "-I."
CFLAGS += -I../os2 -I../lib -I../src

# Preprocesses to stdout.
# CFLAGS += -Pd+
# TCP/IP stuff
TCPIPLIB = s:\ibmtcpip\lib\tcp32dll.lib	s:\ibmtcpip\lib\so32dll.lib porttcp.obj

# We probably don't need these.
# RPCLIB   = s:\ibmtcpip\lib\rpc32dll.lib
# FTPLIB   = s:\ibmtcpip\lib\ftpapi.lib

CFLAGS 	 += -DTCPIP_IBM -Is:\ibmtcpip\include

all: ${THIS_BASENAME}.obj
# all: ${THIS_BASENAME}.exe